reaction of yeast phosphofructokinase with succinic and maleic anhydride.modification of yeast phosphofructokinase by succinic and maleic anhydride influences the catalytic activity and the allosteric behaviour of the enzyme. depending on the degree of succinylation and maleinylation a decrease of maximum activity, an increase of the apparent affinity for fructose-6-phosphate, a decrease of the hill-coefficient and a diminution of atp-inhibition are observed. up to about 40% of the lysyl residues could be succinylated without dissociation of the hexameric protein, ho ...1975127493
influence of ouabain and ethacrynic acid on sodium transport and nak-atpase activity in the isolated perfused rat kidney. 1975127690
[histological, histoenzymatic and biochemical study of the liver and small intestine of rats during short periods of starvation].the structure and the activity of acid phosphatase, beta-glucuronidase, alkaline phosphatase and atp-ase in the liver and small intestine of rats receiving for 20 days a one-time, fixed at a certain time (2 o'clock) feeding was studied morphologically in dynamics in 2, 6, 24 and 48 hours after the last feeding. furthermore, parallel with this the activity of acid phosphatase, beta-glucuronidase, alpha-glucosidase and beta-acetylglucosaminidase was determined in homogenates by biochemical methods ...1975128202
[changes in the lungs and the mass of the right ventricle of the heart in chronic hypoxia (experimental-morphological study)].in experiments on 105 white rats using histological, histochemical, and morphometric methods the state of the lungs following daily "rises" in a pressure chamber to the "hight" of 5000--9000 m at verious time intervals--from 1 day to 9 weeks was studied. in 18 animals "ascents" were preceded by sinistral pulmonectomy. in parallel, the heart was investigated by the method of separate weighing. at initial stages changes in the lungs were characterized predominantly by impairment of the blood- and ...1975128341
dissociated cultures of newborn mouse brain. i. metabolism of sulfated lipids and mucopolysaccharides.the metabolism of 35so4-sulfated lipids and mucopolysaccharides was studied in dissociated brain cell cultures from newborn albino mouse brains. the cultures were maintained under an atmosphere of 40% o2 and 5% co2 in apparent good health up to 30 days. early morphological examination of the dissociated cells demonstrated an initial partial reaggregation of the cells, which later settled and became confluent bilayered cultures. cell proliferation measured by dna and protein determination, morpho ...1975128706
the role of 5-ht in the mechanism of amphetamine stereotypy-inducing action was potentiated in rats in proportion to the previously administered doses of pcpa (3 x 100, 3 x 150 or 3 x 200 mg/kg); however, the dose of 3 x 300 mg/kg pcpa brought about the decrease in stereotypy. reserpinized rats exhibited also increased am stereotypy but of shorter duration. am hyperactivity in mice was potentiated also by the pretreatment with pcpa but this action occurred within a further phase of observation (30 min after the injection). it seems then tha ...1975128744
[on contemporary problems of pseudomonas infections in relation to chemotherapy (author's transl)]. 1975129290
[veterinary-sanitary measures on turkey farms]. 1975129930
[chemotherapy of swine dysentery]. 1975129937
[economic effectiveness of veterinary measures in swine balantidiasis]. 1976130713
studies on in vitro carcinogenesis. i. autoradiographic and biochemical study on the incorporation of labelled methylcholantrene into mouse embryonic cells.the incorporation of radioactive labelled methylcholanthrene into cba/t6t6 mouse embryonic fibroblast cultures was studied by using light and electronmicroscopic autoradiographic and also liquid scintillation counting techniques. during 24 hrs treatment time at the applied methylcholanthrene concentrations (0.01-2.5 mug/ml) the proportion of cells labelled with 3h-methylcholanthrene and the number of grains above the cells showed a relationship with the duration of treatment and also with the do ...1976130740
treponemal antigen in immunopathogenesis of syphilitic glomerulonephritis.a patient with syphilitic glomerulonephritis had a renal biopsy and was treated for secondary syphilis. light, electron, and immunofluorescence microscopic studies revealed an acute proliferative glomerulonephritis with subepithelial, intramembranous, and subendothelial immune complex deposits containing igg, iga, igm, c4, and c3. similar local deposits containing predominantly igm were noted in areas of mesangial proliferation. indirect fluorescent antibody studies employing rabbit treponemal a ...1976130804
isolation of ionophores from ion-transport systems. 1975130822
crosslinking of membranes: the effect of dimethylsuberimidate, a bifunctional alkylating agent, on mitochondrial electron transport and atpase. 1976130833
