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[occurrence of p.fimbrii in strains from selected genera of enterobacteriaceae].this study was aimed at recognition of frequency of occurrence of p fimbriae in strains of escherichia coli isolated from samples of feces of children with symptoms of diarrhoea and at search of these adhesions in strains representing other than escherichia genera of enterobacteriaceae strains. one hundred forty laboratory strains were investigated. they belonged to genus citrobacter, enterobacter, hafnia, klebsiella, morganella, proteus, providencia, salmonella, shigella, and yersinia. also wer ...19921363960
[panophthalmitis as a nosocomial infection].the submitted paper deals with an epidemic of severe postoperative panophthalmitis, its development, course, causes and sequelae incl. epidemiological characteristics. the disease developed in four patients 40 hours after operation of cataract. despite treatment all four patients developed septicaemia and therefore the affected eyeballs were eviscerated. from smears of the conjunctival sac of the affected patients and from the contents of the eviscerated eyeball proteus mirabilis and enterobacte ...19911364655
coenzymatic properties of low molecular-weight and macromolecular n6-derivatives of nad+ and nadp+ with dehydrogenases of interest for organic synthesis.the catalytic activity, expressed as km and vmax values, of 16 enzymes of practical interest with the macromolecular coenzymes poly(ethylene glycol)-n6-(2-aminoethyl)-nad+ and poly(ethylene glycol)-n6-(2-aminoethyl)-nadp+ and their low molecular weight precursors n6-(2-aminoethyl)-nad+ and n6-(2-aminoethyl)-nadp+, was investigated. the enzymes examined are of direct interest for organic synthesis (i.e. alcohol dehydrogenase from yeast, horse liver, or thermoanaerobium brockii, lactic dehydrogena ...19901366782
production and purification of l-phenylalanine oxidase from morganella enzyme fraction, acting predominantly on l-phenylalanine has been purified and characterized from morganella morganii. the total envelope was prepared by disrupting the cells with a french press followed by high speed centrifugation. after solubilization of the particulate fraction with 0.1% triton x-100 and then centrifugation, the resulting supernatant was layered onto a deae-cellulose column. active fractions eluted were applied to a phenyl-sepharose cl-4b column as the final purification ...19911368081
a case of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis successfully treated operatively. 19921369515
synthesis of lysine-containing fragments of the proteus mirabilis o27 o-specific polysaccharide and neoglycoconjugates therefrom.amide-linked lysine mono- and di-uronic acid fragments of the o-specific polysaccharide from p. mirabilis o27 have been synthesised. n epsilon-boc-l-lysine tert-butyl ester was condensed with 2-azidoethyl glycosides of glucuronic acid and beta-d-glcpnac-(1----3)-beta-d-glcpa. transformation of the products into 2-acrylamidoethyl glycosides, followed by deprotection using trifluoroacetic acid, gave the target monomers that were converted into high-molecular-weight copolymer-type neoglycoconjugate ...19921379517
reactivity of monoclonal antibody e5 with endotoxin. ii. binding to short- and long-chain smooth lipopolysaccharides.the murine monoclonal igm antibody e5 has been shown to significantly reduce the mortality and morbidity of patients with gram-negative sepsis in a multicenter randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. the in vitro binding characteristics of monoclonal antibody (mab) e5 were studied using highly purified smooth lipopolysaccharide (lps) isolated from a variety of clinically relevant, wild-type gram-negative bacteria. using a sensitive antibody-capture assay which involves immobilized mab e5 a ...19921382882
serological studies of antigenic similarity between japanese spotted fever rickettsiae and weil-felix test antigens.acute and convalescent-phase sera obtained from 10 patients infected with a japanese strain of spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsia were tested by the indirect immunoperoxidase test, the weil-felix test, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), and immunoblotting. by the weil-felix test, the reactivity of these sera to the ox2 antigen was higher than those to the ox19 antigen, as is the case with sera from persons infected with other sfg rickettsiae. by elisa, the titers of immunoglobulin m ...19921383270
recognition of morganella subspecies, with proposal of morganella morganii subsp. morganii subsp. nov. and morganella morganii subsp. sibonii subsp. nov.the genus name morganella was established within the family enterobacteriaceae in 1978. morganella morganii is the only species described thus far within this genus, and the name m. morganii has been accepted by usage in the scientific community for strains previously known as proteus morganii. m. morganii isolates differ in their abilities to ferment trehalose and exhibit variable lysine and ornithine decarboxylase patterns, emphasizing the phenotypic heterogeneity within this species. previous ...19921390112
brain abscess in infants.brain abscesses are rare in infants and their clinical presentation is specific for this age group. seven cases of brain abscess in infants aged 2-11 months are reported. the underlying cause was meningitis in four, sepsis in two, and unknown in one. gram-negative organisms were cultured in 6 patients. the abscess size was 5 cm or more in five cases; in four there were multiple lesions. two abscesses were aspirated and irrigated; four particularly large lesions were drained and repeatedly aspira ...19921394267
sickle cell leg ulcers in ghana.twenty five (17 male, 8 female) sickle cell disease patients with 30 leg ulcers were studied over a 3 year period (january 1985 to december 1987) to provide information on the pathogenesis, course and management. there were 23 patients with homozygous sickle cell and 2 patients with sickle cell haemoglobin c disease. the mean age was 28 years (range 15-44 years). an antecedent history of trauma was obtained in 40% of the patients and 96% had a previous history of leg ulcer. the major site affect ...19921396190
antibacterial activity of the investigational oral and parenteral cephalosporin bk-218.bk-218 is a novel cephalosporin with a dual route of administration and spectrum of activity most similar to that of second-generation cephalosporins. bk-218 was active against streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis but strains resistant to penicillins had higher mics. bk-218 had greater activity (8-fold) than cefuroxime or cefaclor against oxacillin-susceptible staphylococcus spp. moderate bk-218 activity was observed against neisseria gonorrhoeae and commonl ...19921396735
