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[experience with the use of the method of emission spectrum analysis for the determination of relative magnesium concentrations in bacterial cultures]. 196314098201
antibacterial activity of rifamycins. 196314098250
[clinical trials of thiophenicol in postpartal and postabortal urinary infections]. 196314098366
[proteus infections in infants and small children]. 196314099322
the isolation of motile cytoplasm from amoeba proteus. 196314099812
hypofibrinogenemia and presumptive shwartzman reaction in septic abortion. 196314029711
reversion of l forms and spheroplasts of proteus mirabilis.altenbern, robert a. (u.s. army chemical corps, fort detrick, frederick, md.). reversion of l forms and spheroplasts of proteus mirabilis. j. bacteriol. 85:269-272. 1963.-spheroplasts or 3-b type l forms of proteus mirabilis formed by growth in the presence of penicillin are able to revert to the bacillary form, as judged by regain of resistance to osmotic shock. reversion takes place in the absence of exogenous nutrients, although at a lesser rate than that observed in a nitrogen-rich medium. e ...196314012303
[the effect of some antibiotic combinations on strains of staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, proteus and escherichia]. 196314013118
studies on the metabolism of citrate by proteus vulgaris. 196314031054
[the submicroscopic structure of m and l forms of bacteria]. 196314053510
[bacteriological studies in infections of the urinary system in children]. 196314053648
retrograde proteus pyelonephritis in rats. bacteriologic, pathologic and fluorescent-antibody studies. 196314023346
retrograde proteus pyelonephritis in rats. localization of antigen and antibody in treated sterile pyelonephritic kidneys.rats with retrograde proteus pyelonephritis were treated with antibiotics until their kidneys became sterile. using fluorescent antibody techniques, specific p. mirabilis antigen was found in some sterile pyelonephritic kidneys 20 weeks after cessation of treatment and presumed renal sterilization. persistent antigen was associated with interstitial chronic inflammation but not with acute inflammation or progressive scarring. rat gamma globulin and proteus antibody were localized in plasma cells ...196314023347
[infection of the urinary tract in young infants]. 196314023833
growth of l forms of streptomycin-dependent proteus mirabilis.altenbern, robert a. (u.s. army biological laboratories, fort detrick, frederick, md.). growth of l forms of streptomycin-dependent proteus mirabilis. j. bacteriol. 85:619-622. 1963.-a streptomycin-dependent mutant of proteus mirabilis produces l forms on penicillin-containing medium when dihydrostreptomycin is also present. the 3a-type l form grows at maximal rate when the concentration of dihydrostreptomycin is between 10 and 50 mug/ml, whereas the 3b-type l form grows appreciably only at conc ...196314042940
nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions in the responses of amoeba proteus and amoeba discoides to streptomycin. 196314022220
nuclear-transfer studies on induced increases in streptomycin resistance of amoeba proteus. 196314022221
experimental pyelonephritis and hypertension. implications for the clinical problem. 196314042609
food microorganisms influencing the growth of staphylococcus aureus.some 870 cultures of predominating micro-organisms were isolated from market samples of hamburger, fresh pork sausage, fresh fish fillets, stewing beef, frozen chicken pot pie, frozen corn, frozen peas, and pasteurized and raw milk, before and after storage at different temperatures. the isolates were screened for their ability to influence the growth of staphylococcus aureus strain 196e by means of spot-plate tests on apt and nutrient agars at 25 c. the 438 cultures that influenced the growth o ...196314075051
[septicemia due to gram-negative bacteria]. 196314075356
[sensitivity tests with demethylchlortetracycline]. 196314075770
membrane stability and salt tolerance in gram-negative bacteria. 196314076708
[variability of morgan's bacteria during culture on bile meat-peptone broth]. 196314066926
[in vitro antibacterial properties of nitrofurfurylideneisonicotinylhydrazone. (nfi)]. 196314079885
colony count from mid-stream voided urine specimens as a screening method for asymptomatic bacteriuria in males in the medical ward. 196314080539
temperature-sensitive hydrogenase and hydrogenase synthesis in a psychrophilic bacterium.upadhyay, j. (washington state university, pullman) and j. l. stokes. temperature-sensitive hydrogenase and hydrogenase synthesis in a psychrophilic bacterium. j. bacteriol. 86:992-998. 1963.-hydrogenase and its synthesis were more heat-sensitive in psychrophilic strain 82 than in mesophilic escherichia coli. the enzyme was not formed above 20 c by the psychrophile, whereas it was formed by e. coli and other mesophiles at 45 c. aerobically grown cells of strain 82 do not contain hydrogenase but ...196314080812
