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distribution of membrane-bound monoamine oxidase in bacteria.the distribution of membrane-bound monoamine oxidase in 30 strains of various bacteria was studied. monoamine oxidase was determined by using an ammonia-selective electrode; analyses were sensitive and easy to perform. the enzyme was found in some strains of the family enterobacteriaceae, such as klebsiella, enterobacter, escherichia, salmonella, serratia, and proteus. among strains of other families of bacteria tested, only pseudomonas aeruginosa ifo 3901, micrococcus luteus ifo 12708, and brev ...1979120132
[differentiation of nonspecific serological reactions in brucellosis].differentiation of non-specific agglutination was performed by the complement binding reaction, coombs' reaction, hajdu reaction, the surface fixation and agglutination reaction and the reaction of complement binding with heterologic antigens. for that purpose the following were used: 1) serums--antiglobulin against cattle globulin, 5720 serum of various animals which had manifested non-specific agglutination with brucella antigen and brucella serums of experimentally infected sheep, of naturall ...1979120633
[antibacterial activity of mezlocillin and azlocillin/a survey (author's transl)].a review of the antibacterial activity of 6-[(r)-2-[3-methylsulfonyl-2-oxo-imidazolidine-carboxamido]-2-phenyl-acetamido]-penicillanic acid sodium salt (mezlocillin, baypen) and 6-[(r)-2-(2-oxo-imidazolidine-1-carboxamido)-2-phenyl-acetamido]-penicillanic acid sodium salt (azlocillin, securopen) is given on the basis of extensive in vitro studies. the action of each of the preparations is compared with that of important antibiotics of other substance classes from the group of penicillins and cep ...1979120745
effect of varying concentrations of edta on the antimicrobial properties of cutting fluid preservatives.the potentiating effects of edta and its disodium, trisodium and tetrasodium salts were studied in combination with several cutting fluid preservatives. it was found that a ratio of 1 part preservative to 2 to 4 parts chelating agent produced marked increases in antimicrobial action.1979120928
[bacteriological examination of amniotic fluid after intra-amnial tocometry sub partu (author's transl)].two sets of group of 50 women were examined and compared to find out if the introduction of continuous intra-uterine catheter during labour increased infection. amniotic fluid was withdrawn from both groups and examined. also a catheter was introduced into the amniotic sac of one group and after 2 and 5 hours amniotic fluid was also withdrawn from both groups and examined. inhaled amniotic fluid from the infant was also withdrawn and bacteriologically examined both quantitatively and qualitative ...1979121183
the effect of prophylactic tinidazole on the anaerobic vaginal flora in patients undergoing gynaecological surgery.the effects of prophylactic tinidazole on the vaginal carrier state of anaerobic bacteria and the development of postoperative infections were studied in 50 patients undergoing gynaecological surgery. the results are based on a double-blind trial, using tinidazole (fasigyn; pfizer) and placebo. although no postoperative infections other than urinary tract infections were observed in our series, this study shows conclusively that the isolation of anerobic bacteria from the vagina decreased marked ...1979121639
[the antibacterial efficacy of cefaclor in routine testing of clinical material from two berlin hospitals (author's transl)].the agar diffusion method was used to test the antibacterial efficacy of cefaclor against bacterial strains isolated routinely from patients in two hospitals in berlin. a comparison was made with the efficacy of oxacillin, azlocillin, amikacin, gentamicin, ampicillin, co-trimoxazole, tetracycline, penicillin, cefazolin, nalidixic acid and nitrofurantoin. a total of 1235 strains of staphylococcus aureus, enterococci, escherichia coli, klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus species, citrobacter and pse ...1979121730
[antibacterial activity of amikacin towards gentamicin-resistant, gram-negative bacilli].antibacterial activity of amikacin with regards to gentamicin resistant, gram-negative bacteria was evaluated. probable systems of enzymatic inactivation of antibiotic were postulated for amikacin and other aminoglycosides.1979121911
[frequency and antibiotic resistance of bacteria isolated from urine cultures].the aa report the data pertinent to the urine culture performed during a year in the sanitary and prophylactic laboratory of the district of l'aquila. in urine samples with number of bacteria > 10(5)/ml have been found e. coli (49%), proteus mirabilis (32%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (12%), staphylococcus aureus (5%), proteus rettgeri (1%), enterococco (1%). the data are also reported concerning germ resistance to several antibiotics.1979121968
in vitro activity of piperacillin, a new semisynthetic penicillin with an unusually broad spectrum of activity.the in vitro activity of piperacillin (t-1220), a new semisynthetic derivative of aminobenzylpenicillin, was investigated. the majority of streptococci and pneumococci were inhibited by 0.12 micrograms/ml; the staphylococci and enterococci were inhibited by 2 micrograms/ml. piperacillin was slightly more active against neisseria and haemophilus influenzae than was ampicillin. piperacillin was active against all members of the enterobacteriaceae including the klebsiella, 58% of which were inhibit ...1978122518
