fascioloides magna: development in selected nonruminant mammalian hosts. 1979108129
hypothalamic inactivation of thyroliberin (thyrotropin-releasing hormone) [proceedings]. 1979108150
comparative antibacterial activity of azlocillin, mezlocillin, carbenicillin and ticarcillin and relative stability to beta-lactamases of pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella aerogenes.the antibacterial activities of two ureidopenicillins, azlocillin and mezlocillin, were compared with those of the alpha-carboxypenicillins, carbenicillin and ticarcillin, against a large number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. all four penicillins were active against a wide range of bacteria including pseudomonas aeruginosa, but there were differences in the antibacterial spectra and in the antibacterial effects demonstrated by the two classes of penicillins. in particular, the mini ...1979108220
mechanism of folate transport in lactobacillus casei: evidence for a component shared with the thiamine and biotin transport systems.lactobacillus casei cells have been shown previously to utilize two separate binding proteins for the transport of folate and thiamine. folate transport, however, was found to be strongly inhibited by thiamine in spite of the fact that the folate-binding protein has no measurable affinity for thiamine. this inhibition, which did not fluctuate with intracellular adenosine triphosphate levels, occurred only in cells containing functional transport systems for both vitamins and was noncompetitive w ...1979108244
purified nadph cytochrome p-450 reductase. interaction with hepatic microsomes and phospholipid vesicles. 1979108270
pregnant mare serum gonadotropin. purification and physicochemical, biological, and immunological characterization. 1979108273
evidence for a sequential interaction of the subunits of thymidylate synthetase. 1979108277
the effect of pneumatic tourniquets on the ultrastructure of skeletal muscle.experiments have been carried out on rhesus monkeys to determine the effect of the application of a pneumatic tourniquet on the ultrastructure of the muscles of the lower limb. tourniquets were applied for periods lasting between one and five hours. the changes in the muscle lying immediately under the cuff of the tourniquet were more marked than those observed in muscle distal to the cuff. three hours appears to be close to the limit of the time that a muscle can resist the sustained compressio ...1979108286
minimal antibiotic concentrations of aminoglycosides and beta-lactam antibiotics for some gram-negative bacilli and gram-positive cocci.the minimal antibiotic concentration (mac) is the lowest concentration of an antibacterial agent that produces a decrease of 1 log in the number of organisms/ml as compared with a control culture in drug-free medium. various gram-negative bacilli and gram-positive cocci were grown in the presence of amikacin, gentamicin, tobramycin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, oxacillin, carbenicillin, ticarcillin, and cefamandole at concentrations varying from eight times the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) ...1979108345
[fundamental studies and clinical evaluation of pc-904 in urinary tract infection (author's transl)].measurement of mics of pc-904, cbpc and gm against 135 strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from patients with urinary tract infections was performed. susceptibility to pc-904 of pseudomonas aeruginosa was found to be 3 approximately 7 times more sensitive than that to cbpc and as same as that to gm with inoculum size of 10(8)/ml and 10(6)/ml. serum level of pc-904 reached a peak of 38.5 microgram/ml 15 minutes after 0.5 g intravenous administration. urinary recovery rate unit 6 hours afte ...1979108428
microbial synthesis of sugar derivatives of d-pantothenic acid. 1979108510
histidine sensitive variant of the blue-green alga nostoc muscorum: response to corepressors of histidine biosynthesis.a model has been proposed to account for growth inhibition by l-histidine in a variant strain of nostoc muscorum. this strain has been characterized for its response to 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole and 1,2,4-triazole-3-alanine known to act as false core-pressors of the histidine biosynthesis genes. the histidine sensitive strain retained its sensitivity to triazole alanine while the inhibitory effects of aminotriazole were much reduced indicating a change in regulation of his genes. the probable inter ...1979108514
isolation of an influenza virus subtype hav4navl from a budgerigar. 1979108521
chronic occlusion of the monkey fallopian tube with silicone polymer.investigators have previously reported good retention, antifertility efficacy, and oviduct polymer compatibility in rabbit oviducts in studies of both short-term and chronic occlusion with high viscosity silicone polymer. the present study attempts to determine the chronic effects of the silicone polymer installed into the oviducts of 10 rhesus monkeys. unlike former studies with rabbits, the polymer was installed into the fimbrial end of the monkey's oviducts because of the complexity of the ut ...1979108641
