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morphological characteristics of flagella of proteus and related bacteria. 195513233170
manometric estimation of rumen urease. 195513233176
topical neomycin in cervical and vaginal infections with special reference to bacillus proteus infections. 195513238089
[use of sabouraud's medium to inhibit the formation of a film by invading proteus]. 195513240389
demonstration of a cell wall in the large bodies of proteus vulgaris. 195513251983
biochemical classification of proteus and providence cultures. 195513252224
amine production and nutrition in the providence group. 195513252226
[biochemical and serological properties of proteus isolated in diarrhea in children]. 195513253262
[continuous study of the morphological changes in proteus vulgaris under the influence of penicillin]. 195513257676
[behavior of a strain of proteus vulgaris and its l-phase toward homologous antisera]. 195513257677
note on helical structures in some bacteria and viruses. 195513260257
relations between cell growth and cell division. i. reduced weight, cell volume, protein content, and nuclear volume of amoeba proteus from division to division. 195513262045
observations on the cytochromes of amoeba proteus, chaos chaos and tetrahymena geleii. 195513262056
bacillus acidophilus in the therapy of chronic inflammations of the middle ear. 195513263772
infantile diarrhea in the denver area: significance of proteus-providencia organisms. 195513273094
[research on the biochemical interactions between the nucleus and the cytoplasm in single-celled organisms. i. amoeba proteus]. 195513276370
[gelatinolytic action of filtrates of cultures of proteus, b. subtilis, and p. aeruginosa with different ph]. 195513277226
[effect of heating on the inhibiting properties of the blood on gelatinolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes of bacteria origin]. 195513277243
[investigations on serological properties of proteus and its relation to etiology of food toxicoinfections]. 195513299899
[studies of plasmolysis with penicillin-induced modified forms of proteus vulgaris]. 195513300783
[the treatment of proteus infections of the urinary tract with lactobacillus acidolphus]. 195513301276
[proteus and infant diarrhea; preliminary note]. 195513310107
agglutination of red blood cells, sensitised with a polysaccharide substance extracted from proteus ox-19. i. use in serological diagnosis of typhus fever. 195513326249
agglutination of red blood cells, sensitised with a polysaccharide substance extracted from proteus ox-19. ii. application of the haemagglutination inhibition test in the early diagnosis of typhus fever. 195513326250
the influence of host factors and diet upon experimental infections in mice. 195513355282
[new pathography of urological proteus infections]. 195513296441
contribution to the normal fecal flora of the hamster; proteus mirabilis in normal feces of hamster. 195513353793
[methods of l form transformations in proteus vulgaris and enterobacteriacea in vivo under the effect of penicillin]. 195513403328
[comparative observations on production in vivo and in vitro of l forms of proteus vulgaris and klebsiella pneumoniae under the influence of specific antibodies]. 195513403357
[resistance of living pre-cellular substance (filtrable forms) of bacteria to heating]. 195513430380
studies on pinocytosis in the amoebae chaos chaos and amoeba proteus. 195613437604
[differentiation between proteus ox-19 & oxk by surface-fixation; weil-felix reaction on filter paper]. 195613453987
serological typing of proteus strains from infantile enteritis and other sources. 195613354313
[combined studies on the antibiotic sensitivity of the pseudomonas pyocyanea and proteus vulgaris strains]. 195613297476
[inactivation of penicillin through proteus strains]. 195613410043
relation between cell growth and cell division. ii. the effect of cell size on cell growth rate and generation time in amoeba proteus. 195613356829
relation between cell growth and cell division. iii. changes in nuclear volume and growth rate and prevention of cell division in amoeba proteus resulting from cytoplasmic amputations. 195613356830
cytochemical reactions of normal and starving amoeba proteus. ii. localization of minerals. 195613356841
mitochondria of protozoa.a study of thin sections of paramecium multimicronucleatum, tetrahymena pyriformis, tokophrya infusionum, and amoeba proteus shows that the mitochondria in all these protozoa are similar in certain aspects of their fine structure to that described in metazoan cells. as in higher organisms the mitochondrion is surrounded by a double limiting membrane and contains protrusions directed inward from the innermost of the double membranes. there are, however, some differences. in a majority of higher o ...195613357562
the fine structure of the nuclear envelope of amoeba proteus. 195613357581
electron microscopy of the nuclear membrane of amoeba electron microscope study of the nuclear membrane of amoeba proteus by thin sectioning techniques has revealed an ultrastructure in the outer layer of the membrane that is homologous to the pores and annuli observed in the nuclear membranes of many other cell types studied by these techniques. an inner honeycombed layer apparently unique to amoeba proteus is also described.195613357584
a biochemical and serological study of the genus proteus. 195613358355
[determination of the concentration of proteus-providence with the aid of oxidative deamination of l-tryptophan]. 195613364991
rapid speciation of the genus proteus. 195613368278