piperacillin, a new penicillin active against many bacteria resistant to other penicillins.the in vitro activity of piperacillin, a new semisynthetic piperazine penicillin derivative, was evaluated against 626 clinical isolates and compared with the activity of other beta-lactam antibiotics. at a concentration of 0.1 microgram/ml, piperacillin inhibited all streptococci except enterococci. non-beta-lactamase-producing staphylococci were inhibited by 1.6 microgram or less per ml. both beta-lactamase- and non-beta-lactamase-producing haemophilus were inhibited by 0.1 microgram/ml. piper ...1978122519
in vitro study of clavulanic acid in combination with penicillin, amoxycillin, and carbenicillin.the activity of clavulanic acid alone and in combination with penicillin, amoxycillin, and carbenicillin was studied. marked reductions in the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) for a wide spectrum of beta-lactamase-producing clinical isolates were found. of particular interest were the decreased mics of penicillin for bacteroides fragilis and beta-lactamase-producing strains of neisseria gonorrhoea in the presence of the clavulanic acid. beta-lactamase-producing strains of escherichia col ...1978122520
totally synthetic medium for susceptibility testing.the results of disk diffusion and plate dilution susceptibility testing of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and proteus mirabilis on media gelled with agar-agar or with a synthetic hydrogel were compared. synthetic hydrogel can be combined with a totally defined synthetic amino acid medium to yield a reproducible, totally defined, synthetic solid medium without the antagonistic or booster effects of some components of agar. such a medium could be used as a referen ...1978122521
susceptibility of cephalothin-resistant gram-negative bacilli to piperacillin, cefuroxime, and other selected antibiotics.the in vitro antibacterial activity of piperacillin and cefuroxime against 180 isolates of cephalothin-resistant enterobacteriaceae and of piperacillin against 46 isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa was determined. amikacin, gentamicin, carbenicillin, cefoxitin, and cefamandole were included for comparison. the activities of piperacillin and carbenicillin against enterobacteriaceae were comparable. piperacillin was appreciably more active against pseudomonas than carbenicillin and was equivalent ...1978122524
[gram-negative infection of the foot]. 1979122538
[the inhibition of various bacterial proteinases with natural proteinase inhibitiors(author's transl)].proteus mirabilis, citrobacter intermedius, staphylococcus aureus haemolyticus and staphylococcus albus produce extracellualr proteinases with maximum activity at ph 7.8. these proteinases are inhibited practically completely by human and animal blood serum. this inhibitory activity of human serum is caused by alpha2-macroglobulin. ovomucoid showed nearly the same inhibitory activity as alpha2-macroglobulin.1975123295
[the bacterial degradation of steroids in urine]. 1975123677
[study of the antibiotic sensitivity of the shigellae, pathogenic escherichia, proteus and staphylococcus isolated from young children in tbilisi with acute intestinal diseases].sensitivity of shigella, pathogenic escherichia, proteus and staphylococcus isolated from children with acute intestinal diseases was studied with respect to antibiotics widely used in medical practice: streptomycin, levomycetin, tetracycline, chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline and neomycin. the antibiotic sensitivity was determined with the method of indicator discs. it was found that sensitivity of shigella was: 44 percent to streptomycin, 69.5 per cent to levomycetin, 18.5 per cent to tetracy ...1975123726
immunogenic properties of membrane-bound atpase from stable proteus p 18 l-forms : a kinetic study of inhibition by specific antibodies. 1975123742
membrane atpase of proteus l-forms. solubilization and molecular properties.the mg2+ -dependent atpase (ec 3.6.i.3) of proteus l-form membrane has been solubilized according to various procedures (tris - hcl shock-wash with or without mg2+, edta, triton x-100). the best results were obtained by the same 33mm tris-hcl (ph 7.5) shock-wash without mg2+ used for atpase of protoplasts from streptococcus faecalis. the solubilized enzyme after 105 000 times g centrifugation was purified on acrylamide/agarose. the molecular weight was established to be 360 000 by gel filtration ...1975123772
bacterial flora of the ear, nose and throat in aboriginal infants from brisbane and cherbourg.a total of 1,044 nose and throat swabs and 54 ear swabs were collected from 219 aboriginal babies in brisbane and at cherbourg over a two-and-a-half year period. the incidence of staphylococcus aureus was found to be similar for both localities (approximately 20% in nasal swabs and 12% in throat swabs). enterobacteria were found much more commonly at cherbourg (43% in nasal swabs, 60% in throat swabs). fifty-four ear swabs produced a wide variety of organisms with proteus species most common. ...1975125376
tobramycin, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic: experience in urinary tract infections. 1975125452
adjuvant activity of bacterial peptidoglycans.purified peptidoglycans isolated from various gram negative and gram positive bacteria can substitute for mycobacteria in freund's adjuvant. monomeric subunits possess the same adjuvant activity. this activity seems to be related to the peptidic fraction.1975126567
neuraminidase treatment enhances the lysolecithin induced intercellular adhesion of amoeba proteus.egg lysolecithin induces intercellular adhesion of amoeba proteus. pre-treatment of cells with vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (vcn) increases the adhesive property of cells as was evidenced in their formation of larger cell aggregates than controls. a possible role of vcn exposed receptor sites in cellular adhesion is suggested.1975126599
