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fournier's gangrene: ten-year experience in a medical center in northern taiwan.fournier's gangrene is a life-threatening infection. the mortality is still high despite the rapid advancement of modern intensive care and surgical technique. in this study, we present our institution's recent experience with a large series of patients with fournier's gangrene.200718087630
microorganisms present in discharging otitis media in a group of patients in kathmandu.discharge from the ear is one of the commonest symptoms of infections of the ear. to study the major strains of bacteria encountered in ear discharges, this study was conducted from july 1999, to june 2001 in the microbiology laboratory of om hospital. a total of 115 patients, of 6-35 years of age clinically diagnosed as discharging otitis media were studied. in 60.9% single organism and in 26.08% two organisms were isolated. results revealed that, staphylococcus aureus (34.3%), klebsiella pneum ...200718092440
[prevalence and bacterial susceptibility of community acquired urinary tract infection in university hospital of brasília, 2001 to 2005].urinary tract infection is among the most common infectious diseases in clinical medicine, and knowledge of its epidemiology and the sensitivity profile of the etiological agents is mandatory. the aim of this study was to identify the most frequent etiological agents and the profile of sensitivity to antimicrobial agents of the bacteria isolated from urine cultures from outpatients at the university hospital of brasília between 2001 and 2005. from analyses at the hospitals microbiology laborator ...200718200417
developing a strategy to reduce the high morbidity of patients with long-term urinary catheters: the biomed catheter research assess the idea of managing patients having problems with long-term catheterization (ltc, normally used when all other methods of bladder management have failed or are unsuitable) in a dedicated clinic, to present a prospective analysis of consecutive new patients attending between february 2002 and october 2006, and to establish the incidence of bladder stones in patients who have recurrent catheter encrustation and blockage.200717979927
the phakomatoses: dermatologic clues to neurologic anomalies.the phakomatoses of particular interest to neurologists including sturge-weber syndrome, neurofibromatosis type 1, neurofibromatosis type 2, bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, and proteus syndrome are presented. the physical manifestations required for clinical diagnosis, the neurologic features, and recommendations for management are given. the molecular etiology and genetic aspects of these disorders are briefly discussed as well as future implications of on-going research.200717980311
hematozoa in endemic subspecies of common kestrel in the cape verde islands.we examined 130 common kestrel (falco tinnunculus) representing two endemic subspecies and nine resident island populations on the cape verde archipelago between 1996 and 1999 to study diversity, prevalence, and intensity of hematozoa. hematozoan diversity was very low; we detected only plasmodium fallax, a species that is rarely found in falconoformes, and, possibly, haemoproteus brachiatus. moreover, prevalence of plasmodium fallax was low (1.5%) with a mean intensity of infection of 0.05 prot ...200717984275
detection of hiv-1 sequences in intestinal bacteria of hiv/aids patients.bacterial dna isolated from the intestinal tract of 11 american and 30 slovak hiv/aids patients were analyzed by colony and dot blot hybridization assay for hiv-1 specific sequences. secondly, pcr using primers specific for the hiv-1 gag, pol and env genes for detection of hiv-1 sequences in these dna were performed.200717984947
multiple antimicrobial resistance in enterobacteriaceae isolates from pristine freshwater.a freshwater enterobacterial population (n = 111) was studied for antimicrobial and mercury resistance patterns, and for its possible association with biotic and abiotic factors in that environment. conventional biochemical tests identified klebsiella sp, morganella sp, serratia sp, escherichia sp, enterobacter sp, edwarsiella sp, proteus sp, citrobacter sp, providencia sp, and kluyvera sp. there was no correlation between antimicrobial resistance patterns of isolates and bacterial genera, but r ...200717985304
preoperative diagnosis of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the possibility of differentiating xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (xgpn) preoperatively from chronic pyelonephritis on the basis of demographic data, clinical parameters, and biochemical, microbiological, and radiological workups.200717987581
[integrons and their relationship with resistance phenotype in gram negative bacilli isolated in the hospital torres galdames, iquique, chile].the antimicrobial resistance is coded in genetic elements which generate a horizontal flow of information, particularly in conditions that are under strong selective pressure like the nosocomial environment. in that sense, in the last decades, gram negative bacilli have become important agents of nosocomial infection. in order to investigate the presence of integrons among clinical isolates of gram negative bacilli and their relationship with their resistance profile, we studied 88 strains isola ...200717989843
the clinical development and launch of amoxicillin/clavulanate for the treatment of a range of community-acquired the 1960s and 1970s, problems in the antibacterial treatment of infections had begun to emerge. previously active antibacterials were being compromised by the development of resistance. beta-lactamase production was identified in isolates of staphylococci, and, amongst others, in escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis. the discovery of the potent beta-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid, and its protective effect on amoxicillin, a semi-synthetic ...200717997283
[fundamental study on the selection of antimicrobial prophylactic agents in abdominal surgery].most infections after abdominal operations are endogenous and occur by disseminating bacteria present in the intestinal tract during operation. the risk of developing surgical site infection after abdominal operations is related to the extent of intestinal contamination during operation and to the density and type of bacteria in the intestinal tract. although antimicrobial prophylactic agents must be active against contaminating bacteria during operation, it should not cover all contaminating ba ...200718018416
