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hyperbilirubinemia in infants with urinary tract the light of a retrospective analysis of 213 case records of infants with urinary tract infections, hyperbilirubinemia was disclosed in 19 cases. in 7 cases jaundice was the main cause of admission of these children to the hospital. it was observed mainly in the youngest age group up to 3 months. jaundice was hemolytic in some cases and hepatic in others. urinary tract malformations had no effect on the frequency of jaundice in urinary tract infection or on its intensity.1976792839
[effect of hyperbaric oxygen on aerobic bacteria].the authors investigated the growth of 8 species of pathogenic aerobic bacteria after treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. within 24 hours the cultures were exposed three times for 2 hours to an absolute pressure of 3 atmospheres of oxygen at 37 degrees c. in the fluid cultures as well as in the controls the inhibitory effect of oxygen was assessed in percent by means of the densitometric method. from these in vivo experiments the authors conclude that hyperbaric treatment of superficial pyogenic e ...1976793215
an investigation into factors affecting proteocine production by proteus isolates.proteocine production was found to the influenced by the medium used, the temperature of incubation and the length of incubation. different amounts of proteocine were produced in different media. production in liquid media was maximum in proteose-peptone no. 3 (difco). this medium gave a very high titre (1:10000) of proteocine when inoculated with the producer strain, and the aerated culture was induced with mitomycin c. therefore a method of producing a high titre proteocine was developed using ...1976793257
enterobacteriaceae in the jejunal microflora prevalence and relationship to biochemical and histological evaluations in healthy colombian men.when 23 healthy native southwestern colombian men were studied to determine the prevalence of enterobacteriaceae in the jejunal microflora in a sample of thoroughly evaluated tropical inhabitants who were normal by physical examination, chest x-ray, and medical history, 14 of the 23 proved to be enterobacteriaceae-positive, with counts of 10(3) to 10(9) per milliliter of jejunal aspirate. thirteen had escherichia coli, and the fourteenth had klebsiella pneumoniae. four had a second species of en ...1976793372
radiologic features of gram-negative pneumonias in the neutropenic patient.while gram-negative pneumonia is a frequent complication in immunosuppressed patients with malignant disease, the diagnosis is difficult to establish. clinical and radiographic study of 195 episodes of pneumonia in 175 consecutive patients was undertaken. chest radiographs were negative in 19% of the episodes, probably due to absence of alveolar inflammatory cell infiltrate. radiographic patterns were classified as either alveolar or mixed alveolar and interstitial; no case of interstitial patte ...1976793427
[resistance of clinical strains of proteus to various beta-lactam antibiotics].sensitivity of proteus clinical strains to benzylpenicillin, ampicillin and ceporin, as well as the dynamics and stability of the drug resistance was studied. it was found that the beta-lactamides were active against proteus, ceporin being the most effective antibiotic. strains resistant simultaneously to 2 or 3 drugs were also resistant to higher concentrations of each of them. the proteus cultures isolated from various pathological materials did not differ by their sensitivity to benzylpenicil ...1976793508
[chemotherapeutic effectiveness of rifampicin in experimental infections].studies on the chemotherapeutic action of rifampicin in treatment of staphylococcal sepsis and sepsis caused by gramnegative organisms showed its high efficacy only in treatment of the staphylococcal infection. by the level of its efficacy rifampicin was much superior to benzylpenicillin and especially tetracycline. no difference in the activity level of the antibiotic in treatment of staphylococcal infections caused by sensitive and multiple resistant staphylococcal strains was found. in treatm ...1976793516
[experimental study of the chemotherapeutic activity of gentamicin sulfate].antibacterial activity of gentamycin sulfate was studied in vitro and in treatment of albino mice with experimental infections. gentamycin was superior to kanamycin with respect to its antibacterial effect against clinical strains of staphylococcus, coli bacteria, proteus and ps. aeruginosa. high efficiency of gentamycin was found with respect to acute and chronic staphylococcal infection, acute proteus and coli sepsis. the antibiotic was characterized by low ld50, high chemotherapeutic index, r ...1976793517
[clinical significance of sperm pathogens in fertility disorders].the reasons for systematic microbial examinations of human ejaculates are discussed. the exact establishment of an association between bacteria isolated from human ejaculates and infertility is very difficult. there are several hints for such an association in the case of different micoplasmas though there is no clear-cut evidence. a physical association between these microorganisms and spermatozoa, which was recently observed, possibly could help to facilitate the diagnosis.1976793968
microbial formation of nitrosopyrrolidine from nitrosoproline.the fate of orally administered npro was determined in rats. unchanged npro could be recovered in the urine, while npy was detected in the faeces of two of three rats tested. after successive administration of npro to the same rats, their intestinal contents were inoculated into media containing npro to test for npy formation. decarboxylation of npro occurred in the faeces cultures from those rats whose faeces had contained npy. when the faeces from 10 mice were inoculated into the npro media, a ...1976793983
