determination of very thin pili by the bacterial drug resistance plasmid r485. 1978372971
[system of host specificity and the dna methylases of shigellae and their phages].in shigella sonnei cells there is a host dna specificity system responsible for modification and restriction of ddii phage. dna methylase from shigella stutzeri cells is specific for adenine and catalyses the appearance of 6-'-methylaminopurine in the acceptory dna. methylases from shigella sonnei cells are specific for adenine and cytosine and provide for the presence of 6'-methylaminopurine and 5'-methylcytosine in dna. the modifying activity of these cells may be equally likely associated wit ...1978373252
[cellular immunity factors in dysentery].cellular immune response was studied in 89 adult patients suffering from various clinical forms of acute dysentery, with the use of the lymphocyte blast-cell transformation reaction under the action of a specific antigen (dysenterin) and a nonspecific mitogen (phitohemagglutinin). functional value of t-lymphocytes proved to be retained in patients with acute dysentery; there was also lymphocyte stimulation by a specific antigen in patients with moderately severe and severe forms of dysentery dur ...1979373334
[electron microscopic study of experimental infection. ii. a study of the dynamics of shigella infection].the dynamics of experimental shigella infection of chick embryo fibroblasts was studied with the use of electron microscopy. the antibiotic-resistant forms of sh. sonnei 1,188 was found to be incapable of invasion into the fibroblast cytoplasm and intracellular proliferation. the destruction of fibroblasts observed during the infection was seemingly caused by the action of bacterial endotoxins.1979373336
[properties of the r plasmids of sh. flexneri strains isolated in bulgaria].the study of 3,237 sh. flexneri strains isolated in bulgaria revealed that 50.72% of them were resistant to antibiotics. 95.88% of the antibiotic-resistant strains were found to have r factor of incompatibility groups f, i or n. the plasmids of incompatibility group f had the property fin+, and the plasmids of groups i and n had the property fin-. r plasmids were divided into 4 groups by their ability for phage restriction.1979373338
[comparative evaluation of different globulin preparations and of the means for blood sensitization in obtaining antibody erythrocytic diagnostica].in comparing the hemosensitizing activity of various immunoglobulin preparations with different methods of erythrocyte loading the greatest activity and specificity was revealed in igg isolated by means of deae-sephadex a-50. the method of erythrocyte sensitization with the use of alizarin blue indicator was more advantageous in respect to sensitivity and specificity of sh. sonnei and newcastle indication over boyden's, jandl and simmons', bing's methods.1979373342
[antibiotic resistance of shigella in different regions of the ussr].shigella were most sensitive to polymyxin ceporin, ampicillin, neomycin and furazolidone and resistant to chloramphenicol, tetracycline and streptomycin. shigella resistant simultaneously to two or three drugs mainly to tetracycline + chloramphenicol, tetracycline + streptomycin and tetracycline + chloramphenicol + streptomycin were most frequent. the frequency of the shigella strains carrying r-plasmids increased from 28 per cent in 1969--1970 to 72.6 per cent in 1977. the shigella strains isol ...1979373617
interferon induction in mice by uniform salt forms of shigella sonnei lipopolysaccharide and its components.interferon-inducing capacity of uniform salts of shigella sonnei lipopolysaccharide (lps), its polysaccharide component and lipid a were compared. low-molecular-weight triethylamine and ethanolamine salt forms of the lipopolysaccharide were most active in interferon production. it was confirmed that lipid part of lps is responsible for interferon-inducing activity.1978373682
immune processes induced by dysentery bacilli in mice.studies on immune reactions induced by dysentery bacilli revealed that mice immunized orally or intravenously develop the specific general resistance against reinfection with the microorganisms. antibodies circulating against bacilli were the indicators of humoral immune response and the activated t lymphocyte detected in the spleen of immunized mice were the indicators of the cell mediated immunity.1978373684
studies on virulence of shigella flexneri.the antigenic structure and some biological properties were compared in virulent s. flexneri strains of differences in: 1) antigenic composition; 2) biochemical activity; 3) sensitivity to a set of shigella phages and 4) susceptibility to phagocytosis. the only difference found concerned the ld50 for mice; it was 10 to 100 times larger for avirulent than for virulent strains of s. flexneri. the toxic products of the strains were also compared. the lipopolisaccharide and free endotoxin purified f ...1978373685
