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inhibitor-based methods for detection of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases in klebsiella spp., escherichia coli, and proteus mirabilis.non-beta-lactam inhibitor-based methods were evaluated for detecting plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases in klebsiella spp., escherichia coli, and proteus mirabilis. using clsi methodology and disks containing cefotetan alone and in combination with 400 mug of boronic acid, 9 of 10 positive control strains and 54 of 55 ampc-pcr-positive clinical isolates were detected. importantly 71% and 40% of these clinical isolates were susceptible by routine testing to ceftriaxone and ceftazidime, respect ...200516081966
structure of the o-polysaccharide and serological studies of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus mirabilis 2002.the structure of the o-polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus mirabilis 2002 was elucidated by chemical methods and 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy. it was found that the polysaccharide consists of branched pentasaccharide repeating units having the following structure: [structure in text]. the o-polysaccharide of p. mirabilis 2002 has a common tetrasaccharide fragment with that of p. mirabilis 52/57 from serogroup o29, and the lipopolysaccharides of the two strains are serologically re ...200516084933
elevated levels of igm and iga antibodies to proteus mirabilis and igm antibodies to escherichia coli are associated with early rheumatoid factor (rf)-positive rheumatoid arthritis.antibodies to proteus mirabilis were previously detected in patients with established rheumatoid arthritis (ra). we examined the prevalence of antibodies to p. mirabilis and their associations with ra in early synovitis patients.200516091399
role of swarming in the formation of crystalline proteus mirabilis biofilms on urinary catheters.the care of many patients undergoing long-term bladder catheterization is frequently complicated by infection with proteus mirabilis. these organisms colonize the catheter, forming surface biofilm communities, and their urease activity generates alkaline conditions under which crystals of magnesium ammonium phosphate and calcium phosphate are formed and become trapped in the biofilm. as the biofilm develops it obstructs the flow of urine through the catheter, causing either incontinence due to l ...200516091430
effects of commercial diazinon and imidacloprid on microbial urease activity in soil and sod.diazinon [o,o-diethyl o-2-isopropyl-6-methyl(pyrimidine-4-yl) phosphorothioate] and imidacloprid [1-(1-[6-chloro-3-pyridinyl]methyl)-n-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine] are applied to lawns for insect control simultaneously with nitrogenous fertilizers such as urea, but their potential effect on urease activity and nitrogen availability in turfgrass management has not been evaluated. urease activity in enzyme assays, washed cell assays, and soil slurries was examined as a function of insecticide concen ...200516091610
risk of nosocomial bacteria transmission: evaluation of cleaning methods of probes used for routine ultrasonography.there exists a small but definite risk of nosocomial infection transmission attributable to ultrasonography probes and coupling gels.200516092321
frequency and treatment of urinary tract infection in children subjected to urine culture, in sana'a, yemen.this study was carried out to estimate the frequency of urinary tract infection among children subjected to urine culture presenting to sam hospital, sana'a city, yemen and to determine the susceptibility of the isolated bacteria to the antibiotics.200516092643
an electrified catheter to resist encrustation by proteus mirabilis biofilm.we investigated the effect of iontophoresis produced by passing an electric current through silver electrodes attached to catheters on catheter encrustation by crystalline proteus mirabilis biofilm.200516094079
efficacy of dilute betadine solution irrigation in the prevention of postoperative infection of spinal surgery.prospective, single-blinded, randomized study.200516094267
proteus syndrome: a rare cause of hemihypertrophy and macrodactyly on bone scanning.proteus syndrome is a rare, sporadic genetic disorder characterized by overgrowth of multiple different tissues in a mosaic pattern. it is associated with connective tissue nevi, epidermal nevi, disproportionate overgrowth of multiple tissues, vascular malformations, characteristic tumors, and specific facial anomalies. joseph merrick, popularly known as the elephant man, is now believed to have suffered from proteus syndrome. a case of proteus syndrome and associated findings on bone scintigrap ...200516100477
[the effect of selective bowel decontamination and mechanical bowel preparation on bacterial translocation due to intraabdominal hypertension].the objective of our study is to evaluate the preventive effects of selective digestive decontamination (sdd) and mechanical bowel preparation in rats with experimentally induced bacterial translocation.200516100664
the family of serratia type pore forming toxins.the serratia marcescens hemolysin represents the prototype of a growing family of pore forming toxins. the available bacterial genome sequences reveal serratia hemolysin homologues in additional species. however, only s. marcescens hemolysin has been studied in great molecular detail. this family of toxins has nothing in common with the pore forming toxins of e. coli type (rtx toxins), the staphylococcus aureus alpha-toxin or the thiol activated toxin of group a beta-hemolytic streptococci (stre ...200516101433
potency and spectrum of tigecycline tested against an international collection of bacterial pathogens associated with skin and soft tissue infections (2000-2004).the antimicrobial activity of tigecycline, a novel glycylcycline, was evaluated against 5289 bacterial isolates recovered from hospitalized patients with skin and soft tissue infections during 2000-2004. strains were submitted from >70 medical centers in north america, latin america, and europe, and were tested centrally using reference broth microdilution methods. the top 10 ranking pathogens (95% of total) recovered included staphylococcus aureus (55.2%), enterococcus spp. (9.6%), pseudomonas ...200516105564
