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[the lice of the gerbils of tajikistan].2606 gerbils of four species from tajikistan were examined. on them there were found over 14 thousand sucking lice of 10 species, four of which are typical to gerbils. hoplopleura merionidis ferris is a mongolian-turkestan species, which in central asia parasitizes meriones meridianus pallas and m. unguiculatus milne-edw. and in middle asia--m. meridianus and m. erythrourus gray, seldom m. tamariscinus pallas. polyplax chinensis ferris, a parasite of m. meridianus, is a mongolian-turkestan speci ...197995816
[biosynthesis of penicillin upon periodic culturing of penicillium chrysogenum with an exponentially increasing glucose supply].penicillium chrysogenum was cultivated under controlled conditions and at constant specific growth rates regulated by glucose supply. the rate of penicillin synthesis (units/mg dry and pattern of time changes of the synthesizing capacity of the culture depended on the specific growth rate (hr-1). the arrest of penicillin synthesis was induced by the inherent changes of the culture rather than by external factors, e.g. use of substrates, changed limitation, accumulation of inhibitory m ...197995828
clinical analysis of 36 episodes of thyroid crisis. 200095932
middle ear morphology of lemur variegatus. some implications for primate paleontology.the middle ear morphology of lemur variegatus, a strepsirhine primate, is described. although no promontory branch of the internal carotid artery appears, there is a well-developed "promontory canal" containing a nerve trunk. this structure, which is previously undescribed in strepsirhines, is made up of the tympanic nerve and the internal carotid nerve. the implications of this discovery for paleontology, systematics, and future research are discussed.200095996
characterization and purification of pregnancy-associated plasma protein b (papp-b).papp-b is a pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein of large molecular weight, about 1,000,000 as determined by sepharose 4b and 6b gel filtration. its isoelectric point is between ph 4.6 and 5.0. it has been purified at least 800-fold from term pregnancy serum by a sequence of steps involving salting out at 30% saturation with ammonium sulfate (1,2m), deae-cellulose chromatography, sepharose 4b gel filtration and hydroxylapatite chromatography. monospecific antiserum to papp-b has been prepared, ...200196031
clinical experience and expectations with helium and heavy ion irradiation. 200196046
molybdenum independence of nitrogenase component synthesis in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema.the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum (iu 594-utex 594) fixes n2 only in the absence of combined n and of o2. we induced nitrogenase by transfer to anaerobic n-free medium and studied the effect of mo starvation on nitrogenase activity and synthesis. activity was first detected within 3 h after transfer by the acetylene reduction assay in controls, increasing for at least 25 h. cells grown on nitrate and mo and then transferred to n-free, mo-free medium produced 8% of the control nitrogenase ac ...197896092
liver microsomal cytochromes p-450 and azoreductase activity.hepatic microsomal azoreductase activity with amaranth (3-hydroxy-4[(4-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)azo]-2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid trisodium salt) as a substrate is proportional to the levels of microsomal cytochrome p-450 from control or phenobarbital-pretreated rats and mice or cytochrome p-448 from 3-methylchol-anthrene-pretreated animals. in the "inducible" c57b/6j strain of mice, 3-methylcholanthrene and phenobarbital pretreatment cause an increase in cytochrome p-448 and p-450 levels, respect ...197896118
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
correlation of neural discharge with pattern and force of muscular activity, joint position, and direction of intended next movement in motor cortex and cerebellum.1. monkeys were trained to grasp a rod movable in a horizontal arc (fig. 1), and to hold the rod by angulation of the wrist in each of three positions (a,b, c). a maintained load was placed on the rod alternately to oppose flexion and extension. at a light signal, the monkey had to move to the next position in a prescribed sequence (abcbabcba, etc.). the task was designed to dissociate, while holding in position, the following variables: 1) pattern of muscular activity in the forearm required to ...197896223
