[lysogeny in bacteria of the genus proteus and use of moderate phages for direct typing]. 1978364892
identification of proteus morganii and distinction from other proteus species.the identification of proteus morganii in the clinical laboratory is complicated by the differences in incidence of hydrogen sulfide (h2s) production recorded by different sources. since this quality appeared to be a frequent feature of strains of p. morganii at the author's center, all isolates of this species were studied over a six-month period. during this time, 12 of 21 were found to produce scant h2s in kligler's iron agar (kia) and triple-sugar iron (tsi) agar butts. the strains were, in ...1978364977
new cephamycin antibiotic, cs-1170: binding affinity to penicillin-binding proteins and inhibition of peptidoglycan cross-linking reactions in escherichia coli.the binding activity of cs-1170, a new cephamycin antibiotic, to penicillin-binding proteins (pbps) in escherichia coli and proteus species and the potency of this antibiotic in vitro to inhibit enzymes involved in peptidoglycan cross-linking in e. coli were tested. similar experiments were carried out with the 7alpha-h analog of cs-1170, r-45656, and the results were compared with those obtained with cs-1170. cs-1170 showed high affinities (compared with that of penicillin g) for e. coli pbp-1a ...1978365089
effect of triton x100 on the oxidation of l-phenylalanine by membranes of proteus mirabilis. 1978365248
simultaneous production of two types of beta-lactamase in escherichia coli and providencia stuartii.the production of beta-lactamase has been studied in two strains isolated from clinical samples: providencia stuartii mulb 501 and escherichia coli mulb 130. these strains were selected for their high resistance level to penicillins and cephalosporins. determination and identification of beta-lactamase activity were achieved by combining several up-to-date methods including (i) neutralization by anti-beta-lactamase sera, (ii) purification by affinity chromatography on cephalosporin c linked seph ...1978365308
gram negative bone and joint infection: sixty patients treated with amikacin.sixty patients with bone and joint infections secondary to gram negative infection were evaluated in relation to treatment with amikacin. forty-seven of these patients had osteomyelitis, and 13 had joint infections, including 3 prosthetic replacements. the patients' average was 35 years and there was no predilection for any particular skeletal location. only 6 patients had no associated predisposing medical problems. of these problems fracture, diabetes and narcotic abuse were most common. thirt ...1978365414
[comparative susceptibility testing to sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim by agar diffusion test on different media (author's transl)].14 lots of 6 different commercial media for susceptibility testing were compared by agar diffusion test with 161 bacterial strains. the result "resistant" to sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, or co-trimoxazole varied in wide limits between the media. the lot employed by the "work-group on resistance" of the paul ehrlich society is of limited value for testing of the investigated drugs.1978365716
recurrences in primarily infected and uninfected analysis was carried out of 640 patients treated because of urolithiasis at the urological clinic of the medical academy in warsaw in the years 1971--1974. factors conducive to stone formation were analyzed. in infected urolithiasis, different bacterial floras were found in men and women. the importance of infections acquired in hospital by patients is emphasized. in primarily uninfected urolithiasis there were 35 per cent recurrences, as against 53 per cent recurrences in infected urolithias ...1978365823
secondary bacterial infection in bilharzial urological patients with special reference to the effect of tartar emetic on the causative micro-organisms. 1977366058
extension of a chromosome linkage group of proteus mirabilis.mating procedures for detection of mobilization of the proteus mirabilis chromosome were re-investigated. the chromosome was mobilized by plasmid d, the previously used hybrid between plasmids p-lac and r1drd19. about a 40-fold increase in recombinant recovery correlated with the absence of swarming during mating and a lower temperature of incubation. the modification introduced was that conjugation was allowed to proceed on a non-selective supplemented minimal medium at 30 degrees c before wash ...1978366071
urinary tract infection in general three studies, 616 patients (610 female and six male) presented with symptoms suggesting urinary tract infection (uti). of these, 321 had greater than 100 x 10(6) bacteria per litre in a midstream urine sample. none of the presenting symptoms could be considered to be a reliable indicator of bacteriuria. ninety percent of infected urines and 44 percent of uninfected urines had a raised white cell concentration. escherichia coli was the most common infecting organism (71.3 percent). next were ...1978366474
pyogenic arthritis and rheumatoid disease: the importance of the infected foot.during a nine-year period (1968--76) 75 patients were admitted to coventry hospitals becaues of pyogenic arthritis. of these patients, 22 suffered from pre-existing rheumatoid disease, and in these the foot was the most common site of primary infection. adequate and energetic management of foot problems and associated skin sepsis in patients suffering from rheumatoid disease appears to offer the best opportunity of reducing the incidence of superimposed pyogenic arthritis.1978366718
[analysis of penicillin and ampicillin resistance in bacteria i. resistance and beta-lactamase production in clinical isolates (author's transl)].the penicillin beta-lactamase (pbl) activity of the clinical isolates was measured at the same time by colorimetric microtitration, the iodometric method and chromatographic analysis. the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) of ampicillin (ap) was determined for each isolate, the character of the coupled resistances, their frequency and distribution in the pbl producing and pbl-negative strains were also investigated. it was found that 1. the mic value was 100 microgram/ml in 87.5 per cent of ...1978366997
