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bacteriocine typing of providencia isolates.a method of typing isolates of providencia is described based on the sensitivities of the organisms to bacteriocines. twelve standard bacteriocine producing strains were selected from a large number of isolates tested and from these liquid bacteriocine preparations were obtained. the activities of these preparations on over 300 isolates were determined and from this information a bacteriocine typing system has been developed.1978654675
[early treatment of intraoperative infections based on bacteriological testing (author's transl)].validity and efficiency of an antibiotic prophylaxis after extensive orthopedic and traumatological procedures are not universally accepted. often the systematic antibiotic prophylaxis is withhold because of considerable disadvantages. a new method is reported, which enables a bactericidal antibiotic therapy based on bacteriological testing of swabs taken during and after surgery. thus the administration of antibiotics is possible long before the clinical manifestation of an infection. immediate ...1978655828
use of antibiotics. penicillins. 1978656872
comparative in vitro activity of five nitrofurans.five nitrofurans- nitrofurantoin, nifuratel, nitrofurazone, furazolidone and and sq 18,506--have been tested against 201 microbial strains. escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, micrococci and staphylococcus epidermidis were sensitive to all five compounds; furazolidone and sq 18,506 were the most active against these species. klebsiella aerogenes was less sensitive, and proteus spp., providencia stuartii and pseudomonas aeruginosa strains were resistant. nifuratel was inhibitory for some ca ...1978657876
l-2-hydroxytetradecanoic acid as a constituent of salmonella lipopolysaccharides (lipid a).l-2-hydroxytetradecanoic acid was recognized as a characteristic, although minor, constituent of the lipid a component of salmonella lipopolysaccharides. the 2-hydroxy fatty acid was present in lipid a as an ester, probably bound to the hydroxyl group of some d-3-hydroxytetradecanoic acid residues. a survey of enterobacterial lipopolysaccharides showed that l-2-hydroxytetradecanoid acid was also present in klebsiella and serratia strains. it was absent, however, from lipopolysaccharides of other ...1978658049
urinary lithiasis in children. a review of 155 cases.155 children presenting with lithiasis have been studied. the study confirms other recent analyses: (1) urinary lithiasis in the child is far more frequent than was previously thought. it is not always easy to diagnose because of the limited opacity of the calculi. (2) its secondary nature is shown in 25% of the cases. (3) its cause is still debated in spite of the evident part played by proteus infection. (4) the prognosis is generally favourable.1978658068
[the antimicrobial activity of amikacin in comparison with three other aminoglycoside-antibiotics (author's transl)].we report about the in-vitro-sensitivity tests of 1756 enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonas strains to amikacin, gentamicin, tobramycin and sisomicin. it was established, that amikacin is more effective than gentamicin, tobramycin and sisomicin in case of infections with klebsiella, proteus species, psuedomonas strains and enterobacter. the four aminoglycosides are well active against e. coli. hospital acquired infections with serratia are a domain of amikacin. tobramycin is more effective than ge ...1978661734
[importance of research on antibacterial substances in the study of bacteriurias].a study was made of 1050 urine specimens from the nephro-urological and geriatric departments of the malpighi hospital to see how many percent contained antibacterial substances and the incidence of bacteria species. 26.5% contained antibacterial substances. proteus rettgeri was significantly more frequent in specimens containing such substances, whereas staphylococci were significantly more frequent in the remainder.1978662157
prevention of postoperative endophthalmitis.prevention of postoperative endophthalmitis (poe) requires (1) environmental control, (2) tissue control, and (3) anticipation of eyes at special risk of infection. environmental control entails an adequate supply of finely filtered air and absolute sterility of solutions, medications, and objects and materials used during surgery. tissue control involves degerming the skin of the operative field, inhibition of the flora of the lid margins by an antibiotic ointment use preoperatively, and pretre ...1978662287
[epidemiological data on acute intestinal diseases accompanied by the discharge of bacteria of the genus proteus]. 1978665048
acute gram-negative bacillary otitis media. 1978665603
cefaclor: in vitro spectrum of activity and beta-lactamase stability.the in vitro activity of cefaclor against 556 clinical isolates of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was compared with that of other cephalosporins. cefaclor had activity similar to that of cephalexin against gram-positive bacteria. it showed greater activity against haemophilus strains than did cephalexin and inhibited beta-lactamase-producing haemophilus isolates. cefaclor was more active than cephalexin or cephalothin against escherichia coli, salmonella, and shigella isolates but did ...1978666290
cetocycline, tetracycline analog: in vitro studies of antimicrobial activity, serum binding, lipid solubility, and uptake by bacteria.cetocycline (formerly chelocardin or cetotetrine) is structurally related to the tetracyclines. it was found to be more active than tetracycline against many clinical isolates of aerobic gram-negative bacilli, but is less active against staphylococci, and has no activity against pseudomonas. it is bactericidal against susceptible enteric gram-negative bacteria at concentrations two to four times higher than the minimal inhibiting concentrations. the drug is highly lipid soluble; more than 80% is ...1978666291