biochemical characterization of the chondroitinase abc i active site.cabc i (chondroitinase abc i) from proteus vulgaris is a galag (galactosaminoglycan) depolymerizing lyase that cleaves its substrates at the glycosidic bond via beta-elimination. cabc i cleaves a particularly broad range of galag substrates, including cs (chondroitin sulphate), ds (dermatan sulphate) and hyaluronic acid. we recently cloned and recombinantly expressed cabc i in escherichia coli, and completed a preliminary biochemical characterization of the enzyme. in the present study, we have ...200516108757
[weil-felix test]. 200516111212
a study on inhibitory effects of siğla tree (liquidambar orientalis mill. var. orientalis) storax against several this study, siğla (liquidambar orientalis mill.) storax (styrax) was investigated for antibacterial activity against aeromonas hydrophila, bacillus amyloliquefaciens, b. brevis, b. cereus, b. megaterium, b. subtilis, corynebacterium xerosis, enterobacter aerogenes, enterococcus faecalis, escherichia coli, e. coli o157:h7, klebsiella pneumoniae, listeria monocytogenes, micrococcus luteus, mycobacterium smegmatis, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aeruginosa, p. fluorescens, staphylococcus aureus a ...200516114094
development and evaluation of 16s rdna microarray for detecting bacterial pathogens in cerebrospinal fluid.the rapid identification of bacteria in cerebrospinal fluid (csf) is very important for patient management and antimicrobial therapies. we developed a 16s dna microarray-based method that targets 16s rdna and can directly detect bacteria from csf without cultivation. universal primers and specific probes were designed from the 16s rdna sequence data retrieved directly from the genbank database. the specificity of the assay is obtained through a combination of microarray hybridization and enzymat ...200516118409
bacteria isolated from blood, stool and urine of typhoid patients in a developing country.blood, stool and urine samples were collected from 100 patients diagnosed as having typhoid in 5 hospitals in akwa ibom state and analyzed for the presence of salmonella species and other bacteria. of the 100 blood samples screened, 55 (55%) were positive with the widal test and 39 (39%) were positive on blood culture. thirteen (14.1%) out of 92 urine samples were positive for bacterial growth, while 22 (26.8%) of the stool cultures were positive out of the 82 samples screened. those within the ...200516124436
a strategy for the control of catheter blockage by crystalline proteus mirabilis biofilm using the antibacterial agent triclosan.catheter blockage by crystalline proteus mirabilis biofilm is a common complication in patients undergoing long-term indwelling bladder catheterisation. previously we have shown that inflating the retention balloons of all-silicone catheters with triclosan solutions prevents the encrustation process. the aim of the present work was to examine whether this strategy is effective in latex-based catheters.200516126323
synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some novel derivatives of benzofuran: part 1. synthesis and antimicrobial activity of (benzofuran-2-yl)(3-phenyl-3-methylcyclobutyl) ketoxime derivatives.the reaction of salicylaldehyde with 1-phenyl-1-methyl-3-(2-chloro-1-oxoethyl) cyclobutane (1) and potassium carbonate was used to prepare (benzofuran-2-yl)(3-methyl-3-phenylcyclobutyl) methanone (2) for the starting reagent purposes. (benzofuran-2-yl)(3-phenyl-3-methyl cyclobutyl) ketoxime (3) was synthesized from the reaction of the compound (2) with hidroxylamine. new derivatives of (benzofuran-2-yl)(3-phenyl-3-methyl cyclobutyl) ketoxime (3) such as, o-glycidylketoxime (4) and o-phenylacylke ...200516129517
the incorporation of glucosamine into enterobacterial core lipopolysaccharide: two enzymatic steps are required.the core lipopolysaccharide (lps) of klebsiella pneumoniae is characterized by the presence of disaccharide alphaglcn-(1,4)-alphagala attached by an alpha1,3 linkage to l-glycero-d-manno-heptopyranose ii (ld-heppii). previously it has been shown that the wabh enzyme catalyzes the incorporation of glcnac from udp-glcnac to outer core lps. the presence of glcnac instead of glcn and the lack of udp-glcn in bacteria indicate that an additional enzymatic step is required. in this work we identified a ...200516131489
[prevalence of multidrug-resistant proteus spp. strains in clinical specimens and their susceptibility to antibiotics].proteus sp. are opportunistic microorganisms which cause urinary tract and wounds infections, bacteriaemia and sepsis. the aim of this study was analysis of prevalence of multidrug-resistant proteus sp. strains in clinical specimens and evaluation of their susceptibility to selected antibiotics. the study was carried out of 1499 proteus sp. strains were isolated in 2000-2003 from patients of departments and dispensaries of the university hospital cm in bydgoszcz umk in torun. the strains were id ...200516134389
[comparison of frequency and susceptibility to antimicrobials of bacterial strains of the family enterobacteriaceae isolated from patients hospitalised in intensive care units].the aim of the study was estimation of frequency and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents of gram-negative rods isolated from clinical specimens obtained from patients requiring intensive care, with emphasis on profile of the unit. the analysis comprised strains of gram-negative rods isolated from patients of two intensive care units (icus) of a tertiary care hospital (1200 beds). identification of cultured isolates was done using automated vitek and api systems (biomerieux, france). susceptib ...200516134390
[health accuracy of travnik cheese and quality standards of sanitary accuracy].the aim of work was to determine a health accuracy of sheep milk and the final product travnik cheese, as well as the quality standards of sanitary accuracy. the study was performed on 212 milk samples selected by random choice. the study involved observing the sanitary conditions of sheep milk and cheese production, as well as isolation and identification of causal agents of infective diseases in these products. the results showed the following agents isolated from milk and travnik cheese: esch ...200516134761
antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata cav. ethanolic extracts.the present study was conducted to investigate antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata ethanolic extract against 47 strains of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria and to identify bioactive compounds. inhibition of bacterial growth was investigated using agar diffusion, agar macrodilution, broth microdilution and bioautographic methods. zuccagnia punctata extract was active against all assayed bacteria (escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, enterobacter cloacae, ...200516137849