r plasmids in enterobacteriaceae from the hospital environment.r plasmids have been demonstrated in several group of strains of enterobacteriaceae from hospital environment. r + enteropathogenic strains of escherichia coli were isolated from several items of baby-care as well as from the pre-prepared baby food in a newborn unit. strains from environmental samples are thought to be identical with those causing nosocomial gastroenteritis of babies. from hospital waste waters of another larger country hospital we could isolate r + strains of salmonella typhimu ...1978367006
microbial metabolites of tryptophan in the intestinal tract with special reference to skatole. 1979367144
macrophage secretion and the complement cleavage product c3a in the pathogenesis of infections by mycoplasmas and l-forms of bacteria and in immunity to these organisms.mouse peritoneal macrophages in culture exposed to mycoplasma pulmonis show marked biochemical changes. this micro-organism induces the release of hydrolytic enzymes from macrophages. the release is time- and dose-dependent and is not associated with loss of the cytoplasmic enzyme lactate dehydrogenase or any other sign of cell death. secretory products of macrophages may play a role in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory responses elicited by mycoplasma infections. one of the products of a ...1978367651
a new cephalosporin. sce-963: 7-[2-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)-acetamido]-3-[[[1-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)-1h-tetrazol-5-yl]-thio]methyl]ceph-3-em-4-carboxylic acid. chemistry and structure-activity relationships.the synthesis and the in vitro and in vivo antimicrobial activities of a series of 7-[2-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)acetamido]cephalosporins (1) having varied 3-substituents, such as methyl, hydroxymethyl, acetoxymethyl, pyridiniomethyl and heterocyclicthiomethyls, are described. the derivatives having five membered heterocyclicthiomethyls exhibited strong inhibitory activities against gram-negative organisms including some strains of escherichia coli and proteus morganii which are insensitive to cefaz ...1978367998
the bacterial outer-membrane permeability of beta-lactam antibiotics.two penicillins and 5 cephalosporins were evaluated for their ability to pass through the outer-membranes of proteus morganii, citrobacter freundii and escherichia coli. cefazolin, ceftezole and cephaloridine showed high permeability through the outer-membranes of these gram-negative bacteria. benzylpenicillin and cephalothin, on the contrary, showed low permeability. the outer-membrane permeability of ampicillin and cephalexin varied from species to species. c. freundii was found to have the hi ...1979368002
regulation of phenylalanine oxidase synthesis in proteus mirabilis.cells of proteus mirabilis could oxidize l-phenylalanine to phenylpyruvate only when grown in the presence of a number of amino acids, particularly, l-alanine, l-asparagine, l-glutamate, and l-glutamine. production of phenylalanine oxidase was slowly lost upon growth in a minimal medium containing ammonium ions as a nitrogen source but was reversed by the addition of casein hydrolysate. oxidase activity as well as a phenylalanine-dichlorophenolindophenol (dcip) reductase activity increased in p. ...1979368013
penicillin-binding proteins in proteus species.penicillin-binding proteins in three species of proteus, proteus mirabilis, p. morganii, and p. rettgeri, were investigated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis. penicillin-binding proteins in these proteus species were compared with those in escherichia coli k-12. an approximate correlation between penicillin-binding proteins in e. coli and those in proteus species was shown by several criteria: electrophoretic mobilities; affinities of several beta-lactam antibioti ...1979368025
conduiturinary diversion and urinary-tract infection. i. serum antibody titers against escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis in relation to urographic findings.the serum antibody titers against escherichia coli and/or proteus mirabilis were elevated in 26 of 80 patients (33%) with a conduit urinary diversion. urographic findings were abnormal in 44 of these 80 patients (55%). urography was normal in 59% of the patients with normal antibody titers, but in only 15% of those with elevated titers. raised antibody levels against e. coli o antigen (greater than 256 before and/or greater than 32 after mercaptoethanol treatment of serum) were associated with w ...1979368976
conduit urinary diversion and urinary-tract infection. ii. raised serum antibody titers against escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis in relation to bacteriologic findings.elevated serum antibody titers against escherichia coli and/or proteus mirabilis were found in 35% of 89 patients with a conduit urinary diversion. statistical analysis showed significant correlation between the titers and growth of e. coli or p. mirabilis in conduit urine. but 17 (24%) of 72 patients without e. coli in urine cultures had raised e. coli antibody titer. only 3 (4%) of 68 patients without growth of p. mirabilis had raised p. mirabilis antibody titer. when the post-diversion observ ...1979368977
[gram-negative bacteria as agents of intrahospital infections]. 1978369251
