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the uptake of fluorescent albumin by pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 196013692419
[note on the hemolytic activity of proteus]. 196013693679
lysogeny in the genus proteus. i. incidence of lysogenic strains. 196013694274
morphological variants of proteus hauseri. 196013694275
transduction of streptomycin resistance in proteus mirabilis. 196013694276
physical properties of flagellin from proteus vulgaris, a study involving the application of the archibald sedimentation principle. 196013697178
the activity of penicillin against proteus in vitro and in experimental infections of mice. 196013699985
significance of zones of inhibition produced by penicillin and erythromycin on the genus proteus. 196013711025
[proteus in normal and pathological material in children]. 196013711222
a protein disulphide reductase from pea seeds. 196013712218
[on proteus sensitivity to certain combinations of antibiotics]. 196013709355
in vitro and in vivo susceptibility of proteus species to the action of certain antimicrobial drugs. 196013715716
electron microscopic studies of mitosis in amebae. i. amoeba proteus.individual organisms of amoeba proteus have been fixed in buffered osmium tetroxide in either 0.9 per cent nacl or 0.01 per cent cacl(2), sectioned, and studied in the electron microscope in interphase and in several stages of mitosis. the helices typical of interphase nuclei do not coexist with condensed chromatin and thus either represent a dna configuration unique to interphase or are not dna at all. the membranes of the complex nuclear envelope are present in all stages observed but are disc ...196013743845
[studies on the production of tetracycline-resistant microbes in the white mouse organism]. 196013744686
a new method of preventing swarming of proteus sp. with a description of a new medium suitable for use in routine laboratory practice. 196013746225
a note on the use of a simple medium to determine the sensitivity to penicillin of proteus species. 196013728041
a simple medium which controls the swarming of proteus. 196013728042
[research on proteus mirabilis l forms using phase contrast microscopy]. 196013731841
on the incorporation of thymidine in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. 196013736299
[endogenous proteus panophthalmitis]. 196013758177
[on the occurrence of proteus-x strains in finland]. 196013759554
[cure of proteus septicemia with purpuric manifestations]. 196013760427
[recent observations on the oxidative metabolism of normal and pathological bacterial cells]. 196013776020
metabolism of small bodies isolated from a stable proteus l form. 196013783769
the effect of enzyme inhibitors on vibrio fetus, proteus vulgaris, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. 196013788199
sensitivity of uv-irradiated amoeba proteus to hydrostatic pressure. 196013788523
the anaphylatoxin-forming capacity of rat serum as influenced by proteus polysaccharides. further pharmacodynamic differentiation of anti-allergic polysaccharides and steroids. 196113789535
factors influencing the growth of a stable l form of proteus mirabilis. 196113783770
the origin of endogenous proteus mirabilis bacteriaemia in irradiated mice. 196113784385
[modifications of the culture medium of stable l forms]. 196113776021
[2 cases of cerebral abscesses caused by proteus vulgaris]. 196113779057
chemical and metabolic properties of various elements found in cultures of a stable proteus l form. 196113783768
chlorhexidine as the probable cause of an increase in proteus rettgeri infections of the urinary tract. 196113763946
[on biological properties of pyogenic proteus]. 196113768014
[research on the enzymatic action, with respect to casein, of culture filtrates of some microbial species]. 196113741368
kanamycin: a review and report of clinical experiences with pr. vulgaris infections. 196113742531
infective organisms in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus.evidence from electron and phase microscopy is given which shows that infective organisms are present in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. vesicles containing living organisms have been observed after repeated washing and starvation of the amebae for a period of 2 weeks. exposure to gamma-radiation in conjunction with starvation, repeated washing, isolation of single amebae, refeeding with contaminant-free tetrahymena, and clone selection has produced clones with reduced cytoplasmic infection. th ...196113743844