the effects of alcohol on agonistic behavior in the telomian dog.the study analyzed the effects of alcohol on agonistic behavior in three independent social systems, each compromised of two male and one female telomian dog. three dose levels were used: 0, 0.8, and 1.6 g/kg body weight of absolute alcohol diluted to 20%. observations were made when none, one (top, middle or low ranking), or all dogs in a system received a given treatment. at the 0.8 g/kg level, low ranking dogs showed an increased frequency of attacks and bone possession time, while top and mi ...1979108707
dietary modification of amphetamine stereotyped behaviour: the action of tryptophan, methionine, and lysine.rats fed diets high in tryptophan, methionine, and tryptophan plus methionine or lysine were subsequently injected with 10 mg/kg d-amphetamine. the amount of amphetamine-induced stereotyped behaviour observed varied as a function of the dietary addition, with methionine showing the greatest difference to controls, and lysine the least. whole brain catecholamine levels and 5-hydroxytryptamine levels also showed amino acid-specific changes.1979108724
arachidonic acid level in cellular lipids determines the amount of prostaglandins synthesized during cell growth in tissue culture.methylcholanthrene transformed mouse fibroblast cells can be induced to synthesize prostaglandins by a short term incubation with various vasoactive agents including serum, bradykinin and thrombin or in response to mechanical detachment from the culture dish. the ability of the cells to synthesize prostaglandins upon stimulation changes during growth of the culture on the dish; the response is maximal on the first day after inoculation and decreased sharply thereafter. feeding of the cells with ...1979108768
epidemic occurrence of neonatal necrotizing case-control studies of three epidemics of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis (nec) in three different high-risk nurseries in three states, no particular risk factor was associated with affected infants or their mothers. epidemic cases had higher birth weights and apgar scores and fewer perinatal difficulties than those previously reported for sporadic cases. seven infants fed primarily breast milk were not protected against disease. early antibiotic therapy was associated with a significantl ...1979108997
effect of listeria monocytogenes lipids on the course of infections with some gram-negative bacilli in mice.the effect of listeria monocytogenes lipids on the course of infections with salmonella enteritidis, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae was studied in mice. the lipids were extracted with chloroform and methanol and used in various doses before and after infection with the bacilli. the lipids significantly increased mouse resistance toward the examined bacteria. the protective effect depended, to a large extent on the applied dose of lipids and its timi ...1979109064
between-ovary interaction in the regulation of follicle growth, corpus luteum function, and gonadotropin secretion in the primate ovarian cycle. iii. temporal and spatial dissociation of folliculogenesis and negative feedback regulation of tonic gonadotropin release after luteectomy in rhesus monkeys.this study was designed to examine effects of previous ovarian status on subsequent follicle growth and the role of between-ovary communication in the regulation of folliculogenesis and gonadotropin secretion during the primate ovarian cycle. responses to luteectomy were compared in two groups of rhesus monkeys. in the first, follicle growth and corpus luteum function had been constrained chronically to a single ovary by hemiovariectomy performed 66--258 days earlier; the second group was compos ...1979109289
pseudomonas aeruginosa vasculitis and bacteremia following conjunctivitis: a simple model of fatal pseudomonas infection in neutropenia.during attempts to create a realistic model of fatal bacteremia due to pseudomonas aeruginosa during immunosuppression, it was found that the invasive as well as the disseminated phase of infection could be mimicked by gentle instillation of 10(8) colony-forming units of p. aeruginosa into the intact conjunctival sac of agranulocytic rabbits. within 48 hr animals developed conjunctivits leading to severe necrotizing vasculitis and fatal bacteremia. twelve of 26 strains from patients with p. aeru ...1979109545
a new principle of injectable depot contraceptives. i drug selection and studies in monkeys.the aim of the investigations was to develop a long-acting depot contraceptive on the basis of norethisterone or levonorgestrel. disappointing results with levonorgestrel nonanoate and levonorgestrel undecylate showed that elongation of the fatty acid, esterified with the steroid, decreased the bioavailability of the latter due to incomplete hydrolysis of the ester. therefore, several new compounds were synthesized which contained a bifunctional molecule between the steroid and the fatty acid. i ...1979110513
lysosomal beta-d-galactosidase in man-hamster somatic cell hybrids. 1978110521
evidence of a high-activity c type of carbonic anhydrase in human ciliary processes.carbonic anhydrase activity was found in the ciliary process of fresh human donor eyes, originating from an enzyme antigenically similar to the erythrocyte high-activity isoenzyme hca c. it was sensitive to inhibition by acetazolamide and resistant to inhibition by halides like hca c. the enzyme is probably identical with hca c. its tissue concentration was one fifth to one tenth of that in the human kidney. the erythrocyte low-activity isoenzyme hca b was also found in the processes as a contam ...1979110722