synergy of azlocillin and mezlocillin combined with aminoglycoside antibiotics and cephalosporins.synergistic activity between both azlocillin and mezlocillin and aminoglycosides or cefazolin could be demonstrated by checkerboard dilution, isobologram, and killing curve techniques. azlocillin and mezlocillin combined with gentamicin, netilmicin, or amikacin were synergistic against escherichia coli, klebsiella, citrobacter, enterobacter, serratia, and indole-positive proteus. synergy was observed with isolates that were susceptible or resistant to azlocillin or mezlocillin. synergy was seen ...1978666302
pharmacology and efficacy of netilmicin.twenty-six patients, 20 to 77 years of age, were treated with netilmicin, mean dose 2 mg/kg every 8 h intramuscularly or in a 20-min intravenous infusion. the mean serum half-lives in patients with creatinine clearances of >/=90 ml/min and 60 to 90 ml/min were 3.2 and 3.4 h, respectively. in patients with serum creatinines of </=1.4 mg/100 ml and creatinine clearances of >/=60 ml/min, mean serum levels were 9.0 and 1.2 mug/ml, respectively, 5 to 15 min and 7.5 h post-intravenous infusion, and 7. ...1978666303
[microbiological evaluation of cefoxitin, a new beta-lactamase resistant cephamycin antibiotic, compared to cephalothin, cephaloridine and cefazolin].cefoxitin (mefoxitin), cephaloridin, cephalothin and cefazolin were tested in vitro against 380 clinical isolates of staph. aureus and enterobacteriaceae using the tube dilution procedure. of the gramnegative microorganisms a selection of 150 strains was examined regarding susceptibility to the antibiotic combinations cefoxitin/gentamicin and cefoxitin/sisomicin in comparison to cephalothin/gentamicin and cephalothin/sisomicin. cefoxitin has a broad antimicrobial spectrum and a high beta-lactama ...1978669547
cross-protection of mice provided by active and passive immunization against experimental infections with virulent proteus rettgeri and providencia bacteria.immunization with providencia and proteus rettgeri formalin-treated bacterial suspensions produced high levels of protection in mice against homologous and heterologous challenge. mice were also cross-protected, but less effectively, by passive administration of rabbit type-specific antisera. the protective activity appeared to be due to an antigen common to strains of different o-serotypes. it was not detectable in agglutination reactions, and preliminary results indicate that it is thermostabl ...1978669801
glycocinnamoylspermidines, a new class of antibiotics. v. antibacterial evaluation of the isopropyl derivative of ll-bm123gamma.isopropyl ll-bm123gamma, a novel semisynthetic glycocinnamoylspermidine antibiotic, was active in vitro against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria with broad spectrum bactericidal activity against clinically important gram-negative strains. in parallel tests, it was equal to or more potent than reference aminoglycoside antibiotics against escherichia coli, proteus, enterobacter-klebsiella, serratia, salmonella, and acinetobacter strains. against clinical isolates of pseudomonas aerugi ...1978670083
kanamycin resistance in providencia stuartii. 1978670120
nitrosamine formation in bladder infections and its role in the etiology of bladder cancer.dimethylnitrosamine, a powerful carcinogen, is produced in the urine of patients with urinary tract infections of proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli when nitrite is present. treatment with tetracycline antibiotics does not enhance the concentration of this carcinogen but, rather, sharply reduces it. the results emphasize the importance of proper antibiotic therapy for the infections to reduce the possibility of the subsequent development of bladder cancer.1978671604
function of phagocytosis and intracellular killing of peripheral neutrophils in kawasaki disease.nbt (nitroblue tetrazolium) test was performed in 17 patients with kawasaki disease to examine the function of phagocytosis and intra-cellular killing of neutrophils. the value was high compared to other pediatric patients. activation with proteus ox-2 antigen before nbf test showed a significant higher level than other proteus antigens, which correspond in serum level. with previous electronmicroscopic observation of rickettsia-like body in biopsy specimen, these findings suggest the existence ...1978676746
surveillance of gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli in a general hospital.aerobic gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens from 1 january to 31 december 1976 were tested for gentamicin and tobramycin resistance by standardized disk testing. for pseudomonas isolates, gentamicin resistance was 17.1% and tobramycin resistance was 2.8%. for other gram-negative bacilli, gentamicin resistance was 5.5% and tobramycin resistance was 5.4%. seventy-four patients from whom gentamicin-resistant organisms were isolated from 1 january to 30 june 1976 were studied pros ...1978677859
azlocillin and mezlocillin: new ureido penicillins.the activity of azlocillin and mezlocillin, new semisynthetic ureido penicillins, was investigated and compared with that of other known beta-lactam antibiotics. at a concentration of 25 mug/ml, azlocillin inhibited 74% of enterobacter, 97% of proteus mirabilis, 64% of citrobacter, 91% of pseudomonas aeruginosa, and 82% of bacteroides strains tested. mezlocillin inhibited 86% of shigella, 96% of enterobacter, 80% of indole-positive proteus, 88% of bacteroides, and 63% of pseudomonas strains test ...1978677860