rheumatoid arthritis and proteus. 200516138503
[antibiotic resistance: from the results of onerba's networks to good antibiotic use]. 200516144065
[bacterial flora and mycosis of the vagina in women with symptoms of vaginal inflammation].to estimate the microbiological profile of vaginal flora in 30 women with gynecologic problems and 20 pregnant women complaining about pathological symptoms {pruritus, burning, vaginal discharge}.200516145858
[alkaline phosphatase in amoeba proteus].in free-living amoeba proteus (strain b), 3 phosphatase were found after disc-electrophoresis of 10 microg of protein in page and using 1-naphthyl phosphate as a substrate a ph 9.0. these phosphatases differed in their electrophoretic mobilities - "slow" (1-3 bands), "middle" (one band) and "fast" (one band). in addition to 1-naphthyl phosphate, "slow" phosphatases were able to hydrolyse 2-naphthyl phosphate and p-nitrophenyl phosphate. they were slightly activated by mg2+, completely inhibited ...200516706160
antimicrobial activity of 1,2-bis-[2-(5-r)-1h-benzimidazolyl]- 1,2-ethanediols, 1,4-bis-[2-(5-r)-1h-benzimidazolyl]- 1,2,3,4-butanetetraols and their feiii, cuii, and agi complexes.1,2-bis-[2-(5-h/me/cl/no2)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2-ethanediols (l1-l4), 1,4-bis-[2-(5-h/me/cl)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2,3,4-butanetetraols (l5-l7) and their complexes with fecl3, cucl2, and agno3 were synthesized; antibacterial activity of the compounds was determined toward staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhi, shigella flexneri, proteus mirabilis, and antifungal activity against candida albicans. the a ...200516681141
antimicrobial activity of znii, cdii, and hgii complexes of 1,2-bis-[2-(5-r)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2-ethanediols and 1,4-bis-[2-(5-r)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2,3,4-butanetetraols.1,2-bis-[2-(5-h/me/cl/no2)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2-ethanediols (l1-l4), 1,4-bis-[2-(5-h/me/cl)-1h-benzimidazolyl]-1,2,3,4-butanetetraols (l5-l7) and their complexes with zncl2, cdcl2 and hgcl2 were synthesized and antibacterial activity of the compounds was tested toward staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhi, shigella flexneri, proteus mirabilis and antifungal activity against candida albicans. hgii complexes have ...200516681142
[brain abscesses in neonates: neurosonographic diagnosis and long-term follow-up].brain abscesses were neurosongraphically diagnosed in 3 out of 44 neonates who had confirmed purulent meningitis. in two cases, the cause was proteus mirabillis, whereas in one the cause could not be isolated. the ultrasound finding indicated abscess cavities localised in the frontal (in one case bilaterally) and temporal regions of the cns. neurosurgical interventions were carried out on all of the neonates who had abscesses (including the evacuation of purulent cavity contents, and later on a ...200516623257
universal primers for detection of common bacterial pathogens causing prosthetic joint infection.the diagnosis of low grade prosthetic joint infection is difficult and time consuming. nested-pcr for universal bacterial dna segments detection of "orthopaedic" bacteria was tested in a laboratory setting. this method is based on amplification of the 16s bacterial ribosomal rna coding sequences. 11 species of the most frequent bacterial pathogens (staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus agalactiae, enterococcus faecium, enterococcus faecalis, kle ...200516601773
bacteriological urinalysis in patients after renal transplantation.the study consisted of microbiological urinalysis performed in 269 patients after renal transplantation who remained under medical care at the outpatient service of the transplantation institute in warsaw. the patients enrolled into the study had undergone renal transplantation 6 to 72 months before urine samples were collected. 304 urinalysis were performed. in the group of 269 patients, 42 individuals had bacteria in their urine what was confirmed in 47 urine cultures. cases of bacteriuria wer ...200516599304
misdiagnosis of neurofibromatosis type 1 as proteus syndrome. 200516462730
lymphocytic colitis: a clue to bacterial find out the role of bacteria as a possible etiological factor in lymphocytic colitis.200516437626
detection and identification of intestinal pathogenic bacteria by hybridization to oligonucleotide detect the common intestinal pathogenic bacteria quickly and accurately.200516437687
[evaluation of the antimicrobial potential of immune sera].the inhibiting activity of blood sera obtained from 20 volunteers immunized with the multi-component vaccine "pyopol", 25 nonimmune donors and 7 lots of human antistaphylococcal immunoglobulin with respect to staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris and pseudomonas aeruginosa has been studied in the liquid nutrient medium with the use an automated microbiological analyzer. the sera of donors immunized with the vaccine "pyopol" have been found to possess high antimicrobial activi ...200516438372
[influence of dendrite cells, generated with the use of immunomodulators of microbial origin, on the proliferative and cytotoxic activity of lymphocytes].the influence of ripe dendrite cells (dc) on the proliferative activity of mononuclear leukocytes and the cytotoxic activity of lymphocytes of syngenic mice was studied. as inducers of dc ripening, the combination of antigenic components incorporated into the vaccine "lmmunovac bh-4", (klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus), as well as k. pneumoniae lps and tnf-alpha, were used. this study demonstrated that dc activated with these preparations enhanced ...200516438373
windblown foot: a particular presentation of proteus syndrome? 200516440890
capillary activity of surgical sutures and suture-dependent bacterial transport: a qualitative evaluate the multitude of new synthetic absorbable sutures (both monofilament and multifilament) in comparison with older materials with regard to capillarity and bacterial transport.200516433602
