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indole can act as an extracellular signal to regulate biofilm formation of escherichia coli and other indole-producing bacteria.we demonstrated previously that genetic inactivation of tryptophanase is responsible for a dramatic decrease in biofilm formation in the laboratory strain escherichia coli s17-1. in the present study, we tested whether the biochemical inhibition of tryptophanase, with the competitive inhibitor oxindolyl-l-alanine, could affect polystyrene colonization by e. coli and other indole-producing bacteria. oxindolyl-l-alanine inhibits, in a dose-dependent manner, indole production and biofilm formation ...200314569285
extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae in community and private health care 1999, 39 of 2,599 isolates of the family enterobacteriaceae (1.5%) collected by eight private laboratories in the aquitaine region in france produced an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl). among these were 19 enterobacter aerogenes isolates; 8 klebsiella pneumoniae isolates; 6 escherichia coli isolates; 3 proteus mirabilis isolates; and 1 isolate each of serratia marcescens, morganella morganii, and providencia stuartii. esbl producers were isolated from 38 patients, including 33 residen ...200314576109
c-reactive protein and antibacterial activity in blood plasma of colostrum-fed calves and the effect of lactulose.several milk proteins are very important for immunological defense and can be absorbed in the intestine of calves in the first hours after birth. the influence of colostrum intake and the effect of additional lactulose application on the concentration of c-reactive protein (crp) in blood were investigated. the crp is known as a mediator of innate immunity. results were compared to the bovine acute phase protein haptoglobin, and to lactalbumin, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulins in plasma from calv ...200314594250
comparative evaluation of three chromogenic agars for detection and rapid identification of aerobic gram-negative bacteria in the normal intestinal compare three different chromogenic agars and macconkey agar for the detection of aerobic gram-negative bacteria in the normal intestinal microflora and to assess the accuracy of the chromogenic agars for the direct identification of escherichia coli.200314616678
endoscopic treatment in a patient with obstructive jaundice caused by pancreatic pseudocyst.we report a case of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with obstructive jaundice due to compression of the common bile duct by pancreatic pseudocyst. ultrasonography and computed tomographic scan on admission demonstrated an 8 cm cystic lesion located at the head of the pancreas. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ercp) revealed a segment of narrowing at the distal common bile duct which was compressed by the pancreatic pseudocyst. communication between the cyst and pancreatic duct was ...200314649681
two cases of systemic candida glabrata infection following in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.presented here are two cases of systemic candida glabrata infection diagnosed in two expectant mothers and their fetuses at 34 and 22 weeks' gestation. the underlying risk factors in case 1 were in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, recurrent yeast vaginitis and two intravenous injections of betamethasone. the risk factors in case 2 were in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, recurrent yeast vaginitis, antibiotics for treatment of a urinary tract infection due to morganella morganii a ...200414652784
evaluation of novel beta-ribosidase substrates for the differentiation of gram-negative synthesize novel substrates for the detection of beta-ribosidase and assess their potential for the differentiation of gram-negative bacteria.200414678171
[post-marketing surveillance of antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates--ii. gram-negative bacteria].as a post-marketing surveillance, the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, carbapenems, monobactams, and penicillins. changes in czop susceptibility among bacteria were also evaluated with the bacterial resistance ratio calculated from the breakpoint mic. twenty-five species (4,154 strains) of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinical ...200314692381
[morganella morganii and early-onset neonatal infection].morganella morganii is an opportunistic gram-negative bacterium, resistant to ampicillin, and scarcely involved in early-onset neonatal sepsis. case report: after a premature rupture of the membranes, a pregnant patient received prophylactic amoxicillin per os. she developed chorioamnionitis. her infant was diagnosed with early-onset sepsis. maternal and baby's blood cultures grew m. morganii. both the mother and the infant were successfully treated with a third-generation cephalosporin and an a ...200414700759
putrescine, cadaverine, and indole production by bacteria isolated from wild and aquacultured penaeid shrimp stored at 0, 12, 24, and 36 degrees c.putrescine, cadaverine, and indole production capabilities of bacteria isolated from wild domestic and aquacultured ni-caraguan penaeid shrimp in progressive decomposition states were evaluated. the numbers and types of microorganisms responsible for the production of putrescine, cadaverine, and indole in wild and aquacultured shrimp increased with increasing decomposition temperature and time. throughout the storage experiments, mean aerobic plate counts (log/g) ranged from 4.5 to 9.7 and 4.5 t ...200414717362
enterococcus casseliflavus bacteremia. case report and literature review.motile enterococci are rare causes of enterococcal bacteremia, usually in immunocompromised patients. we describe a case of polymicrobial bacteremia, including enterococcus casseliflavus, escherichia coli, and morganella morganii, in an 80-year old woman, shortly after a liver biopsy performed to exclude cholangiocarcinoma. we further discuss the unique genetic characteristics and the clinical significance of such isolates, such as their intrinsic resistance to vancomycin, and the low virulence ...200414720498