chemical transformation of gentamicin c1a into 2'-n-methylgentamicin c1a, active against providencia 164. 1978681243
differences between nucleus and cytoplasm in the degree of actin polymerization.for purposes of studying the degree of polymerization of actin in nuclei, nuclei from 35s-labeled amoebas (amoeba proteus) were transplanted into unlabeled cells, which were immediately lysed and extracted under conditions considered to stabilize preexisting fibrous actin. the enucleated 35s-donor cells were similarly treated for analysis of cytoplasmic actin. the extraction conditions permitted separation of soluble (unpolymerized or g) actin from pelletable (polymerized or f) actin, and the ra ...1978681454
proteus contaminates liquifilm tears. 1978683111
[pharmacokinetic investigations on sisomicin in children (author's transl)].sisomicin is an aminoglycoside effective against gramnegative germs. the sensitiveness of coli, proteus, pseudomonas and klebsiella ranges from 0,1 to 0,4 mcg/ml. germs with inhibition-values of up to 1 mcg/ml are certainly sisomicin-sensitive. the side-effects of sisomicin resemble those of other aminoglycosides, as for instance lesions of the viith cranial nerve and the kidney. since aminoglycosides have a relatively small therapeutic range between toxicity and effective minimal-concentration, ...1978683201
in vitro activity and beta-lactamase stability of bl-s786 compared with those of other vitro activity of bl-s786, a new parenterally semisynthetic cephalosporin, was investigated against 570 bacterial isolates. bl-s786 inhibited most escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, and salmonella. it inhibited some enterobacter and indole-positive proteus, but it was less active against these later species than was cefamandole, cefuroxime, or cefoxitin. it was not active against serratia marcescens, pseudomonas aeruginosa, or bacteroides fragilis. bl-s786 was the lea ...1978686701
[the phagocytic reaction in amoeba proteus. ii. phagocytosis of non-living particles]. 1978688109
cytoplasmic streaming in amoeba proteus is inhibited by the actin-specific drug phalloidin. 1978689103
fine structure of cytoplasmic crystal in amoeba proteus. 1978689254
ultrastructure of the frontal cap of monotactic forms of amoeba proteus.the frontal cap of the monotactic form of amoeba proteus is separated from other cell components by a continuous structure defined as the "membrane-like envelope" (mle). it originates from the membranes of cytoplasmic vesicles and vacuoles. the border zone between the cap and the cytoplasm is strongly vacuolized. structural differences between frontal caps, depending on the degree of their development, indicate that the growing cap gradually fills up the whole tip of an advancing pseudopodium, a ...1978689256
response to light-shade difference in anucleate and polynucleate specimens of amoeba proteus.the enucleated specimens of amoeba proteus, the anucleate fragments, and the polynucleate individuals which all are capable of cortical contraction but not of locomotion, may be reactivated by the light-shade difference established across their body. individual cells or fragments migrate toward the shade. the motory polarity and coordinated movement disappear immediately after cessation of the stimulus. the results are interpreted according to the earlier hypothesis that the necessary to maintai ...1978689261
[hospital acquired infections in children (author's transl)].the incidence of hospital-accquired infections in children as given in the literature varies between 0.3%--25%. the most frequent infections are those of the urinary tract, respiratory tract, skin, wounds, gastrointestinal tract, or septicemia, and meningitis, caused by staphylococcus aureus, e. coli, klebsiella, enterobacter, pseudomonas, proteus, fungi or virus. besides the identification of the type of infectious agent it is most important for the prevention and therapy of hospital-acquired i ...1978692524
in vitro studies with sch 21420 and sch 22591: activity in comparison with six other aminoglycosides and synergy with penicillin against vitro tests were performed with sch 21420 and sch 22591 to determine (i) their activity in comparison to six other aminoglycosides against 343 clinical isolates, and (ii) whether synergy with penicillin g could be demonstrated with enterococci. in broth dilution tests, sch 22591 was more active than the seven other aminoglycosides against staphylococcus aureus, enterobacteriaceae, and most nonfermenting gram-negative bacilli. sch 22591 was as active as tobramycin against pseudomonas aeruginos ...1978697346
activity of 5-episisomicin compared with that of other aminoglycosides.5-episisomicin, a semisynthetic aminoglycoside, has been shown to inhibit many members of the enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and staphylococcus aureus. at a concentration of 3.1 mug/ml, more than 90% of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter, citrobacter, indole-positive proteus, and providencia were inhibited. 5-episisomicin had activity against s. aureus, e. coli, klebsiella, enterobacter, and citrobacter similar to gentamicin and netilmicin. it had activity similar ...1978697347
fournier's gangrene complicating perinal abscess: report of two cases.two cases of fournier's gangrene in which toxemia and gangrene of the scrotum developed due to perianal abscesses are described. cultures of anaerobic gram-negative bacteroides with a mixed flora of pseudomonas, e. coli and proteus were obtained. early diagnosis, wide and deep incisions, debridement of the necrotic tissue, and adequate antibiotic therapy can prevent a fatal outcome of this disease. a high mortality rate is still prevalent.1978699732
