[interspecies antagonism of dysentery bacteria]. 1977331789
[immunochemistry of shigellae. ii. o-antigen of flexner shigellae (chemical structure and relationship to serological properties)]. 1977331790
[phage conversion of escherichia and shigella antigens. i. phage conversion of type i antigen of sh. flexneri in entrophatogenic e. coli o129].the authors realized conversion of type i sh. flexneri in enteropathogenic e. coli o129 with converting moderate phage phi i sh. flexneri. phage phi i lysogenized 7.3--42.7% of the cells of antigenic e. coli variant o129 which lost type v antigen; conversion of the type i antigen of sh. flexneri was revealed in the agglutination and adsorption of agglutinins tests. as a result, e. coli strain was obtained with the o-antigen identical to the o-antigen of sh. flexneri ia.1977331793
basic structure of the oligosaccharide repeating-unit of the shigella flexneri o-antigens. 1977332361
quantitative in vitro phagocytic rate measurements.a model for the calculation of phagocytic rate constants based on the assumption that the process of phagocytosis can be treated in a manner analogous to chemical reactions of the first order is suggested. by employing such an approach, accurate rate constants of ingestion of in vitro cultivated macrophages can be obtained following minimal time intervals from the onset of phagocytosis.1977333027
shigellosis control--a rosy future? 1977333037
shigella surveillance in the united states, 1975. 1977333038
algorithms in the diagnosis and management of exotic diseases. xxvii. shigellosis. 1977333040
studies with a new generation of oral attenuated shigella vaccine: escherichia coli bearing surface antigens of shigella an attempt to develop a safe, proliferating, oral, attenuated vaccine against shigellosis, genes that control the synthesis of group- and type-specific somatic antigens of shigella flexneri 2a were transferred via conjugation to a recipient strain of escherichia coli. the resultant hybrid (e. coli expressing shigella surface antigens) vaccine strain, pgai 42-1-15, believed to have a complete (smooth) lipopolysaccharide, was given to volunteers in two vaccination-challenge studies. the vaccine ...1977333041
a possible role of glycolipids in epithelial cell penetration by virulent shigella flexneri 2a. 1977333234
[clinical aspects and treatment of dysentery]. 1977333732
nonconjugative plasmids encoding sulfanilamide resistance.nonconjugative plasmids encoding sulfanilamide (sa) resistance were demonstrated at a high frequency in shigella and escherichia coli strains resistant to sulfanilamide. these sa plasmids were all compatible with the standard plasmids used in compatibility testing. the sizes of seven sa plasmids were measured by electron microscopy and ranged from 1.79 to 2.08 mum, corresponding to 3.5 to 3.9 megadaltons.1977334067
some effects of intravenous prostaglandin e, and endotoxin in young chickens.1 the effects of intravenous prostaglandin e1 and endotoxin were studied in young chickens (11-17 days old). 2 at a thermoneutral ambient temperature (31 degrees c), intravenous prostaglandin e1, produced behavioural and electrocortical sleep, increased oxygen consumption and, after an initial fall, elevated body temperature. below thermoneutrality (16 degrees c), the initial hypothermic effect was more marked and oxygen consumption was lowered. 3 the soporific actions of prostaglandin e1 were s ...1977334307
some effects of prostaglandins e1 and e2 and of endotoxin injected into the hypothalamus of young chicks: dissociation between endotoxin fever and the effects of prostaglandins.prostaglandins e1 and e2 elevated body temperature of young chicks when injected into the hypothalamus at thermoneutrality (31 degrees c). in contrast, they lowered body temperature when so injected below thermoneutrality (16degreesc): the relation of the fall in body temperature to increased heat loss and decreased heat production was examined. 2 the above effects below thermoneutrality were potentiated by pretreatment with inhibitors of prostaglandin synthetase and possible reasons for this po ...1977334308
the identification of 2-amino-2-deoxy-l-altruronic acid as a constituent of shigella sonnei phase i lipopolysaccharide. 1977334368
somatic antigens of shigella. the strucuture of the specific polysaccharide chain of shigella dysenteriae type 5 lipopolysaccharide.the specific polysaccharide was released from shigella dysenteriae type 5 lipopolysaccharide by mild acidic hydrolysis and then purified by gel chromatography on sephadex g-50. the polysaccharide was built up of residues of d-mannose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose, 3-0-(d-1-carboxyethyl)-l-rhamnose (rhamnolactylic acid) and 0-acetyl groups in a ratio 2:1:1:1. on the basis of radiospectroscopy, methylation analysis, smith degradation, and chromium trioxide oxidation, the repeating oligosaccharide ...1977334537
