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[not available]. 194720268597
studies on the genus shigella. 194720270456
observations on the production of hydrogen sulfide by shigella alkalescens. 194720241548
separation and concentration of a thermolabile precipitinogen from shigella dysenteriae (shiga). 194720247165
the action of pasteurella pestis bacteriophage on strains of pasteutrella, salmonella, and shigella. 194720251259
experimental infection of mice with shigella dysenteriae and modification of the infection by means of antitoxic and antibacterial sera. 194720251869
wartime army medical laboratory activities; development of shigella typing by antigenic analysis. 194720252862
the action of pasteurella pestis bacteriophage on pasteurella, salmonella, and shigella. 194720255166
the poisson series in the evaluation of media used for the detection of shigellae and salmonellae. 194720255169
a short procedure for the isolation and preliminary identification of shigellae and salmonellae from stools. 194720256845
studies on the flexner group of dysentery bacilli : vi. the detoxification of shigella paradysenteriae by means of periodic acid.a method for detoxifying type z and sp. newcastle sh. paradysenteriae (flexner) has been described. this procedure involves exposing the bacilli at ph 5.0 to 0.01 m periodic acid. microorganisms treated with this reagent for an appropriate time interval lose approximately 90 per cent of their toxicity, yet they are capable of eliciting in experimental animals antibodies effective against the unaltered organisms.194719871632
contribution to the diagnosis of shigellae and salmonellae in the tropics. 194718899852
on some culture media used for the isolation of salmonella, eberthella and shigella organisms. 194718920730
experimental type transformation of shigella paradysenteriae (flexner). 194718921755
studies on the genus shigella. 194718915385
bacteriophage classification of shigella sonnei. 194720281020
selection of salmonella and shigella cultures for serologic classification. 194720282109
isolation of shigella gallinarum from turkey eggs. 194720284871
shigella types encountered in the mediterranean area. 194720284965
shigella carriers with special reference to their therapy, including the use of streptomycin. 194720292230
rapid identification of shigella in a public health laboratory. 194720293024
isolation of shigella from the gallbladder of carrier. 194720295393
infection and intoxication of macacus mulatta with shigella dysenteriae (shiga). 194720344285
an outbreak of dysentery caused by shigella schmitzi. 194720344558
shigella tieté. 194818915661
a case of shigella alkalescens cystopyelitis and bacteremia. 194818920536
the isolation and properties of specific antigens from variants of shigella sonnei. 194818932531
[not available]. 194818908201
hemagglutination by bacterial suspensions with special reference to shigella alkalescens. 194818910635
[not available]. 194818911146
an outbreak of shigella flexneri infection among rheus monkeys. 194818915380
shigellae occurring in japan. 194818859821
the labile antigens of shigella dysenteriae shiga. 194818861434
invasion by shigella sonnei of tissues of mice following gavage with viable shigella. 194818863683
the toxic and antigenic properties of fractions prepared from the complete antigen of shigella dysenteriae. 194818864078
studies in dysentery vaccination; immunity in mice injected with vaccines of shigella. 194818864081
prolonged laboratory observations on clinical cases and carriers of shigella flexneri iii following an epidemic. 194818864928
isolation of shigella from the gallbladder in bacillary dysentery. 194818866888
[not available]. 194818868572
studies with shigella dysenterias, shiga; infection and toxin action in mice. 194818869809
studies with shigella dysenteriae, shiga; the effect of serums on experimental infection and intoxication in mice. 194818869810
the genus shigella and shigellosis. 194818871435
[not available]. 194818871824
[not available]. 194818871841
susceptibility of mongoloids to infection; incidence of pneumonia, influenza a and shigella dysenteriae, sonne. 194818872694
[not available]. 194818878174
[not available]. 194818878713
the relation of antabonistic coliform organisms to shigella infections; survey observations. 194818881069
studies in dysentery vaccination; immunization of mice with vaccine of shigella sonnei administered by gavage. 194818881080
studies in dysentery vaccination; primary vaccination of children with monovalent vaccines of shigella. 194818886530
enteric infections in chimpanzees and spider monkeys with special reference to a sulfadiazine resistant shigella. 194818888330
the relation of antagonistic coliform organisms to shigella infections; observations in acute infections. 194818890195
shigella rio, a new type of shigella. 194818897988
responses of human subjects to vaccines in saline-in-mineral oil emulsion; shigella paradysenteriae vaccines. 194818897990
shigella tieté. 194816561515
a study of shigella isolated in india and burma, with special reference to two previously undescribed sero-types. 194818106197
[type-determination of shigella paradysenteriae (flexner) and how to distinguish them from similar bacteria]. 194818126933