macrophage fatty acid composition and phagocytosis: effect of unsaturation on cellular phagocytic order to manipulate the physical properties of the macrophages membrane, methods were developed which potentiated the incorporation of exogenously supplied fatty acids into membrane lipids. chromatograms of macrophages which were grown in the presence of a variety of fatty acids demonstrated that exogenously supplied unsaturated fatty acids (palmitoleic, oleic, elaidic, linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids) were readily incorporated into the cells and selectively altered the fatty acyl c ...1979374248
non-random distribution of transduction termini in transductants from the integrated r plasmid, r100-1.tra+ and tra- derivatives of drug resistance plasmid, r100-1, were isolated by phage p1 from an hfr donor with integrated r100-1 and then analyzed by complementation tests with tra- point mutants of flac. tra+ derivatives of r100-1 carrying tetracycline resistance alone and those carrying all six drug-resistrance genes could support transfer of tra- point mutants of flac except flac traj, whereas all of tra- derivatives of r100-1 failed to complement any one of tra- point mutants of flac. this s ...1979375027
shigella vaginitis: report of 38 patients and review of the literature.thirty-eight cases of shigella vaginitis were identified in a retrospective review of records kept over the past 14 years. the cases of vaginitis were due to three subgroups of shigella. vaginitis varied in severity and duration, persisting for several months in some instances. in 47% of the cases, there was associated bloody vaginal discharge. only two children had diarrhea temporally associated with vaginitis, but six others had had diarrhea. many treatment modalities were used. systemic antib ...1979375177
bacteriophage specificity in the identification of yersinia pestis as compared with other enterobacteria.bacteriophage typing of yersinia pestis and the specificity of the phage among enterobacteriaceae were investigated. the bacteriophage used for rapid identification of y. pestis reacted with representative strains of all recognized species of shigella as well as with salmonella cholerae-suis. reactive shigella serotypes were sh. dysenteriae 1 and 9, sh. flexneri 2a, sh. boydii 1 and 6, and sh. sonnei. patterns consisting of isolated plaques (two cases) or absence of plaques were observed when th ...1978375327
bacteremia caused by shigella flexneri. 1979375454
[conjugative r plasmids of enterobacteria]. 1979375629
[biological preparations in the overall therapy of children convalescing after dysentery].in studying the state of microbial population in the intestine of children after dysentery dysbacteriosis was revealed in 72.7% of cases. use of biological preparations normalizing microbial population in the intestine (colibacterin) in 859 children reduced the incidence of protracted forms of the disease and of repeated excretion of the causative agent in comparison with the control group (785 children).1979375635
enteric gram-negative rods, 1976. 1979375729
[interrelationship between the serum lysozyme level and the leukocyte count in sonne and flexner dysenteries].interrelation between the level of the serum lysozyme and the count of the leucocytes, as well as the severity of the disease was found in testing of the peripheral blood of 133 patients with acute sonnei and flexner dysentery. it is recommended to use the lysozyme index in the clinical practice as one of the additional criteria for estimation of the severity of acute dysentery.1979375827
corneal ulceration secondary to intestinal shigella sonnei.a 34-month-old boy had a corneal ulcer due to shigella sonnei. to my knowledge, this is the first documented case reported where the same organism was recovered from the stool. one other case of s sonnei and two cases of s flexneri corneal ulcers have appeared in the literature. all cases have been in young black boys between the ages of 23 months and 6 years. the exact pathogenesis remains unclear, but direct fecalocular inoculation into a preexisting epithelial defect, a probable herpetic dend ...1979375886
shigella serotypes in recent isolations at lucknow. 1979376439
[storage of shigella flexneri with virulence preserved]. 1979376977
[an epidemic of shigella sonnei in a swedish un battalion]. 1979376980
[parenteral use of a therapeutic vaccine in acute dysentery]. 1979377515
[patterns determining the dynamics of the epidemic process in sonne dysentery and its relation to the type of causative agent].the results of studying the dynamics of the epidemic process of dysentery, based on the data from 3 districts of moscow, are presented. the study revealed the periodicity of 3 years in the course of the epidemic process of dysentery, occurring against the background of a considerable predominance of sh. sonnei, biochemical type 2. the use of the cohort method for analyzing the age structure of dysentery cases showed the possibility of using this method to find out to what extent the epidemic pro ...1979377866
