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[surveillance of susceptibility of clinical isolates to cefmetazole between 2000 and 2003].for the post-marketing surveillance of cefmetazole (cmz, cefmetazon), mics of injectable beta-lactam antibacterials including cmz against clinical isolates from 15 medical institutions all over japan are measured yearly and the incidence rates of resistance in various species are also evaluated. in the first surveillance from june 2000 to march 2001, 574 isolates of 13 species were tested, 548 isolates of the same 13 species were tested in the second surveillance from april 2001 to march 2002, a ...200516161756
antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata cav. ethanolic extracts.the present study was conducted to investigate antibacterial activity of zuccagnia punctata ethanolic extract against 47 strains of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria and to identify bioactive compounds. inhibition of bacterial growth was investigated using agar diffusion, agar macrodilution, broth microdilution and bioautographic methods. zuccagnia punctata extract was active against all assayed bacteria (escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, enterobacter cloacae, ...200516137849
prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas and stenotrophomonas as determined by the vitek 2 and e test systems in a kuwait teaching determine the prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing members of the enterobacteriaceae using vitek 2 and e test systems.200516103698
dissemination of ctx-m-type extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes to unusual hosts.a citrobacter amalonaticus and a morganella morganii producing the ctx-m-1 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) were isolated from an area where this enzyme is now widespread in escherichia coli. this is the first report of ctx-m-1 in the former species. in both cases the esbl determinant was possibly acquired by these unusual hosts in vivo, after coinfection with e. coli strains carrying conjugative plasmids encoding ctx-m-1.200516081971
surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in bulgaria--a synopsis from bulstar 2003.we introduce bulgarian surveillance tracking antimicrobial resistance (bulstar) and make the first report on surveillance data for 2003. this longitudinal surveillance programme monitors the isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of all clinically significant microorganisms isolated from blood cultures, cerebrospinal fluid, upper and lower respiratory tract, urine and wound samples in the participating microbiology laboratories. twenty eight public, 45 hospital and 6 private laboratories fro ...200516077213
significant histamine formation in tuna (thunnus albacares) at 2 degrees c--effect of vacuum- and modified atmosphere-packaging on psychrotolerant bacteria.occurrence and importance of psychrotolerant histamine producing bacteria in chilled fresh tuna were demonstrated in the present study. the objective was to evaluate microbial formation of histamine and biogenic amines in chilled fresh tuna from the indian ocean and stored either vacuum-packed (vp) or modified atmosphere-packed (map). firstly, biogenic amines and the dominating microbiota were determined in vp tuna involved in an outbreak of histamine fish poisoning in denmark. secondly, the mic ...200515925710
outbreaks of contaminated broncho-alveolar lavage related to intrinsically defective bronchoscopes.from 5 march 2001 to 19 october 2001, outbreaks of broncho-alveolar lavage (bal) contamination with enterobacteraceae were detected in our 700-bed institution. we report the investigation of these outbreaks. a case was defined as the occurrence of pairs of specific enterobacteraceae in bal specimens among any patients who underwent bronchoscopy in the respiratory unit during the period of the outbreak. contamination was identified in 117 bal samples during three outbreaks among 418 patients, and ...200515893850
[urinary tract infections in children--etiologic agents and susceptibility to antibiotics].urinary tract infections (utis) are common clinical problem in pediatric hospitals. the aim of this study was to compare the incidence of utis during two different time periods (from february 1999 to march 2000, and from april 2000 to september 2001) in pediatric patients treated in ambulatory or hospitalized in new children hospital. the frequency of occurrence of esbl--producing gram-negative rods increased during second period study. the isolated esbl--producing strains were resistant also to ...200415765758
description of in116, the first blactx-m-2-containing complex class 1 integron found in morganella morganii isolates from buenos aires, argentina.we analysed the architecture and probable origin of a class 1 integron from cefotaxime-resistant morganella morganii isolates.200515743901
darier's disease in singapore.darier's disease is a rare, dominantly inherited genodermatosis. although it has been well studied in caucasians, very little is known about the clinical spectrum of this disorder among asians.200515727640
acrab efflux pump plays a role in decreased susceptibility to tigecycline in morganella morganii.transposon mutagenesis of a clinical isolate of morganella morganii, g1492 (tigecycline mic of 4 microg/ml), yielded two insertion knockout mutants for which tigecycline mics were 0.03 microg/ml. transposon insertions mapped to acra, which is constitutively overexpressed in g1492, suggesting a role of the acrab efflux pump in decreased susceptibility to tigecycline in m. morganii.200515673770
[bacterial causes of meningitis in newborns].bacterial meningitis jeopardizes the life of affected newborns and in survived children often leaves permanent sequels. the sooner the diagnosis is established and the therapy is started, the more a prosperous outcome can be expected. when the indication is established, lumbar punction should be performed. on the basis of the results of cytological and biochemical analyses of the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) that point to bacterial meningitis, the initial therapy should begin even before the result ...200115637989
inhibitory effects of various micro-organisms on the growth of helicobacter examine the in vitro influence of various bacteria species on helicobacter pylori (hp) growth.200515613007
early onset neonatal sepsis due to morganella morganii.two neonates, both 32-weekers, developed morganella morganii sepsis on the first day of life. they presented within a day of each other, primarily with respiratory signs. in both cases there was a history of spontaneous premature rupture of membranes, exposure to a single dose of ampicillin ante-partum, and similar antibiograms. no common source could be identified.200415591668
