effects of the tumor-promoting agent 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate on normal and "preneoplastic" mouse submandibular gland epithelial cells in vitro.the effect of the promoting agent 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa) was studied on mixed primary cultures of c57bl/icrf-at mouse submandibular gland and on slowly proliferating preneoplastic epithelial foci derived from such cultures. no cytologic alterations were noted in the tpa-treated epithelium. the development of three-dimensional epithelial ducts occurring between 30 and 60 days in vitro in untreated cultures was markedly inhibited in tpa-treated cultures. epithelial proliferatio ...1979105202
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat: i. -- relation tissue level dose (author's transl)].rats were fed with a diet containing phenoclor dp6, a french commercial polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) mixture, for 30 days. diet pcb levels were 10, 100, 500 and 1000 ppm (wet weight). at 500 ppm, a 50 per cent mortality was found after 8 days, while a 100 per cent mortality was noted after 6 days with 1000 ppm. our principal findings include: loss of body weight (at major doses), central nervous system stimulation, inflammation of lungs and gastro-intestinal tractus, and fatty degeneration of ...1978105424
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat. iii - pcb distribution, storage and elimination relation time (author's transl)].the study of accumulation and elimination of phenoclor dp6 (a commercial pcb mixture) was carried out in three experiments : 1) rats were fed diet containing 100 ppm of dp6 and were sacrificed after 1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 days. 2) rats fed dp6 diet during 15 days were subsequently fed with a control diet and sacrificed 8, 15, 52 and 78 days after removal dp6 diet. 3) bile was collected from surgically treated rats fed dp6 diet during 15 days. polychlorobiphenyls were spotted in fat carcasses, liver, ...1978105428
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat. iv - metabolic alterations and residual effects of dp6 dietary exposure (author's transl)].in the first experiment, rats fed diet containing phenoclor dp6 at a level of 100 ppm (wet weigh) were sacrificed after 1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 days of treatment. metabolic alterations such as enlarged liver, increased protein and lipid liver contents and hyperlipemia were established within 8 days. the glucid metabolism and muscle metabolic parameters show a low sensibility to dp6 treatment. in the second experiment, rats fed diet containing phenoclor dp6 (100 ppm) for 15 days were subsequently remo ...1978105429
[evolution and transformation in animal organism of some polychlorobiphenyls (author's transl)].intoxication by pure polychlorobiphenyls and a commercial product is studied, in rats, after intraperitoneal and oral administration. their fixation and excretion of their metabolites is greater by intraperitoneal than by oral administration. the only hydroxy metabolites, identified by means of synthesis, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are, all, derivatives from trichlorobiphenyl. it appears that administration of commercial product induces a more rapid degradation of these compounds i ...1978105430
[isolation of treponemas from the colon of pigs with clinical dysentery].optimal culture conditions in artificial nutritive media were determined for a defined avirulent strain of treponema hyodysenteriae and for four field strains of treponemas in pigs with clinical dysentery. the treponemas were isolated with the use of milliporous filters with pores of 0.3 micrometer in diameter, which were located on the surface of blood agar. no significant difference in the influence of equine, bovine or sheep blood on the growth of treponemas was determined. the commercial amo ...1979105448
[effect of feeding pelleted feed on the level of volatile fatty acids in the digestive tract of sheep].in an experiment with wethers we investigated the effect of complete pelleted feed ration on the concentration of volatile fatty acids in the rumen and intestinal tract. the animals consumed daily 1,300 g of dry matter of a diet which contained 41.81% of meadow hay, 25.28% of barley, 15.37% of sawdust, 14.98% of molasses, 1.32% of urea and 1.24% of a vitamin-mineral supplement for a period of six months. the pelleted diet increased the total amount of volatile fatty acids, the content of propion ...1979105451