[histochemical study of carbonic anhydrase and hco3(-)-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase in the rat stomach during hydrochloric acid secretion].by means of histochemical methods it was established that carboanhydrase of the parietal cells of fundal glands and hco-3 stimulated atp-ase of the rat's gastric mucosa capillaries disposed next to the parietal cells were activated by food and histamine. the obtained data confirm the idea of the multicellular functional essembly sustaining hcl secretion (r. i. salganik, 1974). should gastrin induce the formation of histamine in endocrinous cells and the histamine activate carboanhydrase in parie ...1976130854
subcellular and functional effects of quinidine, procaine amide, and lidocaine on rat myocardium.different antiarrhythmic agents such as quinidine, procaine amide, and lodocaine at 1 mm concentrations were found to depress the ability of an isolated perfused rat heart to generate contractile force. quinidine, but not procaine amide or lidocaine, decreased calcium uptake by both mitochondrial and microsomal fractions at different concentrations of calcium. the mitochondrial phosphorylation rate, respiratory control index, and state 3 oxygen consumption, but not adp:o ratio and state 4 oxygen ...1975130965
[complex treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthrosis deformans using preformed and natural physical factors and some problems of the mechanism of their action]. 1975132746
ossification in cancer of the stomach: an experimental rats with nitrosoguanidine induced carcinomas of the gastric stump, heterotopic ossifications are found freqently. the following stages of differentiation during the desmal ossification in the stump carcinomas are demonstrated: 1. osteoblasts, 2. osteoid, 3. woven bone, 4. lamellar bone. --the islands of metaplastic bone cells are predominantly located in the invasive marginal zone of the carcinoma of the gastric stump. the histology of the heterotopic ossification in the gastric stump of the ...1976132787
[systolic and diastolic load of right heart and right bundle block].analysing the ecg and vcg of 818 subjects, healthy or with different congenital and acquired cardiopaties, the frequency of right bundle branch block (rbbb) is established to decrease with the increase in age of children, and is observed to be 8.9% in healthy adults. the right bundle block is observed in 82.5% of the patients with atrial septal defect and quite often in patients with right ventricle tension loading, gradually decreasing with the level of the left ventricle loading, as well as wi ...1976132793
[spontaneous peripheral proteolysis/1st communication: method and results of clinical examinations (author's transl)].with a modificated astrup-fibrin plate-method also an inhibition of proteolysis can be registrated. in various medical areas a spontaneous peripheral proteolysis had been found, especially so in chronical bacterial infections.1976132940
letter: offspring of females with trisomy 21. 1976133007
a transmissible plasmid determining lactose fermentation and multiple antibiotic resistance in a strain of klebsiella a wild strain of klebsiella pneumoniae the plasmid that determined lactose fermentation also determined resistance to chloramphenicol, ampicillin, tetracyclines, streptomycin, spectinomycin, and sulphonamides. the plasmid transferred at a very low rate to escherichia coli k12 and salmonella typhi. by implanting other transfer factors in the strain the rate of transfer and the recipient range were increased. plasmid transfer from the modified strain to salm. typhimurium and salm. gallinarum wa ...1976134162
allergic reaction to allopurinol with cross-reactivity to oxypurinol.a 25-year-old white man with gout and nephropathy and with a previous reaction to allopurinol was given a trial dose of oxypurinol. he developed malaise, a generalized erythematous reaction with edema, pruritus, and emesis; this was clinically identical to the reaction he experienced with allopurinol. when the patient's lymphocytes were exposed in vitro to oxypurinol and allopurinol, increased dna synthesis was observed, suggesting an immunologic basis for the reaction. this patient indicates th ...1976134655
nitrogenases from klebsiella pneumoniae and clostridium pasteurianum. kinetic investigations of cross-reactions as a probe of the enzyme combination with the mo-fe protein of nitrogenase from klebsiella pneumoniae, the fe protein of nitrogenase from clostridium pasteurianum forms an active enzyme with novel properties different from those of either of the homologous nitrogenases. the steady-state rates of reduction of acetylene and h+ are 12% of those of the homologous system from c.pasteurianim. acetylene reductase activity exhibited an approx. 10min lag at 30 degrees c before the rate of reduction became linear, consistent w ...1976134700
pathway of galactitol catabolism in klebsiella pneumoniae. 1976134705