the use of a laminar airflow isolation system for the treatment of major burns.a laminar airflow isolation burn ward was designed which would maintain a sterile environment and also allow unrestricted burn care and rehabilitation to be performed. a very low rate of sepsis and sepsis-related complications have been found in the 115 patients treated in the unit. patient cross contamination has been completely controlled under laminar airflow conditions. the incidence of burn colonization and infection by virulent gram-negative organisms, namely pseudomonas, serratia, klebsie ...1978707709
[sensitivity of bacteria of the genus proteus to antibiotics and their combinations].sensitivity of 99 proteus strains isolated from infants with gastro-intestinal diseases was studied by the method of serial dilutions on the ploskirev's medium with respect to 19 antibiotics and some of their pair combinations. high resistance levels were registered with respect to penicillin and semi-synthetic penicillins, such as oxacillin, methicillin, ampicillin, as well as oleandomycin, erythromycin, lincomycin and oxytetracycline. the minimum inhibitory concentration for most of the strain ...1978707998
identification of the small nuclear rnas associated with the mitotic chromosomes of amoeba proteus.amebas contain 7 electrophoretically distinct species of small nuclear rnas (snrnas), some of which are known to associate in a striking manner with mitotic chromosomes. these rnas can be divided into 2 classes, one consisting of 4 snrna species that shuttle in a non-random way between nucleus and cytoplasm during interphase and one consisting of 3 snrna species that do not leave the nucleus at all during interphase. in the work reported here we sought to determine which class is associated with ...1978710236
the influence of microinjected phalloidin on locomotion, protoplasmic streaming and cytoplasmic organization in amoeba proteus and physarum polycephalum.microinjected phalloidin induces both time and concentration-dependent changes in morphology and motility of amoebae and acellular slime moulds. in a. proteus injection of a 10(-3)m solution of the drug causes a separation of cortical hyaline plasma from central granular plasma. simultaneously protoplasmic streaming and cellular locomotion are lost irreversibly. lowering the concentration of phalloidin to 2 x 10(-4)m results in a reversible disturbance; amoebae recover after 30 to 60 minutes and ...1978710672
cephamycin derivatives: comparison of the in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of sq 14,359, cs-1170, and cefoxitin.sq 14,359 is a new cephamycin-type (7alpha-och3) antibiotic belonging to a series containing a 7alpha-ureidoacetyl substituent. the compound is the most potent extended spectrum derivative of this type yet reported, surpassing cs-1170 and cefoxitin by a wide margin. this activity in vitro which extends throughout the enterobacteriaceae is particularly prominent against gram-negative organisms that are producers of "cephalosporinase-type" beta-lactamases such as enterobacter, serratia, citrobacte ...1978711611
sensitivity of urine-grown cells of providencia stuartii to antiseptics.urine-grown cultures of 23 clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria having a range of minimum inhibitory concentration values for chorhexidine were challenged with various concentrations of this antiseptic. the results suggest that cells of providencia stuartii, in particular, exhibit a considerable degree of resistance to chlorhexidine under these conditions, concentrations of up to 10 000--20 000 microgram/ml of urine being necessary to produce complete loss of viability of such cultures. o ...1978711901
gas liquid chromatography for detection of bacteriuria: examination for volatile acidic and neutral injection of clinically infected urines on porous-polymer columns was investigated to determine which microbial metabolites were consistently detectable, and whether their presence could be used as a reliable index of infection. chromosorb 101 was found to be the most suitable porous polymer for the detection of microbial metabolites; greater sensitivity of detection was achieved by partial purification of the urine before injection. acetic acid was the only compound found consistently an ...1978711917
hematogenous osteomyelitis: a report of four cases. 1978712236
drug resistance studies with topical antiseptics.species of proteus, serratia, and pseudomonas became resistant to chlorhexidine after five to eight transfers in vitro. cross-resistance to benzalkonium chloride also was detected. resistance to povidone-iodine was not encountered. chlorhexidine resistance was stable after drug-free transfers of serratia and pseudomonas but was transitory for proteus.1978712607
urinary tract infection in high-risk newborn infants.the prevalence of neonatal urinary tract infection (uti) was studied in 1,762 high-risk neonates. symptomatic bacteriuria was found in 1.9% and asymptomatic bacteriuria in 0.5% of these neonates. male preponderance was 5:1. clinical manifestations were extremely variable--vomiting, weight loss, and diarrhea being the prominent symptoms. bacteremia was associated with uti in six infants. the organisms identified in the urine obtained by suprapubic aspiration were escherichia coli, klebsiella, and ...1978714582
[evaluation of efficacy of the use of coli-proteus bacteriophage in intestinal dysbacteriosis in premature infants]. 1978716289
[effect of treatment on the dynamics of immuno-microbiological indicators in chronic enterocolitis]. 1978716342