development of concentric zones in the proteus swarm colony.two main mechanisms of concentric ring formation in cultures of proteus species are described. one of these is the classically accepted method, wherein rings are produced as the advance of the swarm stops and recommences. in the other, the ring is produced as a fold inside the colony. these are considered to be extremes of a spectrum of growth types, the common feature being that rings are formed by piling-up of growth, and this process is not always directly correlated with morphological change ...1976794478
[preparation of biological specimens for the scanning electron microscope (author's transl)].three methods usually applied in preparing biological material for the scanning electron microscope were tested by the investigation of two species of amoebae with different content of water (amoeba proteus, vannella simplex). air drying resulted in both the production of cell shrinkage and cell distortion. when the specimens were dryed from media with increasing vapour-pressure, more satisfactory preservation of surface structures could be obtained. the sequence of potency was: ethanol, chlorof ...1976794634
[characteristics of "supersound" antigens of proteus mirabilis]. 1976794647
partially supercoiled replication intermediates of r plasmid dna are resistant to relaxation. 1976794743
[a study of proteus l forms during reversion by means of electron microscopy and ultrathin sections].the method of scanning electron microscopy was applied to the study of the proteus l-forms which reversed directly on the millipore filters. it appeared that reversion was accompanied by elongation of the cell, piriform cells forming as the result. filamentous cells segmented into short fragments and large bodies with a spongy surface structure with numerous ruptures were also revealed in the reversing culture. the method of ultrathin sections showed the other membrane in many cells to be fragil ...1976795230
[various data concerning the ultrastructure of proteus spheroplasts].spheroplasts were obtained under the action of penicillin on the same medium which was later used to obtain the l-forms. spheroplast formation started 15 to 20 minutes after the addition of penicillin and reached the maximum in 2 hours. the first dividing forms were revealed at that time, and this division continued for at least 24 hours. the majority of the cells represented spheroplasts surrounded by outer and cytoplasmic membrane, and only some--true protoplasts--had cytoplasmic membrane alon ...1976795247
[etiology of pyelonephritis in pregnant and parturient women]. 1976795316
survival value of chemotaxis in mixed cultures.a motile, chemotactic strain of proteus mirabilis outgrew a motile, non-chemotactic mutant in a semisolid, amino acid medium, although the two strains grew equally well in broth.1976795535
purification of the membrane-bound dd-carboxypeptidase of the unstable spheroplast l-form of proteus mirabilis by affinity chromatography. non-competitive inhibition of the enzyme by penicillins and low stability of the enzyme-inhibitor complex.membrane-bound dd-carboxypeptidase of the unstable l-form of proteus mirabilis was solubilized by the non-ionic detergent genapol x-100 and purified to protein homogeneity by affinity chromatography on ampicillin bound to succinyl-aminododecyl-cellulose. the purified enzyme with a molecular weight of 43000 is inhibited non-competitively by penicillin g and carbenicillin, indicating a function of the penicillins as allosteric inhibitors. sensitivity of the enzyme to penicillins is only moderate w ...1976795672
[comparative results of cephacetrile with cefazolin in complicated urinary tract infections by means of double-blind trials (author's transl)].in order to elucidate the usefulness of cephacetrile (cec), comparative trials with cefazolin (cez) were carried out in the patients with complicated infections of the urinary tract, and the following results were obtained: 1. there were no statistically significant differences or tendencies observed between the groups given cec and cez in either of the global effects, bacteriological effects, rate of superinfection, relapse, relapse with bacterial alternation, drug usefulness, rate of improveme ...1976796485
studies on the effect of phytagglutinins on some members of enterobacteriaceae.extracts of twenty seeds were tested against twenty six organisms belonging to klebsiella, proteus, salmonella, shigella and cholera species. extracts of eleven seeds showed agglutinating activity against twenty four various organism. s. typhi and kl. aerogenes did not react against any lectin. on the basis of the results it was possible to differentiate various shigella and salmonella organisms by various seed extracts. different isolates of cholera organisms of same serotype and phage type sho ...1976796502
[role of conventionally pathogenic/intestinal bacteria in surgical practice (literature survey)]. 1976796557
[spheroplasts of proteus studied by scanning electron microscopy, freeze etching and ultrathin sections].spheroplasts are formed 15 min after the addition of penicillin. swellings appear at the end or in the middle of the cell. buds were found on the surface of the spheroplasts. as was found by scanning electron microscopy, the surface of the spheroplasts is folded and, during later stages, wrinkled. "expulsion" of mesosomes into the periplasmic space was found, as well as separation of vesicles, formed by the outer and cytoplasmic membranes, from the cell surface. the two fracture faces of the out ...1976796629
colony incompatibility in bacteria. 1976796729