diseases of chelonians: (1) necropsy survey of tortoises.the results of necropsies of 144 tortoises of 17 species that died in captivity are presented. intestinal and nutritional disorders (27.0 and 22.2 per cent respectively) were the most common causes of death. nematode infestations were found in 43.8 per cent, but with exception of a few species the parasites were seldom pathogenic. infestations with other helminths appear to be very unusual. protozoan infections were relatively common (at least 22.9 per cent) but protozoa are probably seldom path ...1978105454
sarcocystis sp from the goat in india. 1978105455
[b. cereus count in meat and dairy food products].studies were carried out to establish the contamination of some meat and dairy food products with b. cereus. a total of 48 heat-treated sausages (32 perishable and 16 durable) and 64 batches of pasteurized milk were sampled. it was found that 25 per cent of investigated sausage samples contained b. cereus. perishables proved to a considerable extent more frequently contaminated (33.3 per cent). the count of b. cereus in such products ranged from 10(1) to 10(3) per g. however, pasteurized milk wa ...1978105462
ruthenium red binding to cell coat in neoplastic neurogenic cell lines in culture.the cell coat of cultivated fetal rat brain cells as well as malignant rat neurogenic cell lines in culture were studied by transmission electron microscopy with the ruthenium red staining technique. some of the transformed cell lines demonstrated alteration in the bindng properties of ruthenium red to the cell surface. otherwise no significant correlation between the visualized cell coat thickness and neoplastic transformation was noted.1979105464
[complex compounds of platinum in the chemotherapy of malignant tumors]. 1979105504
haematological studies on domestic animals in nigeria i. factors influencing the haematocrit of sheep and goats. 1978105514
[lysozyme concentration in the loose connective tissue of animals with different species sensitivity to brucellosis].lysozyme content was determined in the subcutaneous cellular tissue of guinea pigs and albino rats differing by species resistance to brucella infection. experiments were conducted on intact animals and those inoculated subcutaneously with live br. abortus 19-ba vaccine. connective tissue was taken from the site of the vaccine administration and from the contralateral side (control). observations showed connective tissue of the animals highly sensitive to brucella infection to be exceedingly poo ...1978105522
dual action of adrenergic system on the regulation of thyrotrophin secretion in the male rat.the effect of graded doses of drugs modifying adrenergic activity on basal and cold-stimulated tsh secretion was studied in male rats. alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine (ampt) (16 h before 30 min cold-exposure), phenoxybenzamine (1 h), ca-fusarate (1 h) and diethyldithiocarbamate (ddc) (1 and 18 h) dose-dependently depressed the cold-stimulated tsh secretion. the effect of reserpine (24 h) was not significant. clonidine (1 h), dihydroxyphenyl-serine (dops) (1 h), noradrenaline (na) (1 h), and l-dopa (1 h) ...1979105532
[some notes on the specifity of the fluorescence histochemical demonstration of gaba (author's transl)].the distribution of the gaba in the purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum was demonstrated by means of modified fluorescence histochemical method according to wolman (1971). three types of purkinje cells, with respect to their fluorescence intensity and gaba distribution, were evident. the gaba-fluorescence was strikingly by pharmacological pretreatment. isonicotinic acid hydrazide, penicillamine and chlorpromazine cause a granulation and marked reduction of the fluorescence compound, being norma ...1978105559
testing of the course of neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the germinative zones of the cns of embryonal and early postnatal rats by means of the gel reaction for the histochemical demonstration of the thiamine-pyrophosphatase. histochemical and autoradiographical study.using the histochemical reaction for the demonstration of tppase the shape and distribution of the golgi apparatus (ga) of the ventricular zones of the cns of rats was studied during embryonal and postnatal development. in the cells of the ventricular zone of the spinal cord, the hypothalamus, the thalamus, the n. caudatus and the cerebral cortex two forms of ga can be distinguished: form 1 ga has the shape of small rods or grains placed in the ventricular process of the cell at various distance ...1978105560
