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hyperimmunoglobulin-e syndrome.two saudi girls aged 8 years and 5 years were seen over a period of 6 years and 5 years. their clinical presentations consisted of recurrent bilateral otitis media, repeated episodes of tonsillitis and chest infection. cultures from the ears grew on numerous occasions staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeroginosa, proteus species and providencia species. the 8-year-old had a serum ige level of 1431 iu/l, with normal levels of other immunoglobulin classes. the 5-year-old ...200211953776
diterpenoids from salvia ceratophylla.salvia ceratophylla l. has yielded four known and two new diterpenoids together with two triterpenic acids, a steroid and a flavone. the structures of the compounds were established by spectroscopic analyses. one of the known compounds candidissiol exhibited a high antibacterial activity against staphylococcus epidermidis and proteus mirabilis.200211942682
[can we rely on the results of urine microscopy and culture when tests are performed in general practice?].urinary tract infections (uti) account for 2-5% of consultations in general practice, but only about half the patients with dysuria have significant bacteriuria (> 100,000 bacteria per ml). a microbiological diagnosis can be made by examination of a urine sample, and in danish family practice the diagnosis of uti is often reached by a microscopic analysis or a dip-slide culture test. these methods have a high validity when performed in hospital, but we need knowledge about the validity of microb ...200211957428
threonine-124 and phenylalanine-448 in citrobacter freundii tyrosine phenol-lyase are necessary for activity with l-tyrosine.thr-124 and phe-448 are located in the active site of citrobacter freundii tyrosine phenol-lyase (tpl) near the phenol ring of a bound substrate analogue, 3-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid [sundararaju, antson, phillips, demidkina, barbolina, gollnick, dodson and wilson (1997) biochemistry 36, 6502-6510]. thr-124 is replaced by asp and phe-448 is replaced by his in the crystal structure of a structurally similar enzyme, proteus vulgaris tryptophan indole-lyase, which has 50% identical residues. ...200211964175
proteus syndrome: a natural clinical course of proteus syndrome.a 16-year-old korean male patient presented with macrodactyly, hemihypertrophy of the face and extremities, plantar cerebriform hyperplasia, a subcutaneous mass of the left chest, macrocephaly and verrucous epidermal nevi. these findings are consistent with proteus syndrome. the clinical features, etiology, management, natural course and differential diagnosis of this case are discussed.200211971221
synthesis and pharmacological activities of 1,8-naphthyridine the present study, a series of 2-substituted-4-methyl-7-amino/4,7-dimethyl-1,8-naphthyridines were synthesized and characterized by ir, 1h-nmr and elemental analysis. the compounds were investigated for anticonvulsant (125, 250 mg/kg), cardiac and antimicrobial activities. the compounds were screened for antibacterial activity against gram (+) bacteria (staphylococcus epidermidis, bacillus subtilis, enterococcusfaecalis and micrococcus luteus) and gram (-) bacteria (proteus vulgaris, pseudomo ...200212081151
the molecular mechanism of translocation through the nuclear pore complex is highly this report we investigated the activity of vertebrate nuclear transport factors in a primitive organism, amoeba proteus, to better understand evolutionary changes in the transport mechanisms of organisms expected to have different requirements for nucleocytoplasmic exchange. it was initially determined that fxfg-containing nucleoporins and ran, both of which are essential for nuclear import in vertebrates, as well as yeast, are also present and functional in amoebae. this suggests that there ...200212082159
bacterial population of a two-phase anaerobic digestion process treating effluent of cassava starch factory.different groups of microorganisms in a two-phase anaerobic system were enumerated to evaluate the prevalence of specific groups and species. total and fecal coliforms showed similar values both in acidogenic and methanogenic reactors. the fecal streptococci were 4-fold higher in the acidogenic reactor, when compared with those of the methanogenic reactor. as expected, no methane forming or sulfate reducing bacteria were found in the acidogenic reactor. the populations of methanogenic bacteria w ...200212088382
emerging fluoroquinolone-resistance for common clinically important gram-negative bacteria in taiwan.the in vitro antimicrobial activity of the three most commonly used fluoroquinolones (norfloxacin, ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin) was measured for 2235 isolates of seven common pathogenic gram-negative bacteria. collected from a major teaching hospital in taiwan during the years 1985-86, 1989-90, and 1996-97, the samples were evaluated using the agar dilution method. the overall susceptibility to fluoroquinolones has decreased rapidly after the wide use of these antimicrobial agents. isolates of e ...200212088622
multidrug resistant neonatal sepsis in peshawar, investigate the spectrum of organisms causing neonatal sepsis in peshawar, pakistan and to assess their sensitivity to various groups of drugs.200212091293
[species composition and microbial contamination of atmospheric humidity condensate and potable water from the mir water supply systems during mir main missions 4 through 27].analyzed were quantitative and qualitative characteristics, and processes of formation and transformation of microflora in the atmospheric humidity condensate (ahc) and potable water (pw) regenerated from the condensate by the long-operating system (srv-k) aboard space station mir. the paper presents data on species composition of microflora of ahc, and pw regenerated by srv-k in the period from 1989 through to 1999. the following microbial species were identified in ahc: alcaligenes (14.8%), ba ...200212098948
[erythropoietin and hip surgery in an anemic jehovah's witness with ankylosing spondylitis, chronic liver disease, and crohn's disease]. 200212025242
structural requirements of the mrna for intracistronic translation initiation of the enterobacterial infb gene.the gene infb encodes the prokaryotic translation initiation factor if2, a central macromolecular component in the formation of the ribosomal 70s initiation complex. in escherichia coli, infb encodes three forms of if2: if2alpha, if2beta and if2gamma. the expression of if2beta and if2gamma is a tandem translation from intact infb mrna and not merely a translation of post-transcriptionally truncated mrna. the molecular mechanism responsible for the ribosomal recognition of the two intracistronic ...200212296821
[use of mpo chromogenic culture medium for routine processing of urine cultures].the chromogenic culture medium, mpo, was compared to culture on cled (cystein, lactose, electrolyte-deficient) agar for the detection, enumeration and identification of urinary tract pathogens.200212372235
