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[sensitivity of bacteria from the proteus group to various antibiotics and their combinations]. 196414239567
evaluation of disinfectants for hospital housekeeping use.a use-dilution procedure and screening method are proposed to aid the hospital bacteriologist in selecting the most effective disinfectants. sixteen disinfectants were tested with and without organic material on six different organisms. sporadic results usually obtained with quaternaries tested by the procedure of the association of official agricultural chemists (aoac) were eliminated by the methods of this study. the use-dilution procedure employs the material upon which the disinfectant is to ...196414239575
polyvinyl-pyrrolidone-iodine: an assessment of antibacterial activity. 196414239927
[on the antimicrobial effect of benzothiazolone and its derivatives]. 196414240186
[new thioglycolic acid derivative penicillins]. 196414240562
[correlation of the antiviral agent i914-vufb with the bactericidal effectiveness of some antibiotics]. 196414204293
[new pharmacological properties of delta-3-carene. antibacterial and expectorant effects]. 196414204527
clinical and radiological features of urinary infection in childhood. 196414204534
[investigation of a case of food poisoning caused by s. newport and proteus mirabilis]. 196414204731
the pathogens of liver abscess in tropical taiwan. 196414205959
the quantitative evaluation of bacteriuria and pyuria. 196414206767
effect of topical fluorometholone on infected and uninfected dermatoses. a clinical and microbiological study. 196414206867
host-range of temperate serratia marcescens bacteriophages. 196414207257
immunological paralysis induced in adult rabbits by small amounts of a protein antigen. 196414207269
asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy. 196414207349
problems in the treatment of urinary tract infection.(with special reference to the use of ampicillin). 196414207663
bacteriological complications from the use of urethral instruments: principles of prevention.guidance by bacteriologists and changes in theatre and ward disciplines have greatly improved the results of urological surgery in recent years. the most noteworthy successes have been in treatment of chronic retention with renal failure, and in prevention of the bacteraemia which may occur following removal of the post-operative catheter or the passage of an instrument to dilate a stricture. it is hoped that safer urethral instrumentation may also reduce the incidence of chronic pyelonephritis.196414207780
antibacterial interaction between bromthymol blue and polymyxin b. 196414208283
development in vitro of bacterial cross-resistance involving penicillins, chloramphenicol and tetracycline. 196414208284
[some epidemiologic problems of infectious enterocolitis]. 196414208308
cytoplasmic dna synthesis in amoeba proteus. 3. further studies on the nature of the dna--containing elements.the application of electron microscope autoradiography to amoeba proteus cells labeled with tritiated thymidine has permitted the identification of morphologically distinct particles in the cytoplasm as the sites of incorporated dna precursor. the particles correspond to those previously described from light microscope studies, with respect to both h(3)tdr incorporation and distribution in centrifugally stratified amoebae. ingested bacteria differ from the particles, in morphology as well as in ...196414208356
the ability of amoeba proteus to kill salmonella enteritidis introduced by micro-injection, and the influence of opsonins on intracellular killing. 196414208693
effect of opsonins on phagocytosis and killing of salmonellae by amoeba proteus, and the use of phage p22 to eliminate surplus extracellular bacteria. 196414208694
isolation and properties of the cell surface membrane of amoeba proteus. 196414208740
the treatment of fractures complicated by burns. the use of skin grafts and etheron prosthetic sponge. 196414208793
laboratory and clinical results with cephaloridine. 196414224031
[aureomycin in the prevention of recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia; a double-blind study]. 196414224082
[on the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis]. 196414225038
[study of the role of proteus vulgaris in the etiology of acute gastrointestinal diseases in monkeys]. 196414225806
agglutinins against ox19 in sera of healthy individuals and febrile patients in delhi. 196414226299
antibacterial properties of 5-nitro-2-furylglyoxylidene derivatives. 196414226441
the prevention of ascending pyelitis by the intact ureterovesical junction: an experimental study. 196414226455
fournier's gangrene of the scrotum and the penis. 196414226480
neggram (nalidixic acid) in the treatment of urinary infections. 196414226491
[on an unusual complication of myocardial infarct by proteus sepsis with suppuration of the myocardium and its rupture]. 196414228631
[influence of temperature on the gelatinolytic power of schizomycetes]. 196414228915
[antibacterial effect of resochin]. 196414229470
bacteremia due to gram-negative bacilli. resume of experiences in 303 cases. 196414230038
studies on the human intestinal flora. i. the normal intestinal flora and the stability of its constituents. 196414230653
cephalosporin c in the treatment of urinary tract infection with proteus vulgaris. 196414230966
bacterial endophthalmitis after cataract surgery. 196414231940
[cytotoxic effects of the patulin group. study by the warburg method]. 196414232091
[the pathogens of pyogenic infections and their sensitivity to antibiotic substances in polyclinical patients from 1957 to march 1963]. 196414232755
[a method for the establishment of the antibiotic activity of human inflammatory foci]. 196414232879