harmaline-induced tremor in the rat: abolition by 3-acetylpyridine destruction of cerebellar climbing fibers. 1976134757
[urinary clearance of noradrenaline in the dog].glomerular filtration rate (gfr) and noradrenaline clearance are highly correlated in anesthetized dogs (ratio cna-3h/gfr approximately 1).1976134775
[super-selective cerebral angiography. iii. diagnostic use and therapeutic possibilities of the telescopic catheterization technic in the circulation area of the external carotid artery in man].the diagnostic value and technical versatility of the previously described telescopic catheter system was demonstrated in 15 patients by super-selective angiography of the external carotid artery. it was possible in all patients to catheterise the individual branches with the f-catheter; the polyethylene-s-catheter could then be passed 3 to 5 cm, beyond the tip of the f-catheter. in almost half the patients, spasm of the injected artery was observed, particularly of the superficial temporal and ...1976134945
dysplasia of the tricuspid valve in the dog and cat.dysplasia of the tricuspid valve in 14 dogs and 13 cats was studied. the clinical, electrocardiographic, radiographic, hemodynamic, angiocardiographic, and pathologic findings were reviewed in each species. alterations of the tricuspid valve complex included long, thick septal leaflets adhered to the septum; absent or short, stout fused chordae tendineae; hypertrophic fused papillary muscles; insertion of papillary muscles directly into the lateral leaflets; incomplete development of the valvula ...1976134984
the itch is back. 1976134986
studies on the inhibition of brain phosphofructokinase by oleate and the determination of fatty acids in normal and hypoxic brain. 1976135075
[experimental restoration of the renal artery. comparative study of 3 procedures (author's transl)].presentation of theee procedures of experimental revascularization of the renal artery under microscopically controlled surgered (study of 19 dogs): --10 dacron velvet grafts, --6 hypogastric autografts, --3 spleno-renal autografts. results obtained by three means of investigation: selective angiography, measurement of renal flow using radioactive xenon, microscopic study of the anastomoses and the grafts: --10 dacron 10 failures, --6 hypogastric autografts, 4 successes 2 failures, --3 spleno-re ...1976135095
bulbourethral gland infections in mice associated with staphylococcus aureus. 1976135128
[histoenzymological studies of the types of fibers of rabbit white muscles]. 1975135341
steroids in fluids and sperm entering and leaving the bovine epididymis, epididymal tissue, and accessory sex gland secretions.ten steroids which may have a role in the process of sperm maturation within the epididymis were quantified by competitive protein binding or radioimmunoassay. rete testis fluid (rtf) carrying testicular sperm into the epididymis was rich in dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone (21 +/- 2 and 33 +/- 3 ng/ml) while cauda eipididymal plasma (cep) around sperm which have completed maturation had high levels of progesterone, dihydrotestosterone, 3beta-androstanediol, dehydroepiandrosterone and te ...1976137112
[distribution of capsular serotypes in klebsieela strains of enteral origin].the significant proportion of microorganisms belonging to the klebsiella genus among the causative agents isolated and subdifferentiation of the genus for epidemiological survey of infantile klebsiella infections are dealt with in the present paper. the 28 klebsiella strains isolated from cases of enteritis confirms the enteral tropism of these enterobacteria, especially among the infantile population. a proportion of 13.3% strains were identified in pure cultures obtained from feces and were co ...1976138927
the protective effect of pretreatment with selenite on the toxicity of dimethylselenide. 1976139622
functional transformation of fast posterior latissimus dorsi muscle by "slow" nerve implanted in newly hatched chickens.1. contraction properties and the activity of ca2+ - atpase were investigated 2 and 5 to 6 1/2 months after transposition of the fast posterior latissimus dorsi muscle (pld) to the other side in newly hatched chickens. at the same time the muscle was cross-innervated by the nerve originally supplying the slow anterior latissimus dorsi muscle (ald). 2. the mean isometric twitch contraction time of these transposed, cross-innervated pld muscles in the 2-month-old and 5 to 6 1/2-month-old groups wa ...1977140382
preparation of human immunoglobulin free of plasmin and anticomplement activities.human igg separated by cohn fractionation showed variability in the content of aggregates, plasminogen and anticomplement activity. the plasminogen was removed or markedly reduced by affinity chromatography on sepharose-lysine. anticomplement activity was reduced by chromatography of cohn fraction ii on deae-cellulose. preparations of igg obtained by chromatography of intermediates from cohn fractionation (e.g. cohn fii + fiii or fii + fiii w) on deae-cellulose were devoid of aggregates, plasmin ...1977140530