[induction of odontogenic maxillary sinusitis by an experimental method in animals]. 1975128044
[detection of split products of the immunoglobulins igg, iga and igm during chronic otitis media (author's transl)].proteolytic enzymes such as pepsine or papaine are able to split igg antibodies into large fragments in vitro. these immunoglobulin fragments (igg, iga, igm) were now detected in vivo from the purulent secretions of cholesteatoma, chronic otitis media and radical mastoid cavities. during chronic otitis media the intact immunoglobulins are split due to the proteolytic activity of neutral proteinases. these fragments were qualitatively and quantitatively investigated by means of various immunologi ...1975129630
[comparative study of the antibiotic sensitivity of proteus hauseri bacteria belonging to different serological groups].sensitivity to 9 antibiotics of 1040 strains of proteus belonging to the serological groups 03, 05, 06, 07, 010, 011, 013, 023, 024, 026, 027, 028 and 030 was studied. it was found that the above strains were sensitive and highly sensitive to the aminoglycosides and streptomycin, slightly sensitive to levomycetin and resistant to tetracyclines, erythromycin and penicillin. all the strains were polyresistant and 99.6 per cent of them were resistant to 4--9 antibiotics. ten types of resistance wer ...1976132135
[spontaneous peripheral proteolysis/1st communication: method and results of clinical examinations (author's transl)].with a modificated astrup-fibrin plate-method also an inhibition of proteolysis can be registrated. in various medical areas a spontaneous peripheral proteolysis had been found, especially so in chronical bacterial infections.1976132940
[development of resistance in bacteria to chemotherapeutic agents in the hospital--epidemiologic electronic data-processing analysis (author's transl)]. 1976136614
[use of e. coli-proteus bacteriophage, mexaform and nitrofurans in proteus dysbacteriosis in children]. 1976136635
[use of bacteriophages in complex treatment of proctological patients]. 1976138022
[proteus rettgeri strains, resistant to gentamicin with transmissible resistance to kanamycin and carbenicillin (author's transl)]. 1977144028
[biological characteristics of proteus strains isolated from water sources in the azerbajiani ssr].biological characteristics of 102 proteus strains isolated from the water bodies is given. the strains studied were referred to pr. mirabilis, more rarely to pr. vulgaris; about half of the cultures deviated from these biological types by the signs of indol formation and maltose fermentation. proteus of groups o3, o5, o13, o23, and o30 were revealed in studying the serological characteristics. all the cultures were polyresistant, nonbacteriocinogenic; most of them were sensitive to the wide coli ...1977144392
[simplified diagnostic scheme for enterobacteriaceae].after testing 18 experimental variants against 40 reference strains belonging to different enterovacteriaceae groups, the authors chose a multitest medium that permits concomitant testing of mobility, indol, lysinedecarboxylase and phenylalanine deaminase (milp). in this medium, the reactions of 3734 strains belonging to the genera escherichia, shigella. salmonella, citrobacter, klebsiella, enterobacter, serratia. proteus and providencia were concordant with the reactions in individual test medi ...1977144994
[concentration of antibiotics in long term embolized kidneys (author's transl)].in 7 dogs renal arterial embolization was performed using seldinger technique and inflatable swan ganz balloon catheter by injection of methyl methacrylate/butyl 2 cyano acrylat. six months later tissue concentration of cefazolin was measured in the embolized and kontralateral kidneys and in serum two hours after a short infusion of 1 g of cefazolin. the concentrations in serum and homogenized kidney tissue were determined by means of the agar well diffusion method. angiography studies showed no ...1978147821
[transmissible resistance to gentamicin and other aminoglycosidic antibiotics of proteus morganii (author's transl)]. 1978149603
[action of phosphomycin in vitro (author's transl)]. 1978152162
[enterotoxins of gramnegative intestinal bacteria (author's transl)]. 1978152163
bacteriological examination of a modern animal house containing small laboratory animals.floors and other areas totalling 1800 m2, comprising conventional and specified-pathogen-free (spf) units, were screened bacteriologically 6 times in a year. the contamination indices observed were lower within than outside the units, and lower in the spf than in the conventional unit. bacterial counts in rooms containing animals in the conventional and spf units were very similar. in all of the areas investigated within the units, most of the samples revealed less than 2 colony forming units pe ...1979155756
pseudomonas aeruginosa gram-negative folliculitis.three patients with sudden, unmanageable exacerbation of acne vulgaris were shown to have gram-negative folliculitis due to pseudomonas aeruginosa. in each patient, the source of the pseudomonas proved to be an otitis externa infection. in contrast to previous cases of gram-negative folliculitis due to proteus, escherichia coli, or klebsiella, the anterior nares were not colonized. treatment of the otitis externa and the gram-negative folliculitis with acetic acid compresses and topical antibiot ...1979159666