comparative in vitro activity and beta-lactamase stability of ru29246, the active metabolite of 916b is a new orally absorbed cephalosporin. in tests its active metabolite, ru29246, inhibited streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus agalactiae and streptococcus pneumoniae at less than or equal to 0.12 micrograms/ml, which is similar to the antibacterial activity of cefuroxime, and was more active than cefaclor. it was also more active (mic 2 micrograms/ml) than cefixime, cefuroxime, cefaclor and cefotaxime against staphylococci. ru29246 inhibited escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, ci ...19921396779
ability of proteus mirabilis to invade human urothelial cells is coupled to motility and swarming differentiation.proteus mirabilis causes serious kidney infections which can involve invasion of host urothelial cells. we present data showing that the ability to invade host urothelial cells is closely coupled to swarming, a form of cyclical multicellular behavior in which vegetative bacteria differentiate into hyperflagellated, filamentous swarm cells capable of coordinated and rapid population migration. entry into the human urothelial cell line ej/28 by p. mirabilis u6450 isolated at different stages throu ...19921398984
characterization of the tryptophanase operon of proteus vulgaris. cloning, nucleotide sequence, amino acid homology, and in vitro synthesis of the leader peptide and regulatory analysis.the tryptophanase (tna) operon of proteus vulgaris was cloned and characterized and found to be organized similarly to the tna operon of escherichia coli. both operons contain two major structural genes, tnaa and tnab, that encode tryptophanase and a tryptophan permease, respectively. tnaa of p. vulgaris is preceded by a transcribed leader region, encoding a 34-residue leader peptide, tnac, that contains a single tryptophan residue. the tnac coding region also has a boxa-like sequence. regulator ...19921400314
outer membrane protein profiles and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis analysis for differentiation of clinical isolates of proteus mirabilis and proteus vulgaris.outer membrane protein (mp) profiles and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (mee) analysis were used as tools for differentiating clinical isolates of proteus spp. fourteen distinct mp profiles were established by sodium dodecyl sulfate-urea polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in 54 clinical isolates of proteus spp. (44 strains identified as p. mirabilis and 10 strains identified as p. vulgaris). forty-one isolates of p. mirabilis and eight isolates of p. vulgaris were grouped within six and three ...19921400963
polymerase chain reaction for detection of leptospira spp. in clinical samples.a sensitive assay for leptospira spp., the causative agent of leptospirosis, was developed on the basis of the polymerase chain reaction (pcr). a 331-bp sequence from the leptospira interrogans serovar canicola rrs (16s) gene was amplified, and the pcr products were analyzed by dna-dna hybridization by using a 289-bp fragment internal to the amplified dna. specific pcr products also were obtained with dna from the closely related nonpathogenic leptospira biflexa but not with dna from other spiro ...19921400983
proteus penneri isolated from the pus of a patient with epidural abscess.p. mirabilis and p. vulgaris are the two wellknown species in the genus proteus. p. myxofaciens and p. penneri are recent additions to the genus. we isolated p. penneri from the pus of a patient with suppurative otitis media and an epidural abscess. the characteristics of the organism, including morphology, staining, physiology and biochemistry, were studied. clinical microbiological laboratories should suspect p. penneri in the case of as proteus strain that is negative for indole, salicin and ...19921402074
synthesis, characterization, and antibacterial activity of transition metal complexes with 5-hydroxy-7,4'-dimethoxyflavone.complexes of cuii, niii, coii, znii, feiii, criii, cdii, and mnii with the natural product 5-hydroxy-7,4'-dimethoxyflavone have been synthesized and the probable structures of these complexes have been proposed on the basis of elemental analyses, molecular weight determination, magnetic moments, and electronic and ir spectral data. the presence of coordinated and crystal water molecules was demonstrated by thermal studies. the antibacterial activity of the ligand and all the complexes has been d ...19921402876
the laboratory diagnosis of rickettsial diseases in hong kong.indirect immunoperoxidase (ip) tests against antigens of rickettsia typhi, r. sibirica and r. tsutsugamushi were carried out on serum samples from 10 patients known to have high titres against one or more proteus ox antigens in the weil-felix (wf) test. the ip test confirmed rickettsial infection in nine of the 10 patients, giving unequivocal indications of the grouping of the infecting rickettsia species and, in one instance, showing a diagnostic igm titre in a specimen taken on day 3 of the pa ...19921404554
[bacteriology and mycology of otitis externa in dogs].the bacterial and fungal flora of 1118 ears of dogs with otitis externa and 100 ears of healthy control dogs were studied in order to isolate the causative agents. the yeast malassezia pachydermatis (56%) was by far the most common organism in otitic dogs followed by the bacteria staphylococcus intermedius (23%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (12%), proteus spp. (6%) and streptococcus canis (5%). a statistical analysis of observed results showed that the incidence of these organisms is significant in o ...19921411421
urinary tract infection in acute spinal cord injury.preservation of renal function and prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections is the ultimate goal of any method of neurogenic bladder management in spinal cord injury patients. method--the hospital courses of fifty such patients admitted to our rehabilitation department from august 1989 to august 1990 were studied according to age, gender, spinal cord injury level, method of bladder drainage on admission and upon discharge, type of urinary tract infections and results of bladder managemen ...19921411664
[telelithotripsy in the treatment of staghorn nephrolithiasis in children using the urat-p lithotriptor].the paper presents the results of telelithotripsy monotherapy for 34 staghorn stones in 32 nephrolithiasis children carried out at the rsfsr research institute of urology, moscow. commonest manifestations of the disease were leukocyturia (87.5% of cases) and proteus bacteriuria (31.8% of cases). basing on roentgenological findings, the stones were classified into 3 groups: initial (k1), incomplete (k2) and complete (k3). all the children underwent treatment on soviet lithotriptor "urat-p" under ...19921413336
[the antibacterial immunity of people under dynamic observation in an altered radiation situation].the comparative study of the isolation rate, level, antigenic and class specificity of serum antibodies to the causative agents of purulent septic infections (staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis) and acute enteric infections in healthy adults with different abo blood groups before (836 persons) and after (1,429 persons) the catastrophe at the chernobyl nuclear power station was made. the study revealed the fact that the genesis of antibodies directed against differen ...19921414104
