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[qualitative study of phosphatides of proteus p 18 and l forms derived therefrom]. 196414222211
[research on the lipids of l forms derived from proteus p 18. 3. subcellular distribution of electron carrier quinones in the proteus bacillus and l forms derived therefrom]. 196414222641
mastoiditis in children. 196414222850
[changes in the intestinal bacterial flora caused by a diet made incongruous by the addition of olive oil]. 196414192126
diaper region irritations. pertinent facts and methods of prevention. 196414192462
a study of the correlations between renal biopsy and other diagnostic investigations in "primary" and "superimposed" pyelonephritis. 196414193473
antibacterial activity of certain biguanide derivatives. 196414194955
structure of bacterial flagella. 196414195046
activity of ampicillin in vitro compared with other antibiotics.comparative tests in vitro for antibacterial activity were carried out with ampicillin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol using 673 clinical isolates of gram-negative bacilli and streptococcus faecalis. further comparative tests were also carried out with ampicillin, chloramphenicol, colistin sulphate, colistin methane sulphonate, cycloserine, kanamycin, nitrofurantoin, polymyxin, streptomycin, and tetracycline, using groups of 20 strains of each of the main species selected at random from the t ...196414195635
production of amidase and beta-lactamase by bacteria. 196414195643
indwelling catheter and postoperative urinary -tract infection. 196414196396
antibiotics of alcaligenes faecalis. 196414197404
experimental abscess in brain and subcutis; a microangiographic study in the rabbit. 196414197680
lipolytic, pectolytic, and alginolytic activities of enterobacteriaceae.davis, b. r. (communicable disease center, atlanta, ga.), and w. h. ewing. lipolytic, pectolytic, and alginolytic activities of enterobacteriaceae. j. bacteriol. 88:16-19. 1964.-of 2,262 cultures of enterobacteriaceae tested, only cultures of enterobacter liquefaciens (aerobacter liquefaciens), serratia, proteus vulgaris, and p. mirabilis gave evidence of lipolytic activities. none of the cultures liquefied pectate or alginate. the value of tests for these activities in diagnostic work with ente ...196414197883
chronic paronychia--occupational material. 196414198215
[resistance of bacterial l-forms to the action of antibiotics]. 196414198680
treatment of urinary tract infection with nalidixic acid. 196414199476
microbiological studies with nalidixic acid and colistin. 196414200305
hospital infection in perspective: the importance of the gram-negative bacilli. 196414200586
rhinoscleroma. light and electron microscopic studies. 196414200670
[action of high energy beta particles (3 mev-9 mev) on the motor function of microbial cells of various species]. 196414200874
treatment of goanna bite in australia. 196414201321
a survey of infections in a community hospital. 196414201577
penicillin g--treatment of urinary infection in paraplegia. 196414201803
characterization of dna from a proteus strain harboring an episome. 196414202287
[changes in the biochemical reactions of species of proteus with high degrees of antibiotic resistance]. 196414202839
experimental pyelonephritis. ascending infection of the rat kidney by organisms residing in the urethra. 196414203199
transmission of colicinogeny to providence strains. 196414204099
comparative physiology of pleuropneumonia-like and l-type organisms. 196414174840
[etiologic, therapeutic and developmental study of 26 cases of severe gram-negative bacillary infections (22 septicemias and 4 purulent meningitis cases)]. 196414175572
the role of immunity in the pathogenesis of experimental retrograde pyelonephritis.retrograde pyelonephritis was produced in rats by the intravesical injection of proteus mirabilis. when animals were preimmunized against proteus mirabilis by (a) prior infection, (b) administration of antigen, or (c) passively transferred antiserum, they were resistant to infection by proteus when challenged by the retrograde route. the protective effect of specific preimmunization in retrograde pyelonephritis indicates that a major site of action is retardation of bacterial growth within the p ...196414176291
successful treatment of proteus septicaemia with a new drug trimethoprim. 196414176457
clinical evaluation of sulphamethoxydiazine. 196414176472
infections of the urinary tract: antibacterial management. 196414176717
[experiences with the use of chlorocid injections in otorhinolaryngology]. 196414177216
[investigations concerning the action of 4 tetracyclines on 31 strains of gram-negative bacteria]. 196414178044
[serological typing of proteus hauseri according to the kaufman-perch antigen-diagnostic scheme]. 196414178334
[observations on the simultaneous action of toxins of clostridium tetani and proteus vulgaris]. 196414178339
sulfadimethoxydiazine in the therapy of urinary tract infections. 196414178578
a clinical trial of nalidixic acid: a new antibacterial substance. 196414179147
electron microscopy of centrifuged amoeba proteus. 196414179752
[sensitivity to antibiotics of gram-negative bacteria isolated at the hospital infantil de mexico in 1963]. 196414180457
[the bacterial flora of the sputum in chronic bronchial inflammations. review of the literature and casuistic contribution]. 196414180470
new observations on hydrogen sulphide production by enteric bacteria. 196414181085
[the importance of binding to albumin, body cells and bacteria for pharmacodynamics and effect of medicinal substances]. 196414181244