[a study in combined effect of amnioglycosides and clindamycin in vitro (author's transl)]. 1979161518
antagonism of the antibacterial action of some penicillins by other penicillins and cephalosporins.there are many examples of two penicillins acting synergistically, usually by one competitively inhibiting beta-lactamase, thus protecting the other from inactivation. there are few reports on penicillins antagonizing each other. eight strains of three genera (proteus, escherichia, pseudomonas) isolated at boston city hospital or institut pasteur, paris, showed antagonism of carbenicillin or ampicillin by cephaloridine, cloxacillin, or 6-aminopenicillanic acid. broth dilution tests showed that w ...1975163847
differentiation of entamoeba: a new medium and optimal conditions for axenic encystation of e. invadens.nutritional and culturing requirements for efficient axenic encystation of entamoeba invadens have been studied. a simple and reliable axenic encystation medium has been developed. it contains 0.5% tryptic digest of casein, 0.5% yeast extract, and 5% dialyzed serum in 5 mm potassium phosphate, ph 7.0. mass encystation (avg 70%) occurred within 30 hr when axenically growing trophozoites of e. invadens ip-l were transferred to this medium before they entered stationary growth phase. mass encystati ...1975163898
the outer membrane of proteus mirabilis. ii. the extractable lipid fraction and electron-paramagnetic resonance analysis of the outer and cytoplasmic membranes.1. the lipid fraction extracted from the outer and cytoplasmic membranes of proteus mirabilis with chloroform/methanol consisted almost entirely of phosphatidylethanolamine, diphosphatidylglycerol and phosphatidylglycerol. 2. the phospholipid content of the cytoplasmic membrane was more than twice that of the outer membrane (38% as against 18% of the total dry weight) and the proportions of the three phospholipids differed somewhat in the two membranes. yet, the fatty acid composition of the ext ...1975164215
[comparison of in vitro activity of ciclacillin and other penicilline(author's transl)]. 1975164612
prophylactic antibiotics in cesarean section.using a random selection procedure, 100 patients were evaluated in order to determine the value of prophylactic antibiotics in cesarean section. all patients were evaluated for febrile morbidity, and specific infection sites were recorded. significant differences were found between the treated and control groups and between cesarean sections performed prior to the onset of labor and after the onset of labor.1975164642
chemotherapeutic nitroheterocycles. 18. 2-(5-nitro-2-imidazolylmethylene)-1-indanones, -1-tetralones, and -acetophenones substituted by aminoalkoxy groups.2-(5-nitro-2-imidazolylmethylene)-1-indanones, -1-tetralones, and -acetophenones substituted by aminoalkoxy groups and related compounds (41-69, table ii) were synthesized and their antimicrobial activities were evaluated (table iii). some of these compounds (e.g. 47, 52, and 59) suprisingly exhibited a broad antibacterial spectrum including proteus species and pseudomonas aeruginosa. extraordinary antitrichomonal activities could also be observed in vitro (mic of compound 59, 0.0004 pg/ml) and ...1975166185
[studies to the in-vitro-effectiveness of spectacillin (author's transl)].in this study the sensibility of important disease germs of a clinical and an ambulatory test material has been investigated to the substances "epicillin" and "ampicillin". thereby could be found that 67% (43%) of the e. coli and 55% (36%) of the proteus type, as well as 96% (96%) of the enterococcus type of the ambulatory (clinical) test material were sensitive to epicillin and ampicillin. staphylococcus not producing penicillinase, were well-sensitive, while staphylococcus producing penicillin ...1975166291
[experimental investigations concerning spectrum, serum concentration, and excretion of spectacillin (author's transl)].by means of the diffusion test, the range of action of the ampicillin successive preparation spectacillin was determined using 12 000 pathological germs freshly isolated from in-patients. the result was a range of action similar to that of ampicillin. a comparison, however, is only possible in case the test platelets (without over-dosage) are each charged with exactly, e.g., 25 gamma. the analyses of serum concentrations have shown that spectacillin is satisfactorily absorbed after oral as well ...1975166292
the use of nuclear medicine in evaluating liver disease. 1975167451
interactions of heteroaromatic compounds with nucleic acids. 2. influence of substituents on the base and sequence specificity of intercalating ligands.this paper presents the results of a systematic study on the effects of substituents on the base and sequence specificity of tricyclic heteroaromatic compounds interacting with dna by intercalation. all the compounds tested are derived from proflavine and acridine orange analogs with different heteroatoms in the middle ring. their base and sequence specificities were determined by differential dialysis of the ligand against dna samples of differing g-c content. the main results indicate that (a) ...1975168079
evaluation of different antibiotic actions combined with rifampicin. in vitro synergism against pseudomonas and proteus.associations of penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline and polymyxin b with rifampicin were tested for synergism against pseudomonas and proteus pathological strains. the combination of rifampicin and polymyxin b was clearly synergistic for all strains as it was evaluated by isobolograms and killing curvesmthe bactericidal action of this association, without any cross-resistance between its components, may eradicate gram-negative bacteria infections with marked polyvalent drug resistances.1975169107
