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[study of the growth, in liquid media, of a strain of proteus and its l form]. 196313945452
[bacteriostatic and fungistatic action of ephedrine and various ephedrine derivatives. 4. studies on compounds with fungistatic properties]. 196313944227
penicillin n therapy of enteric bacillary infections. 196313941494
inactivation of some semisynthetic penicillins by gram-negative bacilli.sabath, leon (boston city hospital, boston, mass.) and maxwell finland. inactivation of some semisynthetic penicillins by gram-negative bacilli. j. bacteriol. 85:314-321. 1963.-an agar diffusion method was used to test 55 strains of gram-negative bacilli for their ability to inactivate penicillin g, methicillin, biphenylpenicillin, oxacillin, and ampicillin; 26 strains inactivated one or more of them. all strains of klebsiella-aerobacter, nearly all of escherichia coli, and some of pseudomonas a ...196313975857
[variability of proteus during transition from the h-form to the o-form]. 196313976161
mutagenic activity of thiopyronine and methylene blue in combination with visible light. 196313968471
the reduction of phenazine-n-oxides by microbial cells. 196313969103
hypofibrinogenemia and presumptive shwartzman reaction in septic abortion. 196313964958
[laboratory investigations and clinical observations on the antibacterial action of combined chlormaphenicol and sulfadimethoxine (amplocid)]. 196313965160
ampicillin inactivation and sensitivity of coliform bacilli. 196313965727
[the heterogeneity of anti-ribonucleic acid antibodies]. 196313966571
laboratory studies on gentamicin. 196314274883
predominant characteristics of the growth of some antibiotic-induced l-phase bacteria. 196314274952
antibiotic therapy in established chronic experimental proteus mirabilis pyelonephritis. 196314274971
[contribution to the problem of pyelonephritis in childhood]. 196314127009
[contribution to the study of the enterobacteriaceae of french guiana]. 196314127356
[some bacteriological results of the in vitro study of rifamycin sv]. 196314128780
[study of the action of a new antibiotic, rifamycin sv]. 196314128782
[experiments with rifamycin sv]. 196314128783
[on the antimicrobial properties of phytoncidin, a medicinal garlic preparation]. 196314130407
electron microscopy of centrifuged amoeba proteus. anl-6723. 196314131007
[determination of resistance in bacteria from conjunctival smears of healthy and diseased eyes]. 196314129210
[clinical contribution to the problem of enteral proteus infection in infants]. 196314129793
[changes of bacterial l-forms and their resistance during storage at various temperatures]. 196314134913
[experimental data on the effect of combinations of levomycetin and prednisolone on the staphylococcus-proteus wound infection]. 196314136428
[mycerin in conjunctival infection control]. 196314142362
[role of antibiotics in the treatment of acute radiation syndrome]. 196314147194
[some peculiarities of the clinical picture and pathogenesis of pneumonia in thermal burns]. 196314133762
[microflora of non-gonorrheal urethritis in males]. 196314149467
[bacterial characteristics and therapy of otogenic intracranial suppurations. i]. 196314150142
[intestinal flora in patients with non-specific ulcerative colitis]. 196314150350
[the results of bacteriological examination of the bile in dysentery patients]. 196314151746
[bacterial food poisoning]. 196314157122
the effect of methanol on the growth of streptomycin-dependent strains of escherichia coli in streptomycin-free media. 196314160953
[on the fecal and gastrointestinal flora of monkeys before and after experimental shigella infections]. 196314162056
[studies on the etiology of gastroenterocolitis in early infancy and childhood. iv. study on the role of proteus morganii strains]. 196314162285
[research on the mode of distribution of proteus group bacteria in the external environment. ii. hygienic qualities of a water and proteimetric data]. 196314166969
[local administration of rifamycin sv in otorhinolaryngology]. 196314184797
in vitro sensitivity of gram-negative bacilli to rifamycin sv. 196314184801