cell-wall lipopolysaccharide of the 'shigella-like' escherichia coli 058. structure of the polysaccharide chain.two lipopolysaccharide preparations were obtained from escherichia coli 058 by extraction with 45% aqueous phenol and fractional precipitation with cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (cetavlon). chemical analysis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecylsulfate showed that the two preparations differed only in the extent of the o-specific polysaccharide moiety. the o-specific polysaccharide was characterized with proton magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy, op ...1977334542
location of new clear plaque genes on the p1 map. 1977335644
[use of the keratoconjunctival model in guinea pigs for quantitative assessment of the immunogenicity of dysentery antigens]. 1977335731
[immunologic properties of soluble shigella antigens].of the live sh. flexner 2a and sonne soluble antigens containing glucide-lipoid-protein complex, characterized by low toxicity, a high yield of dry substances, and the capacity to induce immunity production in mice after subcutaneous and oral immunization, were obtained by salt extraction and physical disintegration. local antigen application into eye mucosa of guinea pigs produced local resistance against homologous causative agents and also stimulated production of the highest level of specifi ...1977335736
[study of the immunological effectiveness of the enteral vaccination of volunteers with detergent sonne dysentery monovaccine].the authors evaluated the immunological results of enteral and subcutaneous injection of detergent sonne dysentery vaccine to volunteers (changes in homo- and heterologous antibodies in the blood and saliva recorded by means of common indirect hemagglutination test and that modified according to coombs' test, and igg, igm, and iga concentration recording. both immunization methods induced specific antibody formation: enteral vaccination caused chiefly the accumulation of secretory antibodies of ...1977335740
[immunochemistry of shigella (a review of the most important results). iii. o-antigens of shigella sonnei and the thermolabile antigen that moves to the anode]. 1977335741
[effect of lactic bacteria metabolic products on the transmission of r-plasmids in enterobacteria in vitro].the authors present data on the study of lactobacteria used in the production of dry lactobacterin (lactobacterinum siccum). metabolic products (lactocidin) were extracted with lactic and acetic acid after vincent et al. two donor strains (e. coli k12 j5-3 r1-19 and e. coli k12 w1845 r26) were crossed in the conjugation process in various conbinations with six recipient strains (e. coli k12s, e. coli su 3912/41, sh. sonnei 263b, sh. sonnel 3470, s. heidelberg, a161, and s. typhimurium sh3 his-). ...1977335743
effects of methylxanthine drugs on pyrogen-induced hyperthermia.the hyperthermic response to pyrogen was not potentiated by caffeine or theophylline administered i.p. into cats or rabbit. injection of these drugs into the anterior hypothalamus or into the third cerebral ventricle in cats was also without effect on pyrexia. these results support the hypothesis that cyclic amp in the anterior hypothalamus does not mediate pyrogen-induced hyperthermia in cats.1977336383
toxin from the culture filtrate of shigella dysenteriae that causes morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells and is distinct from the neurotoxin.a toxin that causes morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells was isolated from a culture filtrate of shigella dysenteriae 1. it was partially purified by successive column chromatography on diethylaminoethyl-cellulose, bio-gel a-5m, and hydroxylapatite. the toxin was separated from neurotoxin by diethylaminoethyl-cellulose column chromatography and was not lethal for mice.1977336549
[unusual extraintestinal form of shigella infection caused by shigella sonnei--shigella vulvitis]. 1977337535
venereal transmission of shigellosis in seattle-king the past, shigellosis in seattle-king county has been primarily a disease of children, their parients, and foreign travelers. during the 18 months beginning in july 1975, an outbreak of shigellosis in seattle's community of gay men involved both shigella flexneri and shigella sonnei. they accounted for nearly 30% of all cases of shigellosis reported to the health department. fellatio and/or oral-anal contact was reported by 90% of the infected homosexual men; this was probably the mechanism o ...1977337539
[structure of shigella antigens. heterogeneity of specific polysaccharides of 2 shigella flexneri strains and 2 sh. flexneri/escherichia coli hybrids].the s-specific polysaccharide from 2 sh. flexneri wild strains (with serological var. x- and var. y-specificity, respectively) and 2 sh. flexneri e. coli hybrids (with the same specificities) can be separated by means of gel chromatography on sephadex g-200 and g-50 into altogether 6 fractions per strain. fraction g-200/1 (molecular weight greater than 10(6)d) represents a polymer consisting nearly exclusively of glucose and is present mainly in the two y-type strains, much less in the two x-typ ...1977337687