pharmacodynamic modeling of imipenem-cilastatin, meropenem, and piperacillin-tazobactam for empiric therapy of skin and soft tissue infections: a report from the optama program.the bactericidal exposures necessary for positive clinical outcomes among skin and soft tissue infections are largely dependent on interpatient pharmacokinetic variability and pathogen drug susceptibility. by simulating the probability of achieving target bactericidal exposures, the pharmacodynamics of three beta-lactam agents were compared against a range of pathogens implicated commonly in complicated skin and soft tissue infections.200516433606
[rare bacteria species found in wounds of tsunami patients. predominance of gram-negative rods, increased antibiotic resistance].microbiological cultures from 229 patients seeking medical advise in stockholm after the tsunami catastrophe december 2004 were analysed at the clinical microbiology laboratory, karolinska university hospital, stockholm, sweden. gram-negative rods were the most common findings from wound cultures. common human pathogens as escherichia coli, proteus species, klebsiella spp, and pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated. however, more rare species of gram-negative rods were also isolated, e.g. myroides ...200516416946
erythromycin synergism with essential and trace order to establish the role of various essential and trace element complexation on the antibacterial activity of various macrolide antibiotics, the synergistic or antagonistic behavior of erythromycin metal complexes have been studied and compared with the parent drug. metal complexes of erythromycin with magnesium, calcium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc and cadmium have been investigated for their antibacterial activity and compared with erythromycin by observing th ...200516431396
a study of sensitivity and resistance of pathogenic micro organisms causing uti in kathmandu valley.a retrospective study was conducted in five hospitals to observe the prevalence of organisms causing uti and their sensitivity to antibiotics. methodology: altogether, data from five hundred samples of urine from five hospitals in kathmandu was collected for this study from january 2005 to april 2005. result: a total of 244 samples were found to be positive. altogether six types of organisms were isolated as the causative factors. e. coli (49%), s. aureus, (coagulase positive) (23%), proteus spe ...200516415607
serological classification and epitope specificity of proteus penneri s29 lipopolysaccharide.gram-negative bacteria of genus proteus are common human intestinal and urinary tract pathogens. in the genus proteus there are four clinically important named species: p. mirabilis, p. vulgaris, p. penneri, and p. hauseri, and three unnamed proteus genomospecies: 4, 5, and 6. the clinical significance of p. penneri, described in 1982 as a new species, is poorly documented. the aim of this work is serological characterization and classification of a ceftriaxone-susceptible p. penneri s29 strain ...200516407787
[problems of epidemic safety of drinking water use by the population of russia].quantitative relationships were studied between the indicators (common coliform bacteria (ccp), glucose-positive bacteria (gpb), thermoduric bacteria (tdb), coliform bacteria, enterococci, clostridia, coliphages) and the opportunistic (pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus, klebsiella) and pathogenetic (salmonella and intestinal viruses) microorganisms at the stages of effluent purification and decontamination, in processes of self-purification in the water reservoirs and of water preparation at water ...200516404875
update on the molecular genetics of vascular anomalies.genetic factors play a critical role in the pathogenesis of vascular anomalies. significant advances have been made in recent years in identifying the genetic and molecular determinants of a variety of vascular anomalies using a molecular genetic approach. several genes for vascular anomalies have been identified. these genes include aggf1 for klippel-trenaunay syndrome, rasa1 for capillary malformations, krit1, mgc4607, pdcd10 for cerebral cavernous malformations, glomulin for glomuvenous malfo ...200516379592
acute uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections in general practice: clinical and microbiological cure rates after three- versus five-day treatment with trimethoprim.epidemiological studies indicate that acute uncomplicated urinary tract infections (uti) in women can be successfully treated with short treatment regimens. however, the findings from the literature do not match experiences in daily practice.200516392777
unilateral proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a complex developmental abnormality. it is characterized by both hypertrophic and hypoplastic changes. deformities have been occasionally found to be localized in one half of the body in head or digit but presence of all signs in one half of the body in a wide spread manner is not reported in the literature. we report the case for its unusual presentation of unilateral localization of signs.200516394389
proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a variable and complex disorder characterized by multifocal overgrowths affecting any tissue or structure of the body. we present a girl aged 3 years and 8 months with an epidermal nevus, port-wine stain, macrodactyly with gigantism of the feet, lymphohemagiomas and multiple lipomas.200516394465
antimicrobial activity of flavonoids from pelargonium radula (cav.) l'hérit.flavonoids from pelargonium radula (cav.) l'hérit were purified by column chromatography. two fractions were obtained: f1 (main flavonoid isoquercitrin) and f2 (main flavonoid rutin). in vitro antimicrobial activity of f1 and f2 were tested against eleven species of bacteria and eleven species of fungi. both fractions demonstrated strong inhibitory activity against staphylococcus aureus, proteus rettgeri, candida tropicalis and microsporum gypseum. staphylococcus sp. (coagulase-negative) and can ...200516375833
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from patients with urinary tract infections (2003). i. susceptibility distribution].the bacterial strains isolated from 565 patients diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (utis) in 14 institutions in japan were collected between august 2003 and july 2004. the susceptibilities of them to many kinds of antimicrobial agents were investigated. of them, 701 strains were estimated as prophlogistic bacteria and used for the investigation. the strains consisted of 258 gram-positive bacterial strains (36.8%) and 443 gram-negative bacterial strains (63.2%). against staphylococcus ...200516521344
