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[fractionation of fixed l forms of proteus p-18]. 195713473212
effect of penicillin, growth phase, ultraviolet light, and ultrasonic vibrations on the ability of proteus mirabilis to form l type colonies. 195713475237
a reconsideration of the swarming of proteus vulgaris. 195713475671
the electron microscopy of l-forms induced by penicillin in proteus vulgaris. 195713475673
electron microscopic observations of amoeba proteus in growth and inanition.electron microscopic observations have been made on growing and dividing specimens of amoeba proteus and also on starving animals. structures presumably corresponding to the mitochondria, alpha particles, vacuoles, and golgi material are described. a new entity, designated as a foamy particle, is noted. descriptions are given of the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes. during division the inner, thick nuclear membrane component is seen to vanish and the outer membrane persist. measurements suggest ...195713481020
the cell in starvation; physiological and chemical observations.observations made on amoeba proteus during total inanition revealed the following changes: dry weight declined progressively, but at a decreasing rate to about 45 per cent of the initial levels when determined in surviving members of a dying population. protein fell to about 70 per cent of the initial level. a hexane-alcohol extractable component fell during early starvation then rose to about its initial absolute level in the dying cells. while initially most of this component is probably lipid ...195713481026
prenatal protection of mice by yeast antibiotic (malucidin). 195713486037
[research with fluorescein labeled antibodies. ii. serological behaviour of l-phase of proteus]. 195713486835
formation of hydrogen suifide by the decomposition of thiosulfate by bacteria. iii. 195713491215
antibody response to proteus mirabilis isolated from individuals with and without this infection. 195713410938
[antigenic relations between proteus morganii and shigella flexneri]. 195713411697
[inhibition of the sporulation capacity of proteus germs by surface-active substances (anion-active surface wetting agents) in the diagnosis of pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195713414468
l forms of proteus induced by filtrates of antagonistic strains. 195713416210
the distribution of flagella in dividing bacteria. 195713416515
congenital dermal sinus complicated by b. proteus and nonhemolytic streptococcus meningitis. 195713418969
[effects of 11 antibiotic substances on pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus vulgaris]. 195713425939
on the bacteriostatic action of some basic protein fractions obtained from neoplastic tissues. 195713427941
[mechanism of leukocyte emigration in vitro]. 195713428205
electron microscopy of granules in proteus vulgaris treated with triphenyltetrazolium chloride. 195713428717
the sensitivity of proteus to nitrofurantoin in vitro. 195713428883
[further studies on induced variations of proteus hauseri; filterable forms, l forms and attempts to transform them]. 195713430330
pyruvate accumulation and development of thiamine deficiency in cultures of proteus vulgaris. 195713439156
[observations on proteus infections in children]. 195713439829
sensitivity of the genus proteus to sulphonamides. 195713444860
sensitivity of the genus proteus to antibiotics. 195713444861
[modification of proteus antigen characteristics cultivated in urea medium]. 195713446190
[isolation of bacteria and production of l forms]. 195713446298
[inamycin, a proteus effective antibiotic, in the treatment of urological infections]. 195713447549
cytoplasmic incorporation of a ribonucleic acid precursor in amoeba proteus.the question of rna synthesis in enucleate cytoplasm of amoeba has been approached experimentally by incubating enucleate amoebae in a labelled rna precursor and determining the incorporation into rna autoradiographically. the results indicate that there is a cytoplasmic incorporation mechanism which can operate in the absence of the nucleus. a comparison is made between acetabularia and amoeba with respect to the origins of cytoplasmic rna. it is concluded that the existing data are consistent ...195713449107
decarboxylation of neutral amino acids in proteus vulgaris. 195713491797
[evolution of the nuclear apparatus of proteus during the passage of the normal bacterial form to the l form under the effects of penicillin]. 195713495386
the effect of neomycin in b. proteus cystitis complicating tuberculous meningitis. 195713495644
[urea hydrolysis by proteus vulgaris]. 195713498467
the hydrogenase of proteus vulgaris. 195713499411
[method of production of a pyrogenic polysaccharide from proteus vulgaris]. 195713499577
serological typing of proteus strains; sensitivity of serotypes to antibiotics. 195713508164
[metabolic study of l forms of proteus]. 195713510459
the action of bacterial polysaccharides on allergic phenomena. 195713513183
proteus bacteremia treated with large doses of penicillin. 195713403628
studies on sulphatases. 14. a preliminary account of the chondrosulphatase of proteus vulgaris. 195713403883
[studies on the l cycle of bacteria; from studies on the influence of penicillin on proteus vulgaris]. 195713522148
[bacteria/l form relationship in proteus and salmonella strains isolated from mice]. 195713522155
[effect of cobalt ions on cytochrome system and catalase activity of proteus vulgaris hauser]. 195713522158
[formation of l forms of proteus]. 195713531806
[comparative studies on biological properties of regenerated filtrable g and l forms of vibrio metchnikovii and proteus vulgaris]. 195713531808
[effect of antibiotics on properties of proteus. i. modification of synthomycin-resistant strains of proteus in vitro]. 195713531811
chemical analyses elucidating the structure of bacterial l forms. 195813532705
hospital infection of the urinary tract with proteus; a clinical-bacteriologic study with special reference to modes of infection. 195813532721
[study on rettgerella]. 195813534038
[data on the utilization of synthetic media for the l transformation of proteus p18]. 195813534083
[light & electron microscopy of the flagellum of proteus vulgaris]. 195813534420
