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serological specificities of ureases of proteus species. 196514329968
transfer of alpha-peptide-bound amino acids: purification and properties of the hydrolytic enzyme and the transfer enzyme. 196514330344
[combined effect of colistin sulfate and sodium sulfisomezole on proteus. ii]. 196514330410
shock associated with bacteremia due to gram-negative bacilli. autopsy findings. 196514330619
tissue concentration of nalidixic acid in chronic pyelonephritis. 196514331621
clinical evaluation of sulfalene (2-sulfanilamido-3-methoxypyrazine). 196514331674
clinical evaluation of two chewable antibiotic preparations. 196514331675
an evaluation of reagent-impregnated paper strips for use in the process of identifying certain species of clinically important bacteria. ii. testing for the production of indole. 196514331682
amino acids as substrate for the reduction of tellurite by cells of proteus vulgaris. 196514332133
thermolabile proteins (neurotoxins) from proteus mirabilis and its stable l forms. 196514333969
fractionation of biological materials by magnetically stabilized electrophoresis. 196514336027
[effects on the pathogenicity of different germs of a polypeptide complex p ii injected into animals]. 196514336045
[resistance of the l-form of bacteria to heat and freezing]. 196514273502
mixed-culture interactions. i. commensalism of proteus vulgaris with saccharomyces cerevisiae in continuous culture.shindala, adnan (virginia polytechnic institute, blacksburg), henry r. bungay iii, noel r. krieg, and kathleen culbert. mixed-culture interactions. i. commensalism of proteus vulgaris with saccharomyces cerevisiae in continuous culture. j. bacteriol. 89:693-696. 1965.-a chemically defined medium was selected which supported the growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae, but not proteus vulgaris, in pure culture; however, p. vulgaris grew in mixed culture with the yeast. steady-state populations of each ...196514273647
fixation of bacterial l forms for electron microscopy. 196514273678
utilization of cyclic amides and formation of omega-amino acids by microorganisms. 196514273687
spontaneous (endogenous) gas gangrene. 196514271087
[on the problem of nonspecific food poisoning]. 196514271410
[contribution to the salmonella diagnosis. i. biochemical differentiation of enterobacteriaceae]. 196514267682
problems in the treatment of ps. pyocyanea infections. 196514269349
presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of urinary-tract infections in general practice. 196514251518
preliminary evaluation of an activated glutaraldehyde solution for cold sterilization. 196514252622
treatment of pyelonephritis: bacterial, drug and host factors in success or failure among 252 patients. 196514281538
hemodynamic and metabolic studies on shock associated with bacteremia. observations on 16 patients. 196514283393
respiratory illness in factory and office workers. a study of minor respiratory illnesses in relation to changes in ventilatory capacity, sputum characteristics, and atmospheric pollution. 196514283437
the effect of the electron-opaque pore material on exchanges through the nuclear investigate the extent to which the electron-opaque pore material can regulate nucleocytoplasmic exchanges which occur through the nuclear annuli, experiments were performed in which polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp)-coated colloidal gold particles (25 to 170 a in diameter) were microinjected into the cytoplasm of amebas (amoeba proteus). the cells were fixed at various times after injection and examined with the electron microscope in order to determine the location of the gold particles. high conc ...196514283630
hyperbaric oxygenation chronic osteomyelitis. 196514283767
[possibility of bacterial contamination of the external environment of milk plants]. 196514284528
a clinical trial of nalidixic acid (negram) in urinary infections. 196514286138
outbreak of toxicoinfective food poisoning due to one serotype of p. hauseri, biotype p. mirabilis. 196514286325
effects of high pressure on pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 196514287189
latent osteomyelitis; report of 7 cases. 196514287857
effect of various concentrations of brilliant green and bile salts on salmonellae and other microorganisms.a study of the inhibitory effect of 24 different combinations of brilliant green and bile salts concentrations was conducted, using seven species of microorganisms capable of fermenting mannitol. the inhibitory effect of brilliant green decreased as the bile salts concentration was increased. staphylococcus aureus and proteus rettgeri were inhibited by all test media. escherichia coli was inhibited in all but two combinations of brilliant green and bile salts. aerobacter aerogenes generally foll ...196514264851
