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infection of a congenital epidural dermoid cyst secondary to lumbar puncture. 200717179297
use of boronic acid disk methods to detect the combined expression of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of klebsiella spp., salmonella spp., and proteus mirabilis.a study using boronic acid (ba), an ampc enzyme inhibitor, was designed to detect the combined expression of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases (pampcs) and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) in bacterial isolates naturally lacking chromosomal ampc genes. a total of 122 klebsiella spp., salmonella spp., and proteus mirabilis isolates producing or nonproducing pampcs and/or esbls were analyzed. detection of genes encoding esbls and ampcs was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) ...200717174510
capillary isoelectric focusing and fluorometric detection of proteins and microorganisms dynamically modified by poly(ethylene glycol) pyrenebutanoate.the nonionogenic pyrene-based tenside, poly(ethylene glycol) pyrenebutanoate, was prepared and applied in capillary isoelectric focusing with fluorometric detection. this dye was used here as a buffer additive in capillary isoelectric focusing for a dynamic modification of the sample of proteins and microorganisms. the values of the isoelectric points of the labeled bioanalytes were calculated with use of the fluorescent pi markers and were found comparable with pi of the native compounds. the m ...200617165837
the effect of lipopolysaccharide from proteus mirabilis on the level of the stable end metabolic products of nitric oxide in blood platelets.nitric oxide ((*)no) plays an important role in a number of physiologic processes. evidence exists that (*)no, which stimulates soluble guanylate cyclase and enhances cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cgmp) levels, may inhibit platelet activation. in contrast, during platelet activation induced by different agonists, synthesis of (*)no in platelets occurs. in these studies, production of the stable end-products of (*)no-nitrite and nitrate (no(x)) in human platelets, stimulated by different doses ...200717160361
increased resistance to first-line agents among bacterial pathogens isolated from urinary tract infections in latin america: time for local guidelines?emerging resistance phenotypes and antimicrobial resistance rates among pathogens recovered from community-acquired urinary tract infections (ca-uti) is an increasing problem in specific regions, limiting therapeutic options. as part of the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program, a total of 611 isolates were collected in 2003 from patients with ca-uti presenting at latin american medical centers. each strain was tested in a central laboratory using clinical laboratory standard institute (clsi ...200617160281
a comparison of the binding of secretory component to immunoglobulin a (iga) in human colostral s-iga1 and s-iga2.a detailed investigation of the binding of secretory component to immunoglobulin a (iga) in human secretory iga2 (s-iga2) was made possible by the development of a new method of purifying s-iga1, s-iga2 and free secretory component from human colostrum using thiophilic gel chromatography and chromatography on jacalin-agarose. sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of unreduced pure s-iga2 revealed that, unlike in s-iga1, a significant proportion of the secretory component was ...200717156102
[comparison of different methods in order to identify proteus spp].comparison of different methods in order to identify proteus spp. the objectives were: (a) to identify proteus strains to species level, following farmer's and o'hara's conventional biochemical reactions; b) to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of both the api 20e method and a schema of reduced reactions (tsi and mio agar: motility, indole and ornithine) comparing them with conventional methodology, and c) to evaluate the utility of sds-page (total proteins) in order to identify proteus s ...200617152651
in-vitro activity of triclosan-eluting ureteral stents against common bacterial uropathogens.ureteral stents are commonly used in urology today, but the biofilms that form on them within hours of placement may harbor bacteria that can result in infection or encrustation. triclosan is an antimicrobial commonly used in consumer and medical products that inhibits bacterial fatty-acid synthesis. the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect of a triclosan-eluting ureteral stent was tested against clinical isolates of common bacterial uropathogens in an in-vitro setting.200617144870
antimicrobial resistance among uropathogens that cause community-acquired urinary tract infections in antananarivo, madagascar.urinary tract pathogens obtained from patients in madagascar are becoming increasingly resistant to commonly used antibiotics that are readily available at a low price. this poses a real problem for the treatment of community-acquired urinary tract infections (utis) in madagascar.200717138569
antiviral and antimicrobial assessment of some selected the current study, the results of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral activity tests of four flavonoid derivatives, scandenone (1), tiliroside (2), quercetin-3,7-o-alpha-l-dirhamnoside (3), and kaempferol-3,7-o-alpha-l-dirhamnoside (4), are presented. antibacterial and antifungal activities of these compounds were tested against escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis, klebsiella pneumoniae, acinetobacter baumannii, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, and entero ...200617137105
in vitro antibacterial activity of some plant essential evaluate the antibacterial activity of 21 plant essential oils against six bacterial species.200617134518
antibiotic resistance of uropathogens isolated from al-shifa hospital in gaza strip in 2002.a survey on clinical isolates from urine samples was conducted and the data obtained were analyzed to determine the most common bacterial causes of urinary tract infection in the gaza strip and to evaluate the sensitivity patterns to selected antimicrobials that are commonly used to treat such pathogens. urine samples were taken for culture from inpatients and outpatients at al-shifa hospital in gaza. urinary tract pathogens were identified and their susceptibility to antimicrobials was determin ...200617129841
