effects of biliary diversion on intestinal microflora in the rat.certain bile acids inhibit the growth in vitro of organisms commonly found in the intestine and, in particular, anaerobic bacteria. as the importance of this effect in vivo has not been demonstrated, we investigated changes in intestinal flora in the rat after diversion of bile to the urinary bladder. five days after operation there was an increase in numbers of proteus sp. in the stomach, mid-jejunum and caecum and of coliform bacilli in the stomach and mid-jejunum. lacto-bacilli were increased ...1977323490
gram-negative bacillary pneumonia in the compromised host.the clinical and radiological characteristics of 217 consecutive episodes of gram-negative bacillary pneumonia occurring in 189 adult cancer patients between november 1968 and december 1974 were analyzed. the majority of patients had acute leukemia (54%). fever larger than or equal to 101 degrees f was the single most common symptom and sign of the presence of infection (90%). next in frequency were crepitant rales (65%), cough (41%), dyspnea (19%) and chest pain (18%). radiographic evidence of ...1977323640
[combined effect of antibiotics and bile acids on bacteria of the species proteus]. 1977324131
[carindapen for theratment of urinary tract infections with problem germs]. 1977324164
a serologic response in human infection with enterobacteriaceae.sera from patients infected with escherichia coli, proteus, klebsiella, and serratia were studied for precipitins to ultrasonic extracts of these organisms in gel-diffusion plates. sera from 66 per cent of these patients contained precipitins when initially tested. twenty-four per cent of sera tested in the first week after onset of infection contained precipitins, but this rose to 78 per cent by the third week. cross-reactions of sera with pseudomonas antigens were unusual, but were common with ...1977324278
endocarditis due to enteric bacilli other than salmonellae: case reports and literature review.the clinical and pathological findings in two recent patients with non-salmonella enterobacterial endocarditis are described, and those of 42 patients in the literature are summarized. most of the patients acquired their endocarditis secondary to urinary tract infection and had an acute clinical course characterized by high fever and chills. thirty-two of these patients died, and all except one had a postmortem examination. the most frequent pathological finding was the occurrence of very large ...1977324280
mobilization of morganocin 174 plasmid and kinetics of morganocin production in proteus and escherichia coli hosts.morganocin 174 is coded by a plasmid, mor174. the plasmid is not self-transmissible but may be mobilized by resistance factor r772. morganocin synthesis in all proteus and providencia strains carrying mor174 was characterized by a longer lag period after induction and higher titers than in escherichia coli b(mor174). the low titers obtained in e. coli b(mor174) are due to a heatstable inhibitor produced by this strain. synthesis of morganocin is not constitutive and may be induced by ultraviolet ...1977324393
cefazaflur, a new parenteral cephalosporin: in vitro studies.cefazaflur was tested in vitro against 262 strains of bacteria. inhibitory and bactericidal concentrations were determined with two inoculum sizes of bacterial cells in mueller-hinton broth and nutrient broth. agar dilution studies also were performed. when tested in agar, 5.0 mug or less of cefazaflur per ml inhibited almost all strains of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, klebsiella, and proteus mirabilis. the drug was less active against enterobacter and indole-positive proteus, and 7. ...1977324399
[comparative study of bacterial agmatinase inhibition by derivatives of putrescine and aliphatic monoamines].aliphatic monoamines and some putrescine derivatives (10(-3) m) are found to inhibit agmatinase from proteus vulgaris. constants and the type of inhibition are determined. investigation of the temperature effect on the inhibition has revealed an exotermic character of this process. some thermodinamic parameters of agmatinase-anylamine binding reaction are calculated. 1-guanidobutane is obtained by means of 1-amidobutane guanidilation, and it is found to be more efficient inhibitor than monoamine ...1977324523
in vitro susceptibility of cephalothin-resistant enterobacteriaceae to cefoxitin and bl-s786.the in vitro antibacterial activity of two agents relatively resistant to beta-lactamases, bl-s786 and cefoxitin, was tested against 123 recent different clinical isolates of cephalothin-resistant enterobacteriaceae. bl-s786 showed considerable activity against escherichia coli and lesser activity against klebsiella pneumoniae with, respectively, 68% and 41% inhibited at 32 microng/ml. cefoxitin showed more activity in vitro against e. coli, k. pneumoniae, serratia marcescens and providencia stu ...1977324961
differential association of f' plasmid and r plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid with a rapidly sedimenting fraction of a proteus mirabilis lysate.we have examined the association of an f' plasmid and an r plasmid in proteus mirabilis with a rapidly sedimenting material that is generated by sodium dodecyl sulfate lysis and low speed centrifugation. virtually all of the chromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) and the f' plasmid dna are associated with the rapidly sedimenting material after gentle lysis and centrifugation. a portion of r plasmid nr1 dna (usually 5 to 25%) is not bound to the rapidly sedimenting material and is recovered in t ...1977324981
