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[rate and degree of adaptation to antibiotics of shigella]. 195813626142
[effect of chemotherapy and of active immunization on protein fractions in experimental newcastle dysentery]. 195813626145
[a new bacterial strain from the shigella family]. 195813626149
[effect of vitamin b group on the development of shigella]. 195813632410
effect of shigella shigae toxin on atpase activity. 195813606922
[effect of intracerebral administration of bacterial toxins]. 195813608582
[fibrinolytic activation in case of severe abruptio placentae]. 195813633560
[results of phage typing of berlin strains of shigella sonnei strains in 1955-1957]. 195813616615
[not available]. 195813617718
[epidemiological significance of rivers contaminated with dysentery microbes]. 195813620111
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. xiii. effect of x-irradiation on lymph node cells incubated in vitro with shigella-trypsin filtrate. 195913620912
a case of shigellosis. 195913621018
frequency of carriers of salmonellae, shigellae, and pathogenic caliform organisms in normal children under 5 years. 195913666715
[role of atypical variants of flexner's bacillus in the appearance of infectious experimental process]. 195913660427
the changes of shigella shigae toxin toxicity induced by phenol. 195913662524
[survival of typhoid and dysenterial bacilli in sea water]. 195913666422
[epidemic shigella sonnei infection in 1955]. 195913674477
[studies on biological properties of shigella newcastle. i. biochemical properties of shigella newcastle]. 195913666421
a comparison of various methods of estimating mutation rates for the system phase-i to phase-ii shigella sonnei. 195913675868
[effect of synthomycin on dysenterial toxin and on experimental dysenterial intoxication]. 195913666425
the rate of spontaneous lysis of lysogenic bacteria. 195913669301
[food poisoning caused by sonne's bacillus]. 195913669368
[detection of causative organisms of dysenterial infections during mass bacteriological examinations]. 195913669374
[effect of calcium on phage penetration into various sensitive bacteria]. 195913670525
[a mechanism of a protracted collapse in bacterial intoxication at an early stage of development]. 195913671061
[use of a method of phage titer increase for investigation of objects of the external environment]. 195913676847
[survival time of dysentery bacilli in feces]. 195913676849
[lipid-protein complexes in shigella]. 195913676390
[data on the comparative survival of the boyd-novgorodskaia iii & sonne dysentery bacilli in water & milk]. 195913676850
studies on the thermolabile antigens of shigella flexneri y. 195913634969
determination of the immunogenic value of boivin antigens by means of haemagglutination-inhibition test. 195913634970
[septicemia caused by bacterium alkalescens]. 195913668627
[antibiotic and sulfonamide therapy of dysentery and their effects on shigella]. 195913668868
salmonella and shigella infections in africa. 195913635117
[not available]. 195913638355
the catalase activity of shigella flexneri. 195913642213
[not available]. 195913643652
[sensitivity to colicines and colicine-producing properties of the shigella group]. 195913651409
[certain current aspects of epidemiology, therapy and prevention of bacillary dysentery. i. sulfonamide-resistance of shigella]. 195913652158
[survival and multiplication of typho-paratyphoid and dysenterial bacilli in water]. 195913653395
[intradermal reactions with hydrolysate of flexner's & sonne's bacilli (d. a. tsuverkalov) in various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in children]. 195913657628
the mutation rate of phase i shigella sonnei to phase ii. 195913659121
[unusual behavior of rabbit shigella sonnei r immune sera in indirect hemagglutination]. 195913648579
the survival of shigella sonnei on cotton threads. 195913664989
[effect of ionizing radiations on the course of dysenterial infection]. 195913656217
[a coliform bacterium containing an antigen related to shigella flexneri]. 195913660312
[considerations on the classification of shigella]. 195913660407
[quantitative content of complete antigen in flexner's bacillus of various serotypes and its immunogenic activity]. 195913660413
[resistance of shigella to sulfanilamide]. 195913660415
[thio-specific staining of shigella flexneri c with the aid of luminescence antibodies]. 195913660416
[certain data on the nature of atypical strains of shigella]. 195913660426
resistance of shigella flexneri to tetracyclines, chloramphenicol and streptomycin; a study of 131 freshly isolated strains. 195913661531
[apocholate citrate agar for isolation of shigella and salmonella bacteria]. 195913648745
[luminescent micro-agglutination of bacteria]. 195913648854
[studies on lytic properties of dysenterial bacteriophages in mouse organism infected by flexner's bacillus]. 195913648857
