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coumestan glycosides from the stem bark of cylicodiscus gabunensis.two new coumestan glycosides, coumestoside c (1) and coumestoside d (2), were isolated from the stem bark of cylicodiscus gabunensis harms. their structures were established by spectroscopic means and chemical transformations as 9-o-alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyl-3-hydroxy-4-(5'-hydroxy-3'-methylbut-2'e-enyl) coumestan (1) and 9-o-beta-d-galactopyranosyl-3-o- prenyl-4-hydroxycoumestan. coumestoside c exhibited antimicrobial activity against proteus vulgaris.200919731596
sudden death and the forensic evaluation of neurocutaneous syndromes.on occasion the forensic evaluation of individuals who have died suddenly and unexpectedly may reveal intracranial vascular abnormalities such as capillary, venous- and arteriovenous malformations. such vascular abnormalities may form part of a heterogeneous group of disorders called neurocutaneous syndromes and involve the skin, nervous system and other organ systems. these unusual conditions include sturge-weber, osler-weber-rendu, klippel-trenaunay, von hippel-lindau, proteus and wyburn-mason ...200919733322
in vitro activity of nemonoxacin, a novel nonfluorinated quinolone, against 2,440 clinical isolates.the in vitro activity of nemonoxacin (tg-873870), a novel nonfluorinated quinolone, was tested against 2,440 clinical isolates. nemonoxacin was at least fourfold more active than levofloxacin and moxifloxacin against most gram-positive cocci tested (shown by the following mic(90)/range [microg/ml] values; community-associated methicillin [meticillin]-resistant staphylococcus aureus, 0.5/0.015 to 2; staphylococcus epidermidis, 0.5/0.015 to 4 for methicillin-susceptible staphylococci and 2/0.12 to ...200919738018
extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among enterobacteriaceae isolated in a public hospital in brazil.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl) in enterobacteria are recognized worldwide as a great hospital problem. in this study, 127 esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae isolated in one year from inpatients and outpatients at a public teaching hospital at são paulo, brazil, were submitted to analysis by pcr with specific primers for bla shv, bla tem and bla ctx-m genes. from the 127 isolates, 96 (75.6%) klebsiella pneumoniae, 12 (9.3%) escherichia coli, 8 (6.2%) morganella morganii, 3 (2.3%) proteus ...200919739000
proteus syndrome: a case report.proteus syndrome is a rare, sporadically occurring hamartomatous disorder with complex multisystem involvement and wide clinical variability. clinical characteristics include craniofacial abnormalities; asymmetrical overgrowth of the trunk, limbs, and digits; lipomas; and vascular malformations. cystic lung disease is noted in approximately 10 per cent of patients. these cystic malformations may lead to cystic pulmonary emphysema, which may cause significant morbidity for the patient. we describ ...200919774961
bactericidal activity in filtrated supernatant of streptococcus sanguinis against multidrug-resistant pseudomonas the past decade, multidrug-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa (mdrp) infection has become a serious clinical problem, due to the limitation of drug choices to fight against the bacteria. here we explored the bactericidal activity in the filtrated supernatant of streptococcus (s.) sanguinis against pseudomonas (p.) aeruginosa. s. sanguinis is one of the alpha-hemolytic streptococci that commonly reside in the human oral cavity. a strain of s. sanguinis, isolated from the sputum of a pulmonary-di ...200919776523
bacteriology of external ocular infections in aba, south eastern nigeria.bacteria are microbial agents that frequently cause infections of the eye and possible loss of vision.200919780761
assessment of microbiological quality of sachet-packaged drinking water in western nigeria and its public health assess the microbiological quality of sachet-packaged drinking water in western nigeria and its impact on public health.200919880150
notes on the microbiology of cholesteatoma: clinical findings and treatment.anomalous proliferation of the cholesteatoma epithelium is caused by extrinsic factors such as toxins or bacterial antigens combined with lytic enzymes, lymphokines and cytokines released from the inflammatory infiltrate. this could explain the close relationship between the aggressiveness of cholesteatoma and repeated bacterial superinfection, therefore it is very important to know the bacteria involved in order to control the regrowth of skin following surgery, reduce the aggressive potential ...200920161877
microbial evaluation and deterioration of paints and paint-products.the microbial quality of materials and final products of a reputable paint industry in lagos area were analysed. the bacterial contaminants isolated in the paint-products included bacillus brevis, b. polymyxa, b. laterosporus, lactobacillus gasseri, l. brevis, escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis. the fungal contaminants detected in the paints were mainly aspergillus niger, a. flavus and penicillium citrinum. the microbial populations in the raw materials ranged from 1.0 x 10(6) - 9.5 x 10(6) ...200920143715
resistances of antibiotics and heavy metals in enterobacteriaceae spp. isolated from gills and intestines of achanthobrama marmid (heckel,1843) from sir dam lake turkey.a total of 94 bacteria, associated with wild achanthobrama marmid (heckel, 1843) in sir dam lake of turkey identified. subsequently selected isolates were characterized and identified to the genus level the 94 members of enterobacteriaceae were isolated in the gills and intestines, and among the isolates, e. coli were represented at a rate of 55%, shigella spp. at a rate of 21%, salmonella spp. at a rate of 9%, citrobacter spp. at a rate of 9%, klebsiella spp. at a rate of 3% and proteus spp., a ...200920112859
pathogen incidence and antibiotic resistance patterns of catheter-associated urinary tract infection in children.the aim of this study was to characterize the pathogens and their antibiotic susceptibilities in children with catheter-associated urinary tract infection (cauti) in order to optimize empirical antibiotic therapy and prophylaxis. from 2001 to 2006, 895 children with an indwelling catheter from 3 hospitals in china were included in this study, of whom 335 (37.4%) had cauti. antimicrobial susceptibility testing of 450 bacterial isolates was performed using the clsi broth and kirby-bauer agar dilut ...200920071290
use of the cefepime-clavulanate esbl etest for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in ampc co-producing bacteria.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) may not always be detected in routine susceptibility tests. this study reports the performance of the cefepime-clavulanate esbl etest for the detection of esbls in enterobacteriaceae, including those producing ampc enzyme.200920130375
