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antigenic relationship between morganella morganii and yersinia enterocolitica.two new o antigens have been described for the morganella morganii antigenic schema. o antigens of the strains representing the new serotypes (o43 :h2 and o44 : h19, 37) are related to yersinia enterocolitica o9 and o17, respectively.197659520
o antigen grouping of morganella morganii (proteus morganii) by slide agglutination.antisera were prepared against morganella morganii (proteus morganii) type strains from the scheme described by rauss et al. (acta microbiol. acad. sci. hung. 22:315--321, 1975) and raus and vörös (acta microbiol. acad. sci. hung. 6:233--248, 1959; acta microbiol. acad. sci. hung. 14:195--198, 1967). the specificities of the somatic (o) antigens were studied using the passive hemagglutination and slide agglutination techniques. previously unreported interstrain relations were observed, and o gro ...1979500798
[bacteria of the genus morganella]. 1976782106
[microbiological characteristics of bacteria of the genera proteus and morganella isolated from ill and healthy children]. 19751094728
[in vitro examination on antibacterial activities of broad-spectrum antibiotics against gram-negative clinical isolates (author's transl)].in vitro studies were undertaken on clinically isolated strains of various bacteria to examine the antibacterial activity of ampicillin (ab-pc), carbenicillin (cb-pc), sulbenicillin (sb-pc) cephalothin (cet), cefazolin (cez) and gentamicin (gm). fifty three % of escherichia coli strains 53.3% of citrobacter sp., 80% of proteus mirabilis, 42.9% of morganella and 80% of bacteroides sp. were susceptible (mic being not higher than 12.5 mug/ml) to ab-pc. the eight other species were not so susceptibl ...19751104913
new serotypes of morganella morganii.on the basis of 8 new o and 11 new h antigens determined in 22 strains, the morganella morganii antigenic schema was supplemented with 8 serogroups (o35-o42) and 13 serotypes. four strains belonged to o groups described earlier and 2 strains contained new o antigens in combination with known o antigens. known h antigens were present in one strain as a single factor and in one strain as combination of two factors. new h antigens were demonstrated in 5 serotypes in combination with known h antigen ...19751155231
[the antigenic relationships of morganella].interspecies relationships in the genus morganella have been studied in the agglutination and adsorption tests. new data on the antigenic relationships of o groups o43 and o49 and more precise data on the antigenic relationships of o groups o1 to o42 have been obtained. for the first time the relationships of antigens 40 and 42 with 4, 35 and 31, 38 and 39, 9 and 45, 1a, d and 49; 45 and 47, 24 and 45; 5, 23, 26 with 47; 1, 19, 46 with 41, 48 have been described and the complete identity of o an ...19921281595
detection of ciprofloxacin resistance in gram-negative bacteria due to alterations in gyra.two plasmids containing the cloned escherichia coli wild-type gyra gene were used to transform ciprofloxacin-resistant gram-negative clinical isolates to screen for dna gyrase a-mediated quinolone resistance. the results show that the technique is simple and applicable to a wide range of gram-negative species including e. coli, enterobacter cloacae, klebsiella aerogenes, morganella morganii, proteus mirabilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, campylobacter jejuni and neisseria gonorrhoeae. the use of an ...19921310671
modified macconkey medium which allows simple and reliable identification of providencia stuartii.this work describes a modified macconkey medium (mcp medium) enabling the simple identification of providencia stuartii, an emerging nosocomial pathogen. a total of 813 strains, belonging to the families enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonadaceae, were tested on mcp medium; all p. stuartii strains were phosphatase positive, as were 97.5% of morganella morganii strains, in contrast with all other tested organisms. a simple discriminating test, such as the ornithine or citrate test, allowed identific ...19921323575
susceptibility of recent clinical isolates to temafloxacin (a-63004) and other antimicrobial vitro susceptibility of 1008 strains of recent clinical isolates was determined against the new aryl fluoroquinolone temafloxacin (t-167, a-63004) ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, ampicillin, piperacillin, cephalothin, cefoxitin, ceftazidime, gentamicin, amikacin, oxacillin and vancomycin. the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of temafloxacin in micrograms/ml required for > or = 90% isolates were 0.13-0.5 for enterobacter, 0.03-0.25 for escherichia coli, 0.12-0.5 for klebsiella, 0.5-1.0 for ...19921338041
horizontal transfer of a phosphatase gene as evidence for mosaic structure of the salmonella genome.the genomes of escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium are similar with respect to base composition, chromosome size, and the order, orientation and spacing of genes, but differ with respect to some 29 'loops', regions unique to one species. to evaluate the genetic basis for the structure and organization of the enteric bacterial genomes, we examined the gene encoding a non-specific acid phosphatase (phon) which maps to a loop at 96 min on the s.typhimurium chromosome. we detected atypical b ...19921339343
epidemiological role of arthropods detectable in health facilities.a total of 161 arthropod specimens were collected from 55 sites in a health care facility during july and september 1990. of the 116 bacterial isolates obtained from their body surfaces 6% were from parasites (mosquitoes), 59% from eusynanthropic arthropods (tenebrionid beetles, flies, german cockroaches, wasps), 16% from hemisynanthropic arthropods (ants, spiders) and 19% from occasionally encountered insects (non-biting midges, moths, beetles). most (88%) of the isolated bacteria were gram-neg ...19921350604
[occurrence of p.fimbrii in strains from selected genera of enterobacteriaceae].this study was aimed at recognition of frequency of occurrence of p fimbriae in strains of escherichia coli isolated from samples of feces of children with symptoms of diarrhoea and at search of these adhesions in strains representing other than escherichia genera of enterobacteriaceae strains. one hundred forty laboratory strains were investigated. they belonged to genus citrobacter, enterobacter, hafnia, klebsiella, morganella, proteus, providencia, salmonella, shigella, and yersinia. also wer ...19921363960
production and purification of l-phenylalanine oxidase from morganella enzyme fraction, acting predominantly on l-phenylalanine has been purified and characterized from morganella morganii. the total envelope was prepared by disrupting the cells with a french press followed by high speed centrifugation. after solubilization of the particulate fraction with 0.1% triton x-100 and then centrifugation, the resulting supernatant was layered onto a deae-cellulose column. active fractions eluted were applied to a phenyl-sepharose cl-4b column as the final purification ...19911368081