brief assessment of motor function: content validity and reliability of the fine motor scale.the brief assessment of motor function fine motor scale (fms) allows rapid assessment, independent of age. this study was done to establish content validity of the fms and to demonstrate fms reliability.200718004200
gram-negative bacillary community acquired meningitis is not a rare entity in last two decades.the aim of this short note is to assess gram-negative bacillary community acquired meningitis (cbm) and nosocomial meningitis (nm) within 17 years nationwide survey. all cases of gram-negative bacillary cbm within 1990-2007 were assessed in national database of 372 patients with bacterial meningitis: 69 of gram-negative cases were nosocomial and 24 of gram-negative meningitis cases were cbm. those 24 cases were compared with all cbm (201 cases) for risk factors and outcome. among nosocomial gram ...200718030268
congenital hand lesion. 200718032962
an iron-regulated outer-membrane protein of proteus mirabilis is a haem receptor that plays an important role in urinary tract infection and in in vivo growth.proteus mirabilis, a common cause of urinary tract infections, expresses iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins (omps) in response to iron restriction. it has been suggested that a 64 kda omp is involved in haemoprotein uptake and that this might have a role in pathogenesis. in order to confirm this hypothesis, this study generated a p. mirabilis mutant strain (p7) that did not express the 64 kda omp, by insertion of the tnphoa transposon. the nucleotide sequence of the interrupted gene revealed ...200718033826
antimicrobial resistance in 11 hospitals in puerto rico: results of an antimicrobial resistance management (arm) program.the antimicrobial resistance management program (armp) was established in 1997 at the university of florida as an ongoing project to document trends in antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in inpatient/outpatient isolates and track resistance that may occur with specific antibiotic use.200718035809
a mild form of proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a multisystem disorder and diagnosis has been difficult because of the variability of the syndrome's manifestations. dermatologists have an important role as cutaneous findings could provide clues for the early diagnosis of the disease. herein we report a case who had cerebriform connective tissue nevus and lipoma as the sole manifestations of the disease.200718035995
proteus syndrome: 2 case reports and a review of the literature.proteus syndrome is a rare condition that has a variable clinical presentation. the syndrome is characterized by asymmetric disproportionate enlargement of the limbs, skull, or vertebrae, associated with a number of cutaneous lesions. herein, the clinical findings of 2 patients with proteus syndrome are presented and the current clinical diagnostic criteria are reviewed.200718038691
identification and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria and yeasts isolated from healthy dogs and dogs with otitis externa.the bacterial and fungal flora of the external ear canal of dogs with otitis externa and of healthy dogs were studied. the most frequently isolated microorganism from otitic ears was staphylococcus intermedius (58.8%), followed by malassezia pachydermatis (30.9%), streptococcus canis (29.9%), proteus spp. (14.4%) and escherichia coli (10.3%). a statistical analysis of our results showed that the prevalence of these microorganisms is significant in dogs with otitis externa. furthermore, the antim ...200718045339
preliminary report of nad+-dependent amino acid dehydrogenase producing bacteria isolated from soil.amino acid dehydrogenases (l-amino acid: oxidoreductase deaminating; ec 1.4.1.x) are members of the wider superfamily of oxidoreductases that catalyze the reversible oxidative deamination of an amino acid to its keto acid and ammonia with the concomitant reduction of either nad+, nadp+ or fad. these enzymes have been received much attention as biocatalysts for use in biosensors or diagnostic kits to screen amino acid metabolism disorders such as phenylketonuria (pku), maple syrup urine disease ( ...200718051956
drug sensitivity patterns of bacterial isolates from septic post-operative wounds in a regional referral hospital in uganda.wound infections have been a problem in the field of surgery for a long time. advances in control of infections have not completely eradicated this problem because of development of drug resistance. antimicrobial resistance can increase complications and costs associated with procedures and treatment.200718052868
antibiotic susceptibility and molecular characterisation of proteus mirabilis isolates in hospitals from the west pomeranian area of poland.proteus mirabilis isolates (n = 177), collected between 1996 and 2000 in four hospitals in the west pomeranian area of poland, were characterized by antibiotype and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). the selected isolates were collected from different wards (intensive care unit, surgery, internal medicine, and urology). the strains were cultured from various specimen types, mostly from urine, wound samples, bronchial exudates and sputa. the identification was done by biochemical test id 32 ...200718062650
biological activity of phenylpropionic acid isolated from a terrestrial streptomycetes.the strain anu 6277 was isolated from laterite soil and identified as streptomyces sp. closely related to streptomyces albidoflavus cluster by 16s rrna analysis. the cultural, morphological and physiological characters of the strain were recorded. the strain exhibited resistance to chloramphenicol, penicillin and streptomycin. it had the ability to produce enzymes such as amylase and chitinase. a bioactive compound was isolated from the strain at stationary phase of culture and identified as 3-p ...200718062653
[attention-getting cross infections: extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing bacterial infections]. 200718069300
characterization of antarctic psychrotrophic bacteria with antibacterial activities against terrestrial microorganisms.five-hundreds and eighty bacterial strains, isolated from various antarctic marine sources and locations, were screened for antimicrobial activity against terrestrial microorganisms. twenty-two antarctic isolates (3.8%), mainly retrieved from the water column at terra nova bay (ross sea), expressed antagonistic activity against one to three indicator organisms. escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis resulted as the more susceptible, followed by micrococcus luteus and bacillus subtilis. none of t ...200718072250