antimicrobial susceptibility of clinical isolates of gram-negative one can doubt the increased incidence of gram-negative bacillary infections and the importance of an awareness of this increase. today's hospital, where one finds aggressive surgery, patients with multiple indwelling polyethylene lines and foley catheters, and widespread use of prophylactic antibiotics, serves as a haven for resistant gram-negative bacilli. twenty-five strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella sp, enterobacter sp, pseudomonas sp, indole-negative proteus sp, indole-positive prot ...1975169593
detection of agents that alter the bacterial cell surface.proteus mirabilis is not killed by polymyxin b, normal serum, or sodium deoxycholate. exposure to polymyxin b renders the cells susceptible to killing by the latter two agents. the data suggest that this synergism is due to polymyxin b-induced surface changes. the results point out an inadequacy of existing methods of screening for antibiotics; they fail to detect agents which, while showing no in vitro effect on growth, may alter a resistant organism so that it becomes more susceptible to other ...1975169728
opportunistic infection in children. iii. in the normal host. 1975171360
in vitro bacteriological evaluation of the effectiveness of antimicrobial irrigating solutions.nineteen strains of pathogenic aerobic bacteria were exposed for fifteen seconds in vitro to varying concentrations of five antibiotics and of polyvinyl povidone iodine in saline solution. the presence of human plasma in the solution (30 per cent by volume) did not affect bacterial sensitivity to the antibiotics. most of the bacteria were sensitive to the solutions during that brief exposure. bacteria which were more sensitive by disc sensitivity tests were more sensitive to the solutions. polyv ...1976175069
[antibacterial properties of the new unwoven band material biocell-nfa]. 1975175250
[polyneuritis due to nitrofuran derivatives]. 1975175449
antibacterial activity of oxidized regenerated has been demonstrated that oxidized regenerated cellulose promptly and markedly reduces the bacterial census of ten different strains of common pathogens when exposed to them in vitro. this was not true of two other hemostatic agents tested, namely, absorbable gelatin sponge and topical thrombin. wounds in guinea pigs in which oxidized regenerated cellulose was placed and infected with one of three pathogens had healing per primum in 39 of 40 instances. in similar control wounds and incisions ...1976176740
[the effect of standardised sodium hypochlorite solution on bacteria pathogenic for the urinary tract (author's transl)].stable sodium hypochlorite solution shows excellent disinfectant properties, even in higher dilution. parallel to clinical tests in vitro experiments were made to show the changes of morphology of bacteria pathogenic for the urinary tract by scanning microscope. two hours after incubation of the bacteria with sodium hypochlorite solution containing 40 mg available chlorine/1 severe damages of the bacterial morphology up to complete destruction were evident in all cases. gram-negative rod-shaped ...1976176759
[clinical use of sodium hypochlorite for local treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections and therapy of contracted bladders (author's transl)].a stable commercial electrolytic sodium hypochlorite solution was tested in 63 urologic patients. the complete germicidal action against all sorts of bacteria was shown in suspension-tests. irrigation studies of the infected bladder were performed. it was found that continued bladder irrigations were necessary to stop bacterial ascension from the infected urethra. bladder capacity was increased in 6 of 8 patients with nonmalignant contracted bladder or interstitial cystitis. desinfection with so ...1976176760
clinical evaluation of a novel beta-lactam antibiotic: pivmecillinam (fl 1039).pivmecillinam, a new penicillin-like antibiotic, is a member of the amidinopenicillanic acid group. its mode of action differs from that of the classical penicillins and it exhibits no cross-resistance with them. fifty-two gerontopsychiatric patients, median age 81 years, with e. coli, klebsiella, and proteus bacteriurias were divided into three comparable groups. in a ten week open clinical trial the patients were treated with pivmecillinam, pivampicillin or the two drugs given alternately in d ...1975177372
aerobic and anaerobic flora in bladder urine of patients with indwelling urethral catheters.twenty-five bladder urine specimens from 13 patients with long-standing indwelling catheters were obtained by percutaneous suprapubic needle aspiration to avoid contamination by extraneous flora and cultured aerobically and anaerobically. twenty different species of organism were isolated from twenty-four positive specimens. the isolates were predominantly gram-negative aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacilli, with occasional gram-positive aerobic cocci and yeasts. one patient had clostridium ...1976178084
in vivo synergy between 6 beta-amidinopenicillanic acid derivatives and other antibiotics.both an oral and a parenteral form of a 6beta-amidinopenicillanic acid derivative were found to have appreciable activity against gram-negative bacteria and poor activity against gram-positive bacteria in vivo. when administered orally or parenterally, definite synergy was demonstrated between the amidinopenicillins and ampicillin, amoxicillin, benzylpenicillin, cefazolin, or carbenicillin in infections with a number of gram-negative bacteria, including klebsiella, enterobacter, escherichia, pro ...1976178275
