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a novel biosorbent for dye removal: extracellular polymeric substance (eps) of proteus mirabilis tj-1.this paper deals with the extracellular polymeric substance (eps) of proteus mirabilis tj-1 used as a novel biosorbent to remove dye from aqueous solution in batch systems. as a widely used and hazardous dye, basic blue 54 (bb54) was chosen as the model dye to examine the adsorption performance of the eps. the effects of ph, initial dye concentration, contact time and temperature on the sorption of bb54 to the eps were examined. at various initial dye concentrations (50-400 mg/l), the batch sorp ...200918718709
regioselective synthesis and antimicrobial screening of novel ketocarbazolodispiropyrrolidine derivatives.a series of novel dispiropyrrolidine derivatives have been synthesized through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of azomethine ylide generated from sarcosin and di/tri ketone with the dipolarophile (e)-2-arylidine-1-keto-carbazoles. the cycloadducts ketocarbazalo spiro n-methyl pyrrolidines showed the most interesting antimicrobial activity at lower concentration.200918722036
nationwide surveillance of antimicrobial resistance among enterobacteriaceae in intensive care units in determine the antimicrobial resistance profiles among clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae in taiwanese intensive care units (icus), a national surveillance of antibiotic resistance among important enterobacteriaceae was conducted from september 2005 through november 2005 at the icus of ten major teaching hospitals in taiwan. a total of 574 enterobacteriaceae isolates recovered from various clinical samples of our icu patients were submitted for in vitro test. minimum inhibitory concentrat ...200918716805
[nosocomial urinary tract infections in the geriatric hospital - pathogen spectrum and resistancies].we examined 834 isolates of urinary cultures (26 fungi and 808 isolates from 28 bacteria) in an academic geriatric teaching hospital for microbial spectrum and resistance analysis. of the bacteria, 90% were associated to ten species. detection rate of mrsa and esbl was 1%, detection rate for pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus species, coagulase negative staphylococci and klebsiella species were higher than in an university clinic (p < 0.001). resistency rates were high for the 10 most frequent bact ...200918327687
identification of plasmid-encoded extended spectrum beta-lactamases produced by a clinical strain of proteus mirabilis.emergence and dissemination of multiresistant strain of proteus mirabilis have made infections treatment more difficult that this bacterium is responsible. the aim of this study is to determine the implication of the enzymatic mechanism and to describe the properties of esbls (extended spectrum beta-lactamases). a clinical strain of proteus mirabilis sm514 isolated in the intensive care unit at the military hospital in tunisia during the period 2004 was found to be highly resistant to cephalospo ...200918456422
needle puncture and transcutaneous bone biopsy cultures are inconsistent in patients with diabetes and suspected osteomyelitis of the foot.needle puncture has been suggested as a method for identifying bacteria in the bones in patients with diabetes with osteomyelitis of the foot. however, no studies have compared needle puncture with concomitant transcutaneous bone biopsy, which is the current standard recommended in international guidelines.200919228109
strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection presenting as acute respiratory failure and gram-negative sepsis in a patient with developing countries, strongyloides stercoralis infection is a common cause of morbidity and mortality. death from strongyloidosis can result from hyperinfection or disseminated disease. infections due to s. stercoralis are unusual in saudi arabia and are usually diagnosed in immigrants from endemic areas. we report a case in which s. stercoralis was isolated from the sputum of a patient with gram-negative sepsis and respiratory failure, and review the salient features of this disease. a high ...200919231269
regioselective synthetic approaches towards 1,2,8,9-tetraazadispiro[]trideca-2,9-dien-6-ones of potential antimicrobial properties.reaction of 2,5-bis(arylmethylidene)cyclopentanones 1a-d with nitrilimines (generated in situ via triethylamine dehydrohalogenation of the corresponding hydrazonoyl chlorides 2a,b) in 1:2 molar ratio proceeds in a high regioselective manner affording monocycloadducts 3 and dicycloadducts in the form of two isomers 4, 5. single crystal x-ray diffraction studies of the isolated crystalline form of 3c support the established structure and indicate that the formed product is 7e, 4s, 5r. antimicrobia ...200919211175
interaction of intracorporeal lithotripters with proteus mirabilis inoculated inside artificial calcium and struvite stones.renal calculi may contain bacteria that can remain active inside the stone and produce bacteremia and/or endotoxemia after lithotripsy. urinary tract infection associated with urinary stones represents high morbidity. the purpose of this research was to use novel artificial struvite stones inoculated with living bacteria and to study the effect of four different intracorporeal lithotripters on bacterial inactivation after in vitro lithotripsy.200919216637
[distribution and drug resistance analysis of bacteria in different wound infections].to analyze the distribution and drug resistance of bacteria in different wound infections and provide evidence for wound infection control in subtropical regions.200919218119
antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of urinary tract pathogens.microbial drug resistance is a major problem in the treatment of infectious diseases worldwide. the purpose of this survey is to determine the prevalence of the type of bacterial agents that cause urinary infection and to assess the antimicrobial sensitivity pattern in the urmia medical university, iran. in the period between 2005 and 2006, urine cultures collected were analyzed. positive culture was defined as growth of a single bacterial species with colony count of > 100,000 cfu/ml. stratific ...200919237813
1h-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for identifying and quantifying common uropathogens: a metabolic approach to the urinary tract address the shortcomings of urine culture for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection (uti), we used 1h-nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy for identifying and quantifying escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumonia and proteus mirabilis.200919239442
tigecycline.infection with resistant pathogens can adversely affect clinical, microbiological and economic outcomes. new agents for the treatment of many such serious infections are acutely needed in hospital practice. tigecycline is a novel glycylcycline antimicrobial for intravenous use. it has an expanded broad-spectrum antibacterial activity including multi-drug resistant pathogens, like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus , vancomycin-resistant enterococci , multi-drug resistant streptococcus p ...200919242083
