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effects of serum upon the immuno-chemical properties of a bacterial endotoxin. 195813500093
serological study of the mucinases from shigella flexneri. 195813525355
provisional shigella serotypes. 195813523453
[concept of shigella species]. 195813509324
activity of lysine decarboxlase as an aid in the identification of salmonellae and shigellae. 195813533373
[histological evolution of keratoconjunctivitis caused by dysenteric bacteria in guinea pig]. 195813534012
[three coliform strains having antigens in common with shigella sonnei phase ii]. 195813534021
studies on the metabolism of shigella. ii. the oxidation of glutamate by shigella flexneri. 195813513561
studies on the metabolism of shigella. iii. the inhibition of the oxidation of glutamate by aureomycin. 195813513562
nutrition of shigella: growth of shigella flexneri in a simple chemically defined medium. 195813513593
some biological properties of bacteriophages s13 and theta x-174. 195813513602
salmonella and shigella in british guiana. 195813514842
a method for typing shigella sonnei, using colicine production as a marker. 195813502467
[biological characteristics of diphtherial bacteriophages. ii. adsorption capacity of bacteriophages; properties of secondary phago-resistant strains of shigella; antigenic properties of phages]. 195813626109
[determination of infestation of home objects with shigella with the aid of phage titer growth]. 195813626132
[rate and degree of adaptation to antibiotics of shigella]. 195813626142
[effect of chemotherapy and of active immunization on protein fractions in experimental newcastle dysentery]. 195813626145
[a new bacterial strain from the shigella family]. 195813626149
[effect of vitamin b group on the development of shigella]. 195813632410
[fibrinolytic activation in case of severe abruptio placentae]. 195813633560
[investigations on immunogenic and toxinogenic properties of salmonella typhosa and shigella dysenteriae exposed to ultrasonics]. 195813549105
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. xi. effect on the anti-shigella agglutinin titers of recipient rabbits of the prior injection of leucocytes from the donor animals.the transfer to rabbits of homologous lymph node cells which have been incubated in vitro with shigella-trypsin filtrate leads to the appearance of agglutinins to shigella in the sera of the recipients. in the present study it has been found that the prior injection of the prospective recipients with blood leucocytes from the donor animals prevented the appearance of anti-shigella agglutinins. the following observations have been made in this system: 1. the degree of the pre-injection effect was ...195813549639
experimental shigella flexneri infections in chick embryos. 195813549769
[absorption of dysentery endotoxins in radiation sickness in rabbit]. 195813551689
[studies on antigenic structure of shigella boydii]. 195813553992
[attempted differentiation of flexner's bacillus with the aid of bacteriophages]. 195813553993
action of colicines on shigella boydii and on their rough and mucoid variants. 195813554569
serological studies on shigella strains isolated in poland during 1953-1956. 195813555766
[resistance of dysentery bacteria to synthomycin and phthalazol and its significance in medical practice]. 195813556280
activity of lysine decarboxylase as an aid in the identification of salmonellae and shigellae. 195813556625
[experimental pathogenic power & sensitivity to lysozyme of shigella cultures]. 195813534041
[mechanism of dysenterial intoxication. iv. experimental therapy of dysenterial intoxication]. 195813535842
[modification of cerebral cholinesterase activity in certain bacterial intoxications]. 195813535876
[renal excretion of antigens in normal and modified immunological reactivity]. 195813535883
[the mechanism of changes in gastric function following the action of dysentery bacillus antigen on the intestinal mucosa]. 195813535905
[phage typing of shigella sonnei]. 195813537625
growth and manometric studies on carbohydrate utilization by shigella flexneri. 195813538920
experimental shigella infections: characteristics of a fatal infection produced in guinea pigs. 195813538931
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. ix. the use of dialysates of shigella-trypsin filtrates for in vitro incubation with lymph node cells. 195813539374
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. x. estimation of amounts of shigella-trypsin antigen associated with the lymph node cells during in vitro in cubation. 195813539375
[nature of inter-species & intra-species relationships of dysentery bacteria]. 195813540949
action of the shigella shigae toxin after intracerebral injection. 195813541385
[examination of the antibiotic sensitivity of shigella and coli dyspepsia strains]. 195813542006
coliform-shigella antagonism in fecal cultures among isolates from residents of two egyptian villages. 195813559206
[a contribution to the pathogenesis of cramp in infectious disease]. 195813559854
[pathogenesis of dysentery. i. effect of dysenterial intoxication on ascorbic acid metabolism in white rats]. 195813560510
[resistance of shigella to sulfa drugs and antibiotics]. 195813562711
a strain of escherichia coli identical in antigenic structure with shigella boydii 8. 195813562980
in vivo change of serological specificity in shigella flexneri. 195813563404
investigations on the mechanism of the leukopenic response to shigella endotoxin. 195813563639
studies on experimental shigellosis. i. shigella infections of normal mice.experimental shigella flexneri 3 infections produced in normal mice have been described. the passage of viable shigella through the stomach of orally infected animals, and the persistence of the organisms in the intestine for periods of 5 to 7 days, with an increase in bacterial numbers, indicated that true infection was produced. blood culture studies showed that a shigella bacteriemia occurred after either oral or parenteral administration of shigella to normal mice. mice infected orally revea ...195813563761