a microbiological investigation of acute summer gastroenteritis in black south african infants.a microbiological investigation of black infants suffering from severe acute summer gastroenteritis revealed enteropathogenic agents in 30 out of 37 patients (81%). enterotoxigenic bacteria were isolated from 15 patients (41%). a total of 16 enterotoxigenic strains were isolated, comprising 9 enterotoxigenic escherichia coli strains secreting labile and stable toxin on their own and in combination, and labile-toxin secreting strains of klebsiella pneumoniae (4), enterobacter cloacae (2) and prot ...1977325127
derivation of a proteus mirabilis converting phage for ampicillin resistance. 1977325175
expression and stability of escherichia coli f-prime factors in proteus mirabilis.the expression and stability of escherichia coli f-primes in proteus mirabilis is examined. it is possible to consecutively introduce, and stably maintain, the dna of several e. coli f-primes in p. mirabilis in the absence of selective pressure for all or some of the plasmids. additionally, we can recover more than one f-prime from certain p. mirabilis recipient strains which carry dna derived from several independent matings with e. coli f-prime donors.1977325366
[growth of non-sporing anaerobes in an oxygen-free blood culture system (author's transl)].the efficacy of the commercially available vacutainer blood culture system to support the growth of non-sporing anaerobes was compared with two laboratory-prepared blood culture media (supplemented thioglycollate medium and brain heart infusion). the media were inoculated with 10, 100 and 1000 organisms of the species tested, and the number of colony-forming units was determined at intervals of 8-10 hrs. analogous experiments were performed with batches of the media to which 10% vol/vol of human ...1977325956
[checking the reliability of the pathotec biochemical test system for bacterial identification].tests of the pathotec system intended for express bacteriological diagnosis were checked in comparative experiments with the common biochemical methods. cultures of the following microbes were used: schigella, salmonella, escherichia, citrobacter, klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus, providencia, pseudomonas, bordetella, staphylococcus, streptococcus. in a number of tests, such as determination of cytochromoxidase, nitrate reduciase, phenylalaninedeaminase, indol, acetoin (for the differentiation ...1977325964
chronic tympanomastoiditis with formation of calculi.numerous calculi of varying sizes and shapes were discovered in the mastoid, antrum, and attic during mastoid surgery for persistent chronic suppurative inflammation of the middle ear cleft with retroauricular and external meatal fistulas in an 8-year-old boy. light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic examinations and x-ray microanalysis revealed the calculi to consist of masses of crystals containing calcium-oxalate and calcium- and magnesium-phosphate. no signs of tuberculosis were f ...1977326128
the effects of sub-lethal doses of methylmercury and copper, applied singly and jointly, on the immune response of the blue gourami (trichogaster trichopterus) to viral and bacterial antigens. 1977326204
cold injury in early infancy.sixteen cases of neonatal cold injury, five of them fatal, were seen in the winter of 1974-75. the affected infants, who weighed from 2.5 to 3 kg. had developed symptoms when the ambient termperature was below 10 c. few of them were referred as cases of hypothermia. refusal to eat was the most common complaint and less often edema and/or apathy. no correlation was found between death and ethnic origin, sex, duration of illness or minimum temperature. admission weight, however, tended to be lower ...1977326724
cephradine and ampicillin in urinary infection. 1977326748
synthetic disaccharide-protein antigens for production of specific 04 and 09 antisera for immunofluorescence diagnosis of salmonella.the synthetic disaccharides abequose 1 leads to a 3 mannose and tyvelose 1 leads to a 3 mannose, representative of salmonella o-antigen 4 and 9 respectively, were covalently linked to bovine serum albumin (bsa) . antisera from rabbits immunized with these immunogens were used in indirect immunofluorescence assay for the identification of group b (o-antigen 4) and d (o-antigen 9) salmonella. a total of 1030 enteric bacterial strains were tested, including 207 group b and 55 group d salmonella. th ...1977327249
[influence of prevention using antibiotics on the infection pathogens of intensive care patients and the flora of intensive care units]. 1977327296
[improvement of the bacteriological urinary diagnosis using a new "contact procedure" associated with a 2-time urine examination]. 1977327298
venereal infection in thoroughbreds with bacillus proteus mirabilis. 1977327678
gentamicins.gentamicin is a new broad-spectrum antibiotic, basic and water-soluble, produced and developed by schering corporation-bloomfield, new jersey (1967 and 1968). it is produced by micromonospora purpurea, a member of a genus of microorganisms from which no other antibiotics have been derived. paper chromatographic techniques showed the components of gentamicin complex designated as c', c'a, and c2. gentamicins are bactericidal antibiotics, active in vivo in low concentrations against a wide spectru ...1977327729