isolation and characterization of integron-containing bacteria without antibiotic selection.the emergence of antibiotic resistance among pathogenic and commensal bacteria has become a serious problem worldwide. the use and overuse of antibiotics in a number of settings are contributing to the development of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. the class 1 and 2 integrase genes (inti1 and inti2, respectively) were identified in mixed bacterial cultures enriched from bovine feces by growth in buffered peptone water (bpw) followed by integrase-specific pcr. integrase-positive bacterial co ...200414982773
[surveillance of susceptibility of clinical isolates to cefmetazole between 2000 and 2002].the antibacterial activity of cefmetazole (cmz) against clinical isolates from 15 medical institutions all over japan was evaluated yearly for two years from june 2000 to march 2002 and compared with that of other parenteral beta-lactams, cefazolin (cez), cefotiam (ctm), sulbactam/cefoperazone (sbt/cpz), and flomoxef (fmox). in the first surveillance from june 2000 to march 2001, 575 isolates of 13 species were tested, and 548 isolates of the same 13 species were tested in the second surveillanc ...200315007873
analysis of ampc beta-lactamase expression and sequence in biochemically atypical ceftazidime-resistant enterobacteriaceae from paediatric analyse the variation of ampc beta-lactamase gene sequence and expression in biochemically atypical enterobacteriaceae isolates, and to identify them definitively.200415014062
[nosocomial infections in a general surgical ward].according to the national nosocomial infection surveillance system we analysed the post-surgical nosocomial infections in a surgery ward of perugia university. between may 2000 and april 2001, 677 patients were enrolled mean age 51.5 years: 355 (52%) male, 462 (68%) asa score 1, "clean" surgery in 355 cases (52%), cephazolin prophylaxis in 256 (38%); 11 (2%) patients deceased perioperatively. a total of 37 nosocomial infections, in 33 patients, were detected: 18 pneumonia (48.6%), 10 surgical si ...200415032335
photobacterium phosphoreum caused a histamine fish poisoning incident of histamine fish poisoning (hfp) occurred due to the consumption of iwashi maruboshi (dried sardine) in osaka, japan in march 2002. a histamine-producing bacterial strain, ys4-7, was isolated from iwashi maruboshi that contained 1700 mg of histamine per kilogram. this strain was identified as photobacterium phosphoreum by biochemical examinations and partial sequencing of 16s rdna. p. phosphoreum ys4-7 showed greater capability as a histamine producer at 4 and 12 degrees c than morg ...200415033270
comparative activities of doripenem versus isolates, mutants, and transconjugants of enterobacteriaceae and acinetobacter spp. with characterized beta-lactamases.doripenem (s-4661), a new parenteral carbapenem, was tested against over 250 clinical isolates, mutants, and transconjugants of enterobacteriaceae and acinetobacter spp., selected or derived for their beta-lactamase expression characteristics. imipenem, meropenem, and ertapenem were tested as comparators, along with cephalosporins and piperacillin-tazobactam, by using national committee for clinical laboratory standards agar dilution methodology. doripenem mics were from 0.03 to 0.25 microg/ml f ...200415047535
detection of pathogenic bacteria in skin lesions of patients with chiclero's ulcer. reluctant response to antimonial treatment.we investigated the bacterial flora present in skin lesions of patients with chiclero's ulcer from the yucatan peninsula of mexico using conventional culture methods (11 patients), and an immunocolorimetric detection of pathogenic streptococcus pyogenes (15 patients). prevalence of bacteria isolated by culture methods was 90.9% (10/11). we cultured, from chiclero's ulcers (60%), pathogenic bacterial such as staphylococcus aureus (20%), s. pyogenes (1.6%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (1.6%), morganell ...200415049096
comparative study of the in vitro activity of a new fluoroquinolone, abt-492.the in vitro activity of a new fluoroquinolone, abt-492, was determined.200415056651
bilateral endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis: a report of four present and discuss four cases of bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis.200415115453
[antibacterial activity of essential oils on microorganisms isolated from urinary tract infection].the antibacterial activity of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants (ocimum gratissimum, l., cybopogum citratus (dc) stapf., and salvia officinalis, l.) was assessed on bacterial strains derived from 100 urine samples. samples were taken from subjects diagnosed with urinary tract infection living in the community. microorganisms were plated on müller hinton agar. plant extracts were applied using a steers replicator and petri dishes were incubated at 37 degrees c for 24 hours. salvia of ...200415122392
detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae in oyster, crassostrea rhizophorae, collected from a natural nursery in the cocó river estuary, fortaleza, ceará, brazil.oysters are edible organisms that are often ingested partially cooked or even raw, presenting therefore a very high risk to the consumers' health, especially in tropical regions. the presence of vibrio cholerae and vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters sampled at an estuary in the brazilian northeastern region was studied, with 300 oysters tested through an 8-months period. the salinity of the water at the sampling point varied between 3% and 27. v. cholerae was the most frequently detected species ...200415141271
improving the pyrophosphate-inosine phosphotransferase activity of escherichia blattae acid phosphatase by sequential site-directed mutagenesis.escherichia blattae acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase (eb-ap/ptase) exhibits c-5'-position selective pyrophosphate-nucleoside phosphotransferase activity in addition to its intrinsic phosphatase. improvement of its phosphotransferase activity was investigated by sequential site-directed mutagenesis. by comparing the primary structures of higher 5'-inosinic acid (5'-imp) productivity and lower 5'-imp productivity acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase, candidate residues of substitution were selec ...200415170108
