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synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of cobalt(iii) complexes with pyridine-amide ligands.the ligands 2-(n-(x-pyridyl)carbamoyl)pyridine (x=2, 3 or 4 for hl1-hl3, respectively) and 2,6-bis(n-(y-pyridyl)carbamoyl)pyridine (y=2, 3 or 4 for h2l4-h2l6, respectively) in their mono- and di-deprotonated forms have been used to synthesize kinetically stable cobalt(iii) compounds [co(l1-3)3] (1-3) and na[co(l4-6)2] (4-6), respectively. the co(iii) ion is in octahedral environment and is surrounded by three bidentate ligands in complexes 1-3 and two tridentate ligands in complexes 4-6. ligands ...200817959275
endoscopic treatment of pituitary abscess: two case reports and literature review.pituitary abscess is a rare entity and the correct diagnosis is still difficult before surgery. more than 210 cases have been reported in the medical literature, mostly in the form of isolated case reports. we report two cases of pituitary abscess treated endoscopically and we review the literature. a 30-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man were admitted with a history of pituitary dysfunction. patient 1 presented with polyuria, polydipsia, amenorrhea, headache, and visual impairment. magnetic r ...200817899232
skin and soft tissue infection: frequency of aerobic bacterial isolates and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern. 200818700650
proteus rebound: reconsidering the "torture of nature".though carolyn merchant has agreed that francis bacon did not advocate the "torture of nature," she still maintains that "the very essence of the experimental method arose out of human torture transferred onto nature." her arguments do not address serious problems of logic, context, and contrary evidence. her particular insistence on the influence of the torture of witches ignores bacon's skepticism about witchcraft as superstitious or imaginary. nor do the writings of his successors sustain her ...200818702399
monozygotic twins discordant for proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a rare, complex disorder predominantly characterized by asymmetric overgrowth of body parts, connective tissue and epidermal nevi, and vascular malformations. general diagnostic criteria comprise mosaic distribution, sporadic occurrence, and progressive course. we report on proteus syndrome in discordant monozygotic twins. the affected 9-year-old boy showed progressive postnatal overgrowth of his right leg and foot and asymmetric progressive overgrowth of single toes with a s ...200818627057
flavonoids from pterocaulon alopecuroides with antibacterial activity.three flavonoids, (2 r,3 r)-5,4'-dihydroxy-3'- o-methyl-7-(gamma,gamma-dimethylallyloxy)dihydroflavonol 1, (2 r,3 r)-5,7,4'-trihydroxy-3'- o-methyl-6-(alpha,alpha-dimethylallyl)dihydroflavonol 2, and (2 r,3 r)-5,7,4'-trihydroxy-6-(alpha,alpha-dimethylallyl)dihydroflavonol 3, together with three known flavonoids ( 4 - 6), were isolated from the aerial parts of pterocaulon alopecuroides. the structures of the compounds were determined by mass and by 1 d and 2 d nmr spectroscopy. screening of the a ...200818704884
antibacterial activity of the fruits of iranian torilis leptophylla against some clinical pathogens.the aim of this study was to examine the antimicrobial activity of the methanolic extract of torilis leptophylla was tested on eleven bacteria (bacillus anthracis, bacillus subtilis, bacillus pumilus, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus licheniformis, brucella melitensis, escherichia coli, salmonella typhi, proteus mirabilis, bordetella bronshiseptica and pseudomonas aeruginosa). tested extract was effective against all bacteria but not b. subtilis. consequently, the ethanolic extract had antibacter ...200818819541
the lon protease regulates swarming motility and virulence gene expression in proteus mirabilis.a mini-tn5lacz1 transposon insertion in a gene encoding an orthologue of the lon protease conferred a hyper-swarming phenotype on proteus mirabilis. the lon mutation increased the accumulation of mrna for representative class 1 (flhdc), class 2 (flia) and class 3 (flaa) genes during swarmer cell differentiation. in addition, the stability of the flhd protein was fourfold higher in the lon : mini-tn5lacz1 background. expression of a single-copy lon : lacz fusion increased during the swarming cycl ...200818628491
hemoperitoneum increases the incidence of bacterial translocation.severe hemorrhage may induce bacterial translocation (bt) from the bowel. presence of hemoperitoneum is supposed to further increase the incidence of bt.200818705287
[intestinal enterobacteria of the hibernating apis mellifera mellifera l. bees].dynamics of enterobacteria of normal intestinal microflora was studied in apis mellifera mellifera l. bees hibernating under snow in the western urals. the cell numbers (n) of the predominant species klebsiella oxytoca increased from 10-10(6) cfu/bee in november 2004 to 10(4)-10(7) cfu/bee in march 2005; its frequency of occurrence (p) increased from 92 to 100%. increase of providencia rettgeri (11.2004: n up to 10(6), p 25%; 03.2005: n 10(2)-10(6), p 80%) was accompanied by the substitution of ...200818683661
the pathological newborn in small animals: the neonate is not a small adult.the rate of perinatal death is variable but highest during parturition, immediately after birth and in the first days of life. infectious diseases, above all bacterial, are the second most important cause of mortality after losses during parturition. a lot of factors are involved predisposing puppies and kittens to bacterial infections: respiratory distress, hypothermia, hypoglycaemia, dehydration, congenital abnormalities. e. coli, streptococci and staphylococci, klebsiella sp., pseudomonas sp. ...200818688749
[current issues related to nosocomial infections in general surgery].the authors analyze the prevalence of nosocomial infections in their facility between 1999 and 2006. the annual rates ranged from 1.92 % to 4.24 %, with an average prevalence of 3.12 %. the most frequent were wound infections, febrile conditions associated with positive blood culture and urinary tract infections. in nosocomial infections, the average length of hospitalization increased by a factor of 3.5 and treatment costs rose. sporadically, multiresistant strains were detected, such as mrsa, ...200818688770
proteus' syndrome as a differential diagnosis of vascular malformations. 200818622970