sce-963, a new broad-spectrum cephalosporin: in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities.sce-963 {7beta-[2-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)acetamido]-3-[({1-(2-dimethylaminoethyl)- 1h-tetrazol-5-yl}thio)methyl]-ceph-3-em-4-carboxylic acid}, a new semisynthetic cephalosporin, showed excellent antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including haemophilus influenzae, indole-positive proteus, enterobacter species, and citrobacter freundii. the minimum inhibitory concentrations of sce-963 against most strains of clinically isolated escherichia coli, klebsiella pneum ...1978718154
ticarcillin disodium in anaerobic infections.twenty-five patients were treated with ticarcillin disodium, 18 of whom had anaerobic infections that included pleuropulmonary infections (seven), mandibular osteomyelitis (four), perirectal abscess (two), sepsis, primary site unknown (one), liver abscess (one), pelvic abscess (one), decubitus ulcer (one), and synergistic gangrene (one). seven had no anaerobic infections. three had anaerobic septicemia. culture results included anaerobes: peptococci (ten), peptostreptococci (ten), bacteroides fr ...1978718311
microbiology of deep tissue in diabetic gangrene.information on the incidence and nature of the causative organisms in the infected tissues of patients with diabetic gangrene is scanty. studies in which material for culture was obtained from the presenting lesion reveal multiple organisms in host isolates. no data are available regarding the bacterial flora of the deep infected tissue itself, uncontaminated by surface organisms. in this investigation 58 specimens from 52 patients were obtained utilizing aerobic and anaerobic culture techniques ...1978720182
the effect of lipid a on the fluidity and permeability properties of phospholipid dispersions. 1978720592
[antibiotic prophylaxis in intensive care].of 611 prospectively studied patients in a surgical intensive care unit, 177 developed hospital infections (29%): urinary tract infections (37.2%), pneumonia (22.5%), sepsis (19.7%), wound infections (9.6%), etc. the commonest pathogens were pseud. aeruginosa, e. coli, staph. aureus, enterococci, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis. in preventing and combating hospital infections in intensive care units, priority should be given not to antibiotics but to hygiene in the hospital. systemic ...1978721586
bacterial infections, sensitivity patterns, and chemotherapy among hospital patients in the tropics.a prospective clinical and bacteriological review of the pattern of bacterial infections and chemotherapy among 1931 patients admitted to university college hospital, ibadan, between july and september, 1976, showed that 394 patients (20%) had bacterial infections, but 940 patients (49%) received antimicrobial chemotherapy. thus 58% of the patients were treated either prophylactically or without bacteriological confirmation of infection. infections of the respiratory tract were commonest (28%), ...1978725540
skeletal muscle involvement in rocky mountain spotted fever.a case of rocky mountain spotted fever in a 10-year-old boy accompanied by an unusually high degree of myalgia and muscle weakness was presented. on admission to the hospital, his creatine phosphokinase, sgot, sgpt, and aldolase values were all abnormally high. rash did not appear until the fourth hospital day. on the same day results of a proteus ox-19 titer of blood were reported as positive (titer 1:320) and intravenous therapy with chloramphenicol was started. the child's condition gradually ...1978725640
[growth of some pathogenic microorganisms on chemically defined media which were proposed for sensitivity testing (author's transl)].the growth of 16 bacterial cultures, which belong to the frequently encountered pathogens, in three different chemically defined fluid media was investigated through turbidity measurements in comparison with mueller-hinton-broth. e. coli, salm. dublin, salm. typhi-murium, enterobacter cloacae, proteus mirabilis, pseud. aeruginosa and bac. cereus grew in two of the three tested defined media with approximately the same intensity as in the mueller-hinton broth. staph. aureus grew well only in one ...1978730218
proteocine types in relation to their source of isolation and antibiogram. 1978730245
diaminobenzidine reactions in control and treated amoeba proteus.cytochrome oxidase activity was demonstrated in amoeba proteus by diaminobenzidine (dab) cytochemistry. deposition of the reaction product occurred on the inner mitochondrial membranes and the cristae. the reaction was abolished by cyanide incubations. positive reactions were produced with both unfixed and fixed cells: although staining potential was destroyed by any prefixatives which included glutaraldehyde. cells prefixed with 4% formaldehyde, to raise structural preservation, retained staini ...1978730555
relative importance of enterotoxigenic and invasive enteropathogenic bacteria in infantile diarrhoea.swedish children and adults (648 patients) with acute diarrhoea were investigated for enterotoxigenic strains in stool cultures. a total number 74 strains were isolated from 28 patients and assayed in the rabbit intestinal loop test and the adrenal cell test. only three of the enterotoxigenic e. coli (etec) isolates belonged to classical enteropathogenic serotypes of e. coli (epec). two enterotoxigenic strains of proteus morganii, two of enterobacter hafniae and one of citrobacter freundii were ...1978735553