histidine decarboxylase in enterobacteriaceae revisited.with a modification of taylor's decarboxylation broth, histidine decarboxylase was detected in enterobacter aerogenes, morganella morganii, raoultella ornithinolytica, and some strains of citrobacter youngae and raoultella planticola. this method provides a useful confirmatory test for identification of e. aerogenes strains.200415583342
effect of ceftazidime, amikacin and ciprofloxacin on biofilm formation by some enterobacterial clinical isolates.the effect of sub-minimal inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobial agents on the biofilm formationto polystyrene by escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, providencia stuartii, and morganella morganii was investigated by examining eight clinical strains. all the isolates tested were efficient biofilm-forming strains in the microtiter plate assay, with crystal violet staining (od595 nm) ranging from 0.13 +/- 0.01 for p. stuartii er21870 to 1.23 +/- 0.02 for p. vulgaris er50120. the biofilm formati ...200415528892
metallo-beta-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacilli: laboratory-based surveillance in cooperation with 13 clinical laboratories in the kinki region of japan.a total of 19,753 strains of gram-negative rods collected during two 6-month periods (october 2000 to march 2001 and november 2001 to april 2002) from 13 clinical laboratories in the kinki region of japan were investigated for the production of metallo-beta-lactamases (mbls). mbls were detected in 96 (0.5%) of the 19,753 isolates by the broth microdilution method, the 2-mercaptopropionic acid inhibition test, and pcr and dna sequencing analyses. mbl-positive isolates were detected in 9 of 13 lab ...200415528723
[envenoming by malayan cobra (naja naja sputatrix)--case report].malayan cobra (naja naja sputatrix) is the venomous snake of the elapidae family which involves at least three species of asian spitting cobras, according to the new taxonomy. this snake occurs naturally in southeastern asia and in poland it is kept only in the private breedings. its venom mainly contains neurotoxins which have paralyzing activities to the nervous system and cardiotoxins which act cytolytically. the present study shows a case of the forty-one-year-old man professionally engaging ...200415521620
detection of ticarcillin-clavulonic acid susceptibility with microdilution method in citrobacter, hafnia, proteus and some gram negative bacteria.the broth dilution method has been regarded as a good alternative test for detection of susceptibilities to antimicrobial agents. in this study, the antimicrobial activity of ticarcillin-clavulonic acid (tim) was investigated by the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) method on strains of aeromonas, citrobacter, hafnia, morganella, proteus, pseudomonas and gram negative bacteria isolated from raw milk. the isolate collection included 91 gram negative strains. fifty-one (56.04%) isolates were ...200415508433
[osteomyelitis of the rib due to morganella morganii]. 200415476428
evaluation of the microscan esbl plus confirmation panel for detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in clinical isolates of oxyimino-cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacteria.we aimed to assess the performance of the microscan esbl plus confirmation panel using a series of 87 oxyimino-cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacilli of various species.200415471997
prulifloxacin.prulifloxacin, the prodrug of ulifloxacin, is a broad-spectrum oral fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent. after absorption, prulifloxacin is metabolised by esterases to ulifloxacin. the drug has a long elimination half-life, allowing once-daily administration. ulifloxacin is generally more active in vitro than other fluoroquinolones against a variety of clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria, including community and nosocomial isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., proteus, providenc ...200415456336
salicylate decreases production of ampc type beta-lactamases and increases susceptibility to beta-lactams in a morganella morganii clinical isolate.the effect of salicylate, a marrab inducer, on the resistance to beta-lactams was characterized in an ampc beta-lactamase hyperproducer morganella morganii clinical isolate (the m1 strain). results were compared with those of the effect of salicylate in a wild-type m. morganii strain. salicylate induced a decreased susceptibility to nalidixic acid, norfloxacin and tetracycline and simultaneously increased the susceptibility to beta-lactams apparently due to the repression of ampc beta-lactamase ...200415336414
acute postoperative morganella morganii panophthalmitis. 200515332093
a novel glutamate-dependent acid resistance among strains belonging to the proteeae tribe of enterobacteriaceae.morganella, providencia and proteus strains were capable of surviving ph 2.0 for 1 h if glutamate was present. these strains did not have glutamic acid decarboxylase activity and the gadab genes were not detected in any of these bacteria. when exposed to ph 2.0 acid shocks, the survival rate of these bacteria was significantly increased with glutamate concentrations as low as 0.3 mm in the acid media. escherichia coli cells incubated at ph 3.4 consumed four times more glutamate and produced at l ...200415321677
emerging resistance among bacterial pathogens in the intensive care unit--a european and north american surveillance study (2000-2002).globally icus are encountering emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and for some pathogens there are few therapeutic options available.200415283864
kirby-bauer disc approximation to detect inducible third-generation cephalosporin resistance in enterobacteriaceae.resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics in enteric gram-negative bacilli may be difficult to detect using standard methods of either kirby-bauer disc diffusion (kbdd) or broth dilution for minimal inhibitory concentration (mic). this difficulty is due to genetic differences in resistance determinants, differences in levels of gene expression, and variation in spectra of enzymatic activity against the substrate beta-lactams used for susceptibility testing. we have examined 95 clinical isolates repo ...200415256000
[bacteremia in an obese patient with cellulitis and chronic ulceration in the lower extremity]. 200415228905
