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[not available]. 194621014087
proteus vulgaris septicaemia treated with penicillin. 194620786773
the isolation and characterization of two antigenic fractions of proteus ox-19. 194620273697
urea decomposition as a means of differentiating proteus and paracolon cultures from each other and from salmonella and shigella types. 194620274674
[role of proteus in alimentary toxic infections]. 194620277177
[an alimentary poisoning evoked by b. proteus vulgaris]. 194620277178
reproductive processes in proteus cultures. 194620277719
studies of the serology of typhus fever; weil-felix test and complement fixation with proteus 0x19 following typhus fever infection and vaccination. 194620279335
the effects of ddt on the protoplasm in amoeba proteus. 194620281504
[not available]. 194620238819
[not available]. 194620291919
isolation and characterization of two antigenic fractions of proteus ox-19. 194621066631
[not available]. 194720243528
a serological study of proteus mirabilis. 194720255098
an improved microbiological method for the determination of nicotinic acid based on the use of proteus hx19. 194720281628
on the activation of molecular hydrogen by proteus vulgaris. 194720287912
penicillin in proteus septicaemia; report of a case. 194720278700
[not available]. 194720259429
pneumonia due to proteus mirabilis treated with penicillin and streptomycin. 194720263470
some observations on the management of b. proteus infections of the urinary tract. 194720263668
a non-gas-producing strain of b. proteus. 194720266375
the effect of ddt on the protoplasm in amoeba proteus. 194720266406
further observations on the reproduction of bacilli from large bodies in proteus cultures. 194720270685
studies in pullorum disease; proteus antisera with special reference to the differentiation of regular and variant forms of salmonella pullorum. 194720273462
pneumo-pyo-nephrosis of b. proteus origin. 194720257714
[not available]. 194718898485
[not available]. 194718900199
[not available]. 194718900634
[not available]. 194718903928
the mechanism of swarming of proteus. 194718907580
some studies on amino acid metabolism by the genus proteus. 194718908616
morphological appearances of various stages in b. proteus and coli. 194718910324
[interrelations between x-proteus and rickettsia prowazeki; pathogenicity of g-form x-proteus in experimental infection of mice]. 194718918681
the role of pantothenic acid in the metabolism of pyruvate by proteus morganii. 194818910738
effect of penicillin sodium on coliform bacilli and proteus in vitro. 194818916210
[not available]. 194818916922
neonatal arthritis due to proteus vulgaris. 194818908800
chloral hydrate plates for the inhibition of swarming of proteus. 194818905760
bacillus proteus meningitis. 194818902965
attempts to infect amoeba proteus with poliomyelitis virus. 194818903378
the treatment of bacillus coli and bacillus proteus infections of the urinary tract with a new sulfonamide (nu-445). 194818898752
septicemia due to proteus vulgaris; review of the literature and report of a case cured by streptomycin. 194818899232
[not available]. 194818860368
the effect of sulfathiazole on the rate of increase of riboflavin production by proteus vulgaris and bacillus subtilis. 194818863612
[not available]. 194818866588
[not available]. 194818869125
[not available]. 194818871570
typhus-like fever of proteus vulgaris oxx type in northwest china; report of six cases. 194818873686
proteus ox19 agglutination in pregnancy. 194818874405
proteus group organisms infecting dogs. 194818876809
frequency, concentration and behavior of proteus vulgaris ox19 agglutinin and complement fixing antibody for rickettsia prowazeki in typhus and non-typhus febrile patients and in normal and vaccinated persons. 194818879180
[not available]. 194818880586
[not available]. 194818883978
[not available]. 194818885563
a case of otogenous cerebellar abscess due to proteus vulgaris. 194818886556
[not available]. 194818099353
rapid identification of proteus. 194818099655
effect of penicillin on proteus vulgaris. 194818102526
[not available]. 194818103906
urease and other biochemical reactions of the proteus group. 194818110929
[not available]. 194818207759
hyperpyrexia associated with b-proteus infection of the urinary tract. 194818859210
the effect of sulfathiazole on the rate of increase of riboflavin production by proteus vulgaris and bacillus subtilis. 194816561527
chloral hydrate plates for the inhibition of swarming of proteus. 194816810793
a serological study of proteus rettgeri and similar organisms. 194916561672
a new selective medium for the quantitative determination of members of the genus proteus in milk. 194916561674
the development of proteus cultures in the presence of penicillin. 194916561731
the effect of temperature upon bacteriostasis. 194918144231
a serological study of proteus rettgeri and similar organisms. 194918113434
a new selective medium for the quantitative determination of members of the genus proteus in milk. 194918113435
[not available]. 194918113892
studies of the life-cycle of proteus hauser. 194918117518
[not available]. 194918118940
proteus vulgaris meningitis. 194918119697
clinical observations on the use of dibromopropamidine for surface infections, with particular reference to b. proteus vulgaris and ps. pyocyanea. 194918119790
the control of the swarming of proteus vulgaris by boric acid. 194918126513
[not available]. 194918127668
studies on the so-called x-factor common to proteus ox19, rickettsia prowazeki and rickettsia mooseri, especially on the relation of the factor to blood group b specific substance. 194918128656
the development of proteus cultures in the presence of penicillin. 194918129479
streptomycin in acute hematogenous mastoiditis due to bacillus preteus. 194918138009
[not available]. 194918138466
[not available]. 194918138962
[not available]. 194918142685
[not available]. 194918142686
cobalt and bacterial growth, with special reference to proteus vulgaris. 194915395181
studies on the antigenic substance common to proteus ox10, rickettsia prowazeki and rickettsia mooseri. 194915396952
the effect of cobalt on the relationship between nucleic acid concentration and growth rate in proteus vulgaris. 194915400375
effect of cobalt on the phosphorus turnover rate in the nucleic acids of proteus vulgaris. 194915400376
the effect of podophyllotoxin on tissue metabolism and enzyme systems.podophyllotoxin, 10(-3) (m), inhibits the respiration in vitro of rat lymph nodes, thymus, kidney, tumor, spleen, liver, brain, testis, and chicken embryo. lymph node and spleen respiration are most sensitive, and the degree of inhibition increases with time. the injection of podophyllotoxin into tumor-bearing mice (20 mg. per kg.) causes a dramatic reduction in the respiration of tumor slices. within 6 hours, the respiration approaches zero. inhibition is evident 2 hours after injection of the ...194915394071
in vitro sensitivity of bacillus proteus and pseudomonas aeruginosa to seven antibiotics; penicillin, streptomycin, bacitracin, polymyxin, aerosporin, aureomycin, and chloromycetin. 195015404235
streptomycin in the treatment of proteus vulgaris meningitis. 195015413915
mural bacterial endocarditis produced by proteus. 195015415278
the morphology and motility of proteus vulgaris and other organisms cultured in the presence of penicillin. 195015415581
[clinicopathological sessions; septicemia due to proteus mirabilis]. 195015420285
dispersal of amoeba proteus. 195015423557
[preparation of antigens for the diagnosis and therapy of bacterial allergy. iv. antigens of enterobacteria (escherichia, aerobacter, klebsiella, proteus, salmonella, shigella)]. 195015427975
demonstration of the chromatinic bodies of escherichia coli and proteus vulgaris with the aid of the phase contrast microscope. 195015436463
mutation in the enzymatic equipment of escherichia coli and proteus ox 19 directed by desoxyribonucleic acid isolated from bacteria of the same and of different species. 195014773555
a comparison of the phenylpyruvic acid reaction and the urease test in the differentiation of proteus from other enteric organisms. 195014774341
further observations on the motility of proteus vulgaris grown on penicillin agar. 195014778952
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