[differential characteristics of the i and ii phases and r-form of sh. sonnei].characteristics of various phases of sh. sonnei were determined on the standard strains of sh. sonnei of phases i and ii and r-form used for the industrial production of agglutinating monoreceptor sera. bacteria of phase i displayed a distinct morphological, cultural and serological differences. for the differentiation of sh. sonnei of the ii phase and r-form, representing the greatest difficulty in this respect, it is recommended to use phages rffm and 6-sr, and also indirect immunofluorescence ...1978352062
[experience with the diagnosis of dysentery in adults by determining antibodies to shigella in the saliva].concentration of immunoglobulins and titres of antibodies to sh. sonnei, sh. flexneri and enteropathogenic e. coli 0111 was determined in mixed saliva and the blood serum of patients suffering from sonne dysentery, acute intestinal diseases of unknown etiology, and healthy individuals. the sum total immunoglobulin concentration in mixed saliva proved to be 53--81 times less than in the blood serum, but in the first substrate there was 53--75, and in the second--15% of immunoglobulin a. there pro ...1978352063
[effect of the transmission of a different type of mutation in the stra locus on the virulence of sh. flexneri].the authors noted a different influence upon the virulence of sh. flexneri (determined by keratoconjunctival test) of transmission of different alleles of the stra-gene (a1, a2, a40, a60). there was revealed no correlation between the extent of the changes in virulence and the extent of capacity ot the limiting of suppression in donor strains.1978352064
[serological method of detecting the antigens of the causative agent of sonne dysentery in lysates of the fecal inoculates from patients].serological method of detection of sh. sonnei antigens in the lysates of the patients, fecal cultures is suggested and approved. in the majority of cases of the results of bacteriological and serological methods of study of the feces coincided. data confirming the specificity of the antibody neutralization test (ant) in sonne dysentery are presented. in connection with detection of the screening action of the vi-antigen of typhoid bacilli there were elaborated additional methods for verifying th ...1978352065
[comparative study of the virulence of the shigella isolated from bacterial carriers and from acute dysentery patients].the authors present the results of study of the virulence of shigellae isolated from carriers and patients suffering from acute dysentery, on a continuous culture of e1 and hep-2 cells. the virulence of shigellae isolated from carriers displayed no significant difference from the virulence of shigellae isolated from patients with a mild and moderately severe forms of dysentery. in the patient's organism shigellae were capable of retaining the initial virulence for a long time, despite the treatm ...1978352066
guillain-barré syndrome: epidemiology of an early january, 1976, an outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by contamination of the water supply system occurred in salt, jordan. this outbreak was followed by the appearance of peripheral neuropathy in 19 cases diagnosed as guillain-barré syndrome. clinically, gastroenteritis was suggestive of shigellosis and one of nine patients with guillain-barré syndrome, grew shigella boydii. epidemiology of the 19 cases with peripheral neuropathy is detailed. seventeen patients had definite gastroenteri ...1978352141
a new approach for a pyrogen test [proceedings]. 1978352465
structure of the hexose region of shigella sonnei phase ii lipopolysaccharide with 3-deoxy-d-manno-octulosonic acid as possible immunodeterminant and its relation to escherichia coli r1 core.comparative chemical analysis (methylation, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, periodate oxidation, etc.) of the lipopolysaccharides and degraded polysaccharides derived from shigella sonnei phase i, phase ii and galactose-deficient r mutants revealed a structure as shown: (formula: see text) 3-deoxy-d-manno-octulosonic acid (docla) as an immunodeterminant was observed in the passive hemolysis inhibition test by (a) selective inhibition of the phase ii system by docla; (b) the kinetics of the ...1978352697
[studies on the therapeutic effect in diarrheas]. 1978353650
[proteolytic activity and anti-enzymatic capacity of blood serum in experimental dysentery]. 1978353666
[determination of local specific antibodies in acute sonne dysentery in children]. 1978353687
[clinical and etiological characteristics of intestinal infections in children today]. 1978353690
[characteristics of the changes in the intestines in acute dysentery depending on the type of the causative agent]. 1978354015