a new type of phase variation in the 103 race of shigella paradysenteriae. 194918127625
[desoxycholate-citrate medium, leifsons medium, in the diagnosis of salmonella and shigella]. 194918128730
an antibiotic substance produced by a member of the shigella group. 194918133623
a field trial of shigella flexneri iii vaccine; serum agglutination studies. 194918137145
studies on bacteriophage; the relationship between the somatic antigens of shigella sonnei and their susceptibilitv to bacterial viruses.phase i and phase ii sh. sonnei exhibit differences in their susceptibility to the t series of bacteriophages. both microorganisms are lysed by t(2) and t(6), but only the phase ii bacillus is lysed by t(3), t(4), and t(7). lysis of the phase i or phase ii bacillus by t(2) or t(6) is not inhibited by the homologous type-specific antigen. in the presence of an appropriate cofactor, however, the lysis of phase ii sh. sonnei by t(3), t(4), and t(7) is specifically inhibited by the homologous somati ...194918137298
growth inhibitory effect on shigella dysenteriae which occurs with some batches of nutrient agar and is associated with the production of peroxide. 194918138171
study on toxins and antigens of shigella dysenteriae; active protection of rabbits with whole organisms and fractions of shigella dysenteriae. 194918139169
treatment of shigella enteritis with oral streptomycin; a report of 34 cases. 194918139543
the relationship of shigella dispar to certain coliform bacteria. 194918142351
identification of the nadler type (r. ettinger-tulczinska, 1943) with shigella sp. q 1167 (large-sachs) and the presence of shigella paradysenteriae boyd iii & v (flexner xi & xiii) in israel. 194918145345
field trial of shigella flexneri iii vaccine; background, scope, and organization of the program. 194918146106
study on toxins and antigens of shigella dysenteriae; toxicity and antigenicity of whole organisms and various fractions of shigella dysenteriae. 194918150948
shigella nomenclature. 194918150949
outbreak of shigella schmitzii infection in men and apes. 194918109522
the specific antigens of variants of shigella has been shown that phase variation of sh. sonnei is accompanied by changes in morphology and antigenic structure. two mutants of the phase i organism (ii(s) and ii(r)), which were studied, elaborate somatic antigens which are immunologically identical. the purified lipocarbohydrate-protein antigens of the phase i and ii(s) microorganisms are chemically similar yet immunologically distinct and specific. by inference the same should hold true of the antigen of ii(r), but it has not yet been in ...194918110886
studies in dysentery vaccination; primary vaccination of children with polyvalent vaccines of shigella. 194918117857
studies in dysentery vaccination; response of children to booster injections of shigella vaccines. 194918117858
the relation of shigella type-specificity and susceptibility to antibiotic-producing strains of escherichia coli. 194918117864
the relationship between ph tolerance, virulence, and proteolytic enzymes in bacteria; shigella. 194918125676
study on toxins and antigens of shigella dysenteriae i. : toxicity and antigenicity of whole organisms and various fractions of shigella dysenteriae. 194916561742
shigella nomenclature. 194916561743
study on toxins and antigens of shigella dysenteriae ii. : active protection of rabbits with whole organisms and fractions of shigella dysenteriae. 194916561797
the relationship of shigella dispar to certain coliform bacteria. 194916561811
[not available]. 194915407894
survey of various culture media for the isolation of salmonella's and shigella's. 194915390381
role of cofactors in the inhibition of bacterial viruses by the somatic antigens of shigella sonnei. 194915391331
studies with shigella dysenteriae (shiga) infection and intoxication in macacus mulatta monkeys. 194915392992
studies in dysentery vaccination; comparative response and persistence of immunity in mice vaccinated intraabdominally or by gavage with shigella sonnei. 194915398124
[not available]. 194915400687
the x strain of sh. paradysenteriae (flexner) apparently a valid type. 194915404583
little known tropical diseases. 194914771478
[salmonella antigens in flexner ii bacillus]. 194914842780
the x strain of sh. paradysenteriae (flexner)- a correction. 195014846646
[structure of somatic antigen of shigella shigae]. 195014815308
[fractional antigens i/iii in shigella paradysenteriae (flexner)]. 195014815313
[toxins of shigella dysenteriae]. 195014815315
[use of shigella toxins precipitation reaction in the determination of anti-dysentery vaccines]. 195014815316
[frequency of shigella in suspected cases of typhoid]. 195014815317
[types of shigella in poland; preliminary report]. 195014815318
[shigella paradysenteriae flexneri type i-iii infection in the laboratory (effect of polyvalent bacteriophage on dissociation of shigella)]. 195014815319
[typing of shigella with specific bacteriophage]. 195014815359
a new growth factor required by butyribacterium rettgeri. 195014774356
two intermediate members of enterobacteriaceae. 195014774359
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