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[effect of rhodanide on some groups of microbes]. 196314112848
[research on the bacteriostatic effect of some nitrofuran derivatives]. 196314112877
[polarization-optical studies on the structure of colonies of different bacterial species]. 196314112880
electron microscopy of induced pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 196314112989
[kitasamycin. bacteriological and toxicological study]. 196314100857
antiviral and antibacterial activity of thymus extracts. 196314101224
[on the production of biologically active phage appendages by a defective lysogenous proteus mirabilis strain]. 196314101876
experimental bladder neck obstruction. iii. bacteriology and histology. 196314102151
[research on nucleic acids. v. concerning the ph-dependence of the thermal denaturation of desoxyribonucleic acids of different guanine-cytosine content]. 196314102192
[clinical evaluation of a new sulfonamide (gantanol) in the treatment of urinary infections]. 196314102827
[research on the lipids of the l forms of proteus p 18. i. presence and absorption of cholesterol]. 196314104116
[kitasamycin. bacteriological and toxicological study]. 196314104207
[on so-called "ostitis pubis" with reference to clinical and animal experimental observations]. 196314104977
[abscess of the cerebellum of otitis origin caused by proteus]. 196314105332
[bacterial flora in inflammatory conditions of the middle ear in infants up to 2 years of age]. 196314105563
[pyelonephritis and septicemia due to proteus mirabilis. terminal cardiovascular collapse]. 196314105739
[study of the lipids of the l forms of proteus p 18: identification of the fatty acids of the acetone-soluble fraction]. 196314114133
[meningeal infection by germs whose localization is usually in the intestinal canal]. 196314114149
dialysis studies. experiments dealing with the dialysability of bacteria (preliminary report). 196314114938
[cystitis and surgical pyelonephritis in childhood]. 196314115036
[a new selective isolation medium for the vibrio group; on a modified nakanishi's medium (tcbs agar medium)]. 196314115910
[antibiotic activity of a new quinoline derivative (5-nitro8-hydroxyquinoline)]. 196314116184
[current status of bacteriological inspection of fresh meats]. 196314118420
[effect of small roentgen and gamma irradiations on basic food constituents (proteins, fats) and some conditionally pathogenic organisms]. 196314119380
[chemical demonstration of nitrite-forming bacteria. 4]. 196314119882
[the transmission of multiple resistance to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents in their significance for hospitalism with multiple resistant gram-negative intestinal bacteria]. 196314119932
[composition of the cell wall supporting membrane of normal cells and penicillin spheroplasts of proteus mirabilis]. 196314119935
[activity of alanine racemase in proteus, in the l-phase and in pleuropneumonia-like organisms (pplo)]. 196314119936
study on the occurrence of some microorganisms in locusts, schistocerca gregaria (forsk.) and their toxicological effects on laboratory animals. 196314121845
[research on the cross-resistence of bacteria toward sulfonamides. i. the behavior of bacteria toward sulfonamides substituted at n1 with 5-membered heterocyclic rings]. 196314121847
[on iatrogenic changes in otoantritis in infancy]. 196314121964
[in vitro antibacterial activity of a new nitrofuran]. 196314122974
[the change in infection as a disease factor and cause of death after burns]. 196314120183
l phase variants related to antibiotic inhibition of cell wall biosynthesis. 196314120310
sodium azide resistance in proteus hauseri. 196314121207
[2,6-dimethoxyphenyl penicillin (methicillin) and its microbiological study]. 196314124722
[on the anti-bacterial activity "in vitro" of a new chemotherapeutic agent: 2-acetamido-4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-thiazole]. 196314056616
[first clinical results of the use in urology of a new nitrofuran derivative]. 196314056617
[a further contribution to the therapy of urinary infections: furium]. 196314056623
myocardial abscesses. 196314056778
ampicillin in treatment of certain gram-negative bacterial infections. 196314056923
