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the consistency of ameba cytoplasm and its bearing on the mechanism of ameboid movement. ii. the effects of centrifugal acceleration observed in the centrifuge microscope.three species of common, free-living amebae, amoeba proteus, amoeba dubia, and chaos chaos were directly observed and photographed while exposed to a range of centrifugal accelerations in two types of centrifuge microscopes. cytoplasmic inclusions in all three species are displaced discontinuously (at a variable velocity) in apparently all parts of the cell, suggesting non-newtonian behavior and/or heterogeneous consistency. the ectoplasm of all species shows the highest yield point of any regio ...196013682546
the effect of proteus morganii endotoxin on radiation mortality in mice. 196013681815
[comparative study of the lipids of proteus bacillus and a stable culture of derived l forms]. 196014436741
[the multiplication of l forms]. 196014439621
[comparative study of the distribution of nucleic acids in proteus p18 bacillus and in a culture of stable derived l forms]. 196014444942
studies on x-agent. v. effect of x-agent on the turbidity of protein or on the growth of bacteria arranged in lines of various directions. 196014476157
the cell wall of bacterial l forms and pleuropneumonialike organisms. 196014445603
[pathogenic and toxic properties in laboratory animals of b. proteus isolated from wounds]. 196014420443
[infectious jaundice during infections with gram-negative bacilli in newborn and other infants]. 196014404406
[the problem of reciprocal correlation of e. coli and proteus mirabilis in the digestive tract of infants. bacteriological-clinical study]. 196014410095
[essay with the production of boivin's antigen from stable forms of proteus mirabilis l. report i]. 196014411294
[growth of stable forms of proteus mirabilis l in the liquid medium without penicillin or serum]. 196014411295
morphology of the pplo and l forms of proteus. 196014416852
[serological and morphological studies on flagellar antigens with the aid of l-forms in bacterium proteus mirabilis]. 196014426433
nosocomial urinary tract infections caused by proteus rettgeri. 196014428855
[inhibition of in vitro leukocyte migration increased through proteus lipopolysaccharides by anti-inflammatory corticosteroids]. 196014442365
[studies on the behavior of staphylococci, enterococci, escherichia coli and proteus bacteria to various antibiotic substances during the years 1955 to 1959]. 196014443031
the bacteriology of urinary infections in paraplegia.two hundred and forty-seven strains of micro-organisms were isolated from the urinary tract of 121 patients with neurological complaints leading to paraplegia. the commonest infecting organism was e. coli and the commonest type of proteus was p. mirabilis. infections with more than one type of organism were present in 37% of urine specimens, and in such cases the incidence of e. coli was lower and that of strep. faecalis higher than the incidences in infections with only one type of organism. no ...196014444280
infective organisms living in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. 196015445238
on occurrence and aetiological importance of proteus hauseri in infections of man. 195914444452
[contribution to etiopathogenic interpretation of the significance of proteus hauseri]. 195914444453
the nucleus and ribonucleic acid synthesis in amoeba proteus. 195914433449
[studies with fluorescence-marked antibodies. v. simultaneous demonstration of several antigens by differently colored fluorescent antibodies, for instance in proteus morganii and bacillus cereus]. 195914433631
nuclear synthesis of cytoplasmic ribonucleic acid in amoeba proteus.the enucleation technique has been applied to amoeba proteus by several laboratories in attempts to determine whether the cytoplasm is capable of nucleus-independent ribonucleic acid synthesis. this cell is very convenient for micrurgy, but its use requires a thorough starvation period to eliminate the possibility of metabolic influence by food vacuoles and frequent washings and medium renewal to maintain asepsis. in the experiments described here, amoebae were starved for periods of 24 to 96 ho ...195914434750
[study of the distribution of metachromatic vacuoles and of acid phosphatase in the amoeba amoeba proteus]. 195914435516
the biochemical and serological properties of proteus morganii. 195914436512
primary plating medium for differentiating the colonies of the genus proteus from certain other enteric bacteria. 195914427490
[on directed induction of antitumor properties in bacteria]. 195914428628
[frequency of appearance of lactose-negative bacilli not belonging to salmonella, shigella and proteus groups in enteric diseases]. 195914419443
functional aspects of submicroscopic nuclear structures in amoeba proteus, and of the mitotic apparatus of tubifex embryos. 195914415367
distribution of nucleic acids among different stable l forms of proteus p 18. 195914420553
[distribution of nucleinic acids in different forms of the l phase of proteus p 18]. 195914420554
degradation of chondroitin sulfate by proteus vulgaris. 195914421815
fish-killing factor produced by proteus vulgaris. i. studies on the production of the toxic factor. 195914424219
fish-killing factor produced by proteus vulgaris. ii. some properties of the toxic factor. 195914424220
fish-killing factor produced by proteus vulgaris. iii. separation of the toxic factor. 195914424221
new k antigen (c antigen) possessed by proteus and rettgerella cultures. 195914425947
carbohydrate containing antigen from the bacterial and l forms of proteus. 195914445602
[meningitis caused by proteus vulgaris complicated by pyocephalus (laboratory research and therapeutic considerations)]. 195914441611
[adsorption of tuberculous antigens by bacterial cells]. 195913638372
influence of bacterial polysaccharides and steroids on the passive arthus phenomenon in guinea-pigs. 195913640735
[study of the enzymatic activities of various morphological types of stable l forms of proteus p18]. 195913619167
extracellular penicillin inhibitor produced by proteus vulgaris. 195913620663
oxygen consumption of different forms of stable l proteus p 18 growing in hypertonic liquid medium. 195913622744
[neomycin cure of steatorrhea associated with proteus hauseri enteritis; relation of infectious steatorrhea to sprue nostras]. 195913626494