recognition of morganella subspecies, with proposal of morganella morganii subsp. morganii subsp. nov. and morganella morganii subsp. sibonii subsp. nov.the genus name morganella was established within the family enterobacteriaceae in 1978. morganella morganii is the only species described thus far within this genus, and the name m. morganii has been accepted by usage in the scientific community for strains previously known as proteus morganii. m. morganii isolates differ in their abilities to ferment trehalose and exhibit variable lysine and ornithine decarboxylase patterns, emphasizing the phenotypic heterogeneity within this species. previous ...19921390112
comparative in vitro activity and beta-lactamase stability of ru29246, the active metabolite of 916b is a new orally absorbed cephalosporin. in tests its active metabolite, ru29246, inhibited streptococcus pyogenes, streptococcus agalactiae and streptococcus pneumoniae at less than or equal to 0.12 micrograms/ml, which is similar to the antibacterial activity of cefuroxime, and was more active than cefaclor. it was also more active (mic 2 micrograms/ml) than cefixime, cefuroxime, cefaclor and cefotaxime against staphylococci. ru29246 inhibited escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, ci ...19921396779
in vitro activity and susceptibility to hydrolysis of s-1006.the in vitro activity of s-1006, the active component of a new orally absorbed cephalosporin, s-1108, inhibited 90% of staphylococcus aureus isolates at less than or equal to 2 micrograms/ml, 90% of group a, b, c, f, and g streptococci and streptococcus pneumoniae isolates at less than or equal to 0.12 microgram/ml, and all haemophilus influenzae isolates at less than or equal to 0.06 microgram/ml. although 50% of the members of the family enterobacteriaceae were inhibited by less than or equal ...19921416835
cefdinir (fk482), an orally administered cephalosporin in vitro activity comparison against recent clinical isolates from five medical centers and determination of mic quality control guidelines.cefdinir, a new oral cephalosporin, was compared to cefaclor, cefadroxil, cefixime, and cefuroxime against greater than 5000 recent aerobic clinical isolates. this multicenter study revealed broad-spectrum cefdinir activity against all enterobacteriaceae (mic50s, 0.06-2 micrograms/ml) except enterobacter cloacae, morganella morganii, proteus vulgaris, and serratia marcescens (mic50s, greater than or equal to 4 micrograms/ml). oxacillin-susceptible staphylococci (mic90s, 0.5-2 micrograms/ml), bet ...19921424507
[antibacterial activities of sisomicin against fresh clinical isolates].to investigate antibacterial activities of sisomicin (siso), mics of siso as well as other aminoglycosides (ags) were determined against many clinical isolates which were obtained in 1991. results are summarized below: 1. no siso-resistant strains were observed among isolates of escherichia coli, citrobacter diversus, klebsiella pneumoniae, klebsiella oxytoca, enterobacter aerogenes, proteus mirabilis and morganella morganii. 2. in comparison with the results of our previous study against isolat ...19921433905
analysis of polar lipids from some representative enterobacteria, plesiomonas and acinetobacter by fast atom bombardment-mass atom bombardment-mass spectrometry (fab-ms) was used to analyse lipid extracts of bacteria to assess its usefulness for analysing anionic phospholipids of potential chemotaxonomic value. the following micro-organisms were tested: acinetobacter calcoaceticus, acinetobacter sp., citrobacter freundii, enterobacter cloacae (2 strains), escherichia coli (3 strains), hafnia alvei, klebsiella oxytoca, klebsiella pneumoniae, morganella morganii, plesiomonas shigelloides, proteus mirabilis (3 strain ...19921447059
[basic and clinical study of meropenem in pediatric field].meropenem (mepm), a novel parenteral carbapenem antibiotic, was examined in a cooperative study involving 12 pediatric and 1 neonatologic facilities. the results are summarized as follows. 1. antibacterial activity antibacterial activity of mepm against stock organisms including 31 strains of streptococcus agalactiae, 14 of listeria monocytogenes, 4 of bordetella pertussis and 3 of neisseria meningitidis ranged from 0.025 to 0.10 micrograms/ml in mic90's, which were equal or lower than those of ...19921479687
in vitro activity of ru 29246, the active compound of the cephalosporin prodrug ester hr 916.the in vitro activity of ru 29246 was compared with those of other agents against 536 recent clinical isolates. the mics of ru 29246 for 90% of members of the family enterobacteriaceae tested (mic90s) were less than 2 micrograms/ml except those for morganella spp. (16 micrograms/ml) and proteus spp. (8 micrograms/ml). ru 29246 was active against staphylococcus aureus (mic90, < or = 8 micrograms/ml) and against staphylococcus saprophyticus and coagulase-negative staphylococci (mic90s, < or = 2 mi ...19921489178
survey of the prevalence of beta-lactamases amongst 1000 gram-negative bacilli isolated consecutively at the royal london hospital.beta-lactamase expression was examined in 1000 consecutive gram-negative bacilli isolated from urine, wound swab, sputum or blood specimens received at the microbiology laboratory of the royal london hospital. this survey, performed between january and april, 1991, followed a similar study undertaken in early 1982. the distribution of species was similar in the two surveys, except that the proportion of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates had increased from 11% in 1982 to 17.5% in the present study. ...19921490917
[antimicrobial activities of ceftazidime on fresh clinical isolates].antimicrobial activity of ceftazidime (caz) was compared with those of other cephem antibiotics against clinically isolated strains sent to us by medical institutions throughout japan in 1989 and 1991. those strains separated and identified from samples collected from patients with various infections were also examined, and the following results were obtained. 1. the results suggested that, compared with reports of studies conducted with clinical isolates in early 1980's, mic90 of caz in 1991 we ...19921494227
[synergistic action of cefodizime with other antimicrobial agents on clinically isolated microorganisms. ii. synergistic action with sisomicin].cefodizime (cdzm) possesses a broad antimicrobial spectrum and a relatively long half life in the blood. in addition, it shows excellent therapeutic efficacies in the treatment of infections in leukopenic animal models, hence it is expected that cdzm may have good efficacies against various infections in immunocompromised hosts. in the meantime, sisomicin (siso) not only has strong antibacterial activities against gram-negative rods (gnr), but has relatively low nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. t ...19921495193
in vitro activity and beta-lactamase stability of ljc 10,627.the in vitro activity of ljc 10,627, a new carbapenem, was compared with those of imipenem, cefotaxime, ceftazidime, and gentamicin. ljc 10,627 inhibited 90% of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, klebsiella oxytoca, enterobacter aerogenes, enterobacter agglomerans, enterobacter cloacae, hafnia alvei, citrobacter freundii, citrobacter diversus, proteus mirabilis, morganella morganii, proteus rettgeri, serratia marcescens, pseudomonas cepacia, salmonellae, shigellae, aeromonas, and yersiniae ...19921510436