quantitative imaging of cellular adhesion by total internal reflection holographic internal reflection (tir) holographic microscopy uses a prism in tir as a near-field imager to perform quantitative phase microscopy of cell-substrate interfaces. the presence of microscopic organisms, cell-substrate interfaces, adhesions, and tissue structures on the prism's tir face causes relative index of refraction and frustrated tir to modulate the object beam's evanescent wave phase front. we present quantitative phase images of test specimens such as amoeba proteus and cells such a ...200919956284
antimicrobial properties of the stem bark of saraca indica (caesalpiniaceae).chloroform, methanol, aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the stem bark of saraca indica were investigated for their antibacterial and antifungal activity against standard strains of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacillus cereus, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, salmonella typhimurium and streptococcus pneumoniae and the fungi: candida albicans and cryptococcus albidus. methanolic and aqueous extract exhibited antimicrobial activity with mic ranging from ...200919961043
electrostatic binding of substituted metal phthalocyanines to enterobacterial cells: its role in photodynamic inactivation.the effect of ionic substituents in zinc and aluminum phthalocyanine molecules and of membrane surface charge on the interaction of dyes with artificial membranes and enterobacterial cells, as well as on photosensitization efficiency was studied. it has been shown that increasing the number of positively charged substituents enhances the extent of phthalocyanine binding to escherichia coli cells. this, along with the high quantum yield of singlet oxygen generation, determines efficient photodyna ...200919961410
[enteropathogens relating to diarrhea in hiv patients on antiretroviral therapy].the etiology of the diarrheic process in aids may be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa or helminths, as well as hiv itself. this study evaluated enteropathogens relating to diarrhea in hiv patients who were on antiretroviral therapy. the parasitological methods used were faust, hoffmann and kinyoun. isolation and culturing of fungi were carried out in accordance with the methodology recommended by the nccls m27-a standard. the yeast species were identified using the polymerase chain r ...200919967238
effect of ibicella lutea on uropathogenic proteus mirabilis growth, virulence, and biofilm formation.proteus mirabilis, an important uropathogen that can cause complicated urinary tract infections (uti), has emerged as a therapeutic problem following mutations that compromise the use of antimicrobial drugs. due to the serious effects associated with uropathogenic p. mirabilis and the problems related to the use of antibiotics, it is necessary to develop alternative strategies for its control. the objective of this study was to assess the effect of ibicella lutea extract, a south american indige ...200920009277
[local control treatment of bacteria found present in an infected bed sore by means of a hydropolymer dressing with ionic silver].every chronic wound has microorganisms present on its surface and therefore, its contamination is universal and unavoidable, but the majority of these wounds are not infected. it is important, therefore, to refine the diagnosis of infection indentifying the microorganisms which have succeeded in gaining access to the submarginal tissues in order to be able to prevent unnecessary or inappropriate antibiotic treatment and to lessen possible complications. a high level of bacteria present, close to ...200920014620
nosocomial infections prevalence study in a serbian university hospital.nosocomial infections (ni) are a serious health problem resulting in an enromous burden of excess morbidity and mortaliti rates, and health care costs. the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of ni and to identify groups of patients at special risk for ni in the university clinical center, kragujevac, serbia.200920017416
microbiological findings in prepubertal girls with vulvovaginitis.the aim of the study was to define the most common causes, symptoms and clinical features of vulvovaginitis in prepubertal girls, and to evaluate treatment success depending on the causative agent involved. the study included 115 girls aged 2-8 (mean 4.8) years, presenting with vulvovaginitis to the outpatient clinic for pediatric and adolescent gynecology, zagreb children's hospital, between september 2006 and july 2007. medical history data were obtained from parents. vaginal samples were coll ...200920021979
the influence of omentectomy on bacterial clearance: an experimental study.the influence of an omentectomy on peritoneal defense mechanisms and its clinical consequences have not been fully elucidated. in the present study, we aimed to investigate the influence of omentectomy on bacterial growth in blood and tissue specimen cultures in rats with experimental peritonitis.200920037870
[antimicrobial treatment of nosocomial intra-abdominal infections--new treatment options with tygecycline].nosocomial, intra-abdominal infections are extremely serious conditions, considering possibilities for their early diagnosis, as well as for their effective therapy. multiresistant bacteria (enterobacteriacae producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases - esbl escherichia coli, klebsiella species, vancomycin-resistant enterococci [vre], and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus [mrsa]) are frequently isolated as pathogens of these infections. tygecycline is among the novel wide- spectrum an ...200920052927
intra/extracellular biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by an autochthonous strain of proteus mirabilis isolated from photographic waste.there is an enormous interest in developing green synthesis procedures for production of nanoparticles by using biomimetic approaches. in our research focus has been given to the development of an efficient and eco-friendly viable process for the synthesis of nanoscale silver particles using proteus mirabilis ptcc 1710, a bacterial strain that was isolated during a screening program from photographic waste. a significant result of this study is our observation that silver nanoparticles could be ...200920055006
bacteriological evaluation of pre-cut fruits sold in kano metropolis, kano state, hundred and fifty (150) pre-cut fruit samples comprising of pineapples (50), paw-paw (50) and watermelon (50) at the point of stand retail outlets were tested by standard bacteriological methods to determine bacterial contamination of the fruits. out of these 150 examined 136 (90.67%) were contaminated with bacteria. the bacterial distribution were; escherichia coli 69 (46.00%), staphylococcus aureus 29 (19.33%), salmonella species 13 (8.67%), proteus species 18 (12.00%), enterobacter aeroge ...200920000065