proteus syndrome: high-resolution ct and ct pulmonary densitovolumetry findings.cystic transformation of the lungs in proteus syndrome is considered an important manifestation of this disease. we describe a case of an 11-year-old girl with a diagnosis of proteus syndrome with lung involvement. low-dose multidetector computed tomography (ct) revealed extensive diffuse cystic lung disease with left lung predominance, affecting mostly the lower lung zones. the cystic lesions had various sizes and variable wall thickness. postprocessing using ct histogram densitometric volumetr ...200919242304
doripenem activity tested against a global collection of enterobacteriaceae, including isolates resistant to other extended-spectrum agents.the emergence and rapid dissemination of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing isolates among enterobacteriaceae coupled with increasing prevalence of stably derepressed and plasmid-borne ampc producers have rendered broad-spectrum cephalosporins and beta-lactam/beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations less effective. this scenario has required the use of carbapenems for treatment of infections caused by such organisms. in this study, the in vitro activities of doripenem and comparator ...200919249175
characteristics and clinical significance of bacterial colonization of ureteral double-j stents in determine the frequency, type of pathogen and clinical significance of bacterial colonization of double-j stents after pyeloplasty in children.200919251483
the dienes phenomenon: competition and territoriality in swarming proteus mirabilis.when two different strains of swarming proteus mirabilis encounter one another on an agar plate, swarming ceases and a visible line of demarcation forms. this boundary region is known as the dienes line and is associated with the formation of rounded cells. while the dienes line appears to be the product of distinction between self and nonself, many aspects of its formation and function are unclear. in this work, we studied dienes line formation using clinical isolates labeled with fluorescent p ...200919251852
pneumoureter. 200919254678
new plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance gene, qnrc, found in a clinical isolate of proteus mirabilis.since the discovery of qnra in 1998, two additional qnr genes, qnrb and qnrs, have been described. these three plasmid-mediated genes contribute to quinolone resistance in gram-negative pathogens worldwide. a clinical strain of proteus mirabilis was isolated from an outpatient with a urinary tract infection and was susceptible to most antimicrobials but resistant to ampicillin, sulfamethoxazole, and trimethoprim. plasmid phs10, harbored by this strain, was transferred to azide-resistant escheric ...200919258263
detection of bacterioplankton in immersed cadavers using selective agar plates.we measured bacterioplankton in blood from cadavers retrieved from the sea (n=12), near estuaries (n=4), rivers (fresh water, n=8) and from bathtubs (n=4) as well as from non-drowned victims (n=10) discovered near aquatic environments. blood from 11 victims drowned in seawater developed bioluminescent and/or blue colonies (oxidase test positive) on selective media containing 2-4% nacl. homology analyses of the 16s rrna gene showed that all of them were marine bacteria (genera: photobacterium, vi ...200919261520
[evaluation of the microscan negcombo panel type 44 for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase among clinical isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella species, and proteus mirabilis].accurate and rapid detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) is important in guiding proper antimicrobial therapy for infected patients. we evaluated the performance of microscan negcombo type 44 panel (dade behring, usa), which was developed to confirm esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae using ceftazidime/clavulanate and cefotaxime/clavulanate.200919262076
[a boy with abdominal pain and when urinating. urinary stones in a mega urethra]. 200919271445
growth inhibition of pathogenic bacteria and some yeasts by selected essential oils and survival of l. monocytogenes and c. albicans in apple-carrot safety is a fundamental concern of both consumers and the food industry. the increasing incidence of foodborne diseases increases the demand of using antimicrobials in foods. spices and plants are rich in essential oils and show inhibition activity against microorganisms, which are composed of many compounds. in this research, effects of garlic, bay, black pepper, origanum, orange, thyme, tea tree, mint, clove, and cumin essential oils on listeria monocytogenes aufe 39237, escherichia coli ...200919278342
[change of mating type induced by actinomycin d in the ciliate dileptus anser].effect of actinomycin d on the expression and inheritance of mating types (mts) in mature laboratory clones of the ciliate dileptus anser was studied. each mature clone of these ciliates isolated from natural population appears to belong to one of the three complementary mts - mt i, mt ii or mt iii. its mt does not vary in the course of further laboratory cultivation of the clone in a series of vegetative generations. however, after treatment with actinomycin d (15 microg/ml, 3 days), such clone ...200919281052
catheter-related urinary tract infection in patients suffering from spinal cord injuries.urinary tract infection is commoner in patients with spinal cord injuries because of incomplete bladder emptying and the use of catheters that can result in the introduction of bacteria into the bladder. 145 patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, admitted to the institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation, centre for paraplegia of the clinical centre of the university of sarajevo, were included. the patients were divided in three groups according to the method of bladder drainage: ...200919284388
surveillance of intrahospital infections at the clinic for gynaecology and obstetrics.intrahospital infections (ihi) and antibiotics resistance are the problems which exist in virtually all hospitals in the world. the main aim of the present research is establishing of epidemiological surveillance over occurrence of ihi at the clinic for gynaecology and obstetrics at the university clinical center tuzla and thus identifies: types of bacteria which cause ihi, types of infection according to anatomical localization and research resistance organisms causing of ihi on antimicrobial d ...200919284398
the antimicrobial effect of acetic acid--an alternative to common local antiseptics?acetic acid has been commonly used in medicine for more than 6000 years for the disinfection of wounds and especially as an antiseptic agent in the treatment and prophylaxis of the plague. the main goal of this study was to prove the suitability of acetic acid, in low concentration of 3%, as a local antiseptic agent, especially for use in salvage procedures in problematic infections caused by organisms such as proteus vulgaris, acinetobacter baumannii or pseudomonas aeruginosa. this study was de ...200919286325