[antimicrobial activities of ceftriaxone against clinically isolated strains].antibiotic activities (mics) of ceftriaxone (ctrx) against 1,210 strains of bacteria including 28 spp. isolated in 1987 and 1990 were compared with those of other cephems. 1. when compared to data on clinically isolated strains reported in the early 1980s, strains of the following species isolated in 1990 showed extremely elevated mic90s of ctrx: staphylococcus spp., streptococcus pneumoniae, escherichia coli, citrobacter spp., enterobacter spp., serratia spp., proteus vulgaris, morganella morga ...19921522669
in vitro activity of cefodizime.cefodizime is a bactericidal cephem with the typical broad spectrum activity of an aminothiazolyl cephalosporin, including both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria: its mic90 is 0.125 mg/l for streptococcus pneumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes and other streptococci; and 0.05 mg/l for haemophilus spp., neisseria meningitidis, neisseria gonorrhoeae and moraxella catarrhalis; while beta-lactamase positive strains of m. catarrhalis require 1 mg/l. less than 1 mg/l is needed for escherichia coli, ...19921526673
in vitro activity of cefquinome, a new cephalosporin, compared with other cephalosporin antibiotics.the in vitro activity of cefquinome, a new aminothiazolyl cephalosporin with a c-3 bicyclic pyridinium group, was compared with ceftazidime, cefpirome, and cefepime. cefquinome inhibited members of the enterobacteriaceae at less than or equal to 0.5 microgram/ml for escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, k. oxytoca, citrobacter diversus, salmonella shigella, proteus mirabilis, morganella, and providencia. although most citrobacter freundii and enterobacter cloacae were inhibited by less than 2 ...19921611848
purification of recombinant helicobacter pylori urease apoenzyme encoded by urea and ureb.helicobacter pylori, a gram-negative, microaerophilic, spiral-shaped bacterium, is an etiologic agent of human gastritis and peptic ulceration and is highly restricted to the gastric mucosa of humans. urease, synthesized at up to 6% of the soluble cell protein, hydrolyzes urea, thereby releasing ammonia, which may neutralize acid, allowing survival of the bacterium and initial colonization of the gastric mucosa. the urease protein is encoded by two subunit genes, urea and ureb; however, accessor ...19921612735
a rare case of chorioamnionitis by morganella morganii complicated by septicemia and adult respiratory distress syndrome.morganella morganii, a gram-negative bacterium, usually infects older patients with urinary catheters, but does not commonly affect pregnant women. in this report we present a case of chorioamnionitis caused by morganella morganii. the case was complicated by a life-threatening adult respiratory distress syndrome.19921618364
reliability of a bioluminescence atp assay for detection of bacteria.the reliability of bioluminescence assays which employ the luciferin-luciferase atp-dependent reaction to evaluate bacterial counts was studied, both in vitro and on urine specimens. bioluminescence and cultural results for the most common urinary tract pathogens were analyzed. furthermore, the influence of the culture medium, of the assaying method, and of the phase of growth on bioluminescence readings was studied. results show that proteus, providencia, and morganella strains are not correctl ...19921629329
in-vitro evaluation of ampicillin/brobactam and comparison with other beta-lactam antibiotics.the ability of brobactam to inhibit beta-lactamases and the in vitro activity of ampicillin combined with brobactam was compared with another beta-lactamase inhibitor, clavulanic acid, and other beta-lactam antibiotics. both inhibitors showed good and similar activity against staphylococcal penicillinase and most broad-spectrum beta-lactamases found in the enterobacteriaceae, whether plasmid or chromosomally mediated. both inhibitors were less active against chromosomally mediated cephalosporina ...19911646779
in vitro activity and stability against novel beta-lactamases of investigational beta-lactams (cefepime, cefpirome, flomoxef, sce2787 and piperacillin plus tazobactam) in comparison with established compounds (cefotaxime, latamoxef and piperacillin).the therapeutic perspectives of flomoxef, sce 2787, cefpirome, cefepime, latamoxef, cefotaxime and of piperacillin plus tazobactam were comparatively evaluated by their in vitro activity against 1119 clinical isolates of 83 bacterial species. escherichia coli, klebsiella spp. enterobacter sakazakii, proteus spp. and shigella spp. were about equally susceptible to the cephalosporins (mic90: 0.06 to 0.5 mg/l), while the mic90 for piperacillin plus tazobactam was between 2 and 16 mg/l. enterobacter ...19911664418
[urinary tract infection in an ambulatory population: epidemiological analysis of the etiology and antibiotic resistance of isolated gram-negative strains].15,892 urinocultures belonging to out-patients admitted to chieti ulss 04, from january '85 to december '89 were studied. among the examined samples, the positive urinocultures were 4255 (26.8%) with a prevalence in the female sex (78.6%). during the year e. coli was the most frequently identified organism (55.8%) without significant changes. 25.7% was the isolation percentage of morganella-proteus-providencia (mpp). in order to plan a right antibiotic-therapy the resistance of isolates to 19 ch ...19911670056
antimicrobial activities of piperacillin alone and in combination with tazobactam against beta-lactamase-producing bacteria.tazobactam (ytr 830), a new beta-lactamase inhibitor, was evaluated for its effect in combination with piperacillin, a broad spectrum, but beta-lactamase sensitive, penicillin, against 14 common bacteria. a total of 1,086 clinical isolates from different clinical specimens were tested for beta-lactamase production by the rapid chromogenic cephalosporin method. their susceptibilities to piperacillin alone and in combination with tazobactam in a ratio of 8:1 by the agar dilution method were evalua ...19911685175
hlyb-dependent secretion of hemolysin by uropathogenic escherichia coli requires conserved sequences flanking the chromosomal hly determinant.the synthesis and secretion of hemolysin (hlya) by escherichia coli are governed by four contiguous genes (hlycabd) that are closely conserved on plasmids and, among human pathogenic strains, on the chromosome. we have previously shown that in plasmid phly152 the coexpressed synthesis and export functions are uncoupled by intraoperon transcription termination, which is in turn alleviated by antitermination dictated in cis by a region upstream of the hly operon. in this study we describe an analo ...19901689714
[the etiological structure of acute intestinal infections].the share of various etiologic forms of acute intestinal infections, diagnosed by bacteriologic methods, is presented. the share of gastroenterocolitis induced by opportunistic microflora makes up 35.6%, that of dysentery 25.6%, salmonellosis 18.5%; mixed infection (dysentery + salmonellosis) is diagnosed in 7% of cases with acute intestinal infections. the principal representative of opportunistic microflora isolated from patients with acute intestinal infections is the klebsiella genus (40.6%) ...19901692367
