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the molecular nature of r-factors. 19665335751
use of peptone iron agar for the detection of hydrogen sulfide. 19665899042
urinary tract infection in a general surgical unit. 19665339627
individual nephron function in experimental bilateral pyelonephritis. i. glomerular filtration rate and proximal tubular sodium, potassium, and water reabsorption. 19665923892
individual nephron function in experimental bilateral pyelonephritis. ii. distal tubular sodium and water reabsorption and the concentrating defect. 19665923893
classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity.krieg, r. e. (iowa state university, ames), and w. r. lockhart. classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity. j. bacteriol. 92:1275-1280. 1966.-a numerical study was made of 53 organisms, representing 12 genera of the family enterobacteriaceae and 4 members of the genus aeromonas. a total of 105 features was determined for each culture. matching coefficients were computed, and the organisms were sorted into phenetic groups by use of the "highest-link" criterion. the genera entero ...19665924265
a stab medium for the rapid tentative identification of proteus species. 19665931042
ureteral reflux resulting from chronic urinary infection in dogs: long-term studies. 19665931195
bladder instillations of nalidixic acid for cystitis due to "b. proteus". 19665934775
human leukocyte pyrogen producing fever in rabbits. 19665935620
substrate specificity of two separate chondrosulfatases in proteus vulgaris. 19665936241
comparative biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine by mycoplasma and l forms.smith, paul f. (university of south dakota, vermillion). comparative biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine by mycoplasma and l forms. j. bacteriol. 92:164-169. 1966.-seven species of mycoplasma, two l forms not requiring salt and their parent bacteria, and two yeasts were examined for enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine. all organisms tested, except two species of mycoplasma and the yeasts, decarboxylated meso-alpha, epsilon-diaminopimelic acid. none of the mycoplasma spe ...19665941275
asymptomatic bacteremia in the newborn infant. 19665946646
a preliminary study of infantile diarrhea in kuwait. 19665950458
isolation of proteus morganii from an atypical form of fatal gastro-enteritis in cattle. 19665950631
cases of bronchial asthma treated with morgan and proteus. 19665951945
the weil-felix reaction in healthy individuals. 19665952887
antagonism of colistin-sulphonamide synergism by para-aminobenzoic acid. 19665956057
experimental infection with candida albicans in modified hosts. 19665956265
linked transduction in proteus mirabilis. 19665956331
[forms of variability in proteus vulgaris through the influence of lithium chloride or penicillin]. 19665956700
role of pectinolytic yeasts in the degradation of mucilage layer of coffea robusta cherries.pectinolytic yeasts, saccharomyces marxianus, s. bayanus, s. cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus, and schizosaccharomyces sp., predominated in the natural fermentation of coffee cherries of coffea robusta variety grown in chikmagalur district of mysore state, india. these yeast species were found on the cherry surfaces, and evidence was adduced to show that the natural fermentation of coffee was the result of activity of microflora from the cherry surface itself rather than that of flora of air or wate ...19665959859
sucrose permease of proteus mirabilis. 19665960322
transduction in proteus morganii. 19665962096
the inactivation and reactivation of a proteus rettgeri phage in salt solutions. 19665963332
swarming of proteus--a solution to an old problem? 19665965543
purification of episomal dna with cellulose nitrate membrane filters. 19665965729
[the sensitivity to antibiotics of proteus strains isolated from patients with urologic disorders]. 19665968110
specific activity of phenylalanine deaminase in extracts of the proteus-providence group. 19665968293
a study of arylsulfatase activity in proteus rettgeri. 19665969336
properties of providence and proteus morganii transducing phages. 19665969499