[analysis of merodiploid strains of sh. flexneri that have lost virulence].episome f'13 introduced into the genome of a virulent sh. flexneri strain brought about changes in a number of properties of the recipient strain. the expression of these properties was not connected with the chromosome area allelic to the plasmid genome. these changes seem to be induced by the mobilization of the chromosome genes of e. coli. the loss of virulence in sh. flexneri strains carrying episome f'13 seemed to be the consequence of two reasons: the overlapping of kcpa gene by its domina ...1979377868
[search for host specificity systems in shigella using dd-series phages].a total of 712 shigella strains were studied with the use of dysentery diagnostic phages dd ii, dd vi and dd vii in order to reveal the systems of host dna specificity. the study comprised 4 tests: mass screening by the intensity of phagolytic reaction of phages in various strains; and the determination of the parameters of adsorption. as a result, an effective modification and restriction systems were revealed in sh. sonnei 311 with the use of phage dd ii. bacteriophage dd vii was effectively r ...1979377869
[use of india ink for the purpose of the specific detection of pathogenic microorganisms in histological preparations]. 1979377872
[dynamics of the change in sensitivity of shigellae to gentamycin and cephaloridine in vitro].the dynamics of the changes in the shigella sensitivity to gentamicin and cephaloridin was studied in vitro using liquid nutrient media with gradually increasing concentrations of the drugs. 50 passages were performed. it was found that shigella flexner and sonnei decreased their sensitivity to gentamicin to a little extent and remained middle sensitive. sensitivity of shigella flexner to cephaloridin also changed to a little extent, while shigella sonnei became moderately resistant.1979378113
[level and nature of the drug resistance of shigella flexneri].characteristics of antibiotic resistance of 300 strains of shigella flexner 2a isolated from patients within 1976--1977 in the regions where these bacteria were very rare for a long period of time were studied. it was shown that most of the isolates were resistant to chloramphenicol (88.1 per cent), tetracycline (94.8 per cent), streptomycin (89.1 per cent), polymyxin m (82.4 per cent) and others. 46.5--61.6 per cent of the isolates were resistant to neomycin antibiotics. a high level of the res ...1979378114
vivo clearance of enteric bacteria from the hemolymph of the hard clam and the american oyster.american oysters, crassostrea virginica, and hard clams, mercenaria mercenaria, were experimentally contaminated with escherichia coli, salmonella typhimurium, and shigella flexneri either by intracardial injection or via the natural route of ingestion. bacterial inactivation in the hemolymph was monitored for 72 h after exposure to these enteric pathogens at 20 and 6 degrees c. at 6 degrees c, both mean bacterial uptake by ingestion and subsequent clearance was singificantly lower that at 20 de ...1979378127
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin a antibodies to shigella flexneri enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay has been developed to detect class-specific antibodies to shigella flexneri lipopolysaccharide antigens. this enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay system has been used to measure antibodies present in serum or intestinal secretions without further purification. it is considerably more sensitive than passive hemagglutination, allowing detection of as little as 1.3 ng of specific immunoglobulin g antibody per ml in immune sera. optimal conditions for this assay ar ...1979378853
molecular characterization of plasmids from virulent and spontaneously occurring avirulent colonial variants of shigella flexneri.spontaneous transition of shigella flexneri from t- to o-type colonies with concomitant loss of virulence dose not appear to be accompanied by a change in any of the four plasmic species found in the virulent parent.1979378861
achromobacter species (cdc group vd): morphological and biochemical characterization.twenty-three isolates of achromobacter species (cdc group vd) were examined morphologically and biochemically. gram stains revealed gram-variable bacilli frequently curved or hooked at one pole and often coryneform in shape and arrangement. electron microscopy revealed the presence of extracellular material in polar accumulations and demonstrated the polar flagella arrangement seen by light microscopy to be lateral. two colony types were produced; one was minute and watery at 24 h (35 degrees c) ...1979379035
monocyte function in psoriasis.monocytes derived from the peripheral blood of psoriatic patients demonstrated a significantly higher phagocytic capacity (36 to 40%) for both 125i-labeled shigella flexneri and 125i-labeled staphylococcus albus compared with monocytes from healthy subjects. monocytes from psoriatic patients showed a 2-to-4fold increase in bactericidal capacity against s. albus when compared with normal monocytes. however, the bactericidal capacity of monocytes from diphylline-treated patients did not differ fro ...1979379240
