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[some bacteriological results of the in vitro study of rifamycin sv]. 196314128780
[study of the action of a new antibiotic, rifamycin sv]. 196314128782
[experiments with rifamycin sv]. 196314128783
[acute urinary retention]. 196314125233
[determination of resistance in bacteria from conjunctival smears of healthy and diseased eyes]. 196314129210
[on the antimicrobial properties of phytoncidin, a medicinal garlic preparation]. 196314130407
electron microscopy of centrifuged amoeba proteus. anl-6723. 196314131007
[clinical contribution to the problem of enteral proteus infection in infants]. 196314129793
[some peculiarities of the clinical picture and pathogenesis of pneumonia in thermal burns]. 196314133762
[changes of bacterial l-forms and their resistance during storage at various temperatures]. 196314134913
[experimental data on the effect of combinations of levomycetin and prednisolone on the staphylococcus-proteus wound infection]. 196314136428
[mycerin in conjunctival infection control]. 196314142362
[role of antibiotics in the treatment of acute radiation syndrome]. 196314147194
[the results of bacteriological examination of the bile in dysentery patients]. 196314151746
[bacterial food poisoning]. 196314157122
[bacterial characteristics and therapy of otogenic intracranial suppurations. i]. 196314150142
[intestinal flora in patients with non-specific ulcerative colitis]. 196314150350
[synergistic effect of antimicorbial preparations on proteus]. 196314160057
[5-methyl-3-phenyl-4-isoxazolyl penicillin (oxacillin) and its microbiological investigation]. 196314160064
the effect of methanol on the growth of streptomycin-dependent strains of escherichia coli in streptomycin-free media. 196314160953
[on the fecal and gastrointestinal flora of monkeys before and after experimental shigella infections]. 196314162056
[studies on the etiology of gastroenterocolitis in early infancy and childhood. iv. study on the role of proteus morganii strains]. 196314162285
[research on the mode of distribution of proteus group bacteria in the external environment. ii. hygienic qualities of a water and proteimetric data]. 196314166969
[comparative studies on neomycin, colimycin and mycerin by means of the counter-current distribution method]. 196314174200
[local administration of rifamycin sv in otorhinolaryngology]. 196314184797
in vitro sensitivity of gram-negative bacilli to rifamycin sv. 196314184801
[studies of sensitivity in vitro of 50 pathogenic microbial strains to rifamycin sv]. 196314184802
gentamicin, a new antibiotic complex from micromonospora. 196314184912
imidazolidines. 3. 2-substituted 1,3-bis-(o-hydroxybenzyl)-imidazolidines. 196314184929
bacteriostats. vii. substituted benzylphenols. 196314184962
experimental data for the use of rifamycin sv in biliary tract infections: in vitro activity against various pathogenic bacteria and bile concentrations in man. 196314185759
some preliminary observations on the bactericidal properties of rifamycin sv and of combinations of this drug with other antibiotics. 196314185760
[experiences with rifamycin sv: preliminary report]. 196314185761
catalase activity of proteus l forms and normal proteus bacteria. 196313999515
polynoxylin. 196313952075
comparison of single-disc and tube-dilution techniques in determining antibiotic sensitivities of gram-negative pathogens. 196313994830
temperature-sensitive formic hydrogenlyase in a psychrophilic bacterium.upadhyay, j. (washington state university, pullman) and j. l. stokes. temperature-sensitive formic hydrogenlyase in a psychrophilic bacterium. j. bacteriol. 85:177-185. 1963.-a temperature-sensitive formic hydrogenlyase has been found in a psychrophilic bacterium, strain 82. the enzyme was most active at 30 c, but completely inactive at 45 c. in contrast, formic hydrogenlyase in mesophilic escherichia coli was most active at 45 c, and completely inactivated only at 70 c. the hydrogenlyase-formin ...196313995418
[bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity of erythromycin base and chloramphenicol used separately and in combination]. 196313997032
[distribution of lysogeny among proteus and providencia]. 196313997139
indole-spot test in bacteriology. 196313998010
[nalidixic acid. therapeutic trial and antimicrobial activity in vitro. preliminary study]. 196313993872