papx, a p fimbrial operon-encoded inhibitor of motility in uropathogenic escherichia coli.motility and adherence are two integral aspects of bacterial pathogenesis. adherence, often mediated by fimbriae, permits bacteria to attach to host cells and establish infection, whereas flagellum-driven motility allows bacteria to disseminate to sites more advantageous for colonization. both fimbriae and flagella have been proven important for virulence of uropathogenic escherichia coli (upec). reciprocal regulation is one mechanism by which bacteria may reconcile the contradictory actions of ...200818710869
catheterized and non-catheterized urinary tract infections among patients attended at jimma university teaching hospital, southwest, ethiopia.prospective cross sectional study was undertaken to assess the bacterial profile and antimicrobial resistance pattern of catheterized urinary tract infection in comparison with non-catheterized uti in jimma university teaching hospital, southwest, ethiopia.200818711990
[the analysis of the bacterial and fungal flora in maxillary sinuses in patients operated due to fess method].the aim of this work was to analyse the bacterial and fungal flora in maxillary sinuses in patients operated due to the fess method.200818837224
detection of kpc-2 in a clinical isolate of proteus mirabilis and first reported description of carbapenemase resistance caused by a kpc beta-lactamase in p. isolate of proteus mirabilis recovered from blood cultures of a diabetic patient was shown to be resistant to imipenem, meropenem, and ertapenem by disk diffusion susceptibility testing. amplification of whole-cell and/or plasmid dna recovered from the isolate with primers specific for the bla(kpc) carbapenemase gene produced an amplicon of the expected size which was confirmed to be bla(kpc-2) by sequence analysis. transformation of a susceptible escherichia coli host with plasmid preparatio ...200818632900
design, synthesis, and evaluation of novel organophosphorus inhibitors of bacterial ureases.a new group of organophosphorus inhibitors of urease, p-methyl phosphinic acids was discovered by using the structure based inhibitor design approach. several derivatives of the lead compound, aminomethyl(p-methyl)phosphinic acid, were synthesized successfully. their potency was evaluated in vitro against urease from bacillus pasteurii and proteus vulgaris. the studied compounds constitute a group of competitive, reversible inhibitors of bacterial ureases. obtained thiophosphinic analogues of th ...200818717581
[fluoroquinolones and gram-negative bacteria: antimicrobial activity and mechanisms of resistance].fluoroquinolones acts by interacting with type ii topoisomerases (dna gyrase and topoisomerases iv). related to this mechanism of action, bacteria have developed resistance mechanisms consisting in some target mutations (gyra/gyrb for dna gyrase and parc/pare for topoisomerase iv) or in a reduced access to the target itself, by either decreased permeability or augmented expression of efflux pumps, such as acrab and mexab. along with these classical mechanisms of chromosomal resistance, the prese ...200818843219
genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity in the pten hamartoma tumour syndrome.germline pten (phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome ten) mutations predispose to phenotypically diverse disorders that share several overlapping clinical features: cowden syndrome, bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, proteus syndrome and proteus-like syndrome, collectively classified as pten hamartoma tumour syndrome (phts). the meticulous acquisition and documentation of phts phenotypic data at different levels and the profiling of the plethora of genetic changes in pten and ot ...200818794875
purple urine bag syndrome. 200818725621
prevalence and mechanisms of broad-spectrum beta-lactam resistance in enterobacteriaceae: a children's hospital experience.the objective of this study was to investigate the trends and patterns of resistance in beta-lactamase-producing members of the family enterobacteriaceae in a children's hospital over a 9-year period (1999 to 2007). clinically significant isolates of the enterobacteriaceae were screened for patterns of broad-spectrum resistance to beta-lactams. the strains likely to be resistant were subsequently confirmed by an inhibitor-based disc test. the plasmid-mediated resistance determinants in these iso ...200818765688
[lower urinary tract infections: bacterial epidemiology and recommendations].lower urinary tract infection remains frequent particularly in women, despite improvement in therapeutic means. it seems likely to revisit bacterial epidemiology and therapeutic available strategies. to analyze elements in presence i.e. infecting bacteria and antibiotics still active or identification of acquired resistance mechanisms should permit to establish the evolution during the last 10 years. the study shows that bacterial epidemiology in urinary tract infection has not changed significa ...200818773847
[recent evolution and characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing enterobacteria in the chu of nice (2005-2007)].esbl producing enterobacteria (e-esbl+) are always a public health concern, mainly due to increase of ctx-m beta-lactamase. so, 542 new strains were isolated in the chu de nice during the 2005-2007 period. the aim of this work was to characterize the esbl and to type isolates suspected to be implicated in outbreaks.200818848404
zapa, a virulence factor in a rat model of proteus mirabilis-induced acute and chronic prostatitis.our knowledge of pathogenesis has benefited from a better understanding of the roles of specific virulence factors in disease. to determine the role of the virulence factor zapa, a 54-kda metalloproteinase of proteus mirabilis, in prostatitis, rats were infected with either wild-type (wt) p. mirabilis or its isogenic zapa(-) mutant kw360. the wt produced both acute and chronic prostatitis showing the typical histological progressions that are the hallmarks of these diseases. infection with the z ...200818725420
antibacterial activity of halogenated sesquiterpenes from malaysian laurencia spp.during our studies on malaysian laurencia species, brominated metabolites, tiomanene, acetylmajapolene b, and acetylmajapolene a were isolated from an unrecorded species collected at pulau tioman, pahang along with known majapolene b and majapolene a. acetylmajapolene a was a mixture of diastereomers as in the case of majapolene a. tiomanene may be a plausible precursor for acetylmajapolenes b and a. in addition, three known halogenated sesquiterpenes and two known halogenated c(15) acetogenins ...200818718619