interaction between the oxidative phosphorylation genes of escherichia coli k12 and the nitrogen fixation gene cluster of klebsiella pneumoniae. 1977140682
in vitro reactivity in allograft tolerance: persistence of mixed leukocyte culture reactivity in highly tolerant rats.mixed leukocyte culture reactivity was studied in adult w/fu rats judged to be highly tolerant after the inoculation of (w/fu x bn)f1 hybrid spleen and bone marrow cells at birth. reactivity was observed in a majority of tolerant donors tested and documented by quantitative dose-response and kinetic studies. allograft tolerance cannot be explained by a complete lack of specific immune reactivity to tolerated alloantigens.1977142793
spherule wall formation by physarum polycephalum. 1977143675
reduction of fensulfothion to fensulfothion sulfide by klebsiella pneumoniae.a cell suspension of klebsiella pneumoniae converted the organophosphorus pesticide fensulfothion to a product that was shown by chemical oxidation, gas-liquid chromatography, infrared spectrophotometry, and mass spectrometry to be fensulfothion sulfide. further alteration of this metabolite was not noted.1977143907
[morphine self-administration added to food conditioning: methodological variant in rats].rats with permanent intra-jugular cannula are submitted to an alimentary operant reinforcement schedule with fixed ratio type fr 1, fr5, then fr 20. as a result, the animals are self administering (together with the alimentary inducer) a slow (about 5 sec) intravenous infusion of morphine (0.05 mg/kg). 20 per cent only of the experimental population exhibit a psychogenic dependance afterward. on the other hand, the animals for which morphine self-administration has been substituted to the alimen ...1977145282
[the effect of a mixture of bacterial ribosomes and membrane fractions of klebsiella pneumoniae on the development of a transplanted epithelial cancer in rats].an association of bacterial ribosomes and cell-wall of klebsiella pneumoniae was shown to reduce the incidence of an epidermoid carcinoma in sprague-dawley rats when administered subcutaneously prior the tumoral graft. mononuclear cells accumulate around the tumor. this association was considered as a non specific adjuvant stimulating the host's intrinsic immunity to tumor antigens.1977145286
appearance in slow muscule sarcolemma of specializations characteristic of fast muscle after reinnervation by a fast muscle nerve. 1978145372
molybdenum cofactors from molybdoenzymes and in vitro reconstitution of nitrogenase and nitrate reductase.a molybdenum cofactor (mo-co) from xanthine oxidase (xanthine:oxygen oxidoreductase, ec can be isolated from the enzyme by a technique that has been used to isolate an iron-molybdenum cofactor (femo-co) from component i of nitrogenase. n-methylformamide is used for the extraction of these molybdenum cofactors. mo-co from xanthine oxidase activates nitrate reductase (nadph:nitrate oxidoreductase, ec in an extract from neurospora crassa mutant strain nit-1; however, femo-co is un ...1977146198
[effects of tritoqualine on hepatic and blood levels of histamine after partial hepatectomy in rats].looked as a specific inhibitor of histidin-decarboxylase, tritoqualine has been injected subcutaneously to wistar rats immediately after partial hepatectomy and, then, once in 24 hours until 72 hours. it has thus provoked : an unexpected, but transient rise (reaching its apex 3 hours after the operation) of the hepatic and blood histamin concentrations ; then, the expected decrease (more durable and greatest at 48 hours) of the same concentrations. therefore, an effect of tritoqualine on the liv ...1977148959
increased plasma prolactin levels induced in rats by d-fenfluramine: relation to central serotonergic stimulation.d-fenfluramine (7.5 and 10 mg/kg i.p.) and quipazine (10 and 20 mg/kg i.p.) increased plasma prolactin levels in male rats. metergoline (3 mg/kg p.o.) or p-chlorophenylalanine (100 mg/kg x 3, orally) pretreatment markedly blocked the prolactin-releasing effect of both d-fenfluramine and quipazine. this result suggests that the effect of these drugs on prolactin secretion could be mediated through a serotonergic mechanism. brain serotonin may thus exert a stimulatory role on prolactin secretion i ...1978149011
[characteristics of the toxicological action of carbophos against a background of polychloropinene].tests conducted with rabbits brought evidence that carbophos priming per os (1/25dl50 for 45 days) reduces the oxyhemoglobin dissociation rate, increases the ascorbic acid concentration in the blood and brain, of copper in the blood, brain and kidneys. priming with a mixture of carbophos and polychloropinene (in a summary dose of 1/25dl50) was attended by a decline in the oxyhemoglobin, rising a concentration of ascorbic acid in the blood, of manganese in the kidneys and iron in the muscles. cha ...1978149023
