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the role of the alveolar macrophage in the clearance of bacteria from the lung.pulmonary clearance of bacteria was studied using histologic, bacteriologic, and radiotracer methods. when mice were exposed to an aerosol of p(32)-tagged staphylococcus aureus or proteus mirabilis, and the rate of disappearance of viable bacteria compared with the rate of their mechanical removal, it was found that bacterial viability declined 80 to 90 per cent in 4 hours, whereas radioactivity declined by only 14 to 20 per cent. the marked disparity in these rates indicated that mechanical rem ...196414113111
electron microscopy of the localization of formic dehydrogenase in regenerating forms of proteus vulgaris. 196414113867
antibiotic sensitivity of proteus species.a study has been made of the antibiotic sensitivity pattern of 96 strains of proteus isolated from clinical material and a further 29 strains kindly supplied by dr. patricia carpenter. the results have been analysed in relation to the different species. the effect of electrolytes on the penicillin sensitivity of proteus species has also been examined.196414100008
effectiveness of ampicillin against gram-negative bacteria. in vitro and in vivo studies of a new antibiotic. 196414089001
transfer of episomic elements to proteus. i. transfer of f-linked chromosomal determinants.falkow, stanley (walter reed army institute of research, washington, d.c.), j. a. wohlhieter, r. v. citarella, and l. s. baron. transfer of episomic elements to proteus. i. transfer of f-linked chromosomal determinants. j. bacteriol. 87:209-219. 1964.-f-linked lac(+) genes may be transferred from escherichia coli to several species of proteus by conjugation. usually the transferred genetic elements are markedly unstable in proteus, but repeated plating permits the selection of relatively stable ...196414102856
n-methyl groups in bacterial lipids.goldfine, howard (harvard medical school, boston, mass.), and martha e. ellis. n-methyl groups in bacterial lipids. j. bacteriol. 87:8-15. 1964.-the ability of bacteria to synthesize lecithin was examined by measuring the incorporation of the methyl group of methionine into the water-soluble moieties obtained on acid hydrolysis of bacterial lipids. of 21 species examined, mostly of the order eubacteriales, only 2, agrobacterium radiobacter and a. rhizogenes, incorporated the methyl group of meth ...196414102879
laboratory aids in diagnosis of significant urinary tract infection. 196414103676
the content and relative base ratios of ribonucleic acid in amoeba.the amount and relative base ratios of ribonucleic acid (rna) in the nucleus and cytoplasm of amoeba proteus and a. dubia, and of homospecies cells obtained by nuclear transfer with a. proteus, have been determined by microelectrophoresis. in a. proteus the average amounts of rna in the nucleus and the cytoplasm were 134. micromicrograms and 2520. micromicrograms; in a. dubia the averages for the nucleus and cytoplasm were 67. micromicrograms and 1427. micromicrograms. the relative base ratio of ...196414105213
electron microscopy of mitosis in a radiosensitive giant amoeba.various aspects of the ultrastructure of the dividing nuclei in the large radiosensitive amoeba pelomyxa illinoisensis are demonstrated. evidence of nuclear envelope breakdown is presented, and membrane fragments are traced throughout metaphase to envelope reconstruction in anaphase and telophase. annuli in the nuclear envelope and its fragments are shown throughout mitosis. during metaphase and anaphase some 15 to 20 mitochondria are aligned at each end of the spindle, and are called polar mito ...196414105218
experimental pyelonephritis in the mouse produced by escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus mirabilis. 196414106358
postoperative orthopaedic infections. a study of etiological mechanisms. 196414106556
6-aminopenicillanic acid: inhibition of destruction of cephalosporin c by bacteria.6-aminopenicillanic acid, from which all the true penicillins are derived, inhibits the destruction of cephalosporin c by certain microorganisms. this inhibition is probably specific for "cephalosporinase." the enzymatic deacetylation of cephalosporin c is not affected by the acid.196414107444
