inhibition of pathogenic enteric bacteria by hyperbaric oxygen: enhanced antibacterial activity in the absence of carbon dioxide.the antibacterial effects of 24-h exposures to high-pressure oxygen in relation to environmental co(2) were studied at 3 atm absolute (ata) and at 1 ata. eight gram-negative, aerobic and facultatively aerobic, pathogenic enteric bacteria (salmonella typhosa, salmonella paratyphi, salmonella schottmuelleri, shigella dysenteriae, shigella flexneri, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli) were exposed as shallow-broth cultures and agar surface cultures. although broths suppl ...1975238466
[the effect of pyridoxal phosphate on the tryptophanases of five species of enterobacteriaceae].escherichia coli b and e. aurescens, shigella alkalescens, and proteus vulgaris et p. morganii tryptophanases (tpases) were studied for the spectral forms of the enzyme. the ph effect on the absorption spectrum and on the enzyme specific activity revealed that the coli group tpases are identical with but differ from proteus tpases which differ themselves. the coli group tpases attach 4 mol of pyridoxal phosphate (plp)/mol of enzyme, independently of the ph in the presence of k(plus) ions, and 9 ...1975238730
antimicrobial properties of mannopeptins.mannopeptins show in vitro antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria. the antimicrobial activity is unaffected by the addition of serum, and potentiated by alkaline ph or decrease in inoculum size. the antibiotics exert bectericidal effect at doses twice as high as the minimum inhibitory concentration. when the antibiotics were injected into mice through either intravenous, intraperitoneal, intramuscular or subcutaneous routes, the antimicrobial activity appear ...1975238926
[development of new types of chemical vaccine for prevention of intestinal infections and problems of their qualitative evaluation. iii. comparative study of immunologic characteristics of experimental antigenic preparations].as a result of comparative study of the immunological properties and antigenic activity of thyphoid, paratyphoid a and b and sonne and flexner dysentery antigenic preparations obtained by various methods there was revealed a decreased toxicity of the experimental preparations of the tashkent and leningrad institute of vaccines and sera (in comparison with the tryptic antigens) and a considerable advantages of the experimental thyphoid and paratyphoid antigenic preparations by their capacity to i ...1975239506
professor feliks przesmycki. 1975239587
1-alkyl-2-nitroimidazol-5-yl derivatives ii. n-substituted nitrones. 1975239726
[on sensitivity test of dibekacin by the disc method (author's transl)]. 1975240956
[synthetic medium for testing of susceptibility. ii. susceptibility of bacteria to sulphonamides (author's transl)].a comparative study of 9 media for testing the susceptibility of bacteria to 7 sulphonamides has been carried out. the evaluated culture-media included 4 "mueller hinton" media (mh), 4 others based on the formula of the "diagnostic sensitivity test" agar base (d.s.t.) and a "synthetic medium" (sm) which has been developed in our laboratory. mh and d.s.t. culture-media have been supplied by 4 manufacturing companies in europe and usa. a total number of 21 bacterial cultures have been employed. th ...1975241178
cefuroxime, a beta-lactamase-resistant cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of gram-positive and -negative activity.the in vitro activity of cefuroxime, a cephalosporin antibiotic, was investigated against 604 isolates and compared with the activity of other beta-lactam compounds. cefuroxime had activity comparable to that of other cephalosporins, including cefamandole and cefoxitin, against streptococcal and staphylococcal species; most streptococci were inhibited by 0.1 mug or less per ml, and staphylococci were inhibited by 1.6 mug or less per ml. enterococci were relatively resistant. cefuroxime inhibited ...1978248268
variable resistance of shigellae to ampicillin within a single community. 1979253865
comparative activities of ampicillin, epicillin and amoxycillin in vitro and in vivo.the antibacterial activities of three aminopenicillins ampicillin, epicillin and amoxycillin were compared in vitro and in vivo. the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) of the three penicillins were very similar and the compounds were active against non-beta-lactamase-producing strains of escherichia coli, salmonella and shigella species, proteus mirabilis, haemophilus influenzae and neisseria gonorrhoeae. streptococci including streptococcus faecalis, and non-beta-lactamase-producing staphy ...1979256524
[amoxicillin in the treatment of children with shigellosis]. 1979261622
[evolution of the repartition of enteropathogenic enterobacteria serotypes isolated in algeria from 1974 to 1977].the authors survey the enteropathogenic enterobacteria studied from 1974 to 1977 and draw the following conclusions : s. typhi is still the predominant serotype. among salmonella, other than s. typhi and s. paratyphi, s. wien remains the most frequently reported serotype while progressively decreasing from 1974 to 1976 and is supplanted by s. infantis in 1977. among the 847 strains of shigella examined, a high frequency of shigella flexneri is noted with shigella sonnei following by a wide margi ...1978262974