venous sinus thrombosis after proteus vulgaris meningitis and concomitant clostridium abscess formation.a 19-y-old woman presented with proteus vulgaris meningitis as a complication of chronic otitis media. despite treatment with ceftazidime and amikacin no clinical improvement was observed. cranial mri revealed right-sided mastoiditis/otitis media and venous sinus thrombosis. after mastoidectomy, repeat cranial mri demonstrated abscess formation in the venous sinuses. the abscess was drained. clostridium spp. was isolated from the abscess culture.200212374367
outcome of percutaneous nephrostomy for the management of pyonephrosis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of percutaneous nephrostomy (pcn) drainage for the interim management of pyonephrosis.200212376218
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from patients with urinary tract infections (2000). i. susceptibility distribution].the bacterial strains isolated from patients diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (utis) in 10 institutions in japan were supplied between the period of august 2000 and july 2001. then, the susceptibilities of them to many kinds of antimicrobial agents were investigated. the number of them were 511 strains. the breakdown of these strains was gram-positive bacteria as 29.0% and gram-negative bacteria as 71.0%. susceptibilities of these bacteria to antimicrobial agents were as follows; van ...200212378869
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from patients with urinary tract infections (2000). ii. background of patients].five-hundred eighty eight bacterial strains isolated from 435 patients diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (utis) in 10 institutions in japan were supplied between august 2000 and july 2001. then, the clinical background of patients were investigated such as sex, age, and type of infections, infections and kind of bacteria, frequency of bacteria isolation by age and infections, bacteria and infections by timing of antibiotics administration, and bacteria and infections by surgical proce ...200212378870
[in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of pazufloxacin mesilate, a new injectable quinolone].we investigated the in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of pazufloxacin mesilate (pzfx mesilate), a new injectable quinolone, and obtained the following results. 1) the mic50 and mic90 values of pzfx against clinically isolated gram-positive and -negative bacteria, ranged from 0.0125 to 12.5 micrograms/ml and 0.025 to 100 micrograms/ml, respectively. pzfx showed broad spectrum activity. the antibacterial activities of pzfx against quinolone-susceptible, methicillin-resistant staphyloco ...200212378871
infectious background of patients with a history of acute anterior study the infectious background of patients with a history of acute anterior uveitis (aau) and healthy control subjects.200212379526
microbial, chemical and physical aspects of citrus waste composting.citrus waste supplemented with calcium hydroxide and with a c/n ratio of 24:1, ph of 6.3 and moisture content of 60% was composted by piling under shelter. with regular turning over of the pile and replenishment of moisture, the thermic phase lasted for 65-70 days and composting was completed after 3 months. compost thus prepared had an air-filled porosity of 14%, water-holding capacity of 590 ml l(-1), bulk density of 1.05 g cm(-3) and conductivity of 480 ms m(-1). phosphorus content (in mg l(- ...200211708757
retrospective study of children with acute pyelonephritis. evaluation of bacterial etiology, antimicrobial susceptibility, drug management and imaging studies.the purpose of the study was to investigate the management of pyelonephritis in a large italian pediatric population. a total of 1,333 patients (36% male) were considered. escherichia coli was the most frequently isolated agent (89.9%), followed by proteus mirabilis (3.6%) and klebsiella oxytoca (2.1%). 27% of microorganisms were resistant to amoxicillin, 4% to amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, 11% to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, 2.4% to gentamicin and less than 2% to ceftazidime. despite this resi ...200211744799
occurrence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in members of the family enterobacteriaceae in italy: implications for resistance to beta-lactams and other antimicrobial italian nationwide survey was carried out to assess the prevalences and the antimicrobial susceptibilities of members of the family enterobacteriaceae producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls). over a 6-month period, 8,015 isolates were obtained from hospitalized patients and screened for resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins and monobactams. on the basis of a synergistic effect between clavulanate and selected beta-lactams (ceftazidime, aztreonam, cefotaxime, cefepime, and ...200211751134
postneurosurgical meningitis due to proteus penneri with selection of a ceftriaxone-resistant isolate: analysis of chromosomal class a beta-lactamase huga and its lysr-type regulatory protein hugr.we report on a case of a postneurosurgical meningitis due to ceftriaxone-susceptible proteus penneri, with selection of a ceftriaxone-resistant isolate following treatment with ceftriaxone. the isolates presented identical patterns by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and produced a single beta-lactamase named huga with an isoelectric point of 6.7. the ceftriaxone-resistant isolate hyperproduced the beta-lactamase (increase in the level of production, about 90-fold). the sequences of the huga bet ...200211751137
solid-phase synthesis of new saphenamycin analogues with antimicrobial array of 12 new saphenamycin analogues modified at the benzoate moiety was synthesized on solid support. synthesis commenced with a chemoselective anchoring of saphenic acid through the carboxyl group to a 2-chlorotrityl functionalized polystyrene resin. the secondary alcohol was acylated in parallel with a series of differently substituted benzoic acid derivatives. treatment with tfa-ch(2)cl(2) (5:995) released the expected saphenamycin analogues into solution. these new analogues were purif ...200211755347
structural and serological relatedness of the o-antigens of proteus penneri 1 and 4 from a novel proteus serogroup o72.o-specific polysaccharides (o-antigens) of the lipopolysaccharides (lps) of proteus penneri strains 1 and 4 were studied using sugar analysis, (1)h and (13)c nmr spectroscopy, including 2d cosy, h-detected (1)h,(13)c hmqc, and rotating-frame noe spectroscopy (roesy). the following structures of the tetrasaccharide (strain 1) and pentasaccharide (strain 4) repeating units of the polysaccharides were established: [reaction: see text]. in the polysaccharide of p. penneri strain 4, glycosylation wit ...200211784330