acetazolamide binding to two carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes in human erythrocytes.acetazolamide binding to high activity and low activity carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes in red blood cells was studied. inhibitory constants of 0.041 and 2.72 microm and maximum binding capacities of 17.2 and 155 microm, respectively, were found.1979110919
comparative normal levels of serum triiodothyronine and thyroxine in nonhuman primates.normative values were obtained for triiodothyronine and thyroxine from four species of old world primate (chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys, african green monkeys and talopoin monkeys) and a single species of new world primate (squirrel monkeys) represented by two subspecies, colombian and bolivian. the bolivian squirrel monkeys exhibited the lowest values for both triiodothyronine and thyroxine. male talapoins had the highest levels of thyroxine. significant differences were found in levels of triiod ...1979110976
a comparison of bacterial flora isolated by transtracheal aspiration and pharyngeal swabs in macaca fascicularis.the pulmonary flora of 30 monkeys (macaca fascicularis) was sampled by the transtracheal aspiration technique and the pharyngeal swab method, and the results were compared. the transtracheal aspiration technique yielded lower numbers of bacteria in both aerobic and anaerobic cultures. the bacteria isolated by transtracheal aspiration were predominately pure culture, thereby lowering the possibility of contamination from commensal flora. bordetella bronchiseptica was isolated from 23.3% of the mo ...1979110978
[optimization, kinetics and thermodynamics of the process of cyanophage a-1 adsorption on algal cells]. 1979111006
infectious diarrhea. 1979111270
effect of neonatal hypothyroidism and delayed l-triiodothyronine treatment on behavioural activity and norepinephrine and dopamine biosynthetic systems in discrete regions of rat brain. 1979111295
prevention of blockage of partially obstructed coronary arteries with prostacyclin correlates with inhibition of platelet aggregation.coronary arteries (circumflex or left anterior descending) of anesthetized dogs were partially obstructed to approximately 5% of the normal lumen size by fitting a plastic cylinder around the vessel. under these conditions, blood flow in the artery was not maintained but, instead, gradually declined over a few minutes until the vessel was completely blocked. shaking the plastic obstructor restored blood flow temporarily, however, flow gradually declined again to zero. sometimes flow was spontane ...1979111306
bacteriostatic activities in normal human serum against serologically classified pseudomonas as aeruginosa from the urinary tract infection. 1978111374
neutralizing influenza antibodies, iga and total protein in the nasopharyngeal secretions of subjects vaccinated by nasal route with the inactivated influenza vaccine prepared in the "stefan s. nicolau" institute of virology.intranasal administration of two doses of the inactivated influenza vaccine prepared in the "stefan s. nicolau" institute of virology was followed by rises in the level of neutralizing secretory influenza antibodies in 82% of the cases. the concomitant study of secretory antibody, iga and total protein levels, as well as of the serum hai influenza antibodies demonstrated that their evolution was parallel only in 23% of the vaccinees. the percentage of secretory antibody conversion was similar to ...1979111408
methylation status of intracellular dengue type 2 40 s rna. 1979111410
very low frequency and small intensity electromagnetic and magnetic fields as an oecological factor.the effect on microorganisms of electromagnetic and magnetic fields (emf, mf), the frequency and intensity of which were similar to natural ones, was studied. they were found to influence the physiology of bacteria. changes in the rate of proliferation of microbes, in their susceptibility to antibiotic the frequency of formation of recombinants and partial diploids during conjugation of colibacterium were observed during cultivation in these fields.1978112178
effects of chronic d-amphetamine treatment on schedule-controlled behavior.the effect of d-amphetamine added to the drinking water on the rate of conditioned lever pressing by rats was determined using fixed-ratio 30 (fr-30) and fixed-interval 2-min (fi-2) schedules of food presentation. after 32 days of gradual increase in drug concentration the average drug ingestion was 13 mg/kg/day. in tests with various doses of d-amphetamine injected before and after the chronic ingestion regimen, the rate-decreasing effects of d-amphetamine on fr responding were attenuated after ...1979112622