transport of oligomeric iga of systemic origin into external secretions. 1978105568
calibrated leak balloon microcatheter: a device for arterial exploration and occlusive quest of an endarterial treatment for intracranial arteriovenous malformations and fistulas, a microcatheter which can be flow-guided into third- and fourth-order branches of the intracranial arteries was developed. this permits controlled deposition of a vascular occlusive polymer (isobutyl-2 cyanoacrylate). goals and experimental techniques are reviewed and clinical experience on the first 25 patients is presented. complications included one stroke and three catheters glued in place, but re ...1979105585
case report: intestinal clearance of calcium and protein in waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia.a 63-year-old man with waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia had severe steatorrhea, marked protein-losing enteropathy, and excessive endogenous fecal calcium clearance. the malabsorption and protein loss resulted in weight loss and hypoalbuminemia. in contrast, the striking enteric calcium loss was completely compensated by an increase in calcium absorption resulting in a positive calcium balance.1978105640
the number and distribution of mast cells in monkey lungs.we estimated the number of mast cells in monkey lungs by both quantitative histologic examination and measurement of total lung histamine, and showed that monkey lungs contain between 10(7) and 10(8) mast cells, with approximately 83% of these being located in conducting airways, and 17% in the parenchyma. the number of mast cells found in each airway generation increased from approximately 60,000 in the trachea to 8 million in the terminal bronchioles. in airways from different generations the ...1979105654
occurrence of immunoglobulin g-alkaline phosphatase complexes in human serum.we studied three patients in whom all or part of their serum alkaline phosphatase circulated as a complex with immunoglobulin g (igg). serum alkaline phosphatase isozymes were visualized by their electrophoretic (in agar, agarose, and starch gel and on cellulose acetate), gel filtration, and electroimmunodiffusion behaviour. the alkaline phosphatase-igg complex was of the liver type (two cases) and bone type (one case). the reaction pattern of alkaline phosphatase with different human tissues an ...1979105655
[kinetics of the serological response in the experimental primary hydatid disease of mice infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores (author's transl)].a serological response kinetics study was carried out in cf-1 mice orally infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores using immuno-electrophoresis, double diffusion, latex agglutination and passive hemagglutination. starting from the 76th day after the infection, serum antibodies reach the minimum detectable level by immunoelectrophoresis test. band number 5, now considered as specific for e. granulosus, was proved to be the first precipitating system exhibited in this test. double diffus ...1978105664
plasma somatomedin activity in protein calorie malnutrition.somatomedin activity was assayed in the plasma of children suffering from protein calorie malnutrition by a bioassay using rat cartilage and expressed as sulphate uptake ratio. the sulphate uptake ratio was particularly reduced in kwashiorkor. in marasmus there was a slight reduction and the levels were still in the normal range. plasma growth hormone (gh) levels were raised in kwashiorkor but were in the normal range in marasmus. reduction in sulphate uptake ratio was observed only when plasma ...1979105670
experimental ciliochoroidal detachment. effect on intraocular pressure and aqueous humor flow.ciliochoroidal detachments were produced in rhesus monkeys by injecting glutathione bicarbonate ringer's solution, autologous serum, or silicone oil into the anterior suprachoroidal space. silicone oil detachments, like sham operations, caused a transient 2 mm hg reduction in intraocular pressure. detachments with glutathione bicarbonate ringer's solution or serum caused a 6 mm hg reduction in intraocular pressure, which normalized in three weeks. aqueous humor flow in serum-detached eyes was no ...1979105696