[nationwide surveillance of parenteral antibiotics containing meropenem activities against clinically isolated strains in 2004].the antibacterial activity of meropenem (mepm) and other parenteral antibiotics against clinical isolates of 907 strains of gram-positive bacteria, 1790 strains of gram-negative bacteria, and 192 strains of anaerobic bacteria obtained from 30 medical institutions during 2004 was measured. the results were as follows; 1. mic90 of mepm for almost all of enterobacteriaceae and haemophilus influenzae were 4-fold to 32-fold lower than those of other carbapenems. mepm was more active than other carbap ...200516521347
[necrotizing fasciitis of the head and neck].necrotizing fasciitis (nf) is a potentially lethal soft tissue infection characterized by cutaneous necrosis, suppurative fasciitis, vascular thrombosis and extreme systemic toxicity. it is a rare entity in the head and neck region, but occur most frequently in patients with diabetes and chronic alcoholism. mostly involved are immunodeficient patients with banal infections of the upper aerodigestive tract, small traumas, but also after surgical procedures. necrotizing fasciitis is an infection c ...200516521446
mechanical transmission of pathogenic organisms: the role of cockroaches.cockroaches (diploptera punctata) are basically tropical insects and will do their best to find a home that is both warm and moist. their involvement in the transmission of tropical diseases is poorly investigated in africa.200516457381
aerobic heterotrophic bacterial diversity in sediments of rajakkamangalam estuary, south west coast of india.the abundance of aerobic heterotrophic bacterial population in the sediment sample of six experimental stations (s1 to s6) at rajakkamangalam estuary was studied for a period of one year from march, 1998 to february, 1999. the important bacterial genera encountered were pseudomonas, bacillus, vibrio, escherichia, micrococcus, enterobacter, salmonella, aeromonas, shigella, klebsiella, proteus, alkaligenes, staphylococcus, citrobacter and flavobacterium. the bacterial population based on numerical ...200516459565
crystallization of truncated hemolysin a from proteus mirabilis.proteus species are second only to escherichia coli as the most common causative agent of gram-negative bacteria-based urinary-tract infections and many harbor several virulence factors that provide inherent uropathogenicity. one virulence factor stems from a two-partner secretion pathway comprised of hemolysin a and hemolysin b; upon hemolysin b-dependent secretion, hemolysin a becomes activated. this system is distinct from the classic type i secretion pathway exemplified by the hemolysin syst ...200516511066
increasing incidence of bacterial, resistance to antibiotics by isolates from the urinary tract.this is a prospective study to determine the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among organisms causing urinary tract infections in a teaching hospital between august 2003 and july 2004 and to compare them with an earlier study in 1993. a total of 1,104 urine samples were collected in sterile universal containers from patients attending university of nigeria teaching hospital and studied. all samples showing significant bacteriuna were studied and isolates identified using standard bacteriogica ...200516477864
contribution of the two conserved tryptophan residues to the catalytic and structural properties of proteus mirabilis glutathione s-transferase b1-1.pmgstb1-1 (proteus mirabilis glutathione s-transferase b1-1) has two tryptophan residues at positions 97 and 164 in each monomer. structural data for this bacterial enzyme indicated that trp97 is positioned in the helix a4, whereas trp164 is located at the bottom of the helix a6 in the xenobiotic-binding site. to elucidate the role of the two tryptophan residues they were replaced by site-directed mutagenesis. trp97 and trp164 were mutated to either phenylalanine or alanine. a double mutant was ...200515320869
clinical evaluation of postpartum vaginal mucus reflects uterine bacterial infection and the immune response in cattle.bacteria contaminate the uterus of most dairy cattle after parturition and endometritis causes infertility. an endometritis score can be ascribed based on the vaginal mucus character and odour but it is not clear if the clinical score reflects the number of uterine bacteria or the inflammatory response. the present study tested the hypothesis that clinical evaluation of endometritis reflects the number of bacteria present in the uterus, and the acute phase protein response. swabs (n = 328) were ...200515589277
does the valve regulated release of urine from the bladder decrease encrustation and blockage of indwelling catheters by crystalline proteus mirabilis biofilms?we tested whether valve regulated, intermittent flow of urine from catheterized bladders decreases catheter encrustation.200515592093
evaluation of a new screen agar plate for detection and presumptive identification of enterobacteriaceae producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases.a new agar screen plate for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) detection was evaluated with 50 clinical isolates of esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae species: enterobacter cloacae (n = 10), escherichia coli (n = 10), klebsiella oxytoca (n = 3), klebsiella pneumoniae (n = 25), and proteus mirabilis (n = 2). fecal samples were artificially inoculated with 2 concentrations (25 and 250 colony forming units [cfu]/plate) of the test strains and then applied to the new agar screen plates. by this ...200515629229
nature of the promoter activated by c.pvuii, an unusual regulatory protein conserved among restriction-modification systems.a widely distributed family of small regulators, called c proteins, controls a subset of restriction-modification systems. the c proteins studied to date activate transcription of their own genes and that of downstream endonuclease genes; this arrangement appears to delay endonuclease expression relative to that of the protective methyltransferase when the genes enter a new cell. c proteins bind to conserved sequences called c boxes. in the pvuii system, the c boxes have been reported to extend ...200515629920
intracranial complications of otitis media: 15 years of experience in 33 patients.complications in the central nervous system (cns) from acute otitis media (aom) and chronic otitis media (com) are becoming fewer, although they still represent a challenge for early recognition, adequate treatment, and satisfactory results. this retrospective study analyzed clinical data and therapeutic options in 33 patients with intracranial involvement resulting from otitis media. important clinical features of intracranial complications and the sequence of the most efficient therapeutic man ...200515632907