role of lipid in the protection of staphylococcus aureus against trichlorophenol in mixed culture.the sensitivities of proteus mirabilis, salmonella schottmuelleri, aerobacter aerogenes, and staphylococcus aureus to 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol in sodium borate were studied. it was demonstrated that these gram-negative organisms can protect s. aureus from the effect of the phenol in mixed culture. there is a direct correlation between this protective effect and the quantity of total lipid extracted from the gram-negative organisms. the distribution coefficient between trichlorophenol and the lipi ...19665970464
basal bodies of bacterial flagella in proteus mirabilis. i. electron microscopy of sectioned material.years ago (16, 18, 19), in a study of shadowed preparations of proteus vulgaris that had been autolyzed in the cold, the observation was made that the flagella arose from basal bodies. however, recently (3, 7, 24, 33) doubt has been cast on the conclusion that the flagella of bacteria emerge from sizable basal bodies. this problem has, therefore, been reinvestigated with actively developing cultures of proteus mirabilis, the cell walls of which had been expanded slightly by exposure to penicilli ...19665971649
membrane potentials in amoeba proteus. 19665971993
[identification of some proteus strains isolated from meat products by the combined use of several laboratory tests]. 19665973710
reduction of tartrazine by a proteus species isolated from rats. 19665975247
[the role of microorganisms of the proteus group in human pathology]. 19665975904
proteus vulgaris urease: in vitro inhibition by urea analogues. 19665980560
[occurrence of 2 heptoses in lipopolysaccharides of enterobacterial cell walls: l-glycero-and d-glycero-d-mannoheptose]. 19665982378
[study of l-form lipids of proteus p 18: phospholipids]. 19665982797
[on the secondary structure of proteus mirabilis rna in acid medium]. 19665983457
2,3-dihydroxymethylquinoxaline-1,4-di-n-oxide, a new metabolite of 2,3-dimethylquinoxaline-1,4-di-n-oxide active against gram-negative bacteria. 19665985271
[vitamin requirements of proteus vulgaris strain k]. 19665985389
[pinocytosis and motility of amoeba. i. influence of marker substances on amoeba proteus]. 19665986586
[pinocytosis and motility of amoeba. ii. permanent and induced pinocytosis in amoeba proteus]. 19665987101
[high molecular dna from bacteria]. 19665990923
[urine microflora in patients with chronic pyelonephritis]. 19665993328
[jaundice caused by novobiocin]. 19665998996
[metabolism of pyruvate in proteus vulgaris ox19 and its sensitivity to certain antibiotics]. 19666003017
effect of activated charcoal on the swarming of proteus. 19666003737
[on the pathogenicity of the l-form of proteus vulgaris for chick embryos]. 19666003875
[mixed food toxinfections caused by pathogenic staphylococci and proteus]. 19666004768
[antagonism of nalidixic acid and nitrofurans against proteus-providence group]. 19666005861
[case of human mastitis due to proteus mirabilis]. 19666007517
[urinary tract infections caused by the pathogen providencia as a consequence of hospitalization]. 19666014306
[on the question of the sensitivity of proteus subgroups to tetracycline]. 19666014898
inhibition of swarming of proteus by sodium tetradecyl sulfate, beta-phenethyl alcohol, and p-nitrophenylglycerine.the effects of sodium tetradecyl sulfate (sts), beta-phenethyl alcohol (pea), and p-nitrophenylglycerol (pnpg) on motility, swarming, flagellation, and growth of proteus were examined. growth-inhibitory concentrations (gic) and swarming-inhibitory concentrations (sic) were determined. a characterization of the swarming-inhibitory efficacy of these compounds was based on their gic/sic ratio and their concentration inhibition curves. using the homologous series of sodium alkyl sulfates as a standa ...196616349688
effect of gamma irradiation on the microflora of freshwater fish: ii. generic identification of aerobic bacteria from yellow perch fillets.studies on the generic identification of bacteria isolated from nonirradiated and irradiated (0.3 and 0.6 mrad) yellow perch fillets during the course of microbial spoilage have been conducted. after the enumeration and tabulation of macrocolonies on petri dish cultures obtained from fillets, isolates were examined and keyed out essentially according to modified morphological and biochemical protocols of shewan. identification was further confirmed through reference to bergey's manual. data obta ...196616349702
studies of human kidney and urine beta-glucuronidase: ii. in vitro and in vivo factors influencing measurement. 19675340172
the mitomycin antibiotics. synthetic studies. xv. the preparation of a related indoloquinone. 19675340182
