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[experimental study of the effect of a number of chemotherapeutic preparations on the intracellular growth of dysentery bacteria, and their interaction with epithelial cells].the effect of some chemotherapeutics on intercellular growth of sh. sonnei and their capacity for penetration into cells hep-2 and primarily triptinized cells of the monkey kidneys was studied. by the character of their effect the drugs were divided into 3 groups. the drugs of the first group, i.e. furazolidone had no effect on intracellular growth of shigella. the drugs of the second group, i.e. neomycin, monomycin, kanamycin, polymyxin m, ampicillin, negram and 5-nok induced a rapid decrease i ...1976798546
[substantiation for the kanamycin treatment of certain diseases, taking into account its concentration at the sites of localization of the causative agent (an experimental study)].kanamycin concentration in the inflammatory foci was studied on experimental models of pneumonia, maxillary sinusitis and acute dysentery. the kanamycin levels in the sites of the pathogen localization were lower than those in the same tissues of healthy animals. the antibiotic dose should be chosen with the account of its concentration in the focus of the pathogen localization rather than in the blood serum.1976798542
[chemotypes of "shigella flexneri" r mutants and related phage receptors. i. -- chemical study of the lipopolysaccharides (author's transl)].the f6r rough mutants isolated from shigella flexneri f6s, serotype 5b, and the fh rough mutants, derived from other serotypes of s. flexneri, were chemotyped according to the chemical analysis of their lipopolysaccharides. further, the following stages of lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis in s. flexneri have been established: --(kdo)3--heptose--heptose--glucose--galactose; the last three stages are: either --glucose--glucosamine--glucose, or --glucosamine--glucose--glucose. the results of th ...1976798513
[chemotypes of "shigella flexneri" r mutants and related phage receptors. ii. -- localization of phage receptors (author's transl)].receptor sites for phages fp3, v, p1kcvir, h+, c21, t4, t3, t7 and 6sr have been investigated, by comparing the lytic activity of these phages on r mutants of strain f6 (f6r) and of various serotypes (fh) of shigella flexneri with their inhibition by the lipopolysaccharides isolated from these mutants. the results suggest the following localizations for the receptor sites: phage fp3: lipid a-kdo; phage v: heptose or glucose; phage c21: heptose-glucose; phages h+, p1kcvir, t4 and t3: glucose; pha ...1976798512
restriction and modification of shigella flexneri phages by r factors.out of 420 r factors derived from shigella flexneri strains, 50.8% restricted escherichia coli and s. flexneri phages. phage restriction was produced both by fi- and fi+ r factors. the r factors were divided into nine groups on the basis of the efficiency of plating of s. flexneri phages. changes of phage types were produced by transferring r factors of different restrictive types. the changes offered some information concerning the evolution of phage types. studies on phage modification support ...1976798471
r factors derived from shigella flexneri strains.of 2492 shigelle flexneri strains isolated from dysenteric patients in hungary in the years 1972-1974, 767 (30.8%) were resistant to 1-5 antibiotics. resistance was due to r factors in 79.2% of the strains. fertility inhibition experiments with f specific phages showed r factors to be fi+ in 12.9% and fi- and 87.1%. of the antibiotic markers, the chloramphenicol-tetracycline resistance determinant was the most common (46.4%). chloramphenicol resistance determinants were carried out by fi- r fact ...1976798470
[dysentery in the newborn infant]. 1976798251
[ultrastructural changes in mucosa of the distal portion of the large intestine of patients with dysentery].the ultrastructure of the mucosa of the large intestine was studied in 10 patients with acute dysentery. the group of patients included 7 women and 3 men aged 17--50 years. diagnosis was confirmed in all cases bacteriologically (by isolation of sonne shigella in 4 patients and flexner shigella in 6 patients). the electron-microscopy study of bioptats of the mucosa showed that in the inflammatory process all its cells--prismatic, gobletcells, and enterochromaffin -- took part, although not in the ...1976797360
[role of colicinogenicity in the mechanism of the antagonistic action of sonne and flexner shigellae]. 1976797188
[dysentery in the city of biaƂystok in the years 1961-1974]. 1976796895
[ultrastructural features of the interaction of salmonellae and shigellae with the cell]. 1976796637