the effect of graded immersion on heart volume, central venous pressure, pulmonary blood distribution, and heart rate in man.the present experiments have been conducted to study the immediate effects of graded immersion on the central circulation. when taking heart volume as an indicator, it was found that immersion to the diaphragm of a standing subject produces the same changes as assumption of the supine posture. heart volume increases by approximately 130 ml. when the water level is raised to the neck, an extra pressure corresponding to a water column extending from the diaphragm to the surface of the water of app ...1978149298
na-g-penicillin penetration into rat cerebral cortex and formation of an epileptic focus.fluorescein isothiocyanate-labelled na-g-penicillin was applied to the intact dura of 11 rats and the cortical layers were determined to which this epileptogenic substance must penetrate for electrophysiologically demonstrable focal activity to be induced. in 10 animals labelled penicillin was demonstrated in cortical layers i--iii and in one animal in layers i and ii. this concurs with the results obtained in 12 other animals in which activity was recorded from three depths of the cerebral cort ...1978149321
[changes in atpase activity of dog kidney nuclear membrane under the effect of polyenic antibiotics].effect of amphotericin b and nistatin on atpase activity of dog kidney nuclear membranes is studied in vivo and in vitro. long-term intravenous injections of the antibiotics do not change the atpase activity of kidney nuclear membranes. however, short-term injections of polyenic antibiotics have some effect on atpase activity on nuclear membranes: amphotericin b, considerably activates the enzyme . in vitro incubation of isolated dog kidney nuclei with amphotericin and nistatin at concentrations ...1978149566
[effect of sh-reagents on atpase systems of rabbit skeletal muscle nuclei].the influence of sulfhydryl reagents on atpase systems of rabbit sceletal muscles nuclei was studied. it is found that p-chmb at low concentration similarly inhibits both mg2+- and mg2+, ca2+-atpases. p-chmb at higher concentrations inhibits completely mg2+, ca2+-atpase, while mg2+- atpase--only by 60%. n-em is lesser specific inhibitor of sh-groups, than p-chmb. the degree of nuclear atpases inhibition by n-em is practically identical. using inhibitory analysis, two hypes of skeletal muscles nu ...1978149567
vein surgery during defibrinogenation.the effect of defibrinogenation on thrombosis after thrombectomy and on the patency of dacron femoral vein grafts has been studied in dogs. in all experiments the defibrinogenation significantly reduced thrombosis. bleeding from suture lines and through the dacron prostheses was not increased.1978149578
[formation and persistence of antibodies against envelope antigens of influenza virus after vaccination by formolized monovaccine (author's transl)]. 1978149598
[formation and persistence of antibodies against antigens of influenza virus envelope after natural infection (author's transl)]. 1978149605
occupational allergic contact dermatitis to virginiamycin, an antibiotic used as a food additive for pigs and poultry.a warehouseman aged 31 working in a pharmaceutical factory got an occupational contact dermatitis to virginiamycin (factor m), an antibiotic used as a food additive for pigs and poultry. a review is made of contact dermatitis to virginiamycin and to pristinamycin.1978149638
specific immunoprecipitation of atpase from escherichia coli. 1978149674
the effect of various dietary restricted regimes on some immunological parameters of test the effect of dietary protein restriction on mitogenesis and the mixed leukocyte reaction in the mouse immune system two protocols were followed: 1) a 4% protein diet ad libitum and 2) a standard diet of 24% protein fed only on alternate days, monday, wednesday, and friday (intermittent feeding). the effect of dietary restriction was tested on weanling animals, placed on the dietary regimes for 1 and 6 month periods and adult animals (17 months of age) for 6 months of restriction. the re ...1978149714
human lymphocyte subpopulations involved in mlc and cml.lymphocyte subpopulations from human peripheral blood were tested for their capacity to stimulate allogenic cells in mlc and for their ability to develop into cytotoxic cells in cell-mediated lympholysis (cml). by various cell separation experiments lymphocyte suspensions were depleted or enriched with respect to fc receptor-bearing cells (detected as ea-rfc) and ig-bearing cells. it was concluded that fc receptor-bearing cells and ig-bearing cells belong to different subpopulations. furthermore ...1976150021
