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[the danger of infection during treatment with an indwelling catheter]. 19664969362
synthesis and cytotoxicity of 4-aminobutyrophenone hydrochlorides and their substituted pyrimidinylhydrazones. 19664961672
studies on gram-negative bacilli in a ward for new-born babies. 19664958353
antimicrobial specificity of leukocyte lysosomal cationic proteins.diflerences in antimicrobial specificities against staphylococcusaureus, streptococcus faecalis (groupd),and proteus vulgaris exist amongthe electrophoretically separable components of lysosomal cationic proteins of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.19664958495
nucleosides. 33. n4-acylated 5-fluorocytosines and a direct synthesis of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxycytidine. 19664961226
antiviral compounds. 8. aminoacethydrazones of aromatic alpha-ketoaldehydes. 19664961227
[studies on the mechanism of bacterial endotoxins]. 19664962810
the treatment of phosphatic encrusted cystitis (alkaline cystitis) with nalidixic acid. 19664952889
folate synthesis by intestinal bacteria. 19664958556
bacteriostatic action of progesterone on staphylococci and other microorganisms.yotis, william (loyola university, hines, ill.), and ronald stanke. bacteriostatic action of progesterone on staphylococci and other microorganisms. j. bacteriol. 92:1285-1289. 1966.-progesterone has been examined in vitro for antibacterial activity against 10 microorganisms. turbidimetric and manometric techniques were used to assay the antibacterial activity of progesterone. the organisms tested consisted of staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidis, gaffkya tetragena, bacillus subtilis, listeria ...19664958877
antiseptic and aseptic prophylaxis for burns: use of silver nitrate and of isolators. 19664958926
u-21,963, a new antibiotic. i. discovery and biological activity.a new antibiotic, u-21,963, is produced by a new strain of trichoderma viride. antibiotic activity can be demonstrated against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and also against a wide variety of fungi. u-21,963 is not cross-resistant with other commonly used antibiotics. u-21,963 afforded no protection against klebsiella pneumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes, or staphylococcus aureus when it was injected subcutaneously into mice.19664959076
nitrofuryl heterocycles. i. 5,6-dihydro-3-(5-nitro-2-furyl)imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles and acid addition salts. 19664960096
development of resistance to kanamycin. 19664960372
status of kanamycin in the treatment of surgical infections. 19664960373
kanamycin in urinary tract infections. 19664960374
an immunochemical analysis of bacterial mucopeptides. 19664959400
influence of abnormal bacterial flora on small intestinal function. 19664959402
the interaction patterns of combined antibacterial agents. experiments with two agardiffusion methods. 19664959585
antibodies to the methylene blue sensitized photooxidation product in deoxyribonucleic acid. 19664959743
effect of alimentary tract microorganisms on the development of trichinella spiralis in mice. ii. 19664956137
further study on the antibacterial effect of h. sabdariffa. 19664955778
autoantibody production in rabbits. vii. autoantibodies to gut produced by the injection of bacteria. 19664956607
comparative studies of putrescine degradation by microorganisms. 19664956873
the induction of nonspecific resistance in mice by papain. 19664957315
[antibiotics-sensitivity of the gram-negative organims in the carl bremer-hospital in 1960-1965]. 19664957744
immunofluorescent demonstration of the common enterobacterial antigen. 19664955220
[experimental study of furacrylin]. 19664970460
[preparation of various 1,3-benzoxathiols and examination of their bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties]. 19664971172
[characteristics of the antimicrobial properties of phytoncides of some edible plants of the carpathian region]. 19664972495
[chemotherapy of urinary tract infection by gram-negative bacilli]. 19664860163
antibacterial activities of combinations of ampicillin and cloxacillin. 19664860773
[the effect of chloramphenicol on the alpha-ketoglutarate-dehydrogenase activity of escherichia coli and proteus vulgaris]. 19664860856
nitrofurantoin: additional studies comparing in vitro drug susceptibility with clinical bacteriological response. 19664862163
[diagnosis and check of the course of chronic urinary tract infections]. 19664865148
[on the use of test strips in salmonella diagnosis]. 19664867189
[differences in sensitivity to antibiotics in gram-negative bacteria in different clinical departments]. 19664868078
[the role of ampicillin in antibiotic therapy with special reference to laboratory findings]. 19664870009
[studies on the antibacterial effect of cephalothin]. 19664870013
[the course of proteus wound infection in rabbits at different dosage and administration routes of monomycin]. 19664871094