micrornas and genomic variations: from proteus tricks to prometheus gift.micrornas (mirnas) are small non-coding rnas with regulatory functions. mirnas are aberrantly expressed in almost all human cancers, leading to abnormal levels of target genes. recently, an increasing number of studies have addressed whether genomic variations including germ line or somatic mutations and single-nucleotide polymorphisms can count for mirna abnormal expression by altering their biogenesis and/or affect the ability of mirnas to bind to target messenger rnas. here, we provide an ext ...200919293341
antibiotic susceptibility pattern of staphylococcus species isolated from telephone receivers.microorganisms are transferred to everyday objects from the environment and infected individuals. pathogenic microbes are transmissible from the air, skin, hands and other interpersonal contacts and cause diseases most of the time. this study centres on the microbial assessment of telephone receivers, their ability to transfer bacterial infections and the isolation of these microorganisms from receivers, with an emphasis on staphylococcus aureus and its antibiotic susceptibility pattern.200919296038
novel ctx-m {beta}-lactamase genotype distribution and spread into multiple species of enterobacteriaceae in changsha, southern china.the aim of this study was to undertake a survey of the occurrence of ctx-m and shv extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) genotypes in enterobacteriaceae from hunan province, china.200919297379
tamm-horsfall protein protects against urinary tract infection by proteus mirabilis.proteus mirabilis is a common cause of urinary tract infection. we determined the role of tamm-horsfall protein as a host defense factor against the cystitis and pyelonephritis caused by p. mirabilis.200919303096
growth inhibition of foodborne and pathogenic bacteria by conjugated linoleic acid.the influence of conjugated linoleic acid (cla) on the growth of some foodborne and pathogenic bacteria was examined. a potassium salt of cla (cla-k) was tested against three gram-positive strains ( bacillus cereus , staphylococcus aureus , and streptococcus mutans ) and five gram-negative strains ( pseudomonas aeruginosa , salmonella typhimurium , vibrio parahemolyticus , klebsiella pneumoniae , and proteus mirabilis ). cla-k-mediated growth inhibition was evident for all tested strains, partic ...200919317483
16s-23s rdna internal transcribed spacer regions in four proteus species.proteus is a gram-negative, facultative anaerobic bacterium. in this study, 813 proteus 16s-23s rdna internal transcribed spacer (its) sequences were determined from 46 proteus strains, including 388 its from 22 p. mirabilis strains, 211 its from 12 p. vulgaris strains, 169 its from 10 p. penneri strains, and 45 its from 2 p. myxofaciens strains. the proteus strains carry mainly two types of its, its(glu) (containing trna(glu (uuc)) gene) and its(ile+ala) (containing trna(ile (gau)) and trna(ala ...200919318046
laser interferometric and cultivation methods for measurement of colistin/ampicilin and saponin interactions with smooth and rough of proteus mirabilis lipopolysaccharides and cells.laser interferometry is commonly used in permeability studies of soluble substances. in this study a modification that allowed testing partially insoluble mixtures is presented. the modification relies on the measurement of diffusion from 1% agarose gel. as a model for this study, two proteus mirabilis strains were used that differ in polysaccharide content: smooth p. mirabilis s1959 strain and its re-type mutant, strain r45. by laser interferometry and precipitation it is shown that r45 lipopol ...200919318050
prevalence of multiresistant gram-negative organisms in a tertiary hospital in mwanza, tanzania.antimicrobial resistance is fast becoming a global concern with rapid increases in multidrug-resistant gram negative organisms. the prevalence of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing clinical isolates increases the burden on implementing infectious disease management in low socio-economic regions. as incidence can vary widely between regions, this study was done to determine resistance patterns of gram-negative organisms at bugando medical center, a tertiary hospital in mwanza, tanz ...200919323805
eca-immunogenicity of proteus mirabilis strains.bacteria of the genus proteus are opportunistic pathogens and cause mainly urinary tract infections. they also play a role in the pathogenesis of reactive arthritis (ra). patients suffering from yersinia-triggered ra often carry high titers of antibodies specific to enterobacterial common antigen (eca). the immunogenicity of eca has not received much attention thus far and studies have focused mainly on the eca of escherichia coli and yersinia enterocolitica. in this paper the eca-immunogenicity ...200919333729
folate, cancer risk, and the greek god, proteus: a tale of two chameleons.evidence indicates that an abundant intake of foodstuffs rich in folate conveys protection against the development of colorectal cancer, and perhaps some other common cancers as well. the issue is complex, however, since some observations in animal and human studies demonstrate that an overly abundant intake of folate among those who harbor existing foci of neoplasia might instead produce a paradoxical promotion of tumorigenesis. the pharmaceutical form of the vitamin, folic acid, might affect t ...200919335714
lysozyme catalyzes the formation of antimicrobial silver nanoparticles.hen egg white lysozyme acted as the sole reducing agent and catalyzed the formation of silver nanoparticles in the presence of light. stable silver colloids formed after mixing lysozyme and silver acetate in methanol and the resulting nanoparticles were concentrated and transferred to aqueous solution without any significant changes in physical properties. activity and antimicrobial assays demonstrated lysozyme-silver nanoparticles retained the hydrolase function of the enzyme and were effective ...200919344124
colonization with multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria: prolonged duration and frequent cocolonization.the characteristics of colonization with multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria (mdrgnb) in the gastrointestinal tract have not been well defined. characterizing the duration of colonization, clearance of colonization, and frequency of cocolonization would provide important information for the development of interventions targeting the prevention of mdrgnb spread.200919348593