changes of resistance of enteric bacteria in mice given tetracycline in drinking water.tetracycline given to mice via their drinking water for long periods changed the gram-negative enteric flora and increased the minimal inhibitory concentration of tetracycline for proteus and escherichia coli in the feces.1977327871
[sensitivity of proteus hauseri bacteria to chemotherapeutic preparations depending on the cultivation conditions and on the composition of the nutrient medium].sensitivity of 227 proteus strains isolated from patients was studied comparatively using the agar-diffusion method (disks) and the method of serial dilutions. marked differences in the numbers of the strains resistant to benzylpenicillin and chloramphenicol were found with the above methods. it was shown that the ingredients of ploskirev's medium significantly (by 2.8--13.5 times) inhibited the antibacterial activity of streptomycin, neomycin, monomycin, kanamycin, ampicillin and nalidixic acid ...1977327915
influence of rec and pol genes on the maintenance of a proteus plasmid (p-lac) in escherichia coli.the maintenance requirements of a proteus plasmid, p-lac, in escherichia coli have been investigated. p-lac could not be inherited by recb and pola1 mutants, and it requires a functional recc gene for maintenance. p-lac replication was inhibited by chloramphenicol.1977328494
selective amplification of genes on the r plasmid, nr1, in proteus mirabilis: an example of the induction of selective gene amplification.the drug-resistance plasmid, nr1, is a 37-micron circular dna molecule that contains two components: the resistance transfer factor (29 micron) carrying the transfer genes and the genes for tetracycline resistance, and the r-determinant (8 micron) carrying the genes for resistance to several other antibiotics including chloramphenicol (cm). in proteus mirabilis, these two components are capable of independent replication, or they may replicate as a composite molecule. when cells of p. mirabilis ...1977329289
[interrelationship between proteus mirabilis proticin type and its resistance to antibiotics]. 1977329359
intramedullary spinal abscess: a case report with a review of 53 previously described cases.a patient suffering from intramedullary spinal cord abscess associated with an infected dermal sinus, meningitis, and low-lying spinal cord, underwent laminectomy and drainage, after which there was marked improvement. review of previously reported cases provides a better understanding of this process. the embryology and anatomy of cutaneous lumbrosacral defects are discussed with reference to their potential for subsequent infection and possible association with severe neurological dysfunction ...1977329455
[investigations made to test the demarcation line method (dlm) after dienes for its suitability in the epidemiology of proteus mirabilis (author's transl)].in 1946, dienes observed that non-identical proteus-strains, when swarming towards each other, were froming distinctly demarcated lines ("dienes' phenomenon", demarcation (=agl) phenomenon). strains of the same origin were amalgamating without demarcation. in 1970, sturdza studied this phenomenon and commented on its relevance for the epidemiology of nosocomial proteus-infections. an increased number of proteus-infections in berlin was the reason that this procedure was tested for epidemiologica ...1977329623
[effectiveness of gentamicin sulfate in suppurative-inflammatory processes of varying localization].antibiotic sensitivity of 486 strains of grampositive and gramnegative organisms isolated from patients with purulent infections was studied in vitro. gentamicin was shown to be highly active as compared to kanamycin and other antibiotics against the main causative agents of purulent inflammatory infections including multiresistant e. coli, proteus, ps. aeruginosa, staphylococcus. high efficiency of gentamicin in therapy of peritonitis, septic conditions, purulent postoperative wounds, infection ...1977329751
lipids of antibiotic-resistant and -susceptible members of the enterobacteriaceae.lipids of antibiotic-resistant and related -susceptible strains of the enterobacteriaceae were extracted with chloroform-methanol and characterized by thin-layer chromatography, densitometry, and fatty acid analysis using gas chromatography. quantitative differences which correlated with antibiotic resistance existed among the phospholipids and fatty acids. a relatively higher concentration of a ninhydrin-positive phospholipid concentration with a lower amount of phosphatidylethanolamine was obs ...1977329961
an evaluation of cephradine oral suspension in the treatment of bacterial infections of infants and children. 1977330074
penicillin g or ampicillin for oral treatment of canine urinary tract infections.penicillin g or ampicillin was administered orally to 144 dogs with urinary tract infections. the daily dosage of penicillin g ranged from 110,000 to 165,000 u/kg (50,000-75,000 u/lb), and the dosage of ampicillin varied from 77 to 110 mg/kg (35-50 mg/lb). the daily dose of each antibiotic was divided into 3 or 4 doses and given at approximately 8- or 6-hour intervals for 10 to 14 days. response to treatment, based on results of urine culture, varied from no response for infections caused by pse ...1977330479
esculin hydrolysis by enterobacteriaceae.literature reports disagree concerning esculin hydrolysis in the family enterobacteriaceae. a total of 2,490 strains of the family were investigated for esculin hydrolysis by two methods, the esculin spot test and the pathotec incubation strip, which measures constitutive enzyme, and five growth-supporting methods, which determine both constitutive and inducible enzymes. the five growth-supporting media studied were: vaughn-levine, the standard esculin hydrolysis medium (p. r. edwards and w. h. ...1977330558