antimicrobial use and resistance among gram-negative bacilli in an italian intensive care unit (icu).gram-negative bacilli antimicrobial resistance remains a significant problem for patients in the intensive care unit (icu). we performed a retrospective analysis of microbiological data and antibiotic consumption over a 4-year period (2000-2003) in an italian icu. pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae represented approximately 40% of all isolates. the most significant trend in antimicrobial use was an increase in use of 3(rd )generation cephalosporins, imipenem, and ciprofloxacin. a s ...200617129836
morphological characterization of the breast in proteus syndrome complicated by ductal carcinoma in situ.proteus syndrome (ps) is a severe, variable, and rare disorder with asymmetric and disproportionate overgrowth of body parts, cerebriform connective tissue nevi, epidermal nevi, dysregulated adipose tissue, and vascular malformations. it is associated with benign and occasionally malignant tumors. we report the first case of ductal carcinoma in situ (dcis) in a 28-yr-old woman with ps who underwent a mastectomy for asymmetric overgrowth. the cut surface of the tissue showed a discrete, white, lo ...200617127737
[proteus penneri].proteus penneri, formerly p. vulgaris biogroup 1, was recognized as a new species in 1982. this species is associated with clinical processes similar to those involving p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris and expresses similar pathogenic determinants. in clinical samples, p. penneri is mainly isolated from urine (50%), wound and soft tissue exudates (25%), and blood cultures (15%), mostly of nosocomial origin. although p. penneri is easy to identify, it can be misidentified as p. vulgaris by automatic ...200617125662
a microbial diagnostic microarray technique for the sensitive detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria in a background of nonpathogens.a major challenge in microbial diagnostics is the parallel detection and identification of low-bundance pathogens within a complex microbial community. in addition, a high specificity providing robust, reliable identification at least at the species level is required. a microbial diagnostic microarray approach, using single nucleotide extension labeling with gyrb as the marker gene, was developed. we present a novel concept applying competitive oligonucleotide probes to improve the specificity o ...200717123456
classification of proteus mirabilis tg 115 and ccug 10701 into the proteus o23 serogroup based on chemical and serological studies of o-polysaccharides.bacteria of the genus proteus are a common cause of urinary tract infections. the o-polysaccharide (ops) chain of their lipopolysaccharide (lps) defines the serological specificity of strains. based on the ops structures and the immunospecificity of the lps, proteus strains have been classified into 74 o-serogroups.200617122881
proteus mirabilis clinical isolate harbouring a new variant of salmonella genomic island 1 containing the multiple antibiotic resistance region.a clinical isolate of proteus mirabilis strain 18306, which displayed the multidrug resistance phenotype of salmonella genomic island 1 (sgi1), was examined for the presence of this island including its multiple antibiotic resistance genomic region.200717114173
nosocomial and community acquired urinary tract infections at a teaching hospital in north central nigeria: findings from a study of 12,458 urine samples.urinary tract infection (uti) is still a problem not infrequently encountered in the course of clinical practice. this study was designed to ascertain its prevalence among both the in and out-patients and the antibiotic susceptibility pattern of the isolates.200617111749
evolution and translation of research findings: from bench to where?the credibility and replication of research findings evolve over time, as data accumulate. however, translation of postulated research promises to real-life biomedical applications is uncommon. in some fields of research, we may observe diminishing effects for the strength of research findings and rapid alternations of exaggerated claims and extreme contradictions--the "proteus phenomenon." while these phenomena are probably more prominent in the basic sciences, similar manifestations have been ...200617111044
tigecycline: a new glycylcycline antimicrobial.tigecycline is a new glycyclcycline antimicrobial recently approved for use in the usa, europe and elsewhere. while related to the tetracyclines, tigecycline overcomes many of the mechanisms responsible for resistance to this class. it demonstrates favourable in vitro potency against a variety of aerobic and anaerobic gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, including those frequently demonstrating resistance to multiple classes of antimicrobials. this includes methicillin-resistant staphyloco ...200617109673
xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis: analysis of 18 review and evaluate patients with a clinicopathological diagnosis of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (xgp) with emphasis on the diagnostic methods and the effect of socioeconomic status on disease severity.200617098659
[substrate specifity in amoeba proteus].three different phosphatases ("slow", "middle" and "fast") were found in amoeba proteus (strain b) after page and a subsequent gel staining in 1-naphthyl phosphate containing incubation mixture (ph 9.0). substrate specificity of these phosphatases was determined in supernatants of homogenates using inhibitors of phosphatase activity. all phosphatases showed a broad substrate specificity. of 10 tested compounds, p-nitrophenyl phosphate was a preferable substrate for all 3 phosphatases. all phosph ...200617087151
otogenic intracranial complications. a 7-year retrospective review.the objectives of this study were to review our experience on intracranial complications secondary to otitis media (om), and to compare the results to those occurring 10-15 years ago. we also reviewed the timing of both otologic and neurosurgical treatments.200617084222
are laboratory-based antibiograms reliable to guide the selection of empirical antimicrobial treatment in patients with hospital-acquired infections?antibiograms are often taken into account to define a rational selection of an empirical antimicrobial therapy for treating patients with hospital-acquired infections. in this study, we performed a paired comparison between the antibiogram constructed with laboratory-based data and that formed with data subjected to prior clinical validation.200717079239