[antimicrobial resistance of uropathogens among outpatients, 2000-2004].a retrospective study based on the electronic database of a university hospital was carried out to investigate the prevalence of etiological agents and their susceptibilities to antibiotics, among adult outpatients (> 18 years old) with urinary tract infections. nine hundred and fifty-seven positive urine cultures were identified between january 2000 and december 2004. escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella sp were the three principal bacterial etiological agents. trimethoprim-sulfam ...200818719808
bacterial biofilms in patients with indwelling urinary catheters.bacteria have a basic survival strategy: to colonize surfaces and grow as biofilm communities embedded in a gel-like polysaccharide matrix. the catheterized urinary tract provides ideal conditions for the development of enormous biofilm populations. many bacterial species colonize indwelling catheters as biofilms, inducing complications in patients' care. the most troublesome complications are the crystalline biofilms that can occlude the catheter lumen and trigger episodes of pyelonephritis and ...200818852707
tigecycline: a critical update.tigecycline is the first food and drug administration (fda) approved glycylcycline antibiotic. it has shown remarkable in vitro activity against a wide variety of gram-positive, gram-negative and anaerobic bacteria including many multidrug resistant (mdr) strains. however, it has minimal activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus spp. to date, little resistance to tigecycline has been reported. clinical trials studying complicated skin and skin-structure infections (csssis) demonstrated ...200818676218
identification of virulence determinants in uropathogenic proteus mirabilis using signature-tagged mutagenesis.the gram-negative bacterium proteus mirabilis causes urinary tract infections (utis) in individuals with long-term indwelling catheters or those with functional or structural abnormalities of the urinary tract. known virulence factors include urease, haemolysin, fimbriae, flagella, dsba, a phosphate transporter and genes involved in cell-wall synthesis and metabolism, many of which have been identified using the technique of signature-tagged mutagenesis (stm). to identify additional virulence de ...200818719175
uropathogens and host characteristics.uropathogens other than escherichia coli occur with greater frequency in patients with risk factors for urinary tract infection (uti). however, little is known about associations between uropathogen species and host characteristics. three hundred nineteen urine specimens containing a balanced distribution of uropathogen species were selected from inpatients and outpatients at a university hospital clinical microbiology laboratory. information on host characteristics was retrospectively collected ...200818842936
congenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, and epidermal nevi (clove) syndrome: cns malformations and seizures may be a component of this disorder.a newborn girl was found to have a massive lymphatic truncal vascular malformation with overlying cutaneous venous anomaly associated with overgrown feet and splayed toes. these manifestations comprise the recently described clove syndrome. she also had cranial asymmetry and developed generalized seizures, which were treated with anticonvulsants. cranial ct showed encephalomalacia, widening of the ventricles and the sulci, hemimegalencephaly (predominantly white matter) and partial agenesis of c ...200818816642
molecular identification of streptococcus equi subsp. equi and streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus in nasal swabs samples from horses suffering respiratory infections in iran.the objective of this study was to evaluate the existence of streptococcus equi subsp. equi and streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus as probable agents associated with naturally occurring infection of the equine upper respiratory disease in mashhad area. nasal swabs samples from thirty horses with upper respiratory tract infections were collected. the bacteria isolated and identified were streptococcus equi subsp. equi (1 isolate), streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus (25 isolates), pasteu ...200818817175
inhibitory effects of sage extract on the growth of enteric bacteria.antibacterial activity of sage extract at concentrations of 0.1, 0.05, 0.025, 0.0125, 0.00625, 0.003125, 0.00156, 0.0005 and 0.00025 g dl(-1) against salmonella typhi, shigella sonnei, s. flexneri, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, etec escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa was evaluated. susceptibility testing of bacterial strains against 18 antibiotics was also performed for comparison. the results showed that p. aeruginosa and etec e. coli were completely resistant to sage extrac ...200818817180
non-susceptibility trends among enterobacteriaceae from bacteraemias in the uk and ireland, 2001-06.enterobacteriaceae are common agents of bacteraemia, with escherichia coli accounting for 20% of the cases. reflecting this importance, members of the family constitute 4 of the 12 collection groups in the british society for antimicrobial chemotherapy (bsac) bacteraemia surveillance programme.200818819979
inhibition of candida albicans isocitrate lyase activity by sesterterpene sulfates from the tropical sponge dysidea sesterterpene sulfates (1-7) were isolated from the tropical sponge dysidea sp. and their inhibitory activities against isocitrate lyase (icl) from candida albicans were evaluated. among the isolated natural products compound 6 and 7 were found to be strong icl inhibitors. the isolated compounds (1-7) also showed potent antibacterial effect against bacillus subtilis and proteus vulgaris, but did not display antifungal activity.200818824352
causative agents of urinary tract infections in children and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern: a hospital based study.a retrospective study was conducted to find out the causative agents of urinary tract infection (uti) in children and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern among nepalese children. this was done at kanti children's hospital in kathmandu (nepal) by analyzing the records of urine samples collected for culture and sensitivity tests over a period of six months (april to november, 2007). of the total 1878 mid-stream urine samples collected from suspected cases of uti, 538 (28.6%) were positive for pat ...200818828428