[the occurrence and distribution of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in the hospital. an epidemiological study with the aid of electronic data processing equipment]. 19675340255
bacteriocinogeny in strains of providence and proteins morganii. 19675340260
drug resistance of enteric bacteria. ix. distribution of r factors in gram-negative bacteria from clinical sources.many isolates belonging to the enterobacteriaceae were collected in 1965 from the inpatients at geographically scattered hospitals in japan. among 2,650 shigella strains examined, 58.4% were found to be drug-resistant; 95.0% of these resistant strains were multiply resistant. among 434 resistant strains examined, 81% carried r factors that were transferable by cell-to-cell contact. of 160 isolates of other enteric bacteria, drug-resistant strains included 84.2% of the escherichia coli, 93.0% of ...19675340306
studies on the effect of gentamicin on proteus vulgaris. 19675340740
a comparison of incubation time and temperature for the isolation of salmonella. 19675340943
crabtree effect in some bacterial cultures. 19675341472
1,2-benzothiazines. iv. the synthesis of 7,8-dihydropyridol[1,2-b][1,2-b]benzothiazine-10,11(9h, 10 ah)-dione 5, 5-dioxides as 1,2-benzothiazine analogs of partial tetracycline structures. 19675342286
[nalidixic acid]. 19675342349
[thermosensitive drug resistance factor. i. thermosensitive transfer of the kanamycin resistance factor from proteus vulgaris to e. coli k-12 substrains]. 19675342404
[thermosensitive drug resistance factor. ii. thermosensitive elimination of the kanamycin-resistance factor from the host bacterial cells]. 19675342405
cyclosemigramicidin s. 19675342652
[contribution to the interpretation of the mechanism of the crabtree effect]. 19675582439
enzymatic synthesis of 3'-32p-labeled coenzyme a from 3'-dephospho-coenzyme a. 19675583156
glycogen synthetase activity in amoeba proteus. 19675583458
inhibition of proteus vulgaris urease by hydroxamic acids. 19675586497
[hospitalism by infection]. 19675586842
[cerebral panangiography in children and infants]. 19675588317
[streptomycin-dependant mutants of proteus mirabilis: their genetics, suppression and modification]. 19675594049
[results of marsupialization of vulvovaginal cysts and abscesses]. 19675595523
oxolinic acid, a new synthetic antimicrobial agent. ii. bactericidal rate and resistance development. 19675596177
selective multiplication of a single bacterial species in a mixed infection of the lung. 19675596205
[some properties of a bacteriophage active in relation to proteus pyogenes]. 19675597854
some observations on proteus mirabilis strains isolated from urine, in relation to inhibition of swarming and antibiotic sensitivity. 19675598197
[on the occurrence of free phage receptors in the culture medium of proteus mirabilis strain vi]. 19675600720
[synthesis of phage receptors in the stable l-form of proteus mirabilis vi]. 19675600899
[on microbiology and mechanism of bacterial abortions. iv. studies of experimental abortions in pregnant guinea pigs with proteus vulgaris]. 19675601508
[a new object finder]. 19675602718
[new culture medium for the isolation of enterobacteriaceae and simultaneous differentiation of the proteus and providence colonies. report]. 19675603521
[on the influence of the pretreatment of electrodes on the redox-potential values of bacterial cultures]. 19675603541
[study on the antibacterial activity in vitro of various antibiotic associations]. 19675606356
pathophysiology of the alveolar macrophage system. 19675610796
[free amino acids in proteus vulgaris 14k]. 19675612041
[effectiveness of phage therapy in experimental proteus infection]. 19675614270
[characteristics of microbial associations in the process of treating wound infections in traumatologic and orthopedic patients]. 19675614290
[hemolytic properties of various serological types of proteus in the ivan-franko region]. 19675615970
[on the phagocytosis of protues in the bodies of normal and immune mice]. 19675617965
[the sensitivity of proteus to antibiotics under various conditions of aerobiosis]. 19675617966
[on bacteriophages found in the caribbean sea]. 19675618197
[biosynthesis of free amino acids by proteus vulgaris 14k on media with organic acids]. 19675619864
[autopsy case of brain abscess due to otitis media complicated by proteus mirabilis septicemia]. 19675625312
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