antimicrobial photodynamic therapy combined with conventional endodontic treatment to eliminate root canal biofilm compare the effectiveness of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (pdt), standard endodontic treatment and the combined treatment to eliminate bacterial biofilms present in infected root canals.200717066481
altered postnatal lung development in c3h/hej mice.c3h/hej mice develop an increase in terminal air space area detectable by postnatal d 14 that persists into adulthood compared with strain-matched controls (c3h/snj, c3h/ouj). morphometric quantification revealed a 50% increase in terminal air space area by postnatal d 14 and a 2.3-fold increase by 2 mo of age in c3h/hej mice. bacteriologic cultures obtained from the left lung on postnatal d 7 revealed > 100 colony-forming units (cfu)/left lung of predominantly gram-negative bacteria (gnb) (esch ...200617065580
microwave irradiation for shortening the processing time of samples of flagellated bacteria for scanning electron microscopy.microwave irradiation (mwi) has been applied to the development of rapid methods to process biological samples for scanning electron microscopy (sem). in this paper we propose two simple and quick techniques for processing bacteria (proteus mirabilis and vibrio mimicus) for sem using mwi. in the simplest methodology, the bacteria were placed on a cover-glass, air-dried, and submitted to conductivity stain. the reagent used for the conductivity stain was the mordant of a light microscopy staining ...200417061527
metalloantibiotics: synthesis, characterization and in-vitro antibacterial studies on cobalt (ii), copper (ii), nickel (ii) and zinc (ii) complexes with cloxacillin.the synthesis and characterization of cloxacillin (clox) complexes with divalent metal ions [co (ii), cu (ii), ni (ii) and zn (ii)] is described. the nature of bonding of the chelated cloxacillin and the structures of the metal complexes have been elucidated on the basis of their physical and spectroscopic data. in all the complexes, the cloxacillin acts as a uninegatively charged bidentate ligand with coordination involving the carboxylate-o and endocyclic-n of the beta-lactam ring. the new com ...200617059178
human gamma delta t cells and tumor immunotherapy.human vgamma2vdelta2 t cells recognize nonpeptide antigens derived from pathogenic microbes in a tcr-dependent manner, such as pyrophosphomonoester compounds from mycobacteria and malaria parasite and alkyl amines from proteus, suggesting that this subset of gamma delta t cells is involved in infectious immunity. the precise recognition mechanism has been delineated using a site-directed mutagenesis strategy based on crystal structure of gamma delta tcr. on the other hand, several lines of evide ...200617058804
[development of beta-lactamase resistance in enterobacteria].enterobacteria produce elementary chromosomal enzymes, beta-lactamases of class a: tem and shv (escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae). these can give rise to plasmid-coded broad-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl) discovered in 1980 (e. coli, k. pneumoniae, enterobacter cloacae). the first cefotaximase (ctx-m, men-1) was reported in europe in 1990. this enzyme is far more active against cefotaxime than against ceftazidime and aztreonam. chromosomal hyperpoduction of k1 beta-lactamase differs from ...200617051471
[characteristics of war wound infection].war wounds are the most complex type of non-targeted injuries due to uncontrolled tissue damage of varied and multifold localizations, exposing sterile body areas to contamination with a huge amount of bacteria. wound contamination is caused by both the host microflora and exogenous agents from the environment (bullets, cloth fragments, dust, dirt, water) due to destruction of the host protective barriers. war wounds are the consequence of destructive effects of various types of projectiles, whi ...200617048790
bactericidal activity of ertapenem against major intra-abdominal pathogens.treatment of intra-abdominal infections remains a challenge owing to their polymicrobial nature and associated mortality risk. treatment regimens must provide broad-spectrum coverage, including gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria of gastrointestinal origin. ertapenem is a long-acting 1-beta-methyl parenteral group 1 carbapenem antibiotic that has a broad antibacterial spectrum and once-daily dosing supported by clinical studies. it is active against gram-positive and g ...200617045463
antimicrobial activity of some ethnomedicinal plants used by paliyar tribe from tamil nadu, india.antimicrobial activity of 18 ethnomedicinal plant extracts were evaluated against nine bacterial strains (bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, enterococcus faecalis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumonia, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ervinia sp, proteus vulgaris) and one fungal strain (candida albicans). the collected ethnomedicinal plants were used in folk medicine in the treatment of skin diseases, venereal diseases, respiratory problems and nervous disorders.200617042964
antimicrobial properties of erythromycin and colistin impregnated bone cement. an in vitro analysis.deep surgical site infection is a devastating consequence of total joint arthroplasty. the use of antibiotic impregnated bone cement is a well-accepted adjunct for treatment of established infection and prevention of deep orthopaedic infection. it allows local delivery of the antibiotic at the cement-bone interface and sustained release of antibiotic provides adequate antibiotic coverage after the wound closure. preclinical testing, randomised and clinical trials indicate that the use of antibio ...200617042224
[rapid detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa by the fluorescence quantitative pcr assay targeting 16s rdna].the 16s rdna specific primers were designed for rapid detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa (pa) by the fluorescence quantitative pcr (fq-pcr) assay, based upon multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree analysis of the 16s rdnas of over 20 bacteria. after extraction of pa genomic dna, the target 16s rdna fragment was amplified by pcr with specific primers, and used to construct recombinant pmdt-pfr plasmid, the dilution gradients of which were subjected to the standard quantitation curve i ...200617037203