the recovery period following exposure of bacteria to penicillins.experiments with staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes have shown that when cells are exposed to bactericidal concentration of benzylpenicillin or ampicillin and the antibiotic then inactivated with beta-lactamase the count of the surviving viable cells (colony-forming units) remains essentially constant for a period of approximately 1.5--3 h before increasing at a normal rate. no such recovery period was observed, however, when escherichia coli or proteus mirabilis was exposed to a b ...1979369783
multicentre study of 'flagyl' in the prevention of post-operative anaerobic a study carried out with 565 patients undergoing gynaecological and general surgical procedures, metronidazole ('flagyl') was used pre- and post-operatively and the incidence of post-operative infection, particularly that due to anaerobic organisms, was recorded. this was not a controlled study but, by comparison with other series, it would appear that the use of oral metronidazole had substantially reduced the likelihood of supervention of anaerobic sepsis. it is probable that the use of int ...1979369922
[progress in antibacterial chemotherapy]. 1978370047
pyogenic non-tuberculous spinal infection: an analysis of thirty cases.thirty patients with non-tuberculous pyogenic osteomyelitis of the spine are reported in all of whom the diagnosis was confirmed bacteriologically, histologically or serologically. the clinical and radiological features and investigations are analysed. back pain, localised to the level involved, was the predominant symptom. the erythrocyte sedimentation rate was raised in all cases, and a characteristic sequence of radiological features is described.1979370121
typing methods for proteus rettgeri: comparison of biotype, antibiograms, serotype, and bacteriocin production.two hunderd five strains of proteus rettgeri from epidemic and nonepidemic sources were differentiated by a new biotyping scheme, agglutination in o antisera, antimicrobial resistance patterns, and a new scheme based on bacteriocin production. the p. rettgeri were divided into 10 groups by their fermentation of lactose, sucrose, d-mannitol, and salicin. these groups were then subdivided into 19 biotypes by other biochemical reactions. bacteriocin production was tested by the cross-streak method. ...1978370146
thermosensitive h1 plasmids determining citrate utilization.twelve thermosensitive h1 plasmids from strains of salmonella typhi that had caused outbreaks of chloramphenicol-resistant typhoid fever in vietnam, thailand and india mediated citrate utilization (cit+) in a prototrophic escherichia coli k12 strain but not in the s. typhi strains from which they were derived. four h1 plasmids from a similar outbreak in mexico differed from the far eastern plasmids in not mediating citrate utlization but in mediating mercury resistance. h1 plasmids resembling th ...1978370344
[basic and clinical examinations of cs-1170 in pediatrics (author's transl)].1. cs-1170 was administered for the purpose of prophylaxis during cardiac catheterization in patients with heart disease, and its blood levels were measured. 2. the mean blood level (moni-trol i standard) after one intravenous shot of 20 mg/kg was 53.6 mcg/ml in catheterized children aged below 6 and 66.9 mcg/ml in catheterized children aged above 10 at 30 minutes, and 1.95 mcg/ml and 5.2 mcg/ml respectively at 6 hours. 3. the mean half life of the blood level was 1.09 hours in catheterized chil ...1979370423
alteration of perirenal fat secondary to diffuse retroperitoneal infiltration.inflammatory effusions and diffuse neoplasia in the fatty retroperitoneal space, which can alter the perirenal fat, can be recognized radiographically because of density differences. the opacity of fluid and tumor accentuates the remaining fat which conforms to the renal contour. this perirenal fatty border appears as a lucent strip when the perirenal fat is not violated and as abnormal perirenal streakiness when the perirenal fat is infiltrated by fluid or tumor. six cases are described.1979370904
septicemia in children with cancer.because of the persistently high mortality from sepsis in cancer patients, a retrospective study was designed to identify the causative organisms and to determine the factors affecting the outcome of sepsis. a total of 84 episodes of septicemia in 61 children with cancer were studied. the more frequently isolated organisms were: staphylococcus aureus (21.4%); escherichia coli (18%); klebsiella (7.1%); pseudomonas (6%); and bacteroides fragilis (6%). other isolates included proteus, serratia, aci ...1979371000
patterns of infection in untreated acute leukemia: impact of initial hospitalization.several previous authors have examined the association between infection and acute leukemia, especially at the time of death, but none has assessed this problem at the time of diagnosis and initial hospitalization. we have undertaken a retrospective review of cases of acute leukemia diagnosed at the affiliated hospitals of the state university of new york at buffalo. results suggest that bacteriologic findings in this population initially resemble those in the general outpatient population. gram ...1979371009
[resistance of e. coli and bacteria of the genus proteus to the thermal processing of perishable meat products].experiments were carried out in six meat combines to establish the devitalization of escherichia coli and bacteria of the proteus genus at the thermal treatment of perishable meat products. seventy series of experiments were conducted with 16 types of meat products of a different structure (homogenic and heterogenic), varying composition unequal diameter of the casings (3-4 am, 5-6 am, and 7-8 am), and different type of the latter--natural, paper, and cutis-lika. twenty-four-hour agar cultures a ...1978371114
[detection and study of the labile toxic factor of proteus mirabilis].the author studied the dynamics of toxin formation of the high- and low-virulent pr. mirabilis strains. the high-virulent strain produced toxic substances of the exotoxin type detectable in 1-2-day broth cultures. later the activity of the culture medium of both cultures under study was due to substances of the endotoxin type. by physico-chemical and immunobiological properties, and also by chemical composition of pr. mirabilis "early toxin" was similar to the exoenterotoxins of enterobacteria. ...1979371267