the role of easily released substances (ers) from bacteria in physiologic solution in natural immunity. vi. induction of opsonins for different genera of bacteria by ers from staph. aureus oxford.ers obtained from staph. aureus by mild extraction with physiologic saline solution possess activity of inducing nonspecific opsonins which react with homologous bacteria and with related gram-negative bacteria. ers from staph. aureus weakly stimulated precipitins and antibodies active in passive hemagglutination and induced a marked rise in agglutinin titers especially for the homologous strain and gram-negative s. typhimurium bacilli. n-acetyl-d-glucosamine absorbed the opsonizing factor for v ...1977337934
[characteristics of the ultrastructural changes of the large intestine mucosa after acute dysentery].electron microscopic examinations of biopsy specimens of the large intestine from 8 patients one month after termination of the acute phase of dysentery revealed dystrophic and destructive changes in surface epithelium cells consisting in the lack of glycocalyx, fragmentation of microvilli, vacuolation and subsequent homogenization of the cytoplasm. swelling and destruction of mitochondria, pyknosis and rhexisof the nucleus, exposure and loss of the intactness of the apical membrane of the cells ...1977337939
rose spots in shigellosis caused by shigella dysenteriae type 1 infection. 1977338095
[functional changes in leukocytes under the influence of allergens and formation of immunoglobulins and specific antibodies of the iga class in dysentery]. 1977338370
[reiter's disease. ii. etiopathogenesis]. 1977339288
[assessment of the diagnostic effectiveness of antigenic preparations from sonne shigellae].the authors studied the diagnostic possibilities of 4 diagnistic agents from sh. sonnei. a total of 1500 from 1122 persons were investigated. specificity and sensitivity of the diagnostic agents from sh. sonnei were determined. methodical priciples of the objective assessment of the diagnostic efficacy of the antigenic preparations in the controlled epidemiological trial were elaborated. a possibility of establishment of the etiological diagnosis of sonne dysentery in the passive hemagglutinati ...1977339617
[results of treatment of dysentery patients with streptomycin-dependent vaccine in comparison with other methods of treatment].comparative study of various methods of treatment was carried out on 777 patients suffering from acute dysentery with a bacteriologically confirmed diagnosis. to assess the therapeutic efficacy, along with consideration of clinical signs of the disease, immunoglobulin level was examined in the blood and coprofiltrates; also the state of reparative processes in the mucosa was appreciated by the histological examination of the biopsy material. results of the work carried out indicated the inexpedi ...1977339618
[study of the mechanism of reduction of the virulence in the shigella flexneri strains resistant to streptomycin].streptomycin-resistant mutations in donor strains of e. coli k12 hfr ab 313 and at-13 are not associated with the action of the stra-gene limiting the suppression. shigella mutations str-r obtained by the method described in this paper also failed to limit the suppression. changes in the virulence observed in transmission stra region from the str-r strains of e. coli and shigellae used in this work were not connected with mutations limiting the suppression (with competent mutations).1977339620
[study of lipopolysaccharides of various forms of shigella sonnei with the aid of the passive hemagglutination test]. 1977339622
[postvaccinal dysentery immunity studied on the model of ligated loop of the small intestine of rabbits].chemical (detergent) antigens administered intraintestinally or intravenously to rabbits were applied to reproduce postvaccinal immunity to experimental shigellosis. there was noted an increase of the antibody level in the serum, an intensification of its preventive proerties, and the absence of dilatation of the isolated loops of the small intestine after the administration of the corresponding dysentery culture. oral immunization of rabbits with the detergent antigen sorbed on ionexchange resi ...1977339626
[clinico-immunological characteristics of dysentery in persons with different blood groups].the authors studied the frequency of distribution of the abo system blood groups in 392 adults and 322 children suffering from acute dysentery. x2 criterion and double-factor dispersion analysis were used for statistical analysis. deficiency of persons with b iii and ab iv blood group. phagocytosis indices were decreased in them with the elevated neutrophil damage index.1977339628