protein profile typing--a new method of typing morganella morganii strains.a new, simple and stable method for typing morganella morganii strains is described. the 150 strains examined, principally from faeces, contained haemolytic and non-haemolytic representatives of diverse o serogroup, bacteriocin type and biotype. among the biotypes were some trehalose-fermenting, tetracycline-resistant strains and some non-motile, tetracycline-sensitive, glycerol fermenters. after analysis of cell lysates by sodium dodecyl sulphate-discontinuous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis ...19901701835
properties of a rat monoclonal antibody reactive with both the mannan of candida species and the o-antigen 6,7 polysaccharide of serogroup c1 salmonellae.monoclonal antibody masc1-mr9 of isotype immunoglobulin m was generated in lou/c rats by immunization with heat-killed salmonella thompson (serogroup c1, o-antigen 6,7 lipopolysaccharide) bacteria which had been further enriched for o-antigen by coating with homologous lipopolysaccharide. eight monoclonal antibodies were selected by screening against the lipopolysaccharide of s. thompson. in a subsequent test against candida mannan, only one antibody, masc1-mr9, was reactive. immunofluorescence ...19911702760
new o antigens of morganella morganii and the relationships between haemolysin production. o antigens and morganocin types of strains.a collection of 142 strains of morganella morganii, principally from unrelated patients' faeces was examined to determine the relationship, if any, between haemolysin production, o antigen and morganocin production/sensitivity type. only 55 (38.7%) were agglutinable with the existing 44 o antisera. however, when o antisera were raised to some of the non-typable strains 11 new o antigens were found and 126 (88.7%) of the strains were typable. the number of o antigenic groups in m. morganii is now ...19901711754
evolution of the ferric enterobactin receptor in gram-negative bacteria.using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of iron-deficient and replete cell envelopes, 59fe-siderophore uptake studies, and western immunoblots and cytofluorimetric analyses with monoclonal antibodies (mabs), we surveyed a panel of gram-negative bacteria to identify outer membrane proteins that are structurally related to the escherichia coli k-12 ferric enterobactin receptor, fepa. antibodies within the panel identified fepa epitopes that are conserved among the majority ...19911717434
microbiological evaluation of cefpodoxime proxetil.cefpodoxime, the active de-esterified molecule of the orally absorbable cephalosporin cefpodoxime proxetil, inhibits streptococci, neisseria spp., and most enterobacteriaceae, with mic50 and/or mic90 values of less than or equal to 2 mg/l; with regard to the latter family of bacteria, the mic50 and/or mic90 values of cefpodoxime are consistently greater than or equal to 4 mg/l for only enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, and morganella morganii. the mic50 of cedpodox ...19911726210
the current and future impact of antimicrobial resistance among nosocomial bacterial pathogens.the selection of drug-resistant microorganisms has generally been associated with the widespread use of antimicrobial agents. the emergence of these antimicrobial resistance has an undesirable impact that often severely limits the use of these drugs that could have otherwise been identified as "drugs of first choice." among the most serious drug-resistance problems, the chromosomally mediated type -i beta-lactamase mechanism has become more common among the infecting gram-negative bacteria. type ...19921737440
in vitro activity of the novel cephalosporin gr69153.the in vitro activity of gr69153 was compared to that of ceftazidime, ceftriaxone, imipenem and gentamicin against a total of 702 recent clinical isolates. mics were determined by a standard agar dilution procedure and two inocula (10(4) and 10(8) cfu) were used throughout. gr69153 inhibited 90% of isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumonia and proteus mirabilis at less than or equal to 0.25 mg/l and 90% of isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa at less than or equal to 1 mg/l. citrobacter f ...19911748126
comparative study of pharmacokinetics and serum bactericidal activity of ceftizoxime and cefotaxime.single 2-g intravenous doses of ceftizoxime (czx) and cefotaxime (ctx) were given over 30 min to 10 adult volunteers in a crossover manner on two separate occasions. concentrations of czx, ctx, and the primary metabolite of ctx, desacetylcefotaxime (dctx), in serum, suction-induced-blister fluid, and urine were determined by high-pressure liquid chromatography. pharmacokinetic parameters were estimated by using an extended least-squares modeling program (mkmodel). czx exhibited a half-life in se ...19911759827
evaluation of brl 42715, a beta-lactamase-inhibiting penem.brl 42715 is a new penem which inhibits a wide range of plasmid as well as chromosomally mediated bacterial beta-lactamases. we used a total of 902 recent clinical isolates, consisting of 455 enterobacteriaceae, 247 staphylococci and 200 other gram-negative bacteria to evaluate its ability for potentiation of amoxycillin. mics for all the 104 strains of methicillin-susceptible staphylococcus aureus were reduced from 8-greater than 32.0 to less than or equal to 0.06 micrograms/ml in the presence ...19911760938
a new plate medium for rapid presumptive identification and differentiation of enterobacteriaceae.a new selective differential agar medium for rapid presumptive identification of enterobacteriaceae from water and food samples is described (emx id agar). by a combination of fluorogenic and chromogenic substrates, the medium detects the presence of beta-d-glucuronidase, beta-d-galactosidase, beta-d-xylosidase, tryptophane deaminase and h2s; additionally, cytochrome-oxidase and indole production can be demonstrated. this medium provides an inexpensive means for simple and rapid presumptive iden ...19911777382
beta-lactamase expression and outer membrane protein changes in cefpirome-resistant and ceftazidime-resistant gram-negative bacteria.twenty-five strains of enterobacteriaceae (five each of enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, morganella morganii, and providencia stuartii) and five strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa were exposed to various concentrations of cefpirome or ceftazidime in agar. mutants with a greater than four-fold increase in the mic were examined for changes in beta-lactamase expression and outer membrane protein (omp) profile. both agents selected mutants with decreased susceptibility ...19911778852
selection and characterization of cefepime-resistant gram-negative bacteria.the nctc type strains and four clinical isolates of enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, morganella morganii, providencia stuartii and pseudomonas aeruginosa were exposed, in agar, to cefepime at 3, 5, and 10 x mic and a breakpoint concentration of 16 mg/l. mutants were selected at a frequency of approximately 10(-8) that had decreased susceptibility to cefepime and cefpirome, and species-dependent resistance to other beta-lactams. any putative mutant with a greater t ...19911778870
in vitro activity of a new cephalosporin me-1206 compared with other agents.the in vitro activity of me-1206, a new aminothiazolyl cephalosporin that can be orally absorbed when converted to an ester, was compared with that of other beta-lactams. me-1206 inhibited 50% of the enterobacteriaceae at 2 micrograms/ml, similar to cefotaxime, ceftazidime, and cefixime. it did not inhibit, mic greater than or equal to 32 micrograms/ml, enterobacter species or citrobacter freundii resistant to cefotaxime and ceftazidime, and it was less active than cefotaxime and ceftazidime aga ...19911797456