effect of human immunoglobulin preparations on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated erythrocytes and lymphocytes.human immunoglobulin (ig) preparations were tested for their inhibitory effect on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated human erythrocytes and lymphocytes, as compared to their complement activating capacity. both of the two biological activities ascribed to the sites in the fc portion of the igg molecules were found to be reduced in the pepsin-treated, as well as in the s-sulfonated ig preparations, as compared to the activities of the normal human ig preparation. in the plasmin-treated ig ...1978150144
infantile histiocytosis biopsies and a lymphnode of three children with infantile histiocytosis-x (letter-siwe disease) were studied with enzymehistochemical and sheep-erythrocyte rosetting techniques. the majority of cells making up the infiltrates of skin and lymphnode showed rather weak acid phosphatase and nonspecific esterase activity but considerable leucyl-beta-naphtylamidase activity. sheep-erythrocyte rosetting techniques performed on frozen sections indicated the presence of receptors for the fc fragment ...1978150306
[method for simultaneous study of peristaltic and pendular movements of isolated rabbit ileum].a method is described for studying simultaneously the peristalsis and the pendular movements in the isolated pieces of rabbit ileum. at the same time, using this method it is possible to analyse the actions of drugs on the mechanisms which ensure the pendular movements and the propulsive activity, as well as their relationship. the method is relatively simple and only classical and commercially available equipments are needed. with this method the records and the volume of fluid expelled are sui ...1978150905
[metabolism of (1-14c)-palmitic acid in the cat's brain].following injection into the cerebral ventricles of conscious cats, (1-14c) palmitic acid was rapidly taken up and incorporated into a variety of brain lipids. the peak of uptake of (1-14c) palmitic acid, about 50% of injected radioactive material, into the brain tissue was obtained within the first 24 h following its administration. thereafter, the radioactivity slowly decreased reaching the least value by the end of the second week. the most heavily labelled lipids were the phospholipids, whil ...1978150916
the diabetogenic activity of fragments of human growth hormone in obese (ob/ob) mice. 1978150989
distribution of maximum coronary blood flow in the left ventricular wall of anesthetized dogs.blood flow in the circumflex branch of the left coronary artery was recorded by electromagnetic flowmeter. in a group of dogs progressive hemodilution was performed until the diastolic reactive hyperemic response to 10 s occlusion of the circumflex branch disappeared ("optimum" hemodilution). at this degree of hemodilution the distribution of blood flow in the left ventricular free wall was evaluated by measuring tissue activity concentrations of xe-133 and radioactive microspheres after bolus i ...1978151482
ca transport and atpase activity of synaptosomal vesicles from rat brain. 1978151632
muscle and non-muscle cell rna polymerase activity during the development of myocardial hypertrophy. 1978151746
the eradication of encephalitozoon cuniculi from a specific pathogen-free rabbit colony.encephalitozoan cuniculi was discovered in a large specific pathogen-free rabbit colony during routine quality assurance testing. by using a modified india-ink immunoreaction test we were able to test the entire colony for antibodies to encephalitozoon cuniculi. the prevalence of the disease was approximately 5%. all seropositive animals were culled, and another test of the entire colony, carried out 4 weeks later, revealed one seropositive rabbit which was also culled. two subsequent screenings ...1978151763
immunological methods employed in an attempt to induce erythema nodosum leprosum (enl) in the mouse foot pad model five different parameters were employed to simulate the condition of enl as observed in the human. the experimental groups with five to six months leprosy infection were injected intravenously with various anti-mycobacterial antibodies, m. leprae sonicate and 'b' cells obtained from syngenic donors. the control group of animals, infected similarly, were treated either with m. leprae sonicate or gamma globulins precipitated from normal human serum. all recipients were ...1978151764
alkaline phosphatase reaction in hair follicles of male beagle dogs during hair cycle stages. 1978152070
irs, hew threaten triple-a bonds. 1978152403
freeze-dried canine vena cava allografts as mesocaval shunts. 1978152496
immunological studies in huntington's disease. 1978152603
[biochemistry of myocardium taken at autopsy. preliminary report].the findings after biochemical analysis of heart muscle taken at autopsy are given in this preliminary communication. human myosin is made up of two heavy sub-units and two light sub-units: it is similar to cardiac myosin found in other mammals, but is different in certain characteristics, particularly immunological ones. tropomyosin is made up of two different sub-units. the normal human heart contains 1 mg of collagen and 130 microgram of desoxyribonucleic acid (dna) per 100 mg of fresh tissue ...1978152617