evidence for involvement of microtubules in the action of vasopressin in toad urinary bladder. ii. colchicine binding properties of toad bladder epithelial cell tubulin.colchicine, podophyllotoxin and vinblastine have been found to inhibit the action of vasopressin on water movement in the toad urinary bladder. tubulin is the major colchicine binding component of toad bladder epithelial cells, accounting for approximately 3.3% of the total cell protein. more than 99% of the tubulin is found in the soluble fraction after sonication, the remainder is in the particulate fraction. similar to the characteristics of the binding of colchicine to tubulins from other so ...199996270
the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the is argued that "the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the retina" (the title of this article) concerns two identical effects and that both are the outward sign of the existence of a specific organization in the retina. for this reason they can serve as a valuable criterion for identifying activity in this organization. this activity is assumed to be in the nature of a self-excitation by positive feedback in the amacrine circuits of certain y-cells. relevant liter ...197896310
[preoperative "concentrated" high-energy radiotherapy of lung cancer]. 199996313
evolutionary and dietary aspects of salivary basic (pb) and post pb (ppb) proteins in anthropod primates. 199996354
medical and health career exploring in military hospitals. 199996360
case for diagnosis. 197896370
rupture of the brachial artery in closed elbow dislocation: case report. 199996374
[dangers of mercury poisoning in everyday dental practice]. 199996401
fundamental studies on the electron penetration in radiotherapy. 199996420
[the treatment of crohn's disease in the child. 12 cases (author's transl)].therapeutic aspects of crohn's disease in pediatrics are discussed. new renutrition techniques are pointed out: total parenteral nutrition in 4 cases, and constant rate enteral nutrition in 6 cases (with elemental diet). in association with anti-anflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs results seemed very remarkable: in all cases, dramatic clinical recovery, and even radiologic improvement. in two cases surgery appeared to be defered after more than one year of evolution.199996428
[clinical and electrophysiological aspects of the gangliosidoses (author's transl)].the gangliosidoses belong to the family of diseases known as the lipidoses and are due to an excess of ganglioside i (gm1) or ii (gm2). the illness described by landing belongs to group i, whilst tay-sachs and sandhoff's disease are type 2. this study was particularly concerned with the electro-clinical aspects of group 2, and 4 stages have been differentiated: --the first occurs between 4-10 months: the child is apathetic, hypotonic and has occasional audiogenic seizures; fundoscopy revealing t ...197896499
some response characteristics of co2 electrodes.radiometer carbon dioxide electrodes and probably other electrodes of similar design do not give the same readings, except under certain very limited conditions, when used to measure carbon dioxide concentrations in solution and the gas phase with which the liquid is in equilibrium. blood samples of high p(co2), when introduced into the sample chamber of an electrode at low p(co2), lose co2 to the electrode resulting in a reduction of sample p(co2) and hence, because the sample size is very smal ...199996504
[lymphocyte subpopulations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children]. 199996512
a survey of bacterial infections in the surgical intensive care unit. 197896533
[application of frozen stored various animal red blood cells for the virological and serological tests (author's transl)]. 197796589
development of visual acuity in infant monkeys (macaca nemestrina) during the early postnatal weeks. 197896592
[malassimilation syndrome. surgical report]. 199996611
substrate specificity of hexosaminidase a isolated from the liver of a patient with a rare form (ab variant) of infantile gm2 gangliosidosis and control tissues. 199996668
[metabolism of poly a+ mrna during the development of tetrahymena pyriformis cultures (proceedings)]. 199996714
activity of azlocillin and mezlocillin against gram-negative organisms: comparison with other penicillins.the activities of azlocillin and mezlocillin were compared with those of carbenicillin, ticarcillin, and pirbenicillin against a wide range of gram-negative organisms. the two new drugs were considerably more active than carbenicillin against klebsiella species and escherichia coli. carbenicillin was twice as active against proteus mirabilis as mezlocillin and four times as active as azlocillin. against pseudomonas aeruginosa, azlocillin was eight times as active as carbenicillin. azlocillin and ...197896726
