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[frequency of appearance of lactose-negative bacilli not belonging to salmonella, shigella and proteus groups in enteric diseases]. 195914419443
a new type of the genus shigella--"shigella 13". 195914420729
[significance of atypical forms of bacteria in dysenterial epidemiology]. 195914421047
[studies on oxidation-reduction activity of diphtherial bacteria. i. dehydrogenase activity of toxigenic and non-toxigenic strains]. 195914422006
[application of bacteriophage titer growth in the detection of dysenterial microbes in artificially infected water]. 195914422392
[data on the survival of dysenterial bacteria in fecal matter]. 195914422887
[on the so-called yellow variants of dysenterial bacilli and their epidemiological significance]. 195914422888
[significance of conjunctival infection of guinea pigs in the identification of dysenterial bacilli]. 195914427707
serotypes of shigella flexneri found in children in mexico city. 195914428589
the sensitivity of selected strains of shigella, salmonella, and enteropathogenic escherichia coli to demethylchlortetracycline and tetracycline. 195914428591
[on the detoxifying effect of antibiotics of the tetracycline group in experimental dysenterial intoxication]. 195914426216
[effect of shigella shigae toxin on cholinesterase activity]. 195914426301
some data concerning the types a, b, c, d, e, and f of sh. flexneri and i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, and vii of sh. boydii-novgorodskaya as well as the strains of sh. boydii isolated in this country. 195914428648
[further observations on the use of dishes with bile-glycerin agar for the identification of pathogens of acute intestinal diseases]. 195914436269
[studies on enzymes utilized in the initial stages of carbohydrate metabolism in bacteria of the enteric group-"alkalescens"]. 195914436328
[effect of biologically active substances (phagolysates) on tumor growth]. 195914436561
[effect of synthomycin on the cultivation and morphological propoerties of dysenterial bacilli]. 195914439976
transaminases in shigellae. 195914444861
a new method for the investigation of sh. sonnel cultures. 195914445015
acquired natural immunity following recovery from keratoconjunctivitis shigellosa. 195914445016
sh. sonnel cultures fermenting salicin. 195914445017
[multiple infections with pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195914432225
[experimental pathogenicity of dysentery bacilli for the guinea pig]. 195914432775
[certain rules in the mechanism of chemotherapy in experimental shigella keratoconjunctivitis]. 195914445019
[studies on the role of allergic component in dysenterial pathogenesis. (experimental dysenterial keratoconjunctivitis)]. 195914445491
preventive effect of reserpine against the lethality of high molecular substances capable of eliciting host response. i. prevention of death due to shigella endotoxin by reserpine-pretreatment. 195914446001
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. xiii. effect of x-irradiation on lymph node cells incubated in vitro with shigella-trypsin filtrate. 195913620912
a case of shigellosis. 195913621018
characteristics of a high frequency of recombination (hfr) strain of salmonella typhosa compatible with salmonella, shigella, and escherichia species. 195916590568
[mannitol-negative variant of type e of flexner's bacillus]. 196014447197
[types of dysenterial bacilli observed during 1956-1959. sensitivity of cultivated strains to sulfaguanidine and antibiotics and comparison of results observed in vitro with therapeutic results]. 196014448354
[some observations on filter paper as a cheap and simple laboratory method of detection]. 196014465141
[on the problem of interrelationships between the pattern of colonies and virulent and toxic properties of the sonne dysentery microbe]. 196014445674
[polyvalent hemagglutination test in enteric infections]. 196014434493
the dissociation of shigella sonnei on a culture medium containing desoxycholic acid. 196014445018
[new variants of dysenterial bacteria in tashkent]. 196014441276
[experience in the use of radioactive sulfur for obtaining labeled bacteria]. 196014444458
cystine as an essential amino-acid for the growth of a strain of shigella dysenteriae 1 (sh. shiga). 196014444860
[methods for the detection of dysenterial microbe antigens in substances excreted by patients]. 196014436562
transient granulocytopenia of the newborn associated with sepsis due to shigella alkalescens and maternal leukocyte agglutinins: a case report. 196014439254
[the study of dysentery bacteria in the electron microscope (on the cilia of microbial cells)]. 196014432055
[pasteurization of milk and destruction of shigella]. 196014426762
[shigella infections in the city of mexico]. 196014428592
[shigella infections in the city of mexico]. 196014428593
[variability of dysenterial and coli bacteria by means of vegetative hybridization]. 196014423024
[studies on antigenic variability of shigella flexneri lb]. 196014425096
[antitoxic effect of levomycetin in experimental conditions]. 196014416677
[comparative study of the antigen structure of protein fractions of bacteria of the intestinal group]. 196014412464
[use of bacteriophage titer growth reaction for the indication of dysenterial bacteria in the external environment]. 196014413042