bacterial protein-lps complexes and immunomodulation. 19921414605
clinical comments on management of urosepsis in a general urological department.over a period of 6 years 192 cases of urosepsis have been recorded and managed in our urological department. in almost all cases (97%) the primary focus of infection was the urinary tract and the responsible microorganisms were gram-negative rods, in order enterobacter, b. proteus, e. coli, klebsiella and others. clinical features were dominated by symptoms related to failure or insufficiency of end organs (fever, hypotension, oliguria, mental disorders, respiratory distress etc.). bacteremia wa ...19921414720
community acquired urinary tract infections in singapore: a microbiological study.we studied 214 patients with culture proven community acquired infections. a total of 219 organisms were isolated, of which 68.2% were escherichia coli, 10.1% klebsiella sp and 5.5% proteus mirabilis. gram positive cocci accounted for 10.5% of organisms isolated. the majority of organisms isolated were sensitive to nalidixic acid (81.1%), nitrofurantoin (80.7%), cephalexin (74.7%) and trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole (65.0%). resistance to ampicillin was common (49.8%), as such the use of ampicill ...19921416785
in vitro activity and susceptibility to hydrolysis of s-1006.the in vitro activity of s-1006, the active component of a new orally absorbed cephalosporin, s-1108, inhibited 90% of staphylococcus aureus isolates at less than or equal to 2 micrograms/ml, 90% of group a, b, c, f, and g streptococci and streptococcus pneumoniae isolates at less than or equal to 0.12 microgram/ml, and all haemophilus influenzae isolates at less than or equal to 0.06 microgram/ml. although 50% of the members of the family enterobacteriaceae were inhibited by less than or equal ...19921416835
in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of e1077, a novel parenteral cephalosporin with a broad antibacterial spectrum.e1077 is a new injectable cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including staphylococci and pseudomonas aeruginosa. the in vitro activities of e1077 against clinical isolates of methicillin-susceptible staphylococcus aureus (mic of e1077 for 90% of the strains tested [mic90], 0.78 microgram/ml) and methicillin-resistant s. aureus (mic90, 50 micrograms/ml) were similar to those of cefpirome and flomoxef. against enterococcu ...19921416879
polyphenols from bulgarian medicinal plants with anti-infectious activity.three bulgarian medicinal plants--geranium macrorrhizum l. and g. sanguineum l. (geraniaceae), and epilobium hirsutum l. (onagraceae) were analyzed phytochemically. different polyphenols like flavonoids and tannis have been found to be principal constituents of the plants. a series of water or alcohol extracts was obtained, and their anti-infectious activity was tested. a significant inhibitory effect of water-alcohol extract and of four fractions from the polyphenolic mixture of e. hirsutum on ...19921417697
a curious case of pelvic calcification. 19921422673
cefdinir (fk482), an orally administered cephalosporin in vitro activity comparison against recent clinical isolates from five medical centers and determination of mic quality control guidelines.cefdinir, a new oral cephalosporin, was compared to cefaclor, cefadroxil, cefixime, and cefuroxime against greater than 5000 recent aerobic clinical isolates. this multicenter study revealed broad-spectrum cefdinir activity against all enterobacteriaceae (mic50s, 0.06-2 micrograms/ml) except enterobacter cloacae, morganella morganii, proteus vulgaris, and serratia marcescens (mic50s, greater than or equal to 4 micrograms/ml). oxacillin-susceptible staphylococci (mic90s, 0.5-2 micrograms/ml), bet ...19921424507
nosocomial infection and antibiotic utilization in geriatric patients: a pilot prospective surveillance program in skilled nursing facilities.prospective surveillance of nosocomial infection was conducted at seven skilled proprietary nursing facilities in orange county, calif., usa. the average incidence of facility-acquired infection was 5.2 infections/1,000 patient days. the most common source of infection was urinary tract (47%), followed by respiratory tract (26%) and skin (14%). the four most common pathogens isolated were proteus spp. (20%), escherichia coli (17%), staphylococcus aureus (13%) and pseudomonas spp. (11%). trimetho ...19921427120
effects of cefaclor, cefetamet and ro 40-6890 on inflammatory responses of human granulocytes.the effect of three cephalosporins (cefetamet, cefaclor and ro 40-6890) upon human granulocytes and their ability to modulate the chemiluminescence response, phagocytose, kill bacteria and generate leukotrienes was studied. in the presence of the cephalosporins there was a significant increase in phagocytosis of escherichia coli. the bactericidal activity of human granulocytes for several other bacteria was also enhanced. cefetamet and cefaclor increased the chemiluminescence response of human n ...19921429337
in vivo testing confirms a blunting of the human cell-mediated immune mechanism during space flight.the cell-mediated immune (cmi) mechanism was evaluated in 10 space shuttle astronauts by measuring their delayed-type hypersensitivity response to seven common recall antigens. the multitest cmi test system was used to administer antigens of tetanus, diphtheria, streptococcus, proteus, old tuberculin, candida, and trichophyton to the forearm 46 h before nominal mission termination; readings were conducted 2 h after landing. the mean number of reactions was reduced from 4.5 preflight to 3.0 infli ...19921431548
onychia of a macronychia in congenital aphalangia. 19921432656
microbial adhesion and biofilm formation on ureteral stents in vitro and in vivo.thirty ureteral stents, inserted for 5 to 128 days following extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, were examined for the presence of bacterial biofilms. of these, 90% had adherent pathogens (44% mixed organisms) on the stents, 45% of which were present in low numbers (10(1)-10(2) per 1 cm3 section) and 55% were in small and large microcolony biofilms (> 2 x 10(2)-10(7)). the organisms were recovered from the stents even though urine culture was only positive in 27% of patients. of the organisms ...19921433574
[antimicrobial activities of major oral antibacterial agents against clinically isolated microbial strains from inpatients].antimicrobial activities were examined for major antibacterial agents against clinically isolated microbial strains which were isolated and identified from materials collected from inpatients with various infections in 1988, 1989 and 1990, and the following conclusions were obtained. 1. among strains isolated each year, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) were found frequently. 2. ceps-resistant escherichia coli strains were observed among strains isolated each year. 3. increasing ...19921433903