visualization of proteus mirabilis within the matrix of urease-induced bladder stones during experimental urinary tract infection.the virulence of a urease-negative mutant of uropathogenic proteus mirabilis and its wild-type parent strain was assessed by using a cba mouse model of catheterized urinary tract infection. overall, catheterized mice were significantly more susceptible than uncatheterized mice to infection by wild-type p. mirabilis. at a high inoculum, the urease-negative mutant successfully colonized bladders of catheterized mice but did not cause urolithiasis and was still severely attenuated in its ability to ...200211748205
novel bacterial membrane surface display system using cell wall-less l-forms of proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli.we describe a novel membrane surface display system that allows the anchoring of foreign proteins in the cytoplasmic membrane (cm) of stable, cell wall-less l-form cells of escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis. the reporter protein, staphylokinase (sak), was fused to transmembrane domains of integral membrane proteins from e. coli (lactose permease lacy, preprotein translocase secy) and p. mirabilis (curved cell morphology protein ccma). both l-form strains overexpressed fusion proteins in amo ...200211823186
molecular characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases produced by nosocomial isolates of enterobacteriaceae from an italian nationwide survey.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) are widespread in hospital settings worldwide. the present investigation was undertaken to assess the distribution and prevalence of esbls belonging to the tem and shv families in 448 esbl-producing clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae collected from 10 different italian hospitals. the natures of tem and shv determinants were identified by direct sequencing of pcr-amplified genes. tem-52 and shv-12 were the most common variants, and they were found in ...200211825979
[in vitro antimicrobial activity of glutaraldehyde plus o-phenylphenol association (ratio 2:1)].the correct use of antiseptics, disinfectants and sterilization processes to inactivate or remove micro-organisms is an essential component of an effective infection control program. to reach this result the use of phenolic detergent-disinfectants which work well as a presoak has always been suggested in lieu of sterilization involving submerging instruments in a properly prepared glutaraldehyde solution for about 6 to 10 hrs. this study investigated the in vitro effectiveness of disinfectant so ...200211845118
current presentation and optimal surgical management of sternoclavicular joint infections.infection of the stemoclavicular joint is unusual, and treatment of this entity has not been standardized. we sought to characterize the current presentation and optimal management of this disease.200211845854
the migration of proteus mirabilis and other urinary tract pathogens over foley examine the ability of organisms that infect the catheterized urinary tract to migrate over the surfaces of foley catheters.200211849161
characterization of a new extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (tem-87) isolated in proteus mirabilis during an italian survey.a new natural tem derivative, named tem-87, was identified in a proteus mirabilis isolate from an italian hospital. compared to tem-1, tem-87 contains the following mutations: e104k, r164c, and m182t. kinetic analysis of tem-87 revealed extended-spectrum activity against oxyimino cephalosporins (preferentially ceftazidime) and aztreonam. expression of blatem-87 in escherichia coli decreased the host susceptibility to these drugs.200211850290
genital tract tumors in proteus syndrome: report of a case of bilateral paraovarian endometrioid cystic tumors of borderline malignancy and review of the literature.proteus syndrome is a rare, sporadic disorder that causes postnatal overgrowth of multiple tissues in a mosaic pattern. characteristic manifestations include: overgrowth and hypertrophy of limbs and digits, connective tissue nevus, epidermal nevus and hyperostoses. various benign and malignant tumors and hamartomas may complicate the clinical course of patients with the syndrome. commonly encountered tumors include hemangiomas, lymphangiomas and lipomas. tumors of the genital tract occur less of ...200211850547
[identification of plasmid-encoded cephalosporinase acc-1 among various enterobacteria (klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, salmonella) isolated from a tunisian hospital (sfax 997-2000)].because a multiresistant k. pneumoniae outbreak detected in an intensive care unit of a parisian hospital, combined to the production of the plasmid-encoded cephalosporinase acc-1, a probable importation via a patient was suggested from another country (tunisia). the investigation was conducted to examine 35 clinical strains of enterobacteria resistant to ceftazidime without synergy towards augmentin. other test of synergy with two inhibitors, brl 42715, ro 48-5545 was performed by diffusion met ...200211873633
structure of the o-polysaccharide and classification of proteus mirabilis strain g1 in proteus serogroup o3.the o-chain polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide (lps) of a previously nonclassified strain of proteus mirabilis termed g1 was studied by sugar analysis and 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy, including 2d cosy, tocsy, rotating-frame noe (roesy), h-detected 1h,13c hmqc, and heteronuclear multiple-bond correlation (hmbc) experiments. the following structure of the polysaccharide was established: [carbohydrate structure: see text] where d-gala6(l-lys) stands for n(alpha)-(d-galacturonoyl)-l-lysine. t ...200211874454
protean pten: form and function.germline mutations distributed across the pten tumor-suppressor gene have been found to result in a wide spectrum of phenotypic features. originally shown to be a major susceptibility gene for both cowden syndrome (cs), which is characterized by multiple hamartomas and an increased risk of breast, thyroid, and endometrial cancers, and bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, which is characterized by lipomatosis, macrocephaly, and speckled penis, the pten hamartoma tumor syndrome spectrum has broadene ...200211875759
craniofacial and dental manifestations of proteus syndrome: a case report.the proteus syndrome is a rare congenital hamartomatous condition that is characterized by a wide range of malformations, sometimes involving the face. common manifestations include partial gigantism, congenital lipomas, and plantar hyperplasia. in this report we describe the craniofacial clinicopathological development in a girl with proteus syndrome from age 6 to 20 years. the patient had pronounced hemifacial hypertrophy, exostoses in the left parietal region, and enlargement of the inferior ...200211879083
treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media with ofloxacin in hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ear drops: a clinical/bacteriological study in a rural area of malawi.chronic suppurative otitis media in young children is a major problem in africa, with socio-economic consequences at a later age. common treatment regimens with antibiotics are expensive and often not practically feasible. therefore, a project was started to develop a low-cost and effective treatment in a rural area of malawi by studying the clinical efficacy of an inexpensive application regimen of ofloxacin (0.075%) in hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (1.5%) ear drops. in earlier studies with thi ...200211879929