distribution frequency of pathogenic bacteria isolated from cutaneus leishmaniasis lesions.cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) is a parasitic disease characterized by single or multiple ulcerations. secondary bacterial infections are one of the complications that can increase the tissue destruction and the resulting scar. to better determine the incidence of real secondary bacterial infections in cl, we designed the current study. this was a cross-sectional study performed in skin diseases and leishmaniasis research centre, isfahan, iran. a total of 1,255 patients with confirmed cl enrolled ...200818830062
experimental and qsar of acetophenones as antibacterial agents.antibacterial activity of 20 acetophenone derivatives was evaluated against two gram-positive and three gram-negative organisms, namely, bacillus subtilis ncim 2718, staphylococcus aureus ncim5021, salmonella typhi ncim2501, enterobacter aerogenes ncim5139, and proteus vulgaris ncim2813 by two-fold dilution method. the most active amongst this group of compounds were 4-methyl, 2-hydroxy, 3-bromo, 4-ethoxy, 3-nitro and 4-nitro acetophenones. quantitative structure-activity relationships were deve ...200818844677
highly resistant microorganisms in a teaching hospital: the role of horizontal spread in a setting of determine the incidence density of highly resistant organisms (hros) and the relative contribution of horizontal spread in a setting of endemicity.200818973456
[macrodactylies of the hand and foot].macrodactyly is a rare congenital anomaly defined by an enlargement of all the structures of fingers or toes. two forms of macrodactyly have been described. one form is static with an enlargement present at birth and growing proportionately to the other digits. the other is progressive with an enlargement beginning in early childhood and growing faster than that of the normal digits. macrodactyly is responsible of a functional handicap and an aesthetic prejudice. treatment may be indicated for t ...200818842439
bacteriology of non-surgical wound infections in ibadan, nigeria.previous studies done on wound infections in this environment had been mostly on the surgical variety rather than the non-surgical. however,few studies available on the non-surgical type have indicated that changes do occur in the pattern and antibiogram of the bacterial isolates of these non-surgical wound infections. this study was therefore designed to investigate the bacteriology of non-surgical wound infections in this environment. a retrospective review of seven hundred and fifty four case ...200818982819
detection of protozoan and bacterial pathogens of public health importance in faeces of corvus spp. (large-billed crow).parasites and bacteria are reported in the faeces of birds in the current study. fresh faecal samples of the large-billed crow (corvus spp.) were collected from the study site at bangsar, an urban setting in kuala lumpur, malaysia. these samples were transported to laboratory and analysed for parasites and bacteria. pre-prepared xld agar plates were used for culturing the bacteria in the laboratory. using the api 20etm test strips, 9 different species of bacteria were identified belonging to the ...200818948884
a prospective study of ceftriaxone treatment in acute pyelonephritis caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing bacteria.much controversy exists as to whether cephalosporin treatment is appropriate for infections caused by esbl-producing organisms because no randomized controlled studies have been performed.200818788687
prevalence of quinolone-resistant urinary tract infections in comanche county memorial hospital.urinary tract infection (uti) is not only a common outpatient but also the most frequently occurring nosocomial infection. the most common causative organisms of uti remain escherichia coli, nosocomial gram-negative bacilli, enteroccoci and candida. many physicians use quinolones as the agent of choice for treatment of uti. as calculated by the drug utilization data of 2007, the rate of quinolone use by physicians for uti is 48%. this study was performed to determine the prevalence of quinolone- ...200818856050
antimicrobial activity of some macrophytes from lake manzalah (egypt).the antimicrobial activities of aqueous and organic solvents (chloroform, ethanol and methanol) extracts of four plants ceratophyllum demersum l., eichhornia crassipes, potamogeton crispus and potamogeton pectinatus were tested in vitro against seventeen different microorganisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. nine of these identified organisms were obtained from different sources, bacillus subtilis 1020, bacillus cereus 1080, staphylococcus aureus, erwinia carotovo ...200819205264
antimicrobial activities of pomegranate rind extracts: enhancement by addition of metal salts and vitamin c.punica granatum l. or pomegranates, have been reported to have antimicrobial activity against a range of gram positive and negative bacteria. pomegranate formulations containing ferrous salts have enhanced although short-term, antibacteriophage activities which are rapidly diminished owing to instability of the ferrous combination. the aim of this study was to determine the antimicrobial activities of combinations of pomegranate rind extracts (pre) with a range of metals salts with the added sta ...200819077299
the effect of monoterpenes on swarming differentiation and haemolysin activity in proteus mirabilis.urinary tract infection by proteus mirabilis depends on several virulence properties that are coordinately regulated with swarming differentiation. here we report the antibacterial and anti-swarming effect of seventeen terpenoids, and the effect of subinhibitory concentrations of five selected terpenoids on swarming, biofilm formation and haemolysin activity. the results showed that all the terpenes evaluated, particularly oxygenated terpenoids, inhibited p. mirabilis with mic values ranging bet ...200819078852
periodontal findings and other oral manifestations in proteus syndrome: a case report.proteus syndrome is an extremely rare congenital disorder with progressive asymmetric overgrowth of multiple tissues. the etiology is unknown to date. the aim of this article was to describe the clinical and radiographic periodontal findings and other oral manifestations in a patient with proteus syndrome. a 13-year-old caucasian brazilian girl with proteus syndrome was evaluated by means of clinical examination and full-mouth intraoral radiographic analysis. the patient showed skeletal malforma ...200819081899