there is a low incidence of recurrent bacteriuria in painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis patients followed longitudinally.the objective of this paper was to establish whether patients with confirmed painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis (pbs/ic) presenting with symptoms of uti have actual bacteriuria vs a flare of their pbs/ic symptoms. one hundred and six (n = 106) consecutive female patients (mean age 39.8 +/- 14 years) with newly diagnosed ic were identified and followed longitudinally for 24 months. at the initial visit and at all subsequent visits, urinary specimens were obtained by sterile catheteriz ...200717036170
proteus syndrome with agenesis of the rectus abdominis. 200617034561
mutation-positive and mutation-negative patients with cowden and bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndromes associated with distinct 10q haplotypes.phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10 (pten) encodes a tumor-suppressor phosphatase frequently mutated in both sporadic and heritable forms of human cancer. germline mutations are associated with a number of heritable cancer syndromes that are jointly referred to as the "pten hamartoma tumor syndrome" (phts) and include cowden syndrome, bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, proteus syndrome, and proteus-like syndrome. germline pten mutations have been identified in a significant p ...200617033968
[antimicrobial susceptibility of proteus mirabilis urinary tract isolates from 1999 to 2005 at nîmes university hospital].to analyse antimicrobial resistance trends of proteus mirabilis urinary tract isolates from 1999 to 2005 at the nîmes university hospital.200617030456
a clinical assessment of the performance of a sensor to detect crystalline biofilm formation on indwelling bladder test the ability of a sensor developed to signal infection by the organisms that generate the crystalline biofilms that encrust catheters, to give an early warning that encrustation was occurring on patients' catheters, as the care of many patients undergoing long-term bladder catheterization is complicated by the encrustation and blockage of their catheters.200617026594
etiologic agents of cervicovaginitis in turkish investigate the distribution of microbiologic agents causing cervicovaginitis.200617013472
urinary bactericidal activity of oral antibiotics against common urinary tract pathogens in an ex vivo this investigation, the urine samples obtained in a single oral-dose pharmacokinetic study were examined for their bactericidal activity against a range of relevant urinary tract pathogens.200617008781
in vitro activities of three carbapenems against recent bacterial isolates from severely ill patients at swedish study the in vitro activity of imipenem, meropenem and ertapenem against common pathogens isolated from patients in intensive care, haematology and dialysis/nephrology units at 7 swedish university hospitals, a total of 788 isolates were collected during 2002-2003. the distribution of the isolates was as follows: escherichia coli (n = 140), klebsiella spp. (n = 132), proteus spp. (n = 97), enterobacter spp. (n = 113), pseudomonas aeruginosa (n = 126), acinetobacter spp. (n = 53) and enterococ ...200617008228
increased serum iga and igm against lps of enterobacteria in chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs): indication for the involvement of gram-negative enterobacteria in the etiology of cfs and for the presence of an increased gut-intestinal permeability.there is now evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) is accompanied by immune disorders and by increased oxidative stress. the present study has been designed in order to examine the serum concentrations of iga and igm to lps of gram-negative enterobacteria, i.e. hafnia alvei; pseudomonas aeruginosa, morganella morganii, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas putida, citrobacter koseri, and klebsiella pneumoniae in cfs patients, patients with partial cfs and normal controls. we found that the preva ...200717007934
inhibition of swarming and virulence factor expression in proteus mirabilis by resveratrol.resveratrol (3,5,4-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a phytoalexin compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. the effect of resveratrol on swarming and virulence factor expression of proteus mirabilis, an important pathogen infecting the urinary tract, was determined on swarming agar plates with and without the compound. bacteria harvested at different times were assayed for cell length and the production of flagella, haemolysin and urease. resveratrol inhibited p. mirabilis swarmin ...200617005777
phytochemical and antimicrobial study of an antidiabetic plant: scoparia dulcis l.the antimicrobial and antifungal effects of different concentrations of chloroform/methanol fractions of scoparia dulcis were investigated. the isolated fractions were tested against different bacteria like salmonella typhii, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and proteus vulgaris and fungal strains such as alternaria macrospora, candida albicans, aspergillus niger, and fusarium oxysporum. the isolated fractions exhibited significant antimicrobial ...200617004904
diabetic foot ulcers in cameroon: can microflora prevalence inform probabilistic antibiotic treatment?to determine the clinical features, regularly associated microorganisms and their susceptibility to antibiotics, and the clinical outcomes of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes at the yaoundé central hospital, cameroon.200617001946
antimicrobial activity of extracts of chemical races of the lichen pseudevernia furfuracea and their physodic acid, chloroatranorin, atranorin, and olivetoric acid constituents.the antimicrobial activity and the mic values of the ethanol, chloroform, diethyl ether, and acetone extracts of the chemical races of pseudevernia furfuracea (var. furfuracea and var. ceratea) and their physodic acid, chloroatranorin, atranorin, and olivetoric acid constituents have been investigated against some microorganisms. nearly all extracts of both chemical races showed antimicrobial activity against aeromonas hydrophila, bacillus cereus, bacillus subtilis, listeria monocytogenes, prote ...200616989308
[development of a gold-immunochromatography test for rapid detecting e. coli o157].to develop a method for rapid detecting escherichia coli (e. coli) o157 on site.200616986519