antimicrobial resistance patterns of staphylococcus aureus and proteus spp. isolated from otitis media at bahir dar regional laboratory, north west ethiopia.otitis media is a major health problem of children in low income countries like ethiopia. thus, this study was aimed at determining the predominant bacterial isolates from discharging ear and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns.200920067141
[investigation of antibacterial activity of sertralin].sertralin is a psychotropic drug which acts by inhibiting the selective serotonin re-uptake in the synaptic area. previous studies have shown that some antidepressant agents have antibacterial activity. the aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro antibacterial activity of sertralin. a total of 224 bacterial strains isolated from clinical specimens together with standard control strains were included to the study. the antibacterial activity of sertralin was determined by microdilution m ...200920084919
antibacterial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of artemisia echegarayi hieron. (asteraceae).artemisia echegarayi hieron. (asteraceae) is commonly known in argentina as "ajenjo". many studies report high efficacy of essential oils against food-borne pathogenic bacteria. the antimicrobial activity and minimal inhibitory concentration of a. echegarayi essential oil were evaluated against seven bacterial species of significant importance in food hygiene, by using the disc diffusion assay and the micro-well dilution method, respectively. volatile components of the extract were analyzed by g ...200920085186
[etiological factors of community acquired urinary tract infections in hospitalized patients].etiological factors of community-acquired urinary tract infections (uti) are specific for age, gender, season, complication of uti and type of uti. their prevalence and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents shows geographic and time variability.200920088156
screening of antibacterial potentials of some medicinal plants from melghat forest in india.cyperus rotundus, caesalpinia bonducella, tinospora cordifolia, gardenia gummifera, ailanthus excelsa, acacia arabica, embelia ribes and ventilago maderspatana from melghat forest were screened for their antibacterial potential against escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, salmonella typhi, shigella flexneri, salmonella paratyphi, salmonella typhimurium, pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter aerogenes by disc diffusion method. out of these medicinal pla ...200920448847
a survey of veterinary hospitals in nigeria for the presence of some bacterial organisms of nosocomial and zoonotic potential.this study was undertaken to determine the type and estimate the prevalence of bacterial organisms on contact surfaces of five close-to-patient facilities in three veterinary health care settings within the sokoto metropolis of north-western nigeria. a total of 30 samples (10 from each setting) were collected and analysed using culture, microscopy and biochemical testing. bacterial species isolated from samples in this study included the following: bacillus sp. (27.3%), staphylococcus aureus (15 ...200920391375
potential airborne microbial hazards for workers on dairy and beef cattle farms in egypt.this study was conducted to determine the concentration and frequency distribution of certain airborne micro-organisms on cattle farms and their potential health hazards to farm workers. the samples (60 air samples and 240 hand and nasal swabs from cattle farm workers) were collected from ten cattle farms (five dairy barns and five beef sheds) located in the sharkia governorate of egypt. air samples were collected for microbiological examination in liquid media using an all-glass impinger wherea ...200920391378
bioefficacy of lantana camara l. against some human pathogens.antimicrobial efficacy of flavonoids (free and bound) and crude alkaloids of lantana camara l. was determined by disc diffusion assay against three bacteria (escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, and staphylococcus aureus) and two fungi (candida albicans and trichophyton mentagrophytes). minimum inhibitory concentration, minimum bactericidal/fungicidal concentration and total activity were also studied. most susceptible microorganism in the present study was c. albicans followed by p. mirabilis, ...200920502587
[isolation and characterization of shewanella spp. from patients of food poisoning].to identify the isolates of shewanella spp. from specimens of food poisoning based on biological and biochemical analysis.200920193210
[susceptibility of enterobacteriaceae rods to selected tetracyclines].the aim of this study was to evaluated the susceptibility of enterobacteriaceae rods to tigecycline, tetracycline and doxycycline. we analysed 121 strains belonged to species as follows: escherichia coli (40 strains), proteus mirabilis (22), enterobacter cloacae (19), klebsiellapneumoniae (18), morganella morgannii (13), serratia marcescens (4), klebsiella oxytoca (3) i proteus vulgaris (2). all strains of e. coli, k. oxytoca, s. marcescens and p. vulgaris were susceptible to tigecycline. twenty ...200920201321
risk factors for hospital-acquired pneumonia in nonventilated adults.although most recent publications focus on ventilator-associated pneumonia, non-ventilator-associated hospital-acquired pneumonia (nvhap) is still worrisome. we studied risk factors for nvhap among patients admitted to a small teaching hospital. sixty-six nvhap case patients and 66 controls admitted to the hospital from november 2005 through november 2006 were enrolled in a case-control study. variables under investigation included: demographic characteristics, comorbidities, procedures, invasiv ...200920231992
extended spectrum beta-lactamase detection in gram-negative bacilli of nosocomial origin.resistance to third generation cephalosporins by acquisition and expression of extended spectrum beta lactamase (esbl) enzymes among gram-negative bacilli is on a rise. the presence of esbl producing organisms significantly affects the course and outcome of an infection and poses a challenge to infection management worldwide.200920300397
increasing resistance to quinolones: a four-year prospective study of urinary tract infection pathogens.a four-year prospective study was carried out to determine the incidence and rate of development of resistance by common urinary tract infection (uti) pathogens to quinolone antimicrobial agents. results show that there is high intrinsic resistance to the quinolones among strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa (43.4%), escherichia coli (26.3%), and proteus spp. (17.1%). over four years, rising rates of resistance were observed in p. aeruginosa (14.6% increase), staphylococcus aureus (9.8%), and e. co ...200920360901