morganella morganii causing fatal sepsis in a platelet recipient and also isolated from a donor's stool.bacterial contamination of blood products causes significant patient morbidity and mortality. contaminated platelet transfusion is a frequent cause of bacteraemia and sepsis because of the storage conditions of platelets. a fatal case of morganella morganii platelet transfusion associated with sepsis is described, along with procedures traced back to the isolation of m. morganii from a donor's stool. molecular typing was performed, and the same m. morganii strain was found in blood and post-mort ...200415180816
resistance rates to commonly used antimicrobials among pathogens of both bacteremic and non-bacteremic community-acquired urinary tract infection.this study examined the distribution of organisms and their antimicrobial resistance in patients admitted due to acute bacteremic and non-bacteremic community-acquired urinary tract infection (uti). during a period of 1 year and 1 month, a total of 201 patients and 253 bacterial isolates were studied. fever higher than 38.5 degrees c was significantly more common in the bacteremic group than the non-bacteremic group (68% vs 48%; p<0.05). escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aerug ...200415221039
[bacteremia in an obese patient with cellulitis and chronic ulceration in the lower extremity]. 200415228905
kirby-bauer disc approximation to detect inducible third-generation cephalosporin resistance in enterobacteriaceae.resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics in enteric gram-negative bacilli may be difficult to detect using standard methods of either kirby-bauer disc diffusion (kbdd) or broth dilution for minimal inhibitory concentration (mic). this difficulty is due to genetic differences in resistance determinants, differences in levels of gene expression, and variation in spectra of enzymatic activity against the substrate beta-lactams used for susceptibility testing. we have examined 95 clinical isolates repo ...200415256000
emerging resistance among bacterial pathogens in the intensive care unit--a european and north american surveillance study (2000-2002).globally icus are encountering emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and for some pathogens there are few therapeutic options available.200415283864
a novel glutamate-dependent acid resistance among strains belonging to the proteeae tribe of enterobacteriaceae.morganella, providencia and proteus strains were capable of surviving ph 2.0 for 1 h if glutamate was present. these strains did not have glutamic acid decarboxylase activity and the gadab genes were not detected in any of these bacteria. when exposed to ph 2.0 acid shocks, the survival rate of these bacteria was significantly increased with glutamate concentrations as low as 0.3 mm in the acid media. escherichia coli cells incubated at ph 3.4 consumed four times more glutamate and produced at l ...200415321677
acute postoperative morganella morganii panophthalmitis. 200515332093
salicylate decreases production of ampc type beta-lactamases and increases susceptibility to beta-lactams in a morganella morganii clinical isolate.the effect of salicylate, a marrab inducer, on the resistance to beta-lactams was characterized in an ampc beta-lactamase hyperproducer morganella morganii clinical isolate (the m1 strain). results were compared with those of the effect of salicylate in a wild-type m. morganii strain. salicylate induced a decreased susceptibility to nalidixic acid, norfloxacin and tetracycline and simultaneously increased the susceptibility to beta-lactams apparently due to the repression of ampc beta-lactamase ...200415336414
prulifloxacin.prulifloxacin, the prodrug of ulifloxacin, is a broad-spectrum oral fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent. after absorption, prulifloxacin is metabolised by esterases to ulifloxacin. the drug has a long elimination half-life, allowing once-daily administration. ulifloxacin is generally more active in vitro than other fluoroquinolones against a variety of clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria, including community and nosocomial isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., proteus, providenc ...200415456336
evaluation of the microscan esbl plus confirmation panel for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of oxyimino-cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacteria.we aimed to assess the performance of the microscan esbl plus confirmation panel using a series of 87 oxyimino-cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacilli of various species.200415471997
[osteomyelitis of the rib due to morganella morganii]. 200415476428
detection of ticarcillin-clavulonic acid susceptibility with microdilution method in citrobacter, hafnia, proteus and some gram negative bacteria.the broth dilution method has been regarded as a good alternative test for detection of susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents. in this study, the antimicrobial activity of ticarcillin-clavulonic acid (tim) was investigated by the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) method on strains of aeromonas, citrobacter, hafnia, morganella, proteus, pseudomonas and gram negative bacteria isolated from raw milk. the isolate collection included 91 gram negative strains. fifty-one (56.04%) isolates were ...200415508433
[envenoming by malayan cobra (naja naja sputatrix)--case report].malayan cobra (naja naja sputatrix) is the venomous snake of the elapidae family which involves at least three species of asian spitting cobras, according to the new taxonomy. this snake occurs naturally in southeastern asia and in poland it is kept only in the private breedings. its venom mainly contains neurotoxins which have paralyzing activities to the nervous system and cardiotoxins which act cytolytically. the present study shows a case of the forty-one-year-old man professionally engaging ...200415521620
metallo-beta-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacilli: laboratory-based surveillance in cooperation with 13 clinical laboratories in the kinki region of japan.a total of 19,753 strains of gram-negative rods collected during two 6-month periods (october 2000 to march 2001 and november 2001 to april 2002) from 13 clinical laboratories in the kinki region of japan were investigated for the production of metallo-beta-lactamases (mbls). mbls were detected in 96 (0.5%) of the 19,753 isolates by the broth microdilution method, the 2-mercaptopropionic acid inhibition test, and pcr and dna sequencing analyses. mbl-positive isolates were detected in 9 of 13 lab ...200415528723