the impact of science and technology on society. 199996804
tissue distribution of edta encapsulated within liposomes containing glycolipids or brain phospholipids.multilameller liposomes were prepared with various asialoglycolipids, gangliosides, sialic acid, or brain phospholipids in the liposome membrane and with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) encapsulated in the aqueous compartments. the liposomes containing glycolipids or sialic acid were prepared from a mixture of phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and one of the following test substances: galactocerebroside, glucocerebroside, galactocerebroside sulfate, mixed gangliosides, monosialogangliosid ...197896869
experimental polychlorinated biphenyl toxicosis in germfree pigs.the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls were studied in eight germfree pigs. beginning at fourteen days of age, two pigs each were fed daily 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight of polychlorinated biphenyls as aroclor 1254. three germfree pigs were negative controls. clinically the treated pigs had inappetance, a hemorrhagic diarrhea, erythema of the nose and the anus, retarded growth, distended abdomen and at the higher dose levels, incoordination and coma followed by death. deaths occurred ...197896924
[a method for measuring apatite crystals in human dentine by high resolution transmission electron microscopy].high resolution electron microscopy now makes it possible to use an original method for measuring biological apatite crystals. the crystals of intertubular sound dentine have an average width of 296 a (standard deviation: 37) and an average thickness of 32 a (standard deviation: 5). during the course of so-called arrested caries, crystals get twice as thick compared to those sound dentine, whereas their width remains unchanged.197897005
[centralized system for eeg-diagnosis and eeg-monitoring in a neurologic intensive care unit (author's transl)].a centralized eeg system installed in a neurologic intensive care unit is described. it is the first step to a computerized eeg monitoring which on the basis of conventional eeg recordings already permits a "brain monitoring" to some extent. it consists of a system for total eeg diagnosis which is connected with a central eeg laboratory via long-distance transmission lines, and of a system for eeg-monitoring which is part of the general beside monitor system. the possibilities of this system are ...199997071
experimental infection of the genital tract of female grivet monkeys by mycoplasma hominis.mycoplasma hominis, a common inhabitant of the mucosae of the genitourinary tract of human and nonhuman primates, was inoculated directly into the uterine tubes of five laparotomized grivet monkeys. a self-limiting acute salpingitis and parametritis developed within a few days in all animals. although there were no clinical signs of overt disease, the gross pathology was characterized by pronounced oedematous swelling and hyperaemia of the tubes and parametria. microscopically, cellular infiltra ...197897224
cigarette smoke and phagocyte function: effect of chronic exposure in vivo and acute exposure in vitro.phagocytic function was studied in mice chronically exposed to cigarette smoke, and the effects of in vitro exposure to cigarette smoke on macrophage activity were also assessed. cultures of radiolabeled pseudomonas aeruginosa were employed to investigate phagocyte activity in vivo and in vitro. mice were exposed on weekdays to fresh cigarette smoke for periods up to 37 weeks and the bactericidal and clearance activity of their lungs was measured. both pulmonary clearance and bactericidal activi ...197897229
relationship of method of administration to respiratory virulence of klebsiella pneumoniae for mice and squirrel monkeys.klebsiella pneumoniae given by aerosol was significantly less virulent in mice and monkeys than when given by intranasal (mice) or intratracheal (monkeys) instillation.197897232
f'-plasmid transfer from escherichia coli to pseudomonas fluorescens.various f' plasmids of escherichia coli k-12 could be transferred into mutants of the soil strain 6.2, classified herein as a pseudomonas fluorescens biotype iv. this strain was previously found to receive flac plasmid (n. datta and r.w. hedges, j. gen microbiol. 70:453-460, 1972). ilv, leu, met, arg, and his auxotrophs were complemented by plasmids carrying isofunctional genes; trp mutants were not complemented or were very poorly complemented. the frequency of transfer was 10(-5). subsequent t ...197897267
