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[certain biological properties of newcastle shigellas]. 1979530126
[antimicrobial activity of derivatives of 1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-1,1-dioxide. viii].the antimicrobial activity of a series of fluoro derivatives of benzothiadiazine and sulfonamides was studied. the compounds tested can be grouped as: a) 3-alkylmercapto derivatives of 6-trifluoromethyl-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-1,1-dioxide (iii leads to vi); the 3-mercapto precursor (vii) and the related 3-picolinic salt (viii); b) 3-trifluoromethyl derivatives of 1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-1,1-dioxide and of its benzene substituted derivatives (ix leads to xvi); c) trifluoroacetylaminobenzenesulfonam ...1979527707
[yersinia arthritis (author's transl)].clinical picture and differential diagnosis of yersinia arthritis are shown by means of three own observations. it is an acute oligoarthritis affecting especially knee- and ankle-joints. the involved joints are very painful, swollen and warm. there may be a history of enteritis or suspicion of acute appendicitis because of lower abdominal pain, but this is not obligatory. the laboratory parameters of inflammation (esr, c-reactive protein, white blood count, serumproteinelectrophoresis) are chang ...1979522813
acute diarrhoea: campylobacter colitis and the role of rectal biopsy.campylobacter spp. were the organisms isolated most frequently from 29 consecutive patients admitted with acute diarrhoea to an infectious disease unit. rectal biopsies taken from 21 of the patients were abnormal in all but four, and in the patients with campylobacter infection there was a characteristic proctocolitis in each case. the histopathology was similar to that described for salmonella and shigella infections but clearly different from typical ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. the ...1979521501
sensitivity testing of salmonella and shigella spp. isolated from patients with diarrhoea. 1979514624
mucus-stimulating substances in human body fluids assayed in an invertebrate mucous cell in vitro cell system has been shown to respond differentially to body fluids from normal subjects and from those with disorders of mucus secretion. the urn cell complex of the marine invertebrate sipunculus nudus responds to mucus-stimulating substances (mss) in normal human lacrimal fluids and stool filtrates by producing mucus. the process of mucus secretion can be directly observed, and the amount produced can be measured, in a calibrated light microscope. mss are decreased in lacrimal flu ...1979513427
value of examination for fecal leukocytes in the early diagnosis of shigellosis.fecal specimens from 101 patients with diarrhea were cultured and also examined with methylene blue for leukocytes. thirty-six patients had leukocytes in their stools and 29 had culture-proven shigellosis. the sensitivity of fecal leukocytes in shigellosis was 95% (19/20) when cup specimens were obtained, and 44% (4/9) when swab or diaper specimens were examined. only 45% of the patients with shigellosis who provided cup specimens had grossly bloody dysentery. twelve other patients had fecal leu ...1979507279
evaluation of a pectin agar medium for isolation of yersinia enterocolitica within 48 hours.a modified pectin agar medium was evaluated for the rapid isolation and presumptive identification of yersinia enterocolitica. of 118 isolates of enterobacteriaceae tested, only the 13y. enterocolitica and the three klebsiella oxytoca strains produced colonies that depressed and sank into the agar. yersinia enterocolitica was also easily identified in mixed cultures, even from inocula containing three times as many other enterobacteriaceae organisms as y. enterocolitica. the recovery of y. enter ...1979495561
experimental embolization in kidneys: tissue concentration of 7 dogs renal arterial embolization was performed using the seldinger technique and an inflatable swan ganz balloon catheter. methyl methacrylate and butyl-2-cyanoacrylate were injected. 6 months later, the tissue concentration of cefazolin was measured in the embolized and contralateral kidneys and in serum 2 h after a short infusion of 1 h cefazolin. the concentrations in serum and homogenized kidney tissue were determined by means of the agar gel diffusion method. angiography showed no vess ...1979494438
oxolonic acid (gramurin) in the treatment of shigella infections. 1979494139
epidemiological and bacteriological profile of an outbreak of shigellosis amongst prisoners in solapur. 1979489087
recognition mechanisms in infectious disease.recent studies have begun to elucidate the nature of pathogen-host recognition mechanisms. not only is our understanding of the nature of infection thereby growing, but there is promise of an entirely new approach to treatment--by inhibiting or preventing the contact between pathogen and target cell, the first step in the infectious process. models have largely been elucidated for shigella infections and cholera.1979478518