[tissue and bacterial sensitization in patients with bone pathology].the author studied sensitization to normal tissues (bone, muscle, spleen) and tissues altered by pathological process (sequestrum, scars), and also to allergens of widespread causative agents of purulent infection (staphylococcus, streptococcus, proteus, e. coli) in 87 patients with different bone pathology and in 24 donors. leukocytolysis reaction (modified by karapaty) was used for ascertaining the sensitization; a total of 592 tests were conducted. with the development of infection in soft ti ...1978371297
[gibbs free energy in periodic enterobacterial cultures].the authors present the results of study of the gibbs' free energy (--delta g) output in periodic cultures of nonpathogenic and enteropathogenic escherichia, shigellae, salmonellae, proteus, serratia, and klebsiellae in the hydrolysate broth in a special twelve--chamber cultivator. graphic expression--deltag = f(n) permitted to reveal differences in the energy characteristics of individual enterobacteria genera and species. it is supposed that such studies could be useful in the choice of redox ...1978371306
endotoxin in germfree, gnotobiotic, or conventional-flora sprague-dawley rats.the limulus assay for bacterial endotoxin was performed on serum and (or) plasma from animals monoassociated with clostridium species, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, enterobacter agglomerans, bacteroides fragilis, klebsiella pneumoniae, or candida albicans. plasma from animals monoassociated with the gram-negative bacteria or c. albicans consistently showed a positive limulus test while conventional-flora controls, germfree rats, and gnotobiotic animals monoassociate ...1978371771
trimethoprim in combination with a sulfonamide for oral treatment of canine urinary tract infections.trimethoprim, in combination with sulfadiazine or sulfamethoxazole was administered orally for 7 to 14 days to 84 dogs with urinary tract infections (uti). the daily dosage of 26.4 mg/kg (12 mg/lb) was divided into 2 equal parts and administered at about 12-hour intervals. response to treatment, based on negative urine culture during or after therapy, was 37 of 45 (82%) for uti caused by escherichia coli, 11 of 15 (73%) uti caused by proteus mirabilis, 8 of 12 (67%) uti caused by klebsiella pneu ...1979372165
genetic circularity of the proteus mirabilis linkage map.the t incompatibility group plasmid r394 can mobilize the chromosome of proteus mirabilis strain pm5006. it transferred relatively large segments, corresponding to at least 20 min on the d plasmid chromosomal map of the organism. the frequency of recombination for a large number of selected markers was nearly constant at 5 x 10(-6) per donor cell and it is concluded that mobilization takes place from a number of chromosomal sites. all recombinants were r+ and displayed all properties of the plas ...1979372488
the special affinity of particular types of proteus mirabilis for the urinary tract.the strains of proteus species found in significant numbers and as pure cultures in urine from 217 individuals were isolated, identified to species level and typed for proticine production (p type) and proticine sensitivity (s type) to give their p/s type. urinary-tract infections with proteus, principally p. mirabilis, were associated with the elderly. ninety seven distinct p/s types were found but three p/s types p3/s1,8, p3/s1,8,13 and p3/s1,13 were isolated at a much higher frequency (14%) t ...1979372530
the variable response of bacteria to excess ferric iron in host tissues.the enhancement by exogenous ferric iron, both systemic and local, of the infectivity of 120 strains of bacteria, representing 17 genera, was measured in the skin of guinea-pigs. systemic iron enhanced only 23% of 115 strains, and local iron 49% of 71 strains. systemic iron, by an apparently anti-inflammatory action, depressed the size of lesions produced by 27 of the non-enhanced strains from nine of the genera tested. for most strains, the degree of enhancement was small, ranging from 2- to 8- ...1979372534
dysuria in general analysis of 98 clinical consultations for dysuria in an urban general practice revealed that only 60 percent of patients had proven urinary tract infections. two percent had gonorrhoea and the rest had an urethral syndrome. most of the urinary tract infections were caused by escherichia coli and streptococcus epidermidis. proteus mirabilis was the next commonest infecting organism. among the commonly used urinary antimicrobials, nitrofurantoin was found to be the cheapest and most effective a ...1979372868
[express methods of determining the biochemical properties of pathogenic microorganisms].comparative studies were carried out to evaluate some express methods for determining the biochemical properties of microorganisms. described are disc methods establishing the production of indol and h2s, the breakdown of urea, and the reduction of nitrates and nitrites, with which the time of investigation is shortened severalfold. the results obtained are clear and well defined, and fully agree with the results obtained by methods described in the bulgarian state standards. it is suggested to ...1978373232
[frozen and thawed bacteria as recipients of isolated phages and plasmid dna].bacteria subjected to freezing and thawing are effective recipients of phage 1 phi 7 dna, lambda dna, and plasmid pmb9 dna. the effectiveness of transfection and plasmid transformation of frozen and thawed bacteria is determined by the joint action of 3 factors: 1) the conditions of freezing and thawing of a recipient and dna mixture with freezing carried out at a rate of 400 degrees c/min to--76 degrees c or--196 degrees c and with subsequent thawing at 42 degrees c; 2) a transitory character o ...1979373343
