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a comparison of the phenylpyruvic acid reaction and the urease test in the differentiation of proteus from other enteric organisms. 195014774341
further observations on the motility of proteus vulgaris grown on penicillin agar. 195014778952
some effects of cobalt on the growth and metabolism of proteus vulgaris. 195014778972
[weil-felix proteus agglutination in murine typhus]. 195014781635
the metabolism of cystine and cysteine by proteus vulgaris and proteus morganii. 195014794627
[reply to dimmling's article on the effect of tibatin on proteus swarming]. 195014798936
[inhibitory action of boric acid on the development of proteus; its value in coprocultures]. 195014799926
[motility and cilia of proteus vulgaris]. 195014799994
[new data on the formation and culture characteristics of l forms of proteus vulgaris]. 195014801895
serological reactions of l type cultures isolated from proteus. 195014808274
further investigations on the occurrence of proteus x strains in denmark. 195014846631
[early diagnosis of pregnancy and heterogenetic proteus ox19 reactions]. 195114850020
bacillus proteus abscess of cerebellar lobe of otogenic origin; report of a case with recovery. 195114856490
empyema due to proteus rettgeri report of a case with recovery. 195114861592
[the place of subtilin in the treatment of certain types of pyelonephritis caused by colibacilli and proteus (particularly during pregnancy)]. 195114866246
acid fuchsin methylene blue agar for isolation and cultivation of proteus. 195114866862
deamination of aspartic acid by proteus x-19. i. stimulation of anaerobic deamination by glucose, adenosine and glutathione. 195114869271
[on the clinical picture and treatment of proteus infection; acute bacillary gastroenteritis due to proteus]. 195114869547
oxygen uptake of nucleated and non-nucleated halves of amoeba proteus. 195114875048
[survival of bacteria of enteric group and proteus in preparation and preservation of egg powder]. 195114879949
[proteus in the etiology of food poisoning; case report of an attack due to proteus morganii]. 195114882187
the nitration of benzoic and phenylacetic acids and phenylalanine; the chemical basis of the mohler and kapeller-adler reactions. 195114886369
a case of acute cholangitis (post-operative) due to proteus vulgaris sepsis treated with aureomycin. 195114810679
bacteriostatic, germicidal, and sanitizing action of quaternary ammonium compounds on textiles: prevention of ammonia formation from urea by proteus mirabilis. 195114898403
[cured otogenous subdural abscess with meningitis, caused by proteus vulgaris]. 195114899459
function of pyridoxal phosphate in desulfhydrase systems of proteus morganii. 195114917685
[a urea medium, useful in the identification of enterobacteriaceae]. 195114818641
hemagglutination test for epidemic and murine typhus fever using sheep erythrocytes sensitized with proteus ox 19 extracts. 195114819519
control of fission in amoeba proteus as related to the mechanism of cell division. 195114819861
[septicopyemia from proteus after subtotal hysterectomy for chronic adnexitis]. 195114822397
the formation and development of large bodies in proteus vulgaris ox-19. i. bright phase contrast observations of living bacteria. 195114824115
the formation and development of large bodies in proteus vulgaris ox-19. ii. comparative cytology of bacilli and large bodies. 195114824116
the position of bacillus kandiensis var. kandiensoides (castellani). 195114824122
the serology of fifty strains of proteus vulgaris. 195114824483
cultural and serological phases of proteus vulgaris. 195114824484
the effect of combinations of antibiotics on pseudomonas aeruginosa and on proteus vulgaris, in vitro and in vivo. 195114824688
alteration of immunological response in malignancy; decline of proteus agglutinin. 195114828391
in vitro susceptibility of pathogenic strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus vulgaris to the newer chemotherapeutic agents. 195114829480
the identity of proteus hydrophilus bergey et al. and proteus melanovogenes miles & halnan, and their relation to the genus aeromonas kluyver & van niel. 195114832418
the mouse pathogenicity and toxicity of proteus vulgaris. 195114832419
prevention of proteus hydrophilus infections (red leg disease) in frog colonies. 195114838106
a case of sepsis caused by proteus vulgaris. 195114902473
amine production in the genus proteus. 195114908031
penicillin and chloramphenicol in the treatment of infections due to proteus organisms. 195214914751
development of proteus and pseudomonas infections during antibiotic therapy. 195214938137
fractionation of the pyruvate oxidase of proteus vulgaris. 195214938389
intermediary metabolism of cysteinesulfinic acid in cell-free extracts of proteus vulgaris. 195214944602
[the submicroscopic structure of the nuclear membrane of ameba proteus]. 195214945403