repression of biotin biosynthesis in escherichia coli during growth on biotin vitamers.a strain of escherichia coli in which the lacz gene was fused to the bioa promoter was constructed. colonies of this strain formed lac(+) colonies on low-biotin agar (1.6 to 4.1 nm) and lac(-) colonies on high-biotin agar (41 nm). this lac-bio fusion strain was used to study the question of whether cells growing on the biotin vitamers d-biotin-d-sulfoxide (bds) and dethiobiotin (dtb) generate enough biotin to give maximal repression of beta-galactosidase synthesis. repression by high concentrati ...197897277
use of pyruvate fermentation compared with tetrazolium reduction in the differentiation of group d streptococci.the reduction of 2, 3, 5 triphenyltetrazolium chloride in the original medium of barnes (journal of general microbiology, 14, 57, 1956), and in a modified medium, was compared with the ability to ferment pyruvate as a means of separating streptococcus faecalis from all other group d streptococci. the tetrazolium reduction test gave an occasional negative reaction with str. faecalis strains. in addition, a number of strains gave a weakly positive reaction in the test, as did some strains of str. ...197897331
cell culture of individual drosophila embryos. ii. culture of x-linked embryonic lethals.results are reported from the culturing in vitro of cells from individual early gastrulae of the following four groups of x-linked embryonic lethal mutants of drosophila melanogaster. (1) notch lethals, five notch mutants were studied which have been reported to give similar abnormalities in whole embryos: the nervous system displays a three-fold hypertrophy as part of a shift in the pattern of differentiation within ectodermal derivatives, and mesodermal derivatives do not differentiate. an hyp ...200097357
experimental infection of chimpanzees with the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis.a fecal filtrate of human origin containing the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis was administered by stomach tube to chimpanzees in an attempt to induce diarrheal disease. significant postchallenge serum antibody rises against norwalk viral antigens were demonstrated in all animals using the techniques of immune electron microscopy and radioimmunoassay. in addition, viral antigens were detected in feces from five of nine animals using radioimmunoassay. clinical illness characteriz ...197897364
entry of beta-n-oxalyl-l-alpha,beta-diaminopropionic acid, the lathyrus sativus neurotoxin into the central nervous system of the adult rat, chick and the rhesus monkey. 197897367
meningitis caused by neisseria meningitidis type w-135. 197897374
preliminary x-ray crystallographic data on phospholipase c from bacillus cereus. 197897390
serum alkaline phosphatase activity in protein-energy malnourished children in nigeria. 200097396
[bedside nursing. nursing of a child suffering from separation anxiety at hospitalization]. 200097432
[development of children with cerebral palsy and nursing. 3. characteristics of motions and postures of children with cerebral palsy]. 200097438
[activities of a home helper. 3. demanding attitude of the recipient of welfare services]. 200097441
[gaining nursing experience through trial and error]. 200097443
malignant transformation of a mouse epithelial cell line with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 197897564
historical perspectives of the united states air force, army, navy, public health service, and veterans administration nursing services. 200097587
[treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolality with low dose insulin infusion (author's transl)].fifteen patients were treated with low-dose (5 u/hour) insulin infusion, including 10 cases of ketoacidosis, 3 cases of hyperglycemia without acidosis in severely affected diabetics, and 2 cases with hyperosmolality. the treatment was successful in all cases. insulin was infused at a constant rate, during 12 hours as a mean value. blood glucose fell regularly and no hypoglycemia occured. serum potassium varied within narrow limits, and no accident related to hypokalemia was observed. the correct ...200097626
[incomplete parenteral nutrition of patients operated on for lung cancer and suppurative diseases of the lungs and pleura]. 200097656
explanation in psychoanalysis. 200097700
response-dependent effects of morphine on reinforcing lateral hypothalamic self-stimulation.the effects of morphine (10mg/kg) on intracranial self-stimulation were studied in three separate test situations, each requiring rats to perform different types of responses. self-stimulation was depressed in a test of rate of bar-pressing, to a lesser extent in a test of rate of wall-pressing in which a wider range of movements were reinforced, but not in a shuttle-box, with brain stimulation continuously available on one side of box. this resonse dependency suggests that the depressive effect ...197897721