antimicrobial activity of sesquiterpenes from the essential oil of juniperus thurifera.chemical analysis of the essential oil of juniperus thurifera wood led to the identification of fifty-eight sesquiterpene compounds, of which twenty-eight have been isolated, two of them being new natural cedrane derivatives (1 and 2). their structures were established on the basis of 1d nmr and 2d nmr spectra. the antimicrobial activities of different pure compounds of this oil were tested against nine microorganisms (gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and yeasts). seven of the tested co ...200515678376
structure and serological studies of the o-polysaccharide of proteus penneri 75 epitopes and subgroups of proteus serogroup o73.the o-specific polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus penneri strain 75 consists of tetrasaccharide-ribitol phosphate repeating units and resembles ribitol teichoic acids of gram-positive bacteria. the following structure of the polysaccharide was elucidated by chemical methods and 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy: [structure in text] where rib-ol is ribitol. serological studies with polyclonal antisera showed that the same structure of the o-polysaccharide occurred in two strains: p. pe ...200515681143
chondroitinase abc i from proteus vulgaris: cloning, recombinant expression and active site identification.galags (galactosaminoglycans) are one subset of the gag (glycosaminoglycan) family of chemically heterogeneous polysaccharides that are involved in a wide range of biological processes. these complex biomacromolecules are believed to be responsible for the inhibition of nerve regeneration following injury to the central nervous system. the enzymic degradation of gag chains in damaged nervous tissue by cabc i (chondroitinase abc i), a broad-specificity lyase that degrades galags, promotes neural ...200515691229
longitudinal trends in antimicrobial susceptibilities across long-term-care facilities: emergence of fluoroquinolone resistance.antibiotic resistance in the longterm-care facility (ltcf) setting is of increasing concern due to both the increased morbidity and mortality related to infections in this debilitated population and the potential for transfer of resistant organisms to other healthcare settings. longitudinal trends in antibiotic resistance in ltcfs have not been well described.200515693409
[distribution and drug-resistance of 3 500 gram-negative bacteria in guangzhou].to investigate the distribution and drug-resistance of the common gram-negative bacteria in guangzhou.200515698988
[etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility among uropathogens causing community-acquired lower urinary tract infections: a nationwide surveillance study].knowledge of antimicrobial susceptibility patterns is required to prescribe empirical therapy and formulate guidelines for the treatment of community-acquired urinary tract infections. this multicenter study assesses the etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility of the main community-acquired uropathogens in spain.200515701325
structure of the o-polysaccharide and serological studies of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus penneri 60 classified into a new proteus serogroup alkali-treated lipopolysaccharide of proteus penneri strain 60 was studied by chemical analyses and 1h, 13c and 31p nmr spectroscopy, and the following structure of the linear pentasaccharide-phosphate repeating unit of the o-polysaccharide was established: 6)-alpha-d-galp-(1-->3)-alpha-l-fucpnac-(1-->3)-alpha-d-glcpnac-(1-->3)-beta-d-quip4nac-(1-->6)-alpha-d-glcp-1-p-(o--> rabbit polyclonal o-antiserum against p. penneri 60 reacted with both core and o-polysaccharide moieties of the homologo ...200515708308
isolation of bacteria with antibiotic resistance from household cockroaches (periplaneta americana and blattella germanica).cockroaches may harbor and disseminate microorganisms to the environment. in this study, periplaneta americana and blattella germanica were collected from 40 households in kaohsiung city and kaohsiung county, taiwan. cockroach infestation was found in 50% of the studied households and 226 cockroaches (123 p. americana and 103 b. germanica) collected by trapping. p. americana was more often found in the kitchen (70.7%) whereas b. germanica in the storage room (51.5%) and kitchen (36.9%). there wa ...200515716054
pharmacodynamics of ibafloxacin in micro-organisms isolated from cats.the pharmacodynamic properties of ibafloxacin were investigated in micro-organisms isolated from cats. minimal inhibitory concentrations (mic) of ibafloxacin (racemate, r- and s-enantiomers) and its metabolites (7-hydroxy- and 8-hydroxy-ibafloxacin) and time-kill kinetics were determined against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria isolated from dermal and respiratory and urinary tract infections in cats. racemic ibafloxacin has a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity against gram-negative ...200515720512
survey of the susceptibility of urinary isolates to antibacterial agents in 2003, 826 uropathogenic strains were obtained from the urine of our patients. we assessed their activities to antibacterial agents based on the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) breakpoints recommended by the national committee for clinical standards (nccls). methicillin-resistant strains accounted for about 70% of staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus epidermidis. the most common gram-positive species was enterococcus faecalis (15.6%). enterococcus faecium was the most resistant of t ...200515729488
identification and functional characterisation of genes and corresponding enzymes involved in carnitine metabolism of proteus sp.enzymes involved in carnitine metabolism of proteus sp. are encoded by the cai genes organised as the caitabcdef operon. the complete operon could be sequenced from the genomic dna of proteus sp. amino acid sequence similarities and/or enzymatic analysis confirmed the function assigned to each protein involved in carnitine metabolism. cait was suggested to be an integral membrane protein responsible for the transport of betaines. the caia gene product was shown to be a crotonobetainyl-coa reduct ...200515731894