in vitro activity evaluations of cefdinir (fk482, ci-983, and pd134393). a novel orally administered cephalosporin.cefdinir, a so-called third-generation oral cephalosporin was tested in vitro against over 700 pathogens from patients with bacteremia. cefdinir was very active against the enterobacteriaceae with a 50% minimum inhibitory concentration (mic50) value range of less than or equal to 0.03-8 micrograms/ml. the enteric species having the highest mic90s (greater than or equal to 16 micrograms/ml) were citrobacter freundii, and the enterobacters, morganella morganii, proteus vulgaris, and serratia marce ...19911797457
[susceptibilities of clinical bacterial isolates to antimicrobial agents, 1989. a study mainly focused on imipenem. the research group for testing imipenem susceptibilities of clinical isolates].we investigated susceptibilities of clinical bacterial isolates to imipenem (ipm) and other antimicrobial agents at hospital laboratories throughout japan from september to december of 1989. the susceptibility testing was carried out according to the 1-dilution or 3-dilution disc technique in which susceptibilities are classified into 4 grades: (+++), (++), (+) and (-). ipm showed markedly high in vitro activities against streptococcus pneumoniae, neisseria gonorrhoeae, moraxella catarrhalis, es ...19911798067
antibacterial activity of cefpodoxime in comparison with cefixime, cefdinir, cefetamet, ceftibuten, loracarbef, cefprozil, bay 3522, cefuroxime, cefaclor and cefadroxil.the new oral cephalosporins cefpodoxime, cefixime, cefdinir, cefetamet and ceftibuten demonstrate enhanced activity against enterobacteriaceae susceptible to the established compounds as well (e.g. cefuroxime, cefaclor, cefadroxil). in addition, cefpodoxime, cefixime, cefdinir, cefetamet and ceftibuten include in their spectrum species hitherto resistant to oral cephalosporins (proteus vulgaris, providencia spp., yersinia enterocolitica). besides, the majority of these compounds demonstrate rele ...19911800377
cefpodoxime: comparative antibacterial activity, influence of growth conditions, and bactericidal activity.the antimicrobial activity of cefpodoxime, the active metabolite of the new cephalosporin ester cefpodoxime proxetil, in comparison to cefixime, cefotiam, cefuroxime, and cefotaxime was determined against a broad spectrum of freshly isolated gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains. cefpodoxime was demonstrated to be inhibitory at concentrations of less than or equal to 1 mg/l against 90% of strains of moraxella catarrhalis, haemophilus influenzae, escherichia coli (beta-lactamase- nega ...19911800379
activity of meropenem against antibiotic-resistant or infrequently encountered gram-negative bacilli.meropenem was compared in vitro with imipenem as well as with several other contemporary beta-lactams, ciprofloxacin, and gentamicin against a group of highly antibiotic resistant members of the family enterobacteriaceae and a collection of oxidase-positive and/or glucose-nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli. in this study, meropenem was more active than imipenem against isolates of enterobacter, klebsiella, morganella, providencia, alcaligenes, aeromonas, and pasteurella.19911804016
use of peyer's patch and lymph node fragment cultures to compare local immune responses to morganella morganii.lymphoid tissue fragment cultures were established to analyze the differentiative processes among b cells in peyer's patches (pp) and peripheral lymph nodes (pln), especially those in germinal centers. pp cultures from both conventionally reared mice and formerly germ-free mice colonized with morganella morganii could be maintained for greater than 12 days with continued b-cell division, especially among cells binding high levels of peanut agglutinin, a characteristic of germinal center cells. p ...19911825484
topoisomerase mutants and physiological conditions control supercoiling and z-dna formation in vivo.the influence of topoisomerase i and gyrase mutations in escherichia coli on the supercoiled density of recombinant plasmids and the stability of left-handed z-dna was investigated. the formation of z-dna in vivo by dc-dg sequences of different lengths was used to determine the effective plasmid supercoil densities in the mutant strains. the presence of z-dna in the cells was detected by linking number and ecori methylase inhibition assays. a change in the unrestrained superhelical tension in vi ...19911846630
a conserved domain on enterobacterial porin protein analysed by monoclonal antibody.broadly cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against enterobacterial outer membrane (om) porin (po) protein were isolated after immunization of balb/c mice with whole cells of e. coli 055:b5. mabs (n = 6) of the igg class but of four different isotypes were studied. based on a competition elisa, all of the mabs were directed against one and the same po protein domain (po i). the mabs cross-reacted with 72 of 74 strains from 10 different genera of the enterobacteriaceae. one morganella and ...19911847063
in vitro evaluation of gr69153, a novel catechol-substituted cephalosporin.gr69153 is a c-7 catechol cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of activity against members of the family enterobacteriaceae (mics for 50% of strains tested [mic50s], 0.008 to 0.5 micrograms/ml), staphylococcus aureus (mic50, 4 micrograms/ml), pseudomonas aeruginosa (mic50, 0.25 micrograms/ml), haemophilus influenzae (mic50, 0.03 micrograms/ml), neisseria gonorrhoeae (mic50, 0.03 micrograms/ml), and acinetobacter spp. (mic50, 2 micrograms/ml). potent gr69153 activity was also demonstrated against ...19911854174
mode of antibacterial action of cefprozil, a new cephalosporin, on escherichia coli, serratia marcescens and morganella morganii.the mode of antibacterial action of cefprozil (cfpz, bmy-28100), a newly developed cephalosporin, was investigated using escherichia coli k12, serratia marcescens ifo 12648 and morganella morganii ifo 3848 as test organisms, in comparison with the action of cefaclor (ccl). the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of cfpz for these organisms were 1.56, 800 and 25 micrograms/ml, whereas those of ccl were 1.56, 800 and 100 micrograms/ml, respectively. the addition of a subinhibitory concentrati ...19911864765
in vitro and in vivo evaluation of ro 09-1428, a new parenteral cephalosporin with high antipseudomonal 09-1428, a new parenteral cephalosporin with a catechol moiety attached at position 7 of the cephalosporin ring, showed high in vitro activity against escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, proteus vulgaris, and streptococcus pyogenes, with mics for 90% of strains tested (mic90s) of less than or equal to 0.39 micrograms/ml. morganella morganii, providencia rettgeri, citrobacter freundii, haemophilus influenzae, staphylococcus aureus, and streptococcus pneumoniae were inhi ...19911906261