[current problems of dysentery]. 1978354019
[prophylactic effectiveness of a dysentery bacteriophage]. 1978354190
[action of na-rna on infection in mice infected with shigella flexneri].experiments were conducted on albino mice. experimentally induced dysentery infection proved to become aggravated under the effect of yeast na-rna expressed in the increase of the number of animals which fell ill and perished. this phenomenon proved to be based on the acceleration of reproduction of the causative agent, with a simultaneous selection of its virulent clones seen both in vitro and in vivo.1978354281
[immunoglobulin and antibody content in the blood serum, coprofiltrate and saliva of patients with sonne dysentery].the authors studied the immunoglobulin and specific antibodies content of various classes in the serum, coprofiltrates and the saliva of 68 patients suffering from sonne dysentery and in 48 healthy adult persons. mancini's test demonstrated a significant elevation of igg and igm content in the blood of dysentery patients in comparison with that in healthy persons, and the absence of any changes in the iga content. the titres of specific igg-, iga- and igm-antibodies in determination in the modif ...1978354289
[alkaline phosphatase of striated border of the enterocytes in experimental dysentery].the activity of alkaline phosphatase of the striated border of enterocytes was studied experimentally in syrian hamsters in the early stage of adsorption of shigella zonnei on the epithelium of the small intestine and in a long-term dysentery infection. it was established that upon the direct effect of bacteria on the glycocalix of enterocytes the activity of the enzyme in it at the site of attachment decreased; upon a long-term effect of shigella on the intestinal wall a decrease in the activit ...1978354608
search for heat-labile enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in humans, livestock, food, and water in a community in the philippines.environmental sources of heat-labile enterotoxigenic escherichia coli are unknown. the feces of 1,086 inhabitants (approximately 5%) of a small town in the philippines, 28 pigs, and 10 water buffalo were cultured for enteric bacterial pathogens. twenty-seven persons harbored pathogenic bacteria: five individuals had enterotoxigenic e. coli, 11 salmonella species, nine vibrio parahaemolyticus, one shigella boydii, and one nonagglutinable vibrio. enterotoxigenic e. coli were isolated from two of 2 ...1978355577
a clinical and bacteriological study of acute diarrhoea in adults. 1978355830
epidemiology of common-source outbreaks of shigellosis in the united states, 1961-1975, there were 72 foodborne and 38 waterborne outbreaks of shigellosis reported in the united states. foodborne outbreaks were most often caused by salads with contamination attributed to poor hygiene of a food handler. waterborne outbreaks most often involved semipublic water systems, and were usually the result of inadequate chlorination of water contaminated by human feces. in 110 common-source outbreaks, 16,541 persons were ill. the attack rate for both food- and waterborne shigell ...1978356596
[experimental study of the pathogenesis of dysentery].it was shown that experimental dysentery could be produced against the background of various pathologic conditions of experimental animals (avitaminosis, concurrent diseases, etc). the studies in vivo and in vitro showed that intraepithelial parasitising of shigella occurred in dysentery but did not play the leading role in the pathogenesis of the disease. macrophages played a more important role, particularly in formation of the bacterial carrier state. in order to resolve some disputable probl ...1978356807
increase in the population of duodenal immunoglobulin a plasmocytes in axenic mice associated with different living or dead bacterial strains of intestinal origin.various bacterial strains were tested for their ability to stimulate immunoglobulin a (iga) plasmocytes to populate the duodenal lamina propria in axenic mice. the mice were associated with the strains for at least 4 weeks. the strains inhabiting the conventional mouse intestine and belonging to the genera lactobacillus, streptococcus, eubacterium, actinobacillus, micrococcus, corynebacterium, and clostridium (including the extremely oxygen-sensitive ones) are only slightly or nonimmunogenic, wh ...1978357289
effects of certain cations (fe, zn, mg, and ca) on bacterial endotoxins.the natural occurrence of cations fe, zn, mg, and ca in the lipopolysaccharide (lps) of both the s and r forms of shigella dysenteriae 1 was studied. lps preparations were obtained either by phenol-water extraction (according to the method of westphal et al., z. naturforsch. 7b:148-155, 1952) or by extraction of cells with hypertonic sodium chloride-sodium citrate (according to the method of raynaud and digeon, c. r. acad. sci. (paris) 229:564-566, 1949), with subsequent chromatographic purifica ...1978357292