r plasmids coding for supra-levels of gentamicin, tobramycin and sisomicin resistance in proteus morganii and p. mirabilis: high-level resistant strains from two hospitals.transfer of high-level gentamycin-tobramycin-sisomycin resistance could be easily demonstrated in strains of p. morganii and p. mirabilis which emerged, in two hospitals, at the end of 1976. first such strains were demonstrated in a patient of a urological ward who died, in september 1976, from generalised sepsis caused by a high-level gentamycin-tobramycin-sisomycin-resistant p. morganii. since that event, at least nine such strains were isolated in 1976, and the presence of transferable resist ...1978735560
[investigations on the antimicrobial activity of amin-aldehydecondensates. 4. communication: azomethins of aliphatic aldehydes (author's transl)].in the scope of our research about the antimicrobial activity of amin-aldehyde-condensates a number of azomethins was synthesized by the condensation of primary aliphatic and aromatic amins with aliphatic aldehydes. structures and physical constants are listed in table 1 and 2. - the antimicrobial activity of these azomethins is demonstrated by the results of the disk-test (table 3), of the minimal inhibition concentration test (mic, table 4), and the suspension test (table 5) following the meth ...1978735565
[investigations on the antimicrobial activity of amin-aldehyde-condensates. 5. communication: azomethins of benzaldehyde (author's transl)].in the scope of our research about the antimicrobial activity of amin-aldehyde-condensates a number of benzylidene-amines (azomethins of benzyldehyde) was synthesized by condensation of primary amines with benzaldehyde. structures and physical constants are shown in table 1 and 2. the antimicrobial activity of these benzylidene-amines is demonstrated by the results of the disk-test (table 3), of the minimal inhibition concentration test (mic, table 4) and the suspension test (table 5) following ...1978735566
in vitro activity of oxolinic acid and nalidixic acid against common urinary pathogens: a comparative study.a study was carried out to compare the sensitivity of 500 bacterial strains, isolated from patients with urinary tract infections, to oxolinic acid and nalidixic acid. the results showed that whilst both antibacterial agents were similar in their bacterial spectrum they were not identical in terms of cross-sensitivity or resistance. where there was a difference in sensitivity, this was always in flavour of oxolinic acid and was particularly evident in the case of staphylococcus, pseudomonas, ser ...1978738079
meningoencephalitis secondary to otitis in a adult female gorilla died following a 13-day illness and was necropsied. gross and microscopic findings included a 2-cm straw deep in the external auditory meatus, suppurative otitis media and interna, and suppurative meningoencephalitis. proteus mirabilis was cultured from the internal acoustic pore.1978738932
[case studies of bacterial species responsible for urinary tract infections and their sensitivity to antibiotic treatment].a microbiological assessment was made of 829 urine specimens to determine the percentage incidence of different bacterial species and their susceptibility to antibiotic treatment. it was found that e. coli was most common, followed by pseudomonas, proteus, staphylococcus, candida, faecal streptococcus, and shigella. the results suggest that the aetiological agent should be systematically ascertained and an antibiogram run before a treatment programme is laid down.1978740260
[r factors in proteus rettgeri strains]. 1978742932
[l-asparaginase activity of microorganisms].l-asparaginase content was studied in 67 different microorganisms, bacterial strains of e. coli, pseudomonas, erwinia, proteus, alcaligenes, bacillus, bacteria. xanthomonas, and yeasts and fungi-saccharomyces, candida, aspergillus, epidermophyton, trichophyton. all the bacterial strains studied possessed l-asparaginase activity, which varied greatly depending on the representative (10-1200 iu/g dry weight of cells). yeasts and fungi displayed low l-asparaginase activity.1978747012
[characteristics of the enterobacteria strains isolated from the urine in urinary tract infections].study of biochemical properties of 421 strains of enterobacteria permitted to refer them to the following taxonomic groups of which e. coli constituted 83,4 +/- 3.6%, enterobactercloacae--97 +/- 3.0%, klebsiella 4.0 +/- 2.0%. enterobacter aerogenes, enterobacter hafnia, citrobacter, proteus rettgeri, proteus vulgaris were revealed in individual cases (0.2-1.0%). as a result of serological typing there were revealed 105 serological types of escherichia differing by 55 o-antigen variants, 26 h-ant ...1978747014
oxalate biosynthesis from phenylalanine by the providencia-proteus group organisms. 1978747520
studies of a receptor for fp3-phage in salmonella minnesota r595.the adsorption rate constant of the phage fp3 to sensitive s. minnesota r595 strain was used to evaluate the inactivating capacity towards phage fp3 exhibited by isolated glycolipid and free lipid a. the results suggest that phage fp3 receptor is localized in the glycolipid structure. phage fp3 is not adsorbed on the other re mutant cells, proteus r45, but respective products: glycolipid and free lipid a from r45 exhibitory the inhibition capacity towards phage fp3, comparable to the activity of ...1978749776
[aspecific agglutinations by omnivalent anti-salmonella sera. cross-reactions with "proteus" (author's transl)]. 1978755456
peculiarities of changes in dna content of amoeba proteus nuclei during interphase. a cytofluorometric study. 1979759212