[bacteria of the digestive tract of lebetine and ceraste snakes]. 196314081694
[quaternary ammonium bases in the treatment of bacterial and mycotic eye infections]. 196314083282
thrombosis and hepatic infarct elicited in hyperlipemic rats by bacterial endotoxin. 196314083318
observations on blood cultures with exchange transfusion of the newborn infant. 196314084333
a non-adherent surgical dressing. 196314084373
the formation of metabolites from cephalosporin compounds. 196314084617
treatment of urethritis in males with oxytetracycline.forty cases of gonococcal urethritis were treated with oxytetracycline using various dosage schedules; there were 37 cures and three failures. the most convenient and most effective dosage was found to be 250 mg. oxytetracycline, given as a single intramuscular injection of 5 c.c.a series of 40 patients with non-gono-coccal urethritis was also collected. two cases of urethritis due to trichomonas vaginalis and two due to candida albicans were removed from the series. of the 36 cases which remain ...196314084701
the effect of the medium on the results of testing sensitivity to antibiotics. 196314085149
observations on the use of the triphenyl tetrazolium chloride test to determine significant bacteriuria. 196314085225
gentamicin and ampicillin: synergism with other antibiotics. 196314085231
demonstration of lysogeny in stable l forms of proteus mirabilis.taubeneck, udo (institut für mikrobiologie und experimentelle therapie, jena, germany). demonstration of lysogeny in stable l forms of proteus mirabilis. j. bacteriol. 86:1265-1269. 1963.-stable l forms of eight different lysogenic proteus mirabilis strains have proved to be lysogenic. in an additional strain, phage production was induced upon transfer into the stable l form. this demonstrates that the stable l forms, like their parent bacillary types, are capable of forming mature phage. their ...196314086099
the cytonucleoproteins of amebae. i. some chemical properties and intracellular distribution.autoradiographs of whole amoeba proteus host cells fixed after the implantation of single nuclei from a. proteus donors labeled with any one of 8 different radioactive amino acids showed that the label had become highly concentrated in the host cell nucleus as well as in the donor nucleus and that the cytoplasmic activity was relatively low. when these amebae were sectioned, the radioactivity was found to be homogeneously distributed throughout the nuclei. the effect of unlabeled amino acid "cha ...196314086131
topical chemotherapy in prevention of wound infection. 196314087126
[detection, by the luminescent method, of bacterial enzymes splitting amino acids]. 196314077122
[contribution to the knowledge of the parasitology of madagascan chameleons. 2]. 196314077657
some aspects of cyanide-producing capabilities of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from burned patient infections. 196314078079
some experimental and clinical studies on cephalothin. 196314079248
[contribution to the study of the richness of the marine environment in antibiotic-producing bacteria]. 196314090557
a controlled trial of paromomycin in the treatment of gastro-enteritis in nigerian children. 196314090786
[quantitative determination of bacteria in urine]. 196314091160
[preoperative preparation of patients and postoperative course in tympanoplasty]. 196314091210
[use of preparative electrophoresis with subsequent precipitation in an agar layer for determination of antigen relationships between bacteria of the intestinal group]. 196314091782
[materials on improving the bacteriological diagnosis of coli enteritis. ii]. 196314091801
[coli-proteus bacteriophage in experimental conditions in vivo. i]. 196314091805
[research on proteus group bacteria isolated from urinary infections. clinical and epidemiological aspects]. 196314092289
[on a bacterial disease of the chub (leuciscus cephalus var. cabeda (risso) 1826)]. 196314093798
the effect of osmium-fixation on bacterial flagella. 196314094030
[bacteriological examination of bile duct infection]. 196314094265
[contribution to the study of the spectrum of activity of ampicillin]. 196314088141
amnionitis--evaluation of a diagnostic procedure. 196314088938
[kitasamycin. bacteriological and toxicological study]. 196314100857
antiviral and antibacterial activity of thymus extracts. 196314101224
[on the production of biologically active phage appendages by a defective lysogenous proteus mirabilis strain]. 196314101876