recent trends in salmonella and shigella in new york city and at kings county hospital. 1979283866
juvenile reiter's syndrome.a case of reiter's syndrome occurring in an 11-year-old, pre-pubertal boy is described. the boy was a heterozygote for the histocompatibility antigen b27 and other arthritic members of his family included his mother with colitic arthritis and an aunt with ankylosing spondylitis. his hla-b27 negative sibs have remained well. shigella salmonella and yersinia organisms have been previously incriminated as precipitating factors in some patients with reiter's syndrome but no evidence of recent infect ...1979287465
bactericidal factor produced by haemophilus influenzae b: partial purification of the factor and transfer of its genetic determinant.when aerobically grown on complex media, haemophilus influenzae b and unencapsulated variants, rb strains, produced a bactericidal factor that was active against other haemophilus species and certain genera of the enterobacteriaceae. a total of 341 clinical isolates of haemophilus were tested for susceptibility to the factor. ninety-three percent of h. influenzae (nontypable), 75% of h. haemolyticus, 71% of h. parainfluenzae, and 22% of h. parahaemolyticus were susceptible. h. influenaze b strai ...1977301008
clavulanic acid, a novel inhibitor of beta-lactamases.clavulanic acid, z-(2r,5r)-3-(beta-hydroxyethylidene)-7-oxo-4-oxa-1-azabicyclo-[3,2,0] heptane-2-carboxylic acid, has been shown to be an effective inhibitor of the beta-lactamases of the richmond types ii, iii, iv, and v. inhibition is a time-dependent reaction and is irreversible. clavulanic acid had poor antibacterial activity against staphylococcus aureus, enterobacteriaceae, and pseudomonas aeruginosa, with minimal inhibitory levels greater than 25 mug/ml. it did inhibit the majority of nei ...1978310279
comparative inhibition beta-lactamases by novel beta-lactam compounds.the beta-lactamase-inhibiting activity of cp-45,899, 3,3-dimethyl-7-oxo-4-thia-1-azabicylo(3,2,0)heptane-2-carboxylic acid, 4,4-dioxide [2s-(2alpha,5alpha)], was investigated and compared with the beta-lactamase-inhibiting activity of clavulanic acid and dicloxacillin. cp-45,899 was an effective inhibitor of staphylococcus aureus beta-lactamase and of those beta-lactamases of gram-negative bacteria which are primarily active against penicillins or equally active against penicillins and cephalosp ...1979311616
enhanced t-cell rosette formation in shigellosis by the in vitro use of thymopoietin.the results from this study suggest that the large nul cell lymphocyte population seen in patients with shigella dysentery, does contain a sub-population of cells that will respond in vitro to thymopoietin, a bovine thymic extract, by increased e-rosette formation. it is felt that this sub-population is in fact immature t-cells. a previous study has shown that an unusual leukaemoid reaction develops in a substantial number of patients with shigella dysentery. the leukaemoid response was primaril ...1979317187
bacteriophage typing of shigella sonnei.a bacteriophage-typing schema was developed for differentiating strains of shigella sonnei. sixty-seven bacteriophages were obtained from other collections, and 36 bacteriophages were isolated from sewage. from these 103 bacteriophages, a provisional set of 12 was chosen by computer analysis as being the most sensitive in differentiating strains of s. sonnei isolated in the united states. the provisional schema was used to type 265 strains from different geographical areas. it divided them into ...1977319112
[traveler's diarrhea]. 1977319371
comparison of methods for the isolation of salmonella from imported frog legs.four methods of sample preparation were compared for their relative efficiency in recovering salmonella from imported frog legs. no significant difference (p greater than 0.10) was observed in the efficiency of submersion, blending, and stomaching methods, but rinsing recovered significantly fewer (p less than 0.01) salmonella-positive frog legs than the other three methods. no significant difference (p less than 0.25) was observed in the number of positive frog legs recovered by selenite cystin ...1977319756
reiter's syndrome following shigella flexneri 2a: a sequel to traveler's diarrhea. report of a case with hepatitis.shigella flexneri 2a was isolated from a patient with reiter's syndrome (rs) following a family outbreak of traveler's diarrhea. among 3 members at risk, only the patient was positive for hla-b27. data from 3 similar families support the hypothesis that susceptibility to rs is genetically transmitted. it is urged that every effort be made to culture and subtype shigella and other enteric pathogens in rs following diarrhea. concurrently, the patient had hepatitis, interpreted as a parallel enteri ...1977319805
[formation of the dysentery epidemic process in three small towns].data are presented concerning the epidemiological analysis of sonnei dysentery outbreaks in three towns connected by common nutrition and water supply. the epidemic processes in these populated localites were strongly interrelated. possibilities of the effect of the water factor on the extent of sonnei dysentery incidence were studied as well. the results of studies led to the conclusion on the presence of numerous action forms of the water factor which should be taken into consideration in carr ...1977320797