high and low level tetracycline resistance in shigella sonnei.the results presented in this paper confirm the existence of two types of tetracycline resistance in shigella sonnei. one group of strains had a high level of resistance to tetracycline and oxytetracyline, with a variable level of minocycline resistance. the second group had a lower level of tetracycline resistance and were sensitive to minocycline. after conjugation with e. coli k12 the selected e. coli transconjugants had the same levels of resistance as the parent sh. sonnei strain, with one ...1978357650
interaction between bacteriophage sf6 and shigella flexner.the shigella flexneri phage sf6 has an isometric head with hexagonal symmetry 53nm in diameter. the noncontractile tails in 16 nm long and terminates with a base plate containing six spikes. sf6 is typical of the c phages in the morphological classification of bradley. phage sf6 processes alpha-1,3-endorhamnosidase activity as demonstrated by methylation and reducing end group sugar analyses of the products obtained on interaction with the o-polysaccharide chain of s.flexneri strains which have ...1978357756
[etiology of diseases diagnosed clinically as acute dysentery]. 1978358571
bacterial shedding following a shigella sonnei infection]. 1978358625
[the localization of the anodically-moving thermolabile antigen (ata) of gram-negative bacteria with ferritin-labelled antibodies (author's transl)].in studies on the antigenic structure of shigellae, an anodically-moving thermolabile antigen (ata) was found, which furthermore could be detected in many other enterobacteriae (9, 10). ata is a glycoprotein with a high molecular heterogeneity, resulting from aggregates of a subunit with a molecular weight of about 22000 daltons. in the present paper the antigen was localized on the cell surface of several species by means of the immunoferritin technique. antibodies against the purified ata were ...1978358676
[various aspects of competitive relationship between shigella and escherichia coli].one of the aspects of antagonistic relations could be the competence of microorganisms for specific sites of attachement to the epithelium common for shigellae and some e. coli serological types; this was demonstrated on a model of shigella-induced keratoconjunctivitis and in experiments with the hep-2 cells infected with h3-glucose-labeled sh. flexneri 5a, with combined administration of the latter with e. coli 08 and 028. the data obtained emphasized the importance for the development of the i ...1978358685
[immunoglobulins and antibodies of various classes in children immunized with live oral shigella sonnei vaccine from the spontaneous mutant].the authors determined the immunoglobulin and specific antibodies level in the blood serum of 17 children aged from 7 to 10 years during the immunization with live dysentery some vaccine. mancini's test demonstrated the absence of any differences in the amount of iga and igg in children of the given age group and in adults before the immunization; in comparison with adults, igm was increased in children. 14 to 20 days after the immunization in children there was a significant elevation of the ig ...1978358694
[ribosomal dysentery vaccine. ii. biological trials of active protection for guinea pigs and mice].ribosomal vaccine from sh. sonnei injected subcutaneously once or twice in physiological saline or in freund's complete adjuvant produces a marked protective effect against experimental keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs. inhibition of the protective effect by high doses (above 100 microgram) of ribosomal vaccine is evident after a single, but not repeated injections. protective effect in mice is achieved by immunization with very low doses of ribosomal vaccine: ed50 is 1.2 ng after challenge w ...1978358702
heat-stable enterotoxin produced by shigella flexneri.filtrates and ultrasonics extracts of shigella flexneri showed rapid permeability factor (pf) test and proved positive in suckling mice and ligated rabbit loop tests within 4 hr. delayed pf was not detected and the rabbit loop dilatation test read after 18 to 24 hr, the mouse pad oedema reaction, the test for elongation effect of cho cells were also negative. in the delayed pf test a strong "blanching" effect was observed. a filtrate of an ent-escherichia coli strain was positive only in the rap ...1978358769