resistance rates to commonly used antimicrobials among pathogens of both bacteremic and non-bacteremic community-acquired urinary tract infection.this study examined the distribution of organisms and their antimicrobial resistance in patients admitted due to acute bacteremic and non-bacteremic community-acquired urinary tract infection (uti). during a period of 1 year and 1 month, a total of 201 patients and 253 bacterial isolates were studied. fever higher than 38.5 degrees c was significantly more common in the bacteremic group than the non-bacteremic group (68% vs 48%; p<0.05). escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aerug ...200415221039
morganella morganii causing fatal sepsis in a platelet recipient and also isolated from a donor's stool.bacterial contamination of blood products causes significant patient morbidity and mortality. contaminated platelet transfusion is a frequent cause of bacteraemia and sepsis because of the storage conditions of platelets. a fatal case of morganella morganii platelet transfusion associated with sepsis is described, along with procedures traced back to the isolation of m. morganii from a donor's stool. molecular typing was performed, and the same m. morganii strain was found in blood and post-mort ...200415180816
improving the pyrophosphate-inosine phosphotransferase activity of escherichia blattae acid phosphatase by sequential site-directed mutagenesis.escherichia blattae acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase (eb-ap/ptase) exhibits c-5'-position selective pyrophosphate-nucleoside phosphotransferase activity in addition to its intrinsic phosphatase. improvement of its phosphotransferase activity was investigated by sequential site-directed mutagenesis. by comparing the primary structures of higher 5'-inosinic acid (5'-imp) productivity and lower 5'-imp productivity acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase, candidate residues of substitution were selec ...200415170108
detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae in oyster, crassostrea rhizophorae, collected from a natural nursery in the cocó river estuary, fortaleza, ceará, brazil.oysters are edible organisms that are often ingested partially cooked or even raw, presenting therefore a very high risk to the consumers' health, especially in tropical regions. the presence of vibrio cholerae and vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters sampled at an estuary in the brazilian northeastern region was studied, with 300 oysters tested through an 8-months period. the salinity of the water at the sampling point varied between 3% and 27. v. cholerae was the most frequently detected species ...200415141271
[antibacterial activity of essential oils on microorganisms isolated from urinary tract infection].the antibacterial activity of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants (ocimum gratissimum, l., cybopogum citratus (dc) stapf., and salvia officinalis, l.) was assessed on bacterial strains derived from 100 urine samples. samples were taken from subjects diagnosed with urinary tract infection living in the community. microorganisms were plated on müller hinton agar. plant extracts were applied using a steers replicator and petri dishes were incubated at 37 degrees c for 24 hours. salvia of ...200415122392
bilateral endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis: a report of four present and discuss four cases of bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis.200415115453
comparative study of the in vitro activity of a new fluoroquinolone, abt-492.the in vitro activity of a new fluoroquinolone, abt-492, was determined.200415056651
detection of pathogenic bacteria in skin lesions of patients with chiclero's ulcer. reluctant response to antimonial treatment.we investigated the bacterial flora present in skin lesions of patients with chiclero's ulcer from the yucatan peninsula of mexico using conventional culture methods (11 patients), and an immunocolorimetric detection of pathogenic streptococcus pyogenes (15 patients). prevalence of bacteria isolated by culture methods was 90.9% (10/11). we cultured, from chiclero's ulcers (60%), pathogenic bacterial such as staphylococcus aureus (20%), s. pyogenes (1.6%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (1.6%), morganell ...200415049096
comparative activities of doripenem versus isolates, mutants, and transconjugants of enterobacteriaceae and acinetobacter spp. with characterized beta-lactamases.doripenem (s-4661), a new parenteral carbapenem, was tested against over 250 clinical isolates, mutants, and transconjugants of enterobacteriaceae and acinetobacter spp., selected or derived for their beta-lactamase expression characteristics. imipenem, meropenem, and ertapenem were tested as comparators, along with cephalosporins and piperacillin-tazobactam, by using national committee for clinical laboratory standards agar dilution methodology. doripenem mics were from 0.03 to 0.25 microg/ml f ...200415047535
photobacterium phosphoreum caused a histamine fish poisoning incident of histamine fish poisoning (hfp) occurred due to the consumption of iwashi maruboshi (dried sardine) in osaka, japan in march 2002. a histamine-producing bacterial strain, ys4-7, was isolated from iwashi maruboshi that contained 1700 mg of histamine per kilogram. this strain was identified as photobacterium phosphoreum by biochemical examinations and partial sequencing of 16s rdna. p. phosphoreum ys4-7 showed greater capability as a histamine producer at 4 and 12 degrees c than morg ...200415033270
[nosocomial infections in a general surgical ward].according to the national nosocomial infection surveillance system we analysed the post-surgical nosocomial infections in a surgery ward of perugia university. between may 2000 and april 2001, 677 patients were enrolled mean age 51.5 years: 355 (52%) male, 462 (68%) asa score 1, "clean" surgery in 355 cases (52%), cephazolin prophylaxis in 256 (38%); 11 (2%) patients deceased perioperatively. a total of 37 nosocomial infections, in 33 patients, were detected: 18 pneumonia (48.6%), 10 surgical si ...200415032335
analysis of ampc beta-lactamase expression and sequence in biochemically atypical ceftazidime-resistant enterobacteriaceae from paediatric analyse the variation of ampc beta-lactamase gene sequence and expression in biochemically atypical enterobacteriaceae isolates, and to identify them definitively.200415014062