repression of staphylococcus aureus by food bacteria. i. effect of environmental factors on inhibition.the effects of environmental factors on the inhibition of an enterotoxin-producing strain of staphylococcus aureus by food bacteria were investigated. type of medium and temperature of incubation were important factors in determining the amount of inhibition. the ph range of maximal inhibition was found to be 7.4 to 6.2. availability of oxygen was not a factor. as the ratios of inhibitor to staphylococcus were increased from 1:1 to 10:1 and 100:1, the amount of inhibition was markedly increased. ...196313994250
repression of staphylococcus aureus by food bacteria. ii. causes of inhibition.two food bacteria, serratia marcescens and pseudomonas sp. cs-1, inhibited an enterotoxigenic strain of staphylococcus aureus, apparently by out-competing it for nutrients. five others, bacillus cereus, proteus vulgaris, escherichia coli h-52, aerobacter aerogenes, and achromobacter sp., inhibited by means of antibiotic substances which were seitz-filterable, dialyzable, and stable at 90 c for 10 min. inhibition was not caused by changes in ph, oxidation-reduction potential, or production of per ...196313994251
generation times of individual bacteria: some corroborative measurements. 196313985823
bacillus proteus: clinical laboratory classification. 196313987953
a clinical trial of nalidixic acid (negram, win. 18,320) in thirty-three patients with urinary infections treated in general practice. 196313989148
inactivation of some semisynthetic penicillins by gram-negative bacilli.sabath, leon (boston city hospital, boston, mass.) and maxwell finland. inactivation of some semisynthetic penicillins by gram-negative bacilli. j. bacteriol. 85:314-321. 1963.-an agar diffusion method was used to test 55 strains of gram-negative bacilli for their ability to inactivate penicillin g, methicillin, biphenylpenicillin, oxacillin, and ampicillin; 26 strains inactivated one or more of them. all strains of klebsiella-aerobacter, nearly all of escherichia coli, and some of pseudomonas a ...196313975857
[variability of proteus during transition from the h-form to the o-form]. 196313976161
a micro method for detection of utilization of phenylalanine by microorganisms. 196313970779
a micro method for detection of utilization of phenylalanine by microorganisms. 196313970780
the relationship between two proteus mirabilis l-forms and bacteriophages. 196313971821
mutagenic activity of thiopyronine and methylene blue in combination with visible light. 196313968471
the reduction of phenazine-n-oxides by microbial cells. 196313969103
[action of optical antipodes of serine on the growth of salmonella enteritidis typhimurium and of proteus vulgaris x19]. 196313938446
[some data on the fine cytology of the proteus vulgaris l-form]. 196313936284
[bacteriostatic and fungistatic action of ephedrine and various ephedrine derivatives. 4. studies on compounds with fungistatic properties]. 196313944227
[study of the growth, in liquid media, of a strain of proteus and its l form]. 196313945452
penicillin n therapy of enteric bacillary infections. 196313941494
distribution and substrate specificity of benzylpenicillin acylase.benzylpenicillin acylase, which hydrolyzes benzylpenicillin to 6-aminopenicillanic acid, was found to be widely distributed among members of the schizomycetes, particularly in gram-negative bacteria, and in the genus nocardia. the hydrolysis of a series of biosynthetic and semisynthetic penicillins by freeze-dried cells of a strain of nocardia and of proteus was studied. benzylpenicillin was the preferred substrate; all departures from the benzylpenicillin side-chain structure led to reduction o ...196313955341
demonstration of interaction between pairs of antibacterial agents. 196313955585
a clinical trial of the treatment of gram-negative urinary infections with nalidixic acid. 196313957284
techniques for the rapid and sensitive detection of penicillinase.practical problems in the detection of penicillinase are discussed. a membrane technique for this purpose is described, with various modifications, suitable for screening large numbers of organisms and yet more sensitive than most methods.a one-stage membrane technique is adequate for detecting hydrolysis of penicillin g but a two-stage technique is required to demonstrate hydrolysis of some other penicillins. a gradient adaptation can be used for quantitative purposes.staphylococci, coliforms, ...196313961457
studies on the metabolism of citrate by proteus vulgaris. 196313962647
hypofibrinogenemia and presumptive shwartzman reaction in septic abortion. 196313964958
[laboratory investigations and clinical observations on the antibacterial action of combined chlormaphenicol and sulfadimethoxine (amplocid)]. 196313965160
ampicillin inactivation and sensitivity of coliform bacilli. 196313965727
[the heterogeneity of anti-ribonucleic acid antibodies]. 196313966571