rheumatoid arthritis is linked to proteus--the evidence.rheumatoid arthritis (ra) is a chronic inflammatory arthritic and potentially disabling condition, mainly affecting women of middle age and having characteristic clinical features. various microbial agents were implicated in the causation of ra. extensive literature based on the results of various genetic, microbiological, molecular, and immunological studies carried out by independent research groups supports the role of proteus mirabilis bacteria in the etiopathogenesis of ra. new diagnostic m ...200717206398
use of boronic acid disk methods to detect the combined expression of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of klebsiella spp., salmonella spp., and proteus mirabilis.a study using boronic acid (ba), an ampc enzyme inhibitor, was designed to detect the combined expression of plasmid-mediated ampc beta-lactamases (pampcs) and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) in bacterial isolates naturally lacking chromosomal ampc genes. a total of 122 klebsiella spp., salmonella spp., and proteus mirabilis isolates producing or nonproducing pampcs and/or esbls were analyzed. detection of genes encoding esbls and ampcs was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) ...200717174510
infection of a congenital epidural dermoid cyst secondary to lumbar puncture. 200717179297
proteus bacteriuria is associated with significant morbidity in spinal cord injury.retrospective chart review.200717179975
structure of the o-polysaccharide and serological cross-reactivity of the lipopolysaccharide of providencia alcalifaciens o32 containing n-acetylisomuramic acid.the o-polysaccharide was obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of providencia alcalifaciens o32 and studied by sugar and methylation analyses, solvolysis with triflic acid, 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy, including two-dimensional 1h,1h cosy, tocsy, roesy, h-detected 1h,13c hsqc and hmbc experiments. it was found that the polysaccharide has a branched tetrasaccharide repeating unit containing 2-acetamido-3-o-[(s)-1-carboxyethyl]-2-deoxy-d-glucose (d-glcnac3slac, n-acetylisomur ...200717182016
helicobacter pylori: an underestimated factor in acute anterior uveitis and spondyloarthropathies?acute anterior uveitis (aau) is the most common form of intraocular inflammation, but its aetiology is still unclear. fifty percent of aau patients are hla-b27-positive, and half of these also have spondyloarthropathies (spa). numerous serological studies have shown elevated levels of serum antibodies to various gram-negative bacteria in hla-b27-positive aau and spa patients. antigenic similarities between these bacteria and host components (hla-b27) have already been shown. still, the mechanism ...200717183194
both sulfate-reducing bacteria and enterobacteriaceae take part in marine biocorrosion of carbon order to evaluate the part played in biocorrosion by microbial groups other than sulfate-reducing bacteria (srb), we characterized the phylogenetic diversity of a corrosive marine biofilm attached to a harbour pile structure as well as to carbon steel surfaces (coupons) immersed in seawater for increasing time periods (1 and 8 months). we thus experimentally checked corroding abilities of defined species mixtures.200717184331
a comparison of the binding of secretory component to immunoglobulin a (iga) in human colostral s-iga1 and s-iga2.a detailed investigation of the binding of secretory component to immunoglobulin a (iga) in human secretory iga2 (s-iga2) was made possible by the development of a new method of purifying s-iga1, s-iga2 and free secretory component from human colostrum using thiophilic gel chromatography and chromatography on jacalin-agarose. sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of unreduced pure s-iga2 revealed that, unlike in s-iga1, a significant proportion of the secretory component was ...200717156102
a microbial diagnostic microarray technique for the sensitive detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria in a background of nonpathogens.a major challenge in microbial diagnostics is the parallel detection and identification of low-bundance pathogens within a complex microbial community. in addition, a high specificity providing robust, reliable identification at least at the species level is required. a microbial diagnostic microarray approach, using single nucleotide extension labeling with gyrb as the marker gene, was developed. we present a novel concept applying competitive oligonucleotide probes to improve the specificity o ...200717123456
detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among enterobacteriaceae by use of semiautomated microbiology systems and manual detection procedures.three commercially available microbiology identification and susceptibility testing systems were compared with regard to their ability to detect extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) production in enterobacteriaceae, i.e., the phoenix automated microbiology system (bd diagnostic systems, sparks, md), the vitek 2 system (biomérieux, marcy l'etoile, france), and the microscan walkaway-96 system (dade behring, inc., west sacramento, ca), using routine testing panels. one hundred fifty putative es ...200717287329
potential integration sites of the salmonella genomic island 1 in proteus mirabilis and other bacteria. 200717293370
structure of proteus mirabilis biofilms grown in artificial urine and standard laboratory media.proteus mirabilis is a urinary pathogen that can differentiate from a swimmer cell into a swarmer cell morphotype and can form biofilms on the surfaces of urinary catheters. these biofilms block these catheters due to crystals trapped within these structures. the effect of encrustation on biofilm formation and structure has not been studied using confocal scanning laser microscopy (cslm). therefore, a comparison of biofilm structure in artificial urine (au) and laboratory media was undertaken. w ...200717250761
emerging bacterial pathogens: escherichia coli, enterobacter aerogenes and proteus mirabilis clinical isolates harbouring the same transferable plasmid coding for metallo-beta-lactamase vim-1 in greece. 200717255145