on the mechanism of anaerobic formation of succinate by proteus vulgaris. 196113746648
degradative pathway of l-leucine in proteus vulgaris. 196113746649
the susceptibility of mice to bacterial endotoxins.albino mice (rockefeller ncs strain) raised and maintained free of ordinary bacterial pathogens, as well as of intestinal escherichia coli and of proteus bacilli, were found to be highly resistant to the lethal effect of bacterial endotoxins. when newborn mice of this ncs colony were nursed by foster mothers from another colony raised under ordinary conditions (ss colony from which the ncs colony was derived), they acquired the intestinal flora of the latter animals and became susceptible to the ...196113747161
[dependence of leukocyte migration and their increase by proteus lipopolysaccharides on the glucose concentration of the medium]. 196113747281
the influence of the nucleus upon adenosine triphosphatase activity in amoeba proteus. 196113749929
a comparison of the amounts of deoxyribonucleic acid in the nuclei of proteus p18 and different forms of l phase derived from it. 196113750121
the action of certain antibiotics and antibiotic combinations against proteus mirabilis with demonstration of in vitro synergism and antagonism. 196113752039
[contribution to the problem of the mechanism of action of proteus in poisoning with food of animal origin]. 196113752467
[on the role of b. proteus in acute intestinal diseases in newborn infants]. 196113755048
[gelatinase activity of b. proteus vulgaris]. 196113716418
proteus, pseudomonas and achromobacter septicemias as complications of chronic infection in anatomically predisposed urinary tracts. 196113726980
[metabolic study of aureomycin-resistant strains of proteus mirabilis cultured in complex medium]. 196113709611
induced formation of leucine decarboxylase in proteus vulgaris. 196113712301
[dynamics of changes of the oxidation-reduction potential and ph in media of pure and mixed cultures. ii. changes of the oxidation-reduction potential and ph in media of pure and mixed cultures of proteus, staphylococcus aureus and bacillus pyocyaneus]. 196113705468
clinical trial with triclobisonium chloride in the treatment of b. proteus ear infections. a preliminary report. 196113707309
lysogenic conversion in the genus proteus. 196113694277
susceptibility of proteus and providence bacilli to 10 antibacterial agents. 196113693187
further observations on the native and recrystallized crystals of the amoeba amoeba proteus. 196113690849
[contribution to the study of pas-positive polar formations of enterobacteriaceae. iv. on the detection of pas-positive granulations with a view to identification of the proteus tribe]. 196113690914
[fimbriation of proteus ox2 in liquid media at varied ph]. 196113689873
critical factors influencing growth of l forms of proteus mirabilis. 196113682714
reversion of 3a type l forms of proteus mirabilis. 196113682715
[subphrenic abscess caused by proteus morgagni]. 196113682497
[new concepts on the lysotype of proteus hauseri: lysotype i]. 196113831337
synergism between staphylococci and proteus in mixed infection. 196113862395
sensitization of proteus mirabilis to the lethal action of ethyl methanesulphonate by pretreatment with manganous chloride. 196113870470
[on a case of proteus mirabilis sepsis originating in the gallbladder]. 196113876611
the fate of radioactively labelled glycine introduced into amoeba proteus and stentor coeruleus. 196113877831
[contribution to the identification of proteus]. 196113878954
the sensitivity of proteus mirabilis to sonic oscillation in various phases and growth-stages. 196113889134
[quantitative alteration of hydrogen sulfide formation by proteus bacteria by sub-bacteriostatic antibiotic concentrations]. 196113898667
cytoplasmic crystals of the amoebae, amoeba proteus and chaos choas. 2. preparation of amoeba crystals in milligram quantities. 196113902432
[levomycetin therapy of staphylococcus and proteus wound infections in rabbits immunized with staphylococcal anatoxin]. 196113902564
[oxidation of various substrates by aureomycin-resistant strains of proteus mirabilis cultivated on synthetic medium]. 196113902809