[on quantitative germ determination in urinary tract infections]. 196514266002
comparison of lipids and lipopolysaccharide from the bacillary and l forms of proteus p18.nesbitt, j. a., iii (the johns hopkins university school of medicine, baltimore, md.), and w. j. lennarz. comparison of lipids and lipopolysaccharides from the bacillary and l forms of proteus p18. j. bacteriol. 89:1020-1025. 1965.-comparative studies on the l form of proteus p18 and the parent bacterium grown in a defined medium showed that the l form contained 1.5 times as much extractable lipid (dry weight) as the bacillary form. the composition of the lipids extractable by chloroform-methano ...196514276089
postirradiation growth, division, and recovery in bacteria. 196514276328
treatment of urinary tract infection with ampicillin. 196514278726
gram-negative septicemia in urology. 196514260885
nalidixic acid (neggram) in the treatment of urinary a bacteriologic and clinical assessment of nalidixic acid (neggram), 95% of gramnegative urinary pathogens tested in vitro (with the exception of pseudomonas pyocyanea) were sensitive to therapeutically attainable levels. the antibacterial spectrum of this agent was surpassed only by parenteral kanamycin, which is potentially ototoxic. of 70 patients treated with 0.5-1.0 g. every six hours for from two weeks to two months, 61 underwent a full course of treatment and could be assessed. in 42 t ...196514261151
bacterial meningitis--a review of selected aspects. 1. general clinical features, special problems and unusual meningeal reactions mimicking bacterial meningitis. 196514261465
study of nalidixic acid. 196514261780
child care in general practice. urinary infection. 196514262200
[on the effect of antibiotics inhibiting the cell wall on gram-negative bacteria. ii. the effect of d-cycloserine on the concentration of cell wall precursors in proteus mirabilis and its l-phase]. 196514262418
[comparative study of drug resistance changes during prolonged use of antibiotics in urology]. 196514262872
the fate of pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli in the mouse kidney. 196514263500
differential urethrovesical urinary cell-count. a method of accurate diagnosis of lower-urinary-tract infections in women. 196514255215
effect of high fat diets on intestinal microflora and serum cholesterol in rats.graber, c. d. (baylor university college of medicine, houston, tex.), r. m. o'neal, and e. r. rabin. effect of high fat diets on intestinal microflora and serum cholesterol in rats. j. bacteriol. 89:47-51. 1965.-differential bacterial counts of feces and total plasma cholesterol determinations were performed on 60 wistar rats fed several high lipid diets for a period of approximately 6 months. fecal flora remained relatively stable irrespective of diet, but cholesterol levels rose in animals fed ...196514255680
fever of prolonged duration due to chronic otitis media. 196514257734
errors and hazards in the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial pneumonias. 196514258349
the significance of bacteremia with exchange transfusions. 196514258918
effects of calcium ion on kanamycin activity. 196514259189
[trial treatment of various "proteus" infections with 2,4-diamino-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzyl) pyrimidine, or (trim'ethoprime)]. 196514259732
acute infections of the urinary tract and the urethral syndrome in general practice. 196514245177
infection complicating arterial grafts: personal experience with 12 cases and review of the literature. 196514247424
hair as a reservoir of staphylococci.the occurrence of staphylococcus aureus in the hair of the scalp was investigated in three groups: out-patients, in-patients, and staff of a general hospital. bacteria were grown from the hair of all the subjects tested and staphylococcus aureus was the commonest pathogen isolated. it was found more frequently in the hair than in the nose but 20% of hair carriers of staph. aureus were not nasal carriers. in hospital staff and in-patients, the staphylococci were highly resistant to antibiotics, a ...196514247696
bacteremia due to gram-negative rods. a clinical, bacteriologic, serologic and immunofluorescent study. 196514242500
detection of bacteriuria by a modification of the nitrite test. 196514248449
urinary beta-glucuronidase activity in patients with urinary-tract infection. 196514223125
incidence of urinary-tract infections among juvenile diabetics. 196514233242
gram-negative septicaemia: a report of thirty cases. 196514233318
[clinical and bacteriological studies on the problem of colienteritis]. 196514240835
the in vitro activity of cephaloridine. spectrum, routine sensitivity tests, cross-resistance and inactivation. 19664381136
[dynamics of the change of the composition of microflora and its sensitivity toward antibiotics in purulent inflammatory processes of lungs]. 19664385185