effect of ceftazidime, amikacin and ciprofloxacin on biofilm formation by some enterobacterial clinical isolates.the effect of sub-minimal inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobial agents on the biofilm formationto polystyrene by escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, providencia stuartii, and morganella morganii was investigated by examining eight clinical strains. all the isolates tested were efficient biofilm-forming strains in the microtiter plate assay, with crystal violet staining (od595 nm) ranging from 0.13 +/- 0.01 for p. stuartii er21870 to 1.23 +/- 0.02 for p. vulgaris er50120. the biofilm formati ...200415528892
histidine decarboxylase in enterobacteriaceae revisited.with a modification of taylor's decarboxylation broth, histidine decarboxylase was detected in enterobacter aerogenes, morganella morganii, raoultella ornithinolytica, and some strains of citrobacter youngae and raoultella planticola. this method provides a useful confirmatory test for identification of e. aerogenes strains.200415583342
early onset neonatal sepsis due to morganella morganii.two neonates, both 32-weekers, developed morganella morganii sepsis on the first day of life. they presented within a day of each other, primarily with respiratory signs. in both cases there was a history of spontaneous premature rupture of membranes, exposure to a single dose of ampicillin ante-partum, and similar antibiograms. no common source could be identified.200415591668
inhibitory effects of various micro-organisms on the growth of helicobacter examine the in vitro influence of various bacteria species on helicobacter pylori (hp) growth.200515613007
[bacterial causes of meningitis in newborns].bacterial meningitis jeopardizes the life of affected newborns and in survived children often leaves permanent sequels. the sooner the diagnosis is established and the therapy is started, the more a prosperous outcome can be expected. when the indication is established, lumbar punction should be performed. on the basis of the results of cytological and biochemical analyses of the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) that point to bacterial meningitis, the initial therapy should begin even before the result ...200115637989
acrab efflux pump plays a role in decreased susceptibility to tigecycline in morganella morganii.transposon mutagenesis of a clinical isolate of morganella morganii, g1492 (tigecycline mic of 4 microg/ml), yielded two insertion knockout mutants for which tigecycline mics were 0.03 microg/ml. transposon insertions mapped to acra, which is constitutively overexpressed in g1492, suggesting a role of the acrab efflux pump in decreased susceptibility to tigecycline in m. morganii.200515673770
darier's disease in singapore.darier's disease is a rare, dominantly inherited genodermatosis. although it has been well studied in caucasians, very little is known about the clinical spectrum of this disorder among asians.200515727640
description of in116, the first blactx-m-2-containing complex class 1 integron found in morganella morganii isolates from buenos aires, argentina.we analysed the architecture and probable origin of a class 1 integron from cefotaxime-resistant morganella morganii isolates.200515743901
[urinary tract infections in children--etiologic agents and susceptibility to antibiotics].urinary tract infections (utis) are common clinical problem in pediatric hospitals. the aim of this study was to compare the incidence of utis during two different time periods (from february 1999 to march 2000, and from april 2000 to september 2001) in pediatric patients treated in ambulatory or hospitalized in new children hospital. the frequency of occurrence of esbl--producing gram-negative rods increased during second period study. the isolated esbl--producing strains were resistant also to ...200415765758
outbreaks of contaminated broncho-alveolar lavage related to intrinsically defective bronchoscopes.from 5 march 2001 to 19 october 2001, outbreaks of broncho-alveolar lavage (bal) contamination with enterobacteraceae were detected in our 700-bed institution. we report the investigation of these outbreaks. a case was defined as the occurrence of pairs of specific enterobacteraceae in bal specimens among any patients who underwent bronchoscopy in the respiratory unit during the period of the outbreak. contamination was identified in 117 bal samples during three outbreaks among 418 patients, and ...200515893850
significant histamine formation in tuna (thunnus albacares) at 2 degrees c--effect of vacuum- and modified atmosphere-packaging on psychrotolerant bacteria.occurrence and importance of psychrotolerant histamine producing bacteria in chilled fresh tuna were demonstrated in the present study. the objective was to evaluate microbial formation of histamine and biogenic amines in chilled fresh tuna from the indian ocean and stored either vacuum-packed (vp) or modified atmosphere-packed (map). firstly, biogenic amines and the dominating microbiota were determined in vp tuna involved in an outbreak of histamine fish poisoning in denmark. secondly, the mic ...200515925710
surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in bulgaria--a synopsis from bulstar 2003.we introduce bulgarian surveillance tracking antimicrobial resistance (bulstar) and make the first report on surveillance data for 2003. this longitudinal surveillance programme monitors the isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of all clinically significant microorganisms isolated from blood cultures, cerebrospinal fluid, upper and lower respiratory tract, urine and wound samples in the participating microbiology laboratories. twenty eight public, 45 hospital and 6 private laboratories fro ...200516077213
dissemination of ctx-m-type extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes to unusual hosts.a citrobacter amalonaticus and a morganella morganii producing the ctx-m-1 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) were isolated from an area where this enzyme is now widespread in escherichia coli. this is the first report of ctx-m-1 in the former species. in both cases the esbl determinant was possibly acquired by these unusual hosts in vivo, after coinfection with e. coli strains carrying conjugative plasmids encoding ctx-m-1.200516081971
prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas and stenotrophomonas as determined by the vitek 2 and e test systems in a kuwait teaching determine the prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing members of the enterobacteriaceae using vitek 2 and e test systems.200516103698
antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata cav. ethanolic extracts.the present study was conducted to investigate antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata ethanolic extract against 47 strains of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria and to identify bioactive compounds. inhibition of bacterial growth was investigated using agar diffusion, agar macrodilution, broth microdilution and bioautographic methods. zuccagnia punctata extract was active against all assayed bacteria (escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, enterobacter cloacae, ...200516137849
[surveillance of susceptibility of clinical isolates to cefmetazole between 2000 and 2003].for the post-marketing surveillance of cefmetazole (cmz, cefmetazon), mics of injectable beta-lactam antibacterials including cmz against clinical isolates from 15 medical institutions all over japan are measured yearly and the incidence rates of resistance in various species are also evaluated. in the first surveillance from june 2000 to march 2001, 574 isolates of 13 species were tested, 548 isolates of the same 13 species were tested in the second surveillance from april 2001 to march 2002, a ...200516161756
a novel selective nucleoside phosphorylating enzyme from morganella morganii.a selective nucleoside phosphorylating enzyme was purified to homogeneity from morganella morganii ncimb10466 crude extract. the enzyme appeared to consist of six subunits identical in molecular mass (m(r) 25,000). it phosphorylated various nucleosides at the 5'-position to produce nucleoside-5'-monophosphates using pyrophosphate as the phosphate source. energy-rich compounds, such as carbamylphosphate and acetylphosphate, were also very effective phosphate donors. the enzyme also exhibited phos ...199916232546
acid phosphatase/phosphotransferases from enteric bacteria.we have investigated the enzymatic phosphorylation of nucleosides and found that morganella morganii phoc acid phosphatase exhibits regioselective pyrophosphate (pp(i))-nucleoside phosphotransferase activity. in this study, we isolated genes encoding an acid phosphatase with regioselective phosphotransferase activity (ap/ptase) from providencia stuartii, enterobacter aerogenes, escherichia blattae and klebsiella planticola, and compared the primary structures and enzymatic characteristics of the ...200116233057
incidence of class 1 integrons in multiple antibiotic-resistant gram-negative copiotrophic bacteria from the river torsa in india.the presence of class 1 integrons in multiple-antibiotic-resistant (mar) gram-negative copiotrophic bacteria from the river torsa in india was detected using a polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based screening method. among 100 isolates that were resistant to at least five of the twelve antibiotics tested, 40 carried class 1 integrons, with inserted dna regions of 0.7-3.2 kb. carriage of integrons in strains of higher mar index was found to be statistically significant. dna sequencing was used to ...200616239097
evaluation of the new vitek 2 gn card for the identification of gram-negative bacilli frequently encountered in clinical laboratories.the new vitek 2 gn card (biomérieux, marcy-l'etoile, france) was developed for better identification of fermenting and nonfermenting bacilli. this new card allows the identification of 159 taxa. a total of 426 isolates (331 fermenting and 95 nonfermenting gram-negative bacilli) belonging to 70 taxa covered by the database were evaluated. all isolates were identified in parallel with the id 32 gn, the api 20e, and the api 20ne methods. the system correctly identified 97.4% (n=415) of the strains. ...200516261305
ytr-830h: its origin, the present and the future. 198916312317
in vitro evaluation of new beta-lactamase inhibitor: ytr830h and derivatives. 198916312318
effect of triclosan on the development of bacterial biofilms by urinary tract pathogens on urinary examine (i) the effect of triclosan on the formation of catheter biofilms by urinary tract pathogens and (ii) the diffusion of triclosan through the retention balloons of urinary catheters.200616339844
pharmacologic characteristics of prulifloxacin.prulifloxacin, the prodrug of ulifloxacin, is a broad-spectrum oral fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent. after absorption, prulifloxacin is metabolized by esterases to ulifloxacin. the drug has a long elimination half-life, allowing once-daily administration. in vitro, ulifloxacin is generally more active than other fluoroquinolones against a variety of clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria, including community and nosocomial isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., proteus, providen ...200616360331
central nervous system infection caused by morganella morganii.central nervous system (cns) infection with morganella morganii is very rare. we describe a 38-year-old female patient with frontal brain abscess caused by m morganii who was unsuccessfully treated. we also review all reported cases of morganella cns infections with an emphasis on treatment modalities and outcomes. aggressive surgical management and appropriate antimicrobial therapy can lead to cure, but the mortality rate for these infections remains high.200616415665
[beta-lactamases of gram negative bacteria: never-ending clockwork!].the acquired resistance against the wide-spectrum and highly stable beta-lactams including third-generation cephalosporins (3gc) and carbapenems is constinuously increasing and widespead with the discovery of various plasmid-encoded, or genes cassette or integrons coding for a novel beta-lactamase, always a major mechanism of resistance. to explain resistance against 3gc, with the continuing story with tem and shv mutated enzymes, several types of esbl (class a) emerge the ctx-m type, at least c ...200616420989