an anthranilate synthase of the extreme aminase type in a species of blue-green bacteria (algae).anthranilate synthase of agmenellum quadruplicatum, a unicellular species of blue-green bacteria, consists of two nonidentical subunits. a 72,000 dalton protein has aminase activity but is incapable of reaction with glutamine (amidotransferase) unless a second protein (18,000 molecular weight) is present. the small subunit was first detected through its ability to complement a partially purified aminase subunit from bacillus subtilis to produce a hybrid complex capable of amidotransferase functi ...1978105718
the necessity of magnesium cation for acid assistance aglycone departure in catalysis by escherichia coli (lacz) beta-galactosidase.1. removal of mg2+ from escherichia coli (lacz) beta-galactosidase slightly increases the rate of hydrolysis of galactosyl pyridinium salts, but decreases the rate of hydrolysis of arylgalactosides. 2. fair correlation of logkcat. and log (km) with the pka of aglycone is now observed for arglygalactosides, as well as for glycosyl pyridinium salts. 3. degalactosylation of mg2+-free enzyme is the rate-limiting step in the hydrolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl galactoside. 4. alpha-deuterium kinetic isot ...1978105722
relationship between biotin-binding proteins from chicken plasma and egg yolk.the plasma of laying hens contains a specific biotin-binding protein that appears to be identical with an egg-yolk biotin-binding protein. both proteins are saturated with biotin and require elevated temperatures to effect the exchange of [14c]biotin for the protein-bound vitamin. the heat-exchange curve in each case is the same and differs sharply from that of avidin, the egg-white biotin-binding protein. on sephadex g-100 gel filtration, plasma and yolk biotin-binding proteins were each eluted ...1978105724
mutual homology of mouse immunoglobulin gamma-chain gene sequences.we have assessed the relative homology of mouse immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene sequence using complementary dnas (cdnas) synthesized against gamma-chain mrnas (gamma 1, gamma 2a, gamma 2b, and gamma 3) purified from mouse myelomas. cdnas complementary to the gamma-chain mrnas did not cross-hybridize with the mu- and alpha-chain mrnas, whereas they cross-hybridized to significant extents (22--66%) with the gamma-chain mrnas of other subclasses. the heterologous hybrids formed, however, melt at 5 ...1979105754
evidence for an epididymal origin of bovine sperm forward motility protein. 1978105768
further observations on the initiation of sperm motility. 1978105770
multiple sclerosis: immunochemical studies on the demyelinating serum factor.sera from patients with multiple sclerosis (ms) frequently produce demyelination of central nervous system tissue cultures. the nature of the factors responsible for demyelination is not as yet clearly established. however, several authors previously reported, in in vivo and in vitro models, demyelinating activity in igg fractions isolated from sera and cerebrospinal fluid of ms patients14,42,48. we found the demyelinating activity of ms sera to be extremely labile to conventional biochemical tr ...1979105780
thermostable antigens from the bone marrow of several animal species.studies on bone marrow extracts from ten animal species have revealed the presence of thermostable antigens. similar antigens were found in other organs as shown by immunodiffusion and cross-reactivity was demonstrated between the thermostable proteins from horse and dog and between cow and sheep proteins. using an immunoenzymatic reaction with glucose oxidase as the marker, the thermostable antigens were localized in the blood and bone marrow polymorphonuclear leukocytes and the myeloid cell li ...1978105786
production and characterization of two hemolysins of bacillus cereus.bacillus cereus strain b-48 produced two hemolysins with molecular weights of 52,000 (h-i) and 31,000 (h-ii). a mutant was isolated that produced only h-ii but was identical with the wild type in all other respects. we exploited this mutant to produce h-ii for study that was free of contamination by h-i. by manipulation of media composition, we produced h-i in the absence of h-ii. the hemolysins were precipitated differently by ammonium sulfate, and both exhibited the arrhenius effect when heate ...1978105792
therapeutic experience with netilmicin.netilmicin, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic, was used to treat 19 patients with urinary tract infection and 5 with systemic infection. the causal organisms were escherichia coli (in 2), klebsiella pneumoniae (in 4), serratia marcescens (in 12) and pseudomonas aeruginosa (in 7); 1 patient was infected with two of these organisms. all the isolates of causal organisms except one of serratia were initially sensitive to netilmicin but many were resistant to other aminoglycosides. sixteen of the urina ...1978105797