an electron microscopic study of amoeba proteus. 195913633977
proteus infections succesfully treated in general practice with bicillin and streptomycin. 195913646881
[mechanism of action of gas infection by proteus. i. effect of proteus-induced physico-chemical changes on the development of clostridium perfringens]. 195913648863
the incorporation of [14c] uracil and [14c] orotic acid into rna in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. 195913651183
[effect of the intracellular phosphate (p31 & p32) concentration on oxygen consumption in a strain of proteus & its fixed l form]. 195913652477
electrophoretic studies of sonic extracts of proteus vulgaris. i. effect of growth environment on electrophoretic patterns. 195913654216
utilization of nutritive spheres in the proteus group of amoebae. 195913657166
some properties of a morphological variant of a strain of proteus vulgaris. 195913659120
the phenylalanine test on kligler's iron agar for the identification of proteus. 195913666813
[feedback of enzymic syntheses by cysteine & its derivatives during the growth of proteus morganii]. 195913670674
[effect of native dextran and of proteus vulgaris pyrogenic polysaccharide on survival of white mice following total-body irradiation]. 195913671044
[changes in the properties of proteus under the effect of antibiotics. ii. effect of synthomycin on the properties of the causative agent & the course of experimental wound infection caused by synthomycin-sensitive & synthomycin-resistant proteus forms]. 195913676832
[on a case of neonatal purulent meningitis from proteus inconstans]. 195913814872
action of the chondroitinase of proteus vulgaris on hyaluronic acid. 195913817151
observations on the arylsulphatase of proteus vulgaris. 195913817152
lysogeny in the genus proteus. 195913810864
practical laboratory tests for the identification of proteus strains. 195913795575
[on modificative and mutative l-forms of proteus vulgaris]. 195913801642
[relation of the results of weil-felix to agglutination properties of proteus strains]. 195913802466
"triauxie" of proteus morganii in amino acids supplemented medium and its enzymatic interpretation. i. 195913803319
[filterability of the l-phase and of the globular form of bacteria]. 195913854438
[on the proliferation effect and mutagenicity of 5-bromuracil on proteus mirabilis]. 195913855275
cytoplasmic crystals of the amoebae: amoeba proteus and chaos chaos. 195913829845
[mode of action of aureomycin. inhibition of the metabolism of glucose and the acids of the citric cycle in proteus mirabilis]. 195913830158
[on the mode of action of aureomycin in proteus mirabilis. existence of a tricarboxylic cycle and its inhibition]. 195913830159
[micro-agglutination rickettsia and proteus reactions in non-infectious patients with an without history of typhus]. 195913831848
bacterial corneal ulcers with special reference to those caused by proteus vulgaris. 195913835584
[oxidative activity of l forms of proteus]. 195913837504
antibiotic sensitivity using pretreated plates. ii. a demonstration of inhibitory activity with a low level combination of a sulfonamide and polymyxin b against proteus species. 195813637846
in vitro susceptibility of proteus species to streptomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, and novobiocin. 195813545205
[filtration & ultrafiltration of a fixed l form strain]. 195813547568
a heat-activated diphosphopyridine nucleotide pyrophosphatase from proteus vulgaris. 195813549486
[pyocyaneus and proteus infection as a sequel of irrational antibiotic therapy]. 195813550621
the nucleus in relation to plasmagel structure in amoeba proteus; a pressure temperature analysis. 195813641336
[treatment of experimental infections due to gram negative bacteria by means of intravenous streptomycin]. 195813646816
pinocytosis of inorganic salts by amoeba proteus (chaos diffluens). 195813639534
effect of tetracyclines on formation of amines by bacteria. 195813554508
[developmental capacity of l colonies induced by penicillin following subculture in normal medium studied in a strain of proteus vulgaris]. 195813560643
fluorescent microscopic investigations on the morphology of bacterial flagella. 195813562983
changes in the dry weight and the deoxyribonucleic acid content of proteus vulgaris caused by penicillin. 195813566132
the inhibition in beef of chlortetracycline-resistant bacteria by sub-bacteriostatic concentrations of the antibiotic. 195813571977
nuclear transfer studies on ultraviolet-irradlated amoeba proteus. 195813574189
evaluation of antibiotic diffusion in l variant production by proteus species. 195813575398
studies on the structure of bacterial l forms, protoplasts and protoplast-like bodies. 195813576583
[suppurative meningitis caused by proteus]. 195813578501
the characterization of a series of proteus bacteriophages. 195813580441
[research on the development of resistance of proteus species to antibiotics in routine use from 1950 to 1958; the in vitro action of novobiocin, kanamycin, nitrofurantoin and sulfonamides]. 195813583664
[comparative study of ribonucleic acid of the bacillus proteus & of the fixed l-forms derived from it]. 195813584370
the isolation and properties of a protease from proteus vulgaris. 195813584397
[prevention of swarming of proteus bacteria in the varia laboratories with paranitrophenylglycerine (pnpg/1)]. 195813585994
[osmotic resistance of l forms of proteus]. 195813586613
[development of l forms by heat-re-sistant bacteria]. 195813586614
an anterior-posterior gradient of refractive index in the ameba and its significance in ameboid movement.sustained locomotion in amoeba proteus and amoeba dubia results in the establishment of a measureable gradient of refractive index along the anterior-posterior axis of the cell, provided thickness of the specimens is kept constant by even compression under a selected coverglass supported by quartz beams of uniform diameter. the tail region of the ameba develops a higher refractive index, indicative of from 6 to 40 per cent more organic matter (expressed as protein) there than present in the fron ...195813587543
action of beta radiation on the proteus p18 bacillus. 195813590072
[influence of bacteriophage on the l phase of proteus mirabilis]. 195813593648
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