[salmonella in free living snakes of northern germany (author's transl)].fourty-nine adders (vipera berus l.) and thirty-one grass-snakes (nitrix natrix l.) from northern germany were investigated by cloacal swabs. the samples were usually taken in the field and preenriched in peptone water and further-on processed in three steps of tetrathionate. after each step of enrichment the material was transfered to salmonella shigella agar and fuchsine lactose agar (acc. to endo). salmonella screening was done by inoculation of lactose positive and lactose negative colonies ...1979452774
relative productivity of five selective plating agars for the recovery of salmonella from selected food types.during a 3-year period, the relative productivity of brilliant green (bg), bismuth sulfite (bs), salmonella-shigella (ss), hektoen enteric (he), and xylose lysine, desoxycholate (xld) agars for recovering salmonella from 9 food types was determined. following pre-enrichment, selective enrichment of food samples in tetrathionate broth followed by streaking to bs agar was the single most productive selective enrichment broth-agar combination for recovery of salmonella in 5 of these food types. a s ...1979447606
responses of the sympathetically denervated rabbit eye to intravitreal or intravenous injection of shigella endotoxin. 1979446579
the problem of interaction of shigella with epithelial cells.a review and analysis of data on the investigation of factors concerning the initial events of interaction of shigella with epithelial cells: attachment of penetration are presented. in the experiments with 3h-labeled bacteria it was shown that although common pili confer adhesive properties to bacteria but the penetration of shigella into the cell is not increased. it was stated that lps of shigella o antigen plays an important role not only in interaction with cellular and humoral factors of t ...1979442880
inhibitory effect of cocoa powder on the growth of a variety of bacteria in different media.the inhibitory effect of cocoa powder on 102 organisms belonging to 13 genera was determined. all organisms tested were inhibited by 5% cocoa. shigella, staphylococcus, micrococcus, and bacillus were the most sensitive. the degree of inhibition depended on the organism, temperature of incubation, and the medium in which the cocoa powder was suspended. of six media tested, lactose broth and nutrient broth were the most inhibitory, while non-fat dry milk was the least inhibitory. supplementing nb ...1979436019
hr 756, a new cephalosporin active against gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.the in vitro activity of hr 756, 7-[2-(2-amino-4-thiazolyl)-2-(z)-(methoximino)acetamido] cephalosporanic acid, was investigated against 659 isolates. hr 756 inhibited neisseria and haemophilus species at concentrations similar to those needed with ampicillin. it inhibited beta-lactamase-producing n. gonorrhoeae and h. influenzae. hr 756 was the most active compound tested against members of the enterobacteriaceae, inhibiting most isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mira ...1979426518
cefatrizine activity compared with that of other cephalosporins.cefatrizine, a new orally administered cephalosporin, was tested against 400 clinical isolates. cefatrizine had excellent activity against gram-positive cocci, inhibiting all except enterococci at minimal inhibitory concentrations below 1 mug/ml. cefatrizine inhibited the majority of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, and salmonella at concentrations below 12.5 mug/ml. although cefatrizine was not hydrolyzed by many beta-lactamases, it did not inhibit a number of strains ...1979426514
[antibiotic sensitivity and the characteristics of transmissive r plasmids in shigella belonging to various species].sensitivity of 241 shigella strains isolated from patients at various regions of the ussr in 1975--1978 was tested with respect to 14 antibiotics by the method of serial dilutions. 90.5 per cent of the isolates proved to be resistant to the antibacterial drugs and the greater part of 75.9 per cent of them had multiple resistance. the resistance of the shigella was most pronounced and frequent with respect to tetracycline, streptomycin, levomycetin, as well as ampicillin and carbenicillin. gentam ...1979426494
shigellosis: analysis of 176 isolations.shigellosis, a worldwide epidemiological problem, is caused usually by six serotypes of shigella. man is the principal host, often infected by person-to-person contact. the number of reported cases of shigellosis has progressively increased during the past decade. because of the observation, the authors reviewed all isolations of shigella species in patients at howard university hospital. there were 176 isolations from 53 patients during the 4½ year period of the study. the study emphasizes the ...1979423272
shigella and salmonella diarrhoeal disease. 1979419565
depression of prostaglandin synthetase activity in kidney medulla by shigella endotoxin injected intravenously. 1978418782
