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a serological relationship between shigella flexneri and some strains of bacterium coli. 195513272143
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells in relation to the formation of agglutinins to shigella paradysenteriae. 195513273110
[not available]. 195513277783
non-mannitol fermenting strains of shigella flexneri 4 isolated in hong kong. 195513278951
early diagnosis of salmonella, shigella, and coccus infections by lysis test with urine-fractions. 195513281790
[effect of vaccination on purification of the organism from shigella paradysenteriae]. 195513282473
[effect of exclusion of intestinal motor reactions with atropine on the course of dysenterial intoxication in dogs in various age groups]. 195513284047
[the 3-phenylpropionic acid reaction in enterobacteriaceae; further data]. 195513284134
[two strains of shigella flexneri isolated by hemoculture]. 195513284444
current status of antibiotic therapy in shigella and salmonella enteritis. 195513284966
[shigella boydii; temporary types and classification of the group]. 195513300382
[isolation of shigella boydii 2 in germany]. 195513300391
studies on the o antigen of shigella flexneri type mita, with special emphasis on the biologically active factor. 195513318776
[shigella in central french west africa]. 195513329708
[bacillary dysentery in stanleyville; clinical and epidemiological importance of the therapeutic resistance of certain shigella cultures]. 195513329760
[effect of ultraviolet radiations on microorganism in anabiotic state]. 195513329816
[sensitivity of dysentery bacteria to various chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics]. 195513350902
[levin's medium used for differentiation of bacteria of the shigella, salmonella and escherichia coli groups]. 195513350908
[survival and spreading of shigella dysenteriae in milk and in certain milk products]. 195513371682
[pharmacodynamics of certain bacterial toxins]. 195513395842
[phage and bacterial multiplication in l-tryptophan solution and function of the number of bacteria at the beginning]. 195513403303
[25 strains of shigella dysenteriae 2 isolated in french colonies]. 195513403409
[action of shigella on phenylpropionic acid medium]. 195513403425
[mechanism of phasic cardiac reactions in dogs in dysenterial intoxication in various age groups]. 195513293050
shigella infections; observations on recognition and review of 117 cases of shigella enteritis observed in the isolation division of the san francisco hospital, it was noted that the most common symptoms were high fever, liquid and bloody stools, prostration, irritability and meningismus. the use of antibiotics did not significantly affect the course of the acute illness but resulted in earlier elimination of the shigella organisms from the bowel. "carriers" were found to be particularly resistant to antibiotic therapy. the disease is self-limi ...195513230923
the b antigens of shigella dysenteriae 2 and escherichia coli o group 112a, 112c. 195513233172
diarrheal disease control studies; the relationship of certain environmental factors to the prevalence of shigella infection. 195513238728
demonstration of shigella flexneri antigens by means of hemagglutination test. 195613295629
the occurrence of convulsions in children with shigella gastroenteritis. 195613295981
studies on synthetic compounds active against salmonella-dysentery group bacilli. 195613415755
[incidence and isolation of shigella carriers in a village without sanitation]. 195613428086
[synthomycetin-resistant strains of typical and atypical dysenterial bacilli and their properties]. 195613418360
[combined effect of antibiotics synthomycetin, biomycin and sanasine on shigella dysenteriae]. 195613418361
[isolation of a strain of shigella, subgroup a, identifiable with serotype 58 of cox and wallace]. 195613419168
new mannitol negative variety of shigella flexneri 2a. 195613421654
[directed modification of properties of entero-typhoid bacteria in natural biocenosis in the intestines in rabbits]. 195613423740
[effect of functional modification in reactivity of the cerebral cortex to immunological activity]. 195613423759
studies on mucus antibody of bacillary dysentery. ii. reconfirmation of the reciprocal relation between excretion of shigella organisms and mucus- and serum antibodies. 195613398181
[antigenic relationship between escherichia coli and shigella dysenteriae]. 195613399798
[result of deep cultivation of flexner's and sonne's bacilli]. 195613401492
[agglutinant properties of shigella sonnei and their relation to the phase of growth in liquid cl culture medium]. 195613401493
[pathogenesis and therapy of experimental intoxication with dysenterial toxin]. 195613408042
[use of antibiotics in control of carriage of shigella dysenteriae]. 195613408069
[experimental principles in a new method of detection of shigella dysenteriae and salmonella typhosa with the aid of phages]. 195613410060
[duration and frequency of excretion of shigella dysenteriae in convalescents following dysentery]. 195613410061
[shigella dysenteriae carriage in monkeys]. 195613410070
[effect of tea on bacillus flexneri]. 195613410103
[incidence of lysogenic strains of shigella flexneri and their lysogenic power]. 195613455327
newer biochemical methods in the recognition of shigellae and salmonellae. 195613372551
[experience with bile-citrate-agar in diagnosis of salmonella and shigella]. 195613375172
oxidative dissimilation of amino acids and related compounds by shigella flexneri. 195613376520
an evaluation of two composite media for preliminary identification of shigella and salmonella. 195613376740
the effect of vinegar on the growth of enteric bacteria in evaporated milk mixtures. 195613377261
[sonne dysentery resistant to chloramphenicol treatment]. 195613383698
[studies on the problem of the classification and antigenic structure of shigella]. 195613395043
the bacterial hemagglutination test for the demonstration of antibodies to enterobacteriaceae. 195613395249
new enrichment and plating media for the isolation of salmonella and shigella organisms. 195613395363
[history of shigella flexneri 6 (l) and several newer types of the boyd group]. 195613353547