immunochemical studies on free lipid a from proteus mirabilis 1959.the chemical composition and serological activity of free lipid a from proteus were studied. only two fatty acids: myristic acid and 3-hydroxymyristic acid were detected. when calculated for glucosamine disaccharide unit, 2 moles of ester-linked and 1 mole of amide-linked fatty acid are present. amino group of glucosaminyl residue is substituted by 3-hydroxymyristic acid. the occurence of an uncommon (4-aminoarabinose) substituent, attached outside the backbone, was noticed. the results of serol ...1978373679
endotracheally administered antibiotics for gram-negative bronchopneumonia.sisomicin or a placebo was administered endotracheally to two groups of 18 and 20 unconscious patients, respectively, who had tracheostomies or endotracheal tubes in place and developed a severe gram-negative broncho-pneumonia. in addition, the patients received systemically a combination of sisomicin and carbenicillin. a favorable clinical response was obtained in 14 (77 percent) of the 18 patients who were treated with sisomicin and in nine (45 percent) of the 20 patients who received the plac ...1979374017
gene copy number effects in the mer operon of plasmid nr1.the level of resistance to hg2+ determined by the inducible mer operon of plasmid nr1 was essentially the same for three gene copy number variants in escherichia coli, less in proteus mirabilis, and intermediate in p. mirabilis "transitioned" to a high r-determinant gene copy number. cell-free volatilization rates of radioactive mercury indicated increasing levels of intracellular mercuric reductase enzyme from low- to high-gene copy number forms in p. mirabilis and from low- to high-copy number ...1979374374
properties of r plasmid r772 and the corresponding pilus-specific phage pr772.r plasmid r772 was isolated from a strain of proteus mirabilis and is a self-transmissible p-1 incompatibility group plasmid having a molecular weight of about 27 x 10(6). it renders bacterial hosts resistant to kanamycin. phage pr772 was isolated as a phage dependent on the presence of r772 in bacterial hosts. it is hexagonal-shaped with a diameter of 53 nm, has a thick inner membrane and no tail. vaguely defined appendages are sometimes apparent at some vertices and the phage possesses double- ...1979374677
[bactericidal activity of amoxicillin. in vitro bactericidal activity and therapeutic effect for experimental infections (author's transl)]. 1979374774
[effect of body sensitization on the indices of rheohepatography in patients with chronic cholecystitis]. 1979374858
[urinous pleural effusion associated with obstructive nephropathy]. 1978374932
microbial flora observed within sections of the oviduct in naturally mated, artificially inseminated, and virgin hens. 1978375216
bacteriophage specificity in the identification of yersinia pestis as compared with other enterobacteria.bacteriophage typing of yersinia pestis and the specificity of the phage among enterobacteriaceae were investigated. the bacteriophage used for rapid identification of y. pestis reacted with representative strains of all recognized species of shigella as well as with salmonella cholerae-suis. reactive shigella serotypes were sh. dysenteriae 1 and 9, sh. flexneri 2a, sh. boydii 1 and 6, and sh. sonnei. patterns consisting of isolated plaques (two cases) or absence of plaques were observed when th ...1978375327
humidifier-associated extrinsic allergic alveolitis.three cases of allergic alveolitis due to indoor humdification systems are described. thermoactinomyces vulgaris precipitins were detected in the serum of a 37-year-old female patient who had typical febrile attacks during exposure to cool-mist from a home humidifier. when the cause was detected and eliminated, the symptoms and signs disappeared and the woman's gas transfer factor improved from 56% to normal within six months. in a printing office a 60-year-old woman had had febrile attacks with ...1979375386
[f' transfer from escherichia coli to proteus mirabilis].the task of this work was the establishment of an effective transfer system for f'-plasmids from escherichia coli to proteus mirabilis. it is shown that cells of pg vi act as recipients in crosses with e. coli f' strains but with a low transfer rate of the plasmid. the presumption that a restriction -- modification system in p. mirabilis was the only reason for the low transfer could not be confirmed. an indirect selection method was developed to isolate p. mirabilis cells which are better recip ...1979375599
[probability of resistance to 10 standard- and 7 recently introduced antimicrobics in multiresistant strains of escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella spec (author's transl)]. 1979375624
[multiple drug resistance in different medical institutions: frequency and resistance patterns in escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella spec (author's transl)]. 1979375625
[effect of immunization on the radioresistance of mice to the action of 90sr].the preliminary immunization with heated proteus vulgaris culture introduced in a single injection was found to have a positive influence on the resistance of white mice to radiation emitted by incorporated 90sr. this effect was manifested by an increase in the survival rate and the mean survival time of the animals, as well as by their increased physical endurance, and the stimulation of recovery process in the spleen.1979375634
reproducibility of biotypes using enterotubes.using both stock and clinical isolates, the enterotube system was examined for reproducibility of its biotype identification. fifty stock strains of enterobacteriaceae were tested on each of 22 separate days (interrun evaluation), and ten enterotubes per strain were inoculated from one subculture (intrarun evaluation). it was found that 2 of the 50 strains (4 percent) demonstrated reproducibility of biotypes, defined as no variation in the results of the 22 interrun enterotubes. twenty-one of th ...1979375727
