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[demonstration of d optical isomers of glutamic acid and alanine in the sedimentable membrane fraction of a stable bacterial l form]. 196414172072
[therapy with small doses of kanamycin in patients with chronic pyelonephritis with resistant urinary infections]. 196414172083
meningitis in newborn due to proteus mirabilus associated with intracranial hemorrhage: report of a case. 196414172107
gentamicin sulfate, new antibiotic against gram-negative bacilli. laboratory, pharmacological, and clinical evaluation. 196414172278
cephalothin--a new antibiotic. preliminary clinical and laboratory studies. 196414172279
treatment of infections in man with cephalothin. 196414172280
clinical and bacteriologic studies of the effect of "massive" doses of penicillin g on infections caused by gram-negative bacilli. 196414172468
[study on pyelonephritis in children. i. urinary colony count as a screening test in urinary tract infection]. 196414172755
therapeutic problems in urinary infections. 196414173051
clinical evaluation of neggram, a new chemotherapeutic agent. 196414173503
bacterial flora of clean wounds and its relation to subsequent sepsis. 196414166203
a plate micromethod for determining the fermentative ability of pathogenic bacteria. 196414166659
a plate micromethod for determination of acetoin produced by bacteria. 196414166660
studies of a new tuberculostatic compound from the group of arylides of aromatic hydroxyacids. 196414166665
[bactericidal effects of various gastrointestinal secretions with acid ph]. 196414164580
elementary method for the demonstration of the cytoplasmic membrane in bacteria. 196414164892
beta-galactosidase and lactose fermentation in the identification of enterobacteria including hundred and fourteen strains of non-lactose fermenters and 127 lactose fermenters on macconkey's agar have been compared in the 5% and 1% lactose tests and in beta-galactosidase production, using ortho-nitro-phenyl-beta-d-galactopyranoside (o.n.p.g.) as a test substance. the superiority of the o.n.p.g. test in the number of positive results and its rapidity is shown. in general, late or non-lactose fermenting strains of genera, usually lactose-positive, yield a rapidly positive o.n.p.g. reac ...196414149933
[current status of teaching on bacterial allergy]. 196414162354
[food poisoning a non-salmonella origin]. 196414162485
the relation between inoculum and zone size in sensitivity tests by the agar diffusion method: with a special view to the importance of prediffusion. 196414162807
behavior of cell membrane in relation to locomotion in amoeba proteus. 196414163582
[on suppurative complications after surgery with the use of artificial blood circulation]. 196414164025
the chondrioids (mitochondrial equivalents) of bacteria. 196414160067
gentamicin in gram-negative urinary and pulmonary infections. 196414160113
penicillinase-resistant penicillins and cephalosporins. 196414160224
daily haemodialysis in "hypercatabolic" acute renal failure. 196414160238
isolation of cell componenets from amoeba proteus. anl-6823. 196414151642
[the results of long-term treatment of patients with chronic pyelonephritis]. 196414151729
bacteriuria in pregnancy: its frequency and relation to overt urinary infection. 196414157529
the impact of bacteriuria in pregnancy; a survey of 1300 pregnant patients. 196414157822
perinephric abscess with gas formation. 196414157853
oral penicillin g in the treatment of acute primary nonspecific pulmonary suppuration. 196414158487
the relation between bacteriuria and urinary-tract infection in pregnant women. 196414158678
[therapy of coli infections in infants]. 196414158841
a new selective blood agar medium for streptococcus pyogenes and other haemolytic blood agar containing polymyxin b sulphate, neomycin sulphate, and fusidic acid inhibited the growth of staph. aureus, ps. pyocyanea, proteus mirabilis, e. coli, and klebsiella pneumoniae but allowed good growth of, and haemolysis by, str. pyogenes. in a comparison with blood agar, blood 4% agar, and gentian violet blood agar, the selective medium (p.n.f.) yielded a significantly higher proportion of streptococci than the other media, both by aerobic and by anaerobic culture, from burn swa ...196414159449
bacterial findings after various methods of treating the umbilical stump. 196414151834
[studies on the mechanism of action of lactulose (beta-galactoside action of lactulose (beta-galactosido-fructose) in the intestine]. 196414152610
cause of death in acute systemic bacterial infections and in cancer. 196414152635
[experiences with garmastan ointment as mastitis preventive agent]. 196414153213
aerobacter aerogenes bacteremia: control of a lethal complication. 196414154552
bacteriuria during pregnancy. 196414155001
[studies on the functional periodicity of the flagellum apparatus of proteus bacteria]. 196414155088
effect of temperature on flagellation, motility and swarming of proteus. 196414156320
hospital-acquired urinary-tract infections. 196414156618
erythromycin for the prophylactic control of infectious diarrhea in newborn pigs. 196414156999
cxcvii. nalidixic acid. 196414147264
[study of pyelonephritis of surgical origin and possibilities of its alteration by anabolites]. 196414147351
[therapy with pyovaccine]. 196414147474
urinary tract infections in infants and children. long-term prospective study: interim report on results of six weeks chemotherapy. 196414147630
[septicemias caused by gram-negative bacilli. experience in 34 cases]. 196414148405
[experimental studies on the effect of antibiotics on the healing of contaminated wounds. (ii. experience with terramycin)]. 196414148605
[urinary tract infection in old age]. 196414149088
[treatment of urinary tract infections with nalidixic acid (wintomilon)]. 196414144022
fatalities associated with abortions. 196414144145
[role of various organisms in lung diseases complicating measles]. 196414144662
[elementary formulary of therapy of acute purulent cerebrospinal meningitis]. 196414145529
furazolidone in bacterial enteritis: its use in treatment of children. 196414146240