in vitro efficacy of bay k 4999, a new ureido-penicillin, in combination with aminoglycosides against pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus strains.the in vitro effects of bay k 4999 in combination with gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin sisomicin and netilmicin in bacteriostatic (mic) and bactericidal (mbc) concentrations were compared using the checkerboard dilution technique against 20 different strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and indole-positive-negative proteus species. on average 63% of bay k 4999-aminoglycoside (ag) combinations inhibited pseudomonas, proteus and klebsiella strains additively ...1979113178
endogenous role of epoxide-hydratase. development of a steroid epoxide-hydratase assay and properties of the enzyme. 1979113213
alterations in peptidoglycan chemical composition associated with rod-to-sphere transition in a conditional mutant of klebsiella pneumoniae.klebsiella pneumoniae mir m7 is a spontaneous parentless morphology mutant which grows as cocci at ph 7 and as rods at ph 5.8. this strain has been characterized as defective in lateral wall formation (at ph7). data suggest that the cell wall is mainly made up of poles of the rods (g. satta, r. fontana, p. canepari, and g. botta, j. bacteriol. 137:727--734, 1979). in this work the isolation and the biochemical properties of the peptidoglycan of both mir m7 rods and cocci and a nonconditional rod ...1979113382
fluorescent anti-colonic and e. coli antibodies in ulcerative colitis.with the indirect immunofluorescence technique using sections of colon from guenon and rat, sera from patients with ulcerative colitis yielded positive staining of goblet cells. eight sera, thus defined positive, two negative, and five from hospital controls, were applied to agar preparations of 12 different e. coli strains, normally found in human bacterial diseases and e. coli 0 14. with e. coli 0 group antigens, 2, 8 and 14 positive fluorescence reactions were regularly found in sera where po ...1978113868
the relationship of inoculum size to lung bacterial clearance and phagocytic cell response in mice. 1979114074
transfer of r factors to and between genetically marked sublines of rhizobium japonicum.plasmids r1822 and prd1 of the p-1 incompatibility group, for which rhizobium japonicum had not previously been shown to serve as host, were introduced into a strain of r. japonicum. acquisition of r68 and r68.45 plasmids by this rhizobium was equivocal. transfer of r1822 from pseudomonas aeruginosa and of prd1 from escherichia coli to r. japonicum was unambiguous, because the exconjugants subsequently cotransferred the three r-factor resistance determinants (kanamycin, tetracycline, and penicil ...1979114109
enzymatic measurement of adenine and guanine (plus inosine) triphosphates and diphosphates in isolated cells and the mitochondrial matrix compartment obtained from rat liver. 1979114422
effect of concentration on bactericidal activity of cefotaxime. 1979114510
[effect of combination of hetacillin, cephapirin and amikacin (author's transl)].with the investigations of the effect of combination of hetacillin, cephapirin and amikacin, following experimental results were obtained; 1. effect of combination of amikacin, cephapirin and hetacillin was differed depending upon the genus and species of bacteria. however, in general, in the cases showing effective results there was a relation in the concentration of these antibiotics. with strains of escherichia coli amikacin and cephapirin was cooperative, but not with other combinations and ...1979114683
[legionnaires' disease in munich. case report and outline of the clinical picture (author's transl)].account is given of a patient with legionnaires' disease to highlight the increasing significance of this affection. the typical symptoms are described. under doxycyclin at high dosage (200 mg/day) the patient became afebrile within 36 hours with concurrent improvement of his general condition. distinct regression of the pulmonary infiltrate was seen within five days.1979114785
pancreatic transplantation in cases of diabetes complicated by renal insufficiency. 1979115240
a portable device for concentrating bacteriophages from large volumes of freshwater. 1979115828
optimal dosage regimen for penicillins: bolus or continuous infusion? 1979115829
[profile of cefmetazole. ii. absorption, excretion, distribution and metabolism (author's transl)]. 1979115937
[microbiological studies on ozone sterilization in bioclean rooms (author's transl)]. 1979115943
[examinations on the behaviour of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria on aluminium foil (author's transl)].the survival times of staph. aureus, strept. faecalis, e. coli, klebs. pneumoniae, ser. marcescens and p. aeruginosa were found out on aluminium foil. it was examined whether there exists a dependence on the initial colony count and in mixed cultures a mutual influence of the several species of bacteria. the longest survival times were found among the grampositive cocci. ser. marcescens and klebs. pneumoniae could no more be indicated after 19 days in case of initial colony count of log 7.0/cm2; ...1979116442
folacin deficiency and requirement in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciuresus).acute folacin deficiency was studied in eight young squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus). half of the animals were fed a semipurified deficient diet (no added folic acid) and half were fed a control diet (0.84 mg of added folic acid per kilogram of dry diet). monkeys fed the deficient diet lost weight and suffered from diarrhea and dehydration leading to the death of one of the animals after 6 weeks. folacin deficiency also was studied in six older animals fed diets containing varying levels of a ...1979116540