enteric gram-negative rods, 1976. 1979375729
[expression of the gene for tetracycline resistance of plasmids r6 and rp4 in bacteria of the family enterobacteriaceae].it was found that manifestation of the tetracycline resistance gene depended on the type of the plasmid containing the gene. the tetracycline resistance gene was subject to less repression in plasmid r6 than in plasmid rp4. sensitivity of the initial plasmid-free bacteria varied within lower dose ranges than that of the plasmid-carrying strains. regulation of the tetracycline resistance gene manifestation in the given plasmid may change in different bacterial hosts, i.e. in different cytoplasmic ...1979375821
[structure of the microflora of suppurative wounds and its sensitivity to antibiotics].clinico-bacteriological examination of patients with purulent infections showed that staphylococcus was the predominating microflora in the wounds. simultaneously an increasing role of gram-negative conditionally pathogenic bacteria was shown. multiple drug resistance was found in the organisms tested. the highest sensitivity levels were observed to gentamicin, kanamycin, tetracycline, levomycetin. it was shown by means of special typing methods that staphylococci of phage group iii and ps. aeru ...1979375824
[mechanisms of proteus resistance to chloramphenicol].data on chloramphenicol sensitivity of clinical proteus strains isolated within 1970--1975 and some mechanisms of their resistance to this antibiotic are presented. it was found that most of the proteus strains (62.82 +/- 2.15 per cent) were resistant to chloramphenicol. 75 per cent of the isolates had resistance of transmissive character. resistance of the proteus cultures to chloramphenicol was not a stable feature and was lost during storage under laboratory conditions. direct correlation bet ...1979375826
recent notes on the mechanism of the proteus swarming phenomenon. a review. 1978375874
in vitro sensitivity of proteus organisms to gentamicin and sisomicin.the antibacterial activity of gentamicin and sisomicin was studied in 148 recent clinical isolates of proteus obtained from patients hospitalized in athens. both gentamicin and sisomicin were found to be active with sisomicin generally being the more active of the two; p. mirabilis strains were less susceptible than the indole-positive strains, but p. mirabilis organisms isolated from the respiratory tract were more sensitive to sisomicin than those isolated from the urine. susceptibility testin ...1979376234
prevention of colonization of the urinary tract of mice with escherichia coli by blocking of bacterial adherence with methyl alpha-d-mannopyranoside.methyl alpha-d-mannopyranoside (alpha mm), a competitor inhibitor of the binding of mannose by escherichia coli, was tested for its ability to prevent infection of the urinary tract of mice with infective strains of the organisms. injection of the bacteria in the presence of the drug resulted in a considerable reduction in the number of bacteriuric mice. in this system alpha mm was inactive against proteus mirabilis in accordance with its inability to inhibit the adherence of this organism to ep ...1979376757
a nosocomial outbreak of infections due to multiply resistant proteus mirabilis: role of intestinal colonization as a major outbreak of nosocomial infections involving an unusual strain of multiply resistant proteus mirabilis (phage type 8888) occurred in 15 patients, 14 of whom were in the surgical intensive care unit at that time. no common source of infection was identified, and person-to-person transmission was the most likely mode of spread. case-control analysis indicated a significantly increased risk infection related to length of hospital stay (p less than 0.005), number of operations (p less than 0.005), ...1979376760
urinary tract infection re circumcision. 1979376804
factors which influence the electron microscopic appearance of dna when benzyldimethylalkyammonium chloride is used. 1979376868
indomethacin and occult infections. 1979376879
a comparison of the antibacterial activity of sulphonamide-trimethoprim combinations.sensitivity patterns of 326 clinical isolates toward sulphonamide/trimethoprim combinations were tested in vitro. the relative merits of the different combinations are discussed in their pharmacological and bacteriological contexts. it is concluded that organisms sensitive to cotrimoxazole as judged by in vitro sensitivity tests performed at 37 degrees c are also sensitive to sulphamoxole/trimethoprim.1979377523
[antibacterial effect of ankerplast spray].the diffusion test yielded no satisfactory results. in the tube test, both the spray and the solvent (in a dilution of 1:4 and 1:8, respectively) proved to be bacteriostatically active against enterococci, staphylococcus aureus, escheria coli, proteus, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. these germs were killed within 30 minutes in the test for bactericidal activity, whereas the reference substance (1% phenol) required 1--2 hours, except against the last-named germ. even the copolymer exerted a bacteric ...1979377580
studies on the influence of competitive enterobacteriaceae flora on salmonella isolation. 1979377858
late deoxyribonuclease activity of salmonell a result of chance observations, the authors studied for deoxyribonuclease activity 16 strains of salmonella, including six fresh isolates and ten stock cultures, with positive results in 13. reactions characteristically occurred at 48 hours or later, with the majority being manifest at 72 hours and the latest at six days. no other positive reaction was observed among approximately 7,000 enterobacteriaceae tested, except for serratia species and proteus vulgaris. deoxyribonuclease screening p ...1979377948