[surveillance of susceptibility of clinical isolates to cefmetazole between 2000 and 2002].the antibacterial activity of cefmetazole (cmz) against clinical isolates from 15 medical institutions all over japan was evaluated yearly for two years from june 2000 to march 2002 and compared with that of other parenteral beta-lactams, cefazolin (cez), cefotiam (ctm), sulbactam/cefoperazone (sbt/cpz), and flomoxef (fmox). in the first surveillance from june 2000 to march 2001, 575 isolates of 13 species were tested, and 548 isolates of the same 13 species were tested in the second surveillanc ...200315007873
isolation and characterization of integron-containing bacteria without antibiotic selection.the emergence of antibiotic resistance among pathogenic and commensal bacteria has become a serious problem worldwide. the use and overuse of antibiotics in a number of settings are contributing to the development of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. the class 1 and 2 integrase genes (inti1 and inti2, respectively) were identified in mixed bacterial cultures enriched from bovine feces by growth in buffered peptone water (bpw) followed by integrase-specific pcr. integrase-positive bacterial co ...200414982773
enterococcus casseliflavus bacteremia. case report and literature review.motile enterococci are rare causes of enterococcal bacteremia, usually in immunocompromised patients. we describe a case of polymicrobial bacteremia, including enterococcus casseliflavus, escherichia coli, and morganella morganii, in an 80-year old woman, shortly after a liver biopsy performed to exclude cholangiocarcinoma. we further discuss the unique genetic characteristics and the clinical significance of such isolates, such as their intrinsic resistance to vancomycin, and the low virulence ...200414720498
putrescine, cadaverine, and indole production by bacteria isolated from wild and aquacultured penaeid shrimp stored at 0, 12, 24, and 36 degrees c.putrescine, cadaverine, and indole production capabilities of bacteria isolated from wild domestic and aquacultured ni-caraguan penaeid shrimp in progressive decomposition states were evaluated. the numbers and types of microorganisms responsible for the production of putrescine, cadaverine, and indole in wild and aquacultured shrimp increased with increasing decomposition temperature and time. throughout the storage experiments, mean aerobic plate counts (log/g) ranged from 4.5 to 9.7 and 4.5 t ...200414717362
[morganella morganii and early-onset neonatal infection].morganella morganii is an opportunistic gram-negative bacterium, resistant to ampicillin, and scarcely involved in early-onset neonatal sepsis. case report: after a premature rupture of the membranes, a pregnant patient received prophylactic amoxicillin per os. she developed chorioamnionitis. her infant was diagnosed with early-onset sepsis. maternal and baby's blood cultures grew m. morganii. both the mother and the infant were successfully treated with a third-generation cephalosporin and an a ...200414700759
[post-marketing surveillance of antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates--ii. gram-negative bacteria].as a post-marketing surveillance, the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, carbapenems, monobactams, and penicillins. changes in czop susceptibility among bacteria were also evaluated with the bacterial resistance ratio calculated from the breakpoint mic. twenty-five species (4,154 strains) of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinical ...200314692381
evaluation of novel beta-ribosidase substrates for the differentiation of gram-negative synthesize novel substrates for the detection of beta-ribosidase and assess their potential for the differentiation of gram-negative bacteria.200414678171
two cases of systemic candida glabrata infection following in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.presented here are two cases of systemic candida glabrata infection diagnosed in two expectant mothers and their fetuses at 34 and 22 weeks' gestation. the underlying risk factors in case 1 were in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, recurrent yeast vaginitis and two intravenous injections of betamethasone. the risk factors in case 2 were in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, recurrent yeast vaginitis, antibiotics for treatment of a urinary tract infection due to morganella morganii a ...200414652784
endoscopic treatment in a patient with obstructive jaundice caused by pancreatic pseudocyst.we report a case of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with obstructive jaundice due to compression of the common bile duct by pancreatic pseudocyst. ultrasonography and computed tomographic scan on admission demonstrated an 8 cm cystic lesion located at the head of the pancreas. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ercp) revealed a segment of narrowing at the distal common bile duct which was compressed by the pancreatic pseudocyst. communication between the cyst and pancreatic duct was ...200314649681
comparative evaluation of three chromogenic agars for detection and rapid identification of aerobic gram-negative bacteria in the normal intestinal compare three different chromogenic agars and macconkey agar for the detection of aerobic gram-negative bacteria in the normal intestinal microflora and to assess the accuracy of the chromogenic agars for the direct identification of escherichia coli.200314616678
c-reactive protein and antibacterial activity in blood plasma of colostrum-fed calves and the effect of lactulose.several milk proteins are very important for immunological defense and can be absorbed in the intestine of calves in the first hours after birth. the influence of colostrum intake and the effect of additional lactulose application on the concentration of c-reactive protein (crp) in blood were investigated. the crp is known as a mediator of innate immunity. results were compared to the bovine acute phase protein haptoglobin, and to lactalbumin, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulins in plasma from calv ...200314594250
extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae in community and private health care 1999, 39 of 2,599 isolates of the family enterobacteriaceae (1.5%) collected by eight private laboratories in the aquitaine region in france produced an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl). among these were 19 enterobacter aerogenes isolates; 8 klebsiella pneumoniae isolates; 6 escherichia coli isolates; 3 proteus mirabilis isolates; and 1 isolate each of serratia marcescens, morganella morganii, and providencia stuartii. esbl producers were isolated from 38 patients, including 33 residen ...200314576109