combinations of antimicrobial agents: ii. the in vitro sensitivity of 52 strains of proteus species to sulphafurazole, polymyxins and combinations of sulphafurazole and polymyxins.the sensitivity of 52 strains of proteus species to sulphafurazole, polymyxins and the combinations of sulphafurazole and polymyxins was determined by means of discs and trays. it was found that 2 and 6 strains, respectively, were sensitive to discs containing 100 mug sulphafurazole and 300 mug polymyxin b, respectively, 41 strains were sensitive to the combination of discs containing 100 mug sulphafurazole and 50 mug colistin, respectively, and 38 strains were sensitive to the combination of di ...1976180905
[the inhibitory effect of alkyl-aryl-sulfonate on the swarming of proteus bacteria].tests were carried out on 16 strains of proteus to determine the smallest amount of alkylarylsulfone that prevents complete swarming of the bacteria, restricting it to band only 1-2 mm wide. this was achieved by adding 0.0075% of detergent to gassner's medium. the result was easily visible on the surface of inoculated plates. it was also shown that this inhibitory effect on the flagellar apparatus of proteus and also salmonella was purely temporary being due to a reversible reduction of this app ...1975180922
[clinical and bacteriological experiences with a tetracycline-powder-spray]. 1976181921
studies on the mechanism of induction of pinocytosis in amoeba proteus. 1975181949
growth inhibition of proteus mirabilis by cyclic adenosine 3'-5'-monophosphate.growth of proteus mirabilis on a synthetic agar medium containing either glycerol, galactose, or trehalose as the sole source is inhibited by 5 mm cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (camp). inhibition on an agar medium is evident as loss of viability, but in broth camp only slightly inhibits growth rate. inhibition is associated with the accumulation of methylglyoxal in the medium. a nonswarming mutant of p. mirabilis is not inhibited by camp on either of the three carbon sources, but it is se ...1976182676
susceptibility of "enterobacteria" to aminoglycoside antibiotics: comparisons with tetracyclines, polymyxins, chloramphenicol, and spectinomycin.strains of enterobacteria, including common, aerobic, pathogenic gram-negative bacilli, and enterococci were tested for susceptibility to 11 aminoglycoside antibiotics by a twofold agar-dilution method with an inocula replicator. for comparison, similar tests were done with seven tetracycline analogues, two polymyxins, chloramphenicol, and spectinomycin. tobramycin compared favorably with the more active aminoglycosides, with some exceptions related to individual strains of species. the tetracyc ...1976184213
characterization of a stable spheroplast type l-form of proteus mirabilis d 52 as cell envelope mutant. ii. electronmicroscopic investigations.the ultrastructural analysis of a stable spheroplast type l-form of proteus mirabilis d 52 revealed characteristic alterations in the organization of the cell envelope including defective changes in the cell envelope structure as for instance the loss of a coherent murein layer, the loss of some components in the outer cell wall layer, the formation of small membraneous vesicles at the tips of loose extensions of the cell wall, a decrease in associations and bindings between wall and membrane, a ...1976184605
the role of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the swarming phenomenon of proteus mirabilis.the levels of cylic amp and adenyl cyclase in swarming and non-swarming cells of proteus mirabilis and the effect of glucose on swarming have been investigated. the results indicate the camp is required for swarming, but that the flagellar derepression characteristic of swarming does not result from increased camp levels.1976185081
inter- and intralaboratory variability in antibiotic susceptibility tests with pseudomonas aeruginosa and enterobacteriaceae.a two-phase collaboratice study was designed for definition of the extent to which results of disk diffusion tests can be reproduced. two currently recommended techniques, the kirby-bauer method and the agar overlay method, were used. of special concern were tests of pseudomonas aeruginosa with moderate susceptibility to carbenicillin; gentamicin, tobramycin, polymyxin b, and colistin were also tested with p. aeruginosa as well as with klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, and proteus species ...1976185302
biological values of the infant, juvenile, and adult agouti (dasyprocta sp) with emphasis on microbial flora.normal values for intestinal flora were determined on four adult, two juvenile, and four infant agoutis (dasyprocta sp) maintained at our institution. serologic, hematologic, biochemical, and histologic observations were also made on these same agoutis, and serologic, microbiologic, and endoparasitic tests were made on serum and fecal samples from agoutis maintained at other institutions. streptococci, lactobacilli and nonenteropathogenic escherichia coli were isolated from cecal contents of all ...1976185456
fumarate reduction in proteus mirabilis.1. proteus mirabilis formed fumarate reductase under anaerobic growth conditions. the formation of this reductase was repressed under conditions of growth during which electron transport to oxygen or to nitrate is possible. in two of three tested chlorate-resistant mutant strains of the wild type, fumarate reductase appeared to be affected. 2. cytoplasmic membrane suspensions isolated from anaerobically grown p. mirabilis oxidized formate and nadh with oxygen and with fumarate, too. 3. spectral ...1976189721