catheter-induced ascites--an unusual complication of parenteral feeding.a nearly fatal complication of parenteral feeding is reported. an emaciated infant with severe shigella dysentery was treated with intravenous feeding through a catheter in the inferior vena cava. after three days severe ascites developed acutely. venocavography revealed effusion into the peritoneal cavity due to the catheter having penetrated the wall of the inferior vena cava.1978418089
[aggravation of experimental dysentery in mice and acceleration of the process of multiplication of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria under the effect of yeast rna].simultaneous infection of mice with sh. flexneri subtype 2a, culture, with various doses of rna sodium salt (narna) or administration of the preparation 3 hours prior to or 6, 12, and 18 hours after the infection was accompanied by aggravation of the experimental infection in mice. this was expressed in a greater number of animals which contracted the disease and died, and in increased blood and peritoneal exudate microbiol density. the same processes were noted in mice infected with equal doses ...1978415460
[cell penetration by dysentery bacilli (author's transl)]. 1977415159
[soluble surface antigens of virulent sh. sonnei].the authors conducted an immunochemical analysis of the surface soluble antigen preparations (ssap) obtained by extraction with physiological saline of the virulent sh. sonnei microbes killed with acetone. immunochemical studies by the immunoelectrophoresis and immunodiffusion methods in agar gel, separation on sepharose 4b and in polyacrylamide gel showed the presence of 3 groups of the antigens in the ssap composition: 1) protein antigens, determining the commonness with the sonne microbes of ...1977414488
comparative bacteriological survey of imported experimental monkeys. 1977413486
[safety and immunologic effectiveness of polyantigen from shigellae for oral immunization of monkeys].clinical, morphological, and immunological study was carried out in monkeys given shigellae antigen in tablets orally. each tablet contained 0.5 mg of the antigens obtained by boiven's method from sh. flexneri 2a, 3, 4a, 4b, 6 and sh. sonnei. daily administration of the preparation for 4 days and then 4 times at the interval of 5 days proved to be harmless for monkeys. a marked immunomorphological reaction in the form of hyperplasia of the lymphoid elements of the wall of the large intestine and ...1977413291
oral immunization of monkeys with polyvalent dysentery vaccine.macaca mulatta monkeys were immunized orally with polyvalent boivin extract of shigella flexneri 2a, 3a, 4a, 4b, 6 and shigella sonnei. the total immumizing dose for each component was equivalent to 1.2 x 10(12) cells. after challenge with 7.5 x 10(10) cells of a virulent s. flexneri 2a strain, out of 20 immunized animals 2 developed dysentery and 4 showed mild dyspepsia; all 6 control animals became ill with dysentery. vaccination failed to influence the incidence, duration or the intermittent ...1977412396
amyloidosis in rhesus monkeys with rheumatoid arthritis and enterocolitis.generalized amyloidosis was diagnosed by light and electron microscopy in 4 of 5 monkeys (macaca mulatta) that had a history of chronic arthritis or chronic intermittent diarrhea, or both. clinical signs and lesions of arthritis in the monkeys were compatible with diagnostic criteria for rheumatoid arthritis. shigella sp was cultured from 1 monkey, and 2 other monkeys had colonic lesions characteristic of shigellosis. at necropsy, gross changes attributed to amyloid were seen only in the liver. ...1977411771
effect of some bacterial products on platelet electrophoretic mobility (pem).bacterial lps, used in our experiments, are able to decrease pem at concentration of 100 microgram/ml after incubation with 1 x 10(7) platelets/ml for 30 min at 37 degrees c. such effect is statistically significant for bacteroides fragilis lps, s. enteritidis and s. typhi. e. coli lps 026:b6 w and e. coli 055:b5 w are not effective at all, s. minnesota (incomplete) lps 595 and 345 free of 0-polysaccharide and partially lacking core in their molecule did not influence pem, while s. minnesota lps ...1977410424
[study of intestinal infections in experiments on monkeys]. 1977410189
immunization with shigella dysenteriae type 1: evaluation of antitoxic immunity in prevention of experimental disease in rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta).the role of serum antitoxic antibody in protection against the dysentery caused by shigella dysenteriae type 1 (shiga's bacillus) was studied in monkeys fed 10(10) virulent organisms after parenteral immunization with a formalin-inactivated shiga toxoid preparation standardized in mice. two 125-microgram doses of toxoid adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide adjuvant and given 14 days apart provided mice with a 54-fold increase in resistance to parenteral toxin. in rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta), the s ...1977409782
detection and differentiation of iron-responsive avirulent mutants on congo red agar.agar medium containing congo red dye differentiates virulent and avirulent colonies of shigella, vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli, and neisseria meningitidis. like virulent plague bacilli, wild-type cells of these species absorb the dye and produce red colonies. mutants or colonial variants have been isolated that fail to absorb the dye and produce colorless colonies. these mutants exhibit reduced virulence in the chicken embryo model, but their virulence is enhanced by supplementation with iro ...1977409688