catheter-associated urinary tract infections: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and prevention.catheter-associated urinary tract infections (utic) remain the most common nosocomial infection. although usually benign, utic cause bacteremia in 2-4% of patients and have been associated with a case fatality rate three times as high as nonbacteriuric patients. risk factors for utic identified in multivariate analyses include increasing duration of use, female sex, absence of systemic antibiotics, and disconnection of the catheter-collecting tube junction. recent studies suggest that most episo ...19911928194
in vitro antibacterial activity of me1207, a new oral cephalosporin.me1207 is the prodrug of me1206. its in vitro antibacterial activity was compared with that of cefteram, cefpodoxime, cefixime, and cefaclor against various clinical isolates. me1206 was more active than the other cephems tested against staphylococci, streptococci, morganella morganii, pseudomonas cepacia, and flavobacterium meningosepticum and had the most potent activity against haemophilus influenzae and neiserria gonorrhoeae. the drug also showed a wide spectrum of activity against other gra ...19911929344
incidence of multi-resistance in gram-negative aerobes from intensive care units of 10 german the beginning of 1990, 10 german hospitals participated in a surveillance study of 100 consecutively submitted gram-negative aerobes originating in their intensive care units (icus). a total of 1,006 isolates were obtained from 446 patients. resistance rates cited apply to the initial strains isolated and use the nccls fully susceptible breakpoint. over 1/3 of the penicillin resistant populations of e. coli and klebsiella spp. were resistant to amoxicillin/clavulanate and simultaneously resis ...19911947820
enterotoxin-producing bacteria isolated from swedish travellers with diarrhoea.the isolation rate of bacterial enteropathogens of different species, particularly enterotoxin-producing gram-negative bacteria, was determined in stool specimens from swedish travellers with diarrhoea. overall, bacterial enteropathogens were identified in 101 (47%) of the 217 travellers on their return home. the most common isolates were enterotoxin-producing bacteria (20%), salmonellae (18%) and campylobacter (8%), whereas shigellae (3%) and yersinia (0.5%) were rarely identified. mixed infect ...19911957131
characterization of fce 22101-resistant enterobacteriaceae and the effect of fce 22101 upon the activity of anti-pseudomonal beta-lactams for pseudomonas aeruginosa.twenty-five strains of enterobacteriaceae (five each of enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, morganella morganii, and providencia stuartii) were exposed to fce 22101 in agar containing 3, 5, or 10 x the mic. any putative mutant with a greater than or equal to four-fold increase in the mic was examined for beta-lactamase expression and outer membrane protein (omp) profile. mutant colonies were selected at a frequency of 10(-7)-10(-11) with decreased susceptibility to f ...19911960118
[antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria isolated from patients at 6 hospitals in osaka].we examined mics of 6 oral new quinolones and 4 oral cephems against bacteria isolated from patients at 6 hospitals in osaka during the period from january to june in 1990, and the following results were obtained. 1. all species excluding streptococcus pyogenes were more sensitive with less frequencies of resistance to new quinolones than to cephems. in new quinolones, tosufloxacin (tflx) was the most active against gram-positive cocci and ciprofloxacin (cpfx) and tflx had the highest activities ...19911960855
[antibacterial activities of ofloxacin against recent isolates from patients with community-acquired infections].in order to survey antibacterial activities of ofloxacin (oflx) against 1,440 bacterial strains isolated from patients with community-acquired infections in 1987 and 1990, minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of the drug as well as those of other new quinolones and oral cephems were determined. the following conclusions were reached. 1. comparison of the mic distribution for strains isolated in 1987 with those in 1990 suggested a tendency toward an increase in the frequency of oflx-resistant ...19911960856
role of bacterial association with kupffer cells in occurrence of endogenous systemic bacteremia.bacteremia in immunocompromised hosts often arises from their endogenous intestinal flora. we produced experimental endogenous bacteremia by administering cyclophosphamide and ampicillin to conventional and specific-pathogen-free mice. the frequencies of bacteremia and mortality in the conventional mice were significantly higher than for the specific-pathogen-free mice. pseudomonas aeruginosa was the major pathogen causing systemic bacteremia in conventional mice and was associated with a high m ...19911987043
pyridoxal phosphate-dependent histidine decarboxylases. cloning, sequencing, and expression of genes from klebsiella planticola and enterobacter aerogenes and properties of the overexpressed enzymes.the hdc genes encoding the inducible pyridoxal-p-dependent histidine decarboxylase (hisdcase) of klebsiella planticola and enterobacter aerogenes were isolated, sequenced, and expressed in escherichia coli under control of the lac promoter, and the overproduced enzymes were purified to homogeneity from the recombinant host. formation of inclusion bodies during synthesis of the e. aerogenes enzyme was avoided by cooling the culture and inducing at 25 degrees c. the cloned enzymes were produced in ...19912033044
preferential hydrolysis of cis configuration compounds at the 3,4 position of monobactams by beta-lactamase from morganella morganii.carumonam and bo-1166 (cis configuration) were inactivated by beta-lactamase of morganella morganii more rapidly than were aztreonam and bo-1165 (trans configuration), as demonstrated by spectrophotometric analysis and microbiological assay. an active enzyme was recovered more rapidly from the inactivated enzyme-monobactam complex derived from the cis form of monobactams than from the complex derived from the trans form of monobactams. this result suggests that the configuration at the 3,4 posit ...19912039196
[antibacterial activity of ciprofloxacin against fresh clinical isolates from superficial suppurative foci].the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of 5 drugs (ciprofloxacin (cpfx), and 4 drugs used as standard) were determined to investigate antibacterial potencies of cpfx against bacterial strains isolated in 1989 from superficial suppurative foci. the clinical isolates tested included 375 strains from 11 aerobic bacterial species, and 50 strains from 2 anerobic bacterial genera (group) for a total of 425 isolates. interpreting mic level distributions of these drugs as the expression of antibac ...19912041153
[antimicrobial susceptibilities of clinical isolates of morganella-proteus-providencia group of bacteria].we examined in vitro susceptibilities of 3,109 isolates belonging to 5 species of proteeae to 2 penicillins, 5 cephems and 2 aminoglycosides. the isolates were collected from 69 hospital laboratories throughout japan between 1986 and 1988. minimal inhibitory concentrations were determined using the agar dilution method with inoculation of 10(8) cells/ml of bacteria. proteus mirabilis had marked susceptibilities to the penicillins and cephems tested. proteus vulgaris and morganella morganii were ...19912041155