proteus vertebral osteomyelitis.proteus organisms are rare causes of osteomyelitis. vertebral osteomyelitis caused by this organism has only been reported in 21 cases over the last 75 years. although staphylococcus aureus is the most common cause of vertebral osteomyelitis, rare causes such as p. mirabilis may need to be considered in the context of recent urinary tract infection or urological surgery. therefore biopsy should be undertaken to establish the causative organism and determine appropriate antibiotic susceptibility.200920374334
prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae in determine the occurrence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing enterobacteriaceae in bahrain.200920701872
[etiological structure and sensitivity to antibiotics of the infection process pathogens in general surgical hospital].the studying of the species and their sensitivity to antibiotics of mostly spread infection factors constitute one of the main trends in intrastationary infection prophylaxis. in 307 patients, suffering the infection processes of various localization, such as purulent wounds, cholecystitis, cholangitis, peritonitis etc., there were studied up the species and sensitivity to antibiotics of the microorganisms determined. staphylococcus spp. and e. coli were determined most frequently, somewhat rare ...200920458947
[etiologic factors in urinary tract infection investigated in ambulatory setting. community-acquired urinary tract infection: etiologic aspects and antibiotic resistance].urine bacteriological examination is one of the most frequently asked for examinations, in ambulatory as well as in hospitals, regarding specialty prophyle. the present study comprises a group of 3971 pacients that were sent to the laboratory for uroculture and showed a percentage of only 21.85% significant urocultures--the etiological groups most frequently isolated being gram-negative bacilli--96.05%, respectively escherichia sp. 76.95%, klebsiella sp. 14.68%, proteus sp. 4.66%. out of the gra ...200920524391
[clinical assessment of novel chromid esbl agar plates for detection of esbl producers in the family enterobacteriaceae].extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producers in the family enterobacteriaceae are recognized worldwide as nosocomial pathogens, however it is difficult to screen them in the routine laboratory processing. chromid esbl agar newly developed for screening esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae was released in japan in april, 2007. we evaluated the clinical assessment of chromid esbl agar in routine microbiology laboratory. the 47 strains investigated were clinical isolates belonging to the family e ...200920528091
antibiotic resistance of gram negative bacilli strains isolated from the intensive care unit in fundeni clinical institute, bucharest, romania.the aim of this study was to investigate the antibiotic resistance profile of 58 gram negative bacilli strains (gnb): 36 non-fermentative gnb (ngnb), including 19 strains of acinetobacter spp., 11 of pseudomonas aeruginosa, 6 of stenotrophomonas maltophilia and 22 enterobacterial strains (14 strains of kehss, 6 belonging to the group proteus-providencia and 2 escherichia coli) isolated from nasal, pharyngeal exudates and also from bronchial secretions, from immuno-depressed patients admitted in ...200920583477
[dynamics of acquires resistance in the main gramnegative pathogens of surgical infections to beta-lactams in 2004-2008].resistance of 2134 clinical isolates of etiologically significant species of gramnegative bacteria to 5 beta-lactam antibiotics, i. e. cefepime, piperacillin/tazobactam, cefoperazone/sulbactam, imipenem and ceftazidime (the 3rd generation cephalosporin) as the reference drug was investigated for the period of 5 years (2004-2008). in total, 554 strains of e. coli, 578 strains of p. aeruginosa, 255 strains of acinetobacter spp., 161 strains of proteus mirabilis, 359 strains of klebsiella pneumonia ...201020583554
synthesis and biological activities of novel amine-derived bis-azoles as potential antibacterial and antifungal agents.a series of novel amine-derived bis-azole compounds were designed by the systematical structural modification of fluconazole and synthesized by a convenient and efficient method, and the antimicrobial activities for all prepared compounds were evaluated in vitro against six representative bacterial strains and two fungal strains. bioactive results indicated that some synthesized compounds exhibited moderate or even better activities in comparison with the reference drugs. especially, bis-imidazo ...201020598399
in vitro bactericidal activity of human beta-defensin 2 against nosocomial strains.human beta-defensin 2 (hbd-2) is a 41-amino acid cationic peptide of the innate immune system that serves as antimicrobial molecule. we determined the bactericidal activity of synthetic hbd-2 against nosocomial strains belonging to eight different bacterial species and exhibiting various antimicrobial resistance phenotypes. the native disulfide connectivity was found essential for the bactericidal activity of hbd-2, while sodium chloride concentration was reversely associated with its potency. h ...201020600430
selective strategy for urethral catheterization in febrile young girls to confirm urinary tract infection diagnosis.urinary tract infections (utis) are a common source of bacterial infections in childhood. making a proper diagnosis is important but requires invasive urine collection techniques. we aimed to derive a clinical decision rule to identify non-toilet-trained febrile girls at high risk for utis to restrict urethral catheterizations (ucs) to this high-risk group of patients.201020606484
[nosocomial infections at clinical centre in kragujevac--prevalence study].nosocomial infections (nis) are a serious health problem in hospitals worldwide and are followed by a series of consequences, medical, judicial, ethical and economic.201020607980
clove syndrome with nevus unis lateris: report of a case.congenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, and epidermal nevi (clove) syndrome is a recently described syndrome similar to proteus syndrome but lacking the progressive or distorting bony overgrowth of proteus syndrome. we describe a neonate with features of clove syndrome and nevus unius lateris.201020609160