characterization of purified nitrate reductase a and chlorate reductase c from proteus mirabilis.nitrate reductase a has been solubilized from purified cytoplasmic membranes by extraction with tert-amyl alcohol. the resulting aqueous solution contained monomeric reductase which polymerized slowly to dimers and tetramers with sedimentation coefficients of respectively 10.5, 16 and 23 svedbergunits. the polymerization could be stopped to some extent by addition of a small amount of triton x-100. these distinct entities of nitrate reductase a were separable on electro-focusing, deae-column chr ...1976797337
the correlation between the protein composition of cytoplasmic membranes and the formation of nitrate reductase a, chlorate reductase c and tetrathionate reductase in proteus mirabilis wild type and some cholate resistant mutants.three genotypically different chlorate resistant mutants, chl i, chl ii and chl iii, appeared to lack completely nitrate reductase a, chlorate reductase c and tetrathionate reductase activity. fumarate reductase is only partially affected in chl i and chl iii and unaffected in chl ii. formate dehydrogenase is only partially diminished in chl ii, hydrogenase is diminished in chl i and chl ii and completely absent in chl iii. subunits of nitrate reductase a, chlorate reductase c and tetrathionate ...1976797338
[experimental study of the effect of a broad-spectrum disinfectant containing iodine on bacteria and dermatophytes (author's transl)].the effect of a broad-spectrum disinfectant containing iodine on four bacterial species and five dermatophytes was investigated. both the solution and the ointment demonstrated good disinfection of the skin surface with regard to these bacteria and dermatophytes.1976797661
[comparative activity of 6 cephalosporin antibiotics against the causative agents of surgical infection].activity of 6 cephalosporanic antibiotics, such as cephaloridin, cephalotin, cephradin, cephacetry1, cephamezin and cephalexin was studied on 200 strains of microorganisms causing purulent infections in surgical patients (staphylococcus, e. coli, proteus and ps. aerugionsa, 50 strains of each organism). the studies showed significant differences in the activity of the above antibiotics against definite species of the pathogenes. the highest activity of the cephalosporins was observed with respec ...1976798547
[antibacterial activity of the derivatives of cholic acid (author's transl)].the synthesis of derivatives of cholic acid with l-lysine and lysil-lysine with antibacterial activity, is here described. derivatives with one molecule of lysine show antibacterial activity at 100 mug/ml concentration, while lysil-lysine derivatives, particularly col-lys-lys-nh2-2hcl, are effective also at 25 mug/ml.1976798553
[antibacterial activity of the derivatives of dehydro-and deoxy-colic acids (author's transl)].the synthesis of derivatives of dehydro-and deoxy-colic acids with l-lysine and lysil-lysine with antibacterial activity, is here described. results show no antibacterial activity of dehydrocolic acid derivatives, while deoxycol-lys-oh-hcl, and particularly deoxycol-lys-nh2-2hcl, seem to be very effective on gram-positive bacteria at 5 mug/ml, and on gram-negatives at 25 mug/ml.1976798554
malate dehydrogenase of proteus vulgaris. 1976798704
disinfection procedures of fiberscopes in endoscopy departments.disinfection of fibre endoscopes was examined in 5 endoscopy departments during endoscopy sessions. on the endoscopes, especially in the instrument channels, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus species could be regularly found, in some cases also enterobacter cloacae and candida albicans. with the results of disinfection experiments, proposals are made to reduce the infection risk due to insufficiently disinfected instruments in endoscopy departments.1976799960
[chemical structure and biological activities of lipopolysaccharides (author's transl)]. 1976800274
investigation of the urinary tract infections of schoolchildren. 1975800329
[urinary tract infections in adolescents. results of bacteriological-urine screening within the scope of school-health examinations]. 1975801081
[oxolinic acid therapy of urinary tract infections in infancy]. 1976801102
gram negative septic shock. 1975801269
invitro studies of the effect of bilharcid on urinary tract bacterial pathogens.the antimicrobial effect of an antibilharzial drug "bilharcid" was tested, in vitro, against 51 different strains of bacterial species frequently causing urinary tract infection namely e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella, ps. pyocyanea and proteus vulgaris. in addition, the drug was tested against one strain of each of salmonella typhi, salmonella paratyphi a. b and c. minimum inhibitory concentration (m.i.c.) of the drug for each organism, and its bactericidal concentration were determin ...1976801712
[microbiological analysis of vindolinina (an alkaloid isolated from catharanthus roseus) and some of its structural changes].bacteriostatic properties of vindolinina (an alkaloid isolated from catharanthus roseus that has an ester group within its molecule) as well as of its alkaline-hydrolysis product (vindolininic acid) crystallized as chlorhydrate, and of the product of its reduction with lithium and aluminum hydrides (vindolininol) are compared. several strains of bacteria pathogenic to man (proteus, escherichia, shigella, staphylococcus, and pseudomonas) cultured in nutritive-agar dishes containing disks and incu ...1976802793
[is moss and foot an entity or a syndrome? report of a case].dermatological lesions of a patient are studied and investigated. it is suggested that they belong to a syndrome rather than to an entity. the following etiological classification of the mossy syndrome is proposed: due to bacteria, fungi and viruses, and secondary to other dermatopathies. bibliography is reviewed.1976802794
synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of n-d-alanyl-1-aminoethylphosphonic acid. 1975803243
degradation of n-nitrosamines by intestinal bacteria.a major proportion of bacterial types, common in the gastrointestinal tract of many animals and man, were active in degrading diphenylnitrosamine and dimethylnitrosamine, the former being degraded more rapidly than the latter. at low nitrosamine concentrations (is less than 0.05 micronmol/ml), approximately 55% of added diphenylnitrosamine, 30% of n-nitrosopyrrolidine, and 4% of dimethylnitrosamine were degraded. the route of nitrosamine metabolism by bacteria appears to be different from that p ...1975803287
use of tergitol-7 agar in the clinical laboratory.tergitol-7 agar has been utilized in the author's laboratory for eight years and has been found the superior medium for the rapid isolation, separation and identification of gram negative bacilli found in a clinical setting.1975803348
[the relationship between the structure and antimicrobial activity of several substituted omega-nitrosterols]. 1975803457
demonstration of cell division by septation in a variety of gram-negative rods.through use of an initial fixative employing a combination of crotonaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, septa were preserved in thin sections of dividing cells of strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhimurium, shigella sonnei, and escherichia coli when grown at 30 c in a dilute basal medium. the same procedures, however, revealed only a constrictive division process in proteus vulgaris and erwinia sp. this adds to the evidence that septation, although difficult to demonstrate, is the proces ...1975803487
the role of vaginal colonization with enterobacteriaceae in recurrent urinary infections.quantitative cultures of the vaginal introitus for enterobacteriaceae, s. faecalis and p. aeruginosa were compared in 20 premenopausal normal women (200 cultures) to 198 consecutive cultures from 9 premenopausal women in between episodes of bacteriuria. introital colonization in patients susceptible to urinary infections was significantly higher for e. coli (p equals 0.001), s. faecalis (p equals 0.001) and for the presence of any gram-negative pathogens (p equals less than 0.001). in addition, ...1975803573
chondroitinase-producing bacteria in natural habitats.a search was undertaken for bacteria which degrade chondroitin sulfate in nature and to find bacteria with a usefully high rate of chondroitinase (chsase) productivity. first, 253 chsase-producing bacteria were obtained from aquatic and land environments in japan by aerobic and anaerobic screening methods. identification according to bergey's manual of determinative bacteriology or bain and shewan (1968) permitted assignment of the majority of the isolates to seven genera, aeromonas, vibrio, fla ...1975803822
immunological studies of an antigen common to many gram-negative bacteria with special reference to e. coli. characterization and biological significance.a number of different bacterial strains were analyzed for the presence of common antigens using immunodiffusion techniques. most of the studied e. coli strains had many common antigens. especially one antigen was found in all investigated e. coli as well as proteus and pseudomonas strains and antibodies to this antigen were also recognized in antimeningococcal antiserum. the antigen was found possibly to be at least partly a protein with low carbohydrate content located in the inner part of the ...1975803931
computer surveillance of shifts in the gross patient flora during accumulating routinely in a hospital microbiology laboratory were computer-plotted according to the number of days the patient had been in the hospital when each culture was obtained. the rate at which patients were cultured fell slightly during hospitalization, while the rate at which isolates were obtained from them increased gradually. for some species, such as escherichia coli or staphylococcus aureus, isolation rates changed little during hospitalization. they rose as much as sevenfold ...1975804021
rapid detection and identification of enteric bacteria from blood cultures.the bactec radiometric system and inolex enteric i card were used in conjunction for the rapid detection and presumptive identification of enteric gram-negative rods in blood cultures. excellent correlation was obtained between the inolex card and routine identification techniques when organisms from both artificially inoculated and clinical blood cultures were studied. in many instances, the culture report was available less than 24 hr after receipt of the specimen.1975804025
[seasonal aspects of hospital infection in a urological hospital]. 1975804198
comparison of amikacin and gentamicin.the sensitivity to gentamicin (g) and to amikacin (a) of 25 strains of escherichia coli (ec), 25 klebsiella sp. (k), 25 proteus and providence sp. (pp), and 25 ps. aeruginosa (pa) were tested in vitro by the disc method, by the inocula-replicating method, and by a tube dilution technique using 10-5 microorganisms/ml. bactericidal concentrations active on 50% and 90% of the strains were 1.5 and 4.5 mug/ml for ec, 3 and mug/ml for k, 1.5 and 3 mug/ml for pp, and 3 and 3 mug/ml for pa. resistance t ...1975804370
herd studies on coliform mastitis.escherichia coli, enterobacter aerogenes, and klebsiella pneumoniae were responsible for 63, 10, and 11 percent, respectively, of 158 coliform organisms recovered from mastitis cases in 8 california herds. the severity and nature of the coliform mastitis problem were found to vary greatly among herds but were characteristic for each of 4 herds studied in detail.1975804464