case study: chronic femoropopliteal prosthetic graft infection with exposed of the most feared complications following vascular reconstruction is infection due to the attendant risks of limb loss, sepsis, or death. the reported incidence of infection following infrainguinal prosthetic graft infection is 2.5% with associated mortality rates and amputation rates of 18% and 41%, respectively. there are several options in treating infected prosthetic infrainguinal bypass grafts. some authors have advocated complete removal of the infected graft with concomitant in situ ...200919190040
polyoxygenated methyl cyclohexanoids from a terrestrial ampelomyces structurally related new polyoxygenated methyl cyclohexanoids, ampelomins a-g (1-7), were isolated from the mycelial solid culture of a soil-derived ampelomyces fungus. their structures were determined by spectroscopic and chemical means. ampelomins a (1), c (3), e (5), and g (7) exhibited weak activity against alpha-glucosidase with ic(50) values of 1.74-5.93 mm, and ampelomin a (1) showed moderate antibacterial activity with mic(90) values ranging from 202.4 to 1015.9 microm. a plausible ...200919193024
significance of the cyclic structure and of arginine residues for the antibacterial activity of arenicin-1 and its interaction with phospholipid and lipopolysaccharide model membranes.arenicin-1 (ar-1) is a beta-sheeted antimicrobial peptide from the marine lugworm arenicola marina. to elucidate the significance of its unique 18-residue cyclic structure and of six cationic arginines for its biological activity and its interaction with biomembranes, we synthesized one linear peptide in which the two cysteines were exchanged for serines (c/s-ar-1) and a cyclic peptide in which all arginines were replaced by lysines (r/k-ar-1). we addressed antibacterial and hemolytic activities ...200919199831
isolation and identification of antibacterial compounds from thymus kotschyanus aerial parts and dianthus caryophyllus flower buds.the aerial parts of thymus kotschyanus boiss. and hohen. (lamiaceae) and flower buds of dianthus caryophyllus l. (caryophyllaceae) have been traditionally implemented in the treatment of wounds, throat and gum infections and gastro-intestinal disorder by the indigenous people of northern iraq, although the compounds responsible for the medicinal properties have not been identified. in this study, antibacterial compounds from both plants were isolated and characterized, and the biological activit ...200919200700
community-acquired urinary tract infections in southern turkey: etiology and antimicrobial this study, we compared the distribution and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of bacterial strains isolated from patients with community-acquired urinary tract infections in southern turkey, hatay, during 2004 and 2005. the majority (82.3%) of the isolates were from women while the remaining (17.7%) were from men. of all samples tested, 49% were culture-positive with a bacterial pathogen. the most frequently isolated bacterial species were escherichia coli (45.1%), coagulase-negative staphy ...200919203547
antimicrobial activity of some water plants from the northeastern anatolian region of turkey.the antimicrobial activity of methanol and acetone extracts of butomus umbellatus, polygonum amphibium, and two species of the genus sparganium (s. erectum and s. emersum)against three gram-positive, five gram-negative bacteria and one fungus was assessed by the disk diffusion method. the microorganisms used were staphylococcus aureusatcc-29740, escherichia coli atcc-25922, pseudomonas aeruginosa atcc-15442, salmonella typhi nctc-9394, klebsiella pneumoniae nctc-5046, proteus vulgaris atcc-7829, ...200919145212
high anoxia tolerance in the subterranean salamander proteus anguinus without oxidative stress nor activation of antioxidant defenses during reoxygenation.the present study describes a high anoxia tolerance in an amphibian at high temperature. indeed, the subterranean salamander proteus anguinus survived 12 h under anoxia at 12 degrees c. surprisingly, such experimental conditions did not affect p. anguinus oxidative status while muscles and liver antioxidant enzymes activities decreased under 8 h anoxia and only return to basal level during reoxygenation. to test if such adaptation is common in urodels, equivalent experimentations have been condu ...200919148651
enhanced decolorization and biodegradation of textile azo dye scarlet r by using developed microbial consortium-gr.a developed consortium-gr, consisting of proteus vulgaris ncim-2027 (pv) and micrococcus glutamicus ncim-2168 (mg), completely decolorized an azo dye scarlet r under static anoxic condition with an average decolorization rate of 16,666 microg h(-1); which is much faster than that of the pure cultures (pv, 3571 microg h(-1); mg, 2500 microg h(-1)). consortium-gr gave best decolorization performance with nearly complete mineralization of scarlet r (over 90% toc and cod reduction) within 3h, much s ...200919157864
tigecycline in combination with other antimicrobials: a review of in vitro, animal and case report studies.tigecycline has been investigated in combination with other antibacterials against a wide range of susceptible and multiresistant gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. combinations have been analysed in vitro, in animal models and in human case reports. in vitro, tigecycline combined with other antimicrobials produces primarily an indifferent response (neither synergy nor antagonism). nevertheless, synergy occurred when tigecycline was combined with rifampicin against 64-100% of enterococcus ...200919162449
changes in bacterial isolates from burn wounds and their antibiograms: a 20-year study (1986-2005).our aim is to elucidate shifts in the bacterial spectrum colonising burn wounds and corresponding antibiotic susceptibilities during a 20-year study period.200919167827
antimicrobial activity of some thiourea derivatives and their nickel and copper complexes.five thiourea derivative ligands and their ni(2+) and cu(2+) complexes have been synthesized. the compounds were screened for their in vitro anti-bacterial activity using gram-positive bacteria (two different standard strains of staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, enterococcus faecalis, streptococcus pyogenes, bacillus cereus) and gram-negative bacteria (esherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter cloacae, proteus vulgaris, enterobacter aerogenes) and in vitro anti-yeast ...200919169199
infarction of middle third posterior cortex of kidney: a complication of extended pyelolithotomy, intra-operative electrohydraulic lithotripsy and extraction of calyceal stones under vision using stone basket and flexible cystoscope in a spinal cord injury patient - a case report.abstract:200919175924
a study of the structure of the crystalline bacterial biofilms that can encrust and block silver foley catheters.the aim of this study was to examine the structure of the crystalline bacterial biofilms that encrust and block silver/hydrogel-coated latex catheters. scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the crystalline deposits that were found encrusting catheters obtained from six patients undergoing long-term catheterization in a community setting. large populations of bacilli and cocci were seen on all catheters developing on a basal foundation layer of crystalline material. these observations ...200919189089