[on the anti-bacterial activity "in vitro" of a new chemotherapeutic agent: 2-acetamido-4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-thiazole]. 196314056616
[first clinical results of the use in urology of a new nitrofuran derivative]. 196314056617
[a further contribution to the therapy of urinary infections: furium]. 196314056623
myocardial abscesses. 196314056778
ampicillin in treatment of certain gram-negative bacterial infections. 196314056923
[clinical observations on the activity of aerosol colimycin and of endobronchial instillations of colimycin in patients with pulmonary suppurations]. 196314057933
nalidixic acid in infections of urinary tract. laboratory and clinical investigations. 196314058206
nalidixic acid in urinary infections. 196314058207
purulent meningitis in the neonatal period. 196314058814
studies on the resistance of staphylococcus aureus, shigella dysenteriae and proteus vulgaris to the polypeptide antibiotic tetaine. i. the development of bacterial resistance after single exposure to tetaine. 196314059316
the place of antimicrobials in surgery. 196314059740
evaluation of actinospectacin in urinary tract infections. 196314060204
[diagnosis of strains of enteropathogenic colibacilli by fluorescent antibodies]. 196314060612
bacteriuria in children with acute febrile illnesses. 196314061028
[relation between chemical structure and antimicrobial action. 1. studies on the bacteriostatic properties of some 2-thiotetrahydro-1,3,5thiadiazines]. 196314061160
a report on the use of colistimethate sodium in a general hospital. 196314061832
symptomless bacteriuria among african hospital in-patients in uganda. 196314061844
inhibitory effects of hyperbaric oxygen on bacteria and fungi. 196314062728
[bacteriological examination of sputum with special reference to the pathogenic role of the most-frequently isolated microorganisms]. 196314062743
the human skin as a source of mima-herellea infections. 196314064241
observed effects of urea on pyelonephritis. 196314064578
observations on rettgerella and providencia isolated from cases of acute gastroenteritis in uttar pradesh. 196314065204
effect of sodium chloride on growth, glucose utilization, and acid production in proteus vulgaris. 196314065258
influences of carcinogenic substances on microorganisms. iv. mutagenic action of 4-nitroquinoline-n-oxide on t2 phage. 196314065282
studies on the resistance of staphylococcus aureus, shigella dysenteriae and proteus vulgaris to the polypeptide antibiotic tetaine. i. the development of bacterial resistance after single exposure to tetaine. 196314066018
stendomycin: a new antifungal antibiotic. 196314066393
amino sugars in l forms of bacteria and pleuropneumonia-like, john t. (harvard medical school, boston, mass.). amino sugars in l forms of bacteria and pleuropneumonia-like organisms. j. bacteriol. 86:692-701. 1963.-studies of several bacterial l forms and their parent bacteria have revealed similar amino sugars in the two forms of microorganisms, with the exception that muramic acid was absent from the streptococcal and staphylococcal l forms. in contrast, muramic acid was found in a proteus l form. some of the properties of the muramic acid compone ...196314066463
survey of the bacteriocines of enterococci.brock, thomas d. (indiana university, bloomington), barbara peacher, and deborah pierson. a survey of the bacteriocines of enterococci. j. bacteriol. 86:702-707. 1963.-a survey has been made of bacteriocine production by a wide variety of well-characterized strains of group d streptococci. on the basis of spectrums and sensitivity to chloroform, heat, and proteolytic enzymes, five distinct bacteriocines can be defined. type 1 is produced by all streptococcus zymogenes (s. faecalis var. zymogenes ...196314066464
bacterial nucleotidases.kohn, j. (queen mary's hospital, london, england) and j. l. reis. bacterial nucleotidases. j. bacteriol. 86:713-716. 1963.-the 3- and 5- nucleotidase activity in various bacterial species was investigated. both enzymes were found in bacterial extracts in varying proportions. the nucleotidases were found to be very active in proteus vulgaris, in which organism they were studied in detail. the relative activities, the ph optima, and the effect of metal ions were investigated. it was concluded that ...196314066466
a clinicobacteriological study of cases of bilharzial ulcer and cancer of the bladder in egypt. 196314066552
[variability of morgan's bacteria during culture on bile meat-peptone broth]. 196314066926
hearing rehabilitation with modified radical mastoidectomy. 196314067244
the bacteriology of 574 cases of urinary tract infection. 196314067825
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