incomplete renal tubular acidosis as a predisposing factor for calcium phosphate stones in neuropathic bladder: a case report.abstract: we present a male tetraplegic patient, who developed stones in neuropathic bladder six times within a span of three years. unusual features of this case are: (1) this patient started developing stones in urinary bladder thirteen years after sustaining spinal cord injury. (2) he was performing intermittent catheterisation and did not have an indwelling catheter. (3) the presenting symptom of vesical lithiasis was abdominal spasms and not urine infection. (4) the major component of the s ...200819014688
the aac(6')ib gene in proteus mirabilis strains resistant to aminoglycosides.the aim of this study was to evaluate the presence of aac(6')-ib gene conferring resistance to aminoglycosides in proteus mirabilis strains. five isolates had aac(6')-ib gene. in one case the gene was no-expressed. three isolates were resistant to all aminoglycosides and minimum inhibitory concentrations were > or = 256 microg/ml. additionally, all positive strains were resistant to tetracycline and ciprofloxacin.200819141409
[antimicrobial activity of soft and purified propolis extracts].to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of soft and purified propolis extracts. study object and methods: antimicrobial activity of soft and purified propolis extracts was determined with reference cultures of staphylococcus aureus atcc 25923, enterococcus faecalis atcc 29212, escherichia coli atcc 25922, klebsiella pneumoniae atcc 33499, pseudomonas aeruginosa atcc 27853, proteus mirabilis atcc 12459, bacillus subtilis atcc 6633, bacillus cereus atcc 8035, and fungus candida albicans atcc 60193. ...200819142056
hemihyperplasia-multiple lipomatosis syndrome (hhml): a challenge in spinal care.a 15-year-old girl developed a progressive paraparesis over a period of six months, secondary to spinal cord compression by a lipomatous mass and anomalies of the vertebral column. clinically, a right hemihyperplasia affecting the trunk and lower limb was evident, as well as a right convex lumbar scoliosis. ct and mri demonstrated severe spinal cord compression resulting from intraspinal lipomatosis, overgrowth of right facet joints (t8 to l5), and kyphoscoliosis. surgical decompression was unde ...200819058713
involvement of myosin vi immunoanalog in pinocytosis and phagocytosis in amoeba proteus.recently, we found a 130-kda myosin vi immunoanalog in amoeba, which bound to actin in an atp-sensitive manner and in migrating amoebae colocalized to filamentous actin and dynamin ii-containing vesicular structures. to further characterize this protein, we assessed its involvement in amoeba pinocytosis and phagocytosis. confocal immunofluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy of immunogold-stained cells revealed that, in pinocytotic and phagocytotic amoebae, the myosin vi immunoanalog was ...200819088799
[occupational exposure to mesophilic microorganisms associated with commercial processing of compost for mushroom production].the aim of the study was to assess the occupational exposure to mesophilic microorganisms associated with commercial processing of compost for mushroom production.200819227882
antimicrobial resistance among uropathogens responsible for community-acquired urinary tract infections in an italian community.this study aimed to establish the pattern of the antimicrobial resistance among the leading uropathogens causing community-acquired utis in an area of the region of apulia, southern italy. twenty-one thousand and two hundred outpatients, 6,893 males and 14,307 females, were enrolled. urinary isolates were identified by conventional methods and the susceptibility to 18 antimicrobials determined. recognized uropathogens escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis were isolated fr ...200819129070
susceptibility pattern of some clinical bacterial isolates to selected antibiotics and disinfectants.the antibacterial activities of five antibiotics, three brands of ofloxacins (obenasin, floxavid and drovid) and two brands of ciprofloxacins (uroxin and siprosan), and five commonly used disinfectants (lysol, dettol, purit, roberts and wex-cide) against staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, proteus spp., pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococcus spp. and bacillus spp. were investigated. the growth inhibitory effect of both the antibiotics and disinfectants were determined using paper disk diffus ...200819004240
ascomycones a-c, heptaketide metabolites from an unidentified ascomycete.the ascomycones a-c (1-3), three novel heptaketide-derived secondary metabolites, have been isolated from cultures of an unknown ascomycete. while 1 and 2 are closely related pyranonaphthoquinones, 3 has a bicyclic dihydronaphthoquinone core. compounds 2 and 3 exhibited significant activity against several phytopathogenic fungi.200818989977
comparison of solid-phase cytometry and the plate count method for the evaluation of the survival of bacteria in pharmaceutical compare the survival of four bacterial strains (escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa) in pharmaceutical oils, including jojoba oil/tea tree oil, carbol oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil.200819120928
dna adenine methylation of sams1 gene in symbiont-bearing amoeba proteus.the expression of amoeba sams genes is switched from sams1 to sams2 when amoebae are infected with legionella jeonii. to elucidate the mechanism for the inactivation of host sams1 gene by endosymbiotic bacteria, methylation states of the sams1 gene of d and xd amoebae was compared in this study. the sams1 gene of amoebae was methylated at an internal adenine residue of gatc site in symbiont-bearing xd amoebae but not in symbiont-free d amoebae, suggesting that the modification might have caused ...200818974959