single-dose fluoroquinolone therapy of acute uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women: results from a randomized, double-blind, multicenter trial comparing single-dose to 3-day fluoroquinolone compare the efficacy and safety of single-dose and 3-day fluoroquinolone treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection (uti).200211880065
detection and mutation of a luxs-encoded autoinducer in proteus mirabilis.quorum sensing regulates the expression of virulence factors in a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria. this study has shown that proteus mirabilis harbours a homologue of luxs, a gene required for the synthesis of the quorum sensing autoinducer 2 (ai-2). ai-2 activity is expressed during and is correlated with the initiation of swarming migration on agar surfaces. the p. mirabilis luxs locus was cloned and a luxs(-) strain constructed by allelic-exchange mutagenesis. while lacking ai-2 activity, ...200211882712
proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a rarely described dysplasia syndrome of the group of congenital hamartomas that arises from mosaic mutation. an extraordinary case history including imaging studies will be reported. this 17-year-old girl suffered from cachexia, lifelong chronic obstipation, different dysplasias, and lipomatous tumor-like lesions. the following findings were marked: macrodactyly, nevi, hemihypertrophy, aggressive lipomatosis, hemangiomas of the spleen, and skull and cerebral malformations. a ...200211884784
susceptibility to fluoroquinolones among commonly isolated gram-negative bacilli in 2000: trust and tsn data for the united states. tracking resistance in the united states today. the surveillance network.from january to may 2000, as part of the tracking resistance in the united states today (trust) surveillance initiative, clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae (n=2519) and non-fermentative gram-negatives (n=580) were prospectively collected from 26 hospital laboratories across the united states. isolates were tested for susceptibility to three fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, gatifloxacin) and seven other agents. in addition, data for the same period were collected from the surve ...200211814764
the characterization of bacterial isolates from acute otitis media in ile-ife, southwestern nigeria.the incidence of acute otitis media (aom) in a comprehensive healthcare setting was investigated in ile-ife, nigeria. out of the 617 children examined, 53 (11.64 per cent) suffered from the condition based on the criteria used. staphylococci constituted the predominant organisms associated with the condition with staphylococcus aureus (25.0 per cent) being the most frequent single microbe recovered from the subjects. this was followed by proteus mirabilis (16.2 per cent), staphylococcus sp. (8.8 ...200211866331
rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing of urinary tract isolates and samples by flow cytometry.a multiparametric flow cytometry antimicrobial susceptibility test was developed and its performance was evaluated on clinical urine isolates and samples in comparison with standard methods. alterations in cytoplasmic membrane integrity were monitored by propidium iodide, and the anionic probe bis-(1,3-dibutylbarbituric acid) trimethine oxonol (dibac4(3)) was used to measure changes in membrane potential. microbial size and cellular content were analysed by light scattering. twelve antibiotics w ...200211871613
combined coliform and anaerobic infection of the lacrimal sac.a case is reported of combined coliform and anaerobic bacterial infection of the lacrimal sac, a condition of which there is only one other published case report. in addition, a literature review is presented of the bacteriology of acute dacryocystitis as it applies to this case. recommendations for the microbiological investigation and management of acute dacryocystitis are made.200211885798
gstb1-1 from proteus mirabilis: a snapshot of an enzyme in the evolutionary pathway from a redox enzyme to a conjugating enzyme.the native form of the bacterial glutathione transferase b1-1 (ec ) is characterized by one glutathione (gsh) molecule covalently linked to cys-10. this peculiar disulfide, only found in the beta and omega class glutathione s-transferases (gsts) but absent in all other gsts, prompts questions about its role and how gsh can be activated and utilized in the reaction normally performed by gsts. stopped-flow and spectroscopic experiments suggest that, in the native enzyme (gstb1-1ox), a second gsh m ...200211889135
antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative isolates from european intensive care units: data from the meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection (mystic) programme.susceptibility data were collected for 6243 gram-negative isolates from 29 european icus participating in the meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection (mystic) programme (1997-2000). the most commonly isolated bacteria were pseudomonas aeruginosa (22.5%), escherichia coli (19.8%), klebsiella pneumoniae (10.4%), and enterobacter cloacae (7.7%). the incidence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producers was higher in turkish, russian and italian icus (27.9-39.6%) than in other ...200211892895
glutamic acid-65 is an essential residue for catalysis in proteus mirabilis glutathione s-transferase b1-1.the functional role of three conserved amino acid residues in proteus mirabilis glutathione s-transferase b1-1 (pmgst b1-1) has been investigated by site-directed mutagenesis. crystallographic analyses indicated that glu(65), ser(103) and glu(104) are in hydrogen-bonding distance of the n-terminal amino group of the gamma-glutamyl moiety of the co-substrate, gsh. glu(65) was mutated to either aspartic acid or leucine, and ser(103) and glu(104) were both mutated to alanine. glu(65) mutants (glu(6 ...200211903062
structure of the core part of the lipopolysaccharides from proteus penneri strains 7, 8, 14, 15, and 21.the core-lipid a region of the lipopolysaccharides from proteus penneri strains 7, 8, 14, 15, and 21 was studied using nmr spectroscopy, esi ms, and chemical analysis after alkaline deacylation, deamination, and mild-acid hydrolysis of the lipopolysaccharides. the following general structure of the major core oligosaccharides is proposed: [abstract: see text] where all sugars are in the pyranose form and have the d configuration unless otherwise stated, hep and ddhep=l-glycero- and d-glycero-d-m ...200211909598
