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[experimental study of infections with different septicemia-producing organisms in colonies of bees]. 19675627865
[kinetics of urease reaction under conditions of intact bacterial cells]. 19675628880
cephaloridine. ii. the effect of cephaloridine on experimental model infections. 19675629908
the weil-felix test: a survey of sera from the manchester area, 1963-66. 19675630778
the decomposition of l-tyrosine and its derivatives by proteus vulgaris. 3. effect of glycerine in the culture medium. 19675630796
[on a proteus infection with subcutaneous localization of multiple abscesses]. 19675632332
[effect of various cations on the dehydrogenase activity of proteus vulgaris ox 19. i. alkali cations as activators of dehydrogenase activity in proteus vulgaris ox 19]. 19675633275
[effect of various cations on the dehydrogenase activity of proteus vulgaris ox 19. ii. ammonium cations as activators of the dehydrogenase activity of proteus vulgaris ox 19]. 19675633276
[effect of various cations on the dehydrogenase activity of proteus vulgaris ox 19. 3. action of alkaline earth cations on the dehydrogenaseactivity of proteus vulgaris ox 19]. 19675633277
[proteus agglutination test: a new method for the detection of the rheumatoid factor]. 19675634306
immunofluorescent localization of bacterial antigen in pyelonephritis. i. the use of antisera against the common enterobacterial antigen in experimental renal lesions. 19675339482
cephaloridine therapy for genitourinary infections. 19675335929
increased serum glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase and lactic dehydrogenase levels produced by cholera infection and cell-free toxin in the rabbit. 19675338927
gentamicin in the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis. 19675338672
basal bodies of the flagella and particular microtubules in swarmers of proteus mirabilis. 19675298438
the activation of the hydrogenase of proteus vulgaris by visible light. 19675231748
evidence for circular dna forms of a bacterial plasmid. 19675233464
comparison of the morphology of pplo and l-forms of bacteria with light and electron microscopy. 19675233801
[polyvalent heterovaccine injectable in inflammatory periodontopathies: clinical and therapeutic contribution with microbiologic and immunologic studies]. 19675336487
anaerobic biodegradation of ddt to ddd in soil.ddt labeled with carbon-14 was added to soil, and the mixture was incubated anaerobically for 2 weeks and 4 weeks. ddt and seven possible decomposition products were separated by thin-layer chromatography, and the radioactivity of material from individual spots was determined by liquid scintillation. the ddt was dechlorinated by soil microorganisms to ddd, and only traces of other degradation products were detected. no degradation of ddt was detected in sterile soil.19675337361
pulmonary clearance of gram-negative bacilli. 19675337990
colonial recognition, a "new" approach for rapid diagnostic enteric bacteriology.the morphology, on macconkey's agar, of colonies of the bacteria commonly found in enteric specimens is sufficiently characteristic and distinctive, when observed with transmitted oblique illumination and a low-power stereoscopic microscope, to enable identification at the generic (and occasionally the species) level with over 97% accuracy. application of this technique resulted in great savings of time, manipulative steps, and media compared with the usual procedures of diagnostic enteric bacte ...19675338180
the treatment of pyoderma with gentamicin. 19675335015
nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction in dna amoeba proteus the transplantation of a nucleus engaged in dna synthesis into a g(2)-phase (after dna synthesis) cell results in inhibition of such synthesis. when the nucleus of a g(2) cell is transplanted into an s-phase (period of dna synthesis) cell, such a nucleus may begin to synthesize dna.19676015697
altered host response to experimental pyelonephritis in alloxan diabetic rats. 19676015967
effectiveness of urea in prophylaxis of experimentally induced bacteriuria in rats. 19676016201
case records of the massachusetts general hospital. weekly clinicopathological exercises. case 3-1967. 19676016453
the pharmacology of 2,3-bis-(p-methoxyphenyl)-indole (indoxole). 19676017336
comparison of the opsonic activity of gamma-g- and gamma-m-anti-proteus globulins. 19676019721
a three-year survey of the antibacterial spectra of the more commonly used chemotherapeutic agents.eight major bacterial groups (25,000 strains) of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms which were isolated from a variety of clinical specimens were tested by the disc-plate and tube dilution procedure. the in vitro antibacterial spectra of 17 commonly used chemotherapeutic agents were recorded and evaluated statistically during a three-year period. penicillin g, erythromycin and chloramphenicol were very effective against members of the diplococci and streptococci genera. the synthetic peni ...19676020208