large scale multiplex pcr improves pathogen detection by dna microarrays.medium density dna microchips that carry a collection of probes for a broad spectrum of pathogens, have the potential to be powerful tools for simultaneous species identification, detection of virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance determinants. however, their widespread use in microbiological diagnostics is limited by the problem of low pathogen numbers in clinical specimens revealing relatively low amounts of pathogen dna.200919121223
discovery of novel 2',3',4'-trihydroxy-2-phenylacetophenone derivatives as anti-gram-positive antibacterial agents.a number of 2',3',4'-trihydroxy-2-phenylacetophenone derivatives were synthesized and examined for growth inhibition of several kinds of bacteria. 2',3',4'-trihydroxy-2-phenylacetophenone itself exhibited no antibacterial activity, but some of its derivatives showed various antibacterial activities depending on functional groups introduced on the 2-phenyl ring. eighteen out of 24 compounds synthesized in this study appeared to possess antibacterial activities against at least two gram-positive s ...200919129641
the impact of topical phenytoin on recalcitrant neuropathic diabetic foot study the impact of topical phenytoin on the healing of recalcitrant neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers in patients with no clinical evidence of ischaemia or infection, and to evaluate its antibacterial effect.200919131916
ampc beta-lactamases.summary: ampc beta-lactamases are clinically important cephalosporinases encoded on the chromosomes of many of the enterobacteriaceae and a few other organisms, where they mediate resistance to cephalothin, cefazolin, cefoxitin, most penicillins, and beta-lactamase inhibitor-beta-lactam combinations. in many bacteria, ampc enzymes are inducible and can be expressed at high levels by mutation. overexpression confers resistance to broad-spectrum cephalosporins including cefotaxime, ceftazidime, an ...200919136439
behavioral biology: inside the mind of proteus?a new study of the escape behavior of the cockroach has found that its spatial variability is based on some underlying regularity. this constrained variability may maximise the effectiveness of the escape strategy.200919138587
a blaveb-1 variant, blaveb-6, associated with repeated elements in a complex genetic structure.bla(veb-6) was found on the proteus mirabilis chromosome in a context similar to those of bla(veb-1a) and bla(veb-1b), in a truncated gene cassette flanked by 135-bp elements and duplications of the 3'-conserved segment of class 1 integrons. a linked aaca4-aadb-dfra1-orfc cassette array includes components of tn1331, illustrating the complex mosaicism of multiresistance regions.200919139283
growth and aroma contribution of microbacterium foliorum, proteus vulgaris and psychrobacter sp. during ripening in a cheese model medium.the growth and aroma contribution of microbacterium foliorum, proteus vulgaris and psychrobacter sp., some common but rarely mentioned cheese bacteria, were investigated in a cheese model deacidified by debaryomyces hansenii during the ripening process. our results show that these bacteria had distinct growth and cheese flavour production patterns during the ripening process. p. vulgaris had the greatest capacity to produce not only the widest variety but also the highest quantities of volatile ...200919083231
[brain abscess (80 cases)].cerebral abscesses are focal suppurations of infectious origin developed within the cerebral parenchyma. this is a rare pathology, with a relatively poor prognosis. therapy continues to be debated and the results are inconsistent. the objectives of this study were to define the factors influencing prognosis.200919095272
spread of multidrug-resistant proteus mirabilis isolates producing an ampc-type beta-lactamase: epidemiology and clinical management.a remarkable increase in proteus mirabilis strains producing acquired ampc-type beta-lactamases (cbls) has been observed at ospedale di circolo e fondazione macchi (varese, italy) over the last few years. the epidemiology and treatment outcome of infections associated with this unprecedented spread are reported. from 2004-2006, 2070 p. mirabilis isolates were investigated. extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) and cbl resistance determinants were identified by gene amplification and direct s ...200919095415
oxygen-limiting conditions enrich for fimbriate cells of uropathogenic proteus mirabilis and escherichia fimbriae of uropathogenic proteus mirabilis undergo invertible element-mediated phase variation whereby an individual bacterium switches between expressing fimbriae (phase on) and not expressing fimbriae (phase off). under different conditions, the percentage of fimbriate bacteria within a population varies and could be dictated by either selection (growth advantage of one phase) or signaling (preferentially converting one phase to the other in response to external signals). expression of m ...200919114498
in vitro evaluation of chondroitin sulphate-chitosan microspheres as carrier for the delivery of proteins.a novel formulation based on chondroitin sulphate/chitosan microspheres (cs/ch) has been investigated for oral delivery of macromolecules using ovalbumin as the model protein (ova). the microspheres were prepared by a new emulsion-complex coacervation method. physico-chemical properties of the polymers constituting microparticulate matrix were investigated by ir, dsc, tga and x-ray diffraction analyses. in vitro tests were performed to evaluate the drug delivery system degradation and the protei ...200918855198
lipase-catalyzed production of a bioactive fatty amide derivative of 7,10-dihydroxy-8(e)-octadecenoic acid.enzymatic syntheses of fatty amides are of considerable interest due to their wide ranging industrial applications in detergents, shampoo, cosmetics and surfactant formulations. amidation reaction of candida antarctica lipase b (calb) was investigated for direct amidation of carboxylic acid in organic solvent. calb-mediated production of a novel secondary amide was carried out by reacting the hydroxy oleic acid derivative, 7,10-dihydroxy-8(e)-octadecenoic acid (dod), with n-methylethanol amine i ...200918793843
synthesis, structure and biological activity of copper(ii) complexes of 4-(2-pyridylmethyl)-1,7-dimethyl-1,4,7-triazonane-2,6-dione and 4-(2-pyridylethyl)-1,7-dimethyl-1,4,7-triazonane-2,6-dione.four mononuclear copper(ii) complexes 1-4 have been synthesized with two new n-functionalized macrocyclic ligands l(1) and l(2). all complexes are well characterized by various spectroscopic techniques, elemental analyses and conductivity measurements. results suggest that cu(ii) ion has n(2)o coordination from ligand and s(2) from two coordinated solvent molecules (sch(3)cn for 1 and 3 while ch(3)oh for 2 and 4). the crystal structure of a representative complex 3 strengthen the proposed formul ...200918775587