a membrane filter technique for testing disinfectants.a membrane filter was used for assessing the surface disinfecting activity of phenolic disinfectants and a chloroxylenol disinfectant. the influence of the type of organism, inoculum size, and hardness of water was investigated. pseudomonas aeruginosa was chosen for the standardized test. disinfectant solutions were prepared in water of 300 ppm hardness and applied for two and a half minutes and eight minutes to the bacteria deposited from filtration of 1 ml of a suspension containing 10-6 bacte ...1975804497
[allergenic fractions of enterobacteriaceae. vi. gel-chromatographic profile of intracellular protein antigens, forming the allergen-active substrate of enterobacteria].allergeno-active protein substrate of enterobacteria (e. coli and r. rettgeri strains) was divided into 7 fractions with a different molecular weight with the aid of many-stage gel-filtration through sephadex (g-50, g-75, g-100, g-150, g-200). a study was made of their biochemical composition, antigenic and protein spectrum, allergenic properties in the reactions of hypersensitivity of delayed type in vivo (skin tests) and in vitro (inhibition of macrophage migration). the principal part of alle ...1975804783
qualitative assessment of midstream urine cultures in the detection of bacteriuria.3550 women attending cervical smear and family planning clinics have been screened for bacteriria. suprapubic aspiration of urine was carried out in 131 patients from whom two consecutive midstream urine specimens contained either a pure growth of gram positive cocci or a growth in which gram negative bacilli predominated. 95 patients were found to have bacteriuria; in 93 the urine was infected with a gram negative organism. of 53 patients with a count of more than 10-5 gram negative organisms p ...1975805012
treatment of urinary tract infections unresponsive to sulfa with carbenicillin indanyl sodium. 1975805021
agglutinin response to bacterial infection in acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.agglutinin titres to haemophilus influenzae, streptococcus pneumoniae, klebsiella pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, and proteus vulgaris in the serum of patients with acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, patients producing mucoid sputum, and healthy controls were determined. serological evidence of infection with h. influenzae was found in 38 of 57 patients with acute exacerbations, and str. pneumoniae infection in 10 of the 57 patients, but was g ...1975805163
effectiveness of achievable urinary concentrations of tetracyclines against "tetracycline-resistant" pathogenic bacteria.hospitalized patients with urinary tract infections caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa or other bacterial pathogens are frequently treated with parenteral antibiotics such as gentamicin. many of these organisms are shown by kirby-bauer disk sensitivity testing to be resistant to tetracycline. one hundred seventy-one such tetracycline-resistant bacterial isolates were studied; 84% were found to be sensitive to achievable urinary concentrations of tetracycline. two patients with long-standing chroni ...1975805188
in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solutions on selected pathogenic bacteria.the in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solution on 16 pathogenic bacteria of medical or veterinary importance was determined. marked decreases in bacterial count occurred with pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, moraxella osloensis and campylobacter fetus, and smaller decreses with salmonella typhimurium, shigella boydii, aeromonas hydrophila, proteus mirabilis, listeria monocytogenes and erysipelothrix insidiosa. the test solution had no effect on klebsiella ozaenae, brucella canis, co ...1975805241
urinary tract infection treated with oxolinic acid. 1975805351
comparison of the germicidal activity of prepodyne and betadine surgical scrub solutions.two iodophoric surgical scrubs soaps, prepodyne and betadine, were evaluated for bacteriocidal activity in a modified phenol coefficient test. a standard inoculum of each of 18 species of microorganisms was mixed with a 1:8 dilution of each iodophor and subcultured after one, three, and five minutes of exposure. complete cidal activty was exhibited by both prepodyne and betadine. twenty-five subjects were tested in hand washing experiments using betadine and prepodyne surgical scrub solutions. q ...1975805538
probability graphs resolve components with buoyant-density differences of 0.001 g/cm3 in equilibrium density gradients. 1975805551
asymptomatic bacteriuria in schoolchildren in newcastle upon tyne.a screening survey for asymptomatic bacteriuria (asb) in 13464 schoolgirls aged 4 to 18 years in newcastle upon tyne showed an overall prevalence of 1.9%. in girls 4 to 6 years it was 1.4%, in girls aged 7 to 11 years it was 2.5%, in girls aged 12 to 18 years it was 1.6%, a statistically significant rise and fall. renal scarring was found in 39 (15%) of 254 girls with asb. neither the prevalence nor the severity of renal scarring increased with age. there was no association between asb and socia ...1975805569
hydrogen peroxide sterilization of hydrophilic contact lenses.a new, simple, and effective procedure for the sterilization of soft contact lenses utilizes hydrogen peroxide, an inexpensive and readily availiable solution.1975805580
volunteer and clinical studies with carfecillin: a new orally administered ester of carbenicillin.blood and urine levels of carbenicillin were measured in 10 healthy volunteers and four patients with renal failure after single and multiple oral dose of carfecillin. urinary levels after 1000-mg doses in healthy subjects were considered sufficient for treatment of pseudomonas aeruginosa urinary infections, but the serum levels were too low for chemotherapy of systemic infections with this organism even in severe renal failure. urinary infections were treated in 35 inpatients with a seven-day c ...1975805625