susceptibility testing of urinary isolates of escherichia coli to mecillinam using nccls methodology.criteria for susceptibility testing of mecillinam against 533 isolates of escherichia coli and a further 309 enterobacteriaceae, according to nccls methodology, were determined. correlation of mic to inhibition zones was good for all species. for urinary isolates of e. coli, the following agar dilution breakpoints and corresponding interpretive zone diameters seem appropriate: < or = 8 mg/l/> or = 15 mm for susceptible; 16 mg/l/12-14 mm for intermediate susceptible and > or = 32 mg/l/< or = 11 m ...200515737512
[enzymatic resistance to beta lactam antibiotics within the genus proteus and evaluation of proteus mirabilis phenotypes and genotypes for resistance to third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins].the aim of this study was to evaluate betalactam resistance within the genus proteus and characterize the betalactamases responsible for this resistance.200515757582
interleukin-8 response in cells from the human urinary tract induced by lipopolysaccharides of proteus mirabilis o3 and o18.proteus mirabilis is a common pathogen associated mainly with complicated urinary tract infections and sometimes with septicemia. there is great serological diversity of the microorganism. while p. mirabilis o3 is commonly found in patients with infections, the serotype o18 rarely occurs. the o18 lipopolysaccharide contains a phosphocholine substitute, which makes it unique among proteus strains. to explain different clinical significance of the strains we evaluated the biological activity of th ...200515758809
(1)h nmr spectroscopy in the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced urinary tract infection.the utility of (1)h nmr spectroscopy is suggested and demonstrated for the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa in urinary tract infection (uti). the specific property of p. aeruginosa of metabolizing nicotinic acid to 6-hydroxynicotinic acid (6-ohna) is exploited. the quantity of 6-ohna produced correlates well with the viable bacterial count. other common bacteria causing uti such as escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumonia, enterobacter aerogenes, acinetobacter baumanii, proteus mirabilis, citro ...200515759292
chlorine covers on living bacteria: the initial step in antimicrobial action of active chlorine compounds.although active chlorine compounds are well-known antimicrobial agents in human medicine, their initial steps of action have not been completely clarified. using n-chlorotaurine (nct), an endogenous mild representative, we observed persisting oxidation capacity affixed to bacteria. it was the aim of this study to investigate this 'chlorine cover'.200515761074
synthesis of some 1-[(n, n-disubstituted thiocar bamoylthio)acetyl]-3-(2-thienyl)-5-aryl-2-pyrazoline derivatives and investigation of their antibacterial and antifungal activities.fourteen new 1-[(n, n-disubstituted thiocarbamoylthio)acetyl]-3-(2-thienyl)-5-aryl-2-pyrazoline derivatives (7a-n) were synthesised by reacting 1-(chloroacetyl)-3-(2-thienyl)-5-aryl-2-pyrazolines (5a-g) and appropriate sodium salts of n, n-disubstituted dithiocarbamoic acids (6a, b). the structures of the synthesised compounds were confirmed by elemental analyses, uv, ir, (1)h-nmr and fab(+)-ms spectral data. their antibacterial activities against proteus vulgaris (nrrl b-123), escherichia coli ...200515765490
evaluation of antimicrobial activity of beta-lactam antibiotics using etest against clinical isolates from 60 medical centres in antimicrobial resistance surveillance study was carried out in 60 medical centres across japan. resistance to piperacillin was 10.8% in clinical isolates of escherichia coli, while 1.3% or fewer isolates were resistant to other beta-lactams. klebsiella spp. were more susceptible to imipenem, cefepime and cefpirome. isolates of enterobacter spp., citrobacter spp., indole-positive proteus and serratia spp. were susceptible to imipenem, cefepime and cefpirome, while acinetobacter spp. were most ...200515784308
the antimicrobial activity of extracts of the lichen hypogymnia tubulosa and its 3-hydroxyphysodic acid constituent.the antimicrobial activity and the mic values of the diethyl ether, acetone, chloroform, petroleum ether, and ethanol extracts of the lichen hypogymnia tubulosa and its 3-hydroxyphysodic acid constituent have been investigated against some microorganisms. at least one of the extracts or 3-hydroxyphysodic acid showed antimicrobial activity against aeromonas hydrophila, bacillus cereus, bacillus subtilis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, listeria monocytogenes, proteus vulgaris, salmonella ...200515787241
[resistance of catheter-associated urinary tract infections to antibacterials].catheter-associated urinary tract infections (cauti) are the most common nosocomial infections. the worldwide data show the increasing resistance to conventional antibiotics among urinary tract pathogens.200515790045
incidental detection of purulent fluid in kidney at percutaneous nephrolithotomy for branched renal calculi.some patients undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy (pcnl) have purulent fluid in the pelvicaliceal system at the time of puncture, although preoperative features are not suggestive of infection. we report the management and outcome of 19 such patients.200515798405
subset of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and extreme macrocephaly associated with germline pten tumour suppressor gene mutations.the genetic aetiology of autism remains elusive. occasionally, individuals with cowden syndrome (a cancer syndrome) and other related hamartoma disorders such as bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, proteus syndrome, and proteus-like conditions, are characterised by germline pten mutations, and may have neurobehavioural features resembling autism as well as overgrowth and macrocephaly. therefore, we undertook pten gene mutation analysis in 18 subjects mainly prospectively ascertained with autism s ...200515805158
molecular diversity of proteus mirabilis isolates producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in a french university hospital.between february 1997 and december 2002, 3340 hospitalised patients yielded samples positive for proteus mirabilis, of whom 45 (1.3%) were colonised/infected by p. mirabilis producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls). the gross incidence of patients colonised/infected by esbl-producing p. mirabilis was 1.61/10(5) days of hospitalisation, with 20% of isolates being collected from patients in urology wards, most frequently (53.3%) from urine samples. seventeen (37.7%) of the 43 isolates w ...200515819867