[test of the safety, reactogeneity and immunogeneity of live flexner 2a and sonne dysentery vaccine from spontaneous mutants, prepared in dragee form, in a controlled experiment on adults].controlled experiment was conducted on 428 adult persons. a study was made of the reaktogenic properties and the immunological activity of live enteral dysentery vaccine flexner 2a and sonne from the spontaneous mutants developed at the n.f. gamaleya institute of epidemiology and microbiology. the vaccine is prepared in the form of sugar-coated pills covered with an acid-fast substance protecting from the gastric juice action. a single administration of the vaccine in a dose of up to 4 pills (6 ...1977320801
interaction of blood with enterobacteriaceae: hemolysis, hemagglutination, thousand eighty enterobacteriaceae, isolated during a period of three months, were tested for the presence of hemolysis, hemagglutination and fibrinolysis on human erythrocytes and plasma. the fibrinolysis on human erythrocytes and plasma. the escherichia coli have the greatest diversity of action on the blood. of 481 strains, 32.9% were hemolytic, 21.9% fibrinolytic, and 10.5% hemagglutinating. of 190 strains of klebsiella, 95.2% were fibrinolytic. of 53 strains of enterobacter, 90.6% were ...1977320861
recent advances in acute gastroenteritis. 1977321112
interaction between rifampicin and trimethoprim in vitro and in experimental infections. 1977321415
conservation of transfer ribonucleic acid and 5s ribonucleic acid cistrons in enterobacteriaceae.the genes for tranfer ribonucleic acid (tdna) and 5s ribonucleic acid (5sdna) were isolated from the total deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of escherichia coli. the relatedness of tdna and 5s from e. coli and other species of enterobacteriaceae was determined by reassociation of the isolated genes labeled with 32po4 to unlabeled, unfractionated dna. double-stranded dna was separated from unreacted dna by hydroxyapatite chromatography. thermal elution profiles were done to determine the amount of unpa ...1977321428
bacterial toxins as virulence factors: shiga bacillus dysentery viewed as a toxinosis. 1977321946
[chemically defined and partially defined media for pasteurella multocida and pateurella hemolytica].two culturing recipes were suggested for pasteurella multocida and pasteurella haemolytica, one partialy defined nutritive defined nutritive medium with 0.5 per cent yeast extract and one chemically defined medium. both had been composed on the basis of studies into nutrient demand and into the effects of complex nutritive substrates. both nutritive media are applicable also to culturing other bacterial species. (among the strains tested so far were streptococci, staphylococci, escherichia coli, ...1977322633
[genetics and biochemistry of the bacterial ribosome]. 1977322729
protection by hypoxia and the effect of low oxygen tensions on radiosensitivity. 1977323029
[effectiveness of milk pasteurization]. 1977323105
biological properties of shigella flexneri 2a toxin and its serological relationship to shigella dysenteriae 1 toxin.a toxin extracted from heat-inactivated, alkaline-treated shigella flexneri 2a showed biological properties similar to those of shigella dysenteria 1 toxin. the s, flexneri 2a toxin was lethal to mice, enterotoxic for ileal loops of rabbits, and cytotoxic for hela cells. a serological relationship between s. flexneri 2a and s. dysenteriae 1 toxin was shown with cross neutralization tests.1977323142
the pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea. vi. toxin and antitoxin in shigella flexneri and shigella sonnei infections in humans.two strains of shigella flexneri and one of shigella sonnei were studied for toxin production in vitro. all of the three strains produced a cell-free cytotoxin that showed marked similarity to that produced by shigella dysenteriae 1. each toxin eluted in two distinct peaks on chromatography with sephadex g-150, was destroyed by heating at 90 c for 30 min, and was neutralized by s. dysenteriae 1 antitoxin. patients with infections due to s. flexneri and s. sonnei developed antibody that neutraliz ...1977323376
clinical and laboratory assessment of the pathogenicity of serotyped enteropathogenic escherichia coli.only one of 167 separate isolates of enteropathogenic escherichia coli (eec) was shown to produce enterotoxin, and none of the 167 isolates were invasive. clinical features of 123 hospitalized children with eec were compared with those of 917 infants with nonbacterial gastroenteritis and 145 infants infected with shigella. the average duration of diarrhea (five or more stools per day) in hospitalized children with eec, nonbacterial gastroenteritis, shigella flexneri, and shigella sonnei was 4.6, ...1977323379
phagocytosis stimulation by an extracellular product of virulent shigella flexneri 2a. 1977323646
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole compared to ampicillin in the treatment of shigellosis.twenty hospitalized children between 1 and 11 years of age were enrolled in a comparative randomized evaluation of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (tm-sm) and ampicillin for the treatment of shigellosis. each drug was provided for five days. the group treated with ampicillin had significantly more stools per day (mean 21.25) compared to the tm-sm group (8.64). treatment with tm-sm appeared to be associated with a more rapid reversion of stool cultures to normal, but these differences compared to a ...1977323811