[characteristics of urinary tract infections and clinical bacteriological examinations]. 196314094345
[duration of survival of certain enterobacteriaceae in the dessicated state and at environmental temperature]. 196314094670
[the spontaneous loss of episomal transmissible multiple resistance to antibiotics in populations of gram-negative intestinal microorganisms in cultures with and without antibiotics]. 196314095017
[urea splitting by pathogenic staphylococci. quantitative determination]. 196314095024
[what is the status of treatment of infections caused by colibacilli in gastroenteritis in children?]. 196314095395
[the structure of the ribosome seen with the aid of antibodies]. 196314096501
[antibiotics and the danger of drug resistance]. 196314096701
[thermal denaturation of desoxyribonucleic acid in the presence of ammonium ions]. 196314097388
[study on the antibacterial activity in vitro and on the absorption, diffusion and elimination in man of 6(d(-)-alpha-aminophenylacetamido)penicillanic acid]. 196314097440
[research on the lipids of the l forms of proteus p 18. i. presence and absorption of cholesterol]. 196314104116
[kitasamycin. bacteriological and toxicological study]. 196314104207
[on so-called "ostitis pubis" with reference to clinical and animal experimental observations]. 196314104977
[abscess of the cerebellum of otitis origin caused by proteus]. 196314105332
[bacterial flora in inflammatory conditions of the middle ear in infants up to 2 years of age]. 196314105563
[pyelonephritis and septicemia due to proteus mirabilis. terminal cardiovascular collapse]. 196314105739
experimental bladder neck obstruction. iii. bacteriology and histology. 196314102151
[research on nucleic acids. v. concerning the ph-dependence of the thermal denaturation of desoxyribonucleic acids of different guanine-cytosine content]. 196314102192
[clinical evaluation of a new sulfonamide (gantanol) in the treatment of urinary infections]. 196314102827
[a case of proteus hauseri meningoencephalitis in a premature infant]. 196314111071
[postoperative treatment of acute peritonitis by intraperitoneal instillation of antibiotics]. 196314107730
[attempted treatment of infected wounds with bacteriophage]. 196314108215
differentiation of enteral bacteria by the alkaline reaction. 196314108401
[treatment of trichomonal vaginitis with imidazole derivate]. 196314108627
[studies of non-specific urinary tract infection. i. chronological changes of bacteria isolated in urinary tract infection]. 196314110271
[studies of non-specific urinary tract infection. ii. immunological determination on pathogenicity of bacteria isolated in urinary tract infection]. 196314110272
[effect of rhodanide on some groups of microbes]. 196314112848
[research on the bacteriostatic effect of some nitrofuran derivatives]. 196314112877
[polarization-optical studies on the structure of colonies of different bacterial species]. 196314112880
electron microscopy of induced pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 196314112989
the role of intestinal bacteria in the recovery from whole body radiation.non-absorbable antibiotics, neomycin sulfate or polymyxin b, prevent death from an otherwise lethal dose of whole body radiation by suppressing the activity of the gram-negative bacterial flora of the intestinal tract. the protective effect of such suppression has been evaluated over a range of radiation exposure from 325 to 675 r. coliform-free animals uniformly survive exposure to 550 r, a dose which is regularly lethal for coliform bearing animals. when antibiotic treatment is begun within 1 ...196314112272
[a new selective isolation medium for the vibrio group; on a modified nakanishi's medium (tcbs agar medium)]. 196314115910
[study of the lipids of the l forms of proteus p 18: identification of the fatty acids of the acetone-soluble fraction]. 196314114133
[antibiotic activity of a new quinoline derivative (5-nitro8-hydroxyquinoline)]. 196314116184
[meningeal infection by germs whose localization is usually in the intestinal canal]. 196314114149
dialysis studies. experiments dealing with the dialysability of bacteria (preliminary report). 196314114938
[cystitis and surgical pyelonephritis in childhood]. 196314115036
sodium azide resistance in proteus hauseri. 196314121207
[the change in infection as a disease factor and cause of death after burns]. 196314120183
l phase variants related to antibiotic inhibition of cell wall biosynthesis. 196314120310
[current status of bacteriological inspection of fresh meats]. 196314118420
[chemical demonstration of nitrite-forming bacteria. 4]. 196314119882
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