experimental enteric shigella and vibrio infections in mice and guinea pigs.a method has been devised for inhibiting the normal enteric flora, permitting long term asymptomatic enteric infections of mice and guinea pigs with streptomycin-resistant strains of shigella flexneri or vibrio cholerae. introduction of a streptomycin-resistant strain of e. coli into the intestinal tract of experimental animals resulted in a rapid elimination of the enteric pathogens studied. no in vitro production of antibiotic substances by this coli strain could be demonstrated. active and or ...195613357693
an outbreak of shigella gastroenteritis. 195613359615
the incidence of certain strains of e. coli, shigella and salmonella in kwashiorkor in the pretoria area. 195613360418
[comparative study of shigella boydii 3 and a paracolobactrum anaerogenes]. 195613363037
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. vii. transfer of cells incubated in vitro with filtrates of trypsin-treated suspensions of shigella paradysenteriae.shigella paradysenteriae organisms were incubated in a solution of trypsin and then removed from the suspension by seitz filtration. serologic tests with anti whole shigella serum indicated that the filtrate contained antigenic material derived from the organisms. when lymph node cells from rabbits not previously injected with shigella were incubated in vitro with such filtrates and then transferred to irradiated recipients, agglutinins to shigella appeared in the sera of the latter. the transfe ...195613367335
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. viii. the transfer of cells from blood and peritoneal exudates incubated in vitro with antigenic material derived from shigella paradysenteriae.leucocytes were obtained from the blood of rabbits, incubated in vitro with soluble antigenic material derived from shigella paradysenteriae, washed, and transferred to irradiated recipient animals. on the 4th day after cell transfer, agglutinins to shigella appeared in the sera of the majority of such recipients. the distribution of maximum agglutinin titers was substantially lower in these animals than in recipients of lymph node cells similarly incubated, as reported in earlier studies. recip ...195613367336
shigella boydii serotypes in egypt. 195613331864
development of antibodies to enteric pathogens: placental transfer of antibodies and development of immunity in childhood. 195613335316
distribution of mucinolytic activity in strains of shigella. 195613336057
[concerning two new foci of dysentery caused by shigella dysenteriae 3]. 195613340480
[not available]. 195613340481
the neurotoxin of shigella shigae; a comparative study of the effects produced in various laboratory animals. 195613342352
[research on salmonella and shigella in meats from the slaughter-house of saigon-cholon]. 195613342837
[chlorination of water infested with shigella dysenteriae]. 195613344934
[survival and shigella dysenteriae in water supply]. 195613344942
[value of systematic stool cultures in diarrhea in children of european extraction in casablanca; role of salmonella, shigella, e. coli, pyocyanics, proteus and staphylococcus]. 195613347319
[salmonella and shigella in etiology and diarrhea in children in gdaƄsk region]. 195613348032
[studies on variability of shigella dysenteriae following exposure to chloramphenicol]. 195613348034
[investigations on the nature of atypical strains isolated in dysentery in kiev]. 195613348096
[phenomenon of brown discoloration of culture medium by shigella dysenteriae]. 195613348105
[role of salmonella and shigella in etiology of diarrheas in infants and small children]. 195613349292
[studies on the etiology of diarrheas in children with special reference to escherichia coli alpha and beta strains and to salmonella and shigella]. 195613349635
[role of salmonella and shigella in etiology of diarrheas in children; data of the pediatric clinic of the academy of medicine in lublin]. 195613349768
[effect of cobalt on phagolysis shigella dysenteriae]. 195613325898
[resistence of shigella flexneri to synthomycin, streptomycin and biomycin]. 195613325908
[data on the investigation of biological properties of dysenterial strains of flexner]. 195613325924
[observations on the process of excretion of shigella dysenteriae in children in a closed institution]. 195613325926
[intradermal allergic tests in rabbits sensitized with shigella dysenteriae]. 195613325928
[epidemiological significance of atypical strains of shigella dysenteriae]. 195613325930
[para-strains of shigella dysenteriae]. 195613325931
[characteristics of atypical strains of flexner's bacillus]. 195613325932
a new e. coli serotype, identical in antigenic structure with type 4b of s. flexneri. 195613326294
combined bacillary and amebic ulcerative colitis associated with atypical pneumonitis and shigella-positive sputum. 195613326908
[pathogenic power of bacterium viscosum equi for small laboratory animals]. 195613327482
a study of the effect of serum on the immunological reaction of a bacterial of a purified endotoxin from shigella fiexneri type z with normal rabbit or human serum results in an alteration of its immunological reaction with antiserum, as determined by precipitation in gel. analysis of fractions of normal serum obtained by zone electrophoresis in starch indicates that the component responsible for altering the immunological reaction of endotoxin is associated with beta globulin. normal serum has no similar effect on the immunological reaction of a variety of othe ...195613306853
isolation of shigella from rectal swabs with hajna gn broth. 195613313488
incorporation of phage dna on lysogenization of shigella dysenteriae. 195613315280
[phage typing of 80 strains of shigella sonnei isolated in france]. 195613316274
dysentery bacilli-shigella; a brief historical review. 195613316611
dysentery in england and wales. 195613288397
studies in shigellosis. v. the relationship of age to the incidence of shigella infections in egyptian children, with special reference to shigellosis in the newborn and in infants in the first six months of life. 195613292658
the survival of shigella in sewage. i. an effect of sewage and fecal suspensions on shigella flexneri. 195613283537
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