[concentration of 19s and 7s antibodies in the blood of patients with different clinical manifestations of sonne dysentery]. 1977324128
[reactogenicity and immunologic activity of live enteric sonne dysentery vaccine from a spontaneous mutant].live dysentery sonne vaccine from a spontaneous mutant proved to be practically areactogenic and specifically harmless in oral immunization of children aged from 7 to 13 years, in doses of from 3 to 25 milliard live microbial cells and in single and triple immunization schemes. weak reactions of the gastro-intestinal tract were noted with the same frequency (1.7%) in children immunized with the vaccine and in children given placebo (2.2%). there proved to be a significant increase in the serum o ...1977324177
[use of a lyophilized erythrocyte preparation for detecting sonne shigellae in patients with intestinal infections]. 1977324189
[functioning of the kspa-gene in f'-merodiploids of flexner shigellae]. 1977324195
characterization of an r-plasmid associated with ampicillin resistance in shigella dysenteriae type 1 isolated from epidemics.ampicillin-resistant strains of shigella dysenteriae type 1 isolated in epidemics in mexico, central america, and bangla desh were examined for the presence of plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) by gel electrophoresis. all strains contained a heterogeneous population of plasmids. transfer experiments to escherichia coli k-12 indicated that the ampicillin resistance determinant (ap(r)) was located on a 5.5-megadalton (mdal) plasmid identical in all shiga strains examined, as judged by dna hybrid ...1977324394
[experimental study of bacteremia and its role in the pathogenesis of dysentery].in experiments on white mice pathophysiological, bacteriological, histological and immunofluorescent methods of investigation were used; it was shown that sonne dysentery bacteria were capable during a short period of time to penetrate into the blood from the lumen of the stomach and the small intestine and moreover to deposit in the cells of the mucosa of the said organs. into the large intestine the pathogen penetrates from the above situated departments of the intestine, which was most often ...1977324444
antibody levels to enteric bacteria in juvenile rheumatoid order to determine the immunologic status and possible susceptibility to bacterial infection in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (jra), titer of hemagglutingating antibodies to e coli 055, e coli 086, common antigen, and shigella polyvalent antigen were measured. immunoglobulin g was the predominant antibody. iga antibodies were found in higher titer in children with jra. no significant differences were found between children with jra do not have any deficit in antibody production ...1977324480
inhibition of small-intestinal sugar and amino acid transport by the enterotoxin of shigella dysenteriae i.the enterotoxin of shigella dysenteriae i produces fluid and electrolyte secretion in the rabbit ileum. these present studies were designed to evaluate nonelectrolyte transport in rabbit ileal mucosa exposed to shigella enterotoxin. both 10 mm galactose and 5 mm l-alanine absorptions were significantly impaired in enterotoxin-exposed ileal mucosa compared with control mucosa. l-alanine influx was not imparied in two other secretory processes: that induced by cholera enterotoxin and hyperosmolari ...1977324910
a microbiological investigation of acute summer gastroenteritis in black south african infants.a microbiological investigation of black infants suffering from severe acute summer gastroenteritis revealed enteropathogenic agents in 30 out of 37 patients (81%). enterotoxigenic bacteria were isolated from 15 patients (41%). a total of 16 enterotoxigenic strains were isolated, comprising 9 enterotoxigenic escherichia coli strains secreting labile and stable toxin on their own and in combination, and labile-toxin secreting strains of klebsiella pneumoniae (4), enterobacter cloacae (2) and prot ...1977325127
[population variability of zonne shigella in the presence of intestinal wall cells]. 1977325333
[diagnosis and treatment of acute dysentery]. 1977325896
[our experiences with water-induced epidemics of bacillary dysentery]. 1977325899
postdysenteric reiter's syndrome. 1977325904
[biological activity of extracts isolated from a virulent strain of sh. flexneri grown in the presence of calcium ions].the authors carried out a comparative study of the genetically connected sh. flexneri cultures (3 virulent strains, 3 clones of an avirulent mutant selected in the flux of an oblique light from the virulent strain, and lac+ kcp a-hybrids obtained by crossing the initial virulent cultures with the e. coli k12 hfr strains). the absence of any correlation between the virulence of the strains under study and the lipopolysaccharide (by rhamnose) content in the extracts from them in growing the cultur ...1977325961
[immunochemistry of shigellae (review of important results). 1. o-antigens of flexner shigellae (characteristics and isolation)]. 1977325963
