reversible translocation of antibiotic resistance determinants in salmonella ordonez.salmonella ordonez (bm 2000) codes for kanamycin (km, apha), ampicillin (ap), streptomycin (smsp:aada and sm:aphc), chloramphenicol (cm), tetracycline (tc) and sulfonamide (su) resistances and for production of colicin ib (cib). genetical analysis by incompatibility testing, conjugation, transformation and physical studies using electron microscopy, agarose gel electrophoresis, led us to associate the km and cib characters to a 98.7 kilobase (kb) inci1 plasmid (pip565), and the sm (aphc) and su ...1979155772
[genetic map and structure in "escherichia coli" k12 of a resistance plasmid isolated from "salmonella ordonez" (author's transl)].a resistance plasmid called r ip173 has been transferred into e. coli k12 from a multiresistant strain of s. ordonez isolated during an epidemic in dakar. this plasmid mediates for colicine ib production and resistance to ampicillin, streptomycin, spectinomycin, kanamycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline and sulfonamides. it is transducible "en bloc" by the phage p1-kc between strains of e. coli k12. compatibility studies have shown that r ip173 belongs to the fi- class, i1 group. it is transferre ...19751106293
[study of an epidemic due to "salmonella ordonez" in the dakar area (senegal)]. 19724558575
the transposon-like structure of is26-tetracycline, and kanamycin resistance determinant derived from transferable r plasmid of fish pathogen, pasteurella piscicida.tetracycline (pp-tet), and kanamycin (pp-kan) resistance genes were cloned from a transferable r plasmid of fish pathogen pasteurella piscicida, and complete nucleotide sequences were determined. the pp-tet was a class d tet determinant constructed with the teta resistance gene of 1,182 bp encoding a protein with a deduced molecular mass of 41 kda and the tetr repressor gene of 654 bp encoding a product of 24 kda. the pp-tet was highly homologous to the tet(d) of plasmid ra1 isolated from aeromo ...19948052160
actual or standard bicarbonate. 199989314
nucleotide sequence of class d tetracycline resistance genes from salmonella ordonez.plasmid pip173, isolated from salmonella ordonez strain bm2000, confers resistance to tetracycline and a number of other antibiotics. we determined the nucleotide sequence of the pip173 tetr repressor and teta resistance genes. the pip173 tetr gene is essentially identical to the class d tetr gene from plasmid ra1. the pip173 tet genes are flanked by directly repeated copies of the insertion sequence is26. interestingly, the 3' end of the tetr gene, encoding the c-terminal 16 amino acids of the ...19938384294
is15, a new insertion sequence widely spread in r plasmids of gram-negative bacteria.we have shown that the is15 element, first detected in salmonella ordonez and previously designated is1522 (labigne-roussel et al. 1981), could transpose, with an approximate frequency of 5 x 10(-5), to various sites of different replicons in an escherichia coli host deficient for general homologous recombination. physical mapping with restriction endonucleases of this 1,500 base pairs (bp) transposable module indicated the presence of two, possibly contiguous, directly repeated internal sequenc ...19836304459
translocation of sequences encoding antibiotic resistance from the chromosome to a receptor plasmid in salmonella ordonez.salmonella ordonez strain bm2000 carries kanamycin (km), ampicillin (ap), spectinomycin (sp), chloramphenicol (cm), tetracycline (tc), and sulfonamide (su) resistance and production of colicin ib (cib). the km and cib characters were carried by a 97 kb inci1 plasmid (pip565). in addition to the km and cib traits, all or part of the other antibiotic resistance (r) determinants could be transferred by conjugation from s. ordonez to escherichia coli where all the acquired characters are borne by an ...19816272059
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