in vitro study to compare sensitivity of amoxicillin+clavulanic acid and cefpodoxime+clavulanic acid among beta-lactamase positive clinical isolates of gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens.the present study was carried out to compare the in vitro sensitivity of cefpodoxime + clavulanic acid and amoxicillin + clavulanic acid against 55 gram-positive and 123 gram-negative beta-lactamase positive clinical isolates. micro-organisms isolated from different clinical specimens were tested for beta-lactamase/esbl by using nitrocefin disc test and for metallo beta-lactamase by using double disc synergy test. a total of 299 (93 gram-positive and 206 gram-negative) clinical isolates were tes ...200818975519
[antagonistic properties of enterococci isolated from gastrointestinal tract of long-livers].the strains with antagonistic activity against indicator strains pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumonia, salmonella enterica were revealed among 58 enterococcus strains isolated from gastrointestinal tract of long-livers. the influence of different components of mrs medium on the antagonistic effect was established. antagonistic activity remained on the medium without glucose in 36% of strains, on the me ...200819044009
hyperammonemic encephalopathy caused by urinary tract infection with urinary retention. 200819046708
changing trend in antimicrobial resistance of pediatric uropathogens in taiwan.there is growing concern regarding antimicrobial resistance worldwide, particularly of escherichia coli, and the first choice of an antimicrobial agent for empiric treatment of pediatric urinary tract infection (uti) is not well established.200819067894
[purple urine bag syndrome]. 200818922671
nationwide surveillance in taiwan of the in-vitro activity of tigecycline against clinical isolates of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae.tigecycline in-vitro surveillance in taiwan (tist), initiated in 2006, is a nationwide surveillance programme designed to monitor longitudinally the in-vitro activity of tigecycline against commonly encountered resistant bacteria. this study compared the in-vitro activity of tigecycline against clinical isolates of resistant gram-negative bacteria determined by the broth microdilution and etest methods. a total of 622 isolates were collected from patients treated at 20 teaching hospitals. tigecy ...200819013351
prevalence and beta-lactamase producing bacterial isolates in a teaching hospital in peshawar, pakistan: a four year study.prevalence of microorganisms was studies in clinical samples of various body fluids (n=12,259), collected from patients at post graduate medical institute hayatabad medical complex (pgmi, hmc) peshawar. only 34.90% of samples exhibited growth, 36.25% of these isolates were gram positive and 63.75% were gram negative bacteria. e. coli was the most prevalent organism (39.45%) followed by s. aureus (32.23%), proteus spp. (9.23%), pseudomonas spp. (6.54%), streptococuss spp. (3.51%), acinetobacter s ...200818930859
determination of pathogenic bacteria by cze with surface-modified capillaries.the importance of electromigration techniques in molecular biology and medicine is increasing rapidly, especially in systematic studies on proteomes and metabolomes. staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli are bacterial species most frequently encountered in human infections, and many serious illnesses can be observed in the hospital environment. in this contribution we proposed a ce method with different modification of internal capillary surface and with monolithic beds as a selective mater ...200818942676
purple like a glove. 200818951389
frequency of renal stone disease in patients with urinary tract determine incidence of renal stone disease in patients with urinary tract infection, this cross sectional study was conducted at surgical unit of district head quarters hospital, charsadda over a period of one year from january to december 2005.200819024188
antibacterial activity of acalypha indica l.hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts from the leaves of acalypha indica were tested against gram-positive (staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, bacillus cereus, streptococcus faecalis) and gram-negative (klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aeruginosa) bacteria. all the extracts exhibited antibacterial activity against gram-positive organisms with minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) between 0.156 to 2.5 mg/ml. among the gram- ...200819024213
prevalence and characterization of verotocytoxin producing escherichia coli o157 from diarrhoea patients in morogoro, tanzania.escherichia coli o157:h7 is an important agent of haemorrhagic colitis and haemolytic uraemic syndrome in children less than five years old and elderly people. the objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence of verotocytoxin producing e. coli 0157 (vtec o157) among human patients with diarrhoea in morogoro, tanzania. faecal samples originating from 275 human patients with diarrhoea were screened for presence of e. coli o157:h7. a total of 96 e. coli isolate were identified. of thes ...200819024340
anti-tumor preventative effect of mono-therapy with the use of proteus vaccine, staphylococcus antitoxin and divaccine of staphylococcus-proteus.anti-tumor preventative effect of mono-therapy with the use of proteus vaccine, staphylococcus antitoxin and divaccine of staphylococcus-proteus has been studied. experiments were carried out on 80 non-purebred laboratory white mice (age--3-3,5 months, body mass--18-20 g) and 60 rats (body mass--100-120 g) using intraperitoneal inoculation of ehrlich's adenocarcinoma (ascitic form--eat, in mice, cancer cells--3 x 10(6)), and subcutaneous inoculation of sarcoma s-45 (in rats). anti-tumor preventa ...200818401057
effects of rifaximin on bacterial virulence mechanisms at supra- and sub-inhibitory concentrations.rifaximin, a poorly absorbed rifamycin derivative, exhibited time-dependent bactericidal activity and at concentrations as low as 1/32 of the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) caused morphological alterations in both susceptible and resistant bacterial strains. spontaneous rifaximin-resistant clones appeared with an incidence of 2.6 x 10(-7). the percentage of escherichia coli cells cured of various plasmids ranged from: 4.5-70% (flac), 0-18% (pbp507), 7.7-43.8% (plasmid carrying esbl genes ...200818467244
some observations on the migration of proteus mirabilis and other urinary tract pathogens over foley catheters.the ability of uropathogens to migrate along external surfaces of silicone foley catheters was examined. proteus mirabilis and pseudomonas aeruginosa were the most motile organisms. p. aeruginosa migrated over both triclosan-impregnated and nitrofurazone-impregnated catheters, but these antibacterials inhibited the migration of p. mirabilis.200818419368