unique features of heat-stable enterotoxin of shigella flexneri.sephadex g-100 fractions of ultrasonic lysate of shigella felxneri were compared to the fractions of escherichia coli lysates of ent- , lt+ st+, lt+ and st+ strains. the range of molecular weight of s. flexneri st fractions was the same as that of e. coli lt fractions. rapid pf activity was associated with the st peak in the case of s. flexneri, and followed the lt activity in the e. coli (lt+ st+) fractions, and appeared in the same molecular weight range in the case of ent- e. coli lysate. cro ...1978358771
[intestinal amebiasis in children. i. etiological study of colonic lesions of the rectosigmoid colon].a total of 253 children from two months to 12 years old, who had diarrheic or dysenteric syndromes, were studied from the rectosigmoidoscopic and parasitologic points of view. in addition, 112 and 20 of these patients were also studied bacteriologically and virologically, respectively. only in 28 patients torphozoites of entamoeba histolytica were found by means of direct microscopic examination, staining techniques and amoebal cultures. enteropathogenic bacteria were isolated in 41 of the 112 c ...1978358935
[study of the methylation process and dna methylase specificity in shigella].the nature and content of minor bases in dna of 3 shigella strains are investigated. dnas from shigella stutzeri 2, sh. sonnei 1188 and sh. sonnei 311 are found to contain 0.43, 0.56 and 0.45 mol.% of n6-methyladenine respectively. 5-methylcytosine (0.16 mol.%) is discovered in sh. sonnei 311. substrate specificity of adenine methylase from sh. sonnei 1188 with respect to phage dnas of different host modification is investigated. recognition sites for guanine methylase of ddvi phage and for aden ...1978359056
invasive escherichia coli. 1978359519
interventions in diarrheas of infants and young prevent diarrhea, efforts must be directed toward decreasing environmental contamination of enteropathogens, altering exposure of persons to naturally occurring agents, or to increasing host tolerance to prevalent enteropathogens. a vaccine is feasible in the control of certain enteric infections among high risk groups: typhoid fever and cholera, in areas of hyperendemicity or during an epidemic, shigellosis in institutionalized populations that are at risk to develop illness due to known pre ...1978359524
[effectiveness of biseptol in the overall treatment of acute sonne and flexner dysenteries]. 1978360614
[experience in the microbiological diagnosis of nutritional type e dysentery epidemics]. 1978360638
purification and the ultrastructure of a bacteriocin produced from shigella sonnei strain 100052.a bacteriocin produced by strain 100052 of shigella sonnei (shigellacin 52) was purified about 80-fold from a mitomycin c-induced culture supernatant. the purified preparation gave a single band on sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis with an approximate molecular weight of 10,000. the negatively stained electron micrograph of the purified bacteriocin preparation revealed the existence of three different particles. they were a small cylindrical tube (4.2 by 6.0 nm), a ring-shaped particle ...1978360986
surface structures of escherichia coli that produce diarrhea by a variety of enteropathic mechanisms.strains of escherichia coli, mostly of human origin, were obtained from several different investigators who had isolated them from patients with diarrhea from many different parts of the world. the mechanisms by which these e. coli were thought to have caused diarrhea included: (i) synthesis of labile, stable, or shigella dysenteriae-like enterotoxins; (ii) invasion of the intestinal mucosa; and (iii) unknown. each strain was carefully examined for pili or flagella to correlate the presence or a ...1978361579
[use of the fluorescent antibody method for establishing the etiology of discrete outbreaks of dysentery]. 1978362355
[sanitary conditions of water in public and private swimming pools, in the city of araraquara, sp, brazil]. 1978362510
[identification of enterobacteriaceae species in clinical-microbiological laboratories]. 1978362750
structural studies of shigella flexneri o-antigens.the structures of the o-antigens of all known serotypes and subserotypes of shigella flexneri have been reinvestigated. the results support the assumption that these antigens are composed of a basic tetrasaccharide repeating unit (1), to which alpha-d-glucopyranosyl and/or o-acetyl groups are attached at different positions. leads to 3)-beta-d-glcnacp-(1 leads to 2)-alpha-l-rhap-(1 leads to 2)-alpha-l-rhap-(1 leads to 3)-alpha-l-rhap-(1 leads to the immunological determinants responsible for o-f ...1978363425
antimicrobial drug resistance and r factors in shigella. 1978363615
[course of dysentery with associated infection]. 1978364250