animal models for the comparative assessment of neurotoxicity following repeated administration of vinca alkaloids.neurotoxicity is the major side effect occurring during the clinical use of vincristine (vcr). animal models predictive of potential neurotoxicity would be very useful in the preclinical development of new vinca compounds. to simulate conditions in which neurotoxicity is produced during the clinical use of vcr, experimental animals (except the guinea pig) were given the test compounds by the iv route over a prolonged time period. doses were selected based on the production of leukopenia. vindesi ...1979105807
[structure-activity relationship of various ephedrine isomers on noradrenaline uptake by the isolated perfused rabbit heart].(-)ephedrine, (+) ephedrine, (-) psi ephedrine and (+) psi ephedrine inhibit both the neuronal and extraneuronal uptakes of noradrenaline in isolated rabbit heart. (-) ephedrine is the most active isomer for the inhibition of both neuronal and extraneuronal uptakes. the relative inhibition potential of the three other isomers is not the same when applied to one or other uptake.1978105824
cryopreservation of antibody-coated human erythrocytes. 1978105832
on the sites of the negative and positive feedback actions of estradiol in the control of gonadotropin secretion in the rhesus monkey.ovariectomized rhesus monkeys bearing hypothalamic lesions which had abolished endogenous lhrh production, as evidenced by a profound reduction in gonadotropin secretion, but in which lh and fsh secretion was reestablished by a chronic intermittent iv infusion of synthetic lhrh (1 microgram/min for 6 min every hour) were used to investigate the sites of the negative and positive feedback actions of estradiol in the control of gonadotropin secretion. the administration of estradiol to such animal ...1978105873
the identification of a specific fragment of dog thyroglobulin responsible for immunoreactivity to parafollicular cells. 1978105881
insulin and glucagon binding and degradation by kidney cell membranes.the binding and degradation of insulin and glucagon to kidney cell membranes was examined. time- and temperature-dependent specific binding of [125i]iodo-insulin to kidney cell membranes was demonstrated. the membranes also degraded insulin in a time-, temperature-, and protein concentration-dependent manner. the apparent km of the degradation was 2.7 x 10(-7) m. glucagon degradation by the kidney membranes was extremely active. per milligram of protein the kidney membrane was over 20 times as a ...1978105882
effect of continuously increasing concentrations of plasma ketone bodies on the uptake and oxidation of glucose by muscle in man.muscle metabolism in man was studied by measuring the arterial and deepvenous concentrations of glucose, lactate, pyruvate, free fatty acids, beta-hydroxybutyrate and aceacetoacetate, and forearm blood flow. after the subjects had fasted overnight, their arterial free fatty acid and ketone levels rose continuously during a period of 90 min, leading to increased ketone body uptake by muscle. hence, for each subject, a relation was obtained between arterial concentrations and arterial-deepvenous d ...1978105915
pyrimidine metabolism in lymphocytes and erythrocytes of man, horse and cattle. 1979105941
ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase from autotrophic micro-organisms [proceedings]. 1978105954
[false-negative antiglobulin-(coombs-) test caused by anticomplement bovine albumin batches in the transfusion preparation].different brands of bovine albumins were tested as reagent in the second step of the so called 3-stage-screening test for irregular blood group antibodies. in 3 of 9 brands of bovine albumin there was anticomplementary activity which was the cause of diminished or negative reactions in the third stage of the screening test (antiglobulin stage). the disadvantageous brands of bovine albumin contained na2-edta which revealed to be responsible for the anti-complementary activity.1979105998
anticomplementary activity of tuberculin: relationship to platelet aggregation and lytic response.experiments were performed to examine the interaction of tuberculin with platelets and complement. hemolytic complement titrations show that tuberculin consumes complement in human, rabbit, and guinea pig serum. evidence in support of classical pathway activation was provided by observation of c1 consumption and failure to detect significant conversion of alternative pathway factor b to b by immunoelectrophoresis. platelets in plasma from guinea pigs deficient in the fourth component of compleme ...1979106002