competition of beta-lactam antibiotics for the penicillin-binding proteins of pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter cloacae, klebsiella aerogenes, proteus rettgeri, and escherichia coli: comparison with antibacterial activity and effects upon bacterial morphology.the competition of a number of beta-lactam morphogenic probes for the penicillin-binding proteins (pbps) of pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter cloacae, klebsiella aerogenes, proteus rettgeri, and escherichia coli has been studied. the results indicate that the various gram-negative bacteria have similar, but not identical, pbp patterns and that the individual proteins probably perform similar morphogenic functions as in e. coli k-12. comparison of the 50% binding concentrations of the compound ...1979116592
mineralization of the enamel of ovine permanent central incisor teeth using microhardness and histological techniques. 1979116728
3-[(1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-ylthio)methyl]cephalosporins.the syntheses of ten 3-](1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-ylthio)methyl]cephalosporins, made by displacement of the 3'-acetoxy group by the novel thiol derivatives, potassium 1,2,3-thiadiazole-5-thiolate and dipotassium 1,2,3-thiadiazole-4-carboxylate-5-thiolate, are described. several of the compounds showed good in vitro antibacterial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. the subcutaneous in vivo activities against staphylococcus aureus were generally less than that of cafazolin. ...1979117106
[effect of inhibitory (mic) and subinhibitory concentrations of tobramycin on bacteriostatic and bactericidal activities of beta-lactam antibiotics (author's transl)]. 1979117156
in vitro response to rosette inhibition factor (rif) and rosette restoring factor (rrf) of human lymphocyte after fractionation on a discontinuous density albumin vitro studies on peripheral blood lymphocytes from tuberculous patients and healthy subjects are reported. factors isolated from human serum used in the experiments included the rosette inhibition factor (rif) from serum of tuberculous patients and the rosette restoring factor (rrf) from serum of healthy subjects. lymphocytes were fractionated on a discontinuous bsa gradient. lymphocytes from healthy subjects, sensitive to rif, as well as lymphocytes from tuberculous patients, sensitive to rr ...1979117785
isolation and characterization of recombinant dna plasmids carrying drosophila trna genes.recombinant plasmids carrying drosophila melanogaster trna genes were constructed by ligation of hindiii-cleaved drosophila dna to hindiii cut pbr322 dna. 90 clones were isolated that contained genes for one or more of eleven trnas. 43 of the plasmids were characterized by a number of methods: restriction nuclease digestion; agarose gel electrophoresis; hybridization with individual, purified, 125i-labelled drosophila trna molecules and in situ hybridization to drosophila chromosomes. the result ...1979118082
construction and characterization of e. coli promoter-probe plasmid vectors. i. cloning of promoter-containing dna fragments.derivatives of the escherichia coli drug-resistance plasmid pbr316 have been constructed which act as molecular probes for promoter-containing dna restriction fragments from various prokaryotic genomes. the plasmids, designated pbrh1 and pbrh3b, contain a unique ecori restriction site located within the promoter for the tetracycline resistance (tcr) gene. this site was created by the insertion of a chemically synthesized octanucleotide, containing the ecori cleavage sequence, into the hindiii si ...1979118083
protection against klebsiella pneumoniae respiratory tract infection of mice and squirrel monkeys given kanamycin by aerosol and injection.the methods of aerosol administration of kanamycin and im injection of the antibiotic were compared for their protection of mice and squirrel monkeys against klebsiella pneumoniae respiratory tract infection. mice exposed to ld90 of k pneumoniae at 0.5, 4, 24, 48 and 72 hours after they were treated with aerosol of kanamycin (27 mg/kg of body weight) were significantly better protected at all exposure times than were mice given the antibiotic (450 mg/kg) by im injection. squirrel monkeys given t ...1979118692
in vitro and in vivo laboratory studies on three hydroxyiminophenylacetyl cephalosporins with particular reference to sk&f 80303, an unusually long-acting cephalosporin.three cephalosporins with 7-(2-hydroxyiminophenylacetamido) side chains (sk&f 79433, 80000 and 80303), differing in their 3-substituents, exhibited similar broad-spectrum antibacterial activity in vitro against strains of staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis and various gram-negative bacilli. all three were active in vivo (s.c., mouse) against s. aureus, escherichia coli or klebsiella pneumoniae, but they differed significantly in serum pharmacokinetic profiles. sk&f 80303 produced high ...1979118958