multiple bacterial species reside in chronic wounds: a longitudinal study.the aim of the study was to investigate the bacterial profile of chronic venous leg ulcers and the importance of the profile to ulcer development. patients with persisting venous leg ulcers were included and followed for 8 weeks. every second week, ulcer samples were collected and the bacterial species present were identified. more than one bacterial species were detected in all the ulcers. the most common bacteria found were staphylococcus aureus (found in 93.5% of the ulcers), enterococcus fae ...200616984578
rapid onset of ulcerative typhlocolitis in b6.129p2-il10tm1cgn (il-10-/-) mice infected with helicobacter trogontum is associated with decreased colonization by altered schaedler's flora.infection with helicobacter trogontum, a urease-positive helicobacter isolated from subclinically infected rats, was evaluated in b6.129p2-il10(tm1cgn) (interleukin-10(-/-) [il-10(-/-)]) and c57bl/6 (b6) mice. in a first experiment, il-10(-/-) mice naturally infected with helicobacter rodentium had subclinical typhlocolitis but developed severe diarrhea and loss of body condition with erosive to ulcerative typhlocolitis within 1 to 3 weeks of experimental infection with h. trogontum. a second ex ...200616982822
urinary bactericidal activity of extended-release ciprofloxacin (1,000 milligrams) versus levofloxacin (500 milligrams) in healthy volunteers receiving a single oral dose.twelve volunteers received a single oral dose of 1,000 mg extended-release (xr) ciprofloxacin versus 500 mg levofloxacin to assess urinary bactericidal titers (ubts) against common uropathogens. areas under ubt-time curves were significantly larger for proteus mirabilis with xr ciprofloxacin and for staphylococci with levofloxacin.200616982785
[evaluation of anti-blastoma effects of tetravaccine in combination with chemotherapy].the present work discusses methods of immune-correction and immune-rehabilitation of oncological patients using specific bacterial polyvalent vaccines. with this purpose the tetra-vaccine (staphilococcus-proteus-clepsiela-escherichia) has been used. experiments have been carried out on white rats and mice with sarcoma c-45. for chemotherapy of malignant tumors the following remedies were used: cyclophosphan, vincristin and adriablastin. the vaccine and chemotherapy were applied in both ways, sep ...200616980764
a novel gene involved in regulating the flagellar gene cascade in proteus this study, we identified a transposon insertion in a novel gene, designated disa, that restored swarming motility to a putrescine-deficient spea mutant of proteus mirabilis. a null allele in disa also increased swarming in a wild-type background. the disa gene product was homologous to amino acid decarboxylases, and its role in regulating swarming was investigated by examining the expression of genes in the flagellar cascade. in a disa mutant background, we observed a 1.4-fold increase in th ...200616980463
ft-ir microspectroscopy for early identification of some clinically relevant investigate the potentials and limitations of fourier transform-infrared (ft-ir) microspectroscopy as a tool to identify, at the level of microcolonies, pathogenic bacteria frequently isolated in the clinical environment.200616968290
synthesis, structure and biological activity of cobalt(ii) and copper(ii) complexes of valine-derived schiff bases.we have synthesized two cobalt(ii) 2 and copper(ii) 3 complexes of valine-derived schiff bases. the obtained complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, ft-ir and x-ray diffraction. biological studies of complexes 2 and 3 had been carried out in vitro for antimicrobial activity against gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and human pathogenic fungi. compound 3 was proven to be a broad spectrum agent, showed a significant inhibition of the growth of gram-positive bacteria (staphylococcus ...200616965817
the catalytic machinery of chondroitinase abc i utilizes a calcium coordination strategy to optimally process dermatan sulfate.the chondroitinases are bacterial lyases that specifically cleave chondroitin sulfate and/or dermatan sulfate glycosaminoglycans. one of these enzymes, chondroitinase abc i from proteus vulgaris, has the broadest substrate specificity and has been widely used to depolymerize these glycosaminoglycans. biochemical and structural studies to investigate the active site of chondroitinase abc i have provided important insights into the catalytic amino acids. in this study, we demonstrate that calcium, ...200616964974
occurrence of qnra-positive clinical isolates in french teaching hospitals during 2002-2005.bacteria harbouring the novel qnra plasmid-mediated mechanism of quinolone resistance have been described in different countries, but the frequency of their occurrence has not been investigated. in total, 1,468 clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae with quinolone resistance or extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) phenotypes were collected from eight teaching hospitals in france during 2002-2005 and screened for qnra. overall, 28 isolates (22 enterobacter cloacae, three klebsiella pneumoniae ...200616961639
analysis on antimicrobial resistance of clinical bacteria isolated from county hospitals and a teaching hospital.the distinction of antimicrobial resistance of clinical bacteria isolated from county hospitals and a teaching hospital was investigated. disc diffusion test was used to study the antimicrobial resistance of isolates collected from county hospitals and a teaching hospital. the data was analyzed by whonet5 and spss statistic software. a total of 655 strains and 1682 strains were collected from county hospitals and a teaching hospital, respectively, in the year of 2003. the top ten pathogens were ...200616961303
a female with hemihypertrophy and chylous ascites - klippel-trenaunay syndrome or proteus syndrome: a diagnostic dilemma.asymmetric overgrowth has many differential diagnoses with considerable overlap, posing a diagnostic dilemma. the presence of chylous ascites, though unreported, might be expected as a manifestation of overgrowth syndromes with lymphatic involvement. we present a patient with hemihypertrophy who presented with chylous ascites at birth.200616957479
the dps gene of symbiotic "candidatus legionella jeonii" in amoeba proteus responds to hydrogen peroxide and survive in host cells, intracellular pathogens or symbiotic bacteria require protective mechanisms to overcome the oxidative stress generated by phagocytic activities of the host. by genomic library tagging, we cloned a dps (stands for dna-binding protein from starved cells) gene of the symbiotic "candidatus legionella jeonii" organism (called the x bacterium) (dps(x)) that grows in amoeba proteus. the gene encodes a 17-kda protein (pi 5.19) with 91% homology to dps and dna-binding ferritin-l ...200616950918