[electron microscopic study on the action of surface-active substances on bacterial cell envelopes: 1. experiments with cell walls of proteus vulgaris and p. mirabilis]. 19664872585
[diagnosis and treatment of pyelonephritis. 800 quantitative bacteria determination]. 19664873696
[data on the activity of cephaloridine in the pediatric field]. 19664873824
[the "l" forms of proteus vulgaris. observations with the phase-contrast microscope]. 19664874568
[comparative studies on resistance tests in vitro and therapeutic effect. a contribution to the significance of resistance tests in vitro for antimicrobial therapy]. 19664873416
[effect of 5-fluorouracl on the intestinal flora in oncological patients]. 19664875728
[chemotherapeutic activity of acetoxymethyl derivatives of di-n-oxides of quinoxaline in acute bacterial infections]. 19664876657
[a comparative study of the biological action of the polysaccharides glucan and laminarin]. 19664882713
[various features of the clinical picture and treatment of gastroenterocolitis caused by conditioned pathogenic microorganisms]. 19664899344
[the role of ear wax in the external auditory meatus]. 19664899440
effect of activated charcoal on the swarming of proteus. 19664891939
clinicopathological conference lxxv. 19665905916
food-borne bacterial poisoning caused by the ingestion of preformed bacterial toxins is considered in relation to comparative symptoms, procedures for extraction and purification of the causal toxins, their chemistry, serology, assay procedures and pharmacology, in so far as these are known.the bacteria discussed in this context are clostridium botulinum, c. perfringens, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus cereus, and vibrio parahemolyticus. the possible roles of the enterococci, proteus, e. coli and of unknown spe ...19665905949
comparison of six methods for detection of phenylalanine deaminase produced by the proteus-providence group of bacteria. 19665906063
effect of antibacterials, antibiotics, enzymes and steroids on phagocytosis. 19665909268
proteus mirabilis meningitis: report of two cases treated with ampicillin. 19665910764
[aspects of the role of b. proteus in hospital intestinal infections in infants]. 19665911471
resistance to inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductase in strains of lactobacillus casei and proteus vulgaris. 19665912585
bactericidal properties of the concentrated artificial kidney bath solution.this study was undertaken to investigate the ability of a 30 times concentrated dialysate fluid to support or inhibit growth of bacteria, and to evaluate its shelf life. the solution was inoculated with the following organisms in the logarithmic-growth phase: escherichia coli, coagulase-positive staphylococcus aureus, enteric streptococcus sp., pseudomonas sp., klebsiella-aerobacter sp., proteus sp., and bacillus subtilis. inoculated concentrate held at 37 c showed an exponential decrease in org ...19665914496
notes on the question of the specificity of reduction sites in the bacterial cell. 19665916365
antibodies to photoproducts of deoxyribonucleic acids irradiated with ultraviolet light.a rabbit immunized with complexes of methylated bovine serum albumin and ultraviolet-irradiated dna from calf thymus produced antibodies directed toward the photoproducts in the dna. serologic activity appeared after irradiation of dna at 270 mmicro and decreased upon irradiation at 235 mmicro. the antigenic determinants of the ultraviolet-treated dna appear to be photoproducts associated primarily with thymine, as measured by direct dependence of serologic activity on the adenine-thymine conten ...19665917082
xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. 19665917484
breakdown of amino acids by enterobacteriaceae. v. breakdown of glycine in simple medium. 19665918578
multitest media for rapid identification of proteus species with notes on biochemical reactions of strains isolated from urine and pus.two ;multitest'(1) media for biochemical classification of the genus proteus into species were developed. the species so determined were checked with conventional methods. results show that these media were useful for rapid identification of species. the biochemical reactions of four proteus species isolated from clinical specimens as tested by conventional methods are reviewed and the occurrence of some atypical strains is described.19665919356
individual nephron function in experimental bilateral pyelonephritis. i. glomerular filtration rate and proximal tubular sodium, potassium, and water reabsorption. 19665923892
individual nephron function in experimental bilateral pyelonephritis. ii. distal tubular sodium and water reabsorption and the concentrating defect. 19665923893
classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity.krieg, r. e. (iowa state university, ames), and w. r. lockhart. classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity. j. bacteriol. 92:1275-1280. 1966.-a numerical study was made of 53 organisms, representing 12 genera of the family enterobacteriaceae and 4 members of the genus aeromonas. a total of 105 features was determined for each culture. matching coefficients were computed, and the organisms were sorted into phenetic groups by use of the "highest-link" criterion. the genera entero ...19665924265