[studies on proteus isolated from the recta of stray dogs. i. on the biochemical behaviour]. 196113905590
[studies on proteus isolated from the recta of stray dogs. ii. on the serological behaviour]. 196113905591
production of discrete, nonswarming colonies by proteus on medium deficient in sodium chloride and other salts. 196113908986
cytoplasmic crystals of the amoebae, amoeba proteus and chaos chaos. i. isolation and purification of the crystals and determination of their density. 196113920831
[on the sensitivity of amoeba proteus to the action of high concentrations of amino acids]. 196113939953
[study of the action of aureomycin on the oxidation of glucose by strains of proteus mirabilis sensitive and resistant to aureomycin]. 196113963407
[apropos of a case of sepsis caused by b. proteus]. 196114021375
[phage resistance of stabile l-forms of proteus mirabilis]. 196114039668
[on the lipids of the stable l forms of proteus p 18]. 196114459552
proteus morgani as an etiological agent in meningitis. case report. 196114452544
reducing activity in synchronized cultures of proteus vulgaris. 196114479049
[antibiotic sensitivity of germs of the proteus group isolated from humans and its relation to their antigenic structure]. 196114479100
isolation of the cell membrane of amoeba proteus. 196114480905
[a rare complication of cardiac infarction: proteus bacteremia secondary to embolic skin necosis]. 196114483258
[preliminary research on the lysotyping of the proteus genus]. 196114484588
[cytochemistry in proteus]. 196114497833
[cinematographic studies on proteus. 2]. 196114487371
feeding activity by amoeba proteus. 196114496464
the role of immunity in the pathogenesis of experimental hematogenous pyelonephritis.hematogenous pyelonephritis was produced in rats utilizing multiple strains of escherichia coli, a strain of klebsiella pneumoniae, and a strain of proteus mirabilis. three patterns of hematogenous pyelonephritis occurred which represent an interrelationship between an immune response to the infecting bacteria and the development of obstructive uropathy as a consequence of infection. first, the course of pyelonephritis due to strains of escherichia coli was acute, self-limited, and associated wi ...196214496914
on the decarboxylase operating in the degradative pathway of l-leucine by proteus vulgaris. 196214497328
[reticulosarcoma of the spleen treated by splenectomy complicated by proteus septicemia and fatal recurrence]. 196214488324
the fecal flora of various strains of mice. its bearing on their susceptibility to mice from seven different colonies were studied with regard to (a) the numbers and types of bacteria that could be cultivated from their stools; (b) their resistance to the lethal effect of endotoxins prepared from three strains of gram-negative bacilli. see pdf for structure in six of the seven colonies, the stools yielded large numbers of various types of lactobacilli, enterococci, and gram-negative bacilli. most animals in these colonies died within 48 hours following injection of endot ...196214497916
[gastroenteritis in newborn infants caused by proteus mirabilis]. 196214486785
[the radioautographic method for the study of the intermediate stages of protein synthesis]. 196214487127
[action of the optical antipodes of threonine on the growth of salmonella enteritidis thyphimurium and of proteus vulgaris x.19]. 196214479578
a comparative study of some rapid antibiotic sensitivity tests. 196214452545
[study of the specific inhibitory action of antiserums on l cultures of bacteria. ii. the presence of h agglutinins in l antiserums]. 196214456326
the occurrence of cell wall constituents in stable proteus l forms. 196214476309
gastrointestinal microflora of mutton birds (puffinus tenuirostris) in relation to "limy" disease.mushin, rose (university of melbourne, victoria, australia) and frances m. ashburner. gastrointestinal microflora of mutton birds (puffinus tenuirostris) in relation to "limy" disease. j. bacteriol. 83:1260-1267. 1962.-the aerobic bacterial intestinal flora of mutton birds, healthy and affected with "limy" disease, was investigated, mainly in birds from great dog island, bass strait, australia. a total of 1,274 specimens from gut on post-mortem and from cloacal swabs was examined. no indication ...196214477540
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