[antibacterial activities of sisomicin against fresh clinical isolates].to investigate antibacterial activities of sisomicin (siso), mics of siso as well as other aminoglycosides (ags) were determined against many clinical isolates which were obtained in 1991. results are summarized below: 1. no siso-resistant strains were observed among isolates of escherichia coli, citrobacter diversus, klebsiella pneumoniae, klebsiella oxytoca, enterobacter aerogenes, proteus mirabilis and morganella morganii. 2. in comparison with the results of our previous study against isolat ...19921433905
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from urinary tract infections (1988). i. susceptibility distribution].isolation frequencies and sensitivities to antibacterial and antibiotic agents were investigated on 801 bacterial strains isolated from patients with urinary tract infections in 9 hospitals during the period of june to november 1988. of the above total bacterial population, gram-positive bacteria accounted for 29.3% and a majority of them were enterococcus spp. gram-negative bacteria accounted for 70.7% and most of them were escherichia coli. 1. enterococcus faecalis: vancomycin was most active ...19921433906
[comparative studies on activities of antimicrobial agents against causative organisms isolated from urinary tract infections (1988). iii. secular changes in susceptibility].sensitivities to various antibacterial and antibiotic agents of strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., proteus spp., citrobacter spp., enterobacter spp., serratia marcescens and pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from patients with urinary tract infections (utis) in 9 hospitals during june to november 1988 were compared with those in the same period of previous year according to a classification, uncomplicated utis, complicated utis without indwelling catheter, and complicated utis with indw ...19921433908
[effect of ph on preferential antibacterial-activity of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta)].ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta), a chelating agent, was examined for the antibacterial activity against 15 species of bacteria by treating with a 10mm solution at ph adjusted to 5.0, 7.0 or 9.0. all bacterial species tested were classified into three groups; tentatively named the ph5 edta-sensitive group comprising vibrio cholerae and staphylococcus aureus, the ph9 edta-sensitive group comprising escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa and the edta-nonsensitive group comprising proteu ...19921433911
the effect of dexamethasone and endotoxin administration on biliary iga and bacterial adherence.adherence of bacteria to the intestinal epithelial cell may be the crucial initiating event for invasion and translocation and is normally prevented by both immune (iga) and nonimmune (mucus, peristalsis, desquamation) mucosal defense mechanisms. the purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of endotoxin administration on mucosal immunity and to define the role of glucocorticoids, commonly released during endotoxicosis, in this process. thirty female fisher rats were randomly assign ...19921434594
[bacteriological examination of paper money].bacteriological survey of one hundred twenty currency notes was done. aerobic spore-forming bacilli (91%), staphylococcus epidermidis (63.3%), staphylococcus aureus (4.2%), enterococcus (24.1%), alpha-hem. streptococcus (4.1%), streptococcus pneumoniae (1.7%), corynebacterium (7.5%), lactobacilli (10.8%), klebsiella pneumoniae (31.7%), enterobacter (19.2%), e. coli (17.5%), proteus (1.7%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (0.8%), shigella flexneri (0.8%) were isolated from paper money samples. currency no ...19921435365
microorganisms associated with natural fermentation of prosopis africana seeds for the production of okpiye.okpiye is a food condiment prepared by the fermentation of prosopis africana seeds. the traditional process for the production and microbiological characteristics of the condiment were investigated. during laboratory fermentation that lasted 96 h, the mesquite seeds underwent a natural fermentation that was characterised by the growth of microorganisms to 10(6)-10(8) cfu/g. several species of bacteria especially b. subtilis, b. licheniformis, b. megaterium, staphylococcus epidermidis and microco ...19921438073
microbial flora in gut of culex quinquefasciatus breeding in cess pits.the number and types of microorganisms in the gut of culex quinquefasciatus larvae varied considerably from one site of collection to another. larval gut, in general, contained enormous number of bacteria, a few fungi and negligible number of actinomycetes which belonged to 15 bacterial, 6 fungal and 4 actinomycete genera, respectively. bacillus sp., staphylococcus sp. and pseudomonas sp. among bacteria, aspergillus among fungi and streptomyces sp. among actinomycetes were frequently encountered ...19921439987
[the use of applied sorbents in the surgical management of wounds of the extremities].970 laboratory experiments, 202 chronic experiments on animals and 102 clinic observations were performed to study the possibilities of sorbents to enhance the efficiency of surgical treatment in gunshot wounds of the extremities. gravimetric, climatic, morphometrical, microbiological, spectrofluorometric, clinical and roentgenological methods of studies were used for this matter. it was ascertained that the sorbent application contributed to the optimization of the wound process. the studies ha ...19921441263
[the diagnosis of acute pneumonia in respiratory viral infections].data are reported of 582 case records of patients with acute pneumonia of different influenza epidemic periods, results of a study of 175 lethal cases due to acute pneumonia, that complicated influenza in adults as well as experimental studies on reproduction of para-influenzal-staphylococcal, influenzal-klebsiella and proteus-influenzal infections. the study allowed to find out the causes of diagnostic difficulties, to establish the features of the course of acute pneumonia in patients with res ...19921441412
[the antigenic activity of vaccines made from opportunistic microorganisms in an experiment to immunize animals by oral and combined methods].the results of the study of the antigenic activity of multicomponent vaccine consisting of staphylococcal, klebsiella, proteus, escherichia coli antigens and staphylococcal monovaccine, introduced into rabbits and guinea pigs by different routes, are presented. as shown in this study, the multicomponent vaccine introduced orally in 5 administrations stimulated the production of antibodies to all components, but the intensity of antibody formation to each of them was different. antibodies to e. c ...19921441812
cloning of a creatinase gene from pseudomonas putida in escherichia coli by using an indicator plate.a genomic library of pseudomonas putida dna was constructed by using plasmid pbr322. transformants of escherichia coli in combination with proteus mirabilis cells grown on creatinase test plates were screened for creatinase activity; transformants were considered positive for creatinase activity if a red-pink zone appeared around the colonies. one creatinase-positive clone was further analyzed, and the gene was reduced to a 2.7-kb dna fragment. a unique protein band (with a molecular weight of a ...19921444379