epidemiology of nosocomial infection due to gram-negative bacilli: aspects relevant to development and use of vaccines. 1977330774
cross-reactive antigens: their potential for immunization-induced immunity to gram-negative bacteria.the involvement of multiple species and serologic types in gram-negative bacteremia prompted evaluation of immunization with shared, cross-reactive antigens of gram negative bacilli. active and passive immunization with re chemotype mutants of salmonella minnesota afforded significant protection against heterologous gram-negative bacilli and were considerably more effective than immunization with smooth s. minnesota or its ra, rb, rc, rd1 and rd2 mutants. since the lipopolysaccharide of the re m ...1977330775
cotransduction of morganocinogenic plasmid 174 and r factor r772. 1977330811
[study of the sequential stages of proteus vulgaris l-transformation by scanning electron microscopy].consecutive stages of l-transformation caused by penicillin in proteus vulgaris were studied, from spheroplasts and unstable, easily reversing l-forms to stable l-forms which did not reverse. to maintain natural topography of the culture on the growth medium, millipore filters were placed on the surface of the medium and then were fixed with the culture. all the main elements of l-cultures were found at the stage of spheroplast formation, before the first passage onto the medium for cultivating ...1977331029
dna repair in proteus mirabilis. iv. post-irradiation dna degradation as influenced by a function inducible in rec+ cells. 1977331077
bacteremia after renal transplantation.of 291 patients who received renal allotransplants in 1964-74, 94 patients developed 121 bacteremic episodes within the first 6 months after transplantation. the death rate was 38%. the bacteremic episodes occurred mainly during the first 2-3 months after transplantation. in 65% of the episodes bacteremia was secondary to urinary tract infections. the bacteria fourn were most often gram-negative rods such as escherichia coli, klebsiella and proteus. predisposing factors were ureteral complicatio ...1977331458
treatment of complicated urinary tract infections with amikacin: comparison of low and high dosage.a randomized prospective study was carried out comparing the recommended dose of amikacin sulfate (amikin) (15 mg./kg.) with a lower dose (7.5 mg./kg.) in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections. a total of 50 patients were entered in the study over a period of sixteen months. bacteriologic results were comparable in both groups. laboratory values remained normal with the exception of 1 patient in the high-dose group who had renal insufficiency. no evidence of ototoxicity was recor ...1977331627
lower urinary tract pathogens in the dog and their sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents.ninety-six urine samples were collected by a sterile technique from 75 dogs affected with urinary tract disease (cystitis, urolithiasis, prostatitis, etc) involving bacteruria. the infecting organisms were isolated and tested against sensitivity discs (penicillin g, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, sulphamethoxazole/trimethaprin and sulphatriad). the commonest isolate was escherichia coli, which was generally sensitive to several agents, though in eight cases it was resistant to all ...1977331657
[demonstration of antibody-coated bacteria in the urine of pregnant women].urinary sediments of 64 pregnant women with significant bacteriuria which has been demonstrated several times before, have been investigated for the presence of antibody coated bacteria. antibody titers were determined in the corresponding serum samples in addition and the results were compared with the clinical diagnosis. in 50% of pregnant women with pyelonephritis antibody coated bacteria could be demonstrated, while 60% of them had elevated serum titers. taking into account both results in 8 ...1977331754
is your dosage really necessary? antibiotic dosage in urinary infection.dense cultures of bacteria were exposed to changing concentrations of beta-lactam antibiotics in an in-vitro model of the urinary bladder. the results suggest that uncomplicated urinary infection may respond to lower doses than are usually given without compromising the success of subsequent treatment in those cases in which such minimal treatment fails.1977332269
studies on the in vitro development of drug resistance of proteeae to sulfonamides, trimethoprim and combinations of a sulfonamide and trimethoprim.a strain of proteus mirabilis repeatedly subcultured in the presence of a combination of sulfisoxazole and 0.4 microgram/ml of trimethoprim and a strain of p. vulgaris subcultured in the presence of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim combined in a 5:1 ratio gradually developed resistance to the combinations. however, the level of resistance developed by the organisms exposed to the combination was always appreciably lower than the level of resistance developed by the same strains exposed to eithe ...1977332463
methyl mercaptan and dimethyl disulfide production from methionine by proteus species detected by head-space gas-liquid chromatography.head-space gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry were used to detect and identify products formed by proteus vulgaris, p. mirabilis, p. morganii, and p. rettgeri from a defined medium supplemented with either phenylalanine, methionine, valine, leucine, histidine, lysine, ornithine, threonine, asparagine, aspartic acid, or tryptophan. in a detailed study of the products formed by 68 strains of proteus spp. from l-methionine, the production of large amounts of both dimethyl disulfide and ...1977332705