presentation, treatment, and clinical course of otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis.otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis (olst) is almost always associated with other complications of chronic otitis media (com) and did not present a distinct clinical expression. in our experience, olst exhibits a benign course if the underlying disease is controlled. mastoidectomy in combination with broad-spectrum antibiotics provided effective treatment. anticoagulation therapy is no longer used routinely. recanalization is rare and is independent of the use of anticoagulants.200918781447
liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to study chondroitin lyase action pattern.liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry was applied to determine the action pattern of different chondroitin lyases. two commercial enzymes, chondroitinase abc (proteus vulgaris) and chondroitinase acii (arthrobacter aurescens), having action patterns previously determined by viscosimetry and gel electrophoresis were first examined. next, the action patterns of recombinant lyases, chondroitinase abc from bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (expressed in escherichia coli) and chondroitinase ac from flav ...200918992215
a survey on species and prevalence rate of bacterial agents isolated from cockroaches in three hospitals.the presence of cockroaches has health implications, such as nosocomial infection, as the insects move freely from areas within and around hospitals that may harbor pathogenic organisms. the goals of the present study were to determine species of bacteria isolated from cockroaches found in three tehran hospitals, and to determine distribution of potential vectors by species and sex. the study is descriptive laboratory research. a total of 305 cockroaches from three species were trapped and ident ...200918973441
development of recombinant escherichia coli whole-cell biocatalyst expressing a novel alkaline lipase-coding gene from proteus sp. for biodiesel production.a lipase-producing bacterium k107 was isolated from soil samples of china and identified to be a strain of proteus sp. with genome-walking method, the open reading frame of lipase gene lipk107, encoding 287 amino acids, was cloned and expressed in a heterologous host, escherichia coli bl21 (de3). the recombinant lipase was purified and characterized, and the optimum ph of the purified lipk107 was 9, at 35 degrees c. the recombinant e. coli expressing lipk107 was applied in biodiesel production i ...200919007827
an explanatory model to validate the way water activity rules periodic terrace generation in proteus mirabilis swarm.this paper explains the biophysical principles which, according to us, govern the proteus mirabilis swarm phenomenon. then, this explanation is translated into a mathematical model, essentially based on partial differential equations. this model is then implemented using numerical methods of the finite volume type in order to make simulations. the simulations show most of the characteristics which are observed in situ and in particular the terrace generation.200919009295
utility of reflexive semen cultures for detecting bacterial infections in patients with infertility and leukocytospermia.this study evaluated the benefit of reflexive semen cultures in peroxidase-positive samples drawn from 17,142 consecutive samples analyzed, in which 4.7% (807/17,142) had leukocytospermia and 12.7% of those (103/807) grew significant bacterial colonies on culture. considering the potential ramifications of the use of samples with bacteriospermia, we conclude that reflexive culture results are cost-effective and prudent.200918980764
characterization of a cryptic plasmid from an alpha-proteobacterial endosymbiont of amoeba proteus.a new cryptic plasmid pap3.9 was discovered in symbiotic alpha-proteobacteria present in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus. the plasmid is 3869bp with a gc content of 34.66% and contains replication origins for both double-strand (dso) and single-strand (sso). it has three putative orfs encoding mob, rep and phosphoglycolate phosphatase (pgpase). the pap3.9 plasmid appears to propagate by the conjugative rolling-circle replication (rcr), since it contains all required factors such as rep, sso and ...200918951917
evaluation of screening methods to detect plasmid-mediated ampc in escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis.there are currently no standardized phenotypic methods for the screening and detection of ampc enzymes. this study aimed to evaluate different methods to detect ampc enzymes in escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., and proteus spp., comparing the results from two disk-based methods and an agar dilution method. ampc activity was determined for 255 clinical isolates by use of a three-dimensional enzyme assay combined with a multiplex pcr assay for plasmid-borne ampc genes. these results were compared ...200918955528
vaccination with proteus toxic agglutinin, a hemolysin-independent cytotoxin in vivo, protects against proteus mirabilis urinary tract infection.complicated urinary tract infections (uti) caused by proteus mirabilis are associated with severe pathology in the bladder and kidney. to investigate the roles of two established cytotoxins, the hpma hemolysin, a secreted cytotoxin, and proteus toxic agglutinin (pta), a surface-associated cytotoxin, mutant analysis was used in conjunction with a mouse model of ascending uti. inactivation of pta, but not inactivation of hpma, resulted in significant decreases in the bacterial loads of the mutant ...200919029299
chitosan acetate bandage as a topical antimicrobial dressing for infected engineered chitosan acetate bandage preparation (hemcon) is used as a hemostatic dressing, and its chemical structure suggests that it should also be antimicrobial. we previously showed that when a chitosan acetate bandage was applied to full-thickness excisional wounds in mice that had been infected with pathogenic bioluminescent bacteria (pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis, and staphylococcus aureus), it was able to rapidly kill the bacteria and save the mice from developing fatal in ...200919015341
characterization and sequence analysis of extended-spectrum-{beta}-lactamase-encoding genes from escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis isolates collected during tigecycline phase 3 clinical concert with the development of novel beta-lactams and broad-spectrum cephalosporins, bacterially encoded beta-lactamases have evolved to accommodate the new agents. this study was designed to identify, at the sequence level, the genes responsible for the extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase (esbl) phenotypes of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis isolates collected during the global tigecycline phase 3 clinical trials. pcr assays were developed to identify and clone th ...200919015360