[clinical observations on the activity of aerosol colimycin and of endobronchial instillations of colimycin in patients with pulmonary suppurations]. 196314057933
nalidixic acid in infections of urinary tract. laboratory and clinical investigations. 196314058206
nalidixic acid in urinary infections. 196314058207
purulent meningitis in the neonatal period. 196314058814
studies on the resistance of staphylococcus aureus, shigella dysenteriae and proteus vulgaris to the polypeptide antibiotic tetaine. i. the development of bacterial resistance after single exposure to tetaine. 196314059316
the place of antimicrobials in surgery. 196314059740
evaluation of actinospectacin in urinary tract infections. 196314060204
[diagnosis of strains of enteropathogenic colibacilli by fluorescent antibodies]. 196314060612
bacteriuria in children with acute febrile illnesses. 196314061028
[relation between chemical structure and antimicrobial action. 1. studies on the bacteriostatic properties of some 2-thiotetrahydro-1,3,5thiadiazines]. 196314061160
a report on the use of colistimethate sodium in a general hospital. 196314061832
symptomless bacteriuria among african hospital in-patients in uganda. 196314061844
inhibitory effects of hyperbaric oxygen on bacteria and fungi. 196314062728
[bacteriological examination of sputum with special reference to the pathogenic role of the most-frequently isolated microorganisms]. 196314062743
the human skin as a source of mima-herellea infections. 196314064241
observed effects of urea on pyelonephritis. 196314064578
observations on rettgerella and providencia isolated from cases of acute gastroenteritis in uttar pradesh. 196314065204
effect of sodium chloride on growth, glucose utilization, and acid production in proteus vulgaris. 196314065258
influences of carcinogenic substances on microorganisms. iv. mutagenic action of 4-nitroquinoline-n-oxide on t2 phage. 196314065282
studies on the resistance of staphylococcus aureus, shigella dysenteriae and proteus vulgaris to the polypeptide antibiotic tetaine. i. the development of bacterial resistance after single exposure to tetaine. 196314066018
stendomycin: a new antifungal antibiotic. 196314066393
amino sugars in l forms of bacteria and pleuropneumonia-like, john t. (harvard medical school, boston, mass.). amino sugars in l forms of bacteria and pleuropneumonia-like organisms. j. bacteriol. 86:692-701. 1963.-studies of several bacterial l forms and their parent bacteria have revealed similar amino sugars in the two forms of microorganisms, with the exception that muramic acid was absent from the streptococcal and staphylococcal l forms. in contrast, muramic acid was found in a proteus l form. some of the properties of the muramic acid compone ...196314066463
survey of the bacteriocines of enterococci.brock, thomas d. (indiana university, bloomington), barbara peacher, and deborah pierson. a survey of the bacteriocines of enterococci. j. bacteriol. 86:702-707. 1963.-a survey has been made of bacteriocine production by a wide variety of well-characterized strains of group d streptococci. on the basis of spectrums and sensitivity to chloroform, heat, and proteolytic enzymes, five distinct bacteriocines can be defined. type 1 is produced by all streptococcus zymogenes (s. faecalis var. zymogenes ...196314066464
bacterial nucleotidases.kohn, j. (queen mary's hospital, london, england) and j. l. reis. bacterial nucleotidases. j. bacteriol. 86:713-716. 1963.-the 3- and 5- nucleotidase activity in various bacterial species was investigated. both enzymes were found in bacterial extracts in varying proportions. the nucleotidases were found to be very active in proteus vulgaris, in which organism they were studied in detail. the relative activities, the ph optima, and the effect of metal ions were investigated. it was concluded that ...196314066466
a clinicobacteriological study of cases of bilharzial ulcer and cancer of the bladder in egypt. 196314066552
[variability of morgan's bacteria during culture on bile meat-peptone broth]. 196314066926
hearing rehabilitation with modified radical mastoidectomy. 196314067244
the bacteriology of 574 cases of urinary tract infection. 196314067825
bacteruria in normal pregnancy. a clinicopathological and bacteriological study. 196314067827