groupamatic mg 50 in operation for a large university blood bank: no more tests by hand. 200097765
evaluation of spiramycin as a therapeutic agent for elimination of nasopharyngeal pathogens. possible use of spiramycin for middle ear infections and for gonococcal and meningococcal nasopharyngeal carriage.varying doses of spiramycin were administered orally to healthy volunteers, and concentrations in serum and saliva were determined. the absorption of the drug was not significantly influenced by concomitant food intake. saliva peak concentrations were 1.3--4.8 times higher than peak concentrations in serum. the elimination half life was 2--3 h in serum, and 4--8 h in saliva. accumulation of the drug was seen in saliva but not in serum. the possible effect of spiramycin in eliminating bacteria fr ...197897775
polychlorinated biphenyls may alter marine trophic pathways by reducing phytoplankton size and production.polychlorinated biphenyls at concentrations of 1 to 10 micrograms per liter reduced phytoplankton biomass and size in natural estuarine phytoplankton communities grown within dialysis bags in situ in an estuarine marsh. in polychlorinated biphenyls-contaminated waters, these changes could increase the number of trophic levels and divert the flow of biomass from harvestable fish to jellyfish and other gelatinous predators.200097784
gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli in hospital patients. part i. preliminary epidemiological assessment.gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli (grnb) have been isolated from specimens received from 23 hospitals in and around johannesburg. most isolates are fermentative in nature. a pilot survey among inpatients at the johannesburg hospital revealed an intestinal carriage prevalence of 14,3%. a prospective study of intestinal acquisition showed that grnb are acquired in hospital, and that colonization is associated with prior antibacterial therapy. analysis of clinical specimens received from t ...197897791
[dietary therapy of intestinal diseases in childhood (author's transl)]. 200097800
[new trends in the delivery of health care]. 200097829
[obtaining the capsular fraction of the causative agent of anthrax]. 197897851
[sarcocyst resistance to certain factors]. 197897852
the histochemistry of mucosubstances in ferret salivary glands.the mucosubstances of the major salivary glands of the ferret were analysed using different histochemical reactions. almost all the parotid acinar cells had sialic acid-containing mucus. there were a very few cells, the granules of which gave reactions for sulphated mucins. submandibular gland mucus was sulphated in the major parts of the gland. there were occasional cells which gave reactions to carboxylated mucin. the sublingual and the molar glands had tubules which had 2 types of mucous cell ...197897904
sero-epidemiological study of lymphogranuloma venereum in western nigeria.a sero epidemiological study involving 5009 individuals resident in the two largest cities (ibadan and benin) in the western region of nigeria has been carried out, using the lgvcft to determine the presence of lgv antibodies. these individuals come from various population groups and social classes (i.e. blood donors, antenatal clinic patients, general out-patients, venereal diseases clinic patients and prostitutes). among the 3638 subjects tested in ibadan, the seroreactivity rates ranged from ...200197940
common skin changes in the elderly. 200198043
a sensory mechanism for amblyopia: electrophysiological studies.steady-state visual evoked potentials were elicited by the appearance/disappearance of sinusoidal gratings of varying spatial frequency for both eyes of amblyopic subjects at temporal frequences from 2--32 hz. the amblyopic eyes showed reduced responses relative to those of the nonamblyopic eyes across a wide range of spatial frequencies, the difference between the 2 eyes being most marked for high spatial frequencies and low temporal frequencies. both the nonamblyopic and the amblyopic eyes sho ...197898048
transient change in the atp pool of anabaena cylindrica associated with ammonia assimilation.when n2-grown cells of anabaena cylindrica were exposed to ammonia (50 micron to 5 mm) in the dark, the size of the atp pool was reduced by 40% within 1 min, but restored after 5 or 6 min. the decrease in atp was accompanied by increases in adp and amp, while the total adenylate content remained unaltered. the ammonia-induced change in the atp pool was completely eliminated when algal cells were treated with l-methionine-dl-sulfoximine, an inhibitor of glutamine synthesis. these results suggest ...197898124