rapidly spreading ctx-m-type beta-lactamase-producing proteus mirabilis in recent years, increased isolation of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing proteus mirabilis has been reported in japan. we undertook an investigation to determine the prevalence of esbl-producing p. mirabilis isolated in japan and to characterise the genotype. seventy-four p. mirabilis isolates recovered from specimens at 54 hospitals in japan between march and october 2006 were included in the study. of the 74 p. mirabilis isolates examined, 28 (37.8%) were esbl-producers. the b ...201020609568
laboratory surveillance for prospective plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases in the kinki region of japan.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases (pabls), and plasmid-mediated metallo-beta-lactamases confer resistance to many beta-lactams. in japan, although several reports exist on the prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases and metallo-beta-lactamases, the prevalence and characteristics of pabls remain unknown. to investigate the production of pabls, a total of 22,869 strains of 4 enterobacterial species, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, klebsiella ...201020610688
chemical composition and biological activities of santiria trimera (burseraceae) essential oils from gabon.water-distilled essential oils from leaves and bark of santiria trimera (oliv.) aubrév. (burseraceae) collected in gabon were analyzed using capillary gc-fid and gc-ms. the leaf essential oil, which is described for the first time, was dominated by sesquiterpenes (76.5%), among which alpha-humulene (34.6%) and beta-caryophyllene (14.9%) were the major components. the bark essential oil was almost exclusively monoterpenic, with alpha-pinene (51.5%) and alpha-terpineol (16.8%) as main constituents ...201020614835
isoprenoid metabolism as a therapeutic target in gram-negative pathogens.gram-negative enterobacteria include a variety of human pathogens, perhaps most notably e. coli, salmonella, shigella, yersinia, and proteus. while there are treatment options for the diseases caused by these organisms, multi-drug resistance is often a problem and development of novel antibiotics has lagged over recent years. in humans, the isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway has become a subject of intense research for therapeutic modulation of human enzymes in diseases including hypercholesterolem ...201020615187
functional identification of the proteus mirabilis core lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis this study, we report the identification of genes required for the biosynthesis of the core lipopolysaccharides (lpss) of two strains of proteus mirabilis. since p. mirabilis and klebsiella pneumoniae share a core lps carbohydrate backbone extending up to the second outer-core residue, the functions of the common p. mirabilis genes was elucidated by genetic complementation studies using well-defined mutants of k. pneumoniae. the functions of strain-specific outer-core genes were identified by ...201020622068
rapid paper disk test for identification of helicobacter pylori in mixed cultures of gerbil gastric homogenates.a method denominated rapid paper disk test (rpdt) was developed to identify h. pylori colonies in complex cultures obtained from gerbil gastric homogenates. identification is based on a characteristic reaction pattern (rp) for h. pylori colonies given by the combination of the urease-oxidase activities on a paper disk. compared to the rps obtained from gerbil's intestinal tract isolated bacteria, h. pylori rp is completely distinguishable, even from those of bacteria that share one or both activ ...201020624429
history of polish neurology and neurosurgery. brudziński, jósef . 201020625969
overexpression and characterization in bacillus subtilis of a positionally nonspecific lipase from proteus vulgaris.a proteus vulgaris strain named t6 which produced lipase (pvl) with nonpositional specificity had been isolated in our laboratory. to produce the lipase in large quantities, we cloned its gene, which had an opening reading frame of 864 base pairs and encoded a deduced 287-amino-acid protein. the pvl gene was inserted into the escherichia coli expression vector pet-dsba, and active lipase was expressed in e. coli bl21 cells. the secretive expression of pvl gene in bacillus subtilis was examined. ...201020490605
volatiles emitted from eight wound-isolated bacteria differentially attract gravid screwworms (diptera: calliphoridae) to oviposit.bovine blood inoculated with bacteria isolated from screwworm [cochliomyia hominivorax (coquerel) (diptera: calliphoridae)]-infested animal wounds was tested as an attractant for oviposition for gravid screwworms. eight species of gram-negative coliform (enterobacteriaceae) bacteria mixed with bovine blood singly or all species combined and incubated for various times produced volatiles that attracted gravid flies in a cage bioassay in varying numbers. in 15-min duration tests, volatiles from fi ...201020496582
regulation of gene expression during swarmer cell differentiation in proteus mirabilis.the gram-negative bacterium proteus mirabilis can exist in either of two cell types, a vegetative cell characterized as a short rod and a highly elongated and hyperflagellated swarmer cell. this differentiation is triggered by growth on solid surfaces and multiple inputs are sensed by the cell to initiate the differentiation process. these include the inhibition of flagellar rotation, the accumulation of extracellular putrescine and o-antigen interactions with a surface. a key event in the diffe ...201020497230
pulmonary manifestations and management of proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a very rare, sporadic and congenital condition that is characterized by postnatal mosaic overgrowth. this disorder is thought to be caused by a somatic gene mutation, but the exact etiology is unknown. commonly involved tissues include connective tissue, bone, skin and the central nervous system. another less common symptom involves pulmonary emphysematous changes. this report documents a 25-year-old man with proteus syndrome who presented with progressive exertional dyspnea ...201020497874
may chlamydia trachomatis be an aetiological agent of chronic prostatic infection?chlamydia trachomatis infection is the most common sexually transmitted bacterial disease. the objective of this study was to establish the presence/absence of c. trachomatis in 98 patients with chronic complaints about the prostate and to evaluate the role of this bacterium in the inflammation of the gland. we performed culture and microscopical examination of pre-massage/post-massage urine and expressed prostatic secretions (eps). in all cases, culture on mccoy cells and polymerase chain react ...201020500746
[a case of large vesicourethral stone resulting from long-term retention of a foley catheter].we report a case of a large vesicourethral stone resulting from a long-term indwelling urethral catheter. a 66-year-old man visited our hospital emergency room on october 24, 2006 with a chief complaint of difficult urination. although a urethral catheter was inserted temporarily based on the diagnosis of the doctor on duty, the patient did not return to our hospital for follow-up examination. on july 10, 2008, he was wheeled into our hospital with symptoms of general fatigue, urinary retention ...201020519926