synthesis of pseudopeptides based l-tryptophan as a potential antimicrobial agent.four compounds named l-btrppa, l-trp-o-pa, l-trp-m-pa and l-trp-p-pa, pseudopeptides constructed from pyridine and tryptophan units, were synthesized and tested against the gram-positive, gram-negative strains of bacteria and human pathogenic fungi. l-trp-o-pa proved to be a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, showing a significant inhibition of the growth of gram-positive bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant s. aureus, bacillus subtilis, micrococcus luteus), and pathogenic fun ...200717257839
[community-acquired urinary tract infections in 15 to 65 years old female patients in france. susceptibility of e. coli according to history: aforcopi-bio network 2003].a multicenter study was implemented in order to determine the distribution and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of strains isolated from 15 to 65 year old female patients with community-acquired urinary tract infections.200717258415
rhomboid protease aara mediates quorum-sensing in providencia stuartii by activating tata of the twin-arginine translocase.the providencia stuartii aara protein is a member of the rhomboid family of intramembrane serine proteases and is required for the production of an unknown quorum-sensing molecule. in a screen to identify rhomboid-encoding genes from proteus mirabilis, tata was identified as a multicopy suppressor and restored extracellular signal production as well as complementing all other phenotypes of a prov. stuartii aara mutant. tata is a component of the twin-arginine translocase (tat) protein secretion ...200717215357
the effect of lipopolysaccharide from proteus mirabilis on the level of the stable end metabolic products of nitric oxide in blood platelets.nitric oxide ((*)no) plays an important role in a number of physiologic processes. evidence exists that (*)no, which stimulates soluble guanylate cyclase and enhances cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cgmp) levels, may inhibit platelet activation. in contrast, during platelet activation induced by different agonists, synthesis of (*)no in platelets occurs. in these studies, production of the stable end-products of (*)no-nitrite and nitrate (no(x)) in human platelets, stimulated by different doses ...200717160361
role of ser11 in the stabilization of the structure of ochrobactrum anthropi glutathione transferase.gsts (glutathione transferases) are a multifunctional group of enzymes, widely distributed and involved in cellular detoxification processes. in the xenobiotic-degrading bacterium ochrobactrum anthropi, gst is overexpressed in the presence of toxic concentrations of aromatic compounds such as 4-chlorophenol and atrazine. we have determined the crystal structure of the gst from o. anthropi (oagst) in complex with gsh. like other bacterial gsts, oagst belongs to the beta class and shows a similar ...200717223798
the xaxab genes encoding a new apoptotic toxin from the insect pathogen xenorhabdus nematophila are present in plant and human pathogens.xenorhabdus nematophila, a member of the enterobacteriaceae, kills many species of insects by strongly depressing the immune system and colonizing the entire body. a peptide cytotoxin has been purified from x. nematophila broth growth, and the cytolytic effect on insect immunocytes and hemolytic effect on mammalian red blood cells of this toxin have been described (ribeiro, c., vignes, m., and brehélin, m. (2003) j. biol. chem. 278, 3030-3039). we show here that this toxin, xenorhabdus alpha-xen ...200717229739
interspecies spread of ctx-m-32 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase and the role of the insertion sequence is1 in down-regulating bla ctx-m gene characterize the extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) as well as their genetic environment in different isolates of enterobacteriaceae from a patient with repeated urinary tract infections.200717332005
microbiology of diabetic foot infections in a teaching hospital in malaysia: a retrospective study of 194 cases.diabetes mellitus is a progressive disease with chronic complications. foot infections are a major complication of diabetes and eventually lead to development of gangrene and lower extremity amputation. the microbiological characteristics of diabetic foot infections have not been extensively studied in malaysia. this study investigated the microbiology of diabetic foot infections and their resistance to antibiotics in patients with diabetic foot infections treated at university of malaya medical ...200717332905
digestive tract microbiota in healthy volunteers.the aim of this study was to standardize the methods of sample collection of mucus from the digestive tract and to determine the microbiota in healthy volunteers from brazil, collecting samples from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon, and rectum.200717334549
amoeba proteus displays a walking form of locomotion.this report deals with observations on the directional locomotion of amoeba before and after fixation and scanning electron microscopy. the study was aimed at visualization of the stepwise events of directional movements. after the analysis of the data it is proposed that the amoeba undergoes a sequence of movement events that can be defined as a walking form of locomotion.200717336550
[incidence and clinical characteristics of symptomatic urinary infections in a geriatric hospital].objectives and settings: the authors had for aim to study the incidence of symptomatic urinary infections (suti) in elderly patients, to describe their clinical and microbiologic characteristics and first-line treatment in a geriatric hospital with 902 beds: 124 in acute care (acf), 293 in rehabilitation and intermediate-care (ricf), and 485 in long-term-care-facilities (ltcf).200717337143
linear cowden nevus: a new distinct epidermal nevus.within the group of epidermal nevi, a so far nameless disorder is described under the term "linear cowden nevus". this non-organoid epidermal nevus is caused by loss of heterozygosity, occurring at an early developmental stage in an embryo with a germline pten mutation, giving rise to cowden disease. hence, linear cowden nevus can be categorized as a characteristic feature of type 2 segmental cowden disease. until now, several authors had mistaken this epidermal nevus as a manifestation of prote ...200717337396
mild and delayed-onset proteus syndrome. 200717337412
antibacterial activities of emblica officinalis and coriandrum sativum against gram negative urinary pathogens.present investigation is focused on antibacterial potential of aqueous infusions and aqueous decoctions of emblica officinalis (amla) and coriandrum sativum (coriander) against 345 bacterial isolates belonging to 6 different genera of gram negative bacterial population isolated from urine specimens by employing well diffusion technique. aqueous infusion and decoction of emblica officinalis exhibited potent antibacterial activity against escherichia coli (270), klebsiella pneumoniae (51), k. ozae ...200717337425