growth of microorganisms in soybean oil emulsion and clinical implications. 1979119714
[analysis of suppurative pneumonia on the basis of our materials]. 1979119951
mutational mosaicism and genetic counseling in retinoblastoma.mutations may arise throughout an organism's life cycle. typically, sporadic meiotic mutations give rise to individuals with all their germinal and somatic cells bearing the mutant gene. these mutations may be amorphs (with full penetrance and expressivity) or hypomorphs (with reduced penetrance and expressivity). mutational mosaicism, however, involves the origin of mutations occurring during mitosis, whether in the parent at some stage prior to reproductive maturity or in the offspring at some ...1979120116
[effect of enkephalin and morphine on gastric secretion and gastric blood flow]. 1979120296
in vitro microbiological evaluation of tei-1194 and tei-2012, novel antipseudomonal semisynthetic penicillins.tei-1194, sodium 6-[d-(-)-alpha-(coumarin-3-carboxamide)-phenylacetamide] penicillanate and tei-2012, sodium 6[d-(-)alpha-(8-hydroxy-coumarin-3-carboxamide)-phenylacetamide] penicillanate are new semisynthetic penicillin derivatives both possessing a broad spectrum of in vitro antibacterial activities. minimal inhibitory concentrations of both agents were compared with carbenicillin. tei-1194 and tei-2012 were clearly found to have more potent activities especially against pseudomonas aeruginosa ...1979120353
radiorespirometric analysis of glucose metabolism in the rat during feeding with 3'-methyl-4-(dimethylamino)azobenzene--radiorespirometry after partial previous papers we reported that the earlier peak time (pt) in radiorespiratory during feeding with 3'-methyl-4-(dimethylamino)azobenzene(3'-me-dab) is due to activation of the hexose monophosphate (hmp) pathway together with hepatic cell proliferation reflecting the toxic effects of this carcinogen. in this study, we investigated the correlation between the results of radiorespiratory and the levels of enzyme activities of hmp pathway in regenerating rat liver in connection with hepatic cell ...1979120561
immunization against experimental trypanosoma cruzi infection: inherent difficulties of a uniform comparative evaluation of antigenic preparations. 1979120626
the effect of lampit on trypanosoma cruzi in mice organs and in the bloodstream.mice infected with bloodstream forms of trypanosoma cruzi were treated with an active nitrofuran compound (nifurtimox, lampit). determination of the number of intracellular forms of t. cruzi in the liver and the spleen of control and lampit-treated mice showed that the drug induced a decrease in the number of parasites inside the cells. a decrease in the number of bloodstream forms was also observed. ultrastructural observations showed that lampit induces several alterations in t. cruzi, the mos ...1979120645
annotations on the measurement of liver ferritin, especially in the rat. 1979120687
[effect of an acute inflammatory process on anti-infectious resistance in mice].acute inflammatory reaction induced by intrapleural injection of calcium pyrophosphate increases the resistance of mice to klebsiella pneumoniae infection. transfer to mice of protection against klebsiella pneumoniae is effected by injection of inflammation sera.1979121260
the ultrastructural features of laser trabeculopuncture and cyclodialysis. problems related to successful treatment of chronic simple glaucoma.microexplosions induced by a q-switched nd:glass laser working above optical breakdown power density levels are able to destroy the inner wall of schlemm's canal and to tear open both the supraciliary and suprachoroidal space. furthermore, the ciliary muscles bundles may be disrupted, becoming subsequently permeable to the aqueous and thus also acting as a new outflow route. however, whereas breaks of the inner wall of schlemm's canals are sealed in the monkey by the activity of endothelial cell ...1979121373
the effect of prophylactic tinidazole on the anaerobic vaginal flora in patients undergoing gynaecological surgery.the effects of prophylactic tinidazole on the vaginal carrier state of anaerobic bacteria and the development of postoperative infections were studied in 50 patients undergoing gynaecological surgery. the results are based on a double-blind trial, using tinidazole (fasigyn; pfizer) and placebo. although no postoperative infections other than urinary tract infections were observed in our series, this study shows conclusively that the isolation of anerobic bacteria from the vagina decreased marked ...1979121639
[observations on antibacterial activity of thiamphenicol glycinate acetylcysteinate (author's transl)].in vitro thiamphenicol antibacterial activity in the presence of n-acetylcysteine as sodium salt proved to be enhanced when compared with that of the antibacterial alone against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains. the in vitro results were confirmed in vivo in the guinea-pig, where the sera from animals previously treated by i.m. route with thiamphenicol glycinate acetylcysteinate, showed a higher antibacterial activity than sera from animals treated with thiamphenicol glycin ...1979122158
bacteriological and histopathological estimation of aerodin efficacy administered by respiratory way to mice and guinea pigs experimentally infected. 1979122262