development of specific tests for rapid detection of escherichia coli and all species of proteus in urine.proteus mirabilis was distinguishable from escherichia coli and from several other species that may be associated with urinary tract infections when grown in a nutrient medium supplemented with 0.1 m l-methionine by the formation of large amounts of dimethyl disulfide and methyl mercaptan, which were detected by head-space gas-liquid chromatography (hs-glc). e. coli could be detected by the same hs-glc technique by ethanol production from methionine peptone water enriched with 1% either lactose ...1977332706
assessment of technique for rapid detection of escherichia coli and proteus species in urine by head-space gas-liquid chromatography.a test depending on the production of ethanol by escherichia coli from lactose and dimethyl disulfide by proteus spp. from methionine in the early exponential phase of growth and the detection of these products by head-space gas-liquid chromatography has been applied to 75 specimens of urine selected to provide the most stringent trial of the test. the test was found to be rapid and reliable for the commonest findings in the microbiological examination of urine. in 3 to 4 h it detected "signific ...1977332707
terminus region of the chromosome in escherichia coli inhibits replication forks.induction of prophage p2sig5 at 42 degrees caused replication of the bacterial chromosome in a dnaa mutant of escherichia coli. the p2sig5 is integrated in this strain near the metg locus, which is at min 47 on the genetic map. the regions of the chromosome replicated after prophage induction have been determined by means of dna-dna hybridization with various dnas obtained from proteus mirabilis/e. coli f' merogenotes and from lambda specialized transducing phage. the replication was initiated a ...1977333449
local infection complicating in situ storage of split-skin grafts in a patient with hidradenitis suppurativa. case report. 1977333487
[contribution to the analysis of swarming of proteus mirabilis (author's transl)]. 1977333827
[efficient use of gentamycin in treating suppurative puerperal mastitis].a total of 80 patients with postnatal purulent mastitis were treated with gentamicins. the main causative agent was staph. aureus resistant to the traditionally used antibiotic and sensitive to gentamicin, fusidin, rifampicin and semisynthetic penicillinase-stable penicillins. gramnegative bacteria contaminated the purulent foci after opening. gentamicin was highly effective in treatment of postnatal purulent mastitis in cases with mixed staphylococcus-proteus infection.1977334054
[use of ampicillin trihydrate in transplantation surgery].ampicillin trihydrate was used for the treatment of 29 patients with purulent inflammatory processes, such as peritonitis, suppurating operative wound, urinary tract infection after the kidney allotransplantation. the antibacterial activity of ampicillin was preliminarily tested on 517 microbial strains, i.e. staphylococci, streptococci, e. coli, proteus and ps. aeruginosa isolated from the surgical patients. the strains of penicillin sensitive staphylococci, streptococci and e. coli were most s ...1977334055
the conversion of dihydroxyacetone phosphate to methylglyoxal and inorganic phosphate by methylglyoxal synthase. 1977334078
[azlocillin and mezlocillin: two new semisynthetic acylureido-penicillins (author's transl)].the pharmacokinetic parameters of two new ureido-penicillins (azlocillin and mezlocillin) were determined in 12 healthy subjects after a half-hour continuous infusion of 5,000 mg. the agar diffusion test (test strain bacillus subtilis atcc 6633) was used for the microbiological assays. the mean azlocillin serum concentration after the half-hour infusion was 431.0 +/- 75.0 microgram/ml; after eight hours it had fallen to a mean value of 4.7 +/- 2.6 microngram/ml. the mean elimination half-life wa ...1977334673
unusual enterobacteriaceae. "proteus rettgeri" that "change" into providencia stuartii.a blood culture bottle from a patient with bacteremia contained both proteus rettgeri biogroup 5 and providencia stuartii (described in bergey's manual of determinative bactiology [8th ed., 1974] as proteus inconstans), which had the same unusual antibiotic resistance pattern. single colonies of this p. rettgeri biogroup 5 isolate were shown to produce urea- clones. if current taxonomy is used, the strain changed from p. rettgeri to p. stuartii in the laboratory and probably also in the patient. ...1977334793
enzymatic degradation of polygalacturonic acid by yersinia and klebsiella species in relation to clinical laboratory scored by several specified plating procedures, clinical and environmental strains of yersinia enterocolitica, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, and klebsiella pneumoniae "oxytocum" showed detectable, albeit generally weak, ability to digest polygalacturonic (pectic) acid. none of these bacterial strains had the vigorous and rapid pectolytic activity on these polygalacturonic acid-containing media that is typical of soft-rot erwinia species, although some of the oxytocum strains came fairly close. ...1977334794