hepatic dysfunction and fixed-drug eruption due to triacetyloleandomycin. 196414107946
effect of some detergents on the surface membrane of penicillin spheroplasts. 19644955128
[chemical detection of nitrite-producing bacteria. vi]. 19645319061
[chemical detection of nitrite-producing bacteria. v]. 19645319067
[on the occurrence of an enzyme which dehydrogenates butanediol in bacteria of the enterobacteriaceae family and its significance for the toxonomy of the genus shigella]. 19645319127
[on the isolation of corynebacterium pyogenes from proteus-containing mixed cultures]. 19645319442
the possible implication of a bacterial enzyme in the biochemical mode of action of penicillins on gram negative bacteria. 19645319843
[benzene and toluene resistance of actinomyces israelii as an aid in the demonstration of actinomyces]. 19645831689
production of reddish-brown pigment from dl-tryptophan by enterobacteria of the proteusprovidencia group. 19645857583
[the thermolabile endotoxins (neurotoxins) of gram-negative bacteria. vii. soluble neurotoxins in the urine of subjects infected with gram-negative bacteria]. 19645338321
glucosamine-6-phosphate degradation by proteus vulgaris and isolation of phosphoglucosaminisomerase.aron, h. (university of california, santa barbara), h. h. yonenaka, and h. i. nakada. glucosamine-6-phosphate degradation by proteus vulgaris and isolation of phosphoglucosaminisomerase. j. bacteriol. 87:1123-1128. 1964.-the presence of the enzyme, phosphoglucosaminisomerase, was demonstrated in a strain of proteus vulgaris. fructose-6-phosphate and ammonia were shown to be the primary reaction products. the optimal ph was 7.2 with a broad peak. this differs from previously reported bacterial ph ...19645874535
influence of antibiotic stability on the results of in vitro testing procedures.wick, warren e. (the lilly research laboratories, indianapolis, ind.). influence of antibiotic stability on the results of in vitro testing procedures. j. bacteriol. 87:1162-1170. 1964.-certain antibiotics undergo at least partial degradation under the conditions of in vitro testing procedures. with cephalothin used as an example, experimental evidence is presented to indicate the necessity for re-evaluation of results obtained from in vitro sensitivity testing methods for some antibiotics. the ...19645874538
[apropos of acute pyelonephritis caused by proteus mirabilis]. 19645878802
[research on the method of distribution of bacteria of the proteus groups in the external environment. 3. distribution of the species p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris in contaminated waters]. 19645877131
[research on the method of distribution of bacteria of the proteus group in the external environment. iv. use of proteus counting in the hygienic control of a system of surface waters]. 19645877472
[deamination of leucine, norleucine and norvaline. rapid test for the identification of the proteus-providencia group]. 19655877527
[studies on the question of synchronization of cultures of proteus mirabilis]. 19655877544
[inactivation of incomplete proteus phages by a receptor substance in the cell-free filtrate of the indicator bacteria culture]. 19655877547
[comparative studies on the effects of bivalent cations on the respiration of the normal form, the penicillin-spheroplasts, and the stable l-form of proteus mirabilis]. 19655877736
[electric parameters of the membranes of amoeba proteus. ii. motile amoebae]. 19655880638
catalysis of the h2-hto exchange by hydrogenase. a new assay for hydrogenase. 19655880683
[proteus infections: a current problem]. 19655881619
[behavior of some species of bacteria in the feces of patients with viral hepatitis]. 19655882919
beta-aminoketones as anti-infective agents. 19655883421
lincomycin therapy in chronic middle ear infections. 19655883488
[proteus bacilli and their role in infantile morbidity with special reference to acute diarrhea]. 19655883581
the morphology of proteus bacteriophages. 19655883696
[comparative study of l-form substructures of p. vulgaris and st. haemolyticus]. 19655885654