[immunogenic dna of shigella sonnei bacteriophage].immunogenic and some other properties of sh, sonnei "ufa" phage dna were investigated. this dna has been shown to possess high immunogenic activity indicating the presence of an unusual base. the base is distinct from 5-omc, glucosylated 5-omc, 5-omu or dihydroxypentyluracil. the phage dna is double stranded and has the molecular weight of 1.11.10(8) daltons and tm=85.5 degrees c. base sequences common with t4 dna have been found using the competition dna-dna hybridization technique. experiments ...1977379597
[a dysentery epidemic among tunisia travelers]. 1979379657
[effect of metabolism products of shigella sonnei, sh. flexneri and sh. shigae on proteolytic activity of the organism connective tissue].the activity of proteolytic enzymes, neutral proteinases and cathepsins e+d, was determined in homogenates from the tissues of capsules formed around diffusion chambers with shigella (shigella sonnei, sh. flexneri, sh. shigae) 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 days after their implantation to the abdominal cavity of rabbits. the specific proteolytic activity in the capsule tissues in the experimental variants is higher in all the studied periods than in the control and its singularities depend on the microbe sp ...1979380094
[unclassified colicinogenic types of sh. sonnei]. 1979380151
[sh. flexneri population heterogeneity according to the cellular fatty acid makeup].the composition of fatty acids in the cells of 100 clones of sh. flexneri, strain 9054, isolated from a dysentery patient was studied by the method of gas chromatography. fatty acid composition in 75 clones was similar to the fatty acid composition of the initial culture: 25 clones differed to a variable degree from the prevailing group of clones in the content of unsaturated and cyclopropane fatty acids and, to a considerably lesser extent, in the content of palmitic acid and a number of other ...1979380239
[data to substantiate the early immunological diagnosis of dysentery].the interaction of the whole blood from patients with dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases of non-dysenteric etiology, with the causative agents of dysentery, sh. sonnei and sh. flexneri, and saprophytic, staphylococci labeled with radioactive isotopes was studied in vitro. in dysentery an increase in the capacity of the blood for shigella fixation was observed from the beginning of the disease. during the 1st week of the disease this reaction was strictly specific and accompanied by a decre ...1979380241
[course of dysentery and the specific alteration of the neutrophils in children in the use of monomycin and a diet with an increased protein content].acute dysentery mainly due to shigella sonnei and dynamics of the neutrophil damage index (ndi) of the blood were studied in 80 children at the age of 1 to 14. 20 children (group 1) were treated with monomycin under conditions of a diet with an excessive content of protein (by 25% higher than the physiological norm). 60 children or 3 groups of 20 children each were not subject to such conditions and were considered as control groups. reduction in the time of recovery (by 4 days) and bacteriologi ...1979380456
study on the possible entry of bacterial endotoxin and prostaglandin e2 into the central nervous system from the blood.1 a study has been made of the possible entry of 51cr-bacterial endotoxin and [5,6,8,11,12,14,15(n)-3h]-prostaglandin e2 ([3h5-pge2) into the cns of the anaesthetized cat. 2 no radioactivity was detected in perfusates of the preoptic-anterior hypothalamus or in the cerebrospinal fluid (c.s.f.) in vivo, or in brain tissue post mortem following intracarotid infusion of 51cr-bacterial endotoxin. 3 intracarotid administration of [3h]-pge2 resulted in the entry of radioactivity into the cns of endoto ...1979380709
age-dependent macrophage functions in new zealand black mice. 1979380820
somatic antigens of shigella. the structure of the specific polysaccharide of shigella newcastle (sh. flexneri type 6) lipopolysaccharide.the specific polysaccharide was obtained from the lipopolysaccharide of shigella newcastle by mild acid hydrolysis and further purified by permeation chromatography on sephadex g-50. it was found to consist of l-rhamnose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-galactose, d-galacturonic acid residues and o-acetyl groups in the molar ratios of 2:1:1:1. on the basis of 1h and 13c nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, methylation analysis, partial acid hydrolysis, smith degradation, and chromium trioxide oxidatio ...1979381001
shigella infection of henle intestinal epithelial cells: role of the bacterium.epithelial cell infection by shigella flexneri 2a was studied in an in vitro model system. using the henle 407 human intestinal epithelial cell line as host cells, a standardized experimental protocol which allowed quantitative measurement of infection was developed. intravellular residence of infecting organisms was confirmed by indirect fluorescent-antibody staining of unfixed and methanol-fixed (henle 407) cells and by quantitative bacteriological culture of disrupted host cells after infecti ...1979381204
[diagnosis of acute appendicitis in patients suffering from diarrhea]. 1979382628