a novel autotransporter of uropathogenic proteus mirabilis is both a cytotoxin and an of the six predicted proteus mirabilis autotransporters (ats), orf c2341, is predicted to contain a serine protease motif and was earlier identified as an immunogenic outer membrane protein in p. mirabilis. the 3.2 kb gene encodes a 117 kda protein with a 58-amino-acid-long signal peptide, a 75-kda-long n-terminal passenger domain and a 30-kda-long c-terminal translocator. affinity-purified 110 kda at exhibited chymotrypsin-like activity and hydrolysed n-suc-ala-ala-pro-phe-pna and n-suc-ala ...200818430084
soft tissue infections with arcanobacterium haemolyticum: report of three cases.we report here three polymicrobial wound infections associated with arcanobacterium haemolyticum in rural patients aged between 60-65 years. in two patients, one with cellulitis and the other with postoperative wound infection following amputation of the limb, arcanobacterium haemolyticum was isolated repeatedly along with beta haemolytic streptococci (bhs). the bhs belonged to lancefield's group g and group c respectively. in another patient, who was a diabetic with chronic osteomyelitis, arcan ...200818445965
secondary chromosomal attachment site and tandem integration of the mobilizable salmonella genomic island 1.the salmonella genomic island 1 is an integrative mobilizable element (ime) originally identified in epidemic multidrug-resistant salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium (s. typhimurium) dt104. sgi1 contains a complex integron, which confers various multidrug resistance phenotypes due to its genetic plasticity. previous studies have shown that sgi1 integrates site-specifically into the s. enterica, escherichia coli, or proteus mirabilis chromosome at the 3' end of thdf gene (attb site).200818446190
[pleural empyema secondary to pyonephrosis]. 200818448021
identification of a novel storage glycine-rich peptide from guava (psidium guajava) seeds with activity against gram-negative bacteria.bacterial pathogens cause an expressive negative impact worldwide on human health, with ever increasing treatment costs. a significant rise in resistance to commercial antibiotics has been observed in pathogenic bacteria responsible for urinary and gastro-intestinal infections. towards the development of novel approaches to control such common infections, a number of defense peptides with antibacterial activities have been characterized. in this report, the peptide pg-amp1 was isolated from guav ...200818448201
traps and attractants for wood-boring insects in ponderosa pine stands in the black hills, south dakota.recent large-scale wildfires have increased populations of wood-boring insects in the black hills of south dakota. because little is known about possible impacts of wood-boring insects in the black hills, land managers are interested in developing monitoring techniques such as flight trapping with semiochemical baits. two trap designs and four semiochemical attractants were tested in a recently burned ponderosa pine, pinus ponderosa dougl. ex laws., forest in the black hills. modified panel and ...200818459406
[etiology of urinary tract infections and antimicrobial susceptibility of urinary pathogens].with the objective of knowing the common etiological agents in urinary infection and comparing its antimicrobial susceptibility in nosocomial and community-acquired urinary infections, we analyse all the urine bacteriological exams from the serviço de patologia clínica do centro hospitalar do nordeste, epe - unidade hospitalar de bragança, during a two years period (april 2004 to march 2006). during this period, 4018 urine bacteriological exams were made. the cultural exam was positive in 572 sa ...200818331698
selective antimicrobial activity of maggots against pathogenic bacteria.maggot therapy, also known as biosurgery, is an ancient method for the healing of chronic infected wounds. although clinicians have reported on the beneficial activities of the lucilia sericata larvae that have been used for healing chronic wounds, the selectivity of this therapy against the different pathogenic micro-organisms that are found in chronic wounds has never been analysed. in the present study, we have investigated the in vitro activities of larval excreta/secreta both against select ...200818436596
in vitro interaction between mecillinam and piperacillin-tazobactam in the presence of azithromycin against members of the enterobacteriaceae family and pseudomonas aeruginosa.mecillinam was tested in vitro alone or in combination with piperacillin-tazobactam and azithromycin against representative species of the enterobacteriaceae family and pseudomonas aeruginosa to extend its antibacterial spectrum, and to protect mecillinam from inactivating enzymes taking advantage of the presence of tazobactam. drug interactions were studied by microdilution method, by selection of spontaneous resistant mutants on agar plates containing the drugs in combination and by time kill ...200818437840
cerebriform plantar hyperplasia: the major cutaneous feature of proteus syndrome. 200818377602
managing chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma report of 223 patients seen in a 5-year assess the clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of patients having chronic otitis media (com) with cholesteatoma seen in the ent/head and neck surgery clinic at the university clinical center, prishtina, kosovo.200818390126
etiology of foot intertrigo in the district of afyonkarahisar, turkey: a bacteriologic and mycologic study.foot intertrigo, occurring in the interdigital space, is mostly caused initially by dermatophytes and yeasts and less frequently by gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. with time, a "complex" may develop in the setting of moisture and maceration that contains multiple fungal and bacterial organisms.200818202333
complicated catheter-associated urinary tract infections due to escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis.catheter-associated urinary tract infections (cautis) represent the most common type of nosocomial infection and are a major health concern due to the complications and frequent recurrence. these infections are often caused by escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis. gram-negative bacterial species that cause cautis express a number of virulence factors associated with adhesion, motility, biofilm formation, immunoavoidance, and nutrient acquisition as well as factors that cause damage to the host ...200818202436