[studies of sensitivity in vitro of 50 pathogenic microbial strains to rifamycin sv]. 196314184802
gentamicin, a new antibiotic complex from micromonospora. 196314184912
imidazolidines. 3. 2-substituted 1,3-bis-(o-hydroxybenzyl)-imidazolidines. 196314184929
bacteriostats. vii. substituted benzylphenols. 196314184962
experimental data for the use of rifamycin sv in biliary tract infections: in vitro activity against various pathogenic bacteria and bile concentrations in man. 196314185759
some preliminary observations on the bactericidal properties of rifamycin sv and of combinations of this drug with other antibiotics. 196314185760
[experiences with rifamycin sv: preliminary report]. 196314185761
[comparative studies on neomycin, colimycin and mycerin by means of the counter-current distribution method]. 196314174200
[studies on the clinical application of proteus-antigen]. 196314192014
[experimental studies on the conditions for existence of pneumaturia of microbial origin in diabetics]. 196314208822
[relation between chemical composition and antimicrobial effect. 8. bacteriostatic properties of some 8-hydroxyquinoline salts]. 196314204160
[synergistic effect of antimicorbial preparations on proteus]. 196314160057
[5-methyl-3-phenyl-4-isoxazolyl penicillin (oxacillin) and its microbiological investigation]. 196314160064
[studies on the etiology of gastroenterocolitis in early infancy and childhood. iii. study on the role of proteus vulgaris and proteus mirabilis strains]. 196314165349
[the present stage of research on the neurotoxins of gram-negative bacteria]. 196314165860
[electrophoretic and chromatographic analysis of soluble proteins of bacteria cultured in presence of substances with antibiotic action]. 196314164379
bacteriostats. vi. bacteriostatic activities of some substituted guanidines. 196314173590
incidence and susceptibility to antibiotics of bacteria causing common infections in a general hospital. 196315446089
effect of some detergents on the surface membrane of penicillin spheroplasts. 19644955128
[chemical detection of nitrite-producing bacteria. vi]. 19645319061
[chemical detection of nitrite-producing bacteria. v]. 19645319067
[on the occurrence of an enzyme which dehydrogenates butanediol in bacteria of the enterobacteriaceae family and its significance for the toxonomy of the genus shigella]. 19645319127
[on the isolation of corynebacterium pyogenes from proteus-containing mixed cultures]. 19645319442
the possible implication of a bacterial enzyme in the biochemical mode of action of penicillins on gram negative bacteria. 19645319843
[benzene and toluene resistance of actinomyces israelii as an aid in the demonstration of actinomyces]. 19645831689
production of reddish-brown pigment from dl-tryptophan by enterobacteria of the proteusprovidencia group. 19645857583
[the thermolabile endotoxins (neurotoxins) of gram-negative bacteria. vii. soluble neurotoxins in the urine of subjects infected with gram-negative bacteria]. 19645338321
glucosamine-6-phosphate degradation by proteus vulgaris and isolation of phosphoglucosaminisomerase.aron, h. (university of california, santa barbara), h. h. yonenaka, and h. i. nakada. glucosamine-6-phosphate degradation by proteus vulgaris and isolation of phosphoglucosaminisomerase. j. bacteriol. 87:1123-1128. 1964.-the presence of the enzyme, phosphoglucosaminisomerase, was demonstrated in a strain of proteus vulgaris. fructose-6-phosphate and ammonia were shown to be the primary reaction products. the optimal ph was 7.2 with a broad peak. this differs from previously reported bacterial ph ...19645874535
influence of antibiotic stability on the results of in vitro testing procedures.wick, warren e. (the lilly research laboratories, indianapolis, ind.). influence of antibiotic stability on the results of in vitro testing procedures. j. bacteriol. 87:1162-1170. 1964.-certain antibiotics undergo at least partial degradation under the conditions of in vitro testing procedures. with cephalothin used as an example, experimental evidence is presented to indicate the necessity for re-evaluation of results obtained from in vitro sensitivity testing methods for some antibiotics. the ...19645874538