emergence of dha-1-producing klebsiella spp. in the parisian region: genetic organization of the ampc and ampr genes originating from morganella morganii.eleven klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolates and one klebsiella oxytoca clinical isolate showing various pulsed-field gel electrophoresis types and producing an inducible dha-1 class c beta-lactamase were isolated in the parisian region between 1998 and 2003. the aim of this study was to compare the genetic organization of the bla(dha-1) genes in this collection of clinical isolates. in four isolates, the morganella morganii-derived genomic region containing bla(dha-1) was inserted in an entir ...200616436717
clonal occurrences of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacilli: report from the meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection surveillance program in the united states (2004).the meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection program is a global, longitudinal resistance surveillance network of more than 100 medical centers worldwide monitoring the susceptibility of bacterial pathogens to carbapenems and other broad-spectrum agents. between 1999 and 2004, a total of 10-16 us medical centers referred up to 200 nonduplicate isolates from clinical infections to a central processing laboratory. over this 6-year period, the antimicrobial activity of 12 broad-s ...200616466890
a rare cause of ludwig's angina by morganella morganii.ludwig's angina is a rapidly spreading and potentially lethal infection involving the floor of the mouth and neck. we present a rare case of ludwig's angina caused by an unusual microorganism, morganella morganii, and the group d alpha-hemolytic streptococcus. to our knowledge, this is the first case of ludwig's angina and deep neck infection caused by morganella morganii. adequate airway maintenance, appropriate use of antibiotics and surgical drainage resulted in survival of the patient withou ...200616483664
biochemical and molecular characterization of three new variants of ampc beta-lactamases from morganella morganii.morganella morganii produces an inducible, chromosomally encoded ampc beta-lactamase. we describe in this study three new variants of ampc within this species with apparent pis of 6.6 (m19 from m. morganii strain pp19), 7.4 (m29 from m. morganii strain pp29), and 7.8 (m37 from m. morganii strain pp37). after gene sequencing, deduced amino acid sequences displayed one to six substitutions when compared to the available morganella ampc sequences. an ampr-encoding gene was also found upstream of am ...200616495258
detection of bacterial strains producing sulbactam- or tazobactam-sensitive beta-lactamases by the use of disks containing the inhibitors alone instead of combining them with antibiotics.the author demonstrated that disks containing beta-lactamase inhibitors sulbactam or tazobactam combined with ampicillin (sam) and piperacillin (tzp) are not suitable for performing the double-disk synergy test (ddst) with the aim of determining the sensitivity of beta-lactamases to these inhibitors. the presence of antibiotics (especially of piperacillin) is so disturbing that the results of testing are not specific. in contrast, the use of disks containing sulbactam or tazobactam alone yields ...200616499654
optimization of ferrioxamine e concentration as effective supplementation for selective isolation of salmonella enteritidis in egg white.utilization of ferrioxamine e (fe) as a sole source of iron distinguishes salmonella from a number of related species, including escherichia coli. fe is not able to serve as a source of iron for e. coli or the proteus-providencia-morganella group. this confers a selective advantage on salmonella enteritidis in egg white supplemented with fe. the optimum concentration of fe that promoted a selective advantage for salmonella in egg white was determined. four supplementation concentrations were eva ...200616541696
isolation of enterobacter sakazakii from stable flies, stomoxys calcitrans l. (diptera: muscidae).enterobacter sakazakii is an opportunistic foodborne pathogen that causes meningitis, enterocolitis, and sepsis, primarily in immunocompromised infants. previously, it was suggested that stable flies, stomoxys calcitrans, were a vector or reservoir of this pathogen. in our study, by means of a culturing approach combined with 16s rdna pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism genotyping and sequencing, we screened 928 individual stable flies collected in kansas and florida. two stable flies ( ...200616541702
exoproducts of the escherichia coli strain h22 inhibiting some enteric pathogens both in vitro and in vivo.the antagonistic activity of the escherichia coli strain h22 against enteric bacteria was studied both in vitro and in vivo.200616553738
early onset morganella morganii sepsis in a newborn infant with emergence of cephalosporin resistance caused by depression of ampc beta-lactamase production..a preterm infant with early onset morganella morganii sepsis was treated with cefotaxime and gentamicin after confirmation of antimicrobial susceptibility. the infant developed persistent ventriculitis caused by the emergence of a cefotaxime-resistant morganella variant with derepression of its ampc beta-lactamase. when choosing antibiotic therapy, the risk of development of resistance to cephalosporins should be considered in infections caused by m. morganii and other gram-negative organisms wi ...200616567997
morganella morganii pericarditis 3 years after allogenic bone marrow transplantation for mantle cell lymphoma.we report herein a case of morganella morganii-associated acute purulent pericarditis that developed 3 years after allogenic bone marrow transplantation. the patient was successfully treated with surgical drainage and cefotaxime for 6 weeks. splenectomy and immunosuppression for chronic gvh-d are likely to have favored the development of this rare infectious complication after bmt. m. morganii should be added to the list of bacteria causing purulent pericarditis, especially in immunocompromised ...200616569434
formation of histamine and biogenic amines in cold-smoked tuna: an investigation of psychrotolerant bacteria from samples implicated in cases of histamine fish poisoning.two outbreaks and a single case of histamine fish poisoning associated with cold-smoked tuna (cst) were reported in denmark during 2004. the bacteria most likely responsible for histamine formation in cst implicated in histamine fish poisoning was identified for the first time in this study. product characteristics and profiles of biogenic amines in the implicated products were also recorded. in the single poisoning case, psychrotolerant morganella morganii-like bacteria most likely was responsi ...200616629036