bacteriology of chronic otitis media.tympanocentesis was performed in 50 patients with chronic otitis media; pus was cultured aerobically and anaerobically. only aerobes were isolated from 21 patients (42%), three patients had only anaerobes (peptococcus sp), and 25 patients (50%) had both aerobes and anaerobes. only one specimen had no growth. there were 68 aerobic isolates. pseudomonas aeruginosa was recovered in 36 patients (72%); other aerobes commonly recovered included proteus sp and staphylococcus aureus. there were 48 anaer ...1979759663
meso-alpha,epsilon-diaminopimelate d-dehydrogenase: distribution and the reaction product.a high activity of meso-alpha-epsilon-diaminopimelate dehydrogenase was found in extracts of bacillus sphaericus, brevibacterium sp., corynebacterium glutamicum, and proteus vulgaris among bacteria tested. b. sphaericus ifo 3525, in which the enzyme is most abundant, was chosen to study the enzyme reaction. the enzyme was not induced by the addition of meso-alpha-epsilon-diaminopimelate to the growth medium. the reaction product was isolated and identified as alpha-amino-epsilon-ketopimelate by ...1979762012
growth and electron microscopic studies on an experimentally established bacterial endosymbiosis in amoebae.a strain of nonsymbiotic a. proteus was infected with endosymbiotic bacteria isolated from another strain of amoeba which had become dependent on the symbionts after a few years of spontaneously established symbiosis. in the newly infected amoebae, the bacteria avoided digestion and multiplied at a faster rate than the hosts, reaching the maximum carrying number (about 42,000 per amoeba) in fewer than ten cell generations of the hosts. the experimentally infected amoebae were also examined under ...1979762201
[enzymatic quick determination of aminoglycoside antibiotics in serum].the therapeutic range of aminoglycoside antibiotics is relatively narrow; therefore short-term controls of serum concentrations can be recommended, particularly for high-dosage therapy and for renal insufficiency. for the aminoglycosides amicacin, gentamycin, sisomicin and tobramycin an enzymatic quick-determination test within 2 hrs is being described, which is based on the ph-deviation of a medium containing urea by hydrolytic activity of proteus mirabilis-bacteriae. in more than 180 measureme ...1976765289
bacteriocine typing of proteus.a method of typing isolates of proteus mirabilis and proteus vulgaris is described based on the sensitivity of the organisms to bacteriocine. twelve standard proteocine producing strains were selected from a large number of isolates tested, and from these liquid proteocine preparations were prepared. the sensitivities of 1805 isolates to these 12 preparations were then determined and none was found to be untypable. from the results a bacteriocine typing system has been developed.1975765360
sources of variance in the measurement of intrapulmonary killing of bacteria.sources of variability are described for a method used for the quantitative measurement of pulmonary resistance to inhaled bacteria in individual animals. factors contributing significantly to variability include aerosol exposure chamber design, bacterial species used for aerosol challenge, location of animals in the chamber, and individual intrapulmonary bacterial killing rates. laboratory error accounted for a small portion of the variance. the data demonstrate that with appropriate modificati ...1976765417
[transition of dna with r factor nr84]. 1975765551
[bactericidal activity of serum and chemotherapy in sensitive and resistant exciter (author's transl)].comparing examinations with ampicillin sensitive and resistant bacteria-strains show that the bactericidal activity of serum is dependent on the bacteria-strains, on the ampicillin sensitivity of the particular exciter and on the number of bacteria/ml (germ count). bactericide effect could always be obtained with sensitive strains as a result of additional chemotherapy. with several resistant strains a bactericide effect could not be obtained in this case the continuous optimal ampicillin addit ...1975765704
[indanyl carbenicillin in the treatment of urinary tract infections due to difficult urological organisms (author's transl)].fifty in-patients suffering from chronic urinary tract infections with underlying urological diseases received the oral carbenicillin preparation indanyl carbenicillin (short term carindacillin) for 10 days in a dosage of 1 g q.i.d. the therapy results were objectified by blood and urine tests performed prior to and after treatment. indanyl carbenicillin led to a sterile urine in nearly 60% of the patients; in about 85% of the cases the primary organism was eliminated. the drug was particularly ...1976765706
photodynamic alterations of the cell envelope of proteus mirabilis and their repair. 1975766020
[genetical study on cointegrate (author's transl)]. 1975766081
[urinary infections following bladder catheterization].the incidence and the prophylaxis of urinary tract infection following bladder catheterization have been studied in 142 patients admitted for voiding cystourethrography (vcu). 71 children received a prophylactic treatment of 2 mg/kg nitrofurantoin daily for 4 days, while 71 received no treatment following bladder catheterization. bacteriologic examination of the urine 4-9 days after catheterization showed significant bacteriuria in 5 untreated children. the germs responsible were e. coli, proteu ...1975766175
[impairments of lipid metabolism in liver, kidney and heart tissues of mice infected with proteus vulgaris].intraperitoneal administration of proteus vulgaris living culture of various age (12 hrs and one day) caused impairments in lipid metabolism in mice liver, kidney and heart tissues. the one day-old culture was more toxic. the impairment in lipid metabolism was manifested as distinct increase in cholesterol content in liver tissue and kidney and a decrease in phospholipid content in liver, kidney and heart tissues. these changes were accompanied by an increase in content of sialic acids in liver ...1975766398