analysis of polar lipids from some representative enterobacteria, plesiomonas and acinetobacter by fast atom bombardment-mass atom bombardment-mass spectrometry (fab-ms) was used to analyse lipid extracts of bacteria to assess its usefulness for analysing anionic phospholipids of potential chemotaxonomic value. the following micro-organisms were tested: acinetobacter calcoaceticus, acinetobacter sp., citrobacter freundii, enterobacter cloacae (2 strains), escherichia coli (3 strains), hafnia alvei, klebsiella oxytoca, klebsiella pneumoniae, morganella morganii, plesiomonas shigelloides, proteus mirabilis (3 strain ...19921447059
postoperative wound infections following myocutaneous flap surgery in spinal injury patients.severe pressure ulcers in patients with spinal cord injury are frequently treated by using musculocutaneous (m-c) flap surgery. there have been few studies of the use of perioperative antibiotics to prevent postoperative infection in this setting. we reviewed 74 m-c flap surgeries in 53 patients (41 male and 12 female) from october 1989 for one year. the sites involved were ischial (31), sacral (24), trochanteric (18), deltoid (2), olecranon (1) and posterior thigh (1). an antibiotic was usually ...19921448302
in vitro inhibition of struvite crystal growth by acetohydroxamic acid.struvite (mgnh4po46h2o) crystals were produced by proteus mirabilis growth in artificial urine, in the presence and absence of the urease inhibitor, acetohydroxamic acid (aha). in the absence of aha, struvite crystals assumed an "x-shaped" or dendritic crystal habit due to rapid growth along their 100 axis. when aha was present, crystal growth, as monitored by phase contrast light microscopy, was greatly slowed, and the crystals assumed an octahedral crystal habit. scanning electron microscopy r ...19921450840
in vitro investigations into the formation and dissolution of infection-induced catheter encrustations.encrustations are the most frequent complications occurring with indwelling catheters and urine drainage systems. the conditions for bacterial infections, using synthetic urine and controlled contamination by proteus vulgaris, were standardised by using an in vitro model. crystal deposits on catheters were analysed by infra-red spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. the main components of deposits in all investigations were struvite (mgnh4po4.6h2o) 60-70% and carbonate apatite (ca10(po4, ...19921450854
lysosomal membrane proteins of amoeba proteus, as studied with monoclonal antibodies.monoclonal antibodies were prepared against lysosomal membrane proteins of amoebae and used to follow lysosome-phagosome fusion after induced phagocytosis. the specificity of antibodies was checked by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy, immunoelectron microscopy, and localization of the antigen in subcellular fractions. the antibody-recognized proteins started to appear on the membranes of phagolysosomes about 5 min after phagocytosis as detected by indirect immunofluorescence, and the inten ...19921453355
a descriptive analysis of urine cultures: pure versus mixed isolates.out of 5,670 urine cultures performed in 1989, 1,448 positive cultures with unique results were analyzed. of these 1,448, 67% were pure cultures, and 50% had at least one isolate with a colony count greater than 100,000 colony forming units/ml. pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterococcus faecalis, proteus mirabilis, klebsiella pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, and diphtheroids were more likely (p < 0.01) to occur in mixed than pure culture, while escherichia coli was more likely to occur in pure than ...19921454171
cloning and characterization of genes for the pvui restriction and modification system.the genes encoding the endonuclease and the methylase of the pvui restriction and modification system were cloned in e.coli and characterized. the genes were adjacent in tandem orientation spanning a distance of 2200 bases. the pvui endonuclease was a single polypeptide with a calculated molecular weight of 27,950 daltons. the endonuclease was easily detectable when the gene was expressed from its endogenous promotor and present on a low copy plasmid, but expression was considerably enhanced whe ...19921454536
[the antioxidant treatment of patients with acute intestinal infections due to gram-negative microorganisms].it was established that administration of s. typhimurium lysate causes activation of the processes of free-radical oxidation. introduction of unithiol in combination with magnesium sulfate returns the intensity of these processes to the initial level. unithiol and alpha-tocopherol acetate protect the animals form lethal effects of s. sonnei lysate. use of a combination of pharmacological agents consisting of unithiol, magnesium sulfate and alpha-tocopherol acetate in the treatment of patients wi ...19921455820
immunomodulatory action of propolis: iv. prophylactic activity against gram-negative infections and adjuvant effect of the water-soluble derivative.the efficacy of the water-soluble derivative (wsd) of natural propolis (bee glue) was examined for augmentation of host resistance against experimental infections caused by gram-negative pathogens (klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa). the substance was found to induce significant non-specific protection, but did not inhibit the in vitro growth of the same strains. pretreatment with wsd prior to the standard scheme for tumour necrosis factor (tnf) in ...19921455907
[the phenomenon of tachyphylaxis in the pathogenesis of an experimental infectious process].experiments on mice have revealed that the development of experimental purulent infection is accompanied by a considerable increase in the nonspecific resistance of the animals to additional infection with unrelated bacteria (the effect of tachyphylaxis). morphologically, this is manifested by the rapid limitation of the focus of inflammation at the site of inoculation of the superinfecting agent. the state of the phagocytic apparatus is of great importance for this phenomenon as disturbances in ...19921455961
management of brain abscess in children: review of 130 cases over a period of 21 years.the data on 130 children with brain abscesses treated over 21 years (1970-1990) were analyzed retrospectively. the whole group included four infants. chronic ear infection and cyanotic congenital heart disease were the most common predisposing factors. in infants, meningitis and/or ventriculitis were dominant in the etiopathogenesis. cases were evaluated according to the treatment received and also according to time periods. more than half of the patients (n = 74) in this series were treated by ...19921458499
alterations in oropharyngeal flora in patients with a nasogastric tube: a cohort determine whether or not the presence of a nasogastric tube causes a change in the bacterial flora in the oropharynx.19921458945