studies on experimental shigellosis. ii. the effect of fasting and fatigue on shigella flexneri 3 infections in resistance to shigella infections can be decreased by non-specific physical stress. fasting lowers the number of shigella required for a parenteral ld(50) dose. while the ld(50) by the oral route is larger in fasted than in nonfasted animals, the fasted host's susceptibility to oral infection is increased as evidenced by the increased fecal shigella carrier state, duration of intestinal infection, and increased incidence of shigella bacteriemia. fatigue also increases the animal's susceptib ...195813563762
an epidemic of shigella sonnei dysentery arising in a general hospital. 195813566485
[characteristics & sensitivity to antibiotics, sulfonamides & nitrofurantoin of the bacilli genus shigella & the alkalescensdispar group]. 195813569070
a shigella-like intermediate serotype: alkalescens-dispar 01 var. koji. 195813569697
[current diagnostic problems in salmonella & shigella infections]. 195813570174
[fluorescein-labeled antibodies for the detection of shigella dysenteriae. i]. 195813570351
[synthesis of hydrogen sulfide by shigella dysenteriae]. 195813570366
[immunological characteristics of flexner's bacilii isolated in dnepropetrovsk]. 195813570367
[method of the study of duration of survival of shigella dysenteriae in the external environment]. 195813570368
[effect of avitaminosis c on intensity of infection and rate of disinfection of the guinea pig organism from flexner's bacilli]. 195813570370
[duration of preservation of synthomycin-resistance in the external environment in shigella dysenteriae isolated from patients]. 195813570372
[characteristics of shigella dysenteriae cultures isolated in kazan during 1953-1955]. 195813570419
[certain aspects of the problem of dysentery according to variability of causative agents]. 195813570421
[immunity in experimental dysenterial keratoconjunctivitis]. 195813570435
[keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs as a biological test in identification of shigella dysenteriae]. 195813570477
[intensity of infestation and rate of clearing of shigella dysenteriae following intraperitoneal administration of bacterial culture with ascorbic acid in guinea pig]. 195813570479
[problem of survival of shigella dysenteriae in sea water]. 195813570481
[atypical bacteria of the dysenterial group]. 195813570484
[survival of shigella dysenteriae in water]. 195813570485
[immunological characteristics of shigella dysenteriae strains isolated in the onset and in the terminal stages of disease]. 195813570486
two american strains of shigella flexneri resistant to the common antibiotics. 195813571956
unusually high incidence of appendicitis cases at dohad town in panch mahals district in bombay state. 195813574869
antigenic changes in shigella flexneri group by bacteriophage. 195813575012
chemical studies on the endotoxin. i. chemical composition of endotoxin of shigella flexneri 2b. 195813575015
the adsorption of enterobacterial endotoxins by activated attapulgite. 195813575231
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. xii. the effect of anti-rabbit-leucocyte serum on the transfer of antigen-incubated lymph node earlier studies it was shown that if rabbit lymph node cells were incubated with shigella-trypsin filtrate and transferred to other, recipient, rabbits, agglutinins to shigella appeared subsequently in the sera of the recipients. however, if leucocytes from the donor rabbits were injected into the recipients at a suitable interval prior to lymph node cell transfer, agglutinins to shigella did not appear after cell transfer. in the present study, a number of experiments were done which bear on ...195813575675
an outbreak of dysentery due to a non-mannitol-fermenting strain of shigella sonnei. 195813576372
[value of culture media for preservation of shigella from stools]. 195813581584
[inhibition of drug resistance in dysenterial bacilii during combined activity of antibiotics]. 195813582128
[gas-forming shigella dysenteriae; gas-forming variant of shigella newcastle]. 195813582158
the serological specificity and cross-reactivity of some shigella flexneri extracts. 195813584699
the fimbrial antigens of shigella flexneri. 195813587981
antigenic variation in relation to classification of shigella flexneri. 195813587994
sensitivity of shigellae isolated during 1954 and 1957 to five antibiotics. 195813588192
the time interval after pulsed irradiation within which injury to bacteria can be modified by dissolved oxygen. i. a search for an effect of oxygen 0.02 second after pulsed irradiation. 195813591515
[detection of shigella in the gallbladder]. 195813593510
aetiotropic treatment of experimental shigellosis. 195813594273
correlations between the antigenic structure and phage sensitivity of types of group shigella flexneri. 195813594281
[allergic reflex mechanism of adrenal secretion and its importance for regulation of phagocytosis]. 195813594816
some experiences with kanamycin in the treatment of salmonella and shigella infections. 195813595513
[bacteriological & serological observations on endemic dysentery in an institute caused by schmitz bacteria (shigella dysenteriae 2)]. 195813595725
[comparative determination of value of specific culture media]. 195813595731
[morphological changes of the nervous system following exposure to dysenterial toxin]. 195813596232
bactericidal action of histone.the arginine-rich fraction of calf thymus histone (histone b) exerts bactericidal activity on various coliform bacilli and micrococci under certain conditions in vitro. final concentrations of less than 1 microg. histone per ml. kill susceptible microbes without detectable morphological alteration or lysis. among the microorganisms highly susceptible to histone are escherichia, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, klebsiella, and micrococcus pyogenes var. albus. less susceptible or completely resi ...195813598820
[sensitivity of shigella dysenteriae to antibiotics and sulfonamides in vitro]. 195813600007
[qualitative comparison of differential media used in diagnosis of salmonella and shigella]. 195813601999
studies on the heat-labile antigens in the boyd-group of shigella bacilli. 195813602737
some data regarding the mechanism of indirect bacterial haemagglutination and haemagglutination inhibition. 195813602752
[shigella boydii dysentery]. 195813604508
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