[study of a "rfa" locus coding for cell wall lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis in "shigella flexneri" f6s (author's transl)].the rfa-7 lipopolysaccharide core mutation carried by the r mutant f680, derived from shigella flexneri f6s serotype 5b, has been mapped by conjugation and transduction experiments. the results show a chromosomal distance of about 1 min between rfa-7 and mtl. such a position would be similar to those of rfa genes in escherichia coli k12 and salmonella typhi-murium lt2. conjugational transfer of e. coli k12 rfa+ genes to mutant f680 restored s. flexneri o-specificity. chemical analyses performed ...1977326120
investigatiaons on drug-resistance of shigella sonnei bacilli isolated in poland in the years 1959-1972.2538 strains of shigella sonnei bacilli, isolated from patients in the years 1959-1972, have been tested for drug-resistance. the strains examined came from different regions of poland. drug-resistance has been determined by the method of "multi-arm" disks of filter-paper. in investigations 12 chemotherapeutics have been employed. the tests performed have shown that 63% of strains were resistant to one or more chemotherapeutics. the percentage of streptomycin-resistant strains, found in the inve ...1977326220
improved procedure of selective enrichment of shigella in the presence of escherichia coli by use of 4-chloro-2-cyclopentylphenyl beta-d-galactopyranoside.a previously described procedure for the selective enrichmen of shigella in competition with e. coli has been modified and tested with a total of 48 strains of the four shigella species. the new enrichment medium consists of 1,5-strength trypticase soy broth, 1 mm 4-chloro-2-cyclopentylphenyl beta-d-galactopyranoside (cppg), 0.25% lactose, and 0.1 m citrate buffer (ph 6.2). in competition with a 1000-fold higher population of e. coli than shigella, 42 of 48 strains from the four species of shige ...1977326358
pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea. vii. evidence for a cell membrane toxin receptor involving beta1 leads to 4-linked n-acetyl-d-glucosamine oligomers.the binding of shigeua dysenteriae 1 cytotoxin to hela cells in culture and to isolated rat liver cell membranes was studied by means of an indirect consumption assay of toxicity from the medium, or by determination of cytotoxicity to the hela cell monolayer. both liver cell membranes and hela cells removed toxicity from the medium during incubation, in contrast to wi-38 and y-1 mouse adrenal tumor cells, both of which neither bound nor were affected by the toxin. uptake of toxin was directly re ...1977327017
spectrophotometry as a tool for assaying endotoxins.a spectrophotometric method is reported for assaying endotoxins over a wide concentration range, including low parts per billion levels. five solution of endotoxins. escherichia coli 0127:b8, escherichia coli 055:b5, salmonella abortus-equi, salmonella enteritidis, and shigella flexneri, were examined. each exhibited an absorption maximum at 259 nm, but the absorptivities differed in each case. thus, rigorous quantification requires that the identity of the endotoxin be known. the uv absorbance ...1977327056
location of the ss--mutation of bacteriophage t7 in genes 10, the structural gene for the major capsid protein.t7+ phage are unable to plate on a strain of shigella sonnei d2 371-48. spontaneous phage mutants arise (ss--mutants) that are able to plate on this strain of shigella. we have shown by complementation studies and genetic crosses that the ss--mutation maps in gene 10, the structural gene for the major protein of the capsid. this finding implies that the gene 10 protein may interact with a host protein during phage development and that the abortive infection of t7 observed in s. sonnei d2 371-48 ...1977327090
synthetic disaccharide-protein antigens for production of specific 04 and 09 antisera for immunofluorescence diagnosis of salmonella.the synthetic disaccharides abequose 1 leads to a 3 mannose and tyvelose 1 leads to a 3 mannose, representative of salmonella o-antigen 4 and 9 respectively, were covalently linked to bovine serum albumin (bsa) . antisera from rabbits immunized with these immunogens were used in indirect immunofluorescence assay for the identification of group b (o-antigen 4) and d (o-antigen 9) salmonella. a total of 1030 enteric bacterial strains were tested, including 207 group b and 55 group d salmonella. th ...1977327249
studies on a new antibiotic--chuangxinmycin.a new antibiotic, designated chuangxinmycin and produced by a new species of microorganism actinoplanes tsinanensis n. sp., has been isolated in crystalline form. assay methods, fermentation and isolation procedures for the antibiotic are described. uv-ir-, nmr- and mass spectra as well as specific rotation of the antibiotic are given. its molecular formula is c12h11no2s. studies on its chemical structure and total synthesis have been completed. according to its chemical structure, chuangxinmyci ...1977327539
gentamicins.gentamicin is a new broad-spectrum antibiotic, basic and water-soluble, produced and developed by schering corporation-bloomfield, new jersey (1967 and 1968). it is produced by micromonospora purpurea, a member of a genus of microorganisms from which no other antibiotics have been derived. paper chromatographic techniques showed the components of gentamicin complex designated as c', c'a, and c2. gentamicins are bactericidal antibiotics, active in vivo in low concentrations against a wide spectru ...1977327729