[preliminary tests of the influence of wastewaters from sugar-factories upon the numbers of intestinal bacteria in water (author's transl)].this work presents the results of experiments dealing with the influence of wastewaters from 2 sugar factories in the czechoslovakia upon some representatives of intestinal bacteria: e. coli, c. feundii, e. aerogenes, s. anatum, s. schottmuelleri, s. typhi-murium, sh. sonnei and str. faecalis. the experiments were carried out at 30, 20 and 10 degrees c. the experiments have shown that the presterilized waste-water from sugar factory (in bohemia and in slovakia) caused rapid multiplication of the ...1977407746
typhoid: clinical picture and response to chloramphenicol. prospective study in bombay (1972).the clinical picture of 78 cases with proven typhoid and 18 cases with proven paratyphoid a fever is presented. the diagnosis was made by isolating the organisms from the blood. the widal test could not be used as a diagnostic criterion. by means of chemotherapy with chloramphenicol (initial dose 30-40 mg/kg body weight) defervescence was achieved within an average of 4.5 days. the course of the disease was generally mild; one patient with typhoid fever died. the average hospital stay was 19 day ...1977407164
increased prostaglandin synthetase activity in inflamed tissues of the rabbit eye.tissues from normal and inflamed rabbit eyes were examined for prostaglandin synthetase activity using homogenates and microsomal preparation. ocular inflammation was induced with 10 microgram shigella endotoxin injected into the vitreous body. homogenates of iris-ciliary processes of normal and inflamed eyes synthesized 2.3 and 5.6 microgram respectively of prostaglandins per g wet weight of tissues from endogenous substrate. intact tissues from normal and inflamed eyes produced similar amounts ...1977407086
aetiology of acute gastroenteritis in infancy and early childhood in southern india.the aetiology of acute gastroenteritis was studied in 50 infants and young children. bacterial pathogens were isolated in 33, enteropathogenic e. coli (epec), salmonella, and shigella being the commonest isolates. rotaviruses were detected in the stools of 13 of the cases. all children with gastroenteritis in whom rotavirus was detected were seen during the months july to december. in 30 children who served as controls, epec were isolated in 6, but rotavirus was detected in none. it is concluded ...1977406857
bacteriocin typing by leakage of ultraviolet light-absorbing material.a rapid and reproducible method of bacteriocin typing is described based on leakage of ultraviolet light-absorbing material (uvam), detectable in supernatants of bacteriocin-sensitive cultures, by means of a spectrophotometer. the prerequisites for reproducible results, with nonsignificant fluctuations in standard error of the mean, are: a set of standardized bacteriocins, produced under defined conditions and of determined strength. these must interact with the unknown bacterial culture in susp ...1977406200
synergy and rifampicin. 1977405361
[diagnosis of bacterial infections of the urinary tract].the aetiopathogenesis of bacterial infections of the urinary ways and the techniques used to isolate and identify the bacteria present in the urine are considered. the following aspects are covered: 1) introduction (clinical microbiology); 2) urine and bacterial multiplication; 3) diagnostic techniques in urinary way infections; 4) urine leucocyte count; 5) urine bacteria count; 6) guidelines for applying bacteriological research; 7) recurrent infections of the urinary ways; 8) diagnosis of the ...1977404596
[effect of sonne shigella endotoxin on cholinergic regulation of intestinal circulation].a method of extracorporeal autoperfusion and resistography of the intestinal vessels and synchronous multichannal recording the systemic blood circulation were applied to the study of the influence of the sh. sonnei endotoxin on the cholinergic regulation of the cardiovascular system in macacus rhesus. it was shown that development of intoxication was accompanied by the changes in the cholinergic regulation of the intestinal and systemic circulation leading to its disturbance. possibly affection ...1977403979
stool viruses in babies in glasgow. i. hospital admissions with diarrhoea.stools from 183 babies under 2 years of age admitted to ruchill hospital with diarrhoea were examined by electron microscopy, virus culture, bacterial culture and light microscopy. as far as possible, several stools were examined from each patient and the results showed rotaviruses, astroviruses and other viruses in association with symptoms, as well as the expected bacterial pathogens. examination of several stools from the same patient also showed that in this age group the viral flora of the ...1977403233
[toxicity of bacterial polysaccharides (a review of the literature)]. 1977402887