transient trh deficiency after prolonged thyroid hormone therapy.a patient who had been treated with large doses of thyroid hormone for several years developed features of secondary hypothyroidism after thyroid hormone withdrawal. these findings were low serum t4 (3.8 micrograms/dl), t3 (23 ng/dl), and a failure of serum tsh to rise after trh injection. serum prl values rose normally after trh administration, and evaluation of other pituitary hormones was normal. when retested 3 months later, at which time the serum t4 was 5.5 micrograms/dl, the patient was s ...1978122410
in vitro activity of piperacillin, a new semisynthetic penicillin with an unusually broad spectrum of activity.the in vitro activity of piperacillin (t-1220), a new semisynthetic derivative of aminobenzylpenicillin, was investigated. the majority of streptococci and pneumococci were inhibited by 0.12 micrograms/ml; the staphylococci and enterococci were inhibited by 2 micrograms/ml. piperacillin was slightly more active against neisseria and haemophilus influenzae than was ampicillin. piperacillin was active against all members of the enterobacteriaceae including the klebsiella, 58% of which were inhibit ...1978122518
reduction products of spectinomycin.the two epimers of dihydrospectinomycin have been separated and identified structurally. four tetrahydrospectinomycins have also been prepared.1975123237
inhibitory effect of normal mammalian sera on the rosette formation of human lymphocytes with sheep red blood cells. 1975123840
new chromosomal syndromes. 1975124130
the mutagenicity of azathioprine in mice, drosophila melanogaster and neurospora crassa.the chemotherapeutic coumpound azathioprine was tested for possible mutagenicity in swiss albino mice, drosophila melanogaster and neurospora crassa. utilizing the dominant-lethal assay it was found that acute oral doses of azathioprine (2 times 25 mg/kg body weight), induced dominant-lethal mutations in mouse spermatocytes. chronic oral doses of azathioprine (2 times 25 mg/kg body weight/week for 10 weeks) resulted in a greater rate of dominant-lethality. this increase was not permanent, and by ...1975124817
effects of corticosteroid treatment and inflammation on the cellular content of blood and exudate in mice.inflammatory exudates have been produced in mice by intraperitoneal injection of thioglycollate broth 24 hr and again 3 hr before collecting of the exudate. the first injection of broth exerts a "priming" effect leading to an enhanced response to the second injection. by this procedure more than 30 x 106 leucocytes of which 78 per cent. were polymorphs were obtained from each mouse. administration of paramethasone reduced the number of cells in the exudate when given at the same time as broth bu ...1975125317
separation of subfragment-1 isoenzymes from rabbit skeletal muscle myosin. 1975125854
cytogenetics and the pathologist. 1975126409
[observations on the combination of iga-deficiency and extremely low antibody titers against measles (author's transl)]. 1975126541
[plasma transport of 5-hydroxytryptamine-3h. ii. identification of the carrier protein of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid].in the first note, we have demonstrated a 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid binding to plasma proteins. by gel filtration on sephadex g 200 and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid carrier protein was identified to serum-albumin.1975126777
comparative ultrastructure and blood-brain barrier in diapause and nondiapause larvae of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis (hübner).ultrastructural examination of diapause and nondiapause larval brains of the european corn borer disclosed anatomical differences that may be related to the insect's "blood-barrier". the perineurial type i cells are quite closely appressed in the diapause brain, but thrown into extensive folds with large intercellular spaces in the nondiapause brain. the perineurial type ii cells of diapause and nondiapause larvae are basically similar in general ultrastructure, and most likely form the basis fo ...1975126807
an ultrastructural study of neuromuscular spindles in normal mice: with reference to mice and man infected with mycobacterium leprae.mycobacterium leprae have been found within muscle spindles in mice, using electron microscopy, and in man, using light microscopy. their mode of entry clearly is important. it may be via capsular cells, capillaries or nerves. for this reason muscle spindles from normal mice were studied by electron microscopy with special reference to the capsule and the relationship of it with capillaries and nerves, as well as details of the intrafusal fibres and capsular space. a fenestrated capillary was fo ...1975126981
characterization of 5.8s ribosomal ribonucleic acid in neurospora crassa.neurospora crassa ribosomes contain a species of ribonucleic acid (rna) of molecular weight 54,000, similar to 5.8s ribosomal rna previously described for other eukaryotic organisms. the 5.8s rna from n. crassa was found to be released by heat treatment at 60 c from 25s ribosomal rna but not from 18s ribosomal rna. the base composition of n. crassa 5.8s rna was similar to that of 5.8s rna from saccharomyces cerevisiae, but differed from animal 5.8s rna. during the course of this study, it was di ...1975126993