visuomotor tracking related to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd).deficient visuomotor tracking in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) has been described, but the specific influence of attention on this deficit has not yet been elucidated. the present study compares visuomotor tracking under different conditions of attentional loading in children with adhd with that of age-matched controls. a computerized visuomotor attentional tracking test that incorporated several levels of distraction was administered to 13 typical children. the s ...200616948935
unusual fallopian tube neoplasm in a 10-year-old patient with proteus syndrome: a case report and review of the literature.we report a case of fallopian tube and peritoneal lesions resected from a 10-year-old girl with proteus syndrome. the papillary fallopian tube tumor expressed ca-125 and demonstrated negative staining for cea, cd15, calretinin, and ck 5/6. nondilated portions of fallopian tube exhibited evidence of an in situ component. this patient was also found to have peritoneal mesothelial hyperplasia as well as cystic peritoneal lesions of mesothelial origin, with positive calretinin staining. this case pr ...200616944982
relevance of weil-felix test in diagnosis of scrub typhus in study the relationship of weil-felix test and microimmunofluorescence test.200616941792
mode of transposition and expression of 16s rrna methyltransferase gene rmtc accompanied by isecp1.a newly identified 16s rrna methyltransferase gene, rmtc, was accompanied by an isecp1 element at its 5' end. this isecp1 element, which contained a transposase gene, tnpa, provided a promoter activity for expression of the adjacent rmtc; and this structure enabled the rmtc gene to be transposed onto another plasmid in escherichia coli.200616940134
effective prevention of microbial biofilm formation on medical devices by low-energy surface acoustic waves.low-energy surface acoustic waves generated from electrically activated piezo elements are shown to effectively prevent microbial biofilm formation on indwelling medical devices. the development of biofilms by four different bacteria and candida species is prevented when such elastic waves with amplitudes in the nanometer range are applied. acoustic-wave-activated foley catheters have all their surfaces vibrating with longitudinal and transversal dispersion vectors homogeneously surrounding the ...200616940055
assessment of pathogen frequency and resistance patterns among pediatric patient isolates: report from the 2004 sentry antimicrobial surveillance program on 3 continents.selecting empiric or directed therapy for pathogens isolated from pediatric patients can be problematic. many antimicrobial agents are not indicated for use in pediatric patients, and regional variations of resistance mechanisms have been reported. the purpose of this study was to analyze antimicrobial resistance patterns and pathogen occurrence rates in pediatric-aged patient infections on 3 continents using data from the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program. a total of 3537 clinical isola ...200616938419
comparison of susceptibility to antimicrobials of bacterial isolates from companion animals in a veterinary diagnostic laboratory in canada between 2 time points 10 years apart.the susceptibility to antimicrobials of bacterial species most frequently isolated from companion animals in a veterinary teaching diagnostic laboratory was evaluated retrospectively. a significant decrease between 1990-1992 and 2002-2003 was noted in the susceptibility of dog isolates to the following antimicrobials: escherichia coli to cephalothin (86% to 61%, p < 0.001); e. coli to ampicillin (85% to 67%, p < 0.001); proteus spp. to ampicillin (92% to 71%, p < 0.01); coagulase-positive staphy ...200616933555
1h nmr spectroscopy in the diagnosis of klebsiella pneumoniae-induced urinary tract infection.the (1)h nmr spectroscopic method is suggested and its utility is demonstrated for the diagnosis of klebsiella pneumoniae (k. pneumoniae) in urinary tract infection (uti). k. pneumoniae have the specific property of metabolizing glycerol to 1,3-propanediol (1,3-pd), acetate, ethanol and succinate. the quantity of 1,3-pd produced correlates well with the viable bacterial count. other common bacteria causing uti (except for citrobacter frundii), such as escherichia coli (e. coli), pseudomonas aeru ...200616927393
extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in taiwan: epidemiology, detection, treatment and infection control.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) efficiently hydrolyze extended-spectrum beta-lactams such as cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, ceftazidime, and aztreonam. esbls are most often plasmid-mediated. in taiwan, the prevalence of esbls in bacteria has risen, ranging from 8.5 to 29.8% in klebsiella pneumoniae and 1.5 to 16.7% in escherichia coli isolates. the most prevalent types of esbls are shv-5, shv-12, ctx-m-3, and ctx-m-14 in isolates of k. pneumoniae and e. coli, with differences between institu ...200616926972
emerging resistance to carbapenems in a tertiary care hospital in north india.carbapenems are beta-lactam antibiotics, presently considered as most potent agents for treating multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacilli infections. in india carbapenems available for use are meropenem and imipenem, introduced recently. resistance to these has been reported in a few bacteria especially pseudomonas spp. we therefore retrospectively evaluated the antibiotic susceptibility pattern to these agents amongst various clinical isolates in a tertiary care hospital in north india.200616926463
fishmeal extract bile salt lactose agar--a differential medium for enteric bacteria.fishmeal extract bile salt lactose agar (febla), a new differential medium for enteric bacteria was developed and evaluated for its ability to grow and differentiate lactose fermenters (lf) from non-lactose fermenters (nlf) in comparison with macconkeys agar. performance of febla was at par with the latter. on febla medium, the contrast between lf and nlf colonies was pronounced and klebsiella pneumoniae produced more mucoid colonies than on macconkeys agar (hi media). unlike macconkeys agar, a ...200616924840