[microbiological quality of mechanically deboned beef].microbial quality of mechanically deboned beef (mdb), which was obtained by the discontinuous hydraulic horizontal separator, type inject-star (firm laska, austria), was analyzed for the presence of indicatory microorganisms (coliforms and enterococci), pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. the basic microbial parameters have been determined separately for mdb of 1st, 2nd degrees as well as for average daily samples from one collecting vessel. apart from it, also a raw material ...19912042400
detection of escherichia coli alpha-haemolysin genes and their expression in a human faecal strain of enterobacter cloacae.faecal samples of 200 infants were investigated for haemolytic enterobacteriaceae. forty infants were carrying alpha-haemolysin producing escherichia coli, two carried haemolytic strains of morganella morganii and one infant carried a haemolytic strain of enterobacter cloacae. the m. morganii and e. cloacae strains were found to produce alpha-haemolysin which was tested with a specific monoclonal antibody and by dna-hybridization with an alpha-haemolysin specific gene probe. to our knowledge thi ...19912044935
the efficacy of polysporin first aid antibiotic spray (polymyxin b sulfate and bacitracin zinc) against clinical burn wound isolates.polysporin first aid antibiotic spray (burroughs wellcome co., research triangle park, n.c.) is a dry spray containing 200,000 units aerosporin (polymyxin b sulfate) and 10,000 units bacitracin zinc, along with a propellant. each 1-second spray delivers approximately 2300 units of polymyxin b sulfate and 115 units of bacitracin zinc. this study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of polysporin spray against various clinical isolates. blood agar plates were inoculated with a pure culture of eac ...19912050717
antibacterial activity of crotalid venoms against oral snake flora and other clinical bacteria.despite heavy oral and fang contamination of crotalid species with a wide variety of potentially pathogenic bacteria, crotalid envenomation is associated with a low incidence of bacterial infection. minimal inhibitory and bactericidal concentrations of venoms from three crotalid species were determined against six aerobic and eight anaerobic reference and oral crotalid microorganisms. all anaerobic isolates were resistant to greater than 20,480 micrograms/ml, whereas variable activity (range, 5- ...19912056205
[antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of eleven oral cephalosporins].oral cephalosporins (cefixime, cefdinir, cefetamet, ceftibuten, cefpodoxime, loracarbef, cefprozil, cefuroxime, cefaclor, cefadroxil and bay 3522) were compared by their antibacterial profile including stability against new beta-lactamases. both activity and antibacterial spectrum of compounds structurally related to third generation parenteral cephalosporins (of the oximino class) were superior to established compounds. activity against staphylococci was found to be highest for cefdinir, cefpro ...19902079378
a comparison of the mechanisms of decreased susceptibility of aztreonam-resistant and ceftazidime-resistant enterobacteriaceae.twenty five strains of enterobacteriaceae (five each of enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, morganella morganii and providencia stuartii) were exposed to aztreonam and ceftazidime at 1/2 and 1 x mic in liquid medium for 22 h, and also to 3, 5 and 10 x mic and 16 mg/l of each agent in agar. any putative mutant with an increase in the mic of greater than or equal to 4 fold was examined for beta-lactamase expression and outer membrane protein profile. mutants were selec ...19902081717
in vitro antimicrobial activity of defensins against ocular approaches to antimicrobial therapy for ocular pathogens must overcome organisms that are resistant to current therapeutic modalities. this investigation examined the antimicrobial activity of novel antimicrobial neutrophil peptides (defensins np-1 and np-5) against isolates from clinical ocular microbial infections in humans and horses. the test panel of human clinical isolates included candida albicans, an alpha-hemolytic streptococcus, streptococcus pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and ...19902112378
in-vitro and in-vivo antibacterial activities of e1040, a new cephalosporin with potent antipseudomonal activity.e1040 is a new parenteral cephalosporin with a broad antibacterial spectrum and potent activity against gram-negative bacteria including pseudomonas aeruginosa. the in-vitro activities of e1040 against clinical isolates of enterobacter cloacae, ent. aerogenes, providencia rettgeri, and morganella morganii were superior to those of ceftazidime, cefoperazone, cefmenoxime, and cefuzonam. the activities of e1040 against gram-positive cocci were comparable with those of ceftazidime, but it was less a ...19902127928
[antimicrobial activities of gentamicin against fresh clinical isolates].antimicrobial activities of gentamicin (gm), compared with activities of other aminoglycosides (ags) and beta-lactam antibiotics, were studied against clinical isolates obtained during a period of july-december 1989. 1. gm-resistant strains were noted in 24% of staphylococcus aureus, 12% of enterobacter spp., 24% of serratia marcescens, 7% of morganella morganii and 26% of pseudomonas aeruginosa, but no gm-resistant strains were observed among isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, ...19902128340
[a rare cause of non-nosocomial pneumonia in a healthy adult: morganella morganii]. 19902147508
interactions of tazobactam and clavulanate with inducibly- and constitutively-expressed class i beta-lactamases.clavulanate and tazobactam (ytr 830) were tested as inhibitors and inducers of the ampc-type class i beta-lactamases of pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freundii, serratia marcescens, morganella morganii and the ic beta-lactamase of proteus vulgaris. both clavulanate and tazobactam inhibited the pr. vulgaris class ic beta-lactamase and potentiated ticarcillin and piperacillin against beta-lactamase derepressed variants of this species. tazobactam, but not clavulanate, al ...19902158496
inhibition of beta-lactamases by tazobactam and in-vitro antibacterial activity of tazobactam combined with piperacillin.the in-vitro synergistic activity of tazobactam, a new beta-lactamase inhibitor, combined with piperacillin was tested against various beta-lactamase-producing strains. the beta-lactamase inhibitory activity of tazobactam against various known types of beta-lactamase was also tested in comparison with clavulanic acid or sulbactam. tazobactam caused a remarkable reduction of the piperacillin mics for penicillinase- and oxyiminocephalosporinase-producing strains and also showed a moderate synergis ...19902161820
use of a novel phosphatase test for simplified identification of species of the tribe proteeae.phosphatase activity of 334 isolates of the tribe proteeae carefully identified to species level has been evaluated by using both a number of conventional tests and three versions of the novel methyl green-phenolphthalein (mgp) method (g. satta. r. pompei, g. grazi, and g. cornaglia, j. clin. microbiol. 26:2637-2641, 1988). we found that the different species of proteeae show different and easily distinguishable. behaviors by the mgp method, while all of them behave in a uniform way in the conve ...19902166077