separation, characterization, and biological significance of a common antigen in antigen common to enterobacteriaceae and closely associated with endotoxin fractions has been separated by chromatography on deae cellulose employing elution with a nacl gradient. the purified common antigen fails to coat erythrocytes, is poorly, if at all antigenic, it is non-dialyzable and excluded from sephadex g-100 gel. it is composed of polysaccharide and polypeptide. the most important property of this antigen thus far determined appears to be its interference with the specificity of t ...196314067906
observations on a protease from proteus mirabilis. 196314068524
[bactericidal activity of the oxytetracycline-polymyxin combination]. 196314069330
inducible penicillinase in proteus morgani. 196314069510
intraperitoneal kanamycin-- clinical experience. 196314070799
effects of hyperbaric oxygen on some common pathogenic bacteria. 196314071153
host-range of proteus morganii bacteriophages. 196314071213
composition, alteration, and effects of the intestinal flora. 196314071701
[combined therapy of an associated purulent infection against a background of previous radiocobalt gamma-ray irradiation]. 196314072297
a method for the purification of bacterial flagella by ion exchange chromatography. 196314072828
transduction of swarming in proteus mirabilis. 196314072831
[experimental urinary infection]. 196314073236
food microorganisms influencing the growth of staphylococcus aureus.some 870 cultures of predominating micro-organisms were isolated from market samples of hamburger, fresh pork sausage, fresh fish fillets, stewing beef, frozen chicken pot pie, frozen corn, frozen peas, and pasteurized and raw milk, before and after storage at different temperatures. the isolates were screened for their ability to influence the growth of staphylococcus aureus strain 196e by means of spot-plate tests on apt and nutrient agars at 25 c. the 438 cultures that influenced the growth o ...196314075051
[research on the method of distribution of bacteria of the proteus group in the outdoor environment. i. method of determination of the number of proteus. proteus content of polluted waters]. 196314075067
[septicemia due to gram-negative bacteria]. 196314075356
[sensitivity tests with demethylchlortetracycline]. 196314075770
membrane stability and salt tolerance in gram-negative bacteria. 196314076708
[detection, by the luminescent method, of bacterial enzymes splitting amino acids]. 196314077122
[contribution to the knowledge of the parasitology of madagascan chameleons. 2]. 196314077657
some aspects of cyanide-producing capabilities of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from burned patient infections. 196314078079
some experimental and clinical studies on cephalothin. 196314079248
[in vitro antibacterial properties of nitrofurfurylideneisonicotinylhydrazone. (nfi)]. 196314079885
colony count from mid-stream voided urine specimens as a screening method for asymptomatic bacteriuria in males in the medical ward. 196314080539
temperature-sensitive hydrogenase and hydrogenase synthesis in a psychrophilic bacterium.upadhyay, j. (washington state university, pullman) and j. l. stokes. temperature-sensitive hydrogenase and hydrogenase synthesis in a psychrophilic bacterium. j. bacteriol. 86:992-998. 1963.-hydrogenase and its synthesis were more heat-sensitive in psychrophilic strain 82 than in mesophilic escherichia coli. the enzyme was not formed above 20 c by the psychrophile, whereas it was formed by e. coli and other mesophiles at 45 c. aerobically grown cells of strain 82 do not contain hydrogenase but ...196314080812
[bacteria of the digestive tract of lebetine and ceraste snakes]. 196314081694
culture studies of the gastrointestinal tract with a newly devised capsule. results of tests in vitro and in vivo. 196314081867
[quaternary ammonium bases in the treatment of bacterial and mycotic eye infections]. 196314083282
thrombosis and hepatic infarct elicited in hyperlipemic rats by bacterial endotoxin. 196314083318
observations on blood cultures with exchange transfusion of the newborn infant. 196314084333
a non-adherent surgical dressing. 196314084373
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