studies on the effect of phytagglutinins on some members of enterobacteriaceae.extracts of twenty seeds were tested against twenty six organisms belonging to klebsiella, proteus, salmonella, shigella and cholera species. extracts of eleven seeds showed agglutinating activity against twenty four various organism. s. typhi and kl. aerogenes did not react against any lectin. on the basis of the results it was possible to differentiate various shigella and salmonella organisms by various seed extracts. different isolates of cholera organisms of same serotype and phage type sho ...1976796502
passive hemolysis inhibition test for quantitation of serologically active polysaccharides and oligosaccharides in micro improved quantitative micromethod is described for the assay of antigenically active bacterial lipopolysaccharides and their immunodeterminant oligosaccharides. the method which is capable of measuring antigens in nanogram quantities yields the same sensitivity as the microcomplement fixation without the limitations of this method. the use of the method was demonstrated on shigella sonnei phase 1 and phase ii lipopolysaccharide antigens and immunodeterminants.1976796388
[antimicrobiotics resistance of shigella sonnei. sutdy on 4450 strains isolated in the berlin area from 1963-1973. 2. antimicrobiotics resistance and lysotypes]. 1976795629
differentiation of pathogenic, gram-negative, bacterial genera in the presence of beta-2-thienylalanine.described in a fast screening assay for aid in the differentiation of bacterial genera. salmonella is separated from escherichia and shigella, as a generic group on the basis of an inhibition assay incorporating beta-2-thienylalanine, and using a defined medium. the assay is also usable for confirmation of taxonomic differences between genera. the inhibition reaction, readable as an 'all-or-none' phenomenon, follows a dose-response relationship for cultures affected by beta-2-thienylalanine, and ...1976795531
[a study of pancrealysates of sh. flexneri 2a and sh. sonnei fractionated by filtration through sephadex g-200 and ultracentrifugation].a high-molecular fraction of the o-antigen of sh. flexneri and sh. sonnei was isolated from the antigen complex by gel-filtration through sephadex g-200 and ultracentrifugation. the high-molecular fraction obtained by ultracentrifugation at 105000 g contained no low-molecular components.1976795248
[typing of shigella sonnei in the gdr during epidemiological surveillance].a total of 35,503 strains of sh. sonnei were typed during the period from 1962 to 1974 at the institute of experimental epidemiology. the principal method used was bacteriophage typing, and biochemical typing and determination of colicine formation served as auxiliary methods. colicine type, resistogram and in some cases r-factor were determined in some of the strains. such complex typing of sh. sonnei is of value in epidemiological practice.1976795240
[various debatable questions of epidemiology of intestinal infections. ii. interrrelationship between the intensity of enterobacteria accumulation in food and their pathogenic dose].experiments carried out by various methods demonstrated that the intensity of accumulation of various enterobacterial species in food and artificial nutrient medium was different: typhoid bacilli reproduced less intensively, reproduction of e. coli was the most intensive; as to other salmonellae and sh. sonnei--they occupied an intermediate position. it is supposed that the rate of enterobacterial multiplication was an evolutionally justified sign of the species and was to a definite extent prop ...1976795238
[the incidence of frequently occurring sh. sonnei phage types in the gdr].on the basis of literature data (from 1955 to 1970) and own studies (from 1962 to 1974) the authors present information on phage types of sh. sonnei the most frequently encountered in the gdr. it was possible to trace the detection and the incidence of individual phage types at the territory of the republic (by time). in centralized typing there were obtained rather constant and standard results. further improvement of phage typing and also its complex use together with other methods of typing i ...1976795234
[molecular weight and size of the molecules of immunologically separate shigella sonnei colicine types].biologically active electrophoretically homogeneous fractions of sh. sonnei colicines (isolated by gel-chromatographic distribution on sephadex) were characterized within the range of each of the immunologically isolated type by constant values of the molecular weight and the molecule size and also by close specific activity values. immunologically nonhomogeneous types of colicines produced by sh. sonnei differed considerably by their molecular-weight characteristics, the size of the molecules a ...1976795233
[changes of various factors of nonspecific humoral immunity in acute dysentery].the level of total enterobacterial enterotoxins of the blood serum, of beta-lysins, lysozyme activity, complement and normal antibodies were studied in 191 patients with acute flexner dysentery and in 285 patients with acute sonne dysentery, depending on the period of the disease, its severity, the treatment applied, and the species of the causative agent. the level of the nonspecific humoral immunity factors increased before the treatment and its normalization depended on the treatment applied.1976795232