[significance of experimental keratoconjunctivitis in immunological studies on dysentery]. 195913648866
[importance of shigella infections in the pathology of dakar natives]. 195913797827
serum spheroplasts of shigella dysenteriae. 195913634160
experimental shigellosis in mice. ii. immunological responses to shigella dysenteriae type 2 infection. 195913811789
experimental shigellosis in mice. i. chronic infection with shigella dysenteriae type 2. 195913811790
the bacteriology of the bantu food-handler: enterobacteriaceae. 195913802268
[relation of bacteriophage reproduction to bacterial culture conditions]. 195913802842
[synthetic media for the culture of dysenterial flexner's bacilli]. 195913802843
[on the preparation and properties of i131-labeled antigens of dysenterial bacteria]. 195913829179
[active immunization against bacterial dysentery. i. general characteristics and classification of dysenterial bacilli]. 195913829904
[data for the study of biological properties of dysenterial strains investigated on chick embryos and in experimental dysenterial keratoconjunctivitis]. 195913798399
the back mutation rate of lactose-positive variants of shigella sonnei. 195913810866
the late lactose-fermenting property of shigella sonnei. 195913810867
[biological characteristics and classification of shigella newcastle bacteriophages]. 195913820707
[on the problem of the duration of survival of dysenterial bacilli in feces]. 195913852608
[sanitary-index role of dysenterial bacteriophages in the framework of the current state of the theory of bacteriophage]. 195913823238
experimental shigella infections. ii. characteristics of a fatal enteric infection in guinea pigs following the subcutaneous inoculation of carbon tetrachloride. 195913823968
[shigella and salmonella findings in monkeys. a contribution to the problem of the importation of pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195913830625
[on the utilization of citrate in the tribe of the escherichieae]. 195913836454
[mass culture of pathogenic intestinal bacteria. part i. the culture process]. 195913853173
[carbohydrate composition of specific polysaccharides of certain types of pathogenic bacteria of the enteric group]. 195913819480
[on the problem of the application of luminescence analysis for the detection of dysenterial bacilli in food products]. 195913840560
[studies on certain properties of levomycetin-resistant dysenterial bacilli]. 195913847085
[medicinal sensitivity of dysenterial bacilli]. 195913847594
[procedure for diagnosis of the "enterobacteriaceae"]. 195913848052
[on the diffusion of "natural" anti-shigella antibodies in the rural population]. 195913842377
shigella bacteria in rattus norvegicus. 195913849741
[role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervations of the intestine in the development of dysenterial intoxication in puppies]. 195913850259
the indirect haemagglutination test in dysentery caused by shigella sonnei and shigella flexneri. 195913852176
[studies on a thermo-labile antigen and on its immunogenic properties in types c and f flexner dysenterial bacilli]. 195913852633
laboratory diagnosis of shigella and salmonella infections. 195914403118
[on the detoxifying effect of antibiotics of the tetracycline group in experimental dysenterial intoxication]. 195914426216
[effect of shigella shigae toxin on cholinesterase activity]. 195914426301
[mechanism of action of chloramphenicol. iii. effect of chloramphenicol on the assimilation of pyruvic acid by various types of bacteria]. 195914411121
[significance of conjunctival infection of guinea pigs in the identification of dysenterial bacilli]. 195914427707
[mechanism of action of levomycetin (chloramphenicol). iv. effect of levomycetin on pyroracemic acid metabolism in colon and flexner's bacilli and its relation to the degree of culture medium aeration]. 195914411122
on antigenic o-relationships between the groups salmonella, arizona, escherichia and shigella). 195914404249
[exocrine function of the pancreas in experimental dysenterial intoxication and the mechanism of its disorders]. 195914405806
[effect of phosphorus esters of hexoses on the growth and certain metabolic reactions in dvsenterial and coli bacilli]. 195914406103
[on the relationship between individual species of dysenterial bacteria]. 195914408808
[studies on oxidation-reduction activity of diphtherial bacteria. i. dehydrogenase activity of toxigenic and non-toxigenic strains]. 195914422006
[biological properties of shigella sonnei and flexneri during their cultivation on synthetic media in aerated cultures]. 195914411438
[rules of multiplication of dysenterial bacilli in synthetic media during aeration]. 195914411439
[distribution and time of retention of shigella flexneri in the organisms of passively-immunized white mice]. 195914411508
[epidemiological importance of e. alcalescens]. 195914411746
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