macrophage-t cell interactions in the con a induction of human suppressive t cells.macrophage-t interactions are required for the con a-induced generation of human ts capable of inhibiting pha-induced blastogenesis among autologous pbmc. con a treatment of adherent cell-depleted pbmc, or pbmc recovered after a 7-day incubation in fcs, failed to generate ts. addition of adherent cells to either of these populations restored con a inducible ts. discontinuous density gradient fractionation of adherent cells demonstrated that the required accessory cell was a low density macrophag ...1978152792
light and electron microscopic investigation of atpase activity in musculature during anuran tail resorption.the histochemical activity of adenosine triphosphatase (atpase) was studied at light and electron microscopic levels in larval tail musculature of rana catesbeiana and rana ornativentris during late metamorphic stages. the presence of low, moderate or dark reaction of k2-edta-preincubated ca++-atpase was correlated with the variable degree of degeneration of white fibres even at the late stage of tail resorption. the reasons for an increase in this atpase activity in degenerating white muscle fi ...1978153341
studies of the chemo-mechanical conversion in artificially produced streamings. ii. an order--disorder phase transition in the chemo-mechanical conversion. 1978153344
production and expression of dtmp-enriched dna of bacteriophage sp15.normal dna of bacillus subtilis phage sp15 contains approximately equimolar quantities of dtmp and a hypermodified nucleotide, 5-dihydroxypentyl-dump (dhpdump). deoxythymidine (dthd) rescue of phage dna synthesis in 5-fluorodeoxyuridine (fudr)-inhibited cultures resulted in the synthesis of sp15 dna containing enhanced levels of dtmp and correspondingly reduced levels of dhpdump. this rescued system was used to probe possible roles of dhpdump in phage development. the results suggested that norm ...1978153409
chromosomal aberrations and congenital heart diseases.the incidence of chromosomal aberration with chd is 10.5% in the autopsy cases. 2. the characteristic major cardiac malformations associated with chromosomal aberration are conal abnormality, abnormal septation and cardiac valve abnormalities. 3. the characteristic association of chromosomal aberration and chd is cavo in down syndrome, triple shunts and multivalvular disease in 18 trisomy, shunts in delition syndrome and coarctation of the aorta in turner syndrome. 4. minor cardiac anomalies ass ...1978153412
[comparative investigations of quantitative determination of cell-mediated immunity by skin test, macrophage migration inhibition test, and lymphocyte transformation test in guinea pigs (author's transl)].following an intradermal immunization of guinea pigs with bovine gamma globulin (bgg) and/or human serum albumin (hsa) emulsified in complete freund's adjuvant we studied the cell-mediated immune response and its manipulation by 6-mercaptopurine. three accepted correlates of cell-mediated immunity (cmi) have been used for the estimation of the immune reaction: - intracutaneous test (it) - macrophage migration inhibition test (mmit) - lymphocyte transformation test (ltt). comparative studies of q ...1978154289
proton translocation in cytochrome-deficient mutants of escherichia coli.cytochrome-deficient cells of a strain of escherichia coli lacking 5-amino-levulinate synthetase have been used to study proton translocation associated with the reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (nadh) dehydrogenase region of the electron transport chain. menadione was used as electron acceptor, and mannitol was used as the substrate for the generation of intracellular nadh. the effects of iron deficiency on nadh- and d-lactate-menadione reductase activities were studied in iron-deficie ...1979154508
[morphology of the radiation changes in the jaw bones under the experimental effect of calcitonin]. 1979154602
electrophysiological studies with a new anti-depressant drug: comparison of the effects of viloxazine (ici 58,834) with three tricyclic anti-depressants in the encéphale isolé. 1978154621
[change in brain atpase activity during altitude adaptation]. 1979154643
bacteriological examination of a modern animal house containing small laboratory animals.floors and other areas totalling 1800 m2, comprising conventional and specified-pathogen-free (spf) units, were screened bacteriologically 6 times in a year. the contamination indices observed were lower within than outside the units, and lower in the spf than in the conventional unit. bacterial counts in rooms containing animals in the conventional and spf units were very similar. in all of the areas investigated within the units, most of the samples revealed less than 2 colony forming units pe ...1979155756