naturally occurring promoter down mutation: nucleotide sequence of the trp promoter/operator/leader region of shigella dysenteriae 16.the promoter/operator/leader region of the trp operon of shigella dysenteriae 16 has single base pair differences from the corresponding region of escherichia coli at positions -24 and -13. the difference at -13 was shown to be responsible for the 90% reduction in promoter function characteristic of the trp operon of s. dysenteriae. the base pair difference at position -13 also renders the operator partially constitutive. this allows the organism to maintain relatively high repressed levels of t ...1978364484
on the metabolic characteristics of hybrids shigella flexneri x escherichia coli, devoid of their ability for intracellular multiplication in the epithelial cells. iv. growth characteristics in the presence of some tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates.the dynamics of avirulent xyl-str and xyl + hybrids sh. flexneri was investigated in minimal medium in the presence of some tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates (succinate, malate, fumarate) and pyruvate. it was established that the hybrids with a replaced xyl-str or xyl-region show a considerably lower rate of multiplication in artificial media than the virulent recipient strains.1978364886
[experience using the klemparskaia-modified jerne technic for studying the immunogenicity of sh. sonnei]. 1978364888
[immunochemical findings about the high molecular weight surface antigens of shigella sonnei].the authors studied immunochemical properties of the high molecular fraction of surface soluble antigens obtained by extraction with salt solutions from sh. sonnei (virulent strain 1041) dried with acetone. the high molecular fraction was isolated by gel-filtration on sepharose-4b. along with the o-somatic antigen, this fraction contained thermostable and thermolabile antigens resistant to trypsin and rna-ase treatment, and also protein-containing antigens disintegrated by trypsin. in difference ...1978364891
[quality of nutrient media according to indices of the cultivation process]. 1978364893
ecological control of the bacterial diarrheas: a scientific strategy. 1978364973
salmonella serotypes encountered in animal feed additives in lebanon.animal feed-additive samples (n = 300) were examined for the presence of salmonellae, using the selenite-f broth-enrichment method followed by subculturing on salmonella-shigella and brilliant green agar with sulfadiazine selective agar plates. samples consisted of a variety of feed additives: 119 bone meal samples, 77 meat meal samples, 40 fish meal samples, and 64 miscellaneous meal samples. results of examination found 49 (41.2%) of the bone meal samples, 6 (7.8%) of the meat meal samples and ...1978365032
effects of changes in mg++ ion concentration upon bacterial inhibition by beta-2-thienylalanine in defined media.variation in the inhibition of growth of escherichia coli and shigella sp. in various media containing beta-2-thienylalanine was attributed to differences in concentrations of mg++ ions. random blood samples 112 infants were tested for elevated phenylalanine in the phenylketonuria (pku) screening assay. magnesium ion levels also affected the results of this assay. at 0.05 g/1 mgso4, the concentration present in commerical pku test agar, four false positives were detected, while no readings could ...1978365154
[effect of leukocyte pyrogen on the phagocytic properties of macrophages in tissue culture].the effect of rabbit leukocytic pyrogen (lp) on the phagocytic activity of the peritoneal macrophages of albino mice against shigellae was investigated. the dose-effect dependence was revealed: high lp doses depressed the phagocytosis, and low ones were insufficiently effective; addition of average lp doses against the kanamycin background stimulated both the absorption phase and that of shigella digestion. phagocytosis stimulation with lp was also accompanied by an increase of the acid phosphat ...1978365272
a comparative evaluation of media in the isolation of shigella dysenteriae type 1. 1978365721
typing of shigella sonnei strains isolated in egypt. 1977366060
patterns and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. 1978366296
[bacillary dysentery with recurrent spread of contagion at various levels]. 1979366302
[determination of shigella virulence on synchronized and nonsynchronized monolayers of hep-2]. 1978366345
[immunoglobulins in acute dysentery]. 1978366890
[oral immunization with non-viable microorganisms or their antigens. 19. field trials with polyvalent enteritis-oralvaccines (author's transl)]. 1978367002