defective cellular immunity to gram-negative bacteria in cystic fibrosis vitro lymphocyte responses to pseudomonas aeruginosa have been found to be impaired in cystic fibrosis patients with advanced clinical disease. the responses to klebsiella pneumoniae, serratia marcescens, and proteus mirabilis were studied in a similar group of cystic fibrosis patients and normal individuals. cystic fibrosis patients found to be unresponsive to pseudomonas were also unresponsive to klebsiella, serratia, and proteus. responsiveness to staphylococcus aureus was not impaired in ...1979106011
stimulation of keratocyte metabolism by products of lymphoid cells.products of leukocytes were found to activate cultures of keratocytes, manifested by the increased incorporation of thymidine or leucine. the keratocyte activation capacity crosses the species barriers between rabbit, monkey, and human. the level of secreted keratocyte-activating factor(s) (kaf) depends on the stimulation of the leukocytes. thus unstimulated rabbit leukocytes produced very little or no kaf, whereas significant levels were produced by leukocytes stimulated with lipopolysaccharide ...1979106022
two forms of nitrogenase from the photosynthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum.acetylene reduction by nitrogenase from rhodospirillum rubrum, unlike that by other nitrogenases, was recently found by other investigators to require an activation of the iron protein of nitrogenase by an activating system comprising a chromatophore membrane component, adenosine 5'-triphosphate (atp), and divalent metal ions. in an extension of this work, we observed that the same activating system was also required for nitrogenase-linked h(2) evolution. however, we found that, depending on the ...1979106042
on the contraction of myosin-extracted skinned single fibers with active myosin fragments. 1979106049
disinfection of nitrous oxide inhalation equipment.cross-infection by contaminated equipment is a potential hazard associated with conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen . nosocomial infections have occasionally been linked wih the use of unsterile inhalation devices; microbial contamination of sterile nasal hoods routinely occurs during administration of nitrous oxide; and in vitro experiments indicate that subsequent use of contaminated nasal masks may lead to aspiration of microorganisms. although the incidence of respiratory diseas ...1979106079
[xerophytic microorganisms multiplying under conditions close to martian ones].the xerophytic cultures bacillus megaterium and mycococcus ruber can grow in the imitated martian conditions. therefore, they are resistant to the extreme factors of the environment: the composition of atmosphere, low pressure, the maximum hygroscopicity of a substrate, periodic freezing-thawing.1979106224
mutagenicity studies with x-ray-contrast media, analgesics, antipyretics, antirheumatics and some other pharmaceutical drugs in bacterial, drosophila and mammalian test part of our investigation into mutagenic effects of environmental compounds, we studied 21 pharmaceuticals most frequently sold in west germany: 6 x-ray-contrast media, 13 analgesics, antipyretics and antirheumatics, 1 central stimulant, and 1 antidepressant. they were studied in different bacterial, drosophila and mammalian test systems. 4 of these 21 compounds could be detected as mutagens in one of the test systems. namely: 1,2-dichloroethane induced an increase in the frequency of recessi ...1979106272
bio-socio approach in drug abuse treatment and prevention. 1978106282
observations on the process of degeneration of the afferent connections to the sensori-motor cortex of the monkey. 1978106326
response of oxidative phosphorylation in liver of protein-energy malnourished rats.state 3, state 4 respiratory rates, respiratory control ratio (rcr = state 3/state 4), adp/o ratio and swelling in salt medium were determined in liver mitochondria from three groups of rats: group 1--controls; group 2--energy-restricted, and group 3--protein-deficient. experiments were carried out between 3 and 5 weeks and between 7 and 9 weeks after initiation of the experimental diets. state 3 respiration of mitochondria from group 2 rats was reduced after 3-5 weeks on the experimental diet ...1979106343