[evaluation of bacteriostatic value of gentamicin in cases of significant bacteriuria]. 1976766419
[detection, quantitative calculation and identification of bacteria of the proteus genus in objects of the environment].the author suggests a complex of nutrient media which aid in detection, quantitative recording and identification of bacteria belonging to proteus genus and also of the species included into this genus, as well as of the biochemically similar bacteria. the complex of the media constitutes a complete cycle of study: the first stage-fluid enrichment medium, the second stage-isolation and preliminary identification on a hard differential medium with a narrow directed action, and the third stage-det ...1975766522
[condition of microflora of the nasopharynx in immunization with live influenza vaccine for oral administration].the authors present data concerning the state of the microflora of the nasopharynx in the immunization of adults and schoolchildren with the living influenza vaccine for oral administration. during the vaccinal process there occurred qualitative changes in the microbial pattern of the nasopharynx and a reduction in the level of the salivary lysozyme. the most pronounced changes were seen after the first vaccination, when the seeding efficiency of the pathogenic staphylococcus the e. coli and the ...1975766528
the periurethral aerobic bacterial flora in healthy boys and girls.the present study was undertaken to provide information about the presence of bacterial flora in the periurethral region of healthy children and its variation with age and sex. it was intended as a basis for subsequent studies in individuals prone to urinary tract infection. quantitative methods were used for bacteria sampling and culture. the study included 394 girls and 305 boys from birth to 16 years. during the first few weeks of life a massive aerobic bacterial flora (e. coli, enterococci, ...1976766562
the periurethral aerobic flora in girls highly susceptible to urinary infections.after the age of 5 years, normal children have but few aerobic gram-negative rods periurethrally. this study examines whether there is an abnormal periurethral colonization in urinary tract infection-prone girls during infection-free intervals, indicating a defective local defence. in 13 girls with a history of recurrent infection, daily bacterial samples were obtained from the periurethral area and from urine. sampling continued until an infection eventually occurred. seven girls contracted a u ...1976766563
[multiplication and changes in the virulence of proteus vulgaris in milk]. 1975766576
[antibody response to bacterial antigens administered orally]. 1975766784
the primary response to lps and lipid a of p. mirabilis at the cellular level. 1975766920
inhibition of cell wall synthesis by sulfonamides and trimethoprim.the hypothesis that defective cell wall synthesis seems to represent a final common pathway of drug-induced injury either within the bacterial cell or on its surface was supported by two different findings: (1) sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim, either alone or in combination, induced morphological findings in various escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis strains identical to those found after incubation with so-called cell-wall-active antibiotics (e.g., penicillin) and (2) cell-wall-defective ...1976767064
the linkage of lysine in the o-specific chains of proteus mirabilis 1959.lipopolysaccharides of qualitatively identical but quantitatively different sugar composition were extracted from proteus mirabilis strain 1959. the lipopolysaccharide with the higher percentage of typical o-specific constituents was subjected to partial acid hydrolysis. an oligosaccharide b22 was separated by paper chromatography and electrophoresis. it was found to be composed of equimolar amounts of d-galacturonic acid, d-galactosamine and l-lysine. dinitrophenylation of the oligosaccharide a ...1976767106
[antibiotic activity in relation to various proteus species]. 1975767133
epidemics of nosocomial urinary tract infection caused by multiply resistant gram-negative bacilli: epidemiology and control. 1976768384
transduction of leucine auxotrophs of proteus mirabilis to prototrophy or antibiotic resistance by p. mirabilis high frequency transducing bacteriophages.high frequency transducing (hft) phages 5006mhftk and 5006mhftak for kanamycin or ampicillin plus kanamycin resistance, derived from proteus mirabilis strains pm5006(r394) and pm5006(r394) respectively, transduced (at low multiplicities of infection, m.o.i.) antibiotic resistance and prototrophy to pm5006 leu-i at high frequency. simultaneous transduction of these markers occurred at very much lower frequencies. the latter result was correlated with the proportion of multiply-infected bacteria w ...1976768411
the isolation and partial characterization of a new restriction endonuclease from providencia stuartii.we describe the isolation of a new class 2 restriction endonuclease from providencia stuartii 164. using the procedure of osmotic shock treatment, we have partially purified this enzyme (pst 1) and have begun preliminary work to characterize its specificity and requirements. pst 1 requires mg++ as the only cofactor and produces more than 18 cleavages in wild type lambda. we have determined the location of 7 of these cleavages by the use of deletion and insertion mutants of lambda.1976768923
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