surveillance of antimicrobial susceptibility of urinary pathogens in a tertiary care hospital. 200717342301
surveillance of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing bacteria and routine use of contact isolation: experience from a three-year period.the usefulness and applicability of isolation precautions were questioned for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing strains of enterobacteriaceae in the endemic setting. we performed a surveillance programme for esbl-positive organisms and the infection control management of patients colonized or infected with these organisms. between 1 january 2002 and 31 december 2004, a total of 147 cases of esbl-producing strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis fr ...200717350720
characteristics of motive force derived from trajectory analysis of amoeba proteus.we used a monochromatic charge-coupled-device camera to observe the migration behavior of amoeba proteus every 5 s over a time course of 10000 s in order to investigate the characteristics of its centroid movement (cell velocity) over the long term. fourier transformation of the time series of the cell velocity revealed that its power spectrum exhibits a lorentz type profile with a relaxation time of a few hundred seconds. moreover, some sharp peaks were found in the power spectrum, where the ra ...200717351734
does water activity rule p. mirabilis periodic swarming? i. biochemical and functional properties of the extracellular matrix.the dynamics of bacterial colonies is complex in nature because it correlates the behavior of numerous individual cells in space and time and is characterized by emergent properties such as virulence or antibiotics resistance. because there is no clear-cut evidence that periodic swarming of p. mirabilis colonies is ruled by chemical triggers responsible for cell-to-cell signaling in most of the biofilms, we propose that the observed periodicity relies on the colony's global properties. hence, th ...200717355120
does water activity rule p. mirabilis periodic swarming? ii. viscoelasticity and water balance during swarming.following the analysis of the biochemical and functional properties of the p. mirabilis extra cellular matrix performed in the first part of this study, the viscoelasticity of an actively growing colony was investigated in relation to water activity. the results demonstrate that the p. mirabilis colony exhibits a marked viscoelastic character likely due to both cell rafts and exoproduct h-bond networks. besides, the water loss by evaporation during migration has been measured, whereas the experi ...200717355121
pericardial tamponade masquerading as septic shock.a 53-year-old man with steroid dependent rheumatoid arthritis presented with fever and serous articular drainage. oral antibiotics were initially prescribed. subsequent hemodynamic instability was attributed to septic shock. further evaluation revealed a pericardial effusion with tamponade. pericardiocentesis of purulent fluid promptly corrected the hypotension. proteus mirabilis was later isolated from both the infected joint and the pericardial fluid. this is the first report of combined prote ...200717356998
[ocular manifestations in proteus syndrome].case report: congenital disfiguring malformations are rare and usually have a multifactorial aetiology. here we report on the ocular manifestations seen in a patient with proteus syndrome. the retina showed retinal dysgenesia, retinal pigmentary abnormalities and optic nerve hypoplasia. other abnormalities included strabismus and high myopia. discussion: proteus syndrome is a complex hamartomatous disorder defined by local overgrowth, subcutaneous tumours and various bone, cutaneous and/or vascu ...200717357896
microfluidic chip analysis of outer membrane proteins responsible for serological cross-reaction between three gram-negative bacteria: proteus morganii o34, escherichia coli o111 and salmonella adelaide o35.bacterial strains have complex and individual antigenic structure, which provides basis for their serological identification. however, serological cross-reaction may occur when antibodies against a certain strain recognize other strains too. the molecular basis of this phenomenon is the expression of similar or identical antigenic epitopes on the surface of different bacterial cells. such cross-reactions might harden the serological diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria. but it can be also advantageo ...200717362972
germa-gamma-lactones as novel inhibitors of bacterial urease activity.organogermanium compounds have been used as pharmacological agents. however, very few reports are available on the synthesis and antibacterial activities of lactones containing organogermaniums. the purpose of the present investigation was to determine the effects of different lactone-substituted organogermaniums on bacterial growth and their urease activity. we report synthesis of 12 germa-gamma-lactones (gel) and their antimicrobial activities against several bacterial pathogens. antibacterial ...200717367756
potency and spectrum of garenoxacin tested against an international collection of skin and soft tissue infection pathogens: report from the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program (1999-2004).the spectrum and potency of garenoxacin, a novel des-f(6)-quinolone, against a large international collection (11723 strains) of gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial pathogens that cause skin and soft tissue infections (sstis) were evaluated for the years 1999 to 2004. consecutive nonduplicate bacterial isolates were collected from patients with documented community-acquired or nosocomial ssti in >70 medical centers participating in the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program in north ame ...200717383139
predictors of mortality in patients with bloodstream infections caused by extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae: importance of inadequate initial antimicrobial treatment.bloodstream infections (bsi) caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing organisms markedly increase the rates of treatment failure and death. we conducted a retrospective cohort analysis to identify risk factors for mortality in adult in-patients with bsi caused by esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae (esbl-bsi). particular attention was focused on defining the impact on the mortality of inadequate initial antimicrobial therapy (defined as the initiation of treatment with active an ...200717387156