fosfomycin, antimicrobial activity in vitro and in vivo.antibacterial activities of fosfomycin were investigated both in vitro and in vivo for the purpose of comparative evaluation on its fundamental properties with other antimicrobial agents. the mic was determined with nutrient agar (difco) inoculated with one loopful of 1,000-fold dilution (about 10(6) cells/ml) of bacterial suspension cultured overnight in nutrient broth. this substance showed antibacterial activity to most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, being strongest to enterobacter ...1977401721
shigellae and reiter's syndrome. 1979400766
[dysentery outbreak caused by shigella sonnei in a children's day care center during the month of november]. 1979400539
resistance to lyophilization of salmonella typhi, escherichia coli and shigella flexneri strains. 1979400513
[drug resistance of shigella strains isolated in central italy during 1969-1976 (author's transl)].only ninety-three strains of shigella, eightyseven of which have been identified as s. sonnei and six as s. flexneri were collected during 1969-1976 at the pathogen enterobacteria centre of pisa in central italy, as evidence of an epidemiological situation marked by a rare occurrence of syndromes related to these organisms. the collected strains were tested with disks of nine antibacterial drugs in common use: the survey detected sensitivity of all the strains to cephaloridine, ampicillin, carbe ...1979400254
[research methods of r factors (author's transl)].after having outlined the routine methods for the study of drug resistance plasmids used at highly specialized centres such as the london enteric reference laboratory, the aa. examine the most practical methods of a pure and simple way of discovering r factors in enterobacteria. a brief reference is made to some of the in vivo transfer techniques before reducing the various possibilities of in vitro survey to essentials. the experimental conditions realized by some aa. for mating in liquid media ...1979400251
[researches on some biochemical and serological properties and on the sensitivity to antibiotics of l-forms of "proteus" (author's transl)].the possibility to keep some biochemical reactions of the parent strains (urease-positive, glucose fermentation, phenylalanine-deaminase-positive, h2s but not indol production) was demonstrated in 5 l-forms, obtained from as many strains of pr. mirabilis and in 1 l-form, isolated from a vaginal secretion and identified as belonging to the same species. the indirect hemagglutination technique, made by the sonicated antigen in 3 of the 6 l-forms with proteus oxk antiserum, resulted positive in tit ...1979400087
colonization by salmonella typhimurium and shigella flexneri iii of the gastrointestinal tract of mice treated with beta-2-thienylalanine and streptomycin.mice fed beta-2-thienylalanine (beta-2-t) by oesophageal tube were no more susceptible to gastrointestinal tract colonization by salmonella typhimurium or shigella flexneri iii than control mice fed water. in both beta-2-t-fed and water-fed groups, the increasing dosage of s. typhimurium, in logarithmic increments to groups of mice, resulted in increasing numbers of these bacteria detectable on dilution plates from organ homogenates. colonization by s. flexneri iii only occurred at a dosage of 1 ...1979399720
enterotoxins of enteric bacteria--a review.a review of the enterotoxins of enteric bacteria was compiled, taking into account recent developments of the field as well as results of the author's own research work. after characterization of enterotoxins of different origin, their pathogenic role is described, with special attention to the genetic background of these agents. the possible use of enterotoxins for active immunization purposes is also discussed.1979399581
the intestinal flora and infant botulism.the intestinal flora of experimental animals interferes with infection by species of salmonella and shigella. protection against infection with these organisms appears to be related to high concentrations of volatile acids, low ph, and low oxidation-reduction potential of the intestinal contents of animals with an intact flora. there are no data to show that the flora influences colonization of the intestine with clostridial species, but indirect evidence suggests that the intestinal flora may b ...1979399374
influence of culture medium of the fatty-acid profile in enteric bacteria.enteric bacteria having a high content of cyclopropane fatty acids steeply increase their synthesis when grown on insufficiently propitious culture media (meat-peptone agar or modified drobot'ko synthetic medium) as compared with bacteria grown under more favourable conditions (meat-peptone broth). simultaneously, a decrease in monounsaturated fatty acids and increase in palmitic acid are observed. one of the main factors underlying the change in the proportion of fatty acids in bacteria grown o ...1979399287