chromatin structure in the macronucleus of the ciliate stylonychia mytilus.evidence is presented that macronuclear chromatin in the hypotrichous ciliate stylonychia mytilus occurs in discrete fragments, each representing at least single genes. the size of these fragments varies between 3 and more than 70 nucleosomes with an average length of about 18 nucleosomes. this observation is discussed with respect to macronuclear structure of hypotrichous ciliates.1978106365
the metabolism and disposition of 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide in the intact and bile duct-cannulated adult and in the newborn rhesus monkey (m. mulatta). 1978106490
the effects of micro doses of aflatoxin b1 on sperm production rates, epididymal sperm abnormality and fertility in the rat. 1979106596
demonstration of the intermediate cells of billingham and medawar in the epidermis of macaca mulatta and rhesus monkey.the digest of the pure epidermis preparation from macaca mulatta demonstrated three types of dendritic cells i.e. (1) dopa-positive melanocytes, (2) dopa-negative langerhans' cells and (3) weakly dopa-positive intermediate cells of billingham and medawar. the last type of cell was found to have characteristics being intermediate between those of the melanocytes and of the langerhans' cell. a similar digest prepared from the epidermis of the rhesus monkey demonstrated isomorphous dendritic cells ...1979106619
the role of catecholamines in clinical medicine.the sympathetic nervous system is of major importance for the regulation of several physiological functions. drugs which inhibit the actions of catecholamines and adrenergic drugs are used in the treatment of many clinical disorders. the potential role of catecholamines in a number of human diseases has, however, until recent years been studied to a limited extent only due to lack of methods for quantitation of sympathetic nervous activity. after the development of enzymatic isotope-derivative a ...1979106629
thyroid function studies in the nephrotic serum and urinary thyroxine (t4), triiodothyronine (t3), and thyroxine-binding globulin (tbg) as well as serum free t4, thyroid-stimulating hormone (tsh), and t3 resin uptake (t3ru) were measured in seven patients with the nephrotic syndrome. the nephrotic syndrome was defined by proteinuria exceeding 3 g/24 h. all patients were clinically euthyroid. most values for total serum t4, free t4, t3, t3ru, tbg, and tsh were within normal limits. however, the mean serum t3 and tbg values were sig ...1979106751
monocular nystagmic responses to caloric stimulation.twenty-five normal subjects and 173 clinical patients received standard bithermal caloric testing. vestibular nystagmus was evaluated for cumulative slow phase velocity from the summated horizontal eye recording and independent recording of the left and right eye. these data revealed that cold water stimulation produced more intense activation of the ipsilateral eye. simultaneous closed-circuit video and d.c. electro-oculographic recordings from eight normal rhesus monkeys in response to cold wa ...1979106760
effects of carbon sources on antibiotic resistance in pseudomonas aeruginosa.the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids, branched-chain acyl derivatives, d-glucose, l-glutamate, and mueller-hinton medium was investigated to determine their effects on the growth, lipid composition, and antibiotic susceptibility of pseudomonas aeruginosa. the unsaturated fatty acid content of the readily extractable lipids was altered by growth on selected branched-chain amino acids and their acyl derivatives. bacteria grown on branched-chain acyl derivatives became more susceptible to p ...1979106771
carboxypeptidase of streptomyces griseus. implications of its characteristics. 1979106886
affinity chromatography of endoglucanase of trichoderma viride by concanavalin a-agarose.endoglucanase (c kappa cellulase) and cellobiase are often cross-contaminated in separation procedures by ion-exchange chromatography such as deae-cellulose. by using concanavalian a (con a)-agarose chromatography, c kappa cellulase and cellobiase from trichoderma virde can be separated. c kappa cellulase showed affinity toward con a. indicating a glycoprotein containing alpha-d-mannopyransyl and alpha-d-glucopyranosyl end groups or internal 2-o-d-mannopyranosyl residues in sugar moieties. this ...1979106904
incidence and relationship of group d streptococci with other indicator organisms in meats.raw and processed meats