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[hemorrhages in pregnancy, at delivery and postpartum]. 19655326154
interaction of cephaloridine with penicillinase-producing gram-negative bacteria. 19655326329
[resistance of l-shaped bacteria to ultraviolet rays]. 19655326395
[action of anti-rna antibodies on ribosomes and phages]. 19655326540
the inhibition of ribosomal ribonuclease by bacterial ribosomes.1. a comparison has been made between the ribonuclease activities of untreated ribosomes from escherichia coli b and pseudomonas fluorescens and the activities of ribosomes on to which ribosomal ribonuclease from e. coli b has been adsorbed. 2. the normal ribosomes from both species were stable in 5-10mm-mg(2+) (i0.16) at ph6. the rna in ribosomes from ps. fluorescens was attacked by the adsorbed ribonuclease under these conditions, whereas the ribosomes from e. coli b were able to adsorb and in ...19655326718
[on the photosensitivity of bacteria]. 19655327040
[experimental pyelonephritis]. 19655328133
[clinical aspects of food infections caused by staphylococcus, escherichia coli and morgan's bacillus]. 19655332763
[bacterium anitratum infection in surgically treated open thoracic cavities and their significance]. 19655899139
[cyanacetic acid hydrazide as activator and protector of the dehydrogenase activity of proteus vulgaris ox 19]. 19655899796
the decomposition of l-tyrosine and its derivatives by proteus vulgaris. 2. production of p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde and melanin from l-tyrosine. 19655899800
recovery of more than 1 organism in septicemias. 19655318026
[studies in drug synthesis concerning alpha'-azastilbene. 2]. 19654957331
factors affecting the antimicrobial activity of vitamin k5.pure cultures of escherichia coli, bacillus subtilis, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, and pseudomonas fluorescens were used in this investigation. the bactericidal concentrations of vitamin k(5) required for e. coli, b. subtilis, p. vulgaris, s. aureus, and p. fluorescens; the effect of an absence of oxygen; the effect of contact time with e. coli and s. aureus; and the effect of initial counts per milliliter of e. coli were studied. the bactericidal concentrations ranged from 60 ppm of ...19654956243
comparisons of immune and naturally occurring blood grouping antisera on human bloods. 19654956293
on the nature of the deoxyribonucleic acid methylases. biological evidence for the multiple nature of the enzymes. 19654956424
studies on pyrrolnitrin, a new antibiotic. i. isolation and properties of pyrrolnitrin. 19654955234
[antibiotic-resistance of strains of streptococcus viridans, streptococcus faecalis, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruglinosa, proteus sp., and klebsiella sp. isolated in poland in 1960-1963]. 19654955331
[laboratory experiences with propicillin, oxacillin and ampicillin and their clinical significance]. 19654955569
the distribution of ribosomal ribonucleic acids among subcellular fractions from bacteria and the adverse effect of the membrane fraction on the stability of ribosomes.1. the distributions of nucleic acids and protein among fractions obtained by differential centrifugation from species of pseudomonas, aerobacter, escherichia, proteus and bacillus have been studied. 2. the dna in a cell wall-membrane fraction obtained by low-speed centrifugation from the gram-negative species could be removed by homogenizing and subsequent washing. about 7-14% of the total rna remained firmly attached and resembled ribosomal rna in base composition. a similar fraction from the ...19654955598
denatured dna as a direct template for in vitro protein synthesis. 19654955657
the effect of ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid on the cell walls of some gram-negative bacteria. 19654955831
[on the morphology of acute intestinal diseases in macaca rhesus monkeys caused by proteus vulgaris]. 19654955966
the correlation of sulfonamide disc sensitivity testing with the outcome of therapy in patients with urinary tract infections. 19654956134
effect of hot formamide on gram-positive and gram-negative cell walls. 19654959378
gentamicin: antibacterial activity in vitro and clinical studies. 19654958548
bacterial colonization of intestine of germfree rats with external esophageal fistula after specific bacterial contamination. 19654953669
[on the therapy of spontaneous and antibiotic-induced simple and multiple changes in the causative agents of urinary tract infection as well as the therapy of the resistance of these agents to antibiotics]. 19654953703
an allotypic determinant specific to rabbit macroglobulin. 19654953738
[comparison of the c and n terminal amino acids of the proteus p-18 wall and its corresponding stable l form]. 19654954192
[study of the lipopolysaccharide of an enterobacterium (proteus p18)]. 19654954285
a micromanipulator-based system for immunologic analyses with microliter and submicroliter reactant volumes. 19654954372
antibacterial activity of some quinolines containing a cyclic hydroxamic acid group. 19654954373