enterotoxin production by shigella flexneri type 2a, strain no. m42-43.enterotoxin produced by shigella flexneri type 2a, strain m42-43, is similar to "shig-like" cytotoxic enterotoxin and shares common features with that of other s. flexneri strains. on the basis of molecular filtration and neutralization experiments it is suggested that the same molecule carries these biological characters.1978382758
cyclacillin: in vitro activity against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.cyclacillin at 50 microgram/ml inhibited streptococci (100%), shigella (72%), and bacteroides (b) fragilis ss fragilis (84%). at 100 microgram/ml it inhibited proteus (75%), b. fragilis (86%), and e. coli (50%). cyclacillin was more effective than ampicillin against beta-lactamase-producing h. influenzae. the activity of cyclacillin was found to be more enhanced when tested in nutrient agar and mueller-hinton agar than in brain heart infusion agar.1979383419
salmonella phage glycanases: substrate specificity of the phage p22 endo-rhamnosidase.interaction between phage p22 and phenol-water extracted lipopolysaccharides from sensitive salmonella bacteria belonging to serogroups a, b and di results in hydrolysis of the alpha-l-rhamnosyl linkages within the tetrasaccharide repeating unit of the o-antigenic polysaccharide chain. these o-antigens have identical structures except for the nature of the 3,6-dideoxy-hexosyl group linked to o-3 of the d-mannosyl residue. removal of the dideoxysugar, or periodate oxidation followed by borohydrid ...1979383902
clinical profile of diarrhoea at ramathibodi hospital during 1977.restrospective clinical profile of diarrhoeal disease in children admitted to the pediatric department, ramathibodi hospital during january to december 1977 was studied. a total of 144 medical records (55.6%) could be analysed; rectal swab culture yielded enteropathogenic organisms in 47.2% of the cases consisting of 26.3% salmonella, 16.0% sero typing positive e. coli and 3.5% shigella. clinical presentation of each group was presented which with the exception of neurological symptoms was in co ...1979384546
[survey of antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria using the cross product ratio].antibiotic resistance pattern in clinical isolates of selected gram-negative bacteria at groote schuur hospital during two three-month periods with a ten year interval were investigated. the antibiotic resistance is represented by means of the cross product, or odds ratio, using the log-linear model. this was found to be a simple method of monitoring the change or increase of antibiotic resistance, and enabled an overall analysis, catering for antibiotic and organism effects, to be performed1979384718
[phage-typing modifications induced by in vitro transfer of r plasmids. ii. -- phage-typing of shigella sonnei (author's transl)].forty-two antibiotic resistance plasmids and twelve metabolic plasmids have been transferred to a strain of shigella sonnei. the phage-typing modifications have been investigated after transfer of the different above described plasmids. eleven of the r plasmids and five of the metabolic plasmids affect phage sensitivity. these modifications are not specific for any compatibility group.1979384862
shigella sonnei septicemia in a neonate: a case report. 1979385570
[humoral factor study of natural immunity in sonne and flexner dysenteries]. 1979386651
[recurrent sonne dysentery morbidity caused by shigella of varying enzymatic types].the proportion of repeated cases of dysentery caused by sh. sonnei does not exceed 3.59% of the total number of bacteriologically confirmed cases of this infection. the frequency of reinfection depended on the enzymatic type of the causative agent. the rarest cases of reinfection were those occurring after the primary infection with sh. sonnei, biochemical type 2, whereas the most frequent after the primary infection with sh. sonnei, type 3. reinfection with heterologous sh. sonnei was registere ...1979386653
[seasonal problems of bacterial dysentery in the dagestan assr].during the period of 1959-1973 bacterial dysentery showed high morbidity rate in daghestan in all seasons, this tendency existing both in urban and rural areas. the peculiarity of the monthly distribution of dysentery cases, observed all over the repulic, was the shift of the morbidity peak from august to september-october, and in some years even to november; this could be clearly observed from the analysis of the material as a whole and from the analysis of dysentery morbidity rates in rural an ...1979386661
[transduction analysis of the genetic control of synthesis of the r-nucleus of the lipopolysaccharide of o-antigen]. 1979386667
[results of testing a new method of using antibiotics in nutrient media for the isolation of shigella: the 2-streak method].a new variant of media with antibiotics for isolation of shigella, i.e. a method of 2 streaks each containing different antibiotics was tested in analysis of excrements from patients with acute dysentery. it was found that the new method is more effective than the well known method of gradient plates (isolation of shigella in one series of the experiments amounted to 85.2 and 64.7 per cent respectively, and in the other series of the experiments the respective figures were 95.4 and 89.3 per cent ...1979386936