fluorescent antibody detection of human occurrence of an unclassified bacterial group causing endocarditis. 196414233141
urinary infection in childhood. 196414209374
studies of the effects of penicillin-sulfonamide combinations in man. 196414210311
effect of sodium chloride, dulcitol and glucose on the growth of proteus in shaken and static broth cultures. 196414210994
heat balance of growth of some bacterial cultures. 196414211327
differential uptake of protein and glucose by pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 196414211776
subdural empyema: a review of 29 cases. 196414213471
quinacillin: a comparison with other penicillinase-resistant penicillins. 196414213664
comparison of lymecycline with tetracycline hydrochloride. 196414214184
cephaloridine. 196414214202
the toxicity of fluid from experimentally strangulated intestinal loops in the rat. 196414214448
[proteus infection with special reference to a case of infection of gynecological origin]. 196414214550
[research on recurrences of exanthematous typhus. 3. comparative evolution of serological tests in typhus recurrences and primary infections]. 196414214911
[studies on the combined effect of antibiotics and human serum]. 196414214970
the preoperative diagnosis of brain abscess by the roentgenologic demonstration of an air-fluid level: a report of two cases. 196414215096
massive upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage after operation. 196414215111
n,n'-malonyl-bis-ethylenimine and some of its biological properties. 196414215292
effect of lower urinary tract infection upon ureteral function. 196414215499
gram-negative septicemia in urology. 196414215727
clinical evaluation of neggram, a new antimicrobial agent: preliminary report. 196414215728
survival of gram-negative bacteria in the environment. i. effect of relative humidity on surface-exposed organisms. 196414215830
bile peritonitis. 196414215921
the use of n-acetylcysteine in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. 196414216643
a therapeutic regimen for patients with cystic fibrosis. 196414216644
composition of the mucopolymer in cell walls of the unstable and stable l-form of proteus mirabilis. 196414217356
[on the bactericidal effect of bilberries]. 196414219393
erythromycin in the management of childhood infections. 196414219591
[localization by histochemistry of myosine-type atpase in amoeba proteus]. 196414221449
hematopoietic recovery in endotoxin-treated lethally x-irradiated bub mice. 196414222067
[qualitative study of phosphatides of proteus p 18 and l forms derived therefrom]. 196414222211
[research on the lipids of l forms derived from proteus p 18. 3. subcellular distribution of electron carrier quinones in the proteus bacillus and l forms derived therefrom]. 196414222641
mastoiditis in children. 196414222850
[changes in the intestinal bacterial flora caused by a diet made incongruous by the addition of olive oil]. 196414192126
diaper region irritations. pertinent facts and methods of prevention. 196414192462
a study of the correlations between renal biopsy and other diagnostic investigations in "primary" and "superimposed" pyelonephritis. 196414193473
antibacterial activity of certain biguanide derivatives. 196414194955
structure of bacterial flagella. 196414195046
activity of ampicillin in vitro compared with other antibiotics.comparative tests in vitro for antibacterial activity were carried out with ampicillin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol using 673 clinical isolates of gram-negative bacilli and streptococcus faecalis. further comparative tests were also carried out with ampicillin, chloramphenicol, colistin sulphate, colistin methane sulphonate, cycloserine, kanamycin, nitrofurantoin, polymyxin, streptomycin, and tetracycline, using groups of 20 strains of each of the main species selected at random from the t ...196414195635
production of amidase and beta-lactamase by bacteria. 196414195643
indwelling catheter and postoperative urinary -tract infection. 196414196396
antibiotics of alcaligenes faecalis. 196414197404
experimental abscess in brain and subcutis; a microangiographic study in the rabbit. 196414197680
lipolytic, pectolytic, and alginolytic activities of enterobacteriaceae.davis, b. r. (communicable disease center, atlanta, ga.), and w. h. ewing. lipolytic, pectolytic, and alginolytic activities of enterobacteriaceae. j. bacteriol. 88:16-19. 1964.-of 2,262 cultures of enterobacteriaceae tested, only cultures of enterobacter liquefaciens (aerobacter liquefaciens), serratia, proteus vulgaris, and p. mirabilis gave evidence of lipolytic activities. none of the cultures liquefied pectate or alginate. the value of tests for these activities in diagnostic work with ente ...196414197883
chronic paronychia--occupational material. 196414198215
[resistance of bacterial l-forms to the action of antibiotics]. 196414198680
treatment of urinary tract infection with nalidixic acid. 196414199476
microbiological studies with nalidixic acid and colistin. 196414200305
hospital infection in perspective: the importance of the gram-negative bacilli. 196414200586
rhinoscleroma. light and electron microscopic studies. 196414200670
[action of high energy beta particles (3 mev-9 mev) on the motor function of microbial cells of various species]. 196414200874
treatment of goanna bite in australia. 196414201321
a survey of infections in a community hospital. 196414201577
penicillin g--treatment of urinary infection in paraplegia. 196414201803
characterization of dna from a proteus strain harboring an episome. 196414202287
[changes in the biochemical reactions of species of proteus with high degrees of antibiotic resistance]. 196414202839
experimental pyelonephritis. ascending infection of the rat kidney by organisms residing in the urethra. 196414203199
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