preprototype of an automated microbial detection and identification system: a developmental investigation.the automicrobic system is an automated, computerized instrument that uses highly selective media and an optical system for detection, enumeration, and identification of bacteria and some yeasts in 13 h. a preprototype instrument (automicrobic system-1) and its urine culture kit (identi-pak), developed for the detection, enumeration, and identification of eight species or groups of bacteria and of candida species and torulopsis glabrata in urine specimens, was evaluated during its development. a ...1977334797
automated microbiological detection/identification automated, computerized system, the automicrobic system, has been developed for the detection, enumeration, and identification of bacteria and yeasts in clinical specimens. the biological basis for the system resides in lyophilized, highly selective and specific media enclosed in wells of a disposable plastic cuvette; introduction of a suitable specimen rehydrates and inoculates the media in the wells. an automated optical system monitors, and the computer interprets, changes in the media, wi ...1977334798
[cell-mediated immunity in pyelonephritis: passive transfer of adoptive immunity to retrograde proteus mirabilis pyelonephritis in the rat (author's transl)]. 1977335141
[quantitative studies of yeast in the sputum of patients with chronic bronchitis under long-term observation]. 1977335241
[enterobacteria erroneously identified as salmonella in human faeces (author's transl)].to differentiate citrobacter freundii, enterobacter hafniae, proteus mirabilis and alteromonas putrefaciens from salmonella strains isolated in faeces, the author recommends the use of "hajna-kligler" medium, "nitrate-motility-mannitol" medium, "urease-indole-trytophane desaminase" medium and glycerol peptonated water. the lysis of salmonella and e. hafniae strains by specific phages (felix and callow o: 1 salmonella phage; guinee and valkenburg hafnia phage) is emphasized.1977335345
cinoxacin: new antimicrobial agent for urinary tract hundred forty-six patients with recurrent urinary tract infections were treated with 500 mg. of cinoxacin twice daily for seven to fourteen days. satisfactory clinical response occurred in 94 per cent. of the 100 patients with significant pretherapy bacteriuria (greater than or equal to 10(4) organisms/ml. of urine), 65 had complicated infections. approximately the same per cent of patients with (90 per cent) as without (94 per cent) complicating conditions had a satisfactory clinical respo ...1977335607
[chemotherapy of septicemia and endocarditis]. 1977335685
[expansion phenomena of proteus cultures. ii. the pushing expansion (author's transl)]. 1977335726
[morphologic characteristics of the large bodies in cultures of the l-forms of bacteria according to scanning electron microscope studies].large bodies appear at the time of protoplast and spheroplast formation and are revealed at all the l-transformation stages and at the initial stage of reversion. they can be represented both by a single giant cell and by a conglomerate of different cells connected with one another. they are not only spheroid, but can be of the most varied shape, and structurally they are connected with other l-colony elements: filamentous structures, spheroid cells, elementary bodies and the so-called acellular ...1977335728
[study of the role of conditionally pathogenic enterobacteria in acute intestinal diseases].conditionally pathogenic enterobacteria were isolated in 34.2% of the patients with acute intestinal diseases (1559 cases examined in all). such representatives of enterobacteria as klebsiella, hafnia, citrobacter of 4, 8, and 22 serological groups. proteus mirabilis of 6, 10, 13, 26, and 28 serological groups, and proteus morganii mostly played the etiological role. in some of the patients conditionally pathogenic microbes only aggravated the main disease, taking part in the development of dysb ...1977335739
bacteriology of abscesses of the central nervous system: a multicentre prospective study.pus from 46 patients with abscesses of the central nervous system (cns) was examined for bacteria; bacteria were found in all patients. streptococci were isolated from 36 patients and most isolates were streptococcus milleri, lancefield group f, ottens and winkler type o iii. staphylococci were isolated from nine patients, organisms of the bacteroides group from 11, proteus spp from seven, klebsiella aerogenes from one, and haemophilus aphrophilus from one. pure cultures predominated over mixed ...1977336141
preparation of (s)2-methylsuccinate and (2s,3s) [2,3-2h]2-methylsuccinate by biohydrogenation of 2-methylfumarate.2-methylfumarate can be hydrogenated by resting cells of proteus mirabilis under an atmosphere of hydrogen gas. optically pure (s)2-methylsuccinate is formed in a yield greater than 95%. the hydrogen addition, presumably catalyzed by the fumarate reductase, occurs in a trans fashion, as with succinate dehydrogenase of mammalian systems. only one reactive enzyme-substrate complex with 2-methylfumarate seems to be possible.1977336509
phage-like particles in an unstable l-form of proteus mirabilis. 1977336827
gram-negative bacillary septic arthritis: clinical, radiographic, therapeutic, and prognostic features. 1977337494
[the effect of resuscitation on the results obtained in identification of enterobacteriaceae by the api system (author's transl)].during studies on the reliability of the api system, the question arose whether the small proportion of adequate results in cultures stored at 4 degrees c could be attributable to this method of storage. therefore, the reactions of those cultures which had caused most problems were studied following periods of storage ofone day, six weeks and nine weeks at 4 degrees c, and in the freeze-dried state. storage in particular conditions was found to have a definite effect on the reliability of the ap ...1977337567