ossicular discontinuity and exostoses in proteus syndrome: a case report.proteus syndrome (ps) is a rare hamartomatous disorder characterized by mosaic overgrowth of multiple tissues that manifests early in life and is progressive. the presence of unilateral external auditory canal exostoses in a patient who is not a swimmer or surfer is suggestive of ps. however, hearing loss is not a typical feature. here, we describe exostoses and ossicular discontinuity with conductive hearing loss in a patient with ps. the treatment consisted of canalplasty and ossicular chain r ...200515825577
[severe community-acquired pneumonia due to proteus mirabilis]. 200515826556
childhood parapneumonic pleural effusion in review the epidemiological pattern and clinical features, management and outcome of childhood parapneumonic pleural effusion in enugu.200515827593
influence of various criteria for elimination of duplicates when calculating the prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms associated with urinary infections.the effect of applying various criteria for elimination of repeated isolates in the same patient on the prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms frequently associated with urinary infections were analyzed. when time criteria were applied, there was a decrease in the number of isolates of 13.4-27.5%, whereas when variations in antibiotic susceptibility were considered, between 4.3 and 20.3% of the isolates were eliminated. the absolute number of isolates varied considerably depe ...200515664489
[hydrolytic activity of marine bacteria associated with the mussel mytilus trossulus].the ability to produce hydrolytic enzymes--dnases, rnases, alkaline phosphatases, chitinases has been studied in 316 strains of bacteria isolated from mussel mytilus trossulus. strains of vibrio spp. produced all the spectrum of examined enzymes, bacteria of pseudoalteromonas genus produced alkaline phosphatase and dnase. chitin-degrading enzymes were found in vibrio and cytophaga--flavobacterium--bacteroides group. bacillus and vibrio spp. strains produced most actively rnases. the presence of ...200515765877
malignant mimickers: chronic bacterial and fungal infections of the larynx.chronic infections of the larynx are notorious "copycats" of squamous cell carcinoma. patients typically present with a historical picture and symptoms identical to those seen in a neoplastic setting: dyspnea, hoarseness, odynophagia, weight loss, and a history of tobacco and alcohol abuse. historically, these patients were subject to an extensive resection for what was in reality a benign disease. a better understanding and awareness of these conditions has reinforced the need for a direct lary ...200515766861
gram-negative bacterial resistance to cephalosporins in community-acquired infections in turkey.cephalosporins are widely used and trustworthy antibiotics in daily medical practice. although antibacterial resistance has been reported in hospital wards, there are less data for community-acquired infections. in this study we investigated the cephalosporin susceptibility profiles of community-acquired gram-negative bacteria isolates in sivas kizilay medical center (turkey) between march 2002 and march 2003. in our study, 949 escherichia coli, 165 proteus spp., 97 enterobacter spp., 24 klebsie ...200515828445
an ethnobotanical survey of bauchi state herbal plants and their antimicrobial activity.a survey of medicinal plants used locally in the treatment of various diseases was carried out in bauchi state-nigeria. a total of 84 medicinal plants were listed. preliminary antimicrobial activity of the aqueous extracts of the plants was investigated. the results indicated that out of 84 plants, 75 exhibited antimicrobial activity against one or more of the test organisms at a concentration of 200 mg/ml. the extracts were found to show potentially interesting activity against proteus mirabili ...200515848012
[in vitro susceptibilites to levofloxacin and various antibacterial agents of 11,475 clinical isolates obtained from 52 centers in 2002].the susceptibilities of bacteria to fluoroquinolones (fqs), especially levofloxacin, and other antimicrobial agents were investigated using 11,475 clinical isolates collected in japan during 2002. methicillin susceptible staphylococci, streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus pneumoniae, moraxella catarrhalis, the family of enterobactericeae, haemophilus influenzae and acinetobacter spp. exhibited stable and high susceptibilities to fqs. the rate of fqs-resistant mrsa was 80 approximately 90%, bein ...200515849869
a potent sperm motility-inhibiting activity of bioflavonoids from an ethnomedicine of onge, alstonia macrophylla wall ex a. dc, leaf extract.the methanol extract (me) and the n-butanol fractions of methanolic extract of alstonia macrophylla wall ex a. dc leaves were investigated on the forward motility (fm) of mammalian (goat and human) spermatozoa. the me at 600 microg ml-1 as well as fraction b at 100 microg ml-1 concentrations showed marked inhibition of sperm fm in both goat and human species when tested by microscopic and spectrophotometric methods. approximately 60-80% of the goat spermatozoa lost their fm when treated with 600 ...200515854639
detection of paragonimus heterotremus eggs in experimentally infected cats by a polymerase chain reaction-based method.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) procedure for the detection of paragonimus heterotremus eggs in stool samples was developed and compared with stoll's egg count method. the primers were designed on the basis of a previously constructed pph-13-specific dna probe, which produced an approximate 0.5-kb amplified product. this pcr method could detect as few as 5 eggs in 0.6 g of artificially inoculated feces of a healthy control cat or as little as 1 x 10(-4) ng of p. heterotremus genomic dna. the a ...200515856902
occurrence and molecular analysis of extended-spectrum {beta}-lactamase-producing proteus mirabilis in hong kong, 1999-2002.a study was conducted to evaluate the occurrence and characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) among blood isolates of proteus mirabilis collected over a 4 year period in hong kong.200515857942
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