lytic effect of bacillus subtilis elastase on gram-positive and negative bacteria.elastase of b. subtilis 6a caused lysis of freshly grown cells of gram-negative (proteus vulgaris, klebsiella pneumoniae, salmonella typhi and pseudomonas aeruginosa and gram-positive (b. subtilis) bacteria. heat killed and lyophilised gram-positive and negative bacteria showed higher sensitivity to elastase. both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria were lysed maximally by elastase at ph 8.0. at this ph, activity of elastase was maximum in tris-hcl and glycine-naoh buffers followed by tris- ...19921459614
effects of bacteria involved with the pathogenesis of infection-induced urolithiasis on the urokinase and sialidase (neuraminidase) has been hypothesized that urinary urokinase and sialidase may play a role in urolithiasis. if these theories have substance it is to be expected that microorganisms may also affect these enzymes, since the association between urinary tract infection and renal stone formation is well known. it is generally assumed that proteus mirabilis and staphylococcus albus, which produce the urea-splitting enzyme urease, are responsible for stone formation. however, the importance of non-urease-producing ...19921462476
the effect of repeated instillations of antiseptics on catheter-associated urinary tract infections: a study in a physical model of the catheterized bladder.the activity of three antiseptic bladder washout solutions was examined in a physical model of the catheterized bladder. tests were performed against cultures of four common urinary tract pathogens that had established themselves in the model and colonized the surfaces with biofilm. double instillations of chlorhexidine (0.02% w/v) at 6-h intervals failed to eliminate pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis, and providencia stuartii from the bladder model. escherichia coli, however, was suscep ...19921462478
inhibition of urease activity by dipeptidyl hydroxamic acids.a series of dipeptidyl hydroxamic acids (h-x-gly-nhoh: x = amino acid residues) was synthesized, and the inhibitory activity against jack bean and proteus mirabilis ureases [ec] was examined. a number of h-x-gly-nhoh inhibited jack bean urease with an i50 of the order of 10(-6) m and inhibited proteus mirabilis urease with an i50 of the order of 10(-5) m. the inhibition against jack bean urease was more potent than that with the corresponding aminoacyl hydroxamic acids (h-x-nhoh).19921464106
specificity of the proteus antibody response in rheumatoid arthritis.antibodies to proteus were determined by indirect immunofluorescence in 146 serum samples from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra). an autoantibody screen was performed in the same samples and in 52 of these antibody titres to the viruses influenza a, adenovirus, rubella, and parvovirus were determined. there was no significant correlation between proteus antibodies and any of the other antibodies tested. dividing the samples into those from patients with active (c reactive protein > 10 mg/l ...19921466597
p blood group phenotype, proteus antibody titres, and rheumatoid arthritis.the interrelationships between p blood group phenotype, proteus antibodies and rheumatoid arthritis (ra) were investigated in 140 patients with ra and 114 of their siblings who did not have ra. in the group with ra p2 subjects had significantly higher titres of proteus antibodies than p1 patients. this was not observed in the group without ra, or for antibodies to escherichia coli. although c reactive protein was the best predictor of proteus antibodies in the group with ra, the p blood group ha ...19921466601
sequence similarity between hla-dr1 and dr4 subtypes associated with rheumatoid arthritis and proteus/serratia membrane haemolysins.rheumatoid arthritis (ra) is found more often in subjects carrying the hla-dr1 antigen and some subtypes of the hla-dr4 antigen than in those without these antigens. analysis of probes specific for hla-dr4 has shown that amino acids encoding positions 69-74 (eqrraa) of the beta chain indicates susceptibility to ra. a hexamer sequence of proteus haemolysin spanning residues 32-37 (esrral) has been identified which resembles biochemically, and discriminates by charge, between hla types associated ...19921466602
studies on the biosynthesis of fosfomycin. 4. the biosynthetic origin of the methyl group of fosfomycin. 19921468993
structure of the o-specific polysaccharide of proteus penneri 62 containing 2-acetamido-3-o-[(s)-1-carboxyethyl]-2-deoxy-d-glucose (n-acetylisomuramic acid). 19921473100
beta-lactamase stability and inhibitory activity of meropenem combined with a potent antibacterial activity.the affinity of meropenem for various known types of beta-lactamases and its stability to them were tested in comparison with other beta-lactams, including imipenem. meropenem exhibited a marked stability to all beta-lactamases tested and was only hydrolyzed by xanthomonas maltophilia beta-lactamase, as were other beta-lactams. this was responsible for the potent antibacterial activities of meropenem against beta-lactamase-producing strains. meropenem and imipenem had almost the same, relatively ...19921473360
pathogens and antibiotic susceptibility profiles in the urinary tract.of 2,780 specimens of midstream urine (msu) collected from patients of medical out-patient unit of lagos university teaching hospital (luth), and examined between march 1989 and february 1990, 780 (28.1%) had bacterial colony counts greater than 100,000 per ml. the commonest pathogens were e. coli, klebsiella aerogenes, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. 9.8% of the infections were caused by gram-positive bacteria while 6.0% were due to the fungus, candida albicans and candida species.19921473516
[study of the efficacy and tolerance of imipenem-cilastatin used as monotherapy for the adjuvant treatment to surgery of peritonitis. results of a french multicenter study including 257 patients].the antibiotic treatment of peritonitis classically resorts to the association of two and even three molecules. in order to test the efficacy of a single-drug therapy with tienam* imipenem/cilastatin) as an adjunctive treatment associated to surgery for perforation peritonitis, an open, non-comparative study of 257 patients was carried out in 28 departments. imipenem is the first beta-lactam antibiotic of the carbapenem family. this antibiotic seems to be particularly useful for the treatment of ...19921474112
virotoxins polymerize actin and induce membrane fragmentation in cytoplasmic preparations of amoeba proteus.virotoxins and phalloidin are peptides that induce actin polymerization in vitro. we have compared the effect of five virotoxins and phalloidin on the ultrastructure of spread preparations of amoeba proteus cytoplasm. like phalloidin, the five virotoxins induce polymerization of cytoplasmic actin. moreover, the virotoxins, but not phalloidin, induce membrane fragmentation in small spherical vesicles. we, therefore, conclude that these virotoxins may have another membrane-bound target besides act ...19921476708