proteus syndrome in adulthood.proteus syndrome is a very rare congenital condition comprising malformations and overgrowth of multiple sorts of tissue. it was described for the first time in 1979 and was termed proteus syndrome in 1983. the authors describe a 37-year-old patient who was diagnosed initially as having klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome at the age of 10 years. the patient was operated for a major thoracic lymphatic malformation, which caused functional problems. the operation at older age for this large lymphatic ...200211910228
a transcription terminator in the groex gene of symbiotic x-bacteria expressed in escherichia coli.the over-expressing groex gene of symbiotic x-bacteria in amoeba proteus has unique nucleotide motifs (tx), containing two hairpins and a c-rich region at its 3'-end. to investigate the role of tx as a transcription terminator, we mutated tx and analyzed the effects on the expression of an upstream-located lacz in e. coli. the level of beta-galactosidase (beta-gal) production in tx deletion mutants was reduced to 23% of the control level. site-directed mutation of the hairpin-1, c-rich region, a ...200211911472
[four cases of non-clostridial gas gangrene with diabetes mellitus].we report four cases of non-clostridial gas gangrene. all cases were associated with diabetes mellitus as the underlying disease. case 1: a 60-year-old male developed an ulcerative lesion on the dorsum of his left foot. peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus, citrobacter freundii and staphyrococcus epidermidis were identified in culture from odoriferous pus. case 2: a 81-year-old female developed a lesion on her vulva spreading to the right lower abdomen. bacteroides bivius, peptostreptococcus asac ...200211915237
structure of an extended-spectrum class a beta-lactamase from proteus vulgaris k1.the structure of a chromosomal extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) having the ability to hydrolyze cephalosporins including cefuroxime and ceftazidime has been determined by x-ray crystallography to 1.75 a resolution. the species-specific class a beta-lactamase from proteus vulgaris k1 was crystallized at ph 6.25 and its structure solved by molecular replacement. refinement of the model resulted in crystallographic r and r(free) of 16.9 % and 19.3 %, respectively. the folding of the k1 enzym ...200211916382
lipomatosis of the colon complicating proteus syndrome. 200211919100
histopathologic and bacteriologic evaluations of cellulitis detected in legs and caudal abdominal regions of turkeys.the objective of this study was to identify the causative agent of cellulitis in turkeys. eighteen flocks from nine producers were sampled at the local processing plant, and 37 birds with cellulitis on legs or caudal thoracic area were obtained. none of the 37 birds with cellulitis had lesions in other organs. on gross examination, lesions were categorized into two groups: cellulitis with unopened skin lesions (type a) and cellulitis with opened skin lesions (type b). histopathologically, cellul ...200211922333
emerging extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in proteus mirabilis.beta-lactamase production was detected in 147 (52%) of 282 consecutive nonduplicate proteus mirabilis isolates obtained over a 1-year period from the s. matteo hospital of pavia (northern italy). seventy isolates (48% of the beta-lactamase producers) were found to produce extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls), identified as per-1 (first report in this species) and tem-52 in 52 and 18 isolates, respectively. analysis of clonal diversity of the esbl producers suggested different spreading patt ...200211923394
[use of the multi-component vp-4 vaccine to prevent acute respiratory diseases at preschool children's establishments].the multicomponent vp-4 vaccine from klebsiella pneumonia, staphyloccocus aureus, proteus vulgaris, escherichia coli antigens was used to prevent acute respiratory diseases (ard) at preschoolchildren's establishments. prevention was effected during an influenza epidemic with a drastic rise in the incidence of ard. the vp-4 use involved 3 nasal and 6-9 oral administrations of the drug at an interval of 3-4 days. the duration of the course was 26 +/- 4 days. the preventive action of vp-4 on the in ...200211924123
properties and utility of the peculiar mixed disulfide in the bacterial glutathione transferase b1-1.bacterial glutathione transferases appear to represent an evolutionary link between the thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase and glutathione transferase superfamilies. in particular, the observation of a mixed disulfide in the active site of proteus mirabilis glutathione transferase b1-1 is a feature that links the two families. this peculiar mixed disulfide between cys10 and one gsh molecule has been studied by means of esr spectroscopy, stopped-flow kinetic analysis, radiochemistry, and site-directe ...200211926831
staghorn calculus endotoxin expression in sepsis.staghorn calculi are infrequent and generally are infected stones. struvite or apatite calculi are embedded with gram-negative bacteria, which can produce endotoxin. sepsis syndrome may occur after surgical therapy or endoscopic manipulation of infected or staghorn calculi. sepsis, which can occur despite perioperative antibiotic use, may be due to bacteremia or endotoxemia. we present a child with an infected staghorn calculus who developed overwhelming sepsis and died after percutaneous stone ...200211927328
sensory, chemical and bacteriological changes in vacuum-packed pressurised squid mantle (todaropsis eblanae) stored at 4 degrees c.sensory, chemical and bacteriological changes were studied in vacuum-packed squid mantles (todaropsis eblanae) that were pressurised at 150, 200, 300 and 400 megapascal (mpa) for 15 min at ambient temperature and stored at 4 degrees c. sensory analysis showed that the higher the pressurisation the longer the shelf-life. thus, the lot pressurised at 400 mpa was rejected after 28 days' storage compared with 7 days for the untreated lot. the chemical results generally corresponded with the sensory ...200211929163
prevalence of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing clinical isolates in the asia-pacific region and south africa: regional results from sentry antimicrobial surveillance program (1998-99).the frequency of occurrence of esbl-producing clinical strains varies widely in distinct geographic areas. the objective of this study was to describe the frequency of occurrence, the preferred substrate, and the co-resistance patterns of the esbl-producing isolates collected from the asia-pacific region and south africa through the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program between january 1998 and december 1999. a total of 1,377 escherichia coli, 678 klebsiella pneumoniae, and 138 proteus mirab ...200211929691
presence of rickettsia helvetica in granulomatous tissue from patients with samples obtained during the autopsies of 2 patients with sarcoidosis, genetic material from rickettsia helvetica was detected by polymerase chain reaction, and histologic and immunohistochemical examination (using 3 different antibodies) of the polymerase chain reaction-positive tissues showed different degrees of granuloma formation and presence of rickettsia-like organisms predominantly located in the endothelium and macrophages. electron microscopic examination clearly identified and demon ...200211930323