[phage conversion of the antigens in escherichiae and shigellae. 2. conversion of the somatic antigen in shigella flexneri with the moderate e. coli 0129 phage].the authors studied the converting activity of the moderate ef5 phage isolated from the lysogenic e. coli 0129 strain. it was shown that this phage converted the o-antigen with the detection of the type antigen v in the strains of sh. flexneri of the serological type la and y-variant. the converted cultures contained the type antigen v and were identical by the antigenic properties to one another and the sh. flexneri of the serological type 5 and e. coli 0129. a conclusion was drawn that phages ...1977339629
[use of tablet forms of monomycin in children with acute dysentery].the clinical picture of acute dysentery caused mainly by shigella sonnei was studied in 160 children: 50 children were treated with monomycin tablets and for the treatment of 110 children monomycin in the form of amorphous powder in bottles was used. the treatment was carried out in accordance with the official instructions. coincidence of the recovery time in the both groups was registered. when the patients were treated with monomycin tablets, 5 and 15-34 per cent of the antibiotic a daily dos ...1977339824
[enterotoxic activity of live cultures of sonne dysentery microbes and formation of enterotoxin in vivo].the great majority of virulent sonne dysentery bacillus cultures caused an accumulation of the fluid in the lumen of the isolated segment of the rabbit small intestine containing a great amount of mucus and sometimes of the blood as well; the segment mucosa was hyperemic and had punctate hemorrhages. avirulent microbial cultures as a rule caused no exudation in the intestinal lumen. sterile and concentrated contents of the intestinal loops responding to the centrated contents of the intestinal l ...1977339975
qualitative study of paradoxical zone phenomenon of penicillins against 17 bacterial species of clinical importance.using a triple agar layer technique and enzymatic inactivation of penicillin, the occurrence of a paradoxical zone phenomenon (illustrated by a typical 'target' image around the reservoir of antibiotic) was determined for several bacterial species specially chosen with regards to their taxonomic position, clinical importance and penicillin susceptibility. among gram-positive bacteria, a paradoxical zone was obtained for approximately 43% of the strains studied here (all 10 strains of staphylococ ...1978340171
an overview of recent experiences with plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance or induced virulence in bacterial diseases. 1977340443
[histamine metabolism in acute dysentery and nonspecific ulcerative colitis]. 1977341350
[postmortem immunofluorescence study of different parts of the intestines and their morphological changes]. 1977341528
on the metabolic characteristics of shigella flexneri x escherichia coli, devoid of ability for intracellular multiplication in epithelial cells. iii. oxygen uptake and dehydrogenase activity.the oxygen uptake and dehydrogenase activity of avirulent xyl+ and xyl- str hybrids (kcp-), obtained from virulent strains sh. flexneri (sh. flexneri 222 5 a and sh. flexneri m42-432a) and donor strain e. coli ab 313, devoid of ability for intracellular multiplication in epithelial cells are studied. some tricarboxylic acid intermediates, hexoses and pentoses were used as substrates. a definite tendency has been established, indicating a decreased rate of oxygen consumption and dehydrogenase act ...1977341601
[duration of bacterial discharge in sonne dysentery].the authors report on the results of their observations during 3 epidemic outbreaks. despite different intervals at which the bacteriological examinations were carried out comparable data were obtained: during 2 outbreaks when no chemotherapeutic agents were used in 78.0 and 79.9% of children shigella discharge ceased in 4 weeks. daily bacteriological examinations carried out in the course of the 3rd outbreak showed the maximal intermittent bacterial discharge for up to 79 days in individual cas ...1977341613
[experimental study, using a pulmonary model, of the pathogenic properties of genetically related strains of sh. flexneri, differing in their ability to cause keratoconjunctivitis].complex microbiological and morphological study of the genetically connected sh. flexneri strains, avirulent by keratoconjunctival test showed that the greatest extent of the virulent loss was revealed in shigellae with mutation in the area glpk-gene: they lost the capacity to penetrate into the cells of the bronchial epithelium, to resist local leukocytic reaction and to produce an injurious action on the pulmonary vessels. shigellae with the replaced kcpa- gene area mostly lost the capacity to ...1977341614
phenotypic correction of nonsense mutation carrying non-converting pe5 phages in shigella flexneri with suppressor gene.(i) phenotypic suppression by aminoglycoside antibiotics of a polyauxotrophic shigella flexneri var. y strain on partially completed minimal medium has shown that its thr dependence is associated with nonsense mutation. induced thr+ revertants selected from the culture yielded clones correcting the lytic cycle of nonsense t4 mutant phages. transfer of r1am plasmid to these clones carrying a nonsense mutation of ampicillin resistance was performed. in this manner a s. flexneri var. y derivative w ...1977341654