[incidence of intestinal disease due to yersinia enterocolitica (author's transl)].enteropathogenic bacteria have been identified in 413 of 7054 patients (5.9%) with intestinal disease who were examined at the institute of hygiene and microbiology, university of würzburg (south germany), during the period november 1975 to november 1977. salmonella was most frequently isolated (304 cases = 4.3%), followed by yersinia enterocolitica (102 cases = 1.5%). cases of shigellosis (7 cases) or infections with so-called enteropathogenic serogroups of escherichia coli (20 cases) were rare ...1978367003
[the serotypes of shigella in catania (italy) during 1974--1976 (author's transl)]. 1978367296
[study of the mechanism of formation of protracted forms of dysentery]. 1978369138
[gibb's free energy as a index of the assimilation of carbohydrate sources by bacteria].the author presents substantiation of the use of thermodynamic function--of free gibbs' energy (--deltag) for energy characteristics of enterobacteria periodic cultures on synthetic media. examination of strains of e. coli k12p4x hfr, e. coli pa-309, and sh. newcastle 762s showed the --detlag = f (n) curves to characterise the energy value of various carbohydrate sources more completely, and also permitted the choice of their optimal concentrations in synthetic media for each of the enterobacter ...1978369248
[biological characteristics of transductants of shigella flexneri which have acquired different str-a-locus alleles]. 1978369250
[study of the enterotoxic action of the neurotoxin of the sonne dysentery microbe in a rabbit small intestine loop model].the enterotoxic action of neurotoxin from sonne dysentery microbes (obtained by the method of mesrobeanu et al.), and also of the culture autolysates and homologous boiven's endotoxin was studied on a model of the isolated loop of the rabbit small intestine. neurotoxin preparations obtained from virulent strains as well as autolysates of these cultures possessed enterotoxic activity, whereas purifed endotoxin preparations in doses of 1--10 mg failed to cause any dilatation of the isolated intest ...1978369252
the transport of specimen to the laboratory for the cultivation of pathogenic micro-organisms. ii. the shipment of faecal samples. 1977369267
secretory iga antibodies to enterobacterial virulence antigens: their induction and possible relevance.1) milk and salivary s-iga antibodies are via the homing of iga producing cells from the peyer's patches closely connected with antigenic stimuli in the intestine. this explains the presence in human milk of s-iga antibodies against e. coli o and k antigens, v. cholerae and shigella o antigens, e. coli and v. cholerae enterotoxins. these secretory antibodies can be induced by intestinal exposure and boosted by parenteral vaccination. 2) preliminary data suggest that the iga response in the urina ...1978369311
specificity and functions of guanine methylase of shigella sonnei ddvi phage.dna methylase methylating adenine with formation of 6-methylaminopurine has been identified in shigella sonnei 1188 cells which are the natural host of ddvi phage. at the same time, in dna of ddvi phage replicating both in sh. sonnei 1188 cells and in escherichia coli b cells 7-methylguanine was found as the only minor base in amounts of 0.25 and 0.27 mol per 100 mol of nucleotides, respectively. the extract of the infected cells was found to contain both kinds of dna methylases: virus-specific ...1979369609
mitomycin c stimulates production of a toxin in shigella species that causes morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells.shigella dysenteriae produced a toxin that caused morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells which was different from the neurotoxin (y. takeda, k. okamoto, and t. miwatani, infect. immun. 18:546--548, 1977). it was found that the toxin was produced not only by s. dysenteriae but also by s. flexneri, s. boydii, and s. sonnei. the production of the toxin was stimulated by the addition of 1 microgram of mitomycin c per ml to the culture in the early logarithmic growth phase.1979370009
hemagglutination patterns of enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic escherichia coli determined with human, bovine, chicken, and guinea pig erythrocytes in the presence and absence of mannose.a hemagglutination (ha)-typing system has been developed for the presumptive identification of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) possessing the colonization factor antigens (cfa) cfa/i or cfa/ii. e. coli isolates are grown on cfa agar and tested for mannose-sensitive (ms) or mannose-resistant (mr) ha of human, bovine, chicken, and guinea pig erythrocytes. cfa/i-positive etec exhibit mrha with human, bovine, and chicken erythrocytes, but no ha with guinea pig erythrocytes. cfa/ii-positive e ...1979370014