the fate and origin of the nuclear envelope during and after mitosis in amoeba proteus. i. synthesis and behavior of phospholipids of the nuclear envelope during the cell life cycle.the synthesis and behavior of amoeba proteus nuclear envelope (ne) phospholipids were studied. most ne phospholipid synthesis occurs during g2 and little during mitosis or s. (a. proteus has no g1 phase). autoradiographic observations after implantation of [3-h] choline nuclei into unlabeled cells reveal little turnover of ne phospholipid during interphase but during mitosis all the label is dispersed through the cytoplasm. beginning at telophase all the label is dispersed through the cytoplasm. ...1975805790
[nature of bacteriocins].the bacteriocins comprise a large, heterogeneous group of bactericidal substances produced by bacteria from widely differing species. the best known bacteriocins are the colicins. some aspects of research on colicins are discussed especially their chemical nature and mode of action, and their genetic determinants.1975806026
pseudomonas aeruginosa r factors determining gentamicin plus carbenicillin resistance from patients with urinary tract colonizations.r factors determining multiple resistance including both gentamicin and carbenicillin have been identified in high incidence among hospital isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa. the factors are readily transmitted to other p. aeruginosa but not to escherichia coli strains k-12 or c, or to proteus mirabilis. r factor-containing isolates are predominantly immunotype 7 isolated from urinary sources.1975806258
function of the classical and alternate pathways of human complement in serum treated with ethylene glycol tetraacetic acid and mgcl2-ethylene glycol tetraacetic immunochemical and functional analysis of the classical and alternate complement pathways in human serum was performed in the presence of 10 mm ethylene glycol tetraacetic acid (egta) and mgcl(2)-egta (mgegta), chelating agents which have been recently utilized as a means of distinguishing between these two complement pathways. total hemolytic activity, integrity of the c1 complex, hemolytic activity of c2, conversion of factor b (c3 proactivator), and complement-dependent bactericidal activi ...1975806523
characterization of a non-type-specific antigen(s) associated with group a streptococcal type 12 m protein.the sharing of one and possibly two or more non-type-specific antigens by most strains of groups a, c, and g streptococci is described. with the exception of a single strain of proteus mirabilis, this antigen(s) was not found among strains of groups b and d streptococci, coagulase-positive staphylococci, escherichia coli, pseudomonas sp., and salmonella sp. the non-type-specific antigen(s) could not be separated from m protein by fractionation with various saturations of ammonium sulfate or by c ...1975806525
[clinical study with spectacillin on patients with infections of the urogenital system (author's transl)].report is given of clinical experiences gained with the new developed semi-syntheticpenicillin "spectacillin" on 75 patients suffering from an urological disease. the drug has been applied for therapy of acute and chronic forms of inflammations of the bladder and the urethra, additionally the prostatitis, the epididymitis, but first of all the pyelonephritis (caused bacterially). within the germ spectrum of these diseases, germs of the coli-type, streptococcus faecalis (enterococcus), staphyloco ...1975806772
[ciclacillin therapy for diseases of the urinary tract].in our own controlled bacteriological investigations, ciclacillin showed a good effect in urological infections at a daily dosage of 3 g for 10 days. the efficacy is comparable to that of ampicillin and corresponds to that of the double blind trials bescribed in the literature. the specially good tolerance is worthy of note.1975806791
the varying sensitivity to antibacterial agents of micro-organisms in pure vs. mixed this study the disc sensitivities of five organisms growing in pure cultures (staphylococcus aureus, beta-hemolytic streptococcus, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and candida albicans) were first determined against each of seven antibacterial agents (penicillin, streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, silver nitrate, sulfamylon, and betadine). then the sensitivity of each organism growing in combination with one of the others (10 combinations) was tested against each of the same antib ...1975806983
[significance of the antibacterial agent assay of urine for bacteriological diagnosis and control of chemotherapy of urinary tract infections (author's transl)].the disc agar-diffusion-test using bacillus subtilis atcc 6051 as test organism is a simple and rapid method for routine testing of antibacterial agents in urine specimens. the test records urine levels which are expected under medium dosage, and in many cases even lower concentrations of renal excreted antibiotics. out of 5655 analysed urine samples 22% contain antibacterial substances. in urine specimens over which information was volunteered that either no chemotherapy had been administered o ...1975807057
a critical look at chemical disinfection of anaesthetic apparatus.studies were carried out to test the efficacy of disinfection of a previously contaminated corrugated anaesthetic tube and reservoir bag. bacteriological swabs and sampling with broth were evaluated as methods of detecting contamination. gross contamination was detected by broth sampling on occasions when swabbing failed to reveal contamination. the presence of up to 18% by volume of residual air within the apparatus was detected. a method of ensuring elimination of all air is described and stud ...1975807229