type 2 segmental cowden disease vs. proteus syndrome. 200717388921
segmental overgrowth, lipomatosis, arteriovenous malformation and epidermal nevus (solamen) syndrome is related to mosaic pten nullizygosity.we describe two patients from distinct cowden disease families with specific germline pten mutations whose disease differs from the usual appearance of cowden disease. their phenotype associates classical manifestations of cowden disease and congenital dysmorphisms including segmental overgrowth, arteriovenous and lymphatic vascular malformations, lipomatosis and linear epidermal nevus reminiscent of the diagnosis of proteus syndrome. we provide evidence in one of the two patients of a secondary ...200717392703
spectroscopic description of an unusual protonated ferryl species in the catalase from proteus mirabilis and density functional theory calculations on related models. consequences for the ferryl protonation state in catalase, peroxidase and chloroperoxidase.the catalase from proteus mirabilis peroxide-resistant bacteria is one of the most efficient heme-containing catalases. it forms a relatively stable compound ii. we were able to prepare samples of compound ii from p. mirabilis catalase enriched in (57)fe and to study them by spectroscopic methods. two different forms of compound ii, namely, low-ph compound ii (lph ii) and high-ph compound ii (hph ii), have been characterized by mössbauer, extended x-ray absorption fine structure (exafs) and uv-v ...200717237942
the first structure of a cold-active catalase from vibrio salmonicida at 1.96 a reveals structural aspects of cold adaptation.the cold-adapted catalase from the fish-pathogenic bacterium vibrio salmonicida (vsc) has recently been characterized and shown to be two times more catalytically efficient compared with catalase from the mesophilic human pathogen proteus mirabilis [pmc; lorentzen et al. (2006), extremophiles, 10, 427-440]. vsc is also less temperature-stable, with a half-life of 5 min at 333 k compared with 50 min for pmc. this was the background for solving the crystal structure of the cold-adapted vsc to 1.96 ...200717242507
regulation of flhdc expression in proteus mirabilis.transposon insertions located 325 and 740 base pairs upstream of the transcriptional start site of the flhdc operon resulted in cells that initiated swarming 1.5h earlier than wild-type and exhibited a 2-2.5-fold greater swarming velocity. these mutants also failed to consolidate (de-differentiate) normally and did not form the characteristic bulls-eye pattern of concentric swarming rings on solid media. the analysis of one mutant (ss-p) with an insertion at -325 revealed that the levels of flhd ...200717320355
multifocal proteus mirabilis osteomyelitis requiring bilateral amputation in an hiv-positive patient.we present a rare case of multifocal proteus mirabilis osteomyelitis in an hiv-positive patient. despite the patient's good immune status as assessed by her cd4 cell count and the aggressive treatment, she eventually underwent bilateral above-knee amputations to eradicate the infection. multifocal proteus mirabilis osteomyelitis can have an unpredictable clinical course with a severe outcome in hiv-positive patients.200717322447
evaluating antibiotics for use in medicine using a poloxamer biofilm model.wound infections, due to biofilms, are a constant problem because of their recalcitrant nature towards antibiotics. appropriate antibiotic selection for the treatment of these biofilm infections is important. the traditional in vitro disc diffusion method for antibiotic selection uses bacterial cultures grown on agar plates. however, the form of bacterial growth on agar is not representative of how bacteria grow in wounds and other tissue sites as here bacteria grow naturally in a biofilm. the a ...200717302978
antibacterial activity of snake, scorpion and bee venoms: a comparison with purified venom phospholipase a2 enzymes.venoms of snakes, scorpions, bees and purified venom phospholipase a(2) (pla(2)) enzymes were examined to evaluate the antibacterial activity of purified venom enzymes as compared with that of the crude venoms.200717309613
effect of ovotransferrin, protamine sulfate and edta combination on biofilm formation by catheter-associated determine the effect of a composition comprising ovotransferrin (ot), protamine sulfate (ps) and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) on biofilm formation by catheter-associated bacteria.200717309621
a comparative assessment of the antimicrobial effects of garlic (allium sativum) and antibiotics on diarrheagenic organisms.antimicrobial sensitivity tests were carried out on escherichia coli, shigella sp, salmonella sp, and proteus mirabilis using standard procedures. significant differences (p < 0.01) were seen in the effect of the antimicrobial agents (garlic, ciprofloxacin and ampicillin), and in the sensitivities of the microbial species (p < 0.01) to the antimicrobial agents were observed. the gram-negative diarrheagenic pathogens from the stool samples were highly sensitive to garlic, while ciprofloxacin (cpx ...200717539285
intranasal immunisation with recombinant lactococcus lactis displaying either anchored or secreted forms of proteus mirabilis mrpa fimbrial protein confers specific immune response and induces a significant reduction of kidney bacterial colonisation in mice.proteus mirabilis, a common cause of urinary tract infections in humans, can express different fimbriae. mr/p fimbriae may contribute to bacterial colonisation, and its structural protein mrpa represents a promising candidate antigen for mucosal vaccination. commercial complex vaccines have limited, short-lived protection and are incapable of eliciting mucosal responses against putative antigens related to virulence. the development of mucosal live vaccines using food-grade lactic acid bacterium ...200717540603
efficacy of ertapenem in the treatment of early ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing organisms in an intensive care unit.ventilator-associated pneumonia (vap) is a frequent complication of patients admitted to intensive care units (icus). ertapenem is a newer carbapenem with good in vitro activity against extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing organisms. however, there are no clinical data to support the use of ertapenem in vap. our purpose is to evaluate the usefulness and safety of ertapenem in the treatment of vap caused by susceptible esbl strains.200717540673