antimicrobial susceptibility of gram-negative nonurinary bacteria to fosfomycin and other antimicrobials.fosfomycin is an antimicrobial commonly used in uncomplicated urinary tract infections. the microbiological effectiveness of fosfomycin against nonurinary gram-negative isolates has not been widely investigated. the aim of this study was to evaluate the in vitro activity of fosfomycin against gram-negative nonurinary isolates in a region of greece where considerable antimicrobial resistance has been detected.201020521939
synthesis, nematicidal and antimicrobial activity of 3-(5-3-methyl-5-[(3-methyl-7-5-[2-(aryl)-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolan-3-yl]-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylbenzo[b]furan-5-yl)methyl]benzo[b]furan-7-yl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-2-(aryl)-1,3-thiazolan-4-one.a new series of 3-(5-3-methyl-5-[(3-methyl-7-5-[2-(aryl)-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolan-3-yl]-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylbenzo[b]furan-5-yl)methyl]benzo[b]furan-7-yl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-2-(aryl)-1,3-thiazolan-4-one 5a-j has been synthesized by the reaction of n2-[(e)-1-(4-methylphenyl)methylidene]-5-(3-methyl-5-[3-methyl-7-(5-[(e)-1-(4-methylphenyl)methylidene]amino-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)benzo[b]furan-5-yl]methylbenzo[b]furan-7-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-amine 4a-j with thioglycolic acid. chemical structures of a ...201020522990
the use of lytic bacteriophages in the prevention and eradication of biofilms of proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli.antibiotics have been the cornerstone of the clinical management of bacterial infections since their discovery in the early part of the last century. eight decades later, their widespread, often indiscriminate use, has resulted in an overall reduction in their effectiveness, with reports of multidrug-resistant bacteria now commonplace. increasing reliance on indwelling medical devices, which are inherently susceptible to biofilm-mediated infections, has contributed to unacceptably high rates of ...201020528927
the group of epidermal nevus syndromes part i. well defined phenotypes.the epidermal nevus syndromes represent a group of distinct disorders that can be distinguished by the type of associated epidermal nevus and by the criterion of presence or absence of heritability. well defined syndromes characterized by organoid epidermal nevi include schimmelpenning syndrome, phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica, nevus comedonicus syndrome, angora hair nevus syndrome, and becker nevus syndrome. the molecular basis of these disorders has so far not been identified. by contrast, the ...201020542174
the group of epidermal nevus syndromes part ii. less well defined addition to the well established epidermal nevus syndromes, such as schimmelpenning, becker, proteus, child, or nevus comedonicus syndromes, the group of less well defined phenotypes associated with epidermal nevi presently includes nevus trichilemmocysticus syndrome, didymosis aplasticosebacea, scalp syndrome (sebaceous nevus, central nervous system malformations, aplasia cutis congenita, limbal dermoid,and pigmented nevus), gobello syndrome, bäfverstedt syndrome, nevada syndrome (nevus epid ...201020542175
comparative in vitro activity of cefditoren and other antimicrobials against enterobacteriaceae causing community-acquired uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women: a spanish nationwide multicenter study.cefditoren is a third-generation orally administered cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial species. after an oral 400-mg single dose, the mean concentrations in urine are 186.5 mg/l at 2 to 4 h and 12.7 mg/l at 8 to 12 h, and it is a potential drug to be used in the treatment of urinary tract infection (uti). we performed a multicenter nationwide study in spain in order to determine the in vitro activity of cefditoren and other comparat ...201020542206
[detection of bla(ctx-m) beta-lactamase genes in extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing gram-negative bacteria].widespread production of ctx-m type extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl) in enterobacteriaceae strains which are resistant to extended-spectrum cephalosporins is the most remarkable example for rapid and global spread of plasmid mediated antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. consecutive 200 esbl producing enterobacteriaceae strains out of 1640 isolates that were obtained from clinical samples (167 urine, 11 wound, 7 bronchoalveolar lavage, 3 peritoneal fluid, 2 cerebrospinal fluid, 2 biopsy, ...201020549952
emergence of proteus mirabilis isolates producing tem-52 extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in increased frequency of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-positive proteus mirabilis isolates was observed recently in the clinical hospital center split in croatia. the aim of this study was the molecular characterization of esbls in p. mirabilis isolates from this hospital.201020551637
a genome-wide analysis of loss of heterozygosity and chromosomal copy number variation in proteus syndrome using high-density snp microarrays.excessive cell proliferation and genetic changes such as loss of an allele (loss of heterozygosity (loh)) or amplifications or deletions of parts of chromosomes (copy number variations (cnv)) are common findings in cancers. it is unknown whether these changes are also present in patients with overgrowth syndromes, although the presence of small-scale cnvs (such as duplication of 11p15 in beckwith-wiedemann syndrome), excessive cell proliferation and an increased frequency of tumors have all been ...201020555334
determinants of beta-lactam resistance in meningitis-causing enterobacteriaceae in brazil.this study analyzed resistance determinants in extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing enterobacteria and the epidemiology of 11 escherichia coli isolates obtained from meningitis patients in a region of brazil from 2000 to 2005. esbl-encoding genes and their genetic environment were investigated by pcr and sequencing. the gene blactx-m-2 was identified in 3 different enterobacteria (e. coli, serratia marcescens, and proteus mirabilis) downstream of the insertion sequence iscr1 (locali ...201020555402