aclinicopathological conference from the ohio state university hospital, columbus, ohio. 196414146245
the role of the anaerobic bacteria, with particular reference to the virulence of clostridium perfringens. 196414146376
[determination of the effect of the combination of penicillin with chloramphenicol in vitro with reference to treatment of gynecologic inflammations]. 196414146889
the environmental bacteriology laboratory in control of cross infections. iii--a new test technique. 196414136729
[study by infrared spectrography of the somatic antigen of proteus p 18]. 196414137363
[on the isolation and identification of 3,5,7-trihydroxyflavone (galangine) from propolis]. 196414137367
[clinical picture of iatrogenic change of otoantritis in infants]. 196414137532
the role of cl. welchii type a in experimental intestinal obstruction. 196414137688
evaluation of antibiotic prophylaxis and gamma-globulin, plasma, albumin and saline-solution therapy in severe burns. bacteriologic and immunologic studies. 196414138192
[bacteriocinic activity of the neurotoxins of gram-negative bacteria]. 196414139439
[bacterial endocarditis; the present status and treatment]. 196414140835
combination therapy in otitic disorders: a rational triple-pronged approach. 196414140904
treatment of bacterial endophthalmitis following cataract extraction. 196414140909
[demonstration of the constituents of the mucopeptide of the bacterial wall in a stable l form]. 196414141571
[comparative study of the various methods of bacteriological examination in diseases of the urinary tract]. 196414141594
bacteriology and antibiotic treatment of acute maxillary sinusitis. 196414135207
further experiences with colistin: evaluation in otitis externa. 196414135292
microbiological fractionation of sulphur isotopes. 196414135528
purulent neonatal meningitis. 196414135841
[study of the sensitivity of several enterobacteriaceae and of bacillus pyocyaneus to a new chemotherapeutic agent, "furoxan"]. 196414136373
albamycin-t: an in vitro trial in uganda. 196414133990
anti-antibody or clone-product? 196414134711
latent brain abscesses which manifest themselves after mastoidectomy in chronic suppurative otitis media. 196414129822
skin antiseptics: an appraisal and attempted correlation with wound infection. 196414130162
stimulation of carotenogenesis by microbial cells.spent mycelia of blakeslea trispora recovered from a previous fermentation enhanced carotene production by mated cultures of the same organism. peak yields of 107 to 142 mg of carotene per 100 ml of medium were achieved in 6 days. beta-carotene constituted 92% of the total carotenoids produced. the enhancing substance was found present in an aqueous extract of the mycelium. part of its activity was due to an organic acid fraction. other microbial cells, molds, yeasts, and bacteria were also capa ...196414131364
physical factors involved in reported bacteriuria. 196414132396
potentiation of penicillin action by inhibition of penicillinase. 196414132773
synergistic activity of penicillins against penicillinase-producing gram-negative bacilli. 196414132774
treatment of acute external otitis. 196414132811
microbial antagonism by pseudomonas aeruginosa on pasteurella pseudotuberculosis. 196414132888
sulfachlorpyridazine in chronic urinary-tract infections. 196414133198
[bactericidal effect of combined antibiotics against enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonadaceae]. 196414133426
acute purulent meningitis in children: experience at the hospital for sick children, toronto.sixty-eight children with acute purulent meningitis were treated at the hospital for sick children, toronto, in 1962; nine deaths occurred. hemophilus influenzae type b and meningitis in which no organism was cultured accounted for 35 and 17 cases, respectively. a number of other etiological agents caused six or fewer cases each.the principal presenting complaints were fever and vomiting, the more familiar symptoms of meningeal irritation occurring in 20% or less. a short duration of onset sugge ...196414129487
motile marine bacteria. i. techniques, ecology, and general characteristics.leifson, einar (loyola university, chicago, ill.), b. j. cosenza, r. murchelano, and r. c. cleverdon. motile marine bacteria. i. techniques, ecology, and general characteristics. j. bacteriol. 87:652-666. 1964.-aerobic, heterotrophic bacteria were isolated from the waters of the long island sound, narragansett bay, atlantic ocean, and from the intestine of a variety of marine animals found along the shore of the long island sound. a total of about 600 cultures of motile bacteria were studied mor ...196414129669
negram (1-ethyl-7-methyl-1,8-naphthyridine-4-one-3-carboxylic acid): a new antibacterial agent for the treatment of urinary infection. report of a trial in general practice. 196414126069
occurrence of bacteraemia in one hundred consecutive autopsy cases. 196414129011
a cytochemical localization of reductive sites in a gram-negative bacterium. tellurite reduction in proteus order to obtain information on the exact location of the respiratory enzyme chain in gram-negative bacteria, an electron microscopic study was made of the sites of reducing activity of cells that had, in the living state, incorporated tellurite. in the test object proteus vulgaris, the reduced tellurite was found to be deposited in bodies contiguous with the plasma membrane but different in structure from those described in the gram-positive bacillus subtilis (2). in fact, the bodies proved t ...196414128043
shock caused by gram-negative microorganisms. analysis of 169 cases. 196414128219
a new enrichment medium for salmonellae. 196414128316
cellular changes accompanying the swarming of proteus mirabilis. i. observations of living cultures. 196414124856
[research on nucleic acids, iv. thermal denaturation of desoxyribonucleic acids from actinomycetes]. 196414124976
asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy and its association with prematurity. 196414125109
the onpg test in diagnostic bacteriology. methodological investigations. 196414123349
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