[evaluation of antimicrobial activity of indol alkaloids].in pursuing the study of the antimicrobial properties of alkaloids prepared from cuban plants the activity of 10 indol alkaloids and 4 semisynthetic variables obtained from three plants--catharanthus roseus g. don., vallesia antillana wood and ervatamia coronaria staph, of the family apocynaceae--growing in cuba was assessed in vitro. the alkaloids and the variables used were catharantine, vindoline, vindolinine, perivine, reserpine, tabernaemontanine, tetrahydroalstonine, aparicine, vindolinic ...1979399043
comparison of cefaclor and ampicillin in the treatment of shigellosis.fifty-four children with acute diarrhoea were treated orally with 50 mg/kg/day of either ampicillin in 4 divided doses, or with cefaclor in 3 divided doses for 5 days. shigella was isolated from the stool of 28 patients, 6 of whom were hospitalized. all isolates, including ampicillin-resistant strains, were susceptible in vitro to cefaclor. for ampicillin-sensitive infections, the clinical response and clearing of shigella from stools appeared to occur more rapidly in patients treated with ampic ...1979398485
comparison of some shigella flexneri (escherichia coli) hybrids in cross agglutination and agglutinin absorption tests.antigenic structure of lac+ hybrids selected from escherichia coli x shigella flexneri crosses was compared in the cross agglutination and absorption tests. identity of the hybrids from the recipients of serotype 2a and variant y was proved, as well as from serotypes 1b and 4b. the latter hybrids were coupled with shigella flexneri strains 3a, 3b and 3c. the hybrids appeared almost identical with serotype 3c.1979398206
phagocyte functions in familial mediterranean fever.monocytes derived from peripheral blood of patients with familial mediterranean fever (f.m.f.) demonstrated lower phagocytic capacity for shigella flexneri and depressed bactericidal activity against s. albus when compared to monocytes from healthy individuals. treatment of patients with colchicine did not alter these functions. on the other hand, chemokinesis of pmn of f.m.f. patients was enhanced especially during attacks. colchicine treatment decreased significantly the pmn chemotactic migrat ...1979397753
antigenic similarity of morphologic type ciii1 bacteriophages. 1979397728
shigella dysenteriae 1-like cytotoxic enterotoxins produced by salmonella strains.a salmonella enteritidis strain produced a cytotoxin in addition to heat-labile (lt) and heat-stable (st) enterotoxins. two strains of serotypes salmonella kapemba and salmonella thompson were lt and st negative, but exhibited a cytotoxic effect. after sephadex g-100 fractionation of the crude s. enteritidis material, some high and low molecular fractions had both cytotonic and cytotoxic activities. of the two other salmonellae, only some high molecular fractions contained the cytotoxic substanc ...1979396765
septicaemic manifestations of shigellosis. 1979396236
intestinal immunity and vaccine development: a who part of the research component of the who diarrhoeal diseases control programme, a scientific working group met in august 1978 to review recent advances in knowledge of intestinal immunity, the application of genetic techniques in enteric vaccine development, the status of currently available immunizing agents against cholera, typhoid fever, and shigella dysentery, and the prospects for the development of new or improved vaccines against the well known and newly recognized agents such as rota ...1979396051
the cellular and humoral immune response after administration to the guinea pig of shigella flexneri 2a t32--istrati vaccinal strain by different routes. 1978395927
sub-populations of peripheral lymphocytes from patients with shigella bacillary dysentery with associated this study we ascertained the proportion and absolute number of t, b and nul cell peripheral lymphocytes from shigella dysenteriae type i patients and compared these results with those from age matched controls. single blood samples were collected from 13 bangladeshi children who complained of symptoms for one or more weeks. patients were divided into two categories, with and without a leukaemoid response. the leukaemoid response was primarily granulocytic in nature, but there was a substanti ...1979395727
[shigellosis in tananarive (madagascar). ii : bacteriologic and therapeutic features (author's transl)].in acute dysenteries or diarrhoeas shigellae are the bacterial organisms which are the most frequently isolated from coprocultures. the most frequent sub-group is sub-group b (s. flexniri). in vitro, shigellae are sensible to all antibiotics but often resistant to sulfamids. treatment is not difficult.1979395407
shigella vulvovaginitis in childhood: a case report.vulvovaginitis due to shigella sonnei is reported in a four-year-old child.shigella sonnei as a rare primary pathogen causing vulvovaginitis, the prolonged nature of the clinical course, and the therapeutic implications of increasing resistance to ampicillin by the organism are discussed.1979395325
[biological characteristics of 2 shigella sonnei biotypes]. 1978394393