[on the antibacterial activity of 6-deoxy-oxy-tetracycline]. 19664385464
[bacteriological and pharmacological properties of new cephalosporin antibiotics. i. cephalothin. 2]. 19664385598
experimental bacterial peritonitis in mice. 19664285309
bacteriuria during indwelling catheter drainage. effect of constant bladder rinse. 19664285364
the action of lysozyme on bacterial electron transport systems. 19664290564
patterns of interaction between polyribonucleotides and individual dna strands derived from several vertebrates, bacteria and bacteriophages. 19664291221
the effect of hyperbaric oxygen upon aerobic bacteria. i. in vitro studies. 19664289930
influence of clay minerals on microorganisms. i. montmorillonite and kaolinite on bacteria. 19664289932
[the effect of specific polysaccharides of typhoid bacteria and proteus, with structure partially modified by acid hydrolysis, acetylation or oxidation, on the radiation resistence of mice]. 19664299709
[the use of polymyxin in surgical practice]. 19664300821
some bioelectrical properties of amoeba proteus. 19664224575
rana pipiens: health and disease. 19664224715
[comparative studies of the action of organ homogenates on tumor cells and bacteria in vitro]. 19664228032
cephaloridine in the treatment of urinary proteus infections. 19664162058
cellular changes accompanying the swarming of proteus mirabilis. ii. observations of stained organisms. 19664162515
isoantibodies specific for myeloma gamma-g and gamma-h immunoglobulins of balb-c mice. 19664162928
the fine structure of the ribonucleoprotein in bacterial cytoplasm. 19664163863
effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the growth of aerobic organisms in deep culture. 19664160749
[treatment of bacterial infections with combined preparations of streptomycin or dihydrostreptomycin and penicillin]. 19664160791
a primary isolation medium. for the differentiation of genus proteus from other non-lactose and lactose fermenters. 19664160908
transferable r factors in enteric bacteria causing infection of the genitourinary tract. 19664161048
proteus: the quiet sort. 19664161124
fluorescence and viability of proteus mirabilis stained directly with fluorescein isothiocyanate.grunberg, e. (hoffman-la roche, inc., nutley, n.j.), and r. cleeland. fluorescence and viability of proteus mirabilis stained directly with fluorescein isothiocyanate. j. bacteriol. 92:23-27. 1966.-washed cell suspensions of proteus mirabilis, under the proper conditions, stained well with fluorescein isothiocyanate with little or no loss of cell viability. the speed and intensity of the reaction was dependent on both the concentration of dye and ph. within a range of ph 3.0 to 10.0, staining wa ...19664161290
molecular nature of the drug-resistance factors of the enterobacteriaceae. 19664164241
basal bodies of bacterial flagella in proteus mirabilis. ii. electron microscopy of negatively stained material.this paper investigates further the question of whether the flagella of proteus mirabilis emerge from basal bodies. the bacteria were grown to the stage of swarmer differentiation, treated lightly with penicillin, and then shocked osmotically. as a result of this treatment, much of the cytoplasmic content and also part of the plasma membrane were removed from the cells. when such fragmented organisms were stained negatively with potassium phosphotungstate, the flagella were found to be anchored- ...19664165908
[on the sanitary-index of bacteria from the genus of proteus. (preliminary report)]. 19664169289
[on the question of the role of guanidine groups of dihydrostreptomycin molecules in the manifestation of biological activity and neurotoxic action]. 19664172490
[sequestrotomy combined with antibiotic therapy in treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in children]. 19665184686
studies on passive immune cell damage by viridans streptococcal antigen. 19665234177
[evaluation of the antibiotic resistance of gram-negative bacilli exposed to interactions of antibacterial agents of a synergic nature]. 19664965775
[studies on the importance of drying to the elimination of germs in disinfectant dry cleaning]. 19664966713
[studies on 2-hydroxythiobenzamide and 2-hydroxythiobenzanalide. 2. bacteriostatic properties of the compounds]. 19664966772
[studies on the formation of penicillic acid by various species of bacteria]. 19664966311
[the antimicrobial activity of thiocyanates and isothiocyantes. 1]. 19664967663
[changes in the intestinal microflora in dysenteric patients depending on the method of administration of tetracycline]. 19664968144
[studies of phagocytosis of various germs by human leukocytes]. 19664968160
[changes in desoxyribonuclease activity in some pyogenic bacterial strains adapted to antibiotics]. 19664968208
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