a comparison of antimicrobial susceptibility profile of urinary pathogens for the years, 1999 and 2003.urinary tract infection is a common condition worldwide; responsible for significant morbidity in both hospitalized and community patients. the laboratory records, for microbial isolates of infected urine and their susceptibility profiles for the years 1999 and 2003 were retrospectively reviewed and compared. in 2003, there was a significant decline in recovery ofcitrobacter spp compared to 1999. conversely, the proportion of k pneumoniae, e coli and enterococci increased dramatically in 2003, i ...200616921702
pcr for the identification and differentiation of histomonas meleagridis, tetratrichomonas gallinarum and blastocystis the present investigation pcr assays were developed for the rapid detection and differentiation of two poultry flagellates: histomonas meleagridis and tetratrichomonas gallinarum as well as the protozoan microorganism: blastocystis spp. the nucleotide sequences of the small subunit ribosomal rnas were used for primer construction obtaining fragments which vary in size for each microorganism. the established pcrs were able to detect dna obtained from one microorganism of t. gallinarum and blas ...200616920265
how long do nosocomial pathogens persist on inanimate surfaces? a systematic review.inanimate surfaces have often been described as the source for outbreaks of nosocomial infections. the aim of this review is to summarize data on the persistence of different nosocomial pathogens on inanimate surfaces.200616914034
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from patients with urinary tract infections (2004). i. susceptibility distribution].the bacterial strains isolated from 490 patients diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (utis) in 14 institutions in japan were collected between august 2004 and july 2005. the susceptibilities of them to many kinds of antimicrobial agents were measured. of them, 577 strains were estimated as causative bacteria and used for the measurement. the strains consisted of 156 gram-positive bacterial strains (27.0%) and 421 gram-negative bacterial strains (73.0%). against staphylococcus aureus, ar ...200616913404
[microorganisms isolated from middle ear cultures and their antibacterial susceptibility in patients with chronic suppurative otitis media].this study sought to determine causative microorganisms of chronic suppurative otitis media and their antibacterial susceptibility.200616905907
a case of proteus syndrome (elephant man). 200616898038
new trends in prosthesis infection in cardiovascular cardiovascular surgery entails, in many cases, the use of some kind of prosthesis. among the potential complications, prosthetic device infection is one of the most devastating in incidence, as well as in prognosis and damage to surrounding tissues.200616895504
surgical site infections in day surgery settings.because major complications are rare in day surgery, minor morbidities such as surgical site infections, which become evident only after patient discharge, have a major impact on the perceived quality of care. we performed an audit of such infections over a oneyear period.200616895493
[heat shock proteins of freshwater protists and their involvement in adaptation to changes in the environmental salinity].changes in the level of heat shock proteins (hsp) in cells of freshwater protists, amoebae amoeba proteus and ciliates paramecium jenningsi, in response to changes in the environmental salinity were investigated. changes in salinity levels were considered as a stress factor. the immunoblotting method revealed a polypeptide antigen cross-reacting with antibodies against bovine hsp70 in total protein extracts of both intact cells and cells subjected to salinity stress. the same polypeptide antigen ...200616893060
swarming characteristics of proteus mirabilis under anaerobic and aerobic conditions.nutrients have a pronounced effect on the growth and swarming behaviour of proteus mirabilis 7002. iron, zinc, amino acids, and dioxygen are important for rapid growth and normal swarming. anaerobically grown cultures of p. mirabilis 7002 were unable to swarm on anaerobically maintained rich nutrient agar. upon exposure to aerobic conditions, p. mirabilis 7002 resumed swarming behaviour. scanning electron microscopy was used to demonstrate the presence of community organization and mature rafts ...199516887546
[acute abdomen secondary to spontaneous uterine rupture associated with pyometra].a 71-year-old female with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic use of corticosteroids presented to the emergency room with 2 weeks of urinary symptoms, abdominal pain and a mass located in hypo-mesogastrium and both flanks. an x-ray film of the abdomen showed that bowels were displaced by the mass. laboratory studies showed thrombocytosis (549,000/mm(3)) and leukocytosis (41,800/mm(3)). several hours after her arrival the patient developed acute abdomen and surgery was indicated. a urinary catheter ...200616887087
the challenges of proteus syndrome: diagnosis and management.proteus syndrome (ps) is a disorder of patchy or mosaic postnatal overgrowth of unknown etiology. the onset of overgrowth typically occurs in infancy and can involve any tissue of the body. commonly involved tissues include connective tissue and bone, skin, central nervous system, the eye, but it apparently can affect any tissue. diagnosing of ps is difficult and the diagnostic criteria are controversial. our group advocates stringent diagnostic criteria to facilitate research and appropriate cl ...200616883308
bacteria fauna from the house fly, musca domestica (l.).the house fly, musca domestica has long been considered a potential agent for disease transmission ever since its existence. the general truth of this assertion remains undisputed till the present day in spite of increasing awareness toward an improved sanitation and better hygiene. the habitual movement of house fly from filthy substrata such as human faeces, animal excreta, carcasses, garbage, etc. makes them ideal candidates for disease transmission such as cholera, shigellosis, salmonellosis ...200516883292
sterilisation of lucilia cuprina wiedemann maggots used in therapy of intractable wounds.three new techniques of sterilising maggots of lucilia cuprina for the purpose of debriding intractable wounds were studied. these techniques were utilisation of ultra-violet c (uvc) and maggot sterilisation with disinfectants. the status of sterility was checked on nutrient agar and blood agar and confirmed with staining. the indicators for the effectiveness of the methods were sterility and survival rate of the eggs or larvae. egg sterilisation with uvc had the lowest hatching rate (16+/-0.00% ...200516883286