aztreonam susceptibility testing. a retrospective analysis.aztreonam is a structurally and immunologically unique beta-lactam antibiotic with activity exclusively against aerobic gram-negative micro-organisms. between 1983 and 1988, its antimicrobial spectrum was evaluated against more than 5,800 fresh clinical isolates at a 300-bed community teaching hospital. only 1.1 percent of enterobacteriaceae isolates were resistant to aztreonam over the five-year study period, an incidence similar to that observed with aminoglycoside antibiotics. aztreonam was f ...19902180295
confirmation of morganella distinction from proteus and providencia among enterobacteriaceae on the basis of cellular and lipopolysaccharide fatty acid composition. 19902191036
laboratory criteria in the diagnostics of intestinal infections of staphylococcal etiology in children.faecal samples were investigated from 948 children hospitalized with the diagnose of acute intestinal infection. the authors studied the isolation and properties of a broad spectrum of microorganisms from children's faeces: salmonella, shigella, e. coli, s. aureus, rotaviruses, klebsiella, morganella, proteus. as a result, laboratory criteria were formulated of diagnosing in children intestinal infection of staphylococcal etiology.19902191037
molecular characterization of cytotoxins produced by haemophilus, actinobacillus, pasteurella.the leukotoxin of pasteurella haemolytica has been implicated as one of the major virulence factors contributing to the pathogenesis of bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis. to gain a better understanding of the various biochemical, antigenic and toxigenic properties of the toxin, the genetic determinant (lkt) which encodes the leukotoxin has been cloned from p haemolytica serotype 1. results from the molecular characterization of this determinant showed that four genes are required to synthesize and ...19902193701
characterization of enterobacteria by esterase specific-activity profiles.the spectrum of specific activities and the electrophoretic mobilities of esterases produced by 550 strains of enterobacteriaceae belonging to 36 species and subclassified into six groups (group 1, escherichia coli, shigella and escherichia hermanii; group 2, genus salmonella and genus citrobacter; group 3, genus klebsiella and genus enterobacter; group 4, genus serratia and serratia fonticola; group 5, genus proteus, genus providencia and genus morganella; and group 6, genus yersinia) were anal ...19902202780
in vitro activity of temafloxacin hydrochloride (ta-167 or a-62254), a new fluorinated 4-quinolone.the in vitro antibacterial activity of temafloxacin hydrochloride (ta-167 or a-62254) was evaluated against a wide variety of clinical isolates and compared with those of other fluoroquinolones. the potency (mic90) of the compound against gram-positive aerobic bacteria was higher or comparable to those of ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, and norfloxacin. against most gram-negative enteric bacteria and pseudomonas species, temafloxacin was less active than ciprofloxacin, but was generally as active as o ...19902209168
infection with bacterial enteropathogens in swedish travellers to south-east asia--a prospective study.infection with potential bacterial enteropathogens was studied prospectively in 94 swedish travellers. three faecal samples were collected, regardless of diarrhoeal symptoms, after each of three 1-week stays in singapore, hong kong and japan. the specimens were analyzed for salmonella, shigella, yersinia, campylobacter and different enterotoxin-producing bacteria. a potential enteropathogen was identified in 30% (28/94) of the participants, i.e. in 26% of the healthy and in 39% of the travellers ...19902209737
use of urea filter paper disc to detect urease activity in enterobacteriaceae by multipoint replication techniques.a new method of detecting urease activity in enterobacteriaceae was developed. an 8.5 cm filter paper disc impregnated with 20% urea and 0.5% bromocresol purple was placed on the surface of a glucose fermentation plate after inoculation with a multipoint replicator and overnight incubation. this method was compared with the commercially prepared mast urea agar (multipoint) and fuscoe's urea plate medium. a total of 240 routine isolates of enterobacteriaceae were tested for urease activity using ...19902212071
numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of morganella morganii strains from faeces, wound, urine and other clinical sources.sixty-five strains of morganella morganii (mainly of human origin) were characterized by one-dimensional sds-page of cellular proteins. the strains came from various countries; 13 were from stools (including one from a toucan), 13 from wounds, 11 from urine, five from blood (including one from a snake), five from the respiratory tract (four sputum, one lung), 12 from miscellaneous sources and six from unknown sources. the protein patterns, which contained 45 to 50 discrete bands, were highly rep ...19902246146
functional similarity between the haemolysins of escherichia coli and morganella morganii.haemolysin produced by a clinical isolate of morganella morganii was examined for antigenic relatedness to the haemolysin of escherichia coli and for similarities in mode of action. the m. morganii haemolysin migrated in sds-page as a single protein band with a slightly higher molecular weight than that of e. coli haemolysin. several murine monoclonal antibodies against e. coli haemolysin cross-reacted with the m. morganii haemolysin in western blots. diminished haemolysis in the presence of osm ...19902250286
[bacterial flora of the oral cavity, fangs and venom of bothrops jararaca: possible source of infection at the site of bite].culture of fang, fang sheath and venom of fifteen healthy freshly captured bothrops jararaca were analyzed. the bacteria most frequently encountered were group d streptococci (12 snakes), enterobacter sp. (6), providencia rettgeri (6), providencia sp. (4), escherichia coli (4), morganella morganii (3) and clostridium sp. (5). the bacteria observed are similar to those found in the abscesses from bothrops bitten patients. since these snake mouth bacteria may be inoculated during the snake bite, b ...19902259834
[basic and clinical studies on norfloxacin in the pediatric field].pharmacokinetic , bacteriological and clinical studies on norfloxacin (nflx), a quinolone-carboxylic acid antibacterial agent, were conducted in the pediatric field. 1. serum concentrations and urinary excretion of nflx after single dose of 2.2 approximately 5.6 mg/kg (mean 4.4 +/- 1.2 mg/kg) were determined in 13 children with ages between 6 and 11 years. the mean peak serum concentration of the drug was 0.37 +/- 0.20 micrograms/ml at 2 hours after administration. the mean half-life of the drug ...19902262968
[fournier's disease: a report of 9 cases].nine cases of fournier's gangrene diagnosed between 1982 and 1989 are reported. all were males with a mean age of 76 (47-82 years). seven had a history of alcoholism and one had non insulin-dependent diabetes. six patients also had an anal fistula which may have been the starting point of the infection. the causal agents were two anaerobes (clostridium perfringens and bacteroides fragilis) two gram-negatives (morganella morgagni and pseudomonas aeruginosa) and one, an unidentified gram-positive. ...19902278737
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