[isolation and characterization of proteus mirabilis mutants deficient in dna degradation: function of endonuclease i in postmortem dna degradation].dnase deficient mutants of proteus mirabilis selected for reduced toluene induced dna degradation were isolated. their defect in dna degradation was shown not only after treatment by toluene but also in crude extracts after cell disintegration by ultrasonic and in untreated starved cultures. the degradation mutants behave just as the wild type with respect ot their in vivo functions proffed. the results inidcate that the affected dnase does not have an essential function in vivo but acts in post ...1977337689
[postoperative proteus wound infection in patients with lactational purulent mastitis]. 1977337816
the mutagenicity and dna-damaging activity of cyclic aliphatic sulfuric acid esters. 1977338170
bladder instillations with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole in the treatment of urinary infection.205 paraplegic inpatients with urinary infections were treated with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (tmp-smz) bladder instillations (160 mg tmp 800 mg smz daily for 2 consecutive weeks). 89.3% out of 84 patients with recent vertebral trauma and no history of previous urinary infection (group a), and 68.6% out of 121 patients with paraplegia since more than 2 years, severe chronic infection and various pathological conditions of the urinary tract (group b) were found to be sterile at the end of the ...1978338266
reconstitution of model membranes from phospholipid and outer membrane proteins of proteus mirabilis. role of proteins in the formation of hydrophilic pores and protection of membranes against detergents.outer membrane proteins extracted from isolated cell walls of proteus mirabilis were able to combine the cell wall phospholipids in a model membrane system. the presence of outer membrane proteins in vesicular model membranes mediated the release of previously entrapped [14c]sucrose while [3h]inulin was retained. incorporation of lipopolysaccharide from the same cell walls was not required for the formation of such selectively permeable membranes. three major outer membrane proteins of apparent ...1977338302
nocardicin a, a new monocyclic beta-lactam antibiotic v. in vivo evaluation.nocardicin a is a new monocyclic beta-lactam antibiotic which provides a potent therapeutic effect in mice experimentally infected with gram-negative bacilli. when given subcutaneously to mice, the therapeutic effect of the drug was stronger than had been anticipated from in vitro studies. nocardicin a was more potent in therapeutic effect than carbenicillin against infections due to pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis, pr. vulgaris, pr. rettgeri and pr. inconstans, and was similar in effe ...1977338567
sensitivity of gram-negative bacilli to the serum bactericidal activity: a marker of the host-parasite relationship in acute and persisting infections. 1977339328
an experimental study on the pathogenesis of sporadic bacteriuria in the experimental model is used in which one ureter of a rat is ligated with the object of forming a hydronephrosis from which urine specimens can subsequently be collected. ascending urinary infection from the bladder is excluded by the ligation. the investigations with this experimental model showed that growth of intestinal bacteria occasionally occurred in culture of urine obtained from the occluded renal pelvis. ascending infection being excluded, these bacteria had in all probability entered ...1977339331
[bacteriological studies of the human amniotic fluid in repeated amniocenteses].the amniocentesis to gain increasing importance ought to be examined whether an alteration of the bacterial flora of the amniotic fluid was caused by repeated amniocentesis. 128 samples of amniotic fluid selected by abdominal amniocentesis were placed in microbiological cultures. bacteria was isolated in 30 cases, originated predominantly by pollution. under the circumstance of strong sterile conditions the amniocentesis proven even when repeated a diagnostical way of procedure which does not re ...1977339605
[urinary and serum o-antibodies in patients with chronic pyelonephritis (author's transl)].urine (24-hour-specimen, 100-fold concentrated) and serum samples from adults with chronic pyelonephritis have been investigated for o antibody against the strain isolated from the urine by means of the indirect hemagglutination and indirect immunofluorescence technique. using the hemagglutination technique about one third of the urine showed the presence of o antibody. the highest titer demonstrated was 1:16. o antibody determined by the immunofluorescence technique could be demonstrated in 54. ...1977339606
[transmission of the r-plasmids and expression of their genes in proteus mirabilis].resistance markers to individual antibiotics are transmitted in e. coli with the same frequency in the shape of a uniform linkage group, and in proteus mirabilis--with a different one. possibly in proteus mirabilis plasmide r6 dissociated, this being expressed in a different incidence of transconjugates, characterized by a different set of antibiotic resistance genes. tetracyclin resistance gene can be transmitted in p. mirabilis without being bound with other resistance determinants and with th ...1977339619