interactions of gram-negative bacterial endotoxin with rabbit blood in vitro. 19676023867
proteus mirabilis enterocolitis following abdominal irradiation. report of a case. 19676027599
proteus-staphylococcus synergism in punched out ulcers. 19676027668
methionine synthesis in proteus mirabilis. 19676030464
osmotic concentration of the contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus following uv-light irradiation. 19676032100
mechanisms of regulation of urease biosynthesis in proteus rettgeri.urease of proteus rettgeri is an inducible enzyme synthesized specifically in the presence of urea; urea analogues did not act as inducers. once initiated, the biosynthesis of the enzyme proceeded as a constant fraction of the total protein formed. the rate of urease formation was affected by the carbon source used. in comparison with glycerol, glucose inhibited enzyme synthesis. the addition of ammonium ions to the inducing medium also decreased the rate of urease biosynthesis, and when ammoniu ...19676032508
the effect of some cultural conditions on the arylsulfatase of proteus rettgeri. 19676035143
genetic instability of an ultraviolet-sensitive mutant of proteus mirabilis. 19676035496
the short forms and long forms of proteus. 19676035677
the influence of medium composition on the growth and swarming of proteus. 19676035678
proteins in nucleocytoplasmic interactions. i. the fundamental characteristics of the rapidly migrating proteins and the slow turnover proteins of the amoeba proteus the transplantation of amino acid-(3)h-labeled nuclei between cells and the subsequent isolation of nuclei for quantitative assay, we have confirmed that all the nuclear proteins of amoeba proteus are divisible into two classes that are sharply defined by their physiological behavior. about 40% of the proteins in the nucleus rapidly migrates back and forth between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. these rapidly migrating proteins (rmp) are 25-50 times more concentrated in the nucleus than in the ...19676036526
meningitis in neonates due to proteus mirabilis. 19676038270
sites of "glycine oxidase" activity in proteus vulgaris. 19676039200
[60 children with urolithiasis. proteus infections of the urinary tract as a frequent cause of urolithiasis in infants and young children]. 19676047045
localization of enzymes and endotoxin in proteus l-forms and in their parent bacteria. 19676048421
murein structure in cell walls of normal bacteria and l-forms of proteus mirabilis and the site of action of penicillin. 19676048422
ion accumulation in bacterial systems. 3. respiration-dependent accumulation of silicate by a particulate fraction from proteus mirabilis cell-free extracts. 19676048709
nature, characteristics, and proteolytic properties of beef spoilage bacteria at low and high temperatures. 19676049311
sensitivity of amoeba proteus to morphine and n-allylnormorphine. a pressure study. 19676050652
the treatment of proteus infections in the urine with cephaloridine. 19676052334
[pathogenicity of some strains of the genus proteus in laboratory animals. i]. 19676052357
the effect of phytohaemagglutinin on the immune response in vivo. 19676052541
the structure of the cell wall of the gram-negative bacterium proteus vulgaris. i. an electron microscope and x-ray study. 19676052635
structure of the cell wall of the gram-negative bacterium proteus vulgaris. ii. distribution of electron density across the wall. 19676052636
the structure of the cell wall of the gram-negative bacterium proteus vulgaris. 3. a lipopolysaccharide "unit membrane". 19676052637
reduction of water-soluble azo dyes by intestinal bacteria. 19676054354
[a case of septicemia-pyemia with multiple gangrenous foci]. 19676056526
development of immune tolerance in the chick embryo to borrelia hispanica.varying degrees of immune tolerance were induced in chick embryos at 10, 14, and 18 days of age by inoculation of living or dead borrelia hispanica in the yolk sac, allantoic cavity, or intravenously. relative tolerance was measured by responses to challenge with virulent organisms in relation to altered susceptibility to infection and inability to produce agglutinins for b. hispanica or proteus strain oxk. challenges were made 1 week posthatching with the controls and chicks that had received d ...19676057794
[sensitivity to antibiotics of proteus isolated in high count from urine]. 19676060487
a clinicopathological conference from the ohio state university hospital, columbus, ohio. 19676061083