[interaction with the hep-2 epithelial cells of sh. flexneri r mutants and hybrids differing in o antigen structure].the results of a study of the interaction of the r-mutants of sh. flexneri of various chemotypes and shigellae hybrids with a definite genetic characteristics differing by structure of the o-antigen labeled with 3h-glucose, with the cells of the hep-2 line demonstrated that the presence of the full value lipopolysaccharide structure apparently promoted the fixation of shigellae to the epithelial cells. the rough shigellae strains could retain the capacity to penetrate into the cells and to multi ...1976795229
[intraepithelial shigellae invasion of the intestinal mucosa in patients suffering from acute sonne dysentery].data are presented on detection of intraepithelial localization of shigellae in the biopsy materials of the large and small intestine mucosa of the patients with various forms of acute sonne dysentery, in comparison with the clinico-morphological picture of the disease. biopsy specimens (60 of the large and 7 of the small intestine) were stained with thionine and examined bacterioscopically; an intracellular distribution of the microbes was revealed in 58 cases; in 53 of them a subsequent identi ...1976795227
[importance of cellular and humoral immunity factors in dysentery in children]. 1976795153
a clinical and epidemiological study of gastro-enteritis.over a 13-year period, 2,903 asian, coloured and white children with gastro-enteritis were admitted to the wilkins infectious diseases hospital, salisbury. during a pilot study of 250 patients conducted over the first 2 years, a definite seasonal variation in the occurrence of gastro-enteritis, with a peak incidence in winter, was noticed, and this led to a more detailed study of 2,653 patients over the next 11 years. bacterial pathogens were recovered from 27% of patients, strains of shigella a ...1976795057
[effect of gram-negative bacterial polysaccharides on various immunity reactions and experimental tumors]. 1976794646
[serological activity of group antigens of human erythrocytes (abo system) and shigella sonnei]. 1976794644
[comparative susceptibility of animals to sonne and flexner dysentery]. 1976794642
isolation of shigella sonnei by fluid media.selenite f broth prepared in the laboratory from single ingredients was found to be significantly more efficient than nutrient broth in the isolation of shigella sonnei from human faeces. it was more efficient than direct plating on deoxycholate citrate agar for diagnosisng sonne dysentery in a local outbreak. the difference was significant. there was, however, no significant advantage for enrichment over direct plating when stools posted from briston to cardiff were examined. laboratory prepare ...1976794405
phage-dependent changes in shigella flexneri type antigen synthesis.lysogenic conversion of shigella flexneri type antigens was studied with the aid of wild-type and thermosensitive mutant phages. with all wild-type phages, the appearance of glycosylated antigen was accompanied by the appearance of polyprenyl phosphate glucose synthetase activity. with some of the mutant phages, the appearance of glycosylated antigen was not followed by the formation of lipid-linked glucose in the enzyme assay. the reverse has also been observed, i.e., the high rate of formation ...1976793990
[formation of f'-episomes in flexner shigellae].genetic characteristics of shigella flexneri virulent donor strain 3s, isolated in the laboratory, are studied. the data obtained showed that sh. flexneri 3s 6832 is of f'protype it did not transmit even closely located chromosome markers, except pro+. the transition of pro+ marker was reproduced in reca- strain. f'pro plasmid was eliminated with a frequency similar to that of f'lac factor in the control strain of escherichia coli. the study of virulence by means of keratoconjunktival test revea ...1976793929
studies on the relationships between the immunogenicity and catabolism of antigens and their binding to the surface of macrophages.the relationship between immunogenicity of shigella paradysenteriae, the branched synthetic polypeptide poly-l (tyr, glu)-polylpro-polyllys [(t, g)-pro--l] and human albumin (hsa) interacting with macrophages and kinetics of antigen degradation and degree of binding to the cell surface was studied. following thioglycollate inoculation into c57bl/6 mice, the peritoneal-stimllated macrophages had higher levels of hydrolases as compared to unstimulated cells. the lysates of the stimulated macrophag ...1976793850