indole positive variant of shigella boydii a home for mentally handicapped children indole positive variants of shigella boydii 1 were isolated beside indole negative strains of the same serotype. the variants differed from the indole negative counterparts in fermenting dulcitol, raffinose, and in the absence of splitting trehalose. in antigenic structure the indole positive variant was identical with the type strain. the isolates gave positive guinea pig eye test.1977341660
[an epidemic of bacillary dysentery caused by shigella dysenteriae, type 1, in mogadiscio].an epidemic of bacillary dysentery broke out at mogadiscio in the first months of 1976 produced by shigella dysenteriae type 1 supplanting all other familiers of shigella before present in the zone. the date are relative to 675 cases with 27 deceased. the hydrological origin of epidemy was not probable.1977341817
[study of the antigenic relationship between shigella and leptospira. i. antigenic relationship between shigella dysenteriae, type 1 and leptospira sejroe, leptospira hardjo and leptospira sao paulo]. 1977341818
phage typing and bacteriocin typing of shigella strains isolated in romania from sporadic and epidemic dysentery cases. 1977341847
detection of heat-labile enterotoxin-like activity in stools of patients with cholera and escherichia coli diarrhea.the y1 adrenal cell tissue culture assay was used to detect heat-labile enterotoxin-like activity in the stools of 14 of 74 patients with diarrhea. a positive effect of the stool on the adrenal cells was heat-labile and neutralized by cholera antitoxin. enterotoxin-like activity was detected in the stools of 10 of 30 patients with cholera and in those of 2 of 4 from whom heat-labile escherichia coli were isolated. none of the stools from nine individuals with vibrio parahaemolyticus, salmonella, ...1978342414
on the possible mechanism of the protective effect of escherichia.a model on a hep-2 cell culture was elaborated, permitting the study of the ability of microbes to be adsorbed an to proliferate on the surface of cells and of the mechanism of their protective effect. the ability of e. coli strains to be adsorbed and to proliferate on the surface of a cell culture was found to differ. it has been demonstrated that the protection of the cell culture from subsequent infection with virulent shigella can be explained not only by the antagonistic activity of e. coli ...1977342600
single-dose tetracycline therapy for shigellosis in adults.forty-two adults who had shigella isolated from stool (26 symptomatic, 16 asymptomatic) received a single oral dose of tetracycline hydrochloride (2.5 g). minimal inhibitory concentrations of the 42 isolates demonstrated that 41% were sensitive to tetracycline. sixteen of 18 patients with diarrhea who had tetracycline-resistant shigella and all eight patients with diarrhea who had tetracycline-sensitive shigella were clinical well and had shigella-negative stools 48 hours after therapy. fifteen ...1978342737
[study of microbial associations in fistulated diffusion chambers implanted in animals]. 1977342878
[allergic reactivity in dysentery in children and its effect on the course of the disease]. 1977343052
[dysentery epidemic caused by shigella sonnei]. 1977343183
[acute intestinal diseases in northern africa].analysis of morbidity of dysentery and the rest diarrheal affections according to the books for primary recording of patients at one of the large administrative territories of the northern africa showed that official statistics reflected only 1/13 of dysentery patients who applied for medical aid (18.2 and 236.3 per 100 000 residents, respectively). morbidity index of the rest of diarrheal affections constituted 2424.5 per 100 000. the mean lethality in diarrhea affections (including dysentery) ...1978343450
[ways of determination of the intensity of the epidemic process in shigella sonnei dysentery].proper view on the true prevalence of sonne dysentery characterised by polymorphous clinical picture in which many cases coursed in subclinical form could be reached only by using additional active methods for detecting the infection rate of the population. for this purpose the authors applied passive hemagglutination test which permitted to reveal the response of the organism to the antigenic stimulation in the course of two months after the sustained sickness. over 12 000 persons were examined ...1978343453
[eosinophil lysis reaction in acute dysentery]. 1978343454