[studies concerning dysenteric infections in a closed children's community before and after antidysenteric vaccination. i. epidemiological considerations on acute intestinal infections].in the closed children's community studied between 1 jan. 1976 and 13 june 1977, a high proportion (54%) of the total number of acute intestinal infections was of dysenteric etiology, i.e. 46,9% in the 0--1 year age-group and 21,1% in the 1--3 years age-group, the dominant shigella subtype being represented by shigella flexneri 2a (25.1%). as only 37.2% of the total number of dysentery cases were manifested by enterocolitis and a high proportion (33.3%) ran a chronic course, the disease was not ...1979394271
[characteristics of the outbreak and control of an epidemic of bacillary dysentery of hydric origin].in december 1978, an unexpected outbreak of acute gastroenteritis occurred in a shoe factory. the clinical, epidemiological and laboratory investigations established the hydric origin of the dysentery due to shigella flexneri 3 a, caused by the illicit communication of the drinking water and industrial water mains. the antiepidemic measures promptly taken arrested the outbreak in three days ; there were no secondary, contact cases.1979394270
[effect of norsulfazole on the fatty acid makeup of enterobacteria]. 1979393968
[effect of intercurrent pathology on the immune response of the child's body in dysentery]. 1979392428
[intestinal flora and bile acids metabolism -- influence of bile acids on rejection of shigella flexneri 2a from the intestine (author's transl)]. 1979392126
search for reiter's syndrome after an outbreak of shigella sonnei dysentery.forty-seven % of 4,205 individuals living in a puerto rican community developed shigella sonnei dysentery. questionnaire and, where relevant, clinical evaluation of 1,970 patients and the remaining 2,235 unaffected residents disclosed no cases of reiter's syndrome (rs). among the possible explanations for failure to observe any cases is the important suggestion that s. sonnei is not arthritogenic.1979392097
patterns of shigella species and serotypes in east africa. 1979391541
fifty years ago. paper published in the december issue 1925. a review of a recent epidemic of bacillary dysentery with special reference to a new therapy: a paper read before the uganda branch of the british medical association, march 1925. 1979391538
reiter's disease: modern concepts.reiter's disease (rd) is a reactive arthritis syndrome in which arthritis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and urethritis are the main features. it may be an acute and self-limited disease or it may cause severe debilitation. it generally follows an infectious episode, such as shigella dysentery or nonspecific urethritis. recent evidence has shown that patients in whom rd develops have a genetic disposition since the presence of hla-b27 correlates highly with rd. therapy of rd involves supportive ca ...1979391498
[cyclical nature and the prediction of the dynamics of the epidemic process in different types of dysentery]. 1979390937
[structure of drug resistant bacilli (author's transl)]. 1979390191
macrophage functions in high and low cancer incidence strains of mice. a comparative study. 1979389688
shigella dysenteriae, sh flexneri, and sh boydii infections in england and wales: the importance of foreign travel. 1979389342
the numerous common antigens of enterobacteriaceae.a mosaic of proteins is synthesized by each of the enterobacterial species grown on artificial media (tryptose-agar, difco). their existence was proven with the help of sera prepared in rabbits with proteins from: s. enteritidis, s. typhi, s. typhimurium, s. paratyphi c, e. coli, and sh. sonnei. the induced antibodies, strongly precipitated numerous heterologous enterobacterial proteins. the proteins of sh. dysenteriae 4, although reacting against the heterologous sera, were poor immunogens and ...1979388941
epidemiology of shigella dysenteriae, type 1 infections, in dacca urban area.a prospective study of 47 families with an index case of shigella dysenteriae type 1 was conducted in the urban areas of dacca. the subsequent infection rates in contacts type 1 were 30.6% and 28.3% in the age groups 0--4 and 5--9. total secondary infection rate was 20.4% with rates in males higher than in females. among the contacts 12.5% developed diarrhoea caused by the same serotype, but 22.1% developed diarrhoea with undiagnosed causes. for one hospitalised case there were seven symptomatic ...1979388775
[comparative effectiveness of the treatment of acute dysentery]. 1979388065
[comparative characteristics of the clinical course of flexner and sonne dysenteries during the warm and cold periods of the year]. 1979388064
[clinical and pathogenetic comparisons with allergization in flexner and sonne dysentery]. 1979388063
characterization of plasmids from antibiotic-resistant shigella isolates by agarose gell electrophoresis.gel electrophoresis of dna from 95 clinical isolates of shigella sonnei and shigella flexneri resistant to antibiotics revealed a heterogeneous plasmid population. most of the plasmids were smaller than 6 megadaltons (mdal). six s. sonnei isolates with the most common antibiotic resistance pattern were characterized. they had two plasmids in common: one was a self-transmissible fi+ plasmid of 46 mdal encoding resistance to streptomycin and sulphafurazole. in addition, several cryptic plasmids ra ...1979387914