bacterial contamination in drinking water: a case study in rural areas of northern rajasthan, india.the objective of this study was to determine the bacterial contaminations in drinking water samples collected form some rural habitations of northern rajasthan, india. a total of ten bacterial species: escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter aerogenes, klebsiella sp, proteus vulgaris, alcaligenes faecalis, bacillus cereus, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus lactis and micrococcus luteum were identified form drinking water samples. the bacteria belonging to the family enterobacte ...200919023670
microbiological and toxicological effects of perla black bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) extracts: in vitro and in vivo studies.we investigated the microbiological and toxicological effects of three perla black bean extracts on the growth and culture of selected pathogenic microorganisms, the toxicity over vero cell lines and an in vivo rat model. three different solvents were used to obtain perla black bean extracts. all three perla black bean extracts were tested for antibacterial and antiparasitic activity and further analysed for intrinsic cytotoxicity (ic(50)). methanol perla black bean extract was used for acute to ...200919053992
identification of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases in escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., and proteus species can potentially improve reporting of cephalosporin susceptibility testing results.the goal of this study was to determine if the interpretations of extended-spectrum and advanced-spectrum cephalosporins (escs and ascs, respectively) for isolates of enterobacteriaceae would be impacted by the results of aminophenylboronic acid (apba) testing. fifty-three isolates of escherichia coli, 21 klebsiella species, and 6 proteus species that were resistant to at least one esc were tested by disk diffusion with ceftazidime and cefotetan disks with and without apba. ceftazidime disks wit ...200919036936
a fatty acid messenger is responsible for inducing dispersion in microbial is well established that in nature, bacteria are found primarily as residents of surface-associated communities called biofilms. these structures form in a sequential process initiated by attachment of cells to a surface, followed by the formation of matrix-enmeshed microcolonies, and culminating in dispersion of the bacteria from the mature biofilm. in the present study, we have demonstrated that, during growth, pseudomonas aeruginosa produces an organic compound we have identified as cis-2- ...200919074399
effect of keratin-gelatin and bfgf-gelatin composite film as a sandwich layer for full-thickness skin mesh graft in experimental grafts are indicated when there is a major loss of skin. full-thickness skin graft is an ideal choice to reconstruct defect of irregular surface that is difficult to immobilize. full-thickness mesh grafts can be applied to patch large skin defect when there is less donor site in extensively traumatized and burned surgical patients. the concept of using natural biomaterials such as keratin, basic fibroblast growth factor is slowly gaining popularity in the field of medical research to achiev ...200918161832
comparison of 3 phenotypic-detection methods for identifying plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamase-producing escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis strains.plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases (pabls) have been detected in the strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., proteus mirabilis, and salmonella spp. pabls may be difficult to detect and might interfere in the therapeutic and infection-control processes. although several pabl-detection methods based on phenotypes have been reported, the clinical and laboratory standards institute currently does not recommend a routine detection method for pabls. the aim of this study is to compare the per ...200919893354
[epidemiology of esbl-positive enterobacteriaceae in mantova hospital (italy)].in a retrospective study concerning the epidemiology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) positive enterobacteriaceae during 2007-2008 in the wards of the carlo poma hospital in mantova, mercurio surveillance software was used to detect alert microorganisms. our objective was to link the epidemiological data with the type of patient and ward, and to assess the risk factors for such infections in particular nosocomial environments. the study enabled the change in the relative epidemiologica ...200919838088
synthesis and characterization of new schiff bases derived from n (1)-substituted isatin with dithiooxamide and their co(ii), ni(ii), cu(ii), pd(ii), and pt(iv) complexes.three new schiff bases of n-substituted isatin l(i), l(ii,) and l(iii) = schiff base of n-acetylisatin, n-benzylisatin, and n-benzoylisatin, respectively, and their metal complexes c(1a,b) = [co(2)(l(i))(2)cl(3)]cl, c(2) = [ni(l(i))(2)cl(2)]0.4buoh, c(3) = [cul(i)cl(h(2)o)]cl 0.5buoh, c(4) = [pd(l(i))(2)cl]cl, c(5) = [pt(l(1))(2)cl(2)]cl(2) 1.8etoh.h(2)o, c(6a) = [col(ii)cl]cl 0.4h(2)o 0.3dmso, c(6b) = [col(ii)cl]cl 0.3h(2)o 0.1buoh, c(7) = [nil(ii)cl(2)], c(8) = [cul(ii)]cl(2) h(2)o , c(9) = [p ...200919865487
tensile strength of absorbable suture materials: in vitro analysis of the effects of ph and evaluate the tensile strength and suture degradation of 5 commonly used absorbable suture materials in different ph and bacteria inoculated media.200919896625
joint extraintestinal manifestations in ulcerative extraintestinal manifestation (eim) very often occurs in ulcerative colitis (uc) patients. eim modifies the natural course of uc and decreases the quality of life in these patients. the aim of this study was to analyze clinical and laboratory findings in uc patients with joint eim. 319 uc patients were examined. among them were 131 (41.1%) patients with distal uc, 102 (32.0%) suffered from left-sided uc and 86 (26.9%) had pancolitis. 95 (29.8%) uc patients had joint eim. arthritis correlated ...200919897966
effect of ciprofloxacin and n-acetylcysteine on bacterial adherence and biofilm formation on ureteral stent surfaces.the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of ciprofloxacin (cip), n-acetylcysteine (nac) alone and in combination on biofilm production and pre-formed mature biofilms on ureteral stent surfaces. two strains each of staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, escherichia coli, klebseilla pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus vulgaris, recently isolated from patients undergoing ureteral stent removal and shown to be capable of biofilm production, were used in this study. the ...200919899620