evolution of the gyrb gene and the molecular phylogeny of enterobacteriaceae: a model molecule for molecular systematic studies.phylogenetic trees showing the evolutionary relatedness of enterobacteriaceae based upon gyrb and 16s rrna genes were compared. congruence among trees of these molecules indicates that the genomes of these species are not completely mosaic and that molecular systematic studies can be carried out. phylogenetic trees based on gyrb sequences appeared to be more reliable at determining relationships among serratia species than trees based on 16s rrna gene sequences. gyrb sequences from serratia spec ...200211931166
frequent association with neurosurgical conditions in adult proteus mirabilis meningitis: report of five proteus (p.) mirabilis meningitis is relatively rare and has not been examined individually in the english-language literature. during a period of 15 years (january 1986-december 2000), four adult patients with p. mirabilis meningitis and one adult patient with mixed bacterial meningitis involving p. mirabilis were identified at chang gung memorial hospital, kaohsiung. these five patients included one man and four women, aged from 19 to 74 years (mean age=55.4). p. mirabilis infection acco ...200211932041
prevalence of extended spectrum beta-lactamases among enterobacteriaceae: an italian survey.the prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) production by consecutive non-repeated isolates of enterobacteriaceae was determined over a 6-month period. a total of 8015 strains were isolated from ten italian laboratories and 509 (6.3%) of these were designated esbl producers from the results of a double-disk synergy test. escherichia coli was the most isolated microrganism, followed by klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis. providencia stuartii (28.1%) was the most frequently ...200211932144
the m603 idiotype is lost in the response to phosphocholine in terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-deficient mice.the majority of anti-phosphocholine (pc) antibodies induced by the pc epitope in proteus morganii (pm) express the m603 idiotype (id), which is characterized by an invariant asp to asn substitution at the v(h):d(h) junction. to elucidate the molecular basis by which m603-like b cells acquire the mutations resulting in this invariant substitution, we analyzed the immune response to pc-pm in terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (tdt) gene knockout (ko) mice. in the absence of tdt, t15-id antibodi ...200211932921
crystals of tryptophan indole-lyase and tyrosine phenol-lyase form stable quinonoid complexes.the binding of substrates and inhibitors to wild-type proteus vulgaris tryptophan indole-lyase and to wild type and y71f citrobacter freundii tyrosine phenol-lyase was investigated in the crystalline state by polarized absorption microspectrophotometry. oxindolyl-lalanine binds to tryptophan indole-lyase crystals to accumulate predominantly a stable quinonoid intermediate absorbing at 502 nm with a dissociation constant of 35 microm, approximately 10-fold higher than that in solution. l-trp or l ...200211934889
precocious puberty in a female with proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a complex disorder comprising malformations and overgrowth of multiple tissues and characterized by its polymorphism and mosaicism. the syndrome is rare and sporadic. oliveira m da c et al reported the first case of proteus syndrome associated with precocious puberty in a boy. we are reporting a case of a 7-month old girl with proteus syndrome who developed a juvenile granulosa cell tumor in one ovary causing precocious puberty. at our knowledge this is the first case of prot ...200211938428
[post-marketing surveillance of antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates--ii. gram-negative bacteria].as a post-marketing surveillance, the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, penicillins, monobactams, and carbapenems. changes in czop susceptibility for the bacteria were also evaluated with the bacterial resistance ratio calculated with the breakpoint mic. twenty-five species (3,362 strains) of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinica ...200211977920
antibody reactivity of a standardized human serum protein solution against a spectrum of microbial pathogens and toxins: comparison with fresh frozen this study, we compared a standardized solution of human serum protein (hsp) and fresh frozen plasma (ffp) with regard to the antibody specificity against a number of microbial pathogens and some important pathogenicity factors of bacterial pathogens. due to the clinical use of hsp and ffp for therapeutical plasma exchange, we have chosen a spectrum of microbial pathogens for serological analysis that is critical in clinical settings. with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique, we c ...200211982956
a 39-bp deletion polymorphism in pten in african american individuals: implications for molecular diagnostic testing.germline mutations in the pten/mmac1/tep1 tumor suppressor gene cause cowden syndrome (cs), a hereditary hamartoma-tumor syndrome with an increased risk of breast, thyroid, and endometrial cancers, and seemingly unrelated developmental disorders, such as bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba (brr) syndrome, proteus, and proteus-like syndromes. data to date suggest that irrespective of the clinical presentation, the identification of a pten mutation should trigger medical management which includes cancer surv ...200211986403
dual identities. 200211986637
urinary pathogens' resistance to common antibiotics: a retrospective analysis.the susceptibility of urinary pathogens to common antibiotics was investigated and the results analysed retrospectively using the whonet computer program. of 1776 urine samples (44 catheterized) processed, 510 (28.7%) urinary pathogens were isolated. of these 510 positive cultures, 455 (89.2%) were gram-negative bacilli, 45 (8.8%) candida species and 10 (1.9%) gram-positive cocci. of the 44 catheterized samples, 32 (72.7%) yielded significant bacteriuria and these were mainly gram-negative bacte ...200211991018
trends in fluoroquinolone (ciprofloxacin) resistance in enterobacteriaceae from bacteremias, england and wales, 1990-1999.the public health laboratory service receives antibiotic susceptibility data for bacteria from bloodstream infections from most hospitals in england and wales. these data were used to ascertain resistance trends to ciprofloxacin from 1990 through 1999 for the most prevalent gram-negative agents: escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., enterobacter spp., and proteus mirabilis. significant increases in resistance were observed for all four species groups. for e. coli, ciprofloxacin resistance rose from ...200211996681