the influence of bacterial species on pulmonary resistance to infection in mice subjected to hypoxia, cold stress, and ethanolic intoxication. 19655890349
proteus--a bach nosode. a non-lactose fermenting colibacillus. 19655897832
[on the mechanism of inhibition of proteus mirabilis swarming with sodium tetradecyl sulfate, beta-phenyl-ethyl alcohol and p-nitrophenyl glycerin]. 19655875521
[comparative studies on antigens of proteus mirabilis and a stabile l-form]. 19655875763
[significance of conditionally pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria in the etiopathogenesis of otogenic intracranial complications]. 19655876480
[a study on some chemotherapeutical and pharmacological properties of the antibiotic gentamicin]. 19655876636
[acquired enterogenous methemoglobinemia in adults]. 19655825298
[synergism between antibiotics in proteus infections]. 19655825943
the metabolism of tde by proteus vulgaris. 19655826308
[on the phototaxis of amoeba proteus]. 19655831239
[renal amylosis secondary to a chronic urinary suppuration. study of 3 cases]. 19655859059
disintegration of flagella by acid. 19655861991
[electrical parameters of amoeba proteus membranes. i. motionless amoebae]. 19655863658
examination of parakeet feces for the presence of enteric organisms. 19655863816
effects of related anionic detergents on flagellation, motility, swarming, and growth of proteus.the effects of a series of sodium alkyl sulfates (c(4) to c(16)) on flagellation, motility, swarming, and growth of proteus were examined. the concentrations of the various sodium alkyl sulfates completely inhibiting the swarming phenomenon (on solid medium) and motility (in liquid medium) were in the same order of magnitude. the inhibiting effect of the detergents examined increased from sodium hexyl sulfate (inhibitory concentration, 20 to 30 mmoles per liter) to sodium tetradecyl sulfate (inh ...19655866042
gamma-glutamyl transfer reactions in bacteria. 19655866128
synovial inflammatory response to bacterial endotoxin. 19655866671
the stability of leucocytes in urine infected with proteus. 19655867498
[on combined effect of hemotoxins of proteus and some intestinal microflora species]. 19655868325
[activity of certain proteus enzymes of various origin]. 19655869079
[on the production of colonies with orange centers by proteus rettgeri and providencia on desoxycholate-citrate-lactose agar]. 19655869294
[protease activity and toxicity of culture filtrates from microorganisms of the genus proteus]. 19655869336
[on the toxicity of cultural filrates of proteus from various sources]. 19655869973
studies of the relationship between lipid constituents and biological properties of proteus bacteria. 19655870702
[the substructure of l forms of proteus vulgaris]. 19655871575
[antibacterial effect of monomycin in experimental proteus septicemia of albino mice]. 19655872435
[relation of the monomycin level in the blood and wound tissues to the administration route in rabbits with proteus wound infections]. 19655872781
[increase in the antibiotics resistance of proteus in infected wounds as related to the dosage and administration route of monomycin]. 19655872785
[adaptation of proteus to some antibiotics and their combinations]. 19655873006
[biological effect of photochemical hydrogen peroxide formation. 2. intensification of the photodynamic effect of anthraquinone-2-sulfonic acid in the presence of glycerin and other hydrogen donors]. 19655873118
[bactericidal activity of the colistin and sulfisoxazole combination on proteus. microbiological study in view of its therapeutic use]. 19655873253
clinical pathological conference. the children's hospital medical center, boston, mass. 19655833191
[proteus spore serologic types in the production of meat products]. 19655836590
oncolytic effect of proteus mirabilis upon tumor bearing animal. 19655838509
the effects of prolonged centrifugation on amoeba proteus. 19655838937
additional observations on helices in amoeba proteus. 19655838949
[neonatal meningoencephalitis due to proteus hauseri]. 19655841508
the effect of sucrose and intravenous mannitol upon induced pyelonephritis in rats. 19655843730