the occurrence and identification of intracellular polyglucose storage granules in methylococcus ncib 11083 grown in chemostat culture on methane.the accumulation of intracellular storage granules (0.03--0.5 micrometer) by methylococcus ncib 11083 when grown under conditions of ammonia limitation with methane as the sole source of carbon and energy was inversely proportional to the dilution rate. the isolated material was composed entirely of glucose residues and the infra-red spectrum exhibited characteristic absorption bands at 925 cm(-1), 845 cm(-1) and 745 +/- 4cm(-1), indicating the presence of alpha (1 leads to 4) glycosidic linkage ...197898125
[alteration of the construction and cellular composition of ileo-colonic lymph nodes of rhesus macaques after administration of salmonella vaccine].in stained histological sections, percentage ratio of areas to different cellular elements in structural components of the ileocolonic lymph nodes was studied in mature macaca rhesus, normal and after injection of salmonella vaccine. a rather considerable reaction in all structural components and cell composition of the lymph nodes was demonstrated as a response to immunization of the animals. these changes were demonstrated in decreased area occupied by the cortical substance and in increased a ...197898134
extrageniculostriate vision in the monkey. vi. visually guided accurate reaching behavior. 197898218
biochemical changes in guinea pig lungs due to amosite asbestos. 197898326
an immunofluorescent analysis of drosophila polytene chromosomes with antisera directed against h3, h4, and a native h3-h4 complex. 200198332
determination of the site of synthesis of some euglena cytoplasmic and chloroplast ribosomal proteins. 200098335
immunological study of glutamate synthase and its subunits. 197898351
calcium-dependent binding of mouse epididymal spermatozoa to the zona pellucida. 197898372
a pharmacologic profile of mcn-3495 [n-(1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinylidene)-n'-phenyl-1-pyrrolidinecarboximidamide], a new, orally effective hypoglycemic agent.mcn-3495, a new compound unrelated strucuturally to the sulfonylureas or phenformin, has been found to produce a hypoglycemic effect in nondiabetic rats, dogs, mice, and monkeys. the minimum effective dose of mcn-3495 that lowers fasting blood glucose and improves glucose tolerance was found to be about 2.5 to 5 mg-per kilogram, per os, except in fasted monkeys, in which a tenfold greater potency was observed. when mcn-3495 was given repeatedly for three to five days, no tolerance to the hypogly ...197898377
distribution of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide reductase in the mucosa of canine digestive tract.the distribution of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide (4-nqo) reductase, assumed to be closely related to the carcinogenesis of 4-nqo, was investigated in the mucosa of canine digestive tract, and its results indicated following points. 1) the activity of 4-nqo reductase was highest in the esophagus, next in the stomach, and remarkably low in the small and large intestines. 2) there is no significant difference in the 4-nqo reductase activity between the upper, middle, and lower portion of the esophagus, ...197898382
in vitro immune response of spleen cells from mice genetically selected for high or low antibody production.the aim of this study was the identification of the cell type in which genes selected for high or low response to srbc express their functions. spleen cells from high (h) and low (l) responder mice were immunized with srbc in the mishell and dutton system. an antibody response of different magnitude was found in cultures of h and l spleen cells, the difference being at least as great as that observed in vivo. this finding under experimental conditions allowing the exclusion of any influence of t ...200098427
evaluation of possible mutagenicity of the condiment clove when administered alone or in combination with caffeine in drosophila melanogaster. 200098437
family life cycle resource center in the elementary school. 200198495
high pressure liquid chromatography with ultraviolet absorbance or fluorescence detection of carbaryl in potato and corn.carbaryl (1-naphthyl-n-methylcarbamate) was extracted from corn and potato with acetone. the acetone extract was partitioned into methylene chloride-hexane and concentrated for cleanup on a 5% water-deactivated florisil column. the fraction containing the carbamate was subjected to high pressure liquid chromatographic (hplc) analysis on a 25 cm lichrosorb si60 (5 micron) column (2.2 mm id) by various means. first, the pesticide was analyzed directly with ultraviolet (uv) absorption detection at ...200198513