the structure of the carbohydrate backbone of the rough type lipopolysaccharides from proteus penneri strains 12, 13, 37 and 44.the following structure of the lipid a-core backbone of the rough type lipopolysaccharides (lps) from proteus penneri strains 12, 13, 37, and 44 was determined using nmr and mass spectroscopy and chemical analysis of the oligosaccharides obtained by mild-acid hydrolysis, alkaline o,n-deacylation, o-deacylation with hydrazine, and deamination of the lpss:where k=h, r=petn, r(1)=alpha-hep-(1-->2)-alpha-ddhep, and r(2)=alpha-galn (strains 12 and 13) or beta-glcnac-(1-->4)-alpha-glcn (strains 37 and ...200211996837
susceptibility of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria to biocides: a perspective from the study of catheter biofilms.bacteria resistant to both the agents deployed to prevent infections and those used to treat infections would be formidable nosocomial pathogens. the aim of this paper is to review the evidence that gram-negative bacteria resistant to antibiotics and biocides have emerged and been responsible for catheter-associated urinary tract infection. a study of patients undergoing intermittent bladder catheterization revealed that the frequent application of the antiseptic chlorhexidine to the perineal sk ...200212000625
evaluation of n-acetylchitooligosaccharides as the main carbon sources for the growth of intestinal bacteria.n-acetylchitooligosaccharides ((glcnac)(n)) with different degrees of polymerization (n=1-6) were prepared as the main carbon sources in media for evaluating the growth of nine intestinal bacteria. a chitohydrolysate was prepared by hydrolyzing shrimp-shell chitin using hcl. after purification, the purity of each (glcnac)(1-6) was >86%. the growth of intestinal bacteria was carried out in a basal medium (bm) containing 0.2% (w/v) of each sugar or glucose as the main carbon source and was evaluat ...200212007653
diversity of ctx-m beta-lactamases and their promoter regions from enterobacteriaceae isolated in three parisian hospitals.nine clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae (six escherichia coli and three proteus mirabilis) isolated in three parisian hospitals between 1989 and 2000 showed a particular extended-spectrum cephalosporin-resistance profile characterized by resistance to cefotaxime and aztreonam but not to ceftazidime. ctx-m-1, ctx-m-2, ctx-m-9, ctx-m-14 and two novel plasmid-mediated ctx-m beta-lactamases (ctx-m-20, and ctx-m-21) were identified by polymerase chain reaction and isoelectric focusing (pi>8) and ...200212007800
ceftriaxone activity against gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens isolated in us clinical microbiology laboratories from 1996 to 2000: results from the surveillance network (tsn) database-usa.ceftriaxone was introduced into clinical practice in the usa in 1985 and was the first extended-spectrum (third-generation) cephalosporin approved for once-daily treatment of patients with gram-positive or gram-negative infections. review of ceftriaxone activity is important given its continued use since the mid-1980s and reports of emerging resistance among all antimicrobial agent classes. we reviewed the activity of ceftriaxone and relevant comparative agents against five gram-positive and 11 ...200212007850
[profile and sensitivity to antibiotics of 2063 uropathogenic bacteria isolated in the center of tunisia].current bacteriological data are very useful when making therapeutic decisions in cases of non complicated urinary tract infection. in this article, we present the data gathered by a university hospital laboratory in mid-tunisia as well as the results of 17,829 urinary cytobacteriological examinations conducted in a multidisciplinary hospital during the year 2000. urine was sowed on usual agar. all bacterium cultivating at least 10(5) bacteria reported to ml and at 37 degrees c in a normal atmos ...200212012968
chromosome-encoded class d beta-lactamase oxa-23 in proteus mirabilis.ten nonrepetitive proteus mirabilis isolates, which were collected over 4 years (1996 to 1999) at the teaching hospital of clermont-ferrand, france, produced class d carbapenemase oxa-23. mics of imipenem were 0.25 to 0.5 microg/ml for these clinical isolates. molecular typing revealed that the 10 p. mirabilis isolates originated from the same clonal strain. hybridization of i-ceui-generated chromosome fragments with a bla(oxa-23) probe showed that the gene was chromosome encoded in the p. mirab ...200212019126
effect of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interferon gamma, and interleukin-4 on bacteria-enterocyte interactions.little is known about the mechanisms involved in bacterial translocation from the intestinal lumen to extraintestinal sites. because the cytokine cascade associated with sepsis, inflammation, and trauma has been shown to affect intestinal epithelial permeability, experiments were designed to clarify the effects of selected cytokines on bacterial adherence to and internalization by cultured ht-29 and caco-2 enterocytes.200212020125
competitive advantages of caedibacter-infected paramecia.intracellular bacteria of the genus caedibacter limit the reproduction of their host, the freshwater ciliate paramecium. reproduction rates of infected strains of paramecia were significantly lower than those of genetically identical strains that had lost their parasites after treatment with an antibiotic. interference competition occurs when infected paramecia release a toxic form of the parasitic bacterium that kills uninfected paramecia. in mixed cultures of infected and uninfected strains of ...200212022275
proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a rare congenital hamartomatous entity. we report some new findings in a boy with this syndrome, in addition to the classical clinical and radiological features of subcutaneous masses, partial gigantism of hands and feet, bony abnormalities, and epidermal nevi. we also discuss how to reach a definitive diagnosis by using an established rating scale.200212027091
complete nucleotide sequence of plasmid rts1: implications for evolution of large plasmid genomes.rts1, a large conjugative plasmid originally isolated from proteus vulgaris, is a prototype for the inct plasmids and exhibits pleiotropic thermosensitive phenotypes. here we report the complete nucleotide sequence of rts1. the genome is 217,182 bp in length and contains 300 potential open reading frames (orfs). among these, the products of 141 orfs, including 9 previously identified genes, displayed significant sequence similarity to known proteins. the set of genes responsible for the conjugat ...200212029035
[rational use of medications in the treatment of urinary infections].main: to encourage the rational use of medication in the treatment of uncomplicated acute cystitis (uac). secondary: to find the most common germs in our area and their sensitivity to medication, the most common anti-microbials used and patients age, and to evaluate the savings made through a policy of rational use of retrospective, descriptive, observational study.200212031221