nucleic acid homologies of selected bacteria, l forms, mycoplasma species.rogul, m. (walter reed army institute of research, washington, d.c.), z. a. mcgee, r. g. wittler, and stanley falkow. nucleic acid homologies of selected bacteria, l forms, and mycoplasma species. j. bacteriol. 90:1200-1204. 1965.-the molar per cent of guanine plus cytosine (g + c) in the deoxyribonucleic acids (dna) of proteus mirabilis, strain 9, and its stable l form was determined by thermal denaturation and found to be approximately 39.5% g + c. the dna homologies of this bacterium and its ...19655848325
numerical survey of some bacterial taxa.focht, d. d. (iowa state university, ames), and w. r. lockhart. numerical survey of some bacterial taxa. j. bacteriol. 90:1314-1319. 1965.-a numerical analysis was made of 77 properties of each of 43 bacterial strains, representing 25 genera from 8 families in the orders eubacteriales and pseudomonadales. four major groups were found, related to one another at approximately the same level of similarity: (1) a large cluster containing the subgroups (1a) athiorhodaceae-spirillaceae, (1b) xanthomon ...19655848329
basal structure and attachment of flagella in cells of proteus vulgaris.abram, dinah (purdue university, lafayette, ind.), henry koffler, and a. e. vatter. basal structure and attachment of flagella in cells of proteus vulgaris. j. bacteriol. 90:1337-1354. 1965.-the attachment of flagella to cells of proteus vulgaris was studied electron microscopically with negatively stained and shadow-cast preparations of ghosts from standard cultures and from special cultures that produced "long forms." the flagellum, the basal portion of which is hooked, arises within the cell ...19655848332
structure of bacterial l forms and their parent bacteria.weibull, claes (rocky mountain laboratory, hamilton, mont.). structure of bacterial l forms and their parent bacteria. j. bacteriol. 90:1467-1480. 1965.-light and electron microscopic studies were done on normal cells and l forms of proteus mirabilis, staphylococcus aureus, and corynebacterium sp. grown in liquid media. under the prevailing growth conditions, the l forms studied were morphologically indistinguishable from one another. they appeared as approximately spherical elements occurring s ...19655848335
[measurement of the urease activity of proteus by use of berthelot's phenol-hypochlorite reaction]. 19655848617
[demonstration of a mucopeptide complex in the l form of proteus p 18]. 19655848622
experimental pyelonephritis: characteristics of infection in rats following reduction of bladder capacity. 19655852700
[studies on reactions between nucleic acids and anti-nucleic acid antibodies]. 19655854315
[on the heterogeneous nature of fecal proteus populations]. 19655856757
tetranitro--blue tetrazolium reduction in proteus vulgaris. 19655857259
[hemorrhages in pregnancy, at delivery and postpartum]. 19655326154
interaction of cephaloridine with penicillinase-producing gram-negative bacteria. 19655326329
[resistance of l-shaped bacteria to ultraviolet rays]. 19655326395
[action of anti-rna antibodies on ribosomes and phages]. 19655326540
the inhibition of ribosomal ribonuclease by bacterial ribosomes.1. a comparison has been made between the ribonuclease activities of untreated ribosomes from escherichia coli b and pseudomonas fluorescens and the activities of ribosomes on to which ribosomal ribonuclease from e. coli b has been adsorbed. 2. the normal ribosomes from both species were stable in 5-10mm-mg(2+) (i0.16) at ph6. the rna in ribosomes from ps. fluorescens was attacked by the adsorbed ribonuclease under these conditions, whereas the ribosomes from e. coli b were able to adsorb and in ...19655326718
[on the photosensitivity of bacteria]. 19655327040
[experimental pyelonephritis]. 19655328133
[clinical aspects of food infections caused by staphylococcus, escherichia coli and morgan's bacillus]. 19655332763
recovery of more than 1 organism in septicemias. 19655318026
observations on urinary excretion of indolylacryloyl glycine. 19655319977
[the effect of ampicillin on various gram-negative bacteria]. 19655320096
the proof of efficacy of antibiotics. 19655320496
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