effect of ultraviolet radiation on production of urease by proteus vulgaris and proteus mirabilis. 195214946100
[studies on nicotinic acid metabolism. ii. metabolic relations between nicotinic acid, amide of nicotinic acid and their methyl derivatives in-vitro experiments with guinea pig and rat liver and proteus vulgaris]. 195214953920
the effect of terramycin on the antagonism of certain bacteria against species of proteus. 195214955509
polymyxin b in pseudomonas and proteus enteritis. 195214955742
chloromycetin and streptomycin in the treatment of meningitis due to b. proteus. 195214899597
osteomyelitis of the cervical vertebras as a complication of urinary tract disease; proteus bacteremia treated with neomycin. 195214888464
[proteolytic and peptolytic properties of proteus in food products]. 195214897190
[amylase content of fragments of amoeba proteus with and without nuclei]. 195212977789
[pyoderma ulcero-vegetans due to a pathogenic proteus]. 195212978807
[peculiarities of metabolism of l forms of a strain of proteus]. 195212979234
response of x-irradiated mice to intravenous inoculation of intestinal bacteria. 195212983365
otitic proteus meningitis with recovery; report of case. 195212983412
the enzymes of the pyruvate oxidase system of proteus vulgaris. 195212997178
[comparative sensitivity of normal and l forms of two strains of proteus to some antibiotics]. 195212998248
[studies on strain ox-19]. 195213002046
electron microscope study of the nuclear membrane of amoeba proteus in thin section. 195213010221
some aspects of the growth of proteus vulgaris with limiting concentrations of nicotinic acid. 195213011262
[new data from electron microscopy on the morphology of l forms of bacteria]. 195213014720
[results of wechsler and proteus tests in 44 cases of lobotomy]. 195213017255
[first observations on the chemical nature of l forms of bacteria]. 195213019462
[influence of calcium on the stability of the receptor-destroying enzyme and on the protease activity of vibrio cholerae]. 195213020183
the uptake of cobalt by proteus vulgaris. 195213022928
[proteus infections]. 195213026994
[ultrastructural manifestations of first signs of death in amoeba proteus]. 195213046234
[electron-microscopic studies on the development of the filtrable l-forms of b. proteus under the influence of penicillin]. 195213039367
some observations of fractions of disintegrated bacterial cells obtained by differential centrifugations. 195313041709
effect of dysentery-prevention by b proteus vulgaris: heterogenous bacilli. 195313137070
[method of rapid differentiation of o colonies of proteus and of enterobacteriaceae]. 195313138009
the substituted-sucrose structure of melezitose. 195313138388
[a method for simultaneous colimetry and proteometry]. 195313145105
[inhibitory properties of different sugars on the growth of certain microorganisms]. 195313148778
the heterogenetic antigen in proteus ox-19 with reference to the mammalian erythrocytes. 195313162651
[course of infection of louse with proteus ox 19]. 195313182559
studies of the life-cycle of proteus hauser. iii. 195313050412
latency of pyrogen fever; appearance of a fast-acting pyrogen in the blood of febrile animals and in plasma incubated with bacterial pyrogen. 195313050758
a biological agent for securing large numbers of amoeba proteus. 195313054686
the decarboxylation of valine and leucine by washed suspensions of proteus vulgaris. 195313058894
[research on bacterial enzymes; existence of gelatinolytic agents in filtrates of proteus culture]. 195313067378
some quantitative studies on a bacterial pyrogen. 195313070181
[determination of the value of fluid culture media used for stimulating the growth of salmonellae. ii. determination of the value in inhibition of aerobacter and proteus growth]. 195313079162
studies of the life-cycle of proteus hauser. iv. 195313079792
studies of the life-cycle of proteus hauser. v. 195313079793
the oxidation of cysteinesulfinic and cysteic acids in proteus vulgaris. 195313081600
enzymic transformations of l-cysteinesulfinic acid. 195313081601
[research on bacterial diastases. the effect of heat on the diastase properties of culture filtrates of proteus and pseudomonas aeruginosa]. 195313082827
structural and chemical properties of the plasmalemma of amoeba proteus. 195313083632
[meningitis caused by proteus vulgaris; report of a new case]. 195313085070
[epidemic of gastrointestinal infection due to proteus vulgaris]. 195313093020
deamination of aspartic acid by proteus x-19. ii. aspartase activity of toluene-treated cells. 195313093554
[toxin-forming strains of bacterium proteus in meat and their bacteriologic and serologic determination]. 195313095742
some new observations on l forms of bacteria. 195313096474
electron micrographs made from l forms of proteus and two human strains of pleuropneumonia-like organisms. 195313096475
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