formylation of initiator trna methionine in procaryotic protein synthesis: in vivo polarity in lactose operon expression.eucaryotic and procaryotic organisms differ in two aspects of their translation machinery: polycistronic messengers are expressed as a sequence of individual proteins only in procaryotes, and the initiation of protein synthesis proceeds with an initiator trna which is found to be modified (formylated) in procaryotes and not in eucaryotes. in the present study, we show that formylation is required in vivo for the coordinate expression of the escherichia coli lactose operon. our experiments are co ...197898518
isolation of immunoglobulin from splenic lymphocytes of inbred rats by triton x-100 solubilization. 197898589
physiological disposition and biotransformation of l-alpha-[2-3h]acetylmethadol (laam) in acutely and chronically treated monkeys. 197898628
signal to noise enhancement in a study of cell wall structure of bacillus subtilis by interactive computation.this paper describes a technique for obtaining values of the width and variation in optical density of sectioned bacterial cell walls by interactive computational methods. background 'noise' prevents accurate determination of cell wall boundaries from the data in a single scan line but the noise may be suppressed by averaging several consecutive scan lines. although application of the technique is explained for sectioned bacterial cell walls, it is equally valid for similar situations where sing ...197898638
calcium requirements during total parenteral nutrition in well-nourished individuals.eleven patients, receiving all nutrition intravenously, were given varying doses of calcium (0-20 mg/kg/day) to determine an optimal level for calcium administration during postoperative parenteral nutrition. during each study period, nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamin, and caloric intakes were constant. negative calcium balance resulted when less than 2 mg ca++/kg body weight was given daily. during excessive urinary calcium losses, serum calcium concentration remained in the normal range. increasin ...200198654
catecholamine-induced alterations in glucose homeostasis in baboons, dogs, rabbits, and rats: comparative effects of somatostatin. 197898685
[value of the use of a cement containing a combination of triamcinolone and tetracycline in cavity preparations].odontomix (reg'd) cement was used at the bottom of cavities prepared in healthy dog canines in a attempt to prevent pulp and dentine alterations caused by the preparation and filling of cavities. 24 dogs were used along with 24 controls. i.v. tetracycline was afterwards given 10 times at weekly intervals. examination of tetracycline labelling under the cavities showed that the cement caused pulp and dentine changes in confined areas, though it has not yet been possible to determine whether these ...197898698
maternal influence upon the v-type gene position effect in drosophila melanogaster. 200198705
haploid cell cultures of drosophila melanogaster. 200198714
pott's fracture. 200198756
bacteriophages, vaccines, and people: an assessment of risk. 197898771
the effect of chronic administration and withdrawal of amphetamine on cerebral dopamine receptor sensitivity.mice with a 6-hydroxydopamine induced unilateral nigro-striatal lesion received (+)-amphetamine sulphate (2.5-20 mg/kg) over a 3-month period by daily incorporation into the drinking water. druing this period the circling response to apomorphine hydrochloride (0.01-0.5 mg/kg, s.c.) was increasingly suppressed in comparison to control animals, while spontaneous locomotor activity increased. following drug withdrawal the circling response to apomorphine remained suppressed two months later. howeve ...200198779
[swallowing difficulties in encephalopathic children]. 200198819
[folic acid and vitamin b 12 in the elderly]. 200198888
plasma membrane vesiculation: a cellular response to injury.the shedding of plasma membrane vesicles has been shown to result from exposure of monolayer cell cultures to formaldehyde and other sulfhydryl blocking agents. incubation of cells in concentrations of these agents as low as 5 to 10 mm for intervals as brief as fifteen minutes is effective (scott, 1976). plasma membrane vesiculation has been shown to be an energy-dependent process that requires ca++ and physiological temperature. following plasma membrane vesiculation, cell monolayers appear int ...197898904
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