[clinical and bacteriological study of the chemotherapeutic activity of 2-acetamido-4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-thiazole]. 196414181348
[experimental peritonitis. results of treatment with proteolytic enzymes and antibiotics]. 196414181511
[experiences and results of the treatment of mesotympanic otitis in our department]. 196414182659
[statistical study of 100 coprocultures of chronic colitis patients with intermittent diarrhea]. 196414183190
[a case of toxic food infection caused by proteus]. 196414183252
[on the synergistic action of colistin sulfate and sulfisomexol na against proteus isolates. i]. 196414183335
"asymptomatic" bacilluria in diabetic women. 196414183382
aetiology of dysentery and response of cases of bacillary dysentery to commonly used drugs in a series of cases admitted to a factory hospital in kanpur. 196414184096
[apropos of the value of the resting potential in amoebia proteus]. 196414184449
shwartzman phenomenon mechanism: newer concepts. inhibiton by antibradykinin and antiserotonin compounds. 196414184663
the decomposition of l-tyrosine and its derivatives by proteus vulgaris. 196414184716
[parasitic and microbial etiologies of dysenteriform syndromes observed in central cameroons, yaounda area]. 196414184773
7-aminodesacetoxycephalosporanic acid and its derivatives. 196414186012
ten-second urine culture and colony count. 196414186653
[the antibacterial action of kanamycin in vitro and its chemotherapeutic activity]. 196414186708
a plate micromethod for determining hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria. 196414186759
[research on the proteus p 18 bacillus and the l forms which derive from it. i. quantitative study of ribo- and desoxyribonucleic acids]. 196414186885
[research on the proteus p 18 bacillus and the l forms which derive from it. 2. distribution of nucleotides of ribosomal and soluble ribonucleic acids]. 196414186886
[study of lipids from the stable l form of proteus p 18: determination of the structure of unsaturated acids and identification of a cyclopropanic acid. saponification study of water-soluble neutral fats]. 196414186887
[action of isoleucine optical antipodes on the development of a salmonella enteritidis typhimurium strain accustomed to flabelline]. 196414186907
the pyrogen test in obstetrics and gynaecology. 196414187421
the care of the umbilical stump in relation to cross infection in maternity units. 196414187423
[indications, complications and results of ventriculo-auriculostomy in nontumoral hydrocephalus in children (based on 50 cases)]. 196414187658
hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic usage in the boston city hospital--january, 1964. 196414187670
[bacteriological study of the association of tetracycline with novobiocin in equal parts]. 196414187875
[adaptation cycle of microbes]. 196414188021
phenazines and phenoxazinones from waksmania aerata sp. nov. and pseudomonas iodina. 196414188180
[proteus vulgaris septicemia: severe complications of a leg ulcer]. 196414188382
strangulation obstruction in germfree rats. 196414189375
[the measurement of physical-chemical characteristics in cultures of proteus vulgaris under the influence of penicillin]. 196414190313
[description of 7 new types of colicines. current status of the classification of these antibiotics]. 196414190385
[on the configuration of lactate produced during fermentation of glucose by certain enterobacteria]. 196414190386
the effects of tumor growth, nutritional stress, and inflammation on serum complement levels in the rat. 196414190551
treatment of urinary tract infections with nalidixic acid. a clinical trial. 196414190578
nitrogen catabolism in amoeba proteus. studies on the identifiction of end products. 196414190657
bacterial endophthalmitis after cataract extraction. a study of 22 infections in 20,000 operations. 196414191094
bacterial changes in the small intestine in malabsorptive states and in pernicious anaemia. 196414191265
induction of cephalosporinase and penicillinase in proteus species. 196414191575
inhibition of penicillinases from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria by substrate analogues. 196414191610
[phenoxybenzylpenicillin (phenbenicillin) and its microbiological study]. 196414191800
the stereochemistry of the glutamate mutase reaction. 196414167299
iodophor for presurgical skin antisepsis; an evaluation. 196414167397
[principles of the rational antibiotic therapy of some surgical infections]. 196414170167
prevention of intraocular infection following cataract surgery. 196414170378
[observations on the urinary bacteria found in 940 urocultures made in a mixed population]. 196414171411
[bacteriology and chemotherapy of bacterial dermatoses]. 196414171605
extracellular lytic enzymes of micromonospora. 196414171649
nonspecific abscess of the lung: 129 cases. ii. bacteriology. 196414171727
[demonstration of d optical isomers of glutamic acid and alanine in the sedimentable membrane fraction of a stable bacterial l form]. 196414172072
[therapy with small doses of kanamycin in patients with chronic pyelonephritis with resistant urinary infections]. 196414172083
meningitis in newborn due to proteus mirabilus associated with intracranial hemorrhage: report of a case. 196414172107
gentamicin sulfate, new antibiotic against gram-negative bacilli. laboratory, pharmacological, and clinical evaluation. 196414172278
cephalothin--a new antibiotic. preliminary clinical and laboratory studies. 196414172279
treatment of infections in man with cephalothin. 196414172280
clinical and bacteriologic studies of the effect of "massive" doses of penicillin g on infections caused by gram-negative bacilli. 196414172468
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