[change in the sensitivity of dysentery bacteria to certain antibiotics, furazolidone and antifungal preparations when cultured together with candida albicans].the effect of candida albicans (2 collection cultures and 1 freshly isolated culture) on sensitivity of dysentery bacteria (5 zonne strains, 4 flexner strains and 2 newcastle strains) to antibiotics, furazolidone and their combinations with nystatin or decamine was studied by the method of serial dilutions. a total of 937 tests were performed with the use of 10 concentrations in each test. it was found that sensitivity of the shigella to levomycetin succinate, monomycin and furazolidone decrease ...1976793515
[free amino acid content in the blood and urine from the use of monomycin on children with dysentery].the progress of acute dysentery in 73 children at the age of 1 to 14 years treated with monomycin and the levels of free amino acids in the blood and urine in dynamics were studied. it was found that the blood levels of 6 amino acids in the children treated with the antibiotics significantly decreased, while those of 3 amino acids increased as compared to the levels of the same amino acids in the children treated without the antibiotics. it was concluded that the diet of dysentery children treat ...1976793513
[distribution and properties of streptomycin-resistant clones in a population of freshly isolated shigella sonnei strains].it was found that the rate of emergence of streptomycin resistant clones in the populations of fresh isolates of shigella zonne amounted to 10(-6)--10(-4). such streptomycin resistant clones masked streptomycin resistance of the initial shigella population. the main biological properties of the streptomycin resistant clones were identical to those of the initial population.1976793512
a rapid glutamic decarboxylase test for identification of bacteria.a simple rapid glutamic decarboxylase test is described. this test was found useful in the identification of escherichia coli, shigella sp., providencia alcalifaciens, clostridium perfringens and bacteroides fragilis.1976793504
studies on the energetic metabolism of shigella flexneri x escherichia coli hybrids devoid of penetration ability. iv. growth characteristics in the presence of some tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates.the dynamics of avirulant lac+kcp- hybrids sh. flexneri multiplication was investigated in minimal medium in the presence of some tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates (fumarate, succinate, malate) and pyruvate. it was established that in spite of the loss of virulence in the rate of the multiplication of the hybrid strains, in comparison with that of the virulent recipient strains of sh. flexneri, considerable differences were not observed.1976793258
[effect of hyperbaric oxygen on aerobic bacteria].the authors investigated the growth of 8 species of pathogenic aerobic bacteria after treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. within 24 hours the cultures were exposed three times for 2 hours to an absolute pressure of 3 atmospheres of oxygen at 37 degrees c. in the fluid cultures as well as in the controls the inhibitory effect of oxygen was assessed in percent by means of the densitometric method. from these in vivo experiments the authors conclude that hyperbaric treatment of superficial pyogenic e ...1976793215
[immune response in the mild form of sonne dysentery]. 1976793178
[effect of specific sensitization of the body on the clinical symptoms of dysentery]. 1976793040
a case of severe bacillary dysentery caused by a gas-producing shigella boydii type 14 (enterobacterium a12 (sachs)). 1976792615
the problem of bacterial diarrhoea.the reported incidence of "pathogenic" bacteria, as judged by serotype, in the stools of children with acute diarrhoea has varied from 4 to 33% over the last twenty years. techniques such as tissue culture provide a means for detecting enterotoxin-producing strains of bacteria, strains which often do not possess "pathogenic" serotypes. "pathogenicity" requires redefinition, and the aetiological importance of bacteria in diarrhoea is probably considerably greater than previous reports have indica ...1976791597
genetic relatedness in the family enterobacteriaceae.five criteria of genetic relatedness are considered. the first, transfer of plasmids between groups, is frequently not a good criterion, because transfer is possible between all genera of the enterobacteriaceae and also to genera in other families. though transfer to closely related groups is most frequent, host restriction and the properties of the plasmid may influence the transfer frequency as much as the relatedness of the donor and recipient. the second criterion is interspecies recombinati ...1976791071
shigellosis in the united states: ten-year review of nationwide surveillance, the 10 years 1964-1973, 105,832 isolations of shigellae were reported to the center for disease control through a nationwide surveillance system. the number reported increased by approximately 13% annually, from 5852 in 1964, when only 17 centers reported all 4 quarters; to 16,797 in 1973, when 52 centers reported each quarter. the rate of reported isolations varied from 4.6 per 100,000 persons in 1965 to 9.1 per 100,000 in 1973. shigella sonnei accounted for 64% of all these isolates and for ...1976790947