patterns of neuromuscular disease. as related to stages of normal embryogenesis in voluntary muscle.skeletal muscle samples from the upper and lower extremities of 38 human fetuses (6 to 18 weeks' gestation) of both sexes were studied by histologic, histochemical, and electron microscopic methods. ultrastructural morphometry was applied. in the different stages of normal development are found regressive changes, ranging from reversible dystrophic to irreversible necrotic alterations, which are characteristic of either primary myogenic myopathies or primary neurogenic muscle atrophies in older ...1979156504
[changes of ground substances and effect of some anti-inflammatory drugs in cotton pellet granuloma (author's transl)]. 1977156570
[laryngeal subglottic localization of rhinoscleroma]. 1979156777
siderophore synthesis in klebsiella pneumoniae and shigella sonnei during iron deficiency.klebsiella pneumoniae 298/53 and shigella sonnei 43-gg9 exhibited restricted growth and enterochelin synthesis only under iron-deficient conditions. s. sonnei also produced an unidentified secondary hydroxamate siderophore.1979160409
differences in urinary trichloroethylene metabolites of animals.differences in urinary excretion of trichloroethylene were studied in rabbits, rats and mice. trichloretylene (1 m mole/kg) was injected intra-peritoneally, then urinary trichloroacetic acid and trichloroethanol glucuronide were measured. the results were: 1. the ratio of total excretion of trichloroethylene metabolites to the administered trichloroethylene decreased in the order of mice, rats and rabbits. 2. the ratio of total trichloroethanol to trichloroacetic acid in urine decreased in the o ...1979161467
distribution of thioredoxins in cyanobacteria.the presence of thioredoxin was demonstrated in 20 strains of cyanobacteria as well as in one phototrophic bacterium rhodopseudomonas sulfidophila and in thiobacillus denitrificans. thioredoxin activity was not found in cyanophora paradoxa and in porphyridium cruentum using the thioredoxin-dependent paps-sulfotransferase activity from synechococcus 6301 as assay system.1979161845
[autoradiographic studies on protein metabolism and histochemical demonstration of the brain zinc content in diabetes mellitus. 1. comparison in experimental streptozotocin-induced diabetes].by application of streptozotocin diabetes mellitus is induced in rats: 40 mg/kg body weight streptozotocin produce a fairly serious diabetes with minimal ketosis, 125 mg/kg body weight streptozotocin cause a severe diabetic keto-acidosis. after 72 hours these animals and also a group of control animals receive 8.33 mci/animal 3h-leucine intraperitoneally. by means of stripping film autoradiograms the rates of uptake of 3h-leucine in different areas of the rat brain are measured. the values of th ...1979161876
[effect of astmopent on the histochemical reactions in the liver (author's transl)]. 1978161963
[pathomorphological changes in the estrogenic syndrome of swine].epizootic, clinical and pathomorphological investigations were carried out on spontaneously arising oestrogen syndrome in swine following feeding with fodder mixture containing 35-63% maize in which the oestrogen substance z-2 (zearalenon) was found. clinical symptoms and pathomorphological changes observed in the course of the disease are described. varying in extent edematous processes were present in the regions around the anus, vulva, prepucium and the mammal complex. uteruses were twice or ...1979162016
[scleroma]. 1979162348
experimental enzyme evolution. 1979162365
ultrastructural studies of parallel tubular arrays in human lymphocytes.parallel tubular inclusions were found in peripheral blood lymphocytes from 18 patients with various hematologic disorders, primarily lymphoproliferative processes, and 1 apparently healthy individual. the inclusions varied in size from 1000 to 6000 a and were usually membrane bounded. the microtubule-like structures comprising the inclusions ranged in size from 150 to 300 a and were packed in wall-to-wall contact with each other. dense amorphous material and small dark crystalloids were frequen ...1975162823
classification of enterotoxins on the basis of activity in cell culture.two cell culture systems were used in a study of the biological properties of several bacterial enterotoxins in vitro. by means of one model, in which hela cell monolayers were used, cytotoxic effects, interms of detachment of cells from a glass surface due to cell death, were assayed. by means of the second model, activation of the adenyl cyclase-cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate (amp) system, in terms of increased steroidogenesis by y-1 adrenal cells (an effect which we have termed cytoton ...1975162926
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