qualitative study of paradoxical zone phenomenon of penicillins against 17 bacterial species of clinical importance.using a triple agar layer technique and enzymatic inactivation of penicillin, the occurrence of a paradoxical zone phenomenon (illustrated by a typical 'target' image around the reservoir of antibiotic) was determined for several bacterial species specially chosen with regards to their taxonomic position, clinical importance and penicillin susceptibility. among gram-positive bacteria, a paradoxical zone was obtained for approximately 43% of the strains studied here (all 10 strains of staphylococ ...1978340171
correlation of minimum inhibitory concentration and beta-lactamase activity.the beta-lactamase activity of 510 recently isolated enterobacteriaceae was investigated with a quantitative photometric test. beta-lactamase could be detected in 55 percent of the enterobacteriaceae. at the same time minimal inhibition concentration (mic) of beta-lactam antibiotics was determined. there was no correlation between mic values and lactamase activity. for correct antibacterial therapy the clinician requires information on the lactamase activity of isolated bacteria in addition to t ...1977340386
aminoglycoside inactivating enzymes produced by r plasmids of escherichia coli, citrobacter freundii, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, providencia stuartii and serratia marcescens. 1977340445
gram-negative endocarditis following cystoscopy.patients with bacteriuria are at risk for local and distant infectious complications at the time of urologic procedures. the american heart association recommends that penicillin and streptomycin be given prophylactically to patients with rheumatic or congenital heart disease without reference to the presence or absence of bacteriuria. a patient with unrecognized calcification of the mitral annulus who underwent cystoscopy for evaluation of urinary retention is reported. although bacteriuria was ...1978340713
[absorption and excretion, and clinical study of sustained release cephalexin (s-6437) in children (author's transl)]. 1977340723
infection in the intensive care epidemic of infection associated with serratia marcescens and other gram-negative organisms resistant to aminoglycosides and other chemotherapeutic agents occurred in the intensive care unit of st vincent's hospital, melbourne, and spread to other areas of the hospital. this paper describes the problems of sepsis in the critically ill patient, outlines the occurrence of organisms in the patients concerned in this epidemic, and discusses the policies adopted to control the incidence of life-th ...1977340863
in vitro susceptibility of selected bacteria to cefaclor. 1977341537
[photodynamic activity and repair inhibition of photodynamically produced dna damages in proteus mirabilis by the anthracycline antibiotic violamycin bi]. 1977341540
[significance of suprapubic puncture of the bladder as a diagnostic method].in 650 cases for the purpose of a methodical comparison was examined urine got by paracentesis of the bladder and midstream urine. the most important results were: 1. urine got by paracentesis of the bladder was infected in 30.9%, midstream urine in 51.7%. 2. further 39.4% of the samples of midstream urine were poor in germs; in 2.3% these findings corresponded to an infection. 3. only 69.7% of the kinds of germs and 38.8% of the numbers of germs were identical. 4. 28.4% of the samples of midstr ...1977341545
[the osteomyelitis of the hip in newborns and its functional treatment with "extensionsreposition" and "hanausek-retention" (author's transl)].since 1969 all our patients below the age of three years with congenital dislocation of the hip are treated by a modified overhead-traction (extensionsreposition) and the "hanausek-apparat" for retention. because of good results of careful reduction and retention in a mitigated lorenz-position we also treated osteomyelitis of the hip-joint in newborns and following dislocation by this method. it is reported of 3 cases, different types of osteomyelitis of the hip and the method are described.1977341558
[problems in the determination of pathogens in prostatovesiculitis].in patients with prostatovesiculitis the qualitative proof of microorganisms from experiment or ejaculate has only an insignificant diagnostic value on account of the lacking possibility of the recognition of contamination germs, it may be concluded to a prostatitis caused by bacteria, when the number of germs established in the exprimate is unequivocally larger than this one in the middle stream urine. in order to use successfully also the differences of the number of germs of ejaculate and mid ...1977341592
the covalent rigid-layer lipoprotein in cell walls of proteus mirabilis. 1978342242
effects of subinhibitory concentrations of fosfomycin on bacteria. 1977342326
frequency of replication from alternative origins in the composite r plasmid nr1.the relative frequency of initiation of dna replication within the rtf-tc and r-determinant components of the composite drug resistance plasmid nr1 in proteus mirabilis was evaluated. using fractionated radioactively labeled plasmid dna, analytical procedures that distinguished between the two components of the composite plasmid were carried out. a mixture of uniformly 14c-labeled and 3h-pulse-labeled plasmid dna (pulse-labeled origin[s] of replication) was used in each of three experiments. fir ...1978342505
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