the impact of hospitalization on the aerobic fecal microflora.quantitative bacteriological analysis of the aerobic fecal microflora of 75 patients indicated that, at the time of admission to hospital, escherichia coli were the predominant fecal aerotolerant bacteria. subsequent fecal samples showed a progressive supplantation of e coli by klebsiella, enterobacter and proteus. at the end of 21 days of hospitalization, e coli remained predominant in only 30 patients. none of the patients had received antibiotics, undergone surgery or been subjected to x-ray ...1979377964
changes in the pathogenesis and detection of intrahepatic abscess.a comparison of two distinct 11 year time periods at our institution demonstrated a change not only in the cause of intrahepatic abscess but also in the procedures used to diagnose this condition. significant improvement in the methods of detection of intrahepatic abscess permits earlier diagnosis and therapy and thus a significantly improved prognosis.1979378006
determination of lipopolysaccharide by a bioluminescence technique.the determination of the lipid a content of bacterial lipopolysaccharide by using a dim mutant of the luminous bacterium beneckea harveyi is described. the luminous bacteria emitted light upon the addition of an acid hydrolysate of lipopolysaccharide which contained myristic acid, thus making it possible to detect as little as 1 ng of lipopolysaccharide. by converting the 3-oh-myristic acid to myristic acid, it was possible to further increase the detection sensitivity and to establish a basis f ...1979378133
alterations in the cell envelope composition of proteus mirabilis during the development of swarmer cells.long, swarming cells of proteus mirabilis had different proportions of some lipopolysaccharide components when compared to short cells, either agar grown or broth grown. fluorescence spectrophotometry of antibody binding, and sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis indicated that the change was in the proportion of lipopolysaccharide with long o-antigenic sidechains, swarmer lipopolysaccharide relative to short sidechain lipopolysaccharide than the non-swarming cells. the prot ...1979378265
[regulation of catalase synthesis in proteus mirabilis].during the log-phase growth of proteus mirabilis the specific activity of catalase decreases, while at the beginning of or during the stationary phase an increase takes place which is abolished by inhibitors of nucleic acid or protein synthesis. glucose in the culture medium has no appreciable effect on the level of enzyme synthesis nor does the passage of bacteria to anaerobiosis bring any noticeable change. successive additions of hydrogen peroxide up to weak final concentrations (0.2--0.5 mm) ...1979378338
[properties of an hydrogen peroxide resistant proteus mirabilis mutant].a peroxide-resistant mutant (pr) was isolated from proteus mirabilis using the hydrogen peroxide mutagenic property. under the same conditions, resistance of mutant pr bacteria to h2o2 was 50 to 100 times greater than that of the wild type. the total amount of catalase produced by p. mirabilis pr was on the average 10 times greater than that of the wild type. when pr bacteria were subjected to high doses of h2o2 (150mm), the determination of catalasic activity in vivo increased; paradoxically, t ...1979378339
quantitative comparison of electrophoretic traces of bacterial proteins. 1979378522
asymmetric transcription of r plasmid nr1 in proteus mirabilis.the composite r plasmid nr1, its resistance transfer factor which specifies resistance to tetracycline (rtf-tc component), and its r-determinants component were each denatured and centrifuged to equilibrium in cscl density gradients containing polyuridylic acid-polyguanidylic acid. the complementary deoxyribonucleic acid strands of nr1 and the complementary strands of the rtf-tc component could be separated by this technique because of a threefold difference in polyuridylic acid-polyguanidylic a ...1979378944
synthesis and antibacterial activity of 2'-substituted chelocardin analogues.chelocardin (1) was condensed with numerous hydrazines, hydrazides, and anilines, yielding 2'-substituted derivatives with antibacterial spectra similar to the parent antibiotic. the hydrazone derivatives 9 and 10 and the two anilino derivatives 42 and 44 had more in vivo antibacterial activity than chelocardin.1979379332
measurement of proteus cell motility during swarming.the motilities of proteus long forms during swarming on agar were measured on cells transferred to liquid suspension. during concentric-ring formation on solid medium, when the edge of the swarm was advancing slowly or had stopped, the velocity of long-form motility was low. when the colony was spreading rapidly, long-form velocitywas relatively high. this periodic variation in cell velocity, which determines the zones formed during swarming, cannot adequately be explained by negative chemotaxis ...1979379339
infections of the temporomandibular joint.three interesting case histories of infection of the temperomandibular joint are reported. an unsuccessful search of the recent literature was made in the hope that some assistance would be obtained in understanding the pathology. these infections must have been more common in the pre-antibiotic era and perhaps a search of the older literature would have been more fruitful.1979379359
[morphological studies on antibacterial activities of cefotiam (author's transl)].1. cefotiam was demonstrated to be more potent than cefazolin in its antibacterial activities against clinical isolates of e. coli, klebsiella, serratia, proteus mirabilis, proteus morganii and proteus inconstans. mics of cefotiam with 10(6) cells/ml inoculum size were considerably lower than those with 10(8) cells/ml. 2. organisms lysed when exposed to cefotiam at concentrations higher than the mics with 10(8) cells/ml. morphological changes of organisms into filament occurred even at concentra ...1979379387