bacterial contamination of saline nasal spray/drop solution in patients with respiratory tract infection.this study evaluated the potential for bacterial contamination of saline nasal spray/drop solution after 3 days of clinical use in patients. twenty patients with upper respiratory infection used the saline as a spray, and 20 patients used the solution as drops. bacterial growth was present in 18 (907%) solution containers of the spray group and in 3 (157%) solution containers of the drops group (p <.005). twenty isolates were recovered from the spray group and 3 from the drops group. the predomi ...200212032501
detection of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamase genes in clinical isolates by using multiplex pcr.therapeutic options for infections caused by gram-negative organisms expressing plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases are limited because these organisms are usually resistant to all the beta-lactam antibiotics, except for cefepime, cefpirome, and the carbapenems. these organisms are a major concern in nosocomial infections and should therefore be monitored in surveillance studies. six families of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases have been identified, but no phenotypic test can differentiat ...200212037080
evaluation of the dipstreak, a new device with an original streaking mechanism for detection, counting, and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens.dipstreak is a new urine culture device with two types of agar attached back-to-back on a plastic paddle. it combines dip-slide technology and an original streaking inoculation mechanism, allowing for bacterial counting and colony isolation. the performance of the dipstreak device with two different medium formulations, chromagar and macconkey media in study a and uriselect 3 and macconkey media in study b, was evaluated and compared to that of the reference streak method by using plates of cyst ...200212037082
[piperacillin/tazobactam--tazocin. a penicillin-based alternative to 3rd generation cephalosporins and carbapenems].the antibiotic piperacillin/tazobactam has recently been licensed for use in denmark. piperacillin/tazobactam combines a well known beta-lactam antibiotitic, piperacillin, and an inhibitor of bacterial beta-lactamase, tazobactam. the combination of piperacillin and tazobactam compared to piperacillin alone has an expanded antimicrobial spectrum, which includes klebsiellae, escherichia coli, and proteus vulgaris resistant to ampicillin, as well as beta-lactamase-producing staphylococcus aureus. a ...200212043402
a novel ophthalmic presentation of the proteus report a patient with the proteus syndrome who had ocular complications not previously described in the literature.200212045066
[a case of stone formation in the mainz pouch using appendix as the efferent limb: a case report].a large calculus (6.0 x 4.5 x 7.0 cm sized) in the continent urinary pouch was detected incidentally by computed tomography in a 7-year-old man with a gall bladder stone. he underwent a total cystectomy and mainz pouch formation using appendix as the efferent limb for bladder cancer 7 years ago. urine culture showed proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli, and urine ph was 8.5. the stone was removed successfully through a pouchotomy and composed mainly of struvite. the stone analysis was map; 88% ...200212056043
new carbenicillin-hydrolyzing beta-lactamase (carb-7) from vibrio cholerae non-o1, non-o139 strains encoded by the vcr region of the v. cholerae a previous study, an analysis of 77 ampicillin-nonsusceptible (resistant plus intermediate categories) strains of vibrio cholerae non-o1, non-o139, isolated from aquatic environment and diarrheal stool, showed that all of them produced a beta-lactamase with a pi of 5.4. hybridization or amplification by pcr with a probe for bla(tem) or primers for bla(carb) gene families was negative. in this work, an environmental ampicillin-resistant strain from this sample, me11762, isolated from a waterwa ...200212069969
[yearly changes in antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates between 1996 and 2000--ii. gram-negative bacteria].the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates obtained between 1996 and 2000 were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, and carbapenems. thirty-two species 2,697 strains of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected from january to december, and consisted of moraxella subgenus branhamella catarrhalis (n = 125), escherichia coli (n = 250), citrobacter freu ...200212071094
comparative evaluation of two commercial chromogenic media for detection and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens.the performance of two commercial chromogenic media for the isolation and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens, the cps id2 (biomérieux, france) and the chromagar orientation (bbl becton dickinson, usa), was evaluated and compared with that of cystine-lactose-electrolyte-deficient agar and tryptic soy agar with 5% sheep blood. the detection, determination of bacterial counts, and presumptive identification of bacteria causing urinary tract infections were evaluated in 3,000 urin ...200212072939
numbers and types of microorganisms in vacuum-packed cold-smoked freshwater fish at the retail level.fifty-four packages (each one belonging to a different lot) of vacuum-packed cold-smoked salmon (30) and trout (24) produced by six spanish smokehouses were obtained at retail level after 3 weeks storage at 2+/-1 degrees c. sensorial, chemical, physicochemical and microbiological characteristics were examined. overall, ph, a(w), salt content in water phase, aerobic plate counts at 30 and 25 degrees c. levels of enterobacteriaceae, lactic acid bacteria (lab), fungi and presumptive aeromonads and ...200212076034
proteus syndrome of the hand.proteus syndrome exhibits an expanded phenotype. we report a case with restricted macrodactyly and cerebriform hypertrophy of one palm. the differential diagnosis with macrodactyly and other hamartomatous overgrowth syndromes is discussed.200212077537
principles for the surgical management of patients with proteus syndrome and patients with overgrowth not meeting proteus criteria.proteus syndrome is a rare, sporadic disorder consisting of disproportionate overgrowth of multiple tissues, vascular malformations, and connective tissue or epidermal nevi. patients with proteus syndrome present with diverse and variable phenotypes because of the syndrome's mosaic pattern of distribution.200212077761
[use of sparfloxacin (sparflo) in treating complicated urologic infections].the authors review the effectiveness of a novel fluoroquinolone drug sparfloxacine (sparflo, dr. reddy's laboratories) in the treatment of patients with complicated forms of pyelonephritis and prostatitis. both gramnegative and grampositive agents causing complicated urologic infections were highly sensitive to sparfloxacine: enterobacter spp.--40.8%, pseudomonas aeruginosa--38.5%, proteus spp.--42.6%, e. coli--91.4%, staphylococcus spp.--80.0%, enterococcus faecalis--21.4%. sparfloxacine was us ...200212077817
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