rifampicin therapy in shigellosis in infancy.eleven infants aged 1-2 years suffering from shigellosis associated with shigella flexneri type 6 were treated with rifampicin. all were initially treated with antimicrobial drugs to which sh. flexneri was shown to be sensitive, but without effect. rifampicin was effective in curing gastrointestinal symptoms and eradicating the bacilli in all infants in 5 days. the drug was given in a dose of 10-12 mg/kg per day divided into two equal parts, for 7 days. no untoward side effects were observed. ou ...1977343724
escherichia coli antibodies in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.sera from 30 patients with inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) (16 with crohn's disease (cd) and 14 with ulcerative colitis (uc) were assayed for the presence of antibodies against 159 escherichia coli o-antigens and compared with sera from 16 matched control subjects. the majority of patients with ibd had agglutinating antibodies to a higher number of escherichia coli o-antigens and in higher titres than the control group. the number of positive agglutinins was o-33 mean 13.8 in cd, o-26 mean 7.9 ...1978344155
humoral bactericidal systems: antibacterial potential of serum from young animals.the antibacterial potential of fresh serum obtained from young animals during a pre-antibody period of development was assessed against two smooth and two rough strains of gram-negative bacteria. the bactericidal capacity of serum from 3- to 4-week-old guinea pigs and 4- to 5-week-old rabbits was compared with that of serum from adults. serum from young animals was deficient in natural antibodies, and in conventional dilution assays the bactericidal action was unimpressive, especially against th ...1978344214
humoral bactericidal systems: nonspecific and specific mechanisms.bactericidal systems in normal serum from month-old rabbits and guinea pigs were characterized in terms of activity against rough- and smooth-phase species of gram-negative bacteria. killing of the rough strains in the absence of natural antibody required complement and at least one additional nonspecific component exhibiting lability to freezer storage and to heating at 52 degrees c. bactericidal action against the smooth-phase organisms, on the other hand, appeared to require natural antibody ...1978344215
a prospective study of enteropathogenic escherichia coli in endemic diarrheal disease.the rate of isolation of escherichia coli belonging to the traditional serotypes enteropathogenic for infants was studied prospectively in two groups. group 1 consisted of children with diarrhea and of controls without gastrointestinal disease who were matched for age and inpatient or outpatient status. group 2 consisted of families entered in a prospective study of rotavirus infections. in group 1 enteropathogenic escherichia coli were found in 13 (6%) of 220 children younger than 12 months of ...1978344810
[bacteriological examination of feces (author's transl)]. 1978344942
[mechanisms of bacterial diarrhea (author's transl)]. 1978344943
[clinical and rectoscopic characteristics of dysentery with accompanying helminthic invasion]. 1978344988
characterization and clinical identification of enterobacteriaceae by dna hybridization. 1978345354
[transfer of multi-drug resistance in vivo by salmonellae and shigella in white mice].the oral infection accomplished by 0.3 cm3 x 10(10) microbial bodies of salmonella heidelberg and shigella sonnei in albino mice the pathogens were found to localize in the intestines. the salmonellae were detected up to the 10th day, and the shigellae--up to the 14th day. both shigella and salmonella transferred multi-drug resistance to some enterobacteria--e. coli and proteus as well as to salmonella typhimurium when the latter was also present in the intestinal tract; of these some 10--40 per ...1977345607
[effectivity of leifson agar modified by addition of sucrose. a comparison with the not-modified substrate (author's transl)]. 1977345686
monocyte function in familial mediterranean fever.monocytes derived from the peripheral blood of patients with familial mediterranean fever (fmf) demonstrated a consistently lower phagocytic capacity (38-44%) for 125i-labelled shigella flexneri when compared to monocytes from healthy subjects. phagocytosis of both viable and killed staphylococcus albus was similar in patients and controls. however, fmf monocytes had a two- to eight-fold depressed bactericidal capacity against s. albus in comparison to normal monocytes. acid phosphatase and beta ...1977345807
[stimulating effect of prodigiozan on nonspecific reactivity in typhoid fever, dysentery and staphylococcal infection].a number of factors of nonspecific reactivity, i.e. complement, lysozyme, properdin, blood serum bactericidal activity, leucocyte phagocytal activity, phagocytal index and completed phagocytosis were studied on 160 guinea pigs with experimental typhoid fever, dysentery and staphylococcal infections. the data of the study showed that with the use of prodigiozan the non-specific reactivity of the host increased even within a short period of time. at the same time the pathological changes in the in ...1978345961