comparative activity of tobramycin and gentamicin against pseudomonas, proteus and providencia species.tobramycin is a new antibiotic resembling gentamicin. we measured the minimal inhibitory concentrations of these two antibiotics against five bacterial species that cause hospital-acquired infections and are resistant to many presently available antibiotics. the organisms tested were 500 strains of pseudomones aeruginosa, 100 strains of each of proteus rettgeri and pr. morganii, 50 strains of pr. vulgaris and 250 strains of providencia stuartii. tobramycin was 2 to 4 times more active than genta ...1975807310
comparison of the in vitro activities of bb-k8 and three other aminoglycosides against 215 strains of pseudomonas and enterobacteriaceae with variable sensitivity to kanamycin and gentamicin.215 gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical materials were tested in vitro against bb-k8 by means of disc diffusion and agar dilution tests; the strains included 40 isolates resistant to gentamicin. approximately 90% of the strains were inhibited by 3.12 mug/ml or less bb-k8. this antibiotic exhibited a comparable activity, although somewhat inferior, to that of gentamicin, against organisms sensitive to gentamicin. it was considrably more active than gentamicin, and comparable to tobramyci ...1975807457
systematic difference in the methylation of ribosomal ribonucleic acid from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.a survey of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms was performed to compare the distributionof n6-methylated adenine. it was found that (i) all the gram-positive strains tested, staphylococcus aureus, sarcina lutea, bacillus stearothermophilus, bacillus subtilis, and bacillus megaterium, contain neither n6-monomethyl adenine (m6a) nor n6-dimethyladenine (m26a) in 23s ribosomal ribonucleic acid (rrna). in the case of s. aureus and streptococcus pyogenes, strains which are clinically resistant ...1975807565
detection of endotoxins with the limulus test in burned and unburned mice infected with different species of gram-negative bacteria.the limulus test detected endotoxins in the plasma of burned and unburned mice infected with different species of gram-negative bacteria produced different amounts of endotoxin in the plasma of infected mice. plasma from mice given lethal infections showed very high concentrations of endotoxin. low concentrations of endotoxin in the plasma were tolerated by mice but high concentrations were invariably fatal. a polyvalent pseudomonas vaccine reduced endotoxin in the plasma of mice given lethal in ...1975807621
interference with alpha-antitrypsin studues in stored serum by presumed bacterial proteases.contamination of werum by certain gram-negative bacteria has been shown to spoil the serum for measurement of trypsin inhibitory capacity (stic) or for antitrypsin phenotyping. such sera develop intense fibrinolytic activity when the stic has dropped to itsminimal level, but antitrypsin concentration as measured by radial immunodiffusion remainsconstant. cultures of enterobacter, klebsiella, bacillus subtilis, and pseudomonas species were shown to have this capability, but production of the fi ...1975807660
the use of analytical isoelectric focusing for detection and identification of beta-lactamases.beta-lactamases (ec. from strains of gram-negative bacteria have been studied using analytical isoelectric focusing. this permits a visual comparison of the patterns of beta-lactamase bands produced by enzymes from different organisms. purification of crude intracellular preparations is unnecessary and the technique is sufficiently sensitive to demonstrate beta-lactamase in mutants previously reported to lack the enzyme. r that have not been distinguished from one another biochemically ...1975807678
contractility of glycerinated amoeba proteus and chaos-chaos.immediate contact with large volumes of cold 50% (v/v) buffered glycerol preserved typical ameboid shape of chaos chaos and amoeba proteus with no visible distortions. these technics allowed determination of the contraction sites in these glycerinated models upon applications of atp-ca-mg-solutions. the ectoplasmic tube was the main site of contraction. preliminary em investigations revealed thick and thin filaments, associated with the ectoplasmic tube near the plasma-lemma, which appeared to b ...1975807722
substituted 1-[(5-nitrofurfurylidene)amino]-4-imidazolin-2-ones.a series of 1-[(5-nitrofurfurylidene)amino]-4-imidazolin-2-ones has been prepared. a new synthesis of 4-alkyl-1-[(5-nitrofurfurylidene)amino]-4-imidazolin-2-ones involving the oxidative ring closure of 5-nitro-2-furaldehyde 2-(2-hydroxyethylalkyl)semicarbazones is described. the in vitro testing of the compounds against a variety of bacteria is reported.1975807733
[amikacin treatment of septicemia due to gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli (author's transl)]. 1975807757
[bacteriological studies on fosfomycin. antibacterial activity in vitro and in vivo (author's transl)].we have examined the antibacterial activity of the new antibiotic, fosfomycin (fom) in vitro and in vivo. the following results were obtained. 1. fom showed a broad antibacterial spectrum. 2. the antibacterial activity of fom was enhanced in the medium at ph 6 and ph 7, and was also influenced by the addition of rabbit serum, calf serum, glucose-6-phosphate or defibrilated sheep blood to the growth medium, and by the size of inoculum. 3 fom showed especially strong bactericidal action upon the b ...1975807758
[laboratory studies and therapeutic effect on respiratory infections of a combined preparation of ampicillin and cloxacillin (author's transl)]. 1975807759