indole can act as an extracellular signal to regulate biofilm formation of escherichia coli and other indole-producing bacteria.we demonstrated previously that genetic inactivation of tryptophanase is responsible for a dramatic decrease in biofilm formation in the laboratory strain escherichia coli s17-1. in the present study, we tested whether the biochemical inhibition of tryptophanase, with the competitive inhibitor oxindolyl-l-alanine, could affect polystyrene colonization by e. coli and other indole-producing bacteria. oxindolyl-l-alanine inhibits, in a dose-dependent manner, indole production and biofilm formation ...200314569285
[yearly changes in antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates between 1996 and 2001--ii. gram-negative bacteria].the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates obtained between 1996 and 2001 were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems and carbapenems. a total of 3,245 strains in 32 species of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected from january to december, and consisted of moraxella subgenus branhamella catarrhalis, escherichia coli, citrobacter freundii, citrobact ...200314567255
in vitro susceptibilities of gram-negative bacteria isolated from hospitalized patients in four european countries, canada, and the united states in 2000-2001 to expanded-spectrum cephalosporins and comparator antimicrobials: implications for therapy.access to current antimicrobial agent surveillance data is an important prerequisite for the optimal management of patients with hospital-acquired infections. the present study used data collected in 2000 to 2001 from 670 laboratories in europe (france, germany, italy, and spain), canada, and the united states to report on the in vitro activities of ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, and comparative agents against >125,000 isolates of gram-negative bacteria from hospitalized patients. all but two isolates ...200314506014
distribution and activity of histidine decarboxylase in morganella. 195813575010
plasmid-mediated extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing strains of enterobacteriaceae isolated from diabetes foot infections in a brazilian diabetic center.we bacteriologically analyzed 156 species of enterobacteriaceae, isolated from 138 patients with community-acquired diabetic foot ulcers, in a prospective study made at a diabetic center and at the federal university of ceará, brazil, from march, 2000, to november, 2001. the samples were cultured using selective media, and identification, susceptibility tests and detection of plasmid-mediated-extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase (esbl) producing strains were made with conventional and automated meth ...200312959684
detection of morganella morganii, a prolific histamine former, by the polymerase chain reaction assay with 16s rdna-targeted primers.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay for the rapid and sensitive detection of the most prolific histamine former, morganella morganii, was developed. 16s rdna targeted pcr primers were designed, and the primer specificity and sensitivity of the pcr assay were evaluated. the 16s rdna sequence (1,503 bp) for m. morganii showed 95% identity to those for enteric bacteria, i.e., enterobacter spp., klebsiella spp., citrobacter spp., hafnia alvei, proteus spp., and providencia spp. the unique primer ...200312929824
morganella morganii-associated arthritis in a diabetic patient. 200312843120
postoperative morganella morganii endophthalmitis associated with subclinical urinary tract infection.we report a case of morganella morganii acute endophthalmitis following clear corneal phacoemulsification cataract surgery in which a coincident asymptomatic chronic urinary tract infection was detected postoperatively. morganella morganii is a gram-negative bacillus that inhabits the gastrointestinal tract and is part of the normal fecal flora. it is an opportunistic pathogen usually encountered in postoperative and nosocomial settings, causing urinary tract and wound infections. chronic urinar ...200312781291
antibiotic prophylaxis by low-dose cefaclor in children with vesicoureteral reflux.sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (smx/tmp) and nitrofurantoin are the most frequently used agents for prophylaxis to reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections (utis) in children with vesicoureteral reflux (vur). nitrofurantoin, however, is not available in japan and increasing resistance of organisms to smx/tmp has recently raised doubts about its effectiveness as a prophylactic agent. this study was conducted to investigate whether antibiotic prophylaxis using low-dose cefaclor can eff ...200312736811
an inducible tellurite-resistance operon in proteus mirabilis.tellurite resistance (te(r)) is widespread in nature and it is shown here that the natural resistance of proteus mirabilis to tellurite is due to a chromosomally located orthologue of plasmid-borne ter genes found in enteric bacteria. the p. mirabilis ter locus (terzabcde) was identified in a screen of tn5lacz-generated mutants of which one contained an insertion in terc. the p. mirabilis terc mutant displayed increased susceptibility to tellurite (te(s)) and complementation with terc carried on ...200312724390
b1 cells contribute to serum igm, but not to intestinal iga, production in gnotobiotic ig allotype chimeric mice.b1 cells are a significant source of natural serum igm, thereby serving as a first line of defense against systemic bacterial and viral infections. they can migrate to the intestinal lamina propria and differentiate into iga-producing plasma cells and thus might play a similar role in mucosal immunity. to investigate the contribution of b1 cells to the intestinal iga response induced by the commensal flora in immunocompetent animals, we generated gnotobiotic and conventionally reared ig allotype ...200312707334
bacteraemia due to tribe proteeae: a review of 132 cases during a decade (1991-2000).to characterize the clinical features of bacteraemia due to tribe proteeae, 132 cases among 130 patients from 1991 to 2000 were analysed. the organisms included the proteus species in 63 cases (p. mirabilis in 41, p. penneri in 2 and p. vulgaris in 20), the providencia species in 8 (p. rettgeri in 3 and p. stuartii 5) and morganella morganii in 61. morganella bacteraemia occurred more frequently in the hospital (70.5%). biliary and hepatic diseases were predominant in cases with morganella bacte ...200312693558