synthesis and some biological properties of 6-aminopenicillanic derivatives.the properties of 33 6-aminopenicillanic derivates were described, the majority of which and particularly all 3,4-disubstituted phenyl derivatives, are new compounds. these derivatives were synthesized by three different methods consisting in treating of 6-aminopenicillanic acid (6-apa) with appropriate phenylthio -- and phenoxyalkanecarboxylic acids. the method consisting in use of aryloxyketenes is new and claimed by the patent applications. all synthesized compounds were screened for their bi ...1977193092
comparison of the effects of mecillinam and 6-aminopenicillanic acid on proteus mirabilis, escherichia coli, and staphylococcus aureus.single strains of proteus mirabilis, escherichia coli, and staphylococcus aureus were grown on filter membranes placed on agar containing concentration series of mecillinam (fl 1060), 6-aminopenicillanic acid (6-apa), or ampicillin. p. mirabilis and e. coli were also exposed to combinations of mecillinam or 6-apa with ampicillin. colony-forming units were counted, and cells were examined by interference phase-contrast and transmission electron microscopy. mecillinam and 6-apa were very effective ...1977193439
pivmecillinam in urinary tract infections: a correlation of urinary bactericidal activity with clinical efficacy. 1977193813
relationships between membranous organelles in amoebae studied by electron microscopic cytochemical staining.the intracellular location of a variety of enzymes was studied in amoeba proteus with the use of electron microscopic cytochemical methods, in an attempt to assess the relationships between different membranous organelles. one group of enzymes, including nucleoside diphosphatases (idpase, udpase, gdpase, adpase), carbamoyl phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, and baxd oxidase was localized mainly in the rough endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear envelope, and convex side of the golgi apparatus. esterase ...1977194699
elimination of proteus mirabilis 51cr endotoxin from the liver in rats.using isotope methods, elimination of the endotoxin of proteus mirabilis labeled with chromium (crepm) from the liver of rats was studied. the following studies were carried out: intravital exploration of the liver with a scintillation probe, measurements of radioactivity of organs and excreted urine and stools, scrintigraphy of the liver, binding of crepm by subcellular fractions of hepatocytes, and the influence of selected drugs (polymyxin and hydrocortisone) on elimination of crepm from the ...1977195551
bacteriology of the human biliary tract and the duodenum.using the modern anaerobic transport media and meticulous culture techniques, 74 patients undergoing biliary tract surgery were studied. the biliary system was found to be sterile in 58 patients (78%). fifteen patients had 35 isolates of aerobic and facultative bacteria. the most common ones were klebsiella, enterococcus, and escherichia coli. the only anaerobe isolated was clostridium perfringens. eight of 17 patients (47%) with acute cholecystitis and five of 49 patients (10%) with chronic cho ...1977195558
cutaneous abscesses. anaerobic and aerobic bacteriology and outpatient management.specimens from 135 cutaneous abscesses in outpatients were cultured anaerobically and aerobically. of these, 4% were sterile and 29% yielded pure cultures, predominantly of staphylococcus aureus. aerobic species were isolated from all anatomic areas. anaerobes were found with a frequency comparable to aerobes in all nonperineal areas except the hand. in contrast, abscesses in the perineal region contained a greater variety and frequency of anaerobes. only two patients were febrile. all abscesses ...1977196534
polymorphonuclear leukocyte bactericidal activity and oxidative metabolism during glutathione peroxidase deficiency.glutathione peroxidase (gpx) deficiency has been proposed as a cause of some instances of chronic granulomatous disease (cgd). gpx activity varies greatly among species, and specific deficiency of this selenium-dependent enzyme can be produced by dietary selenium deficiency in rats. bactericidal activity of polymorphonuclear (pmn) leukocytes from normal rats, humans, and guinea pigs (gpx high, intermediate, and nearly absent, respectively), selenium-deficient rats (gpx absent), and a patient wit ...1977198376
[adjuvant activity of gram-negative bacteria and their structural components (author's transl)].regarding the adjuvant activity of gram-negative bacteria we have to distinguish at least 4 different potencies, i.e., 1) increase in the production of circulating antibodies during the primary and secondary immune responses; 2) induction of susceptibility to systemic anaphylaxis; 3) prompt production of experimental "allergic" diseases, and 4) increase in resistance to infections. although all gram-negative bacteria contain several structural components with adjuvant potencies, the immunopotent ...1977199540
[fluorescent fab-fragments of antibodies. comparative assessment and utilization in immunofluorescent analysis].the authors present the results of a comparative study of the immunofluorescent activity and the specificity of fluorescent fab-fragments of antibodies to r. prowazeki, d. sibericus, and b. pertussis obtained by the enzymatic hydrolysis of specific immunoglobulins with papain. fluorescent fab-fragments of antibodies possessed the same sensitivity and specificity as the homologous fluorescent antibodies, but had an advantage of a much weaker capacity to nonspecific fluorescence and a relatively h ...1977203147