[proteus invasion of the intestinal cavity in patients treated with antibiotics; proteus sensitivity to antibacterial medication]. 195613368955
the synthesis of acetolactate in proteus morganii extracts. 195613373864
[submicroscopic structure of amoeba proteus. i. plasmalemma, nucleus]. 195613374045
[submicroscopic structure of amoeba proteus. ii. vacuoles, mitochondria, ialoplasma]. 195613374046
respiratory granules in micro-organisms. 195613382868
[effect of neurolysis on agglutinogenesis]. 195613385063
growth enhancement of enterococci by proteus. 195613385664
[research on the sensitivity of pseudomonas pyocyanea strains and proteus vulgaris strains to combined antibiotics]. 195613387507
[observations on the effect of penicillin and of other antibiotics on l forms of proteus mirabilis]. 195613394215
[certain physiological properties of proteus vulgaris l form]. 195613394216
[typology of l forms of proteus vulgaris]. 195613394217
[effect of certain factors on formation of l forms]. 195613394218
[effect of lithium chloride on escherichia coli and on other bacteria; preliminary communication]. 195613394219
[rapid method for research on the conversion of l-phenylalanine into phenylpyruvic acid]. 195613327527
[research on the growth phenomena of proteus vulgaris hauser under the influence of high penicillin concentration]. 195613327980
[effect of bacteriophages on pleomorphic proteus cultures]. 195613337304
[further research on respiratory metabolism of proteus vulgaris, its stable l-phase and of the pleuropneumonia-like organisms]. 195613340825
[comparative research on nucleic acid metabolism and respiratory metabolism of proteus vulgaris, its stable l-phase and of the pleuropneumonia-like organisms]. 195613340826
[changes of the nucleic acid content in proteus vulgaris during modification of the l-phase by penicillin]. 195613340827
[inactivation of penicillin by proteus vulgaris]. 195613340838
mass and clone culturing of amoeba proteus and chaos chaos. 195613343779
urea-hydrolyzing bacilli. i. a physiological approach to identification. 195613345747
[value of systematic stool cultures in diarrhea in children of european extraction in casablanca; role of salmonella, shigella, e. coli, pyocyanics, proteus and staphylococcus]. 195613347319
[inhibition of the swarming of proteus bacteria by surface-active substances (pril and rei)]. 195613353527
[total metabolism of a strain of proteus almed and of a type l. which derives from it]. 195613317140
helical structures in the nucleus of amoeba proteus. 195613319385
[proteus bacteriophages]. 195613325845
[combined medicinal sleep and antibiotic therapy of associated suppurative infections]. 195613325883
treatment of post-irradiation infections in mice. i. the effect of streptomycin and myelopoietic-stimulating substances. 195613301739
experimental glomerulo-nephritis produced in mice by subcutaneous injections of heat-killed proteus mirabilis. 195613304241
bacteremia due to bacterial species of the general aerobacter, escherichia, paracolobactrum, proteus, and pseudomonas. 195613292897
cytochemical and autoradiographic observations on nuclear ribonucleic acid in amoeba proteus. 195613294119
[observations on infantile dyspepsias of proteus and pyocyanic origin]. 195613294621
enzymes and coenzymes of the pyruvate oxidase of proteus. 195613295234
the role of paracolobactrum and proteus in infantile diarrhea. 195613395248
[gangrenous pyoderma with b. pyocyaneus and proteus in ulcerative colitis]. 195613401933
data to the action of cosmic rays on bacteria. 195613402118
[observations on oxygen consumption by e. coli and by proteus vulgaris in presence of hyaluronate]. 195613404064
l forms of bacteria and their role in the origin of penicillin resistance. 195713407727
[studies on the l cycle of bacteria; from studies on the influence of penicillin on proteus vulgaris]. 195713522148
[bacteria/l form relationship in proteus and salmonella strains isolated from mice]. 195713522155
[effect of cobalt ions on cytochrome system and catalase activity of proteus vulgaris hauser]. 195713522158
[formation of l forms of proteus]. 195713531806
[comparative studies on biological properties of regenerated filtrable g and l forms of vibrio metchnikovii and proteus vulgaris]. 195713531808
[effect of antibiotics on properties of proteus. i. modification of synthomycin-resistant strains of proteus in vitro]. 195713531811
[preservation of enzymatic properties of culture filtrates of bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus]. 195713523908
[septicemia caused by proteus vulgaris]. 195713527229
[studies on the antigenic structure of l forms, type 3a and 3b of proteus vulgaris]. 195713544896
[electron microscopy of granulation in the proteus vulgaris treated with triphenyltetrazolium chloride]. 195713551934
species of the genus proteus and some urological implications. 195713554399
bacillus proteus endophthalmitis. 195713394652
[research on l transformations (dwarf forms) in a proteus strain in synthetic media]. 195713395061
antibody response to proteus mirabilis isolated from individuals with and without this infection. 195713410938
[antigenic relations between proteus morganii and shigella flexneri]. 195713411697
[inhibition of the sporulation capacity of proteus germs by surface-active substances (anion-active surface wetting agents) in the diagnosis of pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195713414468
l forms of proteus induced by filtrates of antagonistic strains. 195713416210
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