hemihyperplasia syndromes.hemihyperplasia is a heterogenous group of disorders characterized by asymmetric limb growth. there is considerable confusion regarding their classification and ascertainment into various syndromes. we tried to look into the various aspects of hemihyperplasia syndromes.200616877856
systemic absorption of gentamicin nasal determine if gentamicin nasal irrigation is systemically absorbed, and to identify any ototoxic side effects related to its use.200616871924
role of type ii topoisomerase mutations and acrab efflux pump in fluoroquinolone-resistant clinical isolates of proteus mirabilis.we conducted a study to determine the role played by amino acid mutations in dna gyrase and topoisomerase iv, and the acrab efflux pump in resistance to fluoroquinolones in clinical isolates of proteus mirabilis.200616870650
antimicrobial activity of extracts of the lichen xanthoparmelia pokornyi and its gyrophoric and stenosporic acid constituents.the antimicrobial activity of the diethyl ether, acetone, chloroform, petroleum ether, and ethanol extracts of the lichen xanthoparmelia pokornyi and its gyrophoric acid and stenosporic acid constituents has been screened against some foodborne bacteria and fungi. both the extracts and the acids showed antimicrobial activity against aeromonas hydrophila, bacillus cereus, bacillus subtilis, listeria monocytogenes, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis, yersinia enterocol ...200616869486
structures and serology of the o-antigens of proteus strains classified into serogroup o17 and former serogroup o35.bacteria of the genus proteus are facultative pathogens which commonly cause urinary tract infections. based on the serological specificity of the o-chain polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide (o-polysaccharide, o-antigen), strains of p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris have been classified into 60 serogroups. studies on the chemical structure and serological specificity of the o-antigens aim at the elucidation of the molecular basis and improvement of the serological classification of these bacteri ...200616868723
cysteine based novel noncompetitive inhibitors of urease(s)--distinctive inhibition susceptibility of microbial and plant ureases.based on the catalysis mechanism of urease, a homologous series of 10 cysteine derivatives (cysds) was designed and synthesized, and their inhibitory activities were evaluated for microbial ureases (bacillus pasteurii, bpu, and proteus mirabilis, pmu) and for a plant urease [jack bean (cavavalia ensiformis), jbu]. as already described, thiol-compounds might inhibit urease activity by chelating the nickel atoms involved in the catalysis process. in contrast to cysteine, which has been reported to ...200616859909
[case no. 6. primary abscess of the right psoas-iliac compartment caused by proteus mirabilis in a female patient with nf1]. 200616858877
[low-intensity laser radiation in preoperative preparation of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia].low-intensity laser therapy administered in the form of intravenous blood irradiation, transrectal and transurethral prostatic irradiation and their combination as preoperative preparation and correction of immunity disturbances in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) were studied. the response to the treatment was evaluated by positive changes in the immune status and bacterial contamination of the urine and prostatic tissue. conventional preoperative preparation (uroantiseptics, an ...200016856453
[epidemiology and etiology of urinary tract infections in the community. antimicrobial susceptibility of the main pathogens and clinical significance of resistance].urinary tract infections (uti) are a frequent problem in primary care. they occur mainly in women without underlying diseases and with no functional or structural anomalies of the urinary tract; consequently most cases are considered uncomplicated uti. etiology is influenced by factors such as age, diabetes, spinal cord injury, urinary catheterization, and other factors. escherichia coli causes 80-85% of acute episodes of uncomplicated cystitis. staphylococcus saprophyticus, proteus mirabilis, s ...200516854352
the mechanism of plasmid curing in bacteria.bacterial plasmids have a major impact on metabolic function. lactose fermentation of e. coli or hemolysin b transporter expressed by the plasmids that carry these respective genes could be readily obviated by heterocyclic compounds that readily bind to plasmid dna. these compounds could also reverse the resistance to antibiotics of e. coli, enterobacter, proteus, staphylococcus and yersinia strains by eliminating plasmids. however, the frequency and extent of this effect was significantly less ...200616842214
[clinical effect of continuous infusion of meropenem on bacterial pneumonia in the elderly].we studied the clinical effect of continuous infusion over 24 hours of meropenem (mepm) on bacterial pneumonia in the elderly (over 65). the subjects were 26 patients (community-acquired pneumonia: moderate, n = 9; severe, n= 4; hospital-acquired pneumonia: group iii, n = 13) whose performance status was 3 or 4. mepm 1.0g/day was infused continuously for 7-14 days, and its clinical efficacy, bacteriological efficacy, and side effects were examined prospectively. it was effective in 23 of the 26 ...200616841713
[a puzzle of the physician and the patient]. 200616835961
structure of the glycerol phosphate-containing o-polysaccharides and serological studies of the lipopolysaccharides of proteus mirabilis ccug 10704 (oe) and proteus vulgaris tg 103 classified into a new proteus serogroup, o54.o-polysaccharides were obtained from the lipopolysaccharides of proteus mirabilis ccug 10704 (oe) and proteus vulgaris tg 103 and studied by chemical analyses and one- and two-dimensional (1)h and (13)c nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, including rotating-frame nuclear overhauser effect spectroscopy, h-detected (1)h,(13)c heteronuclear single-quantum spectroscopy and (1)h,(31)p heteronuclear multiple-quantum spectroscopy experiments. the proteus mirabilis oe polysaccharide was found to ha ...200616831214
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