rheumatoid arthritis patients have elevated antibodies to cross-reactive and non cross-reactive antigens from proteus microbes.although a large number of independent studies have shown a paramount role for proteus mirabilis in the aetiopathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (ra), this hypothesis is still controversial among rheumatologists. the main obstacle to its acceptance is the impression that increased proteus antibodies in ra patients is a secondary phenomenon, occurring as the result of cross-reactivity between bacterial and self-antigens. to shed light on this problem, we examined the link between antibodies to v ...200717543151
[sds-page analysis of the antibacterial activity of the hemolymph from housefly larva].to study the inducible antibacterial activity of the hemolymph from housefly larva and analyze the antibacterial molecules.200717545015
in vitro availability studies of enoxacin in presence of h2 receptor antagonists.enoxacin is a second-generation quinolone with increased antibacterial activity both in potency as well as in terms of broad spectrum against a wide range of clinically important pathogens over the first generation quinolones and produces its effect by inhibiting bacterial enzyme dna gyrase. there are a number of drug interactions reported for enoxacin. on the other hand h2-receptor antagonists block gastric acid secretion and some cardiovascular effects of histamine. as the later drugs are used ...200717545110
serological classification and epitope specificity of proteus vulgaris tg 251 from proteus serogroup o65.proteus rods are currently subdivided into five named species, i.e. proteus mirabilis, p. vulgaris, p. penneri, p. hauseri, and p. myxofaciens, and three unnamed proteus genomospecies 4 to 6. based on the serospecificity of the lipopolysaccharide (lps; o-antigen), strains of p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris were divided into 49 o-serogroups and 11 additional o-serogroups were proposed later. about 15 further o-serogroups have been proposed for the third medically important species, p. penneri. here ...200717557147
nosocomial meningitis caused by enterobacteriaceae: risk factors and outcome in 18 cases in 1992-2007.nosocomial neuroinfections due to enterobacteriaceae represented 9.5% in our cohort of 171 cases of paediatric meningitis within last 15 years. commonest etiologic agents was e. coli - 9 (50%) followed by klebsiella pneumoniae - 3 (16,7%) and enterobacter cloacae. citrobacter freundii, proteus mirabilis and salmonella enteritidis (1 each). commonest risk factors were neonatal age 13 - (72.2%), very low birth weight 5 (27.8%), craniocerebral trauma - 4 (22.2%) and neurosurgery - 5 (27.8%). all bu ...200717558373
bone malformations in proteus syndrome: an analysis of bone structural changes and their evolution during growth.the radiographic follow-up of a patient with proteus syndrome is presented. review of radiographs obtained at 3 years 10 months, 10 years, and 17 years 8 months indicated that the rate of growth in length of the oversized tubular bones of the hands was similar to that of the normal bones of the same hand. this observation supports the view that the primary lesion occurs in the early embryonic period, when the limb bud mesenchyme cells condense and cartilage differentiates producing oversized car ...200717569038
susceptibility of human pathogenic bacteria to antimicrobial peptides from sesame infection caused by gram-negative bacteria is a serious and common problem, especially in developing countries. aiming to reduce these infections, this report focuses on the identification and characterization of novel antimicrobial peptides from sesame (sesamum indicum) kernel meals. thus, sesame flour was extracted and precipitated with ammonium sulfate (100%). after dialysis, a rich fraction was applied to affinity red-sepharose cl-6b chromatography, followed by reversed-phase high-p ...200717570014
antimicrobial activity of a series of thiosemicarbazones and their zn(ii) and pd(ii) complexes.thirty-four thiosemicarbazones and s-alkyl thiosemicarbazones, and some of their zn(ii) and pd(ii) complexes were obtained and purified to investigate antimicrobial activity. mic values of the compounds were determined by the disc diffusion method against escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhi, shigella flexneri, staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidis, and candida albicans. the thiosemicarbazones show antibacterial and antifungal effec ...200717571790
[clinical strain of proteus mirabilis able to produce a plasmid mediated ceftazidimase.]resistance to third generation cephalosporins due to the acquisition and expression of extended spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) enzymes among gram negative bacteria continue to pose a challenge to infection management worldwide. the aim of this study was to determine the implication of the enzymatic mechanism and to describe the properties of esbls from a clinical strain of proteus mirabilis nc4150 isolated in the intensive care unit at the military hospital in tunisia during the period 2004. t ...200717574349
some observations on the diffusion of antimicrobial agents through the retention balloons of foley catheters.we examined the ability of antimicrobial agents to diffuse through the retention balloons of urinary catheters and inhibit their encrustation by proteus mirabilis.200717574612
kasabach-merritt syndrome caused by giant hemangiomas of the spleen in patients with proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a rare hamartomous disorder with highly variable manifestations of disproportionate overgrowth of body parts, epidermal nevi and vascular malformations. we describe two patients who had typical clinical and imaging proteus syndrome features. one of most characteristic findings in these two patients was that they had giant hemangiomas of the spleen that caused kasabach-merritt syndrome, demonstrating clinical bleeding and disseminated intravascular coagulation laboratory alter ...200717581327
[encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis (haberland syndrome) with bilateral ocular damage].encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis, or haberland syndrome, is an unusual form of neurocutaneous syndrome. clinically, this syndrome is characterized by unilateral lipomatous hamartomas on the scalp and face, ocular damage and ipsilateral malformations of the central nervous system. first described by haberland and perou in 1970, only about 40 cases have been reported to date. the differential diagnoses with other neurocutaneous mosaicisms such as delleman, goltz, goldenhar or proteus syndrome ...200717583626