the insensitivity of the chicken eye to the inflammatory effects of x-rays in contrast to its sensitivity to other inflammatory agents.the effects of x-rays and three chemical agents, known to cause intraocular inflammation in mammalian eyes, were studied on the chicken eye because this species was reported to be insensitive to the cataractogenic effects of x-rays. intravitreal injection of shigella endotoxin and topical and/or intravitreal administration of pge2, pgf2alpha, or arachidonic acid caused a breakdown of the blood-aqueous barrier, as indicated by flare and increased protein concentration in the aqueous humor. follow ...1978346520
evolution of ribosomal proteins in enterobacteriaceae.the evolution of ribosomal proteins of about 70 bacterial strains belonging to the family enterobacteriaceae has been studied by use of previously reported data (s. osawa, t. itoh, and e. otaka, j. bacteriol. 107:168-178, 1971) and those obtained in this paper. the proximity of the bacteria was quantified by co-chromatographing the differentially labeled ribosomal proteins from two strains on a column of carboxymethyl cellulose in various combinations. the were then classified into 12 groups (=s ...1978346556
outbreak of infantile enteritis caused by enterotoxigenic escherichia coli o6.h16.ten out of 18 babies at risk developed enteritis in an outbreak in a special-care baby unit. salmonella, shigella, and escherichia coli belonging to the traditional infantile enteropathogenic serogroups were not found in faeces from the babies and the staff, and no virus particles were found by electron microscopy. detailed serotyping of e. coli showed that five of the 10 babies with diarrhoea and one of the eight without diarrhoea were excreting e. coli o6.h16. all six isolates of this serotype ...1978346609
the aetiology of dysentery-like diseases and the biology of their causative agents. 1977346997
[bacteriocins and their medical significance (author's transl)]. 1978347209
antipyretics and fever induced in adult fowls by prostaglandins e1, e2 and o somatic antigen. 1978347328
[reiter's disease in dysentery]. 1978347714
comparative clinicopathological and bacteriological studies in schistosomiasis mansoni.fifty male egyptian inpatients with active colonic mansoniasis were studied clinicopathologically, endoscopically, radiologically and bacteriologically. this was done to find out the pattern of colonic and urinary enterobacteria and serum antisalmonella agglutinins in various stages of mansoniasis. cases are divided into three groups (a, b and c) according to the stage of their hepato-splenomegally. their clinical presentations were dysentery, rectal bleeding, abdominal distension, anaemia, endo ...1978348448
bacteriology of diarrhoea in egyptian children. 1977348549
a comparative study of the activity of cefamandole and other cephalosporins and analysis of the beta-lactamase stability and synergy of cefamandole with aminoglycosides.the antibacterial activity of cefamandole against 445 clinical isolates was investigated and compared with the activity of other known cephalosporins (cephalothin, cephaloridine, cephalexin, and cefazolin) and of two penicillins (ampicillin and carbenicillin). cefamandole was the most active antibiotic against isolates of citrobacter, enterobacter, and shigella, and its activity against staphylococcus aureus, bacteroides, and some members of the enterobacteriaceae was comparable to that of the o ...1978349097
shigella sonnei colicine and phage types in east bohemia region.from november 1972 to the end of 1975, shigella sonnei types implicated in dysentery morbidity in a number of districts of east bohemia region were studied. 301 strains subjected to phage typing and colicine typing were classified into 45 "combined" types. during the study five types prevailed in succession, each for a protracted period of time. four of these types retained, in the great majority of cases, their original high drug sensitivity throughout the period of their prevalence. other type ...1978349971
[stimulation of nonspecific resistance in mice with high- and low-molecular fractions of endotoxin on 2 models of shigella infection].the capacity of s. paratyphi b endotoxin and its high molecular (hmf) and low molecular (lmf) fractions to stimulate the resistance of mice to shigella infection in intraperitoneal and intranasal challenge was investigated. the hmf developed high activity after the intraperitoneal injection (efficiency index--ei = 2.8). all the preparations were less active on the lung model (ei = 1.6--1.7). materials of this work lead to the conclusion that in studying the phenomenon of nonspecific resistance i ...1978350311