characteristics of lipid a-protein complex from endotoxin of shigella dysenteriae type 1 (s and r strains).mild acetic acid hydrolysis of endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide-protein complex) of shigella dysenteriae type 1 (s and r forms) yielded a lipid a-protein complex that consisted of amino acids, fatty acids, and sugar and, in terms of chemical composition, displayed no marked differences between the s and r forms. its protein portion (53 to 56%) consisted of at least 16 amino acids. in the fatty acid portion (14 to 18%), myristic, 3-hydroxymyristic, palmitic, and stearic acids accounted for 50%. the ...1979370018
molecular characteristic of antibodies in the blood serum and in the lymph nodes during fractional immunization with small doses of bacterial experiment on 58 rabbits demonstrated that only macromolecular agglutinins 19s are present in extracts from the lymph nodes after fractional immunization with small doses of typhoid vaccine or some dysentery vaccine. at the same time, antibodies in the blood serum are distributed in fractions of different molecular weight, starting from the 14th day of experiment. it is very probable that this distribution of antibodies is associated with the occurrence in the blood of an inhibitor of the act ...1978370307
thermosensitive h1 plasmids determining citrate utilization.twelve thermosensitive h1 plasmids from strains of salmonella typhi that had caused outbreaks of chloramphenicol-resistant typhoid fever in vietnam, thailand and india mediated citrate utilization (cit+) in a prototrophic escherichia coli k12 strain but not in the s. typhi strains from which they were derived. four h1 plasmids from a similar outbreak in mexico differed from the far eastern plasmids in not mediating citrate utlization but in mediating mercury resistance. h1 plasmids resembling th ...1978370344
the transfer of antibiotic resistance by r plasmids in shigellae.forty-five strains of shigella species isolated at auckland hospital from 1972--1974 were investigated for antibiotic resistance. forty-two strains were resistant to one or more antibiotics and 11 strains transferred antibiotic resistance by conjugation to e. coli.1978370696
[role of histamine in the development of inflammation of the large intestine mucosa in acute dysentery]. 1979370753
[various epidemiologic characteristics of dysentery]. 1979371138
[distribution of pathogenic enterobacteria in the water of open reservoirs].investigations carried out indicated that the main source of microbial contamination of open reservoirs were effluents often drained without any purification and disinfection. salmonellae were isolated in 10.6 +/- 0.88% of the water samples examined in the southern regions of the country. isolation of pathogenic enterobacteria from the water of open reservoirs was seasonal, with the maximal percentage in winter and in spring, this being connected with delay of self-purification processes in the ...1979371266
[production of auxotrophic mutants of shigella sonnei].use of selection method with r. ffm phage offered a possibility of obtaining r-forms of sh. sonnei from the population of bacteria of phase ii with a low frequency of natural dissociation. mono- and polyauxotrophic mutant of i, ii and r-phases by hir, ilv, pro, and mtl markers were obtained by treatment of sh. sonnei strains with nitrosoguanidine and ethyl-methanesulfonate. the frequency of mutation in two sh. sonnei strains studied in this work (ubc and no. 941) by the same genetic regions prov ...1978371278
[effectiveness of using a lyophilized erythocyte antibody diagnosticum and other methods in sonne dysentery]. 1978371282
[characteristics of the action of the biologically active factor from virulent shigella flexneri strains in a study on mice and a cell culture].the authors subjected to further study the biologically active factor revealed by them earlier in the virulent sh. flexneri cultures by using the genetically bound triad of sh. flexneri 5a-222 cultures and the corresponding couple of sh. flexneri 2a-516. there was shown correlation of the strains virulence determined by the keratoconjunctival test, with the presence of genetically-determined production of the biologically active factor detectable in the culture filtrate, which produced toxic act ...1978371290
[media with yeast rna for isolating shigella flexneri from feces].the authors demonstrated a considerable, in comparison with the control, increase of the biomass of sh. flexneri causative agent, when growing in meat-peptone broth with 1-4 mg of narna, and of the number of colonies in the feces of the patients and of healthy persons artificially contaminated with sh. flexneri when inoculated in ploskirev's agar or endo medium with 4 mg/ml of narna. using media with narna for laboratory diagnosis of dysentery is recommended.1978371291