quantitative aspects of the release of leukocyte pyrogen from rabbit blood incubated with endotoxin.this paper describes the relations between the endotoxin concentration and leukocyte pyrogen yield when endotoxin is incubated with whole rabbit blood for 24 hr. the results provide strong evidence for the view that leukocyte pyrogen is not modified endotoxin, and also show that the simplified assay method described in the previous paper works reasonably well.19676062001
[alimentary toxinfection with proteus vulgaris]. 19676062640
[proteus vulgaris and other gram-negative microorganisms in otogenic intracranial complications in material of the gdaƄsk clinic in 1948-1966]. 19676064241
[research on the characteristics of the germs of the proteus group in patients with urological diseases]. 19676065595
serological specificities of pehnylalanine deaminases of the proteus-providence group. 19676066112
septicemia due to klebsiella pneumoniae originating from a hand-cream dispenser. 19676067884
interaction of streptothricin and related antibiotics with nucleic acids. 19676070942
pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. 19676071228
nitrofurantoin pneumonia. 19676071356
neonatal osteomyelitis due to proteus mirabilis. 19676072802
a medium to suppress the swarming of proteus species. 19676073994
studies on the nasal flora of people of the southern sudan. 19676075226
[thermosensitivity of a proteus vulgaris strain]. 19676076176
[relations between the titer of natural serum antibodies (anti-proteus x 19 o agglutinins) and intensity of experimental pulmonary silicosis in rats]. 19676077267
[electrochemical properties of the plasmalemma of amoeba proteus. i. the dependence of membrane potential on k+ and na+ concentration in chloride and sulfate solutions]. 19676077309
implantable electrical vesical stimulator: clinical experience. 19676080048
["l" forms of a strain of proteus vulgaris exposed to the action of some semisynthetic derivatives of 6-aminopenicillanic acid]. 19676080723
bacterial strains encountered in hospital infections, cultivated from suppurative wounds in patients, treated in the department of traumatology and orthopedics. 19676080887
a transducing bacteriophage for proteus vulgaris. 19676081704
[some properties of the o antigen of proteus x-19]. 19676081955
[effect of furagin on gram-negative bacteria]. 19674907665
[treatment of purulent meningites in children]. 19674901306
[virological and bacteriological studies of the vagina in children]. 19674913212
[the development of fimbria and flagella by proteus vulgaris in liquid cultures]. 19674925404
laboratory determination of antibiotic susceptibility to ampicillin and cephalothin. 19674935172
treatment of pneumonia in adults with hetacillin. 19674935173
[characteristics of the "transfer factor" in blood leukocytes in patients with bronchial asthma]. 19674882593
treatment of chronic urinary tract infections with gentamicin.gentamicin was of value in the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections caused by multiresistant bacterial strains for which no atoxic antibiotic was available. the treatment was carried out after alkalinization of the patient's urine. with the dosage given, gentamicin gave a low serum and a relatively high urine concentration. excretion of active gentamicin in the urine was high even in patients with impaired renal function. the results of treatment of complicated chronic urinary tract inf ...19674880763
[attempts of producing antimicrobially effective water-soluble new nitrofuran derivatives]. 19674883248
[the discovery of asymptomatic bacteriuria in the routine pregnancy examination]. 19674884194
[statistical analysis related to time changes in bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics of certain organisms isolated from urine]. 19674884954
[bacteriological studies of the bile in children with cholecystopathies]. 19674886518
[etiological, diagnostic and therapeutic considerations on infections of the infantile urinary tract]. 19674886585
[inhibition of proteus swarming by anion-active surface-wetting agents within the framework of the diagnosis of salmonella-shigella and coli-enteritis]. 19674869956
[electron microscopical studies on the action of surface-active substances on bacterial cell envelopes. 2. studies with spheroplasts and stable l forms of proteus mirabilis and p. vulgaris]. 19674876614
[structural and functional prerequisites for movement in amoeba proteus]. 19674877217
bacteriology of diarrhoea in infants and children with special reference to enteropathogenic coli. 19674875767
[in nonspecific chronic urinary tract infections demonstrable types of gram-negative bacilli and their different pathogenic importance]. 19674875902
[on the problem of the influence of a drug therapy on the heteromorphism of bacteria in urine]. 19674875903
identification of shigellae on the basis of selective sensitivity. 19674877866
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