[study of the serum in the urodeles proteus anguinus laur. and ambystoma mexicanum cope. fraction by electrophoresis and widening]. 19654954695
[amino-acid composition of some gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria]. 19654958124
[the association between urease and the bacterial cell]. 19654960675
[continuous recording of physico-chemical data in bacterial cultures. ii. influence of dissolved oxygen on the measurement of oxidation-reduction potentials in bacterial cultures]. 19654961479
[on the antibacterial activity of nalidixic acid]. 19654965236
[bacteriology of burn wounds in childhood]. 19655177406
[on the problem of gamma globulin therapy of infectious diseases. passive mice immunity studies with human gamma globulin]. 19654161844
[the significance of bacterial adjuvants for the development of susceptibility to anaphylactic shock in mice and rats. i. the increase of anaphylactic sensitivity and serum antibody formation by bacteria and bacteria-containing substances in mice and rats]. 19654287442
[silicon metabolism in microorganisms. vi. enzymatic changes of metabolism in the conversion of phosphate to silicate in proteus mirabilis]. 19654287464
[silicon metabolism in microorganisms. vii. distribution of silicic acid in cell fractions of proteus mirabilis and the demonstration of carbohydrate silicic acid esters]. 19654287630
a "three gases technique" as a method for the determination of volatile hydrides and related compounds in a modified warburg assay. 19654285170
on the phosphomonoesterase activity of the genus proteus. 19654291309
the bacterial induction of homograft sensitivity. ii. effects of sensitization with staphylococci and other microoorganisms.heat-killed strains of staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus albus can induce in guinea pigs a state of altered reactivity to skin homografts which is indistinguishable from that which results from sensitization with homologous tissues or group a streptococci. challenge of suitably prepared recipients with first-set skin homografts obtained from unrelated randomly selected donors elicits white graft reactions or accelerated rejection of such grafts. other bacteria tested included lancefield s ...19654379017
pyrrolnitrin, a new antifungal antibiotic. microbiological and toxicological observations. 19654379208
morphological changes of bacteria induced by chemotherapeutic agents. 3. 19654379209
[cluster inhibition of proteus by stereoisomeric chloramphenicol bases and by pnpg (1-p-nitrophenylpropane-1,2,3-triol)]. 19654380227
influence of ph on proteus flagella. 196516562030
urinary beta-glucuronidase activity in patients with urinary-tract infection. 196514223125
incidence of urinary-tract infections among juvenile diabetics. 196514233242
gram-negative septicaemia: a report of thirty cases. 196514233318
[clinical and bacteriological studies on the problem of colienteritis]. 196514240835
acute infections of the urinary tract and the urethral syndrome in general practice. 196514245177
infection complicating arterial grafts: personal experience with 12 cases and review of the literature. 196514247424
hair as a reservoir of staphylococci.the occurrence of staphylococcus aureus in the hair of the scalp was investigated in three groups: out-patients, in-patients, and staff of a general hospital. bacteria were grown from the hair of all the subjects tested and staphylococcus aureus was the commonest pathogen isolated. it was found more frequently in the hair than in the nose but 20% of hair carriers of staph. aureus were not nasal carriers. in hospital staff and in-patients, the staphylococci were highly resistant to antibiotics, a ...196514247696
bacteremia due to gram-negative rods. a clinical, bacteriologic, serologic and immunofluorescent study. 196514242500
spontaneous (endogenous) gas gangrene. 196514271087
[on the problem of nonspecific food poisoning]. 196514271410
[contribution to the salmonella diagnosis. i. biochemical differentiation of enterobacteriaceae]. 196514267682
problems in the treatment of ps. pyocyanea infections. 196514269349
gram-negative septicemia in urology. 196514260885
nalidixic acid (neggram) in the treatment of urinary a bacteriologic and clinical assessment of nalidixic acid (neggram), 95% of gramnegative urinary pathogens tested in vitro (with the exception of pseudomonas pyocyanea) were sensitive to therapeutically attainable levels. the antibacterial spectrum of this agent was surpassed only by parenteral kanamycin, which is potentially ototoxic. of 70 patients treated with 0.5-1.0 g. every six hours for from two weeks to two months, 61 underwent a full course of treatment and could be assessed. in 42 t ...196514261151
bacterial meningitis--a review of selected aspects. 1. general clinical features, special problems and unusual meningeal reactions mimicking bacterial meningitis. 196514261465
study of nalidixic acid. 196514261780
child care in general practice. urinary infection. 196514262200
[on the effect of antibiotics inhibiting the cell wall on gram-negative bacteria. ii. the effect of d-cycloserine on the concentration of cell wall precursors in proteus mirabilis and its l-phase]. 196514262418