shigella infections.shigellosis is a complex disease involving two distinct organs and two distinctive clinical presentations of intestinal involvement. it is also associated with a wide variety of extra-intestinal manifestations. because these may precede the onset of diarrhoea/dysentery, and confuse the diagnosis, it is safe to denote shigellosis as a protean clinical problem. the disease is readily spread by contact because so few organisms are required to establish infection. it may also be spread through conta ...1979387300
transfer of f'lac+ plasmid from salmonella typhimurium to shigella flexneri. 1978387348
[functional interactions of the genomes of shigella sonnei phages and escherichia coli phage t4 in mixed infection].a comparative study of shigella sonnei phages u and g and escherichia coli phage t4 has shown that enzymes coded for by the sh. sonnei phages can functionally substitute for some t4-coded products. this finding in indicative of an evolutionary relationship between t-even phages and disenteric phages u and g. the u phage is uncapable to compensate amber mutants for the genes that control the conversion of cytosine into 5-hydroxymethyl cytosine (5-hmc) and the glucosylation of the latter, which ag ...1979387521
characterization of plasmids from antibiotic-resistant shigella isolates by agarose gell electrophoresis.gel electrophoresis of dna from 95 clinical isolates of shigella sonnei and shigella flexneri resistant to antibiotics revealed a heterogeneous plasmid population. most of the plasmids were smaller than 6 megadaltons (mdal). six s. sonnei isolates with the most common antibiotic resistance pattern were characterized. they had two plasmids in common: one was a self-transmissible fi+ plasmid of 46 mdal encoding resistance to streptomycin and sulphafurazole. in addition, several cryptic plasmids ra ...1979387914
[clinical and pathogenetic comparisons with allergization in flexner and sonne dysentery]. 1979388063
[comparative characteristics of the clinical course of flexner and sonne dysenteries during the warm and cold periods of the year]. 1979388064
[comparative effectiveness of the treatment of acute dysentery]. 1979388065
epidemiology of shigella dysenteriae, type 1 infections, in dacca urban area.a prospective study of 47 families with an index case of shigella dysenteriae type 1 was conducted in the urban areas of dacca. the subsequent infection rates in contacts type 1 were 30.6% and 28.3% in the age groups 0--4 and 5--9. total secondary infection rate was 20.4% with rates in males higher than in females. among the contacts 12.5% developed diarrhoea caused by the same serotype, but 22.1% developed diarrhoea with undiagnosed causes. for one hospitalised case there were seven symptomatic ...1979388775
the numerous common antigens of enterobacteriaceae.a mosaic of proteins is synthesized by each of the enterobacterial species grown on artificial media (tryptose-agar, difco). their existence was proven with the help of sera prepared in rabbits with proteins from: s. enteritidis, s. typhi, s. typhimurium, s. paratyphi c, e. coli, and sh. sonnei. the induced antibodies, strongly precipitated numerous heterologous enterobacterial proteins. the proteins of sh. dysenteriae 4, although reacting against the heterologous sera, were poor immunogens and ...1979388941
shigella dysenteriae, sh flexneri, and sh boydii infections in england and wales: the importance of foreign travel. 1979389342
macrophage functions in high and low cancer incidence strains of mice. a comparative study. 1979389688
[structure of drug resistant bacilli (author's transl)]. 1979390191
[cyclical nature and the prediction of the dynamics of the epidemic process in different types of dysentery]. 1979390937
reiter's disease: modern concepts.reiter's disease (rd) is a reactive arthritis syndrome in which arthritis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and urethritis are the main features. it may be an acute and self-limited disease or it may cause severe debilitation. it generally follows an infectious episode, such as shigella dysentery or nonspecific urethritis. recent evidence has shown that patients in whom rd develops have a genetic disposition since the presence of hla-b27 correlates highly with rd. therapy of rd involves supportive ca ...1979391498
fifty years ago. paper published in the december issue 1925. a review of a recent epidemic of bacillary dysentery with special reference to a new therapy: a paper read before the uganda branch of the british medical association, march 1925. 1979391538
patterns of shigella species and serotypes in east africa. 1979391541
search for reiter's syndrome after an outbreak of shigella sonnei dysentery.forty-seven % of 4,205 individuals living in a puerto rican community developed shigella sonnei dysentery. questionnaire and, where relevant, clinical evaluation of 1,970 patients and the remaining 2,235 unaffected residents disclosed no cases of reiter's syndrome (rs). among the possible explanations for failure to observe any cases is the important suggestion that s. sonnei is not arthritogenic.1979392097