[bacterial translocation in crohn disease].bacterial translocation is the passage of viable endogenous bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract to mesenteric lymph nodes and other internal organs. the aim of this work was to study bacterial translocation in patients operated on for crohn's disease. twenty-eight patients, mean age 29 years, not having received any antibiotics since at least 8 days, presenting with ileal (n = 12), ileo-colonic (n = 14) or colonic (n = 2) crohn's disease were studied. in 25 out of 28 cases (89%) indication ...19921478405
serratia marcescens forms a new type of cytolysin.most serratia marcescens strains produce a new type of cytolysin (hemolysin) which is also found in other serratia species. the hemolytic polypeptide shla (m(r) 162 101) is secreted across the outer membrane through the help of the shlb protein which also involves conversion of an inactive precursor in an hemolytically active form. both proteins are synthesized with signal sequences which are released during export across the cytoplasmic membrane. mutants expressing inactive shlb derivatives are ...19921478465
[evaluation of in vitro antimicrobial activity of cefazolin alone and in combination with cefmetazole or flomoxef using agar dilution method and disk diffusion method].antimicrobial activities of cefazolin (cez) against 251 strains of various clinical isolates obtained during 1989 and 1990 were determined using the mueller-hinton agar dilution method at an inoculum level 10(6) cfu/ml. the reliability of the disk susceptility test was also studied using mueller-hinton agar and various disks at inoculum levels of 10(3-4) cfu/cm2 in estimating approximate values of mics. in addition, antimicrobial activities of cez and cefmetazole (cmz) or flomoxef (fmox) in comb ...19921479676
pathogenicity of bacteroides fragilis group in rat intra-abdominal abscesses.attempts were made to study the pathogenicity of some strains of bacteroides fragilis group in the rat intra-abdominal abscess model. multiple intraabdominal abscesses were produced in 50 to 70% of animals when an inoculum containing 10(9) cfu/ml of any of the five species of bacteroides fragilis group was injected. rising homologous antibody titers determined by indirect fluorescent antibody test were observed till the 3rd week when tested last, indirectly confirming the multiplication of the o ...19921479960
[sequential parenteral and oral therapy with ofloxacin in urogenital infections].125 hospitalized patients (56 men and 69 women) suffering from urinary tract infection (uti) and 15 women with endometritis or pelvic inflammatory disease were treated with ofloxacin 6 mg/kg/d i.v. divided into 2 doses. two thirds of the patients were switched to oral ofloxacin using the same dose regimen after 4 days. the median duration of treatment was 10 days. 98 patients were evaluable for efficacy: 45 had complicated lower uti, 32 had upper uti (75% of them with complications), 13 had endo ...19921481544
[the hydrophobicity of gram-negative bacteria isolated from patients with inflammatory and suppurative-destructive lung diseases].hydrophobic properties of 11 enterobacterial strains and 12 pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from patient with inflammatory and purulent destructive diseases of the lungs were studied. the hydrophobic properties of the isolated bacteria were determined by the method of salting out with ammonium sulfate. a high correlation (r = 0.56) between the above-mentioned properties of gram-negative bacteria and their isolation rate from patients with destructive diseases was established. the hydroph ...19921481597
synthesis and biological activity of new heterocyclic structures: [1,3]thiazino[2,3-i]purine, thiazolo[3,2-c] [1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-e]pyrimidine and [1,2,3]triazolo [4', 5': 4,5] pyrimido[6,1-b][1,3]thiazine.some derivatives of thiazolo[3,2-c]pyrimidine, pyrimido[6,1-b][1,3]thiazine, thiazolo[2,3-i]purine, [1,3]thiazino[2,3-i]purine, thiazolo[3,2-c][1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-e]pyrimidine and [1,2,3]triazolo[4',5':4,5]pyrimido[6,1-b][1,3]thiazine were prepared. the compounds were tested for antimicrobial and antimycotic activity on a number of strains, namely, escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, p. mirabilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella sp., staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis, bacillus sub ...19921482518
identification of gram-negative bacteria by isoelectric focusing of soluble cellular proteins.strains of escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus mirabilis, isolated from clinical specimens were disrupted by repeated freezing in liquid nitrogen and thawing at room temperature. the samples were separated by isoelectric focusing using polyacrylamide gels. the resulting protein patterns showed clear differences between the three species and made identification possible.19921483426
[disseminated complex vascular malformations].diffuse complex vascular malformations are sporadic or hereditary. they usually concern one type of vessel: capillary, venous or arterial (with av fistula). they involve skin, mucosal membranes and internal organs. they lead to a rich and heterogeneous symptomatology, depending on the lesional localizations. five out of them are described: cutis marmorata, rendu osler disease, bean syndrome, maffucci syndrome, and proteus syndrome.19921485110
[staghorn calculi in children. 32 cases].the authors report thirty-two cases of children with staghorn calculi treated in the department of urology h. bourguiba, hospital of sfax. such calculi are frequently seen in young boys over the age of 6 years. urinary tract infection by proteus is the main etiologic factor of lithogenesis. surgical treatment, still the most advocated, is laborious; it must ensure complete stone removal, while protecting renal function.19921485802
serological characterization of proteus penneri species novum.serological characterization of the first collection of the 20 proteus penneri strains is presented. all anti-0 sera were examined in microagglutination, semi-quantitative precipitation and passive hemagglutination tests. some p. penneri lipopolysaccharides showed strong cross-reactivity in passive hemagglutination additionally confirmed by inhibition in this test. serological similarity between species within genus proteus is discussed.19921485834
intracranial complications of chronic suppurative otitis media.twenty-nine patients with chronic suppurative otitis media with intracranial complications are reviewed. the complications occurred predominantly in young patients with a mean age of 17 years. the most common complication was brain abscess (n = 20). the others were meningitis (n = 3), subdural abscess (n = 3), perisinus abscess (n = 2) and otitic intracranial hypertension (n = 1). the common pathogens were gram-negative bacilli, especially proteus and anaerobic organisms, respectively. the morta ...19921488709