[comparative studies with the rapid kcn-test for enterobacteriaceae according to cahan, sechter and ohad (author's transl)].581 strains of enterobacteriaceae (184 of salmonella, 100 of shigella, 31 of citrobacter freundii, 61 of escherichia coli, 40 of klebsiella, 165 of proteus) were investigated in comparison with the kcn-test according to møller and with the rapid kcn-test according to cahan, sechter and ohad. there was found that the results obtained with both methods were identical to 99 percent. in both tests there could be observed that inexplicable differences occur only in two strains of proteus mirabilis. t ...1976790855
on the metabolic characteristic of hybrids shigella flexneri x escherichia coli devoid of their ability for intracellular multiplication in the epithelial cells. ii. catalase and phosphatase activity.the catalase and phosphatase activity of avirulent by keratoconjunctival test of guinea pigs xyl+ and xyl-str (kcp-) hybrids that have lost their ability for intracellular multiplication, received from virulent strains. sh. flexneri (sh. flexneri 222 5 a and sh. flexneri m42-43) and donor strain e. coli ab 313 was investigated. it is established that there is a definite dependence between the changes in the catalase and the phosphatase activities of the hybrid strains and the newly received by t ...1976790854
on the metabolic characteristic of hybrids shigella flexneri x escherichia coli devoid of their ability for intracellular multiplication in the epithelial cells. i. glycolysis.the glycolysis (aerobic and in the presence of kcn) of avirulent xyl+ and xyl-str hybrids sh. flexneri x e. coli, devoid of their ability to multiply intracellularly in the epithelial cells, is studied. it is established that their glycolytic activity is considerably higher than the activity of the donor strain e. coli, and deviate significantly compared with shown activity of the virulent recipient strains sh. flexneri. xyl-str hybrids are showing high values of glycolysis in aerobic conditions ...1976790853
[transmissive plasmid determining hemolysin production and synthesis of thermolabile k-antigen]. 1976790826
[comparative study of the virulence of an antibiotic-sensitive strain of flexner dysentery and its exconjugants with different r-factors acquired in the experiment]. 1976790825
[change in the virulence of flexner shigellae following transmission of several parts of chromosomes related to the synthesis of o-antigen lipopolysaccharide from e coli k-12 and r-mutants of shigellae]. 1976790821
[realization of the cytotoxic properties of flexner shigellae in a macrophage culture at the cellular and subcellular level]. 1976790819
[role of the cytotoxicity of shigellae in the infectious process]. 1976790818
[cytotoxic factor of flexner shigella, its biologic function and genetic control]. 1976790817
[role of stewed fruit-berries as a factor in the transmission of dysentery toxinfectious diseases].experimental investigations aimed at working out methods for quantification of sh. sonnei in experimentally infected stewed fruits and berries are described and the ways for educing the epidemiological hazards of a compote prepared by failing to comply with proper heat treatment - idicated. the presently proposed by the author procedure for bacteriological analysis of an infected compote is shown to be sensitive enough, for it enables one to count 10(2) and more shigella cells in 1 ml of compote ...1976790769
experimental techniques in the determination of aetiology of acute infantile gastroenteritis.techniques used in the research laboratory for the microbiological diagnosis of infantile gastroenteritis are described. these techniques are in essence experimental models of the three pathogenetic mechanisms of bacterial diarrhoea. from the clinical bacteriological standpoint, although there is little difficulty with the identification of enteropathic bacteria such as salmonella and shigella, the differentiation of enteropathic strains of escherichia coli from commensal strains is not possible ...1976790602
shigellosis transmitted by nurses.twelve cases of shigella sonnei infection, with two deaths, occurred at a custodial institution in donelson, tennessee, in april and may 1973. nine of the cases and both deaths were in patients hospitalized at the institution's infirmary. the patients with nosocomial shigellosis were significantly younger and had been hospitalized significantly longer than controls. epidemiologic investigation implicated staff members in the transmission of illness from one patient to another and identified the ...1976790590
[shigellosis in tucumán].in 731 diarrhea cases studied from january 1971 to june 1973 in tucumán a significant increase of shigellosis in eutrophic children was observed. the frequency of shigella isolations, considering all the enteropathogens found, were: 15,5 %; 13 % and 21,3 % in 1971, 1972 and 1973, respectively (table 1). all the strains of shigella isolated belonged to the shigella flexneri b or shigella sonnei d groups, being the percentage for the former 78 % in 1971; 93 % in 1972 and 77 % in 1973 (table 2). th ...1975790480