[intestinal flora and bile acids metabolism -- influence of bile acids on rejection of shigella flexneri 2a from the intestine (author's transl)]. 1979392126
[effect of intercurrent pathology on the immune response of the child's body in dysentery]. 1979392428
[effect of norsulfazole on the fatty acid makeup of enterobacteria]. 1979393968
[characteristics of the outbreak and control of an epidemic of bacillary dysentery of hydric origin].in december 1978, an unexpected outbreak of acute gastroenteritis occurred in a shoe factory. the clinical, epidemiological and laboratory investigations established the hydric origin of the dysentery due to shigella flexneri 3 a, caused by the illicit communication of the drinking water and industrial water mains. the antiepidemic measures promptly taken arrested the outbreak in three days ; there were no secondary, contact cases.1979394270
[studies concerning dysenteric infections in a closed children's community before and after antidysenteric vaccination. i. epidemiological considerations on acute intestinal infections].in the closed children's community studied between 1 jan. 1976 and 13 june 1977, a high proportion (54%) of the total number of acute intestinal infections was of dysenteric etiology, i.e. 46,9% in the 0--1 year age-group and 21,1% in the 1--3 years age-group, the dominant shigella subtype being represented by shigella flexneri 2a (25.1%). as only 37.2% of the total number of dysentery cases were manifested by enterocolitis and a high proportion (33.3%) ran a chronic course, the disease was not ...1979394271
[biological characteristics of 2 shigella sonnei biotypes]. 1978394393
shigella vulvovaginitis in childhood: a case report.vulvovaginitis due to shigella sonnei is reported in a four-year-old child.shigella sonnei as a rare primary pathogen causing vulvovaginitis, the prolonged nature of the clinical course, and the therapeutic implications of increasing resistance to ampicillin by the organism are discussed.1979395325
[shigellosis in tananarive (madagascar). ii : bacteriologic and therapeutic features (author's transl)].in acute dysenteries or diarrhoeas shigellae are the bacterial organisms which are the most frequently isolated from coprocultures. the most frequent sub-group is sub-group b (s. flexniri). in vitro, shigellae are sensible to all antibiotics but often resistant to sulfamids. treatment is not difficult.1979395407
sub-populations of peripheral lymphocytes from patients with shigella bacillary dysentery with associated this study we ascertained the proportion and absolute number of t, b and nul cell peripheral lymphocytes from shigella dysenteriae type i patients and compared these results with those from age matched controls. single blood samples were collected from 13 bangladeshi children who complained of symptoms for one or more weeks. patients were divided into two categories, with and without a leukaemoid response. the leukaemoid response was primarily granulocytic in nature, but there was a substanti ...1979395727
the cellular and humoral immune response after administration to the guinea pig of shigella flexneri 2a t32--istrati vaccinal strain by different routes. 1978395927
intestinal immunity and vaccine development: a who part of the research component of the who diarrhoeal diseases control programme, a scientific working group met in august 1978 to review recent advances in knowledge of intestinal immunity, the application of genetic techniques in enteric vaccine development, the status of currently available immunizing agents against cholera, typhoid fever, and shigella dysentery, and the prospects for the development of new or improved vaccines against the well known and newly recognized agents such as rota ...1979396051
septicaemic manifestations of shigellosis. 1979396236
shigella dysenteriae 1-like cytotoxic enterotoxins produced by salmonella strains.a salmonella enteritidis strain produced a cytotoxin in addition to heat-labile (lt) and heat-stable (st) enterotoxins. two strains of serotypes salmonella kapemba and salmonella thompson were lt and st negative, but exhibited a cytotoxic effect. after sephadex g-100 fractionation of the crude s. enteritidis material, some high and low molecular fractions had both cytotonic and cytotoxic activities. of the two other salmonellae, only some high molecular fractions contained the cytotoxic substanc ...1979396765
antigenic similarity of morphologic type ciii1 bacteriophages. 1979397728
phagocyte functions in familial mediterranean fever.monocytes derived from peripheral blood of patients with familial mediterranean fever (f.m.f.) demonstrated lower phagocytic capacity for shigella flexneri and depressed bactericidal activity against s. albus when compared to monocytes from healthy individuals. treatment of patients with colchicine did not alter these functions. on the other hand, chemokinesis of pmn of f.m.f. patients was enhanced especially during attacks. colchicine treatment decreased significantly the pmn chemotactic migrat ...1979397753