thermal regulation of the fatty acid composition of lipopolysaccharides and phospholipids of proteus mirabilis.the fatty acid composition of the lipid a moiety of the lipopolysaccharide and phospholipid fractions of proteus mirabilis changed significantly on varying the growth temperature. a decrease in the growth temperature from 43 degrees c to 15 degrees c resulted in a decrease in the palmitic acid content of the lipopolysaccharide from 19.4% of total fatty acids at 43 degrees c to 1.4% at 15 degrees c, and by the appearance of an unsaturated fatty acid residue, hexadecenoic acid. changes in the 3-hy ...1978206438
paradoxical effect of mecillinam on providencia stuartii. 1976206531
prospective study of enteropathogens in children with diarrhea in houston and mexico.during a 22-month period, 595 children with diarrhea and 210 age-matched controls attending clinics in houston (367 children) and mexico (438) were prospectively evaluated for enteric pathogens. enteropathogens associated with disease were shigella (18%), rotavirus (14%), salmonella (9%), toxigenic escherichia coli (6%), and others (12%), including 14 proteus isolates that caused rounding of adrenal cells. enteropathogens were isolated from a greater (p less than 0.001) number of children with d ...1978211215
epr studies on model membranes of phospholipid and outer membrane proteins of proteus mirabilis. 1978212318
[action of a combination of norsulfazole and polymyxin m on the fatty acid makeup of pr. mirabilis]. 1978213013
a paradigm that explains gram-negative 1950 the 1st case of gram-negative shock to be recognized as such occurred in a 93-year-old man who suffered shock due to a proteus bacteremia following a transurethral resection. this 1st case of gram-negative shock illustrated facts concerning the syndrome that have been repeatedly observed in the ensuring 26 years. all organ systems in the body were involved other than the mere invasion of the blood stream by gram-negative bacilli. a paradigm of gram-negative shock that appears to adequ ...1978213969
[microbiological and immunological indices in patients with peritonitis]. 1979216845
polymyxin b-penicillin antagonism in proteus mirabilis.polymyxin b protects proteus mirabilis from usually lethal penicillin concentrations.1978217303
an enzyme degrading reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide in proteus vulgaris.cell-free extracts of a strain of proteus vulgaris degrade nadh to reduced nicotinamide riboside, adenosine and two molecules of phosphate. the system is weakly active in fresh cell extracts, but activity is increased about 10-fold on rapid heating to 70-100 degrees c. on returning to room temperature, the activity returns rapidly to its initial low value but can be re-activated by again heating to 70-100 degrees c. reversible activation can also be effected by extremes of ph or by teatment with ...1978217347
ultrastructural changes in rat liver cells induced by proteus mirabilis endotoxin.changes in individual organella of rat hepatocytes developing under the effect of proteus mirabilis endotoxin (pme) were observed under electron microscope. the effect of drugs which diminish liver cell injury by pme (polymyxin, cholestyramine and hydrocortisone) on the changes was studied.1979220929
purification and properties of the membrane-bound hydrogenase from proteus mirabilis.the cytoplasmic membrane-bound hydrogenase of the facultative anaerobe, proteus mirabilis, has been solubilized and purified to homogeneity. the purified enzyme exhibited a maximal specific activity of about 780 mumol h2 oxidized/min per mg protein (benzyl viologen reduction). the hydrogenase has a molecular weight of 205 000 and is composed of two subunits with a molecular weight of 63 000 and two of 33 000. the absorption spectrum of the enzyme was characteristic of non-heme iron proteins. the ...1979221026
modification of peptidoglycan structure by penicillin action in cell walls of proteus mirabilis. 1979221218
amplification of growth inhibition by glucocorticoid on l5178y and l1210 lymphoblasts in component of a factor in proteus mirabilis (factor 1) which specifically amplifies the induction of several liver enzymes by glucocorticoid in target cells also increases the growth inhibition of glucocorticoid on the ascitic form of l1210 cells and solid tumors of l5178y lymphoblasts in vivo. the growth of l5u78y and l1210 lymphoblasts was inhibited by a triamcinolone acetonide dose of over 0.5 to 1.0 mg/kg body weight. factor 1 increased the inhibitory effect of a triamcinolone acetonide d ...1979222447
ca2+-binding modulator protein in protozoa and myxomycete.ca2+-binding protein with the properties of brain modulator protein of 3,5-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase was identified in physarum polycephalum plasmodia and in euglena gracilis and amoeba proteus cells by urea polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and activation of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase and of myosin light chain kinase.1979222487
investigation of the immune response to aerobic and anaerobic intestinal bacteria in a patient with crohn's disease.the immune response to aerobic and anaerobic intestinal bacteria in a patient with crohn's disease with an intestinal fistula was investigated with various serological techniques. two aerobic bacterial species, e. dispar and p. mirabilis, and four strict anaerobic bacterial species, b. fragilis ss. fragilis, f. varium and two different strains of c. perfringens, were isolated from fistula secretion of the patient. these strains were used as antigens for tube agglutination, passive hemagglutinati ...1979223235
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