improved production of enzymes, which are expressed under the pho regulon promoter, in the rmf gene (encoding ribosome modulation factor) disruptant of escherichia coli.using a dna macroarray, we investigated the effects of rmf gene (encoding ribosome modulation factor) disruption on gene expression profiles in escherichia coli. this strain showed a phosphate-starvation-like response in gene expression even under phosphate sufficient conditions; significant upregulation of the pho regulon genes was observed. further, the production of alkaline phosphatase, a product of the pho regulon gene, phoa, increased in the rmf disruptant under a pi sufficient condition. ...200616636463
first report of morganella morganii producing ctx-m-15 beta-lactamase. 200616690259
integron presence in a multiresistant morganella morganii isolate.a multiresistant strain of morganella morganii was isolated from a patient affected by several severe pathologies. the isolate was found to be resistant to the following antimicrobials: ampicillin, nalidixic acid, cefalothin, cefoxitin, ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, erythromycin, gentamicin, novobiocin, penicillin, rifampicin, tetracycline and violet crystal. mechanisms leading to this multiresistance were studied. porins of m. morganii multiresistant and wild-type s ...200616690260
[a puzzle of the physician and the patient]. 200616835961
clinical characteristics and risk factors for mortality in morganella morganii clarify the clinical characteristics and risk factors for mortality of patients with morganella morganii bacteremia.200616926980
adverse effects of increased intra-abdominal pressure on small bowel structure and bacterial translocation in the rat.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of elevated intra-abdominal pressure (iap) on intestinal structures and bacterial translocation in the rat.200616968194
[penile skin necrosis after application of a ring and defect coverage by a skin mesh graft].penile strangulations are rare and always need an individual emergency treatment. functional impairment and loss of organ integrity are the most serious complications.200617004184
increased serum iga and igm against lps of enterobacteria in chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs): indication for the involvement of gram-negative enterobacteria in the etiology of cfs and for the presence of an increased gut-intestinal permeability.there is now evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) is accompanied by immune disorders and by increased oxidative stress. the present study has been designed in order to examine the serum concentrations of iga and igm to lps of gram-negative enterobacteria, i.e. hafnia alvei; pseudomonas aeruginosa, morganella morganii, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas putida, citrobacter koseri, and klebsiella pneumoniae in cfs patients, patients with partial cfs and normal controls. we found that the preva ...200717007934
morganella psychrotolerans sp. nov., a histamine-producing bacterium isolated from various seafoods.mesophilic morganella morganii (n=6) and psychrotolerant m. morganii-like isolates from various seafoods (n=13), as well as clinical m. morganii isolates (n=3), were characterized by using a polyphasic approach including multi-locus sequencing. based on the phylogenetic analysis, the 22 strains were divided into two distinct groups comprising mesophilic and psychrotolerant isolates, respectively. this classification was supported by dna-dna hybridization studies, whereby a psychrotolerant isolat ...200617012582
high-level vancomycin-resistant staphylococcus aureus isolates associated with a polymicrobial biofilm.glycopeptides such as vancomycin are the treatment of choice for infections due to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. this study describes the identification of high-level vancomycin-resistant s. aureus (vrsa) isolates in a polymicrobial biofilm within an indwelling nephrostomy tube in a patient in new york. s. aureus, enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus faecium, micrococcus species, morganella morganii, and pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated from the biofilm. for vrsa isolates, vanc ...200717074796
occurrence and diversity of integrons and beta-lactamase genes among ampicillin-resistant isolates from estuarine waters.the aim of the present study was to assess the occurrence and molecular diversity of beta-lactamase genes and integrons among gram-negative ampicillin-resistant bacteria from ria de aveiro. ampicillin-resistant isolates were selected and subjected to genotyping using rep-pcr. representatives from each rep pattern were affiliated with the following taxa by sequencing the 16s rrna gene: aeromonas caviae, a. hydrophila, a. media, a. molluscorum, a. veronii, a. salmonicida, aeromonas sp., pseudomona ...200617125975
[pneumatosis cystoides intestini caeci--a pseudotumor presented at autopsy].a large focus of cystic intestinal pneumatosis appeared as an accidental finding in a 59-year-old man suffering from obstructive lung disease, with cor pulmonale as the cause of death. the gas pseudocysts were found in the submucosa, muscularis propria and in the subserosal space. the pseudocysts were lined by flattened cells of connective tissue origin with presence of occasional macrophages. we believe that the lesion started by focal damage of the mucosal membrane, which was followed by penet ...200617171976
morganella morganii infections in a general tertiary hospital.morganella morganii is a commensal gram-negative bacillus of the intestinal tract of humans and other mammals and reptiles. few reports exist in the literature regarding infections caused by this organism.200617180585
evaluation of a new selective chromogenic agar medium for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae.a novel chromogenic agar medium (esbl-bx; biomérieux, marcy l'etoile, france) was compared to macconkey agar supplemented with 2 mg ceftazidime/liter (mckc) for the selective isolation and presumptive identification of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing enterobacteriaceae directly from clinical samples. of a total of 644 clinical specimens (including 551 fecal samples), 496 yielded no growth and 148 yielded growth on one or both media. overall, 44 esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae ...200717182756