[rocky mountain spotted fever in children: clinical and epidemiological features].to report the clinical features of the rocky mountain spotted fever (rmsf) in children of southern sonora, mexico.200717585701
antiviral and antimicrobial profiles of selected isoquinoline alkaloids from fumaria and corydalis the current study, 33 isoquinoline alkaloids belonging to protopine-, benzylisoquinoline-, benzophenanthridine-, spirobenzylisoquinoline-, phthalideisoquinoline-, aporphine-, protoberberine-, cularine-, and isoquinolone-types as well as 7 derivatives of them obtained from some fumaria and corydalis species growing in turkey have been evaluated for their in vitro antiviral and antimicrobial activities. both dna virus herpes simplex (hsv) and rna virus parainfluenza (pi-3) were employed for ant ...200717425100
mutation screening of the pten gene in patients with autism spectrum disorders and macrocephaly.mutations in the pten gene are associated with a broad spectrum of disorders, including cowden syndrome (cs), bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, proteus syndrome, and lhermitte-duclos disease. in addition, pten mutations have been described in a few patients with autism spectrum disorders (asds) and macrocephaly. in this study, we screened the pten gene for mutations and deletions in 88 patients with asds and macrocephaly (defined as >or=2 sd above the mean). mutation analysis was performed by d ...200717427195
in vitro activity of ceftibuten at sub-inhibitory concentrations in comparison with other antibiotics against respiratory and urinary tract pathogens.some new features of the in vitro activity of ceftibuten, an oral third generation cephalosporin, have been studied in reference to respiratory and urinary tract pathogens included in its antibacterial spectrum. at 0.25xmic (minimum inhibitory concentration) and 0.5xmic levels, ceftibuten was able to affect the biofilm production in 2/3 of both escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis strains, and reduced the number of strains capable of adhering to epithelial cells by about 35% in comparison to t ...200717434823
increasing resistance according to patient's age and sex in escherichia coli isolated from urine in italy.the prevalence of escherichia coli among the uropathogens routinely isolated in non-hospital laboratories (labs) and its susceptibility profiles were investigated. thirty-three labs were selected throughout italy. in vitro assays were performed by means of disk diffusion according to the clsi. females were prevalent (79.9%) and the mean patient age was 58.6 (sd 20.4) years. overall, the prevalence of e. coli was 55.3% (1375 strains), with enterococcus spp 10.2 %, proteus mirabilis 4.8%, coagulas ...200717434824
[isolation, identification, phylogenetic analysis and related properties of a pathogen in silurus meridionalis chen].in october 2005, a large number of adults of silurus meridionalis chen died in the mud fish farming of sichuan province. later, three predominate strains of bacteria were isolated from the body of moribund fish. by artificial infection tests, strain twn3 was confirmed to be the pathogen of the disease. based on the characteristics of morphology, physiology and biochemistry tests, twn3 was initially identified as proteus vulgaris, and its g + c content of dna is 39.1% . after being amplified, the ...200717436614
[susceptibility of clinical isolates from primary care clinics to oral antibacterial agents].the antimicrobial susceptibility of clinical isolates from specimens of patients in primary care clinics in 2005 was investigated by determining the minimum inhibitory concentrations of oral antibacterial agents. the numbers of test strains were 550 for gram-positive aerobes, 700 for gram-negative aerobes, and 150 for anaerobes. cefcapene (cfpn), cefditoren (cdtr), and cefteram (cftm) showed the most potent activities against staphylococcus spp. and streptococcus spp. among the cephems tested an ...200717436860
education and imaging. gastrointestinal: abdominal abscess associated with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. 200717444867
proteus mirabilis: a rare cause of infectious endocarditis.native valve endocarditis resulting from proteus mirabilis is an exceptionally rare entity. to date, 10 cases have been reported. we present a case of a 58-y-old female with fevers, bacteremia, and embolic phenomenon. unlike previous cases, early antibiotic treatment precluded valvular repair or death, leading to a favorable outcome.200717454908
albomycin is an effective antibiotic, as exemplified with yersinia enterocolitica and streptococcus pneumoniae.albomycin belongs to the class of sideromycins, compounds composed of iron carriers linked to antibiotic moieties. albomycin was found to be active against bacteria that have a functional ferric hydroxamate transport system meaning that bacteria will actively transport albomycin until they die. we examined the activity spectrum of albomycin for bacterial pathogens and found that enterobacteriaceae except species of proteus and morganella were sensitive. resistance in the two genera was due to th ...200717459767
canine cathelicidin (k9cath): gene cloning, expression, and biochemical activity of a novel pro-myeloid antimicrobial peptide.cathelicidins, a group of cationic peptides found in leukocytes and epithelial cells, play a central role in the early innate immune defense against infection. although these host defense peptides have been reported in several mammalian species, including primates, no cathelicidins have been identified in carnivores. here we report the cloning, tissue expression and biological activity of a novel canine cathelicidin (k9cath). the full-length cdna sequence of k9cath encodes a predicted 172 amino ...200717462733
a novel amoeba proteus 120 kda actin-binding protein with only 1 filamin repeat and a coiled-coil region.a novel 120 kda actin-binding protein (apabp-f1) was found in amoeba proteus. it was distributed throughout the cytoplasm, mainly in the subplasma membrane and perinuclear-nuclear areas, enriched in actin. the full-length cdna of apabp consisted of 2672 nucleotides with an open reading frame of 878 amino acids, giving a ~95 kda protein with a theoretical pi value of 5.11. it had a novel domain organization pattern: the n terminus (residues 1-104) contained 1 calponin-homology (ch) domain, follow ...200717464342
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