competitive effects of intestinal microflora on vibrio cholerae in gnotobiotic mice.the coexistence of vibrio cholerae and several intestinal bacteria was determined in gnotobiotic mice. the bacteria tested included a bacteroides sp, clostridium difficile, clostridium perfringens type a, 2 separate isolates of escherichia coli, 2 different lactobacilli, 2 separate isolates of proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas maltophilia, and streptococcus faecalis. each species of bacteria became established and was recovered repeatedly from the stools during the studies. no single strain or spec ...1975807775
[hospital infections from the neurosurgical point of view (author's transl)].a report is made on infections of the trachea and of the bladder which occurred in patients of a neurosurgical intensive care unit. the development of resistance and counter-measures are discussed in detail.1975807839
otitis externa in the dog -- a clinical and microbiological study.the effect on canine otitis externa of a topical preparation composed of fucidin, framycetin, nystatin, and prednisolone was evaluated in a clinical trial comprising 235 dog ears. cases caused by parasites or foreign bodies and cases requiring systemic therapy were excluded. swabs from these and an additional 434 affected ears were examined bacteriologically and the sensitivity to antibiotics of the bacteria isolated determined. the infection most frequently diagnosed was staphylococci plus yeas ...1975807907
relationship of bacterial infection in urine and calculi to canine 26 dogs treated surgically for urolithiasis, bacteriological examination of the urine and the interior of calculi showed that infection was present in both materials in 14 cases. infection with phosphate calculi, present in 13 of these 14 dogs, was associated with a variety of bacteria including staphylococcus aureus, staph epidermidis, streptococcus faecalis, escherichia coli and proteus spp. in a follow-up examination of 16 dogs, organisms different from the original isolates were recovered ...1975808018
nation-wide survey of antibiotic resistance by means of a computer. analysis of 200.000 strains of problem bacteria isolated in 1973.based on a pilot study performed in 5 district public health laboratories (phl) in the slovakia in 1972 (1), the computer system for elaborating the informations concerning the resistance of "problem bacteria" to antibiotics has completely been introduced in 18 phls for all-year studies on the resistance to antibiotics in 1973. the results obtained in each phl and also in total of about 200.000 bacterial strains belonging to 8 of the clinically most important bacterial species were passed on to ...1975808050
the prophylactic use of keflex and keflin in vaginal hysterectomy.although the number of severe infections occurring after vaginal hysterectomy are few,they sometimes result in the death of a patient or a protracted hospital course. a prospective double-blind study, using keflex and keflin in theraputic doses,was undertaken to elucidate more clearly the effect upon morbidity in vaginal hysterectomy. cultures were taken form a catheterized urine specimen and the cervix of all patients before surgery. cultures were repeated on the fourth postoperative day. mo ...1975808126
arylamidase activity of salmonella species.arylamidase activity in cell extracts of sonically cell treated suspensions of 23 salmonella strains, including 12 strains of s. typhimurium, was investigated. all cultures hydrolyzed five of nine different neutral and basic substrates. activity against aspartyl-, cystyl- histidinyl-, and isoleucyl-beta-naphylamide was negligible. alanyl-beta-naphthylamide was the preferred substrate for the salmonella species; however, specific activities ranged widely. of several gram-negative organisms survey ...1975808165
[comparison of the esterases of providencia alcalifadiens and providencia stuartii]. 1975808353
carbenicillin therapy of urinary tract infections due to difficult uropathogens. i. indole-positive proteus. 1975808383
carbenicillin therapy of urinary tract infections dur to difficult urop athogens. iv. summary and conclusions. 1975808386
laboratory studies with cefatrizine (sk + f 60771), a new broad-spectrum orally-active cephalosporin.cefatrizine (sk&f 60771), a new orally-active semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotic with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, was compared with cephalexin and cefazolin for in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity and pharmacokinetic behavior in laboratory animals. the average mic values obtained with cefatrizine against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria were superior to those obtained with cephalexin and somewhat poorer than those of cefazolin. in addition, a large percentage of th ...1975808525
aromatic esters of 5-o-desosaminylerythronolide a oxime.several substituted aromatic esters of the c-3 hydroxyl of 5-o-desosaminylerythronolide a oxime were prepared. ribosomal binding studies showed that meta substituents on the aromatic ring gave the most active analogs. the esters described were all inactive in vivo at the maximum level tested.1975808612
[the fundamental and clinical studies on pt-122m (doxycycline) in the otorhinolaryngological field (author's transl)].as the results of laboratory and clinical investigation with a new tetracycline derivate, pt-122m (doxycycline) was performed with the results which may lead to the following conclusions. 1) in vitro antibacterial activity: the minimal inhibitory concentration of doxycycline (dotc) was measured by an agar plate dilution method. the mic of dotc against 60 strains of coagulase-positive staphylococcus aureus isolated from otorrhoea was distributed over a range of 0.2 approximately 1.56 mcg/ml and 1 ...1975808657
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