[comparative study of drug resistance changes during prolonged use of antibiotics in urology]. 196514262872
the fate of pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli in the mouse kidney. 196514263500
differential urethrovesical urinary cell-count. a method of accurate diagnosis of lower-urinary-tract infections in women. 196514255215
effect of high fat diets on intestinal microflora and serum cholesterol in rats.graber, c. d. (baylor university college of medicine, houston, tex.), r. m. o'neal, and e. r. rabin. effect of high fat diets on intestinal microflora and serum cholesterol in rats. j. bacteriol. 89:47-51. 1965.-differential bacterial counts of feces and total plasma cholesterol determinations were performed on 60 wistar rats fed several high lipid diets for a period of approximately 6 months. fecal flora remained relatively stable irrespective of diet, but cholesterol levels rose in animals fed ...196514255680
fever of prolonged duration due to chronic otitis media. 196514257734
errors and hazards in the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial pneumonias. 196514258349
the significance of bacteremia with exchange transfusions. 196514258918
effects of calcium ion on kanamycin activity. 196514259189
[trial treatment of various "proteus" infections with 2,4-diamino-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzyl) pyrimidine, or (trim'ethoprime)]. 196514259732
presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of urinary-tract infections in general practice. 196514251518
preliminary evaluation of an activated glutaraldehyde solution for cold sterilization. 196514252622
detection of bacteriuria by a modification of the nitrite test. 196514248449
rapid technique for the enumeration of clostridium perfingens.a new medium, tryptone-sulfite-neomycin (tsn) agar, and an incubation procedure for the enumeration of clostridium perfringens are described. tolerance to neomycin, optimal growth at 46 c, and sulfite-reducing properties of c. perfringens were used as a basis for development of the medium. comparisons were made between sulfite-polymyxin-sulfadiazine (sps) agar and tsn agar at 37 and 46 c with c. perfringens and other organisms. these studies indicate the quantitative and selective superiority of ...196514339262
determination of bacterial decarboxylases of some amino acids by means of high voltage paper electrophoresis. 196514339688
spontaneous proteus mirabilis infection associated with chronic diarrhea in a rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta): (a case report). 196514341172
identification of glucaro-1,4-lactone in bile as a factor responsible for inhibitory effect of bile on bacterial beta-glucuronidase. 196514314113
a study of the carriage of gram-negative bacilli by new-born babies in hospital. 196514280565
utilization of carbon-bound phosphorus by microorganisms. 196514302415
infections and retina surgery. ii. incidence and significance of positive wound site cultures. 196514303341
[on the mechanism of action of cell wall-inhibiting antibiotics in gram negative bacteria. i. the effect of penicillin on the concentration of cell wall precursors in proteus mirabilis]. 196514304667
[inhibition of cell division in amoeba proteus (chaos diffluens) by vanadium derivatives]. 196514304684
jaundice in severe infections. 196514305371
[on bacterial agglutination produced by a polypeptide complex extracted from calf thymus with or without previous treatment with lysozyme, trypsin, calcium chloride or polypeptide p ii]. 196514306357
[persistent pyuria in an infant. microbial association with serratia]. 196514306358
[studies on nucleic acids. xi. isolation of desoxyribonucleic acid from microorganisms in pure, high molecular form]. 196514309054
'spontaneous' rupture of the rectum. 196514341841
[clinico-electrocardiographic parallels and some hemodynamic indices in food poisoning caused by salmonella, pathogenic staphylococcus and proteus]. 196514342982
[diversity, multiplicity and constancy of types in the proteus group determined by the phenomenon of the line of demarcation]. 196514345039
acetolactate metabolism and the presence of a dihydroxy acid dehydratase in micro-organisms.1. the growth characteristics of nine micro-organisms on complex broth and defined media, usually with a single nitrogen source (other than vitamins), were examined as a necessary step before growth of cells for enzyme assays. six of these bacteria gave a positive colour test with a creatine-potassium hydroxide reagent, indicating the presence of acetoin, which other investigators have shown is formed via the intermediate, alpha-acetolactate. 2. cell-free extracts of exponential-phase cells of b ...196514348203
[data relating to the problem of association of the genus geotrichium and various enterobacteria. i]. 196514348353
multiple organism septicemia in acute leukemia; analysis of 54 episodes. 196514315659
use of penotrane in ophthalmology. treatment of recurrent staphylococcal lesions and blepharo-conjunctivitis. 196514317979
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