synthesis, antibacterial activity evaluation and qsar studies of novel dispiropyrrolidines.a series of novel dispiropyrrolidines have been synthesized through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of an azomethine ylide generated from sarcosine and isatin with the dipolarophile 3-benzylidene-1-methyl-pyrrolidine-2,5-dione. their antibacterial activity was evaluated against bacillus subtilis ncim 2718, staphylococcus aureus ncim5021, salmonella typhi ncim2501, pseudomonas aeruginosa ncim 5029 and proteus vulgaris ncim2813 by two fold dilution method. compound 6e exhibits reasonably good activity a ...201020556891
generation of chitin-derived oligosaccharides toxic to pathogenic bacteria using chia74, an endochitinase native to bacillus demonstrate that an endochitinase (chia74) native to bacillus thuringiensis can be used to generate chitin-derived oligosaccharides (ogs) with antibacterial activity against a number of aetiological agents of disease, including bacteria that cause diarrhoeal and emetic syndromes in humans.201020557451
high prevalence and molecular characterization of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing proteus mirabilis strains in southern croatia.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and antibiotic resistance rates of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing proteus mirabilis strains isolated from inpatients at the split university hospital (southern croatia) during a survey performed between 2005 and 2008. a total of 2152 consecutive isolates of p. mirabilis were isolated. the prevalence was 0.5 % in 2005 and increased significantly to 20.9 % by 2008. strains were most frequently isolated from urine (36.5 %) and br ...201020558587
performance of the oxoid m.i.c.evaluator strips compared with the etest assay and bsac agar dilution.the oxoid m.i.c.evaluator (m.i.c.e; thermo fisher scientific) comprises an antibiotic gradient on a plastic support. we compared its performance with etest--a similar product--using bsac agar dilution as a reference.201020562429
prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria in type 2 diabetic subjects with and without microalbuminuria.abstract:201020565718
antimicrobial susceptibility and beta-lactamase production of selected gram-negative bacilli from two croatian hospitals: mystic study results.the meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection (mystic) programme is a global, longitudinal resistance surveillance network that monitors the activity of meropenem and compares its activity with other broadspectrum antimicrobial agents. we now report the antimicrobial efficacy of meropenem compared to other broad-spectrum agents within the selective gram-negative pathogen groups from two croatian hospitals investigated between 2002-2007. a total of 1510 gram-negative pathogens w ...201020566417
chromosomally encoded blacmy-2 located on a novel sxt/r391-related integrating conjugative element in a proteus mirabilis clinical isolate.integrating conjugative elements (ices) are mobile genetic elements that can transfer from the chromosome of a host to the chromosome of a new host through the process of excision, conjugation, and integration. although sxt/r391-related ices, originally demonstrated in vibrio cholerae o139 isolates, have become prevalent among v. cholerae isolates in asia, the prevalence of the ices among gram-negative bacteria other than vibrio spp. remains unknown. in addition, sxt/r391-related ices carrying g ...201020566768
synthesis and antimicrobial activities of some quaternary morpholinium chlorides.the synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 31 morpholinium chlorides, divided into five series depending on the substituents attached to the nitrogen atom, n-carboxyalkyl-morpholinium chlorides (1a-e), n-carbalkoxymethyl-n-methyl-morpholinium chlorides (2a-f), n-carbethoxymethyl-n-alkyl-morpholinium chlorides (3a-g), n-carbalkoxymethyl-n-dodecyl-morpholinium chlorides (4a-f) and n-carboxymethyl-n-alkyl-morpholinium chlorides (5a-g) is reported. the compounds investigated were tested for antimic ...201020568530
chemical composition of the sfe-co extracts from cajanus cajan (l.) huth and their antimicrobial activity in vitro and in vivo.the in vitro and in vivo antimicrobial activities of sfe-co₂(supercritical fluid extraction) extracts and ethanol extracts from cajanus cajan (l.) huth were investigated. the flavonoid compounds orientin, vitexin, isovitexin, pinostrobin and the stilbene cajaninstilbene acid were detected in sfe-co₂ extracts by hplc-dad. in vitro antimicrobial activities of the extracts were evaluated against eight microbial strains (the bacteria staphylococcus epidermidis, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtil ...201020576412
synthesis, antibacterial activity evaluation and qsar studies of novel dispiropyrrolidines.a series of novel dispiropyrrolidines have been synthesized through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of an azomethine ylide generated from sarcosine and isatin with the dipolarophile 3-benzylidene-1-methyl-pyrrolidine-2,5-dione. their antibacterial activity was evaluated against bacillus subtilis ncim 2718, staphylococcus aureus ncim5021, salmonella typhi ncim2501, pseudomonas aeruginosa ncim 5029 and proteus vulgaris ncim2813 by two fold dilution method. compound 6e exhibits reasonably good activity a ...201020580853
molecular and genetic analyses of the putative proteus o antigen gene locus.proteus species are well-characterized opportunistic pathogens primarily associated with urinary tract infections (uti) of humans. the proteus o antigen is one of the most variable constituents of the cell surface, and o antigen heterogeneity is used for serological classification of proteus isolates. even though most proteus o antigen structures have been identified, the o antigen locus has not been well characterized. in this study, we identified the putative proteus o antigen locus and demons ...201020581173
theoretical study of the catalytic mechanism of dna-(n4-cytosine)-methyltransferase from the bacterium proteus this paper the reaction mechanism for methylation of cytosine at the exocyclic n4 position catalyzed by m.pvuii has been explored by means of hybrid quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (qm/mm) methods. a reaction model was prepared by placing a single cytosine base in the active site of the enzyme. in this model the exocyclic amino group of the base establishes hydrogen bond interactions with the hydroxyl oxygen atom of ser53 and the carbonyl oxygen atom of pro54. the reaction mechanism inv ...201020524651
identification and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of bacteria causing otitis externa in dogs.bacterial agents are considered important pathogens causing external otitis in dogs. it is essential to carry out bacterial culture and antimicrobial susceptibility test in the case of otitis externa, particularly for chronic or recurring cases. sterile swab samples were obtained from terminal part of vertical ear canals of 74 dogs with otitis externa for cytology, bacterial culture and antimicrobial susceptibility test. cytologic smears were stained using gram and giemsa staining methods. aerob ...201020526674
osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis after intraosseous perfusion with describe and discuss previously unreported complications associated with intraosseous perfusion with gentamicin in horses. study201020459490
antibiotic susceptibility of urogenital microbial profile of infertile men in south-eastern nigeria.male factors are known to contribute significantly to the infertility problem. the urogenital bacteria profile and semen quality were investigated among 160 men attending infertility clinics in south-eastern nigeria. both semen and urine samples were obtained from each subject and analysed according to standard techniques. a total of 16 (10%) had bacterial infection in their semen samples and individuals of older age groups were significantly affected (chi(2) = 23.18, p < 0.05). urinary tract in ...201020629651
ictal spect with mri fusion localizing a seizure focus in child with hemimegalencephaly and proteus syndrome. 201020631524
spread of odontogenic infections in port harcourt, nigeria.odontogenic infections constitute a substantial portion of diseases encountered by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. infections start from dental tissues and sometimes rapidly spread to contiguous spaces. the consequence is a fulminant disease with significant morbidity and mortality. the study was aimed at studying the pattern of spread, approach to management, and outcome of these infections at a nigerian teaching hospital.201020633973
survival of campylobacter jejuni under conditions of atmospheric oxygen tension with the support of pseudomonas spp.campylobacter jejuni is a major food-borne pathogen. despite causing enteritis in humans, it is a well-adapted intestinal microorganism in animals, hardly ever generating disease symptoms. nevertheless, as a true microaerophilic microorganism it is still puzzling how campylobacter cells can survive on chicken meat, the main source of human infection. in this study, we demonstrate that c. jejuni is able to withstand conditions of atmospheric oxygen tension when cocultured with pseudomonas species ...201020639377
[outbreak of diarrhea by rotavirus in bom jesus city, piauí state].this study focused a diarrhea outbreak caused by rotavirus in a city of piauí state aiming to identify the etiology, protocol of assistance to cases. a case series was carried out with 22 children assisted for acute diarrhea in 2006 in health units of bom jesus city. the data were collected by means of interviews utilizing forms that were with the help of the children's parents and analysis of the appointment files was performed. most of the families (59.1%) had a monthly income inferior to the ...201020640260
characterization of the hydrophobic substrate-binding site of the bacterial beta class glutathione transferase from proteus mirabilis.since their discovery, bacterial glutathione (gsh)transferases have been characterized in terms of their ability to catalyse a variety of different reactions on a large set of toxic molecules of xenobiotic or endobiotic origin. furthermore the contribution of different residues in the gsh-binding site to gsh activation has been extensively investigated. little is known, however, about the contribution to catalysis and overall stability of single residues shaping the hydrophobic co-substrate bind ...201020663851
density functional theory determination of structural and electronic properties of struvite.crystallographic structure, total energy, electronic structure, and the most important elastic properties of struvite, nh(4)mgpo(4).6h(2)o, the main component of infectious urinary stones, are presented. the calculations were performed using ab initio full-electron calculations within the density functional theory-generalized gradient approximation (dft-gga) framework. the obtained crystallographic symmetry and the calculated lattice parameters and also the elastic constants are in good agreemen ...201020666393
surface bacteriology of venous leg ulcers and healing outcome.bacteria can be cultured from all venous leg ulcers (vlus) regardless of healing status, and the significance of a positive swab result in non-clinically infected ulcers is unknown. the aim of this study was to characterise the bacteriological flora of vlus by routine culture to determine whether the data generated had prognostic value.201020671048
production of biogenic amines "in vitro" in relation to the growth phase by enterobacteriaceae species isolated from traditional sausages.histidine, lysine, ornithine and tyrosine decarboxylase activities were tested in 79 strains of enterobacteriaceae (41 of hafnia alvei, 17 of serratia liquefaciens, 5 of enterobacter cloacae, 4 of citrobacter braakii, 2 of proteus vulgaris, 2 of proteus mirabilis, 2 of providencia stuartii, 2 of klebsiella terrigena, 1 of rahnella aquatilis, 1 of salmonella arizonae, 1 of citrobacter youngae and 1 of escherichia coli) isolated from botillo, a spanish traditional sausage. in general, the strains ...201020673614
european clinical isolate of proteus mirabilis harbouring the salmonella genomic island 1 variant sgi1-o. 201020682564
computer-aided optimization of phosphinic inhibitors of bacterial ureases.urease inhibitors can be considered as a tool to control the damaging effect of ureolytic bacteria infections in humans which occur commonly in the developed countries. computer-aided optimization of the aminomethylphosphinate structures by modifying both their n- and p-termini led to the invention of a novel group of inhibitors of bacterial ureases. introduction of p-hydroxymethyl group into the molecule resulted in considerable increase of the inhibitory activity against enzymes purified from ...201020684601
[cloning and expression of non-position-specific lipase gene from proteus vulgaris].to produce proteus vulgaris lipase (pvl) in large quantities, we cloned and expressed the lipase gene in escherichia coli.201020687340
[evaluation of the antimicrobial susceptibility profile of microorganisms isolated from urine in the region of vale do sousa and tâmega].the urinary tract is one of the more common sites of bacterial infections, especially in women. urinary infection can be defined as an infection of urinary tract structures which occurs, generally, as a consequence of the presence or colonization by urine bacteria. the aim of this study was to determine the etiology of urinary tract infections and their susceptibility to antimicrobial agents in the region of vale do sousa and tâmega. from february 2008 to january 2009, 18653 urine cultures were ...201020687992
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