a stab medium for the rapid tentative identification of proteus species. 19665931042
ureteral reflux resulting from chronic urinary infection in dogs: long-term studies. 19665931195
bladder instillations of nalidixic acid for cystitis due to "b. proteus". 19665934775
human leukocyte pyrogen producing fever in rabbits. 19665935620
substrate specificity of two separate chondrosulfatases in proteus vulgaris. 19665936241
comparative biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine by mycoplasma and l forms.smith, paul f. (university of south dakota, vermillion). comparative biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine by mycoplasma and l forms. j. bacteriol. 92:164-169. 1966.-seven species of mycoplasma, two l forms not requiring salt and their parent bacteria, and two yeasts were examined for enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of ornithine and lysine. all organisms tested, except two species of mycoplasma and the yeasts, decarboxylated meso-alpha, epsilon-diaminopimelic acid. none of the mycoplasma spe ...19665941275
asymptomatic bacteremia in the newborn infant. 19665946646
a preliminary study of infantile diarrhea in kuwait. 19665950458
isolation of proteus morganii from an atypical form of fatal gastro-enteritis in cattle. 19665950631
cases of bronchial asthma treated with morgan and proteus. 19665951945
the weil-felix reaction in healthy individuals. 19665952887
antagonism of colistin-sulphonamide synergism by para-aminobenzoic acid. 19665956057
experimental infection with candida albicans in modified hosts. 19665956265
linked transduction in proteus mirabilis. 19665956331
[forms of variability in proteus vulgaris through the influence of lithium chloride or penicillin]. 19665956700
role of pectinolytic yeasts in the degradation of mucilage layer of coffea robusta cherries.pectinolytic yeasts, saccharomyces marxianus, s. bayanus, s. cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus, and schizosaccharomyces sp., predominated in the natural fermentation of coffee cherries of coffea robusta variety grown in chikmagalur district of mysore state, india. these yeast species were found on the cherry surfaces, and evidence was adduced to show that the natural fermentation of coffee was the result of activity of microflora from the cherry surface itself rather than that of flora of air or wate ...19665959859
sucrose permease of proteus mirabilis. 19665960322
transduction in proteus morganii. 19665962096
the inactivation and reactivation of a proteus rettgeri phage in salt solutions. 19665963332
swarming of proteus--a solution to an old problem? 19665965543
purification of episomal dna with cellulose nitrate membrane filters. 19665965729
[the sensitivity to antibiotics of proteus strains isolated from patients with urologic disorders]. 19665968110
specific activity of phenylalanine deaminase in extracts of the proteus-providence group. 19665968293
a study of arylsulfatase activity in proteus rettgeri. 19665969336
properties of providence and proteus morganii transducing phages. 19665969499
role of lipid in the protection of staphylococcus aureus against trichlorophenol in mixed culture.the sensitivities of proteus mirabilis, salmonella schottmuelleri, aerobacter aerogenes, and staphylococcus aureus to 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol in sodium borate were studied. it was demonstrated that these gram-negative organisms can protect s. aureus from the effect of the phenol in mixed culture. there is a direct correlation between this protective effect and the quantity of total lipid extracted from the gram-negative organisms. the distribution coefficient between trichlorophenol and the lipi ...19665970464
basal bodies of bacterial flagella in proteus mirabilis. i. electron microscopy of sectioned material.years ago (16, 18, 19), in a study of shadowed preparations of proteus vulgaris that had been autolyzed in the cold, the observation was made that the flagella arose from basal bodies. however, recently (3, 7, 24, 33) doubt has been cast on the conclusion that the flagella of bacteria emerge from sizable basal bodies. this problem has, therefore, been reinvestigated with actively developing cultures of proteus mirabilis, the cell walls of which had been expanded slightly by exposure to penicilli ...19665971649
membrane potentials in amoeba proteus. 19665971993
[identification of some proteus strains isolated from meat products by the combined use of several laboratory tests]. 19665973710
reduction of tartrazine by a proteus species isolated from rats. 19665975247
[the role of microorganisms of the proteus group in human pathology]. 19665975904
proteus vulgaris urease: in vitro inhibition by urea analogues. 19665980560
[occurrence of 2 heptoses in lipopolysaccharides of enterobacterial cell walls: l-glycero-and d-glycero-d-mannoheptose]. 19665982378
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