[evaluation of the diagnostic effectiveness shigella sonnei and shigells flexneri antigenic preparations by serological examination data on patients with clinical dysentery]. 1978371292
[indices of peripheral blood lymphocyte blast and macrophagal transformation in typhoid and dysentery in the presence of a bacteriophage homologous to the type of causative agent]. 1978371298
[gibbs free energy in periodic enterobacterial cultures].the authors present the results of study of the gibbs' free energy (--delta g) output in periodic cultures of nonpathogenic and enteropathogenic escherichia, shigellae, salmonellae, proteus, serratia, and klebsiellae in the hydrolysate broth in a special twelve--chamber cultivator. graphic expression--deltag = f(n) permitted to reveal differences in the energy characteristics of individual enterobacteria genera and species. it is supposed that such studies could be useful in the choice of redox ...1978371306
[content of a-, g- and m-class immunoglobulins in adults perorally immunized with a liver sonne dysentery vaccine].the authors studied the immunological shifts in the blood and saliva of 357 adults immunized with live enteral dysentery sonne vaccine from a spontaneous mutant according to different schemes (1, 2, 3, 4 injections at 2--3-day intervals. the general level of iga, igg, and igm increased during the immunization; there was also an elevation of the specific antibodies level of these classes in the blood of the persons vaccinated. accretion was the greatest of iga both in the blood and in saliva of t ...1978371307
[nomenclature of the bacteria of the genus shigella and their systematic position in the family of enterobacteriaceae]. 1978371309
[role of epithelial basement membrane of the small intestine in providing immunologic homeostasis].a morphometric method was used experimentally to prove the immune barrier function of the epithelial basal membrane of the small intestine mucous membrane. the epithelial basal membrane located on the border of the epithelium and connective tissue provides biochemical and immunological protection of the layer proper against penetrotion into it of antigens from the epithelium, being a barrier of immunological homeostasis. the damage of the epithelial membrane is accompanied by coming of the intes ...1979371587
structural studies on the hexose region of the enterobacteriaceae type r3 core polysaccharide.the structure of the hexose region of the enterobacteriaceae type r3 core polysaccharide, which is the common core in shigella flexneri and some escherichia coli lipopolysaccharides (lps), has been investigated. the principal method used in these studies involved methylation analysis of the original and modified materials. the polysaccharide was modified by n-deacetylation-deamination and by smith degradation. as a result of these studies, the following structure is proposed: alpha-d-glcp-(1 lea ...1979371805
[vulvovaginitis and dysentery (author's transl)]. 1979371835
construction of plasmid cloning vehicles that promote gene expression from the bacteriophage lambda pl promoter.two multiple-copy, cole1-type, plasmid cloning vehicles, phub2 and phub4, have been constructed that carry four different single restriction sites down-stream from the phage lambda promoter pl. the promoting activity of pl is switched off at low temperature in the presence of a cits gene that specifies a temperature-sensitive repressor but could be activated by heat induction. cits was located either on the host chromosome, or on a second plasmid prk248 that is compatible with the cloning vehicl ...1979372049
the effect of endotoxin-induced intraocular inflammation on the rat lens epithelium.intraocular inflammation induced by an intravitreal injection of shigella endotoxin into the rat eye produces early changes in the number of dividing cells of the lens epithelium and affects the organization of the meridional rows. a depression in mitotic activity in the germinative zone is observed during the first 24 hr after injection. at 48 hr, despite the continued mitotic inhibition in the germinative zone, an increase in cell division occurs in the central zone. by 72 hr, the germinative ...1979372124
invasive strain of escherichia coli belonging to o group 29.a strain of escherichia coli isolated from a child with diarrhea was biochemically similar and antigenically identical (o and k antigens) to the standard strain of e. coli o group 29 and was positive in the serény test for invasiveness, which suggests that it can cause a shigella-like illness.1979372230
[shigellosis]. 1979372830
[chimpanzee as a pet: cause of a shigella infection]. 1979372831
efficient transfer of conjugative plasmids by multipoint inoculation and some observations on host range and prevalence of r plasmids. 1978372969
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