in vitro activity of ru 29246, the active compound of the cephalosporin prodrug ester hr 916.the in vitro activity of ru 29246 was compared with those of other agents against 536 recent clinical isolates. the mics of ru 29246 for 90% of members of the family enterobacteriaceae tested (mic90s) were less than 2 micrograms/ml except those for morganella spp. (16 micrograms/ml) and proteus spp. (8 micrograms/ml). ru 29246 was active against staphylococcus aureus (mic90, < or = 8 micrograms/ml) and against staphylococcus saprophyticus and coagulase-negative staphylococci (mic90s, < or = 2 mi ...19921489178
bacterial flora of burn wounds in lagos, nigeria: a prospective study.a prospective study of burn wound sepsis was carried out on 31 consecutive patients with fresh burns. wound swab cultures were assessed at weekly intervals for 5 weeks. the study revealed that while 96.7 per cent of burn wounds were sterile on admission, bacterial colonization reached 80.6 per cent within the first week after admission. although the gram-negative organisms, as a group, were more predominant, staph. aureus (38.2 per cent) was the most prevalent organism in the first week. it was ...19921489492
antibacterial spectrum of lactoferricin b, a potent bactericidal peptide derived from the n-terminal region of bovine lactoferrin.a physiologically diverse range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was found to be susceptible to inhibition and inactivation by lactoferricin b, a peptide produced by gastric pepsin digestion of bovine lactoferrin. the list of susceptible organisms includes escherichia coli, salmonella enteritidis, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, yersinia enterocolitica, pseudomonas aeruginosa, campylobacter jejuni, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus mutans, corynebacterium diphtheriae, list ...19921490908
survey of the prevalence of beta-lactamases amongst 1000 gram-negative bacilli isolated consecutively at the royal london hospital.beta-lactamase expression was examined in 1000 consecutive gram-negative bacilli isolated from urine, wound swab, sputum or blood specimens received at the microbiology laboratory of the royal london hospital. this survey, performed between january and april, 1991, followed a similar study undertaken in early 1982. the distribution of species was similar in the two surveys, except that the proportion of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates had increased from 11% in 1982 to 17.5% in the present study. ...19921490917
[antimicrobial activities of ceftazidime on fresh clinical isolates].antimicrobial activity of ceftazidime (caz) was compared with those of other cephem antibiotics against clinically isolated strains sent to us by medical institutions throughout japan in 1989 and 1991. those strains separated and identified from samples collected from patients with various infections were also examined, and the following results were obtained. 1. the results suggested that, compared with reports of studies conducted with clinical isolates in early 1980's, mic90 of caz in 1991 we ...19921494227
[synergistic action of cefodizime with other antimicrobial agents on clinically isolated microorganisms. ii. synergistic action with sisomicin].cefodizime (cdzm) possesses a broad antimicrobial spectrum and a relatively long half life in the blood. in addition, it shows excellent therapeutic efficacies in the treatment of infections in leukopenic animal models, hence it is expected that cdzm may have good efficacies against various infections in immunocompromised hosts. in the meantime, sisomicin (siso) not only has strong antibacterial activities against gram-negative rods (gnr), but has relatively low nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. t ...19921495193
co-ordinate expression of virulence genes during swarm-cell differentiation and population migration of proteus mirabilis.the uropathogenic gram-negative bacterium proteus mirabilis exhibits a form of multicellular behaviour termed swarming, which involves cyclical differentiation of typical vegetative cells into filamentous, multinucleate, hyperflagellate swarm cells capable of rapid and co-ordinated population migration across surfaces. we observed that differentiation into swarm cells was accompanied by substantial increases in the activities of intracellular urease and extracellular haemolysin and metalloprotea ...19921495387
[detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases by the rapid atb e technique. value of the api v2.1.1 expert system].twenty-two extended-spectrum betalactamase-producing strains of enterobacteriaceae recovered in the authors' hospital were tested using the rapid atb e coupled with the api v2.1.1. expert system. the expert system detected 90.9% of esbl-producing strains. two strains producing a shv2 and a ctx1, respectively, escaped detection by the expert system despite concomitant resistance to aminoglycosides.19921495843
[posterior urethral valves in senegalese children. fourteen cases].fourteen pediatric cases of posterior urethral valves in patients aged 6 months to 14 years (with four infants and ten older children) are reported. the main symptoms were vesical, including dysuria, acute urinary retention and dribbling. one patient presented with diarrhea, vomiting and dribbling. urethral valves were looked for as part of the evaluation for urinary lithiasis in one patient, and in another urinary lithiasis developed following the diagnosis of urethral valves. in half the cases ...19921497288
bilateral infectious epididymitis in a stallion. 19921499544
[experimental substantiation of the possibility to obtain anti-proteus plasma].the possibility to produce the anti-proteus plasma is experimentally substantiated. it is determined that polyvalent proteus antigen immunization permits producing blood immune preparation, that is the high-active anti-proteus plasma. its antibodies belonging to the class of immunoglobulin g. the anti-proteus plasma in liquid (at t = 6 degrees divided by 2 degrees c) and in frozen (at t = 20 degrees-5 degrees c) forms retains the specific activity for 3 days and 6 months, respectively.19921499760
in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of levofloxacin (l-ofloxacin), an optically active ofloxacin.the antibacterial activity of levofloxacin was compared with those of ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, and other antibiotics. in general, levofloxacin was equally active or up to fourfold more active than ofloxacin against all 801 organisms tested. levofloxacin was twofold [corrected] more active than ciprofloxacin against streptococcus pneumoniae and 2- to 4-fold more active than ciprofloxacin against staphylococcus aureus, xanthomonas maltophilia, and bacteroides fragilis. levofloxacin was two- to ei ...19921503449
[urinary infections. outpatient antibiotic sensitivity in the province of girona].to discover the level of autochthonous urinary microflora and their sensitivity to antimicrobials, at the primary care level.19921504220
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