[electron microscopy on the cytology of proteus vulgaris]. 195813534421
[development of l forms of proteus in liquid medium and separation by ultracentrifugation]. 195813536118
quantitative conversion of cells and protoplasts of proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli to the l-form. 195813538926
species of the genus proteus and some urological implications. 195813540005
electron microscopy of a stable proteus l form. 195813541478
[p. morganii strain related serologically to the escherichia coli group]. 195813544435
meningitis (b. proteus morgani) in a newborn; report of a case with recovery. 195813522343
the degradation of cartilage chondroitin sulphate by the chondroitinase of proteus vulgaris. 195813522580
cell wall composition in bacterial and l forms of proteus vulgaris. 195813517226
chronic otitis media and mastoiditis due to proteus vulgaris (bacillus proteus). 195813520006
cellophane membranes in growth of l variants of the genus proteus. 195813521941
the antibacterial activity of hemoglobin.low concentrations of hemoglobin (0.1 microg./ml. or less) exert a lethal action on some gram-negative bacteria under certain conditions in vitro. hemoglobins from various mammals and the distinct genetic types of human hemoglobin all manifest similar bactericidal activity. the bactericidal effect is a function of the globin moiety of the molecule; native and acid or acid-alcohol denatured globins have the same degree of activity. hemoglobins kill enterobacteriaceae only under precisely controll ...195813491755
effect of tetracyclines on formation of amines by bacteria. 195813554508
[developmental capacity of l colonies induced by penicillin following subculture in normal medium studied in a strain of proteus vulgaris]. 195813560643
fluorescent microscopic investigations on the morphology of bacterial flagella. 195813562983
changes in the dry weight and the deoxyribonucleic acid content of proteus vulgaris caused by penicillin. 195813566132
the inhibition in beef of chlortetracycline-resistant bacteria by sub-bacteriostatic concentrations of the antibiotic. 195813571977
nuclear transfer studies on ultraviolet-irradlated amoeba proteus. 195813574189
evaluation of antibiotic diffusion in l variant production by proteus species. 195813575398
studies on the structure of bacterial l forms, protoplasts and protoplast-like bodies. 195813576583
[suppurative meningitis caused by proteus]. 195813578501
the characterization of a series of proteus bacteriophages. 195813580441
[research on the development of resistance of proteus species to antibiotics in routine use from 1950 to 1958; the in vitro action of novobiocin, kanamycin, nitrofurantoin and sulfonamides]. 195813583664
[comparative study of ribonucleic acid of the bacillus proteus & of the fixed l-forms derived from it]. 195813584370
the isolation and properties of a protease from proteus vulgaris. 195813584397
[prevention of swarming of proteus bacteria in the varia laboratories with paranitrophenylglycerine (pnpg/1)]. 195813585994
[osmotic resistance of l forms of proteus]. 195813586613
[development of l forms by heat-re-sistant bacteria]. 195813586614
an anterior-posterior gradient of refractive index in the ameba and its significance in ameboid movement.sustained locomotion in amoeba proteus and amoeba dubia results in the establishment of a measureable gradient of refractive index along the anterior-posterior axis of the cell, provided thickness of the specimens is kept constant by even compression under a selected coverglass supported by quartz beams of uniform diameter. the tail region of the ameba develops a higher refractive index, indicative of from 6 to 40 per cent more organic matter (expressed as protein) there than present in the fron ...195813587543
action of beta radiation on the proteus p18 bacillus. 195813590072
[influence of bacteriophage on the l phase of proteus mirabilis]. 195813593648
[further studies on inhibition of dissemination of proteus by limiting surface active substances]. 195813593742
[nucleic acid & phosphate metabolism in normal & inhibited forms of proteus vulgaris hauser]. 195813595801
uptake of protein from solution by amoeba proteus. 195813597890
bactericidal action of histone.the arginine-rich fraction of calf thymus histone (histone b) exerts bactericidal activity on various coliform bacilli and micrococci under certain conditions in vitro. final concentrations of less than 1 microg. histone per ml. kill susceptible microbes without detectable morphological alteration or lysis. among the microorganisms highly susceptible to histone are escherichia, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, klebsiella, and micrococcus pyogenes var. albus. less susceptible or completely resi ...195813598820
[basic requirements of polysaccharide-induced leukocyte migration and chemotactic reaction in tissue cultures]. 195813600380
[preliminary note on phage typing of proteus hauseri]. 195813604941
the effects of adenosine triphosphate and dinitro-o-cresol upon the form and movement of amoeba proteus; a pressure-temperature study. 195813609626
localization of nucleusspecific protein as shown by transplantation experiments in amoeba proteus. 195813609647
incorporation of thymidine in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. 195813610953
the isolation and comparison of pyrogenic factors from proteus vulgaris. 195813611674
[effect of nicotinic acid nitriles & -amidoxims as growth factors for bacterium proteus vulgaris & staphylococcus aureus]. 195813616523
[cinematographic studies on proteus motility]. 195813616591
[flagellar findings in the l-phase of proteus vulgaris]. 195813616602
sterilization of tsetse-flies (glossina) by gamma irradiation. 195813617931
a survey of proteus strains. 195813530921
antibiotic sensitivity using pretreated plates. ii. a demonstration of inhibitory activity with a low level combination of a sulfonamide and polymyxin b against proteus species. 195813637846
pinocytosis of inorganic salts by amoeba proteus (chaos diffluens). 195813639534
in vitro susceptibility of proteus species to streptomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, and novobiocin. 195813545205
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