histidine decarboxylases and their role in accumulation of histamine in tuna and dried saury.histamine-producing bacteria (hpb) such as photobacterium phosphoreum and raoultella planticola possess histidine decarboxylase (hdc), which converts histidine into histamine. histamine fish poisoning (hfp) is attributable to the ingestion of fish containing high levels of histamine produced by hpb. because freezing greatly decreases the histamine-producing ability of hpb, especially of p. phosphoreum, it has been speculated that hfp is caused by hdc itself from hpb cells autolyzing during froze ...200717220267
tension pyopneumothorax. 200717254692
characterization of the bacterial microflora of the tympanic cavity of eastern box turtles with and without aural abscesses.aerobic bacterial cultures of the tympanic cavity of the middle ear were performed in eight eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina) with aural abscesses and 15 eastern box turtles without aural abscesses (controls) that were admitted to the wildlife center of virginia, virginia, usa during 2003. twenty-two bacterial isolates were identified from 17 turtles including 10 gram-negative and 12 gram-positive bacteria. ten of 15 control animals had bacterial growth, resulting in identificati ...200617255456
detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among enterobacteriaceae by use of semiautomated microbiology systems and manual detection procedures.three commercially available microbiology identification and susceptibility testing systems were compared with regard to their ability to detect extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) production in enterobacteriaceae, i.e., the phoenix automated microbiology system (bd diagnostic systems, sparks, md), the vitek 2 system (biomérieux, marcy l'etoile, france), and the microscan walkaway-96 system (dade behring, inc., west sacramento, ca), using routine testing panels. one hundred fifty putative es ...200717287329
[pyrazinamidase activity of bacteria from enterobacteriaceae family as characteristic for taxonomy].pyrazinamidase activity in 330 strains of bacteria from enterobacteriaceae family (14 genus, 27 species) has been assessed. pyrazinamidase activity detected in species from following genuses: citrobacter, escherichia, klebsiella, kluyvera, morganella, providencia, raourtella, salmonella, shigella, and also in proteus mirabilis, and nonpathogenic serovars of yersinia enterocolitica, y. frederiksenii. pirasinamidase was absent in serratia (s. marcescens, s. liguefaciens), hafnia alvei, p. vulgaris ...200617297889
bacterial translocation in small intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury and efficacy of anti-cinc antibody treatment.the involvement of bacterial translocation in small intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injuries and the efficacy of using anti-cinc antibodies for treatment were investigated. a model for ischemia-reperfusion injury of the small intestine was constructed by clamping the supramesenteric artery (for 90 min) in rats. anti-cinc antibodies and saline were given just before the induction of ischemia in the treatment group and the control group, respectively. six hours after reperfusion, bacteria were det ...200717337893
characterization of in3mor, a new integron carrying vim-1 metallo-beta-lactamase and sat1 gene, from morganella morganii.a carbapenem-resistant morganella morganii clinical isolate that was phenotypically metallo-beta-lactamase (mbl)-positive was recovered from a greek patient. the aim of the study was to analyse the structure of the integron containing the mbl gene.200717341470
antimicrobial activity and pollen composition of honey samples collected from different provinces in turkey.the antibacterial activity of honey samples from different sources were collected and investigated against bacillus cereus, staphylococcus aureus atcc 25923, pseudomonas aeruginosa atcc 27853, klebsiella pneumoniae atcc 27736, morganella morganii, micrococcus luteus nrrl b-4375, escherichia coli atcc 35218, and candida albicans. pathogens exhibited different sensitivities towards the honey samples. the results showed that majority of the honey samples (75%) generally inhibitied the bacteria test ...200717365707
primary urinary tract infection in infants: prophylaxis for uncomplicated pyelonephritis.urinary tract infection (uti) is one of the most common causes of unexplained fever in infants with a reported prevalence range of 5-11%. the clinical and laboratory findings were reviewed, and diagnosis and treatment for 95 infants with primary uti were evaluated in this study.200717371343
[evaluation of vitek 2 performance for identifying extended spectrum beta-lactamases in enterobacteriaceae "other than escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella spp"].production of beta-lactamases is the main resistance mechanism of gram-negative bacteria against beta-lactam antibiotics. extended spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) have the ability to hydrolyze a broader spectrum of beta-lactam drugs. hence rapid, accurate detection of this resistance mechanism is extremely important to guide proper patient antimicrobial therapy. these enzymes are most commonly produced by klebsiella spp. and escherichia coli, but may also occur widely in other gram-negative bac ...200617380089
pathogens in early-onset and late-onset intensive care unit-acquired compare the type of pathogens isolated from patients with early-onset intensive care unit (icu)-acquired pneumonia with those isolated from patients with late-onset icu-acquired pneumonia and to study risk factors for the isolation of pathogens that are potentially resistant to multiple drugs.200717385143
insecticidal bacteria isolated from predatory larvae of the antlion species myrmeleon bore (neuroptera: myrmeleontidae).various bacterial species were isolated from the crop (digestive organ) of the antlion species myrmeleon bore and tested for their insecticidal activity against caterpillars by injection. sixty-eight isolates from the antlion crop were grouped into twenty-four species based on homologies of 16s rrna gene sequences and biochemical properties. isolated bacillus cereus, bacillus sphaericus, morganella morganii, serratia marcescens and a klebsiella species killed 80% or more cutworms when injected a ...200717399737
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