characterization of clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae from italy by the bd phoenix extended-spectrum beta-lactamase detection method.production of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) is an important mechanism of beta-lactam resistance in enterobacteriaceae: identification of esbls based on phenotypic tests is the strategy most commonly used in clinical microbiology laboratories. the phoenix esbl test (bd diagnostic systems, sparks, md.) is a recently developed automated system for detection of esbl-producing gram-negative bacteria. an algorithm based on phenotypic responses to a panel of cephalosporins (ceftazidime plus ...200312682131
[morganella morganii endophthalmitis after vitrectomy: case report and review of the literature].postoperative bacterial endophthalmitis are caused in 80 % of the cases by the patient's own flora. most of the time, bacterial agents are gram-positive ((2/3) of cases) and more rarely gram-negative ((1/3) of cases). usually, pseudomonas sp, proteus sp or klebsiella sp are isolated, but very rarely morganella morganii.200312664382
what have we learnt from community-acquired infections in hong kong?this study was initiated throughout hong kong, to reveal the characteristics of community-acquired infections. all specimens collected by general practitioners from infected patients were followed prospectively, and those that were culture-positive were analysed. four thousand seven hundred and forty-one specimens were collected from 3977 patients by 89 doctors from july 2000 to october 2001. the most common specimens were throat swabs (33%), urine (26%) and sputa (16%). the average culture-posi ...200312654732
[antibacterial activity of cefpodoxime against clinical isolates in 2000 and 2001].as the post-marketing surveillance of cefpodoxime proxetil (banan), mics of cefpodoxime (cpdx, an active form of banan) against 1090 clinical isolates of 22 species from 15 medical institutions all over japan from june 2000 to march 2001 were measured using the broth microdilution method approved by the japanese society of chemotherapy and compared with those of oral cephem antibacterials, cefaclor, cefdinir, cefditoren, and cefcapene. in this study, remarkable change in the activity of cpdx was ...200212621736
diversity of tetracycline resistance genes in bacteria from chilean salmon farms.twenty-five distinct tetracycline-resistant gram-negative bacteria recovered from four chilean fish farms with no history of recent antibiotic use were examined for the presence of tetracycline resistance (tet) genes. sixty percent of the isolates carried 1 of the 22 known tet genes examined. the distribution was as follows. the tet(a) gene was found in six isolates. the tet(b) gene was found in two isolates, including the first description in the genus brevundimonas: two isolates carried the te ...200312604516
[second multicenter study of the in vitro susceptibility to piperacillin-tazobactam].a study was conducted in 1999 on the activity of piperacillin-tazobactam on 1349 strains collected in a spanish multicenter study involving 10 hospitals. a total of 897 gram-negative bacteria of the following genuses were collected: escherichia coli (169), klebsiella spp. (112), pseudomonas spp. (122), enterobacter spp. (92), serratia spp. (44), citrobacter spp. (37), proteus spp. (114), morganella spp. (49), acinetobacter spp. (47), stenotrophomonas spp. (47), haemophilus spp. (45), moraxella s ...200212582446
evaluation of a novel automated chemiluminescent assay system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing.the newly developed rapid lumi eiken/is60 (rl/is60) system automatically determines mics by detecting chemiluminescence produced in the reaction of a chemiluminescent probe and oxygen metabolites from living microorganisms. the present study evaluated this system for accuracy in antimicrobial susceptibility testing. chemiluminescence intensities after 4 h of cultivation of clinically important strains were plotted against various concentrations of antimicrobial agents, which resulted in curves r ...200312517861
occurrence and phenotypic characteristics of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among members of the family enterobacteriaceae at the tel-aviv medical center (israel) and evaluation of diagnostic tests.we assessed the prevalence and phenotypic characteristics of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) producers among cefuroxime-resistant (cxm-r) (mic > or = 32 micro g/ml) members of the family enterobacteriaceae in our institution. the 438 cxm-r clinical isolates obtained from nonurine sources among inpatients were screened. esbl production was confirmed by disk diffusion assay using cefpodoxime (cpd), cefotaxime (ctx), and ceftazidime (ctz) with and without clavulanate (clav). a difference of ...200312517841
[pathogenicity islands in opportunistic enterobacteria].the presence of fragments of genomes hlya, hlyb, papah, papc, sfag, sfaa and kps mt, associated with the pathogenicity islands of escherichia coli, in clinical strains of other genera of the family enterobacteriaceae, has been experimentally evaluated with the use of pcr. the presence of dna fragments specific to the known genes of the pathogenicity clusters of e. coli in representatives of the genera citrobacter, enterobacter, hafnia, klebsiella, morganella, proteus, providencia, serratia and y ...200212506618
brain abscess caused by aerobic gram-negative bacilli: clinical features and therapeutic outcomes.thirty-three patients (24 males and nine females) with brain abscesses resulting from infection by aerobic gram-negative bacilli were identified at kaohsiung chang gung memorial hospital over a period of 14 years. of these, 23 cases developed spontaneously, with the remaining ten postneurosurgery. the organisms most frequently involved were klebsiella (k.) pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli and proteus species and included some rare pathogens, such as salmonella and enterobacte ...200212445926
structural investigation of the o-specific polysaccharides of morganella morganii consisting of two higher sugars.the lipopolysaccharide of the bacterium morganella morganii (strain kf 1676, rk 4222) yielded two polysaccharides, ps1 and ps2, when subjected to mild acid degradation followed by gpc. the polysaccharides were studied by 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy, including two-dimensional cosy, tocsy, noesy, 1h,(13)c hmqc, and hmbc experiments. each polysaccharide was found to contain a disaccharide repeating unit consisting of two higher sugars, 5-acetamidino-7-acetamido-3,5,7,9-tetradeoxy-l-glycero-d-galact ...200212423973
liver abscess metastasizing to prostate and lung. 200212411623