location of food consumption and travelers' diarrhea.daily food histories for one month were obtained in summer, 1975, from students attending a mexican university to determine the influence of food consumption on the development and etiology of diarrhea. in newly-arrived students from the u.s. who ate half or more of their meals in the school cafeteria and public restaurants there were significant increases in diarrhea (p less than 0.005); shigella infection (p less than 0.05) and toxigenic e. coli infection (p less than 0.025) compared to the st ...1977327798
[sensitivity of shigella to antibiotics]. 1977327917
immune processes in the course of infection with dysentery bacilli. iii. protective activity of spleen cells and serum from mice immunized with killed dysentery bacilli.killed dysentery bacilli induce immunity in mice which can be transferred to other mice with serum. spleen cells do not transfer this immunity, in contrast to spleen cells from mice immunized with live dysentery bacilli. the results of this and previous studies 5,17 suggest that immunity in mice infected with dysentery bacilli depends on two coexisting effector mechanisms--cell-mediated and humoral immunity. live bacilli induce both, however killed bacilli stimulated humoral immunity and protect ...1977327970
[morphologic demonstration of adsorption of sonne shigellae onto intestinal epithelium].electron-microscopy studies of the process of absorption of shigella sonnei on the epithelium of the intestine villi of syrian hamstes were carried out. in the study there were used 20 animals and 8 stains of shigellae isolated from patients with acute dysentery. it was shown that in inoculating into an isolated loop of the intestine adhesion of shigellae to the surface of border cells was accompanied by rearrangement of glycocalyx with subsequent destruction of microvilli in the zone of adsorpt ...1977327985
complete structure of the repeating unit of the o-specific polysaccharide chain of shigella dysenteriae type 3 lipopolysaccharide. 1977328145
rough mutant of shigella flexneri 2a that penetrates tissue culture cells but does not evoke keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs.a rough mutant, designated 5503-01, has been isolated from a virulent strain of shigella flexneri 2a 5503. strain 5503-01 produced smooth opaque colonies, whereas its parent strain produced characteristic green-gold translucent ones. characterization of 5503-01 by agglutination tests, rhamnose content, and sensitivity spectra to "rough-specific" phages revealed that it had lost the specific somatic antigens. when 5503-01 was used to infect hela or l cells, it penetrated the cells and multiplied ...1977328396
a study of enteropathogenic organisms isolated in the public health laboratory, lusaka.a total of 328 specimens of stools were examined in the public health laboratory during january and february 1973. enteropathogens were isolated from 117 of these specimens. besides these, 12 strains of salmonellae were isolated from blood and 8 from urine. an occasional salmonella was isolated from the pleural fluid (s. paratyphi a) pus from the knee (s. enteritidis) and from the c.s.f. of an infant (s. paratyphi c.). salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi a are the predominant salmonella sp ...1977328771
to shigella sonnei phage typing.the epidemiological significance of phage types changes in the course of years. in czechoslovakia, in the years 1967-1971, the most frequent phage types were 2,6, 3, 30 and 65, and, in the middle-bohemian region, 2,30, 6, 3 and 65. in the epidemiological years 1972-1973 the sequence of the most frequent s. sonnet phage types changed in the middle-bohemian region to: 65, 23, 6, 2 and 12. some problems concerning the instability of phage types and the part of further auxiliary tests (biochemical d ...1977328772
effect of colicin v on s. sonnei in vivo and in tissue culture.the effect of the preparation of colicin v, freed from the endotoxin of the producer strain e. coli ca-7 on sh. sonnei was studied in the keratoconjunctival tests on guinea pigs and in the cell culture hep-2. colicin v was found to inhibit the development of dysenteric infection in vivo by delaying the incubation period. it has been demonstrated that the mentioned colicin blocks the process of adsorption of the causative agent on the surface of epithelial cells. obviously, colicin v can also dis ...1977328773
h2s-positive shigella sonnei. 1977329063
incompatibility and bacteriophage inhibition properties of n-1, a plasmid belonging to the h2 incompatibility group.n-1, a plasmid isolated from a strain of shigella flexneri in japan more than 10 years ago, mediates the phage inhibition phenotype which has recently been found to be characteristic of plasmids of the h2 incompatibility group. using the criteria of phage inhibition, surface exclusion and incompatibility, the n-1 plasmid is shown to be closely related to h2 plasmids isolated from non-typhoid salmonella and distantly related to h1 plasmids isolated from salmonella typhi. plasmids of other incompa ...1977329103
[dysentery]. 1977329360