[functional interactions of the genomes of shigella sonnei phages and escherichia coli phage t4 in mixed infection].a comparative study of shigella sonnei phages u and g and escherichia coli phage t4 has shown that enzymes coded for by the sh. sonnei phages can functionally substitute for some t4-coded products. this finding in indicative of an evolutionary relationship between t-even phages and disenteric phages u and g. the u phage is uncapable to compensate amber mutants for the genes that control the conversion of cytosine into 5-hydroxymethyl cytosine (5-hmc) and the glucosylation of the latter, which ag ...1979387521
transfer of f'lac+ plasmid from salmonella typhimurium to shigella flexneri. 1978387348
shigella infections.shigellosis is a complex disease involving two distinct organs and two distinctive clinical presentations of intestinal involvement. it is also associated with a wide variety of extra-intestinal manifestations. because these may precede the onset of diarrhoea/dysentery, and confuse the diagnosis, it is safe to denote shigellosis as a protean clinical problem. the disease is readily spread by contact because so few organisms are required to establish infection. it may also be spread through conta ...1979387300
[results of testing a new method of using antibiotics in nutrient media for the isolation of shigella: the 2-streak method].a new variant of media with antibiotics for isolation of shigella, i.e. a method of 2 streaks each containing different antibiotics was tested in analysis of excrements from patients with acute dysentery. it was found that the new method is more effective than the well known method of gradient plates (isolation of shigella in one series of the experiments amounted to 85.2 and 64.7 per cent respectively, and in the other series of the experiments the respective figures were 95.4 and 89.3 per cent ...1979386936
[transduction analysis of the genetic control of synthesis of the r-nucleus of the lipopolysaccharide of o-antigen]. 1979386667
[seasonal problems of bacterial dysentery in the dagestan assr].during the period of 1959-1973 bacterial dysentery showed high morbidity rate in daghestan in all seasons, this tendency existing both in urban and rural areas. the peculiarity of the monthly distribution of dysentery cases, observed all over the repulic, was the shift of the morbidity peak from august to september-october, and in some years even to november; this could be clearly observed from the analysis of the material as a whole and from the analysis of dysentery morbidity rates in rural an ...1979386661
[recurrent sonne dysentery morbidity caused by shigella of varying enzymatic types].the proportion of repeated cases of dysentery caused by sh. sonnei does not exceed 3.59% of the total number of bacteriologically confirmed cases of this infection. the frequency of reinfection depended on the enzymatic type of the causative agent. the rarest cases of reinfection were those occurring after the primary infection with sh. sonnei, biochemical type 2, whereas the most frequent after the primary infection with sh. sonnei, type 3. reinfection with heterologous sh. sonnei was registere ...1979386653
[humoral factor study of natural immunity in sonne and flexner dysenteries]. 1979386651
shigella sonnei septicemia in a neonate: a case report. 1979385570
[phage-typing modifications induced by in vitro transfer of r plasmids. ii. -- phage-typing of shigella sonnei (author's transl)].forty-two antibiotic resistance plasmids and twelve metabolic plasmids have been transferred to a strain of shigella sonnei. the phage-typing modifications have been investigated after transfer of the different above described plasmids. eleven of the r plasmids and five of the metabolic plasmids affect phage sensitivity. these modifications are not specific for any compatibility group.1979384862
[survey of antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria using the cross product ratio].antibiotic resistance pattern in clinical isolates of selected gram-negative bacteria at groote schuur hospital during two three-month periods with a ten year interval were investigated. the antibiotic resistance is represented by means of the cross product, or odds ratio, using the log-linear model. this was found to be a simple method of monitoring the change or increase of antibiotic resistance, and enabled an overall analysis, catering for antibiotic and organism effects, to be performed1979384718
clinical profile of diarrhoea at ramathibodi hospital during 1977.restrospective clinical profile of diarrhoeal disease in children admitted to the pediatric department, ramathibodi hospital during january to december 1977 was studied. a total of 144 medical records (55.6%) could be analysed; rectal swab culture yielded enteropathogenic organisms in 47.2% of the cases consisting of 26.3% salmonella, 16.0% sero typing positive e. coli and 3.5% shigella. clinical presentation of each group was presented which with the exception of neurological symptoms was in co ...1979384546
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