[studies on phase-variability of shigella sonnei. communication i]. 196014411293
[rules of the multiplication of bacteria of the entero-typhoid group in synthetic media in deep cultures with aeration. communication 2. on substances depressing bacterial growth]. 196014411437
[on certain current problems of epidemiology, therapy and prevention of bacillary dysentery. ii. isolation of a rare type of shigella flexneri in czechoslovakia]. 196014409630
[antigenic properties of glutamic decarboxylases from dysenterial bacilli]. 196014403664
the presence of pathogenic enterobacteria in samples of sewage collected during a survey for poliomyelitis virus in england and wales in 1951. 196014402850
[mass cultivation of pathogenic intestinal bacteria. part ii. immunobiological studies]. 196013853172
[keratoconjunctivitis shigellosa]. 196013854760
[presence of labile antigens in type e of flexner's dysenterial microbes and its significance in the formation of immunity. communication 2]. 196013852632
[methodical instructions for the use of the reaction of titer phage rise for detection of dysentery and typhoid bacteria]. 196013850518
[changes in the sensitivity of various salmonella and shigella to different antibiotics in vitro in 1955 and 1958]. 196013849670
[comparative studies of the effect of furacillin, levomycetin and biomycin on dysenterial bacilli]. 196013847084
the action of the thermolabile toxin of shigella dysenteriae on cells cultivated in vitro. 196013842077
[determination of antibiotic-sensitivity and phagolytic capacity of freshly-isolated dysenterial cultures]. 196013838558
shigellosis and sulphonamides. 196013839908
[on the recognition of shigella boydii 11]. 196013834327
[reaction to catalase in shigella flexneri and sonnei in poland]. 196013835489
[antigenic variability of shigella flexneri 4b]. 196013829905
[comparative fixation of radiophosphorus by living and killed bacteria]. 196013830007
experimental shigella infections. iii. sensitivity of normal, starved and carbon tetrachloride treated guinea pigs to endotoxin. 196013823969
mixed bacterial infections in relation to antibiotic activities. iv. shigella-escherichia coli infections. 196013825099
immunologic unresponsiveness to shigella antigens in chickens. 196013825111
[cultivation of flexner bacilli in chick embryos]. 196013819838
[effect of bacterial toxins on leukocyte migration in vivo and in vitro]. 196013819935
[comparative evaluation of the determination of entero-typhoid bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics of the tetracycline series by means of serial dilution and phase-contrast microscopy]. 196013820659
the leukocyte response in patients with shigellosis. 196013817473
distribution of shigella flexneri serotypes in hungary between 1945 and 1958. 196013781014
on the behavior of the e. coli pz-"beta-galactoside system" introduced into shigella dysenteriae. 196013811046
paromomycin in the treatment of shigella and salmonella infections in children. 196013811169
an immunologic comparison of cell components of shigella dysenteriae type 2. 196013811788
[isolation of bacteriophage receptor substances in shigella]. 196013800238
salmonellae and shigellae in a group of rural south african bantu school children. 196013802267
[a peculiar case of the antigenic relationship between bac. coli and sh. flexneri 5]. 196013803866
outbreak of dysentery caused by shigella boydii 4. 196013805097
[note on the shigellae of cambodia]. 196013805254
salmonella and shigella infections found in one hundred ninety-five cases of acute diarrhea. 196013806914
[the fimbriae in shigella flexneri and escherichia coli with particular reference to antigenic properties]. 196013808723
some attributes of virulence in shigella. 196013783399
an evaluation of shigella vaccines by hemagglutination on human sera from vaccinated volunteers. 196013787087
a study on the detection and specificity of antibodies to shigella flexneri types using preserved polysaccharide-sensitized human erythrocytes. 196013787499
[on the problem of the duration of the survival of dysenterial bacteriophage]. 196013788141
[sensitizing properties of the parenchymatous organs of kittens and white mice induced by dysenterial pathogens and streptococci]. 196013788213
[on lysotypes of e-dysentery. the spatial distribution of shigella sonnei lysotypes]. 196013791070
[infectious diarrheas]. 196013794061
[on the carriage of dysenterial bacilli by normal subjects. (results of the investigation of autopsy material)]. 196013797150
[cultivation properties and viability of antibiotic-resistant variants of paratyphoid, dysenterial and coli bacilli]. 196013751662
occurrence of beta-galactosidase in the genus shigella. 196013741445
[phage types of shigella sonnei appearing in poland]. 196013754813
[some current questions of epidemiology, therapy and prevention of bacillary dysenstery. iii. subgroups and types of the genus shigella in czechoslovakia]. 196013756600
genetic mechanism of the antigenic variability of shigella flexneri lb. 196013758081
[clinical picture of dysentery in relation to types of shigella]. 196013765853
multiple resistance of enteric bacteria and transmission of drug-resistance to other strain by mixed cultivation. 196013771417
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