[electron microscopic study of the interaction of shigellae with cell cultures. iii. functional-structural changes in transplanted amniotic cells exposed to extracellular flexner shigellae].a quantitative changes of rna and proteins and structural peculiarities of compensative-regenerative character were discovered in amnion cells subjected to the action of extracellular virulent shigellas by means of successive cytophotometry and electron microscopy. the long contact with the bacteria lead to increased degenerative changes in the cell cytoplasm. the arising changes seem to involve toxicity caused by the action of exometabolites of shigella flexneri.1977329505
[morphological changes in experimental infection in guinea pigs under the influence of prodigiozan and s-methylmethionine].the effect of prodigiozan and s-methylmethionine on the level of histomorphological changes in the organs and tissues of guinea pigs with experimental typhoid fever, dysentery and staphylococcal infections, as well as the effect of prednizolone with respect to dysentery and staphylococcal infections were studied. in the control animals the highest histomorphological changes were observed on the 4th day after the infection in the liver, kidneys and spleen. in the animals with staphylococcal infec ...1977329754
comparative studies on the immunologic properties of free endotoxin and lipopolysaccharide from shigella sonnei.immunogenic, antigenic and toxic properties of free endotoxin isolated from culture media of shigella sonnei, phase i, was studied. experiments with mice showed that free endotoxin is about 3--4 times more active immunogenically and twice as toxic as cellular lipopolysaccharide. on the other hand, the antigenic activity of free endotoxin was about equal to that of lipopolysaccharide. in addition, free endotoxin had a common property characteristic for endotoxins isolated from gram-negative bacte ...1977329799
an outbreak of shigellosis in the province of new brunswick. 1977329973
structural studies of the shigella flexneri variant x, type 5 a and type 5 b o-antigens.previous studies of different shigella flexneri o-antigens indicate that their o-specific region is composed of oligosaccharide repeating units containing a basic tetrasaccharide structure, to which alpha-d-glucopyranosyl groups and o-acetyl groups may be attached to different positions. structural studies of o-antigens from variant x, type 5a and type 5b lend further support to this assumption. these antigens contain terminal alpha-d-glucopyranosyl groups, one each per repeating unit in x and 5 ...1977330159
somatic antigens of shigella. structural investigation on the o-specific polysaccharide chain of shigella dysenteriae type-2 lipopolysaccharide.the o-specific polysaccharide obtained from shigella dysenteriae type-2 lipopolysaccharide by mild acid hydrolysis consisted of n-acetylgalactosamine, n-acetylglucosamine, d-galactose, d-glucose, and o-acetyl group in the ratio of 2:1:1:1:1. a number of oligosaccharides were obtained by deamination of the n-deacetylated polysaccharide and by smith degradation of the both native and o-deacetylated polysaccharides. the identification of oligosaccharides along with methylation analysis and chromic ...1977330162
heterogeneity of streptomyces dna. 1977330221
[shigella shige as an etiological factor of bacillary dysentery]. 1977330362
antagonistic effect of extremely oxygen-sensitive clostridia from the microflora of conventional mice and of escherichia coli against shigella flexneri in the digestive tract of gnotobiotic mice.two extremely oxygen-sensitive strains of clostridium sp., designated clostridium e and p, were obtained from digestive microflora of conventional mice and found to constitute a barrier against shigella flexneri sf-2 when associated in vivo with escherichia coli k-12. these and other simplified fractions of the conventional microflora were demonstrated to have an effect comparable to that of the total flora. when k-12 and clostridium e were established in gnotobiotic mice before the introduction ...1977330410
esculin hydrolysis by enterobacteriaceae.literature reports disagree concerning esculin hydrolysis in the family enterobacteriaceae. a total of 2,490 strains of the family were investigated for esculin hydrolysis by two methods, the esculin spot test and the pathotec incubation strip, which measures constitutive enzyme, and five growth-supporting methods, which determine both constitutive and inducible enzymes. the five growth-supporting media studied were: vaughn-levine, the standard esculin hydrolysis medium (p. r. edwards and w. h. ...1977330558
gastroenteritis in children: a two-year review in manitoba. i. etiology.during two years, 1,217 children hospitalized with gastroenteritis at the children's centre in winnipeg, manitoba, canada were studied. bacterial pathogens were present in 25% of these children: enteropathogenic escherichia coli in 120, shigella in 139, salmonella in 24, and multiple pathogens in 18. rotavirus was detected in 54 (11%) of 472 patients examined. rotavirus and enteropathogenic e. coli were the most common pathogens in infants, and shigella was the most common in older children. bac ...1977330769
infectious diarrhea: when should you start to worry? 1977331014
a microbiological study of gastro-enteritis in black infants.a survey was carried out to determine the aetiological agents responsible for acute gastro-enteritis in black infants. bacteriological examination of 191 patients and 178 age-matched controls showed that salmonellae and shigellae together accounted for only 15% of cases and were harboured by almost 7% of controls. seropositive 'enteropathogenic' escherichia coli was an important cause of diarrhoea, especially in the summer months. enterotoxin-producing e. coli was not a significant cause of gast ...1977331509