haemolytic-uraemic syndrome complicating shigella dystentery in south indian children.shigella dysentery caused 65% of all cases of acute renal failure (arf) seen in children treated at the christian medical college hospital, vellore, during the 33 months ending september 1977. in the 40 children with arf secondary to shigella dysentery, haematological findings suggested that they were suffering from the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome, and glomerular hypercellularity and fibrin deposition were present in all 12 patients whose renal histology could be studied. peritoneal dialysis was ...1978350345
the role of peyer's patches in the local immune response of rabbit ileum to live bacteria. 1978351061
invasive escherichia coli.the present evidence indicates that shigella-like pathogenicity is determined by a multiplacity of genes. although deliberate attempts have been made to confer invasive virulence on e. coli strain k12 by employing classical procedures of recombination with virulent s. flexneri donor strains, they have not yet been successful. while we should, theoretically, be able to achieve this, the practical problem of testing for pathogenicity precludes screening larger numbers of hybrid clones for the acqu ...1978351079
[bacterial toxins as cause of sudden infant death (author's transl)].at post-mortems held on cot-death infants, the cause of death can be established as a variety of pathological changes. inflammationin the region of the respiratory tract, in particular in the lungs;infections of the gastrointestinal tract; otitis media; shift of electrolytes-recently also the so-called yellow fat ect., can in association with the data on the anamnesis in many cases, through the assumption of bacterio-enterotoxin poisoning, which takes a different course in infants, to that in o ...1978351356
a bacteriological study of some frozen and nonfrozen foods.over a period of 19 months, a total of 331 food samples were submitted to the food section of the bacteriology division for bacteriological examination. these included 184 samples of frozen seafoods from exporters and 147 samples of fresh, nonfrozen foods from food caterers. the total bacterial count for frozen seafoods ranged from 1 x 10(2) to 2.98 x 10(6) per gm with a mean of 2.14 x 10(5) per gm. coliforms, escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus were present in 48.9%, 3.3% and 8.2% of the ...1977351818
diarrhoeal disorders of bacterial origin in jakarta.during a 21-month period from april 1974 to february 1976, 948 children with gastroenteritis were studied. aetiologic agents were identified in 43% of these patients. isolates were identified as follows: v. cholera el tor, 273 (67%); salmonella enteritidis, 64 (16%); enteropathogenic e. coli, 28 (7%); shigella, 28 (7%); vibrio (nag), 9 (2%): and v. parahaemolyticus, 7,2%). gastroenteritis with dehydration is a serious continuing pediatric problem in jakarta, constituting 30% of admissions to sum ...1977351819
[conditions and factors determining the etiological structure of dysentery and its changes. report 1. epidemiological theory of etiological selectivity of the main (primary) pathways of infection and their differences in various nosological forms of dysentery].the authors present the elaborated and formed epidemiological theory ("conformity theory") according to which the etiological structure of dysentery is determined by the etiological selectivity of the main (primary) waves of transmission of the infection differing in various nosological forms of dysentery. in grigoriev-shiga dysentery the domestic way of the spread of infection plays the main role, in flexner and newcastle dysentery--the water way, and in sonne dysentery--the food way (particula ...1978352042
[evaluation of hospitalization as an antiepidemic measure in dysentery]. 1978352046
[nature of inhibition of the activity of macromolecular antibodies].the presence in the organism of an inhibitory factor expressing its activity under conditions of increased macromolecular globulins production (of m-immunoglobulins in particular) was established experimentally. the inhibitory factor depressed the avidity of the macromolecular antibodies; its appearance preceded reduction of the macromolecular protein level in the blood serum. the inhibitory effect of the blood serum in blood letting and vaccination with bacterial antigen is connected with the b ...1978352048
[the etiologic structure of dysentery in dagestan assr]. 1978352051
[relationship between the immunogenicity of vaccines from sh. boydii 3 and 9 and several features of the cell wall of the bacteria]. 1978352056
[ribosomal dysentery vaccine. i. method of production, physical and chemical properties].studies of a. and g. youmans on the experimental tuberculosis led to discovery of a fundamentally new type of vaccines (ribosomal vaccines) which proved to be highly effective in the prophylaxis of many experimental infections. therefore it seems reasonable to prepare analogous vaccine from shigellae for the study of its efficiency in experimental shigellosis. ribosomal preparations from shigella sonnei were prepared by sonic disruption of microbial cells followed by differential ultracentrifuga ...1978352058
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