morganella morganii causing solitary liver abscess complicated by pyopericardium and left pleural effusion in a nondiabetic patient.morganella morganii is a rare cause of solitary liver abscess in taiwan. the complication of pyopericardium and pleural effusion in nondiabetic patient with solitary liver abscess are also rare. we present a case of a 48-year-old nondiabetic woman who experienced with epigastric discomfort 1 month prior to admission. chills and fever developed 2 weeks before admission. physical examination on admission revealed engorgement of the jugular vein over the right neck, precordial friction rubs, and te ...200212380794
enhancement of nucleoside phosphorylation activity in an acid phosphatase.escherichia blattae non-specific acid phosphatase (eb-nsap) possesses a pyrophosphate-nucleoside phosphotransferase activity, which is c-5'-position selective. current mutational and structural data were used to generate a mutant eb-nsap for a potential industrial application as an effective and economical protein catalyst in synthesizing nucleotides from nucleosides. first, gly74 and ile153 were replaced by asp and thr, respectively, since the corresponding replacements in the homologous enzyme ...200212200535
antimicrobial resistance of bacterial organisms isolated from determine if antimicrobial resistance occurs in various bacterial species isolated from rats.200112199446
early-onset neonatal sepsis caused by vertical transmission of morganella morganii.the onset of morganella morganii infection within the first 72 h after birth has only been reported on 1 occasion. the authors describe a second case in which m. morganii was cultured from both the neonate's blood and the mother's lochia. the infant was successfully treated with cefotaxime and gentamicin.200212195880
[occurrence of beta-lactamase types esbl and ampc among gram-negative rods isolated from food].the aim of the study was to isolate extended spectrum beta-laktamases (esbl) and chromosomal beta-laktamases ampc producing strains from food products. a total of 739 gram-negative bacteria were tested with double disc diffusion method using cefotaxim, ceftasidim and amoxycillin with clavulanic acid. one strain producing esbl and belonging to stenotrophomonas maltophilia was detected from the ice cream (0.14% of all strains). from different food products a total of 14 microorganisms (1.9%) havin ...200212185694
emerging fluoroquinolone-resistance for common clinically important gram-negative bacteria in taiwan.the in vitro antimicrobial activity of the three most commonly used fluoroquinolones (norfloxacin, ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin) was measured for 2235 isolates of seven common pathogenic gram-negative bacteria. collected from a major teaching hospital in taiwan during the years 1985-86, 1989-90, and 1996-97, the samples were evaluated using the agar dilution method. the overall susceptibility to fluoroquinolones has decreased rapidly after the wide use of these antimicrobial agents. isolates of e ...200212088622
comparative evaluation of two commercial chromogenic media for detection and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens.the performance of two commercial chromogenic media for the isolation and presumptive identification of urinary tract pathogens, the cps id2 (biomérieux, france) and the chromagar orientation (bbl becton dickinson, usa), was evaluated and compared with that of cystine-lactose-electrolyte-deficient agar and tryptic soy agar with 5% sheep blood. the detection, determination of bacterial counts, and presumptive identification of bacteria causing urinary tract infections were evaluated in 3,000 urin ...200212072939
[yearly changes in antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates between 1996 and 2000--ii. gram-negative bacteria].the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates obtained between 1996 and 2000 were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, and carbapenems. thirty-two species 2,697 strains of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinical materials annually collected from january to december, and consisted of moraxella subgenus branhamella catarrhalis (n = 125), escherichia coli (n = 250), citrobacter freu ...200212071094
new synthetic catecholate-type siderophores with triamine analogues of triscatecholate siderophores based on linear or tripodal triamines with or without spacer groups or lipophilic and hydrophilic substituents were synthesized. the catecholate moieties were prepared in oh-forms, as acetylated compounds or masked as 8-methoxycarbonyloxy-2,4-dioxo-1,3-benzoxazine derivatives. some of the new compounds were active as siderophores tested by growth promotion assays using various gram-negative bacteria and mycobacteria under iron limitation and by cas-a ...200212046921
development of a sensitive and specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting and quantifying cmy-2 and shv beta-lactamases.polyclonal rabbit antibodies against shv-1 and cmy-2 beta-lactamases were produced and characterized, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas) were developed. immunoblots revealed that the anti-shv-1 antibody recognized shv-1 but did not recognize tem-1, k-1, oxa-1, or any ampc beta-lactamase tested. the anti-cmy-2 antibody detected escherichia coli cmy-2, enterobacter cloacae p99, klebsiella pneumoniae act-1, and the ampc beta-lactamases of enterobacter aerogenes, morganella morganii, an ...200212037047
antibacterial activities and characterization of novel inhibitors of lpxc.lipid a is the hydrophobic anchor of lipopolysaccharide (lps) and forms the major lipid component of the outer monolayer of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. lipid a is required for bacterial growth and virulence, and inhibition of its biosynthesis is lethal to bacteria. udp-3-o-(r-3-hydroxymyristoyl)-n-acetylglucosamine deacetylase (lpxc) is a metalloenzyme that catalyzes the second step in the biosynthesis of lipid a. inhibitors of lpxc have previously been shown to have antibiotic ...200212019092
ceftriaxone activity against gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens isolated in us clinical microbiology laboratories from 1996 to 2000: results from the surveillance network (tsn) database-usa.ceftriaxone was introduced into clinical practice in the usa in 1985 and was the first extended-spectrum (third-generation) cephalosporin approved for once-daily treatment of patients with gram-positive or gram-negative infections. review of ceftriaxone activity is important given its continued use since the mid-1980s and reports of emerging resistance among all antimicrobial agent classes. we reviewed the activity of ceftriaxone and relevant comparative agents against five gram-positive and 11 ...200212007850