the cross-reactivity of shewanella fidelis lipopolysaccharide with anti-proteus antibodies.the serological cross-reactivity between lipopolysaccharides (lps) of s. fidelis kmm3582(t) and rabbit anti-o p. mirabilis antibodies was tested. using elisa and western blot cross-reactivity between s. fidelis lps and antisera against p. mirabilis o14, o3 lpss was found. the observed cross-reaction may suggest that anti-p. mirabilis s1959 (o3) antibodies may bind to the internal part of s. fidelis o-polysaccharides. a weak interaction between s. fidelis lps and antiserum against p. mirabilis o1 ...200919899622
hospital and community isolates of uropathogens at a tertiary hospital in south investigate the profile of common uropathogens isolated from urine specimens submitted to the diagnostic microbiology laboratory at a tertiary teaching hospital and assess their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns to commonly used antimicrobial agents.200919908617
infections and treatment of wounds in survivors of the 2004 tsunami in thailand.on 26 december 2004, a tsunami devastated the west coast of thailand and caused 8457 injuries and 5395 deaths. data were collected from 26 december 2004 to 31 january 2005 at four public hospitals to describe the character and treatment of wounds of 523 persons who were injured during tsunami and sought medical treatment. wounds were contaminated with mud, sand, debris and sea water and had an infection rate of 66.5% (674/1013). most wounds (45%) had poly-microbial infection with gram-negative r ...200919912391
identification and characterization of the metal ion-dependent l-alanoyl-d-glutamate peptidase encoded by bacteriophage t5.although bacteriophage t5 is known to have lytic proteins for cell wall hydrolysis and phage progeny escape, their activities are still unknown. this is the first report on the cloning, expression and biochemical characterization of a bacteriophage t5 lytic hydrolase. the endolysin-encoding lys gene of virulent coliphage t5 was cloned in escherichia coli cells, and an electrophoretically homogeneous product of this gene was obtained with a high yield (78% of total activity). the protein purified ...200919919545
chronic suppurative otitis media in cleft palate: microorganism etiology and investigate the microbial etiology of suppurative chronic otitis media (scom) in patients with complete cleft lip and palate and isolated cleft palate and to determine the sensitivity of isolated microorganisms to antibiotics by drug diffusion from impregnated discs in agar and the minimum inhibitory concentration of each drug to these microorganisms by drug dilution in agar.200919929097
antimicrobial activities of the volatile oils of ocimum bacilicum l. and ocimum gratissimum l. (lamiaceae) against some aerobic dental isolates.essential or volatile oils of plants have been variously reported to have many medicinal applications. their probable uses against oral microbes have received little attention. oral swabs obtained from eighteen dental patients at the university of benin teaching hospital, benin city, nigeria, led to the isolation of twenty nine bacteria. using standard methods, the microorganisms were identified as streptococcus viridians (16; representing 55.17%), staphylococcus albus (9; 31.04%), klebisiella p ...200919783520
justification for the use of ocimum gratissimum l in herbal medicine and its interaction with disc antibiotics.the ethanolic extract of the leaves of ocimium gratisimum l. (lamiaceae), used in traditional medicine for the treatment of several ailments such as urinary tract, wound, skin and gastrointestinal infections, was evaluated for its antibacterial properties against four clinical bacteria isolates namely: escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa and the antifungal properties using a clinical isolate of candida albicans. a typed bacterium of escherichia c ...200919785729
[lumbar panniculitis with subcutaneous abscess revealing pyonephrosis].a clinical picture of hypodermitis in the lumbar region may reveal an abscess arising from infection due to pyonephrosis. we report a case below.200919801259
chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the extracts of kefe cumin (laser trilobum l.) fruits from different regions.structural properties (using gas chromatographic analyses: gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) of some compounds (pure chemicals, essential oils, extracts, etc.) and systematic investigation of antimicrobial activities (with agar dilution and agar diffusion disc methods) were determined in the fruits of kefe cumin (laser trilobum l.) obtained from different regions (germany, india, and turkey). the main components were established as limonene (41.03-72.24%) and perillald ...200919817640
[regulation of cortical cytoskeleton dynamics during migration of free-living amoebae].amoeba proteus and smaller by an order of magnitude (and evolutionary younger) acanthamoeba castellanii have been for many years model cells for studies of amoeboidal (crawling) type of movement, characteristic also for some of metazoan cells such as fibroblasts, granulocytes and macrophages. amoeboidal migration is indispensable of organization and dynamics of actin-based cytoskeleton. while there is a number of data on molecular mechanisms of motility of a. castellanii, there is very little kn ...200919824468
bilateral atticoantral chronic suppurative otitis media presenting as bilateral cutaneous mastoid fistulas.postauricular cutaneous mastoid fistula secondary to chronic suppurative otitis media (csom) is an unusual complication. bilateral manifestation along with primary acquired cholesteatoma and atelectasis of the pars tensa as an end-stage complication in the natural course of atticoantral csom is rare. this kind of complication has a very morbid effect on the ear, and it poses a therapeutic challenge in terms of eradicating disease and restoring function. in this article, we describe the unusual c ...200919826984
cross-reaction between proteins of larrea divaricata cav. (jarilla) and proteins of gram-negative bacteria.larrea divaricata is an abundant plant of northwest of argentina used to treat different pathologies. we aimed to characterize the immunogenicity of proteins from a partially purified crude aqueous extract (jpce) of jarilla. we evaluated the cross reaction between jpce and whole cell-bacterial proteins (w-cbp) of escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris, and klebsiella pneumoniae using a mouse anti-jpce serum. protein profiles of jpce and w-cbp were analyzed. for jpce, 18 bands ...200919874237
quantitative imaging of cellular adhesion by total internal reflection holographic internal reflection (tir) holographic microscopy uses a prism in tir as a near-field imager to perform quantitative phase microscopy of cell-substrate interfaces. the presence of microscopic organisms, cell-substrate interfaces, adhesions, and tissue structures on the prism's tir face causes relative index of refraction and frustrated tir to modulate the object beam's evanescent wave phase front. we present quantitative phase images of test specimens such as amoeba proteus and cells such a ...200919956284
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