comparison of some shigella flexneri (escherichia coli) hybrids in cross agglutination and agglutinin absorption tests.antigenic structure of lac+ hybrids selected from escherichia coli x shigella flexneri crosses was compared in the cross agglutination and absorption tests. identity of the hybrids from the recipients of serotype 2a and variant y was proved, as well as from serotypes 1b and 4b. the latter hybrids were coupled with shigella flexneri strains 3a, 3b and 3c. the hybrids appeared almost identical with serotype 3c.1979398206
comparison of cefaclor and ampicillin in the treatment of shigellosis.fifty-four children with acute diarrhoea were treated orally with 50 mg/kg/day of either ampicillin in 4 divided doses, or with cefaclor in 3 divided doses for 5 days. shigella was isolated from the stool of 28 patients, 6 of whom were hospitalized. all isolates, including ampicillin-resistant strains, were susceptible in vitro to cefaclor. for ampicillin-sensitive infections, the clinical response and clearing of shigella from stools appeared to occur more rapidly in patients treated with ampic ...1979398485
[evaluation of antimicrobial activity of indol alkaloids].in pursuing the study of the antimicrobial properties of alkaloids prepared from cuban plants the activity of 10 indol alkaloids and 4 semisynthetic variables obtained from three plants--catharanthus roseus g. don., vallesia antillana wood and ervatamia coronaria staph, of the family apocynaceae--growing in cuba was assessed in vitro. the alkaloids and the variables used were catharantine, vindoline, vindolinine, perivine, reserpine, tabernaemontanine, tetrahydroalstonine, aparicine, vindolinic ...1979399043
influence of culture medium of the fatty-acid profile in enteric bacteria.enteric bacteria having a high content of cyclopropane fatty acids steeply increase their synthesis when grown on insufficiently propitious culture media (meat-peptone agar or modified drobot'ko synthetic medium) as compared with bacteria grown under more favourable conditions (meat-peptone broth). simultaneously, a decrease in monounsaturated fatty acids and increase in palmitic acid are observed. one of the main factors underlying the change in the proportion of fatty acids in bacteria grown o ...1979399287
the intestinal flora and infant botulism.the intestinal flora of experimental animals interferes with infection by species of salmonella and shigella. protection against infection with these organisms appears to be related to high concentrations of volatile acids, low ph, and low oxidation-reduction potential of the intestinal contents of animals with an intact flora. there are no data to show that the flora influences colonization of the intestine with clostridial species, but indirect evidence suggests that the intestinal flora may b ...1979399374
enterotoxins of enteric bacteria--a review.a review of the enterotoxins of enteric bacteria was compiled, taking into account recent developments of the field as well as results of the author's own research work. after characterization of enterotoxins of different origin, their pathogenic role is described, with special attention to the genetic background of these agents. the possible use of enterotoxins for active immunization purposes is also discussed.1979399581
colonization by salmonella typhimurium and shigella flexneri iii of the gastrointestinal tract of mice treated with beta-2-thienylalanine and streptomycin.mice fed beta-2-thienylalanine (beta-2-t) by oesophageal tube were no more susceptible to gastrointestinal tract colonization by salmonella typhimurium or shigella flexneri iii than control mice fed water. in both beta-2-t-fed and water-fed groups, the increasing dosage of s. typhimurium, in logarithmic increments to groups of mice, resulted in increasing numbers of these bacteria detectable on dilution plates from organ homogenates. colonization by s. flexneri iii only occurred at a dosage of 1 ...1979399720
[researches on some biochemical and serological properties and on the sensitivity to antibiotics of l-forms of "proteus" (author's transl)].the possibility to keep some biochemical reactions of the parent strains (urease-positive, glucose fermentation, phenylalanine-deaminase-positive, h2s but not indol production) was demonstrated in 5 l-forms, obtained from as many strains of pr. mirabilis and in 1 l-form, isolated from a vaginal secretion and identified as belonging to the same species. the indirect hemagglutination technique, made by the sonicated antigen in 3 of the 6 l-forms with proteus oxk antiserum, resulted positive in tit ...1979400087
[research methods of r factors (author's transl)].after having outlined the routine methods for the study of drug resistance plasmids used at highly specialized centres such as the london enteric reference laboratory, the aa. examine the most practical methods of a pure and simple way of discovering r factors in enterobacteria. a brief reference is made to some of the in vivo transfer techniques before reducing the various possibilities of in vitro survey to essentials. the experimental conditions realized by some aa. for mating in liquid media ...1979400251
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