monoassociation of scid mice with helicobacter muridarum, but not four other enterics, provokes ibd upon receipt of t cells.recently, a number of animal models for different aspects of inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) have been developed. the aim of this study was to use one of these to determine whether particular, ostensibly innocuous, intestinal bacteria could provoke or exacerbate ibd.200211984521
[post-marketing surveillance of antibacterial activities of cefozopran against various clinical isolates--ii. gram-negative bacteria].as a post-marketing surveillance, the in vitro antibacterial activities of cefozopran (czop), an agent of cephems, against various clinical isolates were yearly evaluated and compared with those of other cephems, oxacephems, penicillins, monobactams, and carbapenems. changes in czop susceptibility for the bacteria were also evaluated with the bacterial resistance ratio calculated with the breakpoint mic. twenty-five species (3,362 strains) of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from the clinica ...200211977920
[morganella morgagnii septic arthritis]. 200211940403
evolution of the gyrb gene and the molecular phylogeny of enterobacteriaceae: a model molecule for molecular systematic studies.phylogenetic trees showing the evolutionary relatedness of enterobacteriaceae based upon gyrb and 16s rrna genes were compared. congruence among trees of these molecules indicates that the genomes of these species are not completely mosaic and that molecular systematic studies can be carried out. phylogenetic trees based on gyrb sequences appeared to be more reliable at determining relationships among serratia species than trees based on 16s rrna gene sequences. gyrb sequences from serratia spec ...200211931166
men 10700, a new penem antibiotic: in vitro antibacterial activity on clinical 10700 is a new broad-spectrum penem, currently in preclinical development. in the present study, the activity of men 10700 was compared to that of imipenem, meropenem, cefotaxime, ampicillin/sulbactam, amikacin and ciprofloxacin against 619 gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains, and to that of imipenem, meropenem, cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, ceftazidime, cefepime and ampicillin/sulbactam against 38 strains of ciprofloxacin-resistant escherichia coli, and against 19 extended-spectrum ...200211901251
modification of niven's medium for the enumeration of histamine-forming bacteria and discussion of the parameters associated with its use.the objective of this study was to improve niven's medium (nm) for the optimized enumeration of histamine-forming bacteria (hfb). the parameters modified related to solidification of the agar at low ph values (ph 5.3 to 5.8), incubation time (24, 48, and 72 h) and temperature (30 and 37 degrees c), number of colonies developed on the plate to allow enumeration of hfb, and color differentiation. strains of hfb, morganella morganii, klebsiella pneumoniae, and hafnia alvei were examined for their a ...200211899055
high frequency of antibiotic resistance among gram-negative isolates in intensive care units at 10 swedish hospitals.objective: to investigate the resistance rates among gram-negative isolates in swedish intensive care units (icus). methods: during 1994-95, members of the swedish study group collected, on clinical indication, 502 consecutive initial isolates of gram-negative bacteria from patients admitted to icus at 10 swedish hospitals and performed minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) determinations with the etest. breakpoints were defined according to the criteria of the swedish reference group for antib ...199711864106
[etiological factors of urinary tract infections in children].etiological factors of urinary tract infection in children have been studied. the escherichia coli, klebsiella sp., enterococcus sp. and enterobacter sp. were the most often isolated bacteria from infant and baby urine. in this age group of patients uromycoses were also affirmed. from the urine of older children (1-18 years old) mainly escherichia coli, enterococcus sp., proteus sp. and morganella morganii have been raised. uropathogens' occurrence was analysed by a statistical method in the rel ...200111852813
primary low-grade malt lymphoma of the gallbladder.we report a case of primary low-grade b-cell lymphoma of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (low-grade malt lymphoma) in the gallbladder. a 58-year-old woman suspected of gallbladder carcinoma underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy. microscopic examination of the gallbladder demonstrated lymphoid cell infiltration forming lymphoid follicles with hyperplastic secondary follicles. the surrounding monocytoid b cells and centrocyte-like cells selectively infiltrated the crypt epithelium forming l ...200111844071
morganelliasis pneumonia in a captive jaguar.suppurative bronchopneumonia was discovered in a 6-yr-old male jaguar (panthera onca onca) that died after a 1 wk history of anorexia, depression, and respiratory difficulty. morganella morganii was isolated as a pure culture from the lung, spleen, and heart blood. this is the first record of m. morganii induced pneumonia in a jaguar.200211838216
deep neck infections in children.from december 1989 through 1998, a total of 68 children with deep neck infection were enrolled into this study. the mean age was 5.9 years (range, 1 month-15.8 years). infections in the retropharyngeal space (36.7%) were most common, followed by parapharyngeal space (30.8%), peritonsillar space (20.6%), and submandibular space (11.9%). fever, neck pain, and swelling were the most frequent symptoms. the most common pathogens were viridans streptococci (41%, 16/39) and staphylococcus aureus (26%, ...200111825010
identification and characterization of pvua, a gene encoding the ferric vibrioferrin receptor protein in vibrio parahaemolyticus.we previously reported that vibrio parahaemolyticus expresses two outer membrane proteins of 78 and 83 kda concomitant with production of siderophore vibrioferrin in response to iron starvation stress and that these proteins are the ferric vibrioferrin receptor and heme receptor, respectively (s. yamamoto, t. akiyama, n. okujo, s. matsuura, and s. shinoda, microbiol. immunol. 39:759-766, 1995; s. yamamoto, y. hara, k. tomochika, and s. shinoda, fems microbiol. lett. 128:195-200, 1995). in this s ...200211807053
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