[apropos of acute pyelonephritis caused by proteus mirabilis]. 19645878802
[research on the method of distribution of bacteria of the proteus groups in the external environment. 3. distribution of the species p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris in contaminated waters]. 19645877131
[research on the method of distribution of bacteria of the proteus group in the external environment. iv. use of proteus counting in the hygienic control of a system of surface waters]. 19645877472
thermorubin, a new antibiotic from a thermoactinomycete. 196415446134
diarrhea in a u. s. battle group in thailand. 196414174098
[bactericidal effects of various gastrointestinal secretions with acid ph]. 196414164580
elementary method for the demonstration of the cytoplasmic membrane in bacteria. 196414164892
transfer of episomic elements to proteus. ii. nature of lac+ proteus strains isolated from clinical specimens.falkow, stanley (walter reed army institute of research, washington, d.c.), j. a. wohlhieter, r. v. citarella, and l. s. baron. transfer of episomic elements to proteus. ii. nature of lac(+)proteus strains isolated from clinical specimens. j. bacteriol. 88:1598-1601. 1964.-strains of proteus mirabilis exhibiting the unusual property of utilizing lactose (lac(+)) have been reported in clinical material. a genetic examination discloses that the lac(+) determinants in these proteus strains are asso ...196414240944
morphological changes in gram-negative bacilli exposed to cephalothin.chang, te-wen (tufts university school of medicine, boston, mass.), and louis weinstein. morphological changes in gram-negative bacilli exposed to cephalothin. j. bacteriol. 88:1790-1797. 1964.-exposure of gram-negative bacteria to cephalothin (7-[thiophene-2-acetamido]-cephalosporanic acid) revealed the formation of long filaments and large bodies, which were capable of reverting to normal cells when removed from contact with the drug. the degree of morphological change was found to be related ...196414240969
discrepant tests for hydrogen sulfide. 196414240976
the relationship among normal intestinal flora, kidney infections and kidney stones. 196414241187
effect of silastic in the bladder of the rat. 196414241193
preservatives for poliomyelitis (salk) vaccine. 3. 2-phenoxyethanol. 196414241801
the l-form of b. proteus vulgaris. i. a study on the dynamics of the formation of b. proteus vulgaris with slide culture method and observations made under phase-contrast microscope. 196414243613
the l-form of b. proteus vulgaris. ii. cytochemical study of the l-form of b. proteus, using feulgen's staining method and fluorescence microscopy with acridine orange. 196414243614
a modification of sandys' medium for inhibiting the swarming of proteus strains. 196414244710
the diagnosis of urinary tract infection. 196414244885
[on the degree of pollution of a limited water-network and its evaluation]. 196414245109
bacterial flora of clean wounds and its relation to subsequent sepsis. 196414166203
a plate micromethod for determining the fermentative ability of pathogenic bacteria. 196414166659
a plate micromethod for determination of acetoin produced by bacteria. 196414166660
studies of a new tuberculostatic compound from the group of arylides of aromatic hydroxyacids. 196414166665
the chondrioids (mitochondrial equivalents) of bacteria. 196414160067
gentamicin in gram-negative urinary and pulmonary infections. 196414160113
penicillinase-resistant penicillins and cephalosporins. 196414160224
daily haemodialysis in "hypercatabolic" acute renal failure. 196414160238
selective medium for isolation of mima and herellea organisms. 196414234815
use of 3-azabicyclo(3.2.2)nonane in the mannich reaction. iv. additional derived products. 196414234917
allotypes of hen serum proteins. 196414235723
rifamycins. xxxv. amides and hydrazides of rifamycin b3. 196414236903
[utilization of organic acids by some ammonificators]. 196414237040
the isolation of tubercle bacilli from pathological specimens contaminated with coliform organisms. 196414239320
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