[the survival time of shigellas on plastic materials]. 1977331701
[epidemiology of dysentery in dagestan].analysis of material on bacterial dysentery and other acute intestinal infections morbidity in the dagestan assr for a period of 15 years showed high morbidity level and its variations, with reduction and elevation in individual years, and the leading role played by shigella flexneri among the causative agents of dysentery. the greatest incidence of dysentery was revealed among children aged under one year and between 1 and 2 years. a high bacterial dysentery incidence was recorded in dagestan t ...1977331761
[comparative characteristics of cell-free filtrates of shigella flexneri of different virulence].it was shown for the first time that the virulent sh. flexneri strain grown on luria broth differed from the avirulent one by the yield of readily released surface-located complexes--lipopolysaccharide (determined by rhamnose) and protein into the filtrate. there was no distinct correlation between the strain virulence and the content of rhamnose-determined lipopolysaccharide in the filtrate; growing bacteria in the presence of ca and mg ions had no significant influence on the lipopolysaccharid ...1977331764
[diagnostic value of individual tests for classification of shigella].a total of 1243 strains of enterobacteria were studied by four tests (mobility, lysis with dysentery polyvalent bacteriophage, relation to christensen's citrate and salicin) for the purpose of determining shigellae genera. a combination of signs characteristic of shigella genus was observed in 99.1% of laboratory and in 100% of freshly-isolated strains. no such combination was found in any other of the representatives of enterobacteriaceae family. the tests under study are recommended for the wo ...1977331770
[intraspecies antagonism of sh. flexneri in an hep-2 cell line model].the authors describe an effect of suppression of invasion of the guinea pig eye conjunctiva and the hep-2 epithelial cells by virulent sh. flexneri bacilli, with a simultaneous administration of the same dose of avirulent shigella mutants, genetically connected with them. the data of morphological study and experiments with 3h-glucose labeled shigellae carried out on the cell species model indicated that the bacterial competition for the specific sites for absorption on the epithelial cells unde ...1977331774
[r-factor transmission during interspecies crossing of shigella and salmonella]. 1977331777
[use of antibody-producing cell test for the purpose of studying the immunologic effectiveness of sonne dysentery vaccines]. 1977331778
[physico-chemical parameters of the surface of flexner shigella cells and the structure of lipopolysaccharide o-antigen]. 1977331779
[features of the monosaccharide composition and ultrastructure of lipopolysaccharides of different forms of shigella sonnei].the authors present the results of study of chemical monosaccharide composition and the ultrastructure of purified lipopolysaccharides (lps) of the i and the ii phases and the r-form of sh. sonnei. the amount of lipids in lps preparations increased with the change from s- into r-form. galactose content in lps of the ii phase was less than in lps of the i phase, and it was absent entirely in lps of r-form. it was demonstrated by negative contrasting that lps dissociation increased with s leads to ...1977331785
[trial of the toxins of the sonne microbe and cholera vibrio in an isolated loop of mouse small intestine].enterotoxic properties of neuro-and endotoxins of sonne dysentery bacillus, of cholerogen, and bowen's cholera vibrio endotoxin were determined on a model of an isolated loop of the mouse small intestine. in definite doses all the mentioned preparations could induce dilatation of the isolated loop of the mouse small intestine. in case of sonne bacillus neurotoxin this property correlated with the toxicity of the preparation for the animals and failed to depend on the virulence and biochemical re ...1977331786
[role of the aqueous factor in the epidemiology of dysentery].analysis of the dynamics and territorial distribution of bacterial dysentery morbidity during 1959-1973 in the dagestan assr demonstrated that the epidemically unfavourable conditions were largely connected with the use of water in open water bodies for domestic purposes and swimming as well as a wide network of irrigation canals. persistence of the water factor in the dysentery epidemiology was connected with the ever increasing contamination of water in open water bodies and neglect of sanitar ...1977331787
[experimental salmonellosis conjunctivitis and keratitis in guinea pigs].the authors present the results of morphological study of experimentally-induced conjunctivitis and keratitis induced in guinea pigs by salmonellae. it was revealed that injuries of the conjunctiva and cornea in salmonellae infection were different by development and morphological manifestations from keratoconjunctivitis caused by shigellae. this difference was due to specific peculiarities of the pathogenic properties of salmonellae and shigellae clearly expressed on the given experimental mode ...1977331788
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