the infected pacemaker pocket.between january, 1963, and september, 1978, a total of 1,789 pacemakers were implanted at henry ford hospital. infection at the site of implantation developed in 19 instances for an incidence of 1.06 percent. the most common organism cultured was staphylococcus epidermidis, and conservative treatment was successful with these patients. in all patients with organisms other than staphylococcus epidermidis, reimplantation of a new unit in a new, clean site was required.1979379440
[pharmacokinetic and clinical research of a new phenyl ester of carbecinillin: carfecillin].following a review of the latest methods of treating infections of the urinary ways, the pharmacokinetic and clinical results of a new antibiotic, carfecillin, are reported. the examination was carried out on a total of 10 volunteers. the substance showed good serum levels and fair renal excretion with both the 250 mg and the 500 mg p.o. doses. the clinical study was carried out on a double blind basis versus a standard reference (indanyl ester of carbenicillin) in 26 patients and showed the ele ...1979379704
[treatment with oxolinic acid of urinary tract infections]. 1979379706
[results of continuous suction drainage in the treatment of pleural empyema (author's transl)].201 adults with non-specific pleural empyema (58 women, 143 men) had suction drainage. most of the patients were aged 61-70 years. in the 47 patients who had not had antibiotic therapy before admission the main causal micro-organisms were staphylococci, pneumococci and streptococci; in the 149, who had had antibiotic therapy outside, micro-organisms such as pseudomonas, esch. coli and proteus predominated. suction drainage had to be kept up for a remarkably long time: for 4-8 weeks in 36% of the ...1979379852
[proteeae enzymes that participate in the amino acid metabolism of food products].biosynthesis of enzymes, catalyzing amino acid conversion in food products, and deposition of end products of protein metabolism is a current problem for hygiene-indicatory microorganisms. results are reported of a study of decarboxylase and aminotransferase activities of a large number of proteus strains. it was found that aminotransferases are produced by all members of this group of microorganisms, despite the specific differences in their quantitative characteristics. the composition of the ...1979379858
antibiotic-resistant serratia marcescens infection in a hospital.over a 12-month period, 74 isolates of serratia marcescens were obtained from various sources at tygerberg hospital. the majority of these isolates were from catheterized patients with urinary tract infections, and were non-pigmented and resistant to all antibiotics tested, excepting amikacin and neomycin. all isolates transferred resistance to tobramycin, gentamicin and tetracycline by conjugation to escherichia coli recipients as separate markers at low frequency. a non-self-transmissible plas ...1979380020
problems in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections. 1979380219
[clinical effectiveness of carbenicillin in suppurative inflammatory processes of varying localization].the study on sensitivity of clinical strains of the causative agents of purulent infections to carbenicillin showed that 34.6% of the staphylococcal strains, 48.1% of the e. coli strains and 40.3% of the proteus strains were sensitive to the antibiotic. the strains of ps. aeruginosa were characterized by moderate sensitivity to carbenicillin. the mtc for most of the isolates ranged within 25-128 microgram/ml. high therapeutic efficacy of carbenicillin in treatment of cases with purulent inflamma ...1979380455
physical characterization of ten r plasmids obtained from an outbreak of nosocomial klebsiella pneumoniae infections.gentamicin resistance in klebsiella pneumoniae involved in an outbreak at the minneapolis veterans administration hospital was due to a transmissible r plasmid. in addition to gentamicin, this plasmid conferred resistance to tobramycin, kanamycin, ampicillin, carbenicillin, cephalothin, chloramphenicol, and sulfathiazole. r plasmids which transferred this complex antibiogram were identified in several clinical isolates, including four different serotypes of k. pneumoniae, escherichia coli, enter ...1979380464
symmetrical osteomyelitis of the lower extremities. 1979380864
daily bacteriological examination of urine during antimicrobial treatment of urinary tract infections.bacteriologic examinations of urine were performed daily in 85 patients admitted for chronic recurrent urinary tract infections and treated with antibacterial drugs. the results have shown that the effect of therapy can be evaluated fairly accurately on the basis of bacteriological findings in urine within the first four days of treatment. when sterility was achieved as early as after one or two days of therapy, the urine remained sterile in more than 90% of the patients throughout the first pos ...1979381233
ps-5, a new beta-lactam antibiotic. iii. synergistic effects and inhibitory activity against a was shown to have synergistic activity in combination with other beta-lactam antibiotics and it markedly decreased the minimum inhibitory concentration values of ampicillin or cephaloridine with a beta-lactamase-producing proteus vulgaris strain on agar plates. the synergistic activities were also shown in bactericidal activity in liquid medium. ps-5 was shown to be inhibitory against an extracted beta-lactamase of p. volgaris.1979381269
bacteria causing symptomatic urinary tract infection or asymptomatic thousand bacterial isolates from consecutive suprapublic aspirations of urine in two groups of patients with symptomatic urinary tract infection and two groups with asymptomatic bacteriuria were studied. staphylococci accounted for 13 and 27% of the isolates from symptomatic patients but for only 3 and 4% of strains from asymptomatic bacteriuria. conversely, 18 and 30% of escherichia coli isolates from asymptomatic bacteriuria were auto-agglutinable when tested with antisera to the common ur ...1979381327
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