declination of copper toxicity in pigeon pea and soil system by growth-promoting proteus vulgaris knp3 strain.the copper-resistant (1318 microm cuso(4).5h(2)o) strain knp3 of proteus vulgaris was isolated from soil near the panki power plant, kanpur, india, and was used to inoculate pigeon pea (cajanus cajan var. ups-120) seeds grown in soil for 60 days in the presence of 600 microm cuso(4).5h(2)o. a study of siderophore production (126.34 +/- 0.52 microg ml(-1)) and its subsequent effects on plant growth promotion under in situ conditions was conducted. the parameters that were monitored included the p ...200818392891
structure, self-assembly, and dual role of a beta-defensin-like peptide from the chinese soft-shelled turtle eggshell matrix.biomineral matrix formation and molecular recognition are two important processes associated with eggshell biomineralization. to understand these two processes, a major intracrystalline peptide, pelovaterin, was isolated from turtle (pelodiscus sinensis) eggshell and its tertiary and quaternary structures were established. the global fold of pelovaterin is similar to that of human beta-defensins but has a large hydrophobic core and a short hydrophilic n-terminal segment, which is not preserved i ...200818341335
molecular survey of beta-lactamases conferring resistance to newer beta-lactams in enterobacteriaceae isolates from polish hospitals.the first national survey of resistance to newer beta-lactams in nosocomial populations of enterobacteriaceae in poland was performed. the study covered all nonrepetitive enterobacterial isolates cultured from specimens from inpatients in 13 regional secondary-care hospitals from november 2003 to january 2004. among 2,388 isolates, the predominant species was escherichia coli (59.6%), followed by proteus mirabilis (14.5%) and klebsiella spp. (8.5%). the frequency of extended-spectrum beta-lactam ...200818458126
[quinolone resistance in gram negative rods in iceland and association with antibiotic use].fluoroquinolones are bacteriocidal drugs that are widely used to treat severe urinary and respiratory tract infections. studies show that resistance to fluoroquinolones is continuously increasing both in europe and the united states. the purpose of this study was to measure the frequency of fluoroquinolone resistance in the most prevalent gram negative rods and look at the correlation with fluoroquinolone use over the last 8 years.200818460726
antibacterial activity of some medicinal plant extracts.antibacterial activity of hot aqueous and methanolic extracts prepared from six plants (terminallia chebula, terminallia bellerica, phyllanthus emblica, punica granatum, lawsonia alba and mikania micrantha) used in traditional folk medicines of india were screened against five pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus aureus mtcc 2940, bacillus subtilis mtcc 441, escherichia coli mtcc 739, proteus vulgaris mtcc 426 and enterobacter aerogenes mtcc 111). the highest antibacterial potentiality was exhibi ...200818404337
incisional surgical infection in heart transplantation.incisional surgical site infections (issis) are common bacterial infections in heart transplantation (ht). the purpose of this study was to determine the incidence, etiology, timing, and risk factors for issis.200818482203
intracellular microrheology of motile amoeba proteus.the motility of amoeba proteus was examined using the technique of passive particle tracking microrheology, with the aid of newly developed particle tracking software, a fast digital camera, and an optical microscope. we tracked large numbers of endogeneous particles in the amoebae, which displayed subdiffusive motion at short timescales, corresponding to thermal motion in a viscoelastic medium, and superdiffusive motion at long timescales due to the convection of the cytoplasm. subdiffusive mot ...200818192370
characterization of a novel gene, wosa, regulating flhdc expression in proteus this study, we describe wosa, a proteus mirabilis gene identified by its ability to increase swarming motility when overexpressed. at various times during the swarming cycle, the increased expression of wosa resulted in a 4- to 16-fold upregulation of the transcription of flhdc, encoding the master regulator of the flagellar cascade. in turn, the expression of flaa, encoding flagellin, was substantially increased in wosa-overexpressing strains. the overexpression of wosa also resulted in cons ...200818192389
application of capillary zone electrophoresis (cze) to the determination of pathogenic bacteria for medical diagnosis.microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. have a major impact on human, animal, and plant life. several decades ago it was observed that intact cells suspended in an isotonic salt solution moved toward the anode and the mobility was proportional to the density of the charge located on the cell surfaces. since then, efforts have been made to make electrophoresis a useful tool in cell studies. microorganisms are no exception. in the present work we applied the capillary zone electrophores ...200818373084
dissemination of the ctx-m-25 family beta-lactamases among klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli and enterobacter cloacae and identification of the novel enzyme ctx-m-41 in proteus mirabilis in israel.the ctx-m-25 family of beta-lactamases is a closely related family of enzymes found rarely in the world. we aimed to describe the occurrence and to understand the dissemination of this extended-spectrum beta-lactamase family among enterobacteriaceae strains in our hospital.200818487232
henoch-schönlein purpura associated with proteus mirabilis urinary tract infection. 200818489061
enterobacteriaceae and related organisms isolated from shell eggs collected during commercial the united states, commercial shell eggs are washed and graded before retail. since passage of the egg products inspection act in 1971, processing guidelines have been set to ensure that external and internal characteristics are maintained. however, less is known about how commercial processing affects the safety of shell eggs. to identify enteric bacteria entering plants and persisting throughout processing, eggs were collected from 3 us commercial shell egg-processing plants on 3 separate v ...200818493013
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