antigens of leptotrichia buccalis i. their serologic reaction with human sera. 1975127031
steroid sulphates in human adult testicular steroid synthesis. 1975127080
interaction of homogeneous mitochondrial atpase from rat liver with adenine nucleotides and inorganic phosphate.mitochondrial atpase from rat liver mitochondria contains multiple nucleotide binding sites. at low concentrations adp binds with high affinity (1 mole/mole atpase, kd = 1-2 mum). at high concentrations, adp inhibits atp hydrolysis presumably by competing with atp for the active site (ki = 240-300 mum). as isolated, mitochondrial atpase contains between 0.6 and 2.5 moles atp/mole atpase. this "tightly bound" atp can be removed by repeated precipitations with ammonium sulfate without altering hyd ...1975127085
purification and properties of membrane-bound coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei.the membrane bound coupling factor-latent atpase was solubilized from the membrane vesicles of mycobacterium phlei by using 0.25 m sucrose or low ionic strength buffer. purification of the solubilized enzyme by use of sepharose-adp conjugate gel yielded a homogenous preparation of latent atpase which was purified about 216-fold in a single step with an 84% yield. the enzyme exhibits a specific activity of 39 mumoles of atp hydrolyzed per min per mg protein. the purified enzyme exhibits coupling ...1975127086
[clinical aspects of chromosomal aberrations - problems of semiotics and nosography].despite intense clinical and cytogenetic research for more than 15 years we are far from knowing any definite relations between karyotype and phenotype. both cytogeneticists and clinicians are working on the methodological improvements which are still necessary. in the methods of clinical recording there is still very great weakness of exact documentation of findings. above all there is a lack of reproducible qualitative, and especially quantitative standards which constitute the basis of any pr ...1975127146
the malformations of the urinary system in autosomal from the world literature about the pathology of the urinary system in autosomal chromosomal disorders are analyzed and compared with our own morphological investigations of this system in 63 cases of chromosomal disorders (patau's, edwards', down's, orbeli's, wolf-hirschhorn's syndromes, partial trisomy b and inversion of chromosome 2). the urinary system is most frequently involved in "cat-eye", triploidy, orbeli's, patau's and edwards' syndromes. all known malformations of the urinary sy ...1975127413
[experiments and theoretical cell kinetic calculations on the problem of in vivo synchronization with vincristine in l 1210 ascites tumor cells and crypt cells of the mouse (author's transl)].experiments are described on synchronizing l 1210 ascites tumor cells and jejunal crypt cells of the mouse with vincristine. in both cases the percentage of mitoses increases to a peak value 4 hrs after application of vincristine and decreases during the following 8 hrs ("releasing time") to the level of the normal mitotic index. following this first mitotic peak no futher peak of neither the mitotic nor the labeling index was observed during 48 hrs in l 1210 ascites tumor cells and during 38 hr ...1975127443
the cytotoxic activity of mouse t lymphocytes against allogeneic cytotoxic t cells.using a 51cr cytotoxicity assay, the sensitivity of murine cytotoxic t cells to t cell mediated cytotoxicity has been tested. two experimental approaches have been used. first, cytotoxic t-blast-lymphocytes (ctbl), enriched by the velocity sedimentation at 1 g were used both as cytotoxic effector cells and as 51cr-labelled target cells. it was found that murine ctbl are capable to lyse directly and specifically allogeneic ctbl within 200 minutes. the second approach used was to incubate ctbl tog ...1975127466
[pathogenesis of neural lesions in marek's disease. i. allergic skin reaction against myelin of the peripheral nerves (author's transl)].23 chickens affected with marek's disease were tested by the allergic skin reaction for delayed hypersensitivity against myelin and myelin preparations of peripheral nerves. 19 animals proofed to be positive in the skin test, yet there was no correlation with the intensity of the nerve affections. 4 animals with severe mononuclear neural infiltrations didn't show any allergic skin reaction. it could be demonstrated that in marek's disease lymphocytes are sensitized against components of the peri ...1975127473
[the importance of phosphatidylcholine in the binding of anti-d to human erythrocyte ghost membrane (author's transl)].incubation of rh positive ghosts with phospholipase a2 and c abolished the adsorption of rh antibodies on the ghosts; incubation with phospholipase d, however, did not affect their adsorption and none of these phospholipases affected the adsorption of antibodies of the abo system. the impairment of antigen-antibody-reaction in rh positive ghosts treated with phospholipase corresponds to the absence of the antigen-antibody reaction with the membrane protein associated with rh characteristics in t ...1975127477
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