travelers' diarrhea: new developments. 1976790143
[ 771 shigella strains isolated in a 15-year period from americans living in ankara. comparisons with shigella strains isolated from turkish natives].the author had worked as a bacteriologist in ankara american air force hospital from 1958 to 1972. during this period of time he was able to isolate 771 shigella strains from the american patients of the hospital. the amounts and the percentages of the subgroups are listed below together with the two other ankara city pediatric hospital results (see article). american community lived in ankara for 15 years and shared many aspects which were important in shigella epidemiology like using city's ta ...1976790107
epidemic shigellosis on a worktrain in epidemic of shigellosis occurred on a worktrain in western labrador in october 1974. during the outbreak 62 persons out of a crew of 91 became ill, 11 having recurrent illness; 14 were hospitalized. epidemiologic analysis with laboratory confirmation implicated unchlorinated and contaminated lake water as the source of the epidemic. faulty design of water storage tanks perpetuated the use of contaminated water; hence a second wave of illness occurred. the tanks were then thoroughly drained, c ...1976788882
the anodically-moving thermolabile antigen (ata) of gram-negative bacteria: its function as the receptor for f pili. 1976788356
[causes of the prevalent spread of dysentery sonnei]. 1976788337
[cytochemical changes in the peritoneal macrophages of mice infected with shigella sonnei]. 1976787734
shigellosis from augsut 1974, 31 of 45 cases of shigella sonnei infection in dubuque, iowa, were traced to swimming in an 8-km stretch of the mississippi river. comparison of the first case in each affected family with neighborhood controls showed a significant correlation between swimming and illness (p less than .0001). a significant association between diarrheal illness and swimming (p less than .0001) was also demonstrated by a retrospective survey of 60 families who had camped at a park beside the river; ...1976787562
effect of enterotoxins of vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli, and shigella dysenteriae type 1 on fluid and electrolyte transport in the colon.experiments were designed to determine whether the enterotoxins of vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli, and shigella dysenteriae type 1 alter the movement of fluid and electrolytes in the rat cecum. net secretion of water and sodium were observed after incubation of 1.67 x10(-5) mug of purified cholera toxin (choleragen)/ml for 18 hr or of 50 mug/ml for 3 hr. the effect of choleragen on cecal transport of water and electrolytes was related to the dose. in addition, choleragen increased cecal mucos ...1976787442
inhibition of in vitro protein synthesis by shigella dysenteriae 1 toxin. 1976786292
immune processes in the course of infection with dysentery bacilli. ii. transfer of immunity by means of serum.the role of antibodies in immunity to intravenous infection with dysentery bacilli was studied in mice. serum from animals immunized with a single dose of live dysentery bacilli obtained at a varying intervals of time after immunization transferred immunity to other mice infected with lethal doses of the same bacilli. passive immunity transferred with serum was diffrentiated. sera obtained 4 to 8 days after immunization of the donors with sublethal doses of live shigella sonnei phase i bacilli p ...1976786210
immune processes in the course of infection with dysentery bacilli. i. transfer of immunity by means of spleen cells.studies on the mechanisms of immune phenomena in the course of infections with dysentery bacilli in mice showed that injection of live shigella sonnei phase i bacilli intravenously evokes the appearance in the spleen of cells by means of which immunity to a lethal dose of these microorganisms can be transferred into other mice. immunity to a lethal dose of the bacteria was measured by the number of animals surviving the infection, and by the numbers of bacteria isolated from the organs of the an ...1976786209
fecal steroids in diarrhea. i. acute shigellosis.fecal bile acid and neutral sterol patterns of five healthy adult male volunteers, who were challenged by a virulent shigella flexneri 2a (m42-43) strain and developed dysentery were studied. it was observed that cholic acid was increased from 1.9 +/- 0.4% of total bile acid in the feces before infection to 14.5 +/- 2.1% during diarrhea (p less than 0.001). chenodeoxycholic acid also was increased from 3.2 +/- 0.7 to 8.7 +/- 3.2% in diarrhea but the difference was not significant statistically. ...1976786002
[amino acid composition of the cell wall peptidoglycans of sonne shigellae and typhoid bacteria]. 1976785894
[feasibility of treating sonne dysentery patients at home].results of studying possibility of treatment of 589 patients suffering from sonne dysentery at home showed that their significance in the spread of infection was not greater than that of those treated at the hospital. significance of the patients in the spread of infection in a family was determined by their age, severity of the disease, number and duration of excretion of the causative agent. it was concluded that patients with forme frustes or subclinical form of sonne dysentery and also those ...1976785887
[antibody-containing cells in the mucosa of the large intestine of patients with acute bacterial dysentery].the authors traced the dynamics of appearance, increase and disappearance of o-antibody-containing cells in the mucosa of the distal portion of the large intestine in patients suffering from acute sonne and flexner dysentery (aspiration biopsy of the mucosa). the antibodies were revealed by the indirect coons method. the total number of cells per 1 mm2 of 4 mum of the mucosal section the number of lymphoid cells and the content of the antibody-containing cells in % per total cell count of the ly ...1976785886
[epidemiology of bacterial dysentery in the usa]. 1976785885
[use of the antiglobulin test for the purpose of detecting antibodies to enteropathogenic bacteria in biological fluids].use of ihat with the addition of antiserum to immunoglobulins g, m, a increased the frequency of detection of antibodies to enteropathogenic bacteria in various biological fluids (blood, saliva, human milk, feces). at the same time the antiglobulin test permitted determination of the immunological class of these antibodies. in the substrates where the antibodies were subjected to an intensive action of proteolytic enzymes there was seen a decrease of the efficacy of the modified ihat, but by res ...1976785878
[effects of r factors on virulence of the host bacteria: virulence of salmonella lt-2 in mice with transfer of r factors from shigella strains]. 1976785058
shigella dysenteriae i: a forgotten cause of pseudomembranous colitis. 1976784931
antigenicity testing of inactivated oral enteric bacterial vaccines for human use.this study deals with the laboratory testing of the antigenicity of inactivated oral enteric bacterial vaccines for human use, viz. typhoid, dysentery, escherichia coli and cholera vaccines. for the assays the following methods are applied : 1) various types of active mouse protection tests 2) serum and coproantibody determinations in immunized persons and experimental animals, 3) protective ability of the immune sera in mice and embryonated eggs, 4) hemolytic and bacteriolytic plaque assays. it ...1976782974
intraventricular antipyretics and bacterial pyrogen adult fowls with cannulae chronically implanted into the iiird cerebral ventricle or into the hypothalamus, the effects of various hydrosoluble antipyretics, given intraventricularly, on bacterial pyrogen fever were studied. it has been shown that fever evoked by intrahypothalamic or intraventricular infusion of o somatic antigen of shigella dysenteriae was reduced by intraventricular administration of acetylsalicylate-lysine, indomethacin-methylglucamine or ibuprofen-lysine given during the ...1976782392
beta-lactamase activity in shigella sonnei.the basis of ampicillin resistance in shigella sonnei was analyzed for a number of isolates. most isolates that were resistant to ampicillin and cephalothin failed to transfer resistance. isolates resistant to cephalothin and ampicillin were inhibited by mecillinam, cefamandole, and cefoxitin. six strains were selected for study. these differed on the basis of inhibition by 10 beta-lactam antibiotics and on differences in beta-lactamase activity. there was no correlation between the inhibitory c ...1976782355
[use of the vshs elective-differential medium in the diagnosis of dysentery and other acute intestinal infections].results of trial of the vshs medium under conditions of direct seeding feces of patients suffering from dysentery and other acute intestinal disturbances demonstrated that by the efficacy of sh. sonnei isolation it failed to differ from ploskirev's bactoagar, was less effective in comparison with levin's medium with levomycetin (the incidence of shigella isolation was 49.7, 52.6 and 60.3%, respectively) and was the most effective in sh. newcastle isolation. in seeding feces after their enrichmen ...1976782114
[increasing the frequency of the transmission of antibiotic resistance in bacteria through their centrifugal sedimentation]. 1976782110
[grigor'ev-shiga dysentery and the current trends in its spread]. 1976782107
[the possibility of using the ht for the purpose of detecting sonne shigellae in milk]. 1976782104
[the role of the water factor in the spread of dysentery on river vessels].results of epidemiological and statistical analysis of the indices of dysentery morbidity and bacteriological examination of drinking water pointed to the significant role of the water factor in the spread of dysentery on the river vessels.1976782097
[an electron microscopic study of the interaction between shigellae and cell cultures. ii. structuro-functional response of the chief cytoplasmic organoids of infected cells].the initial mobilization of the protective power of amniotic cells under the influence of the intracellular parasite shigellae flexner was shown using qualitative and quantitative methods of electron microscopy. this mobilization is seen in the appearance and then concentration of membrane elements of the endoplasmic reticulum around the bacteria. the character of some degenerating changes confirms the opinion about the presence of an excreting endotoxin fraction in shigellae flexner.1975781958
serum amylase in rats following the administration of endotoxin. 1976781914
[experimental study of an associated infection induced by coxsackie viruses and dysentery bacteria]. 1976781489
[amino acid decarboxylase activity in shigella sonnei and its relationship to virulence]. 1976781485
particles found in the mitomycin-induced culture fluid of a strain of shigella sonnei and their relation to the bacteriocin activity. 1975781349
semisynthetic cephalosporins. synthesis and structure-activity relationships of 7-sulfonylacetamido-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acids.the synthesis and in vitro and in vivo activities of a series of 7-sulfonylacetamido-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acids with acetoxymethyl or heterocyclic thiomethyl substituents at the 3 position are described. lengthening the alkyl chain attached to the sulfonyl group increased gram-positive activity but the effect on gram-negative activity was variable. other structural changes on the 7-acyl side chain resulted in only minor changes in vitro activity. the protective effectiveness in infected mice g ...1976781242
shigella dysentery with secondary klebsiella sepsis. 1976781203
[fatty acid composition of bacteria of the genera escherichia, salmonella and shigella]. 1976780393
[purification and molecular morphology of a colicin produced by shigella sonnei strain 100052 (author's transl)]. 1976780245
proceedings: inactivation and mutation of cultured mammalian cells by radiations of different let. 1976779917
methylated guanine derivative as a minor base in the dna of phage ddvi shigella disenteriae.7-methylguanine has been identified in the dna of phage ddvi, which replicates in escherichia coli b cells. the amount of this minor base is 0.27 mol per 100 mol of nucleotides. in the dna of ddvi phage there is no 6-methylaminopurine which is usually a minor component in the dna of e. coli b and phage t2, yet the dna of ddvi phage is readily methylated during incubation in vitro with the b-specific methylase and adenosyl[3h]methionine with the label found only in 6-methylaminopurine. an extract ...1976779843
a bacteriological study of the intestinal mucosa and luminal fluid of adults with acute diarrhoea.bacteriological studies of jejunal mucosal biopsy specimens and contents were performed on 22 hospitalized adult patients with acute diarrhoea and 24 control normal subjects. none of the washed homogenates of the mucosal specimens were sterile and only one fluid specimen obtained from a control subject was sterile. a definite enteric pathogen was found in only five of the 22 diarrhoea patients. there was no qualitative difference in the bacterial profile of the jejunal mucosa and contents of the ...1976779681
shigellosis in custodial institutions. v. effect of intervention with streptomycin-dependent shigella sonnei vaccine in an institution with endemic disease.a double-blind controlled field trial of live, oral, streptomycin-dependent shigella sonnei vaccine was begun in an institution with endemic s. sonnei disease. considerable unexpected child-to-child transmission of the vaccine strains inadvertantly caused the field trial to resemble a mass vaccination campaign. although s. sonnei accounted for 90% of shigella infections from 1968 to 1971 and three-fourths of the cases occurred in the seven study cottages, s. sonnei disease disappeared following ...1976779465
[importation of shigelloses into the german democratic republic]. 1975779290
[immunochemical and molecular biological characteristics of dysentery phages].molecular organization of dna of six dysentery phages was studied for their classification. the pattern of glucosilation of their dna was determined by an immunochemical method and the test of competitive hybridization established the degree of homology of these dna in relation to t4 phage dna. four of the phages (ddvi, zonne "gorkyi" zonne "czechoslovakia", zonne "poland") were shown to belong to the group of t-even phages by their pattern of dna glucosilation and by their capacity to inhibit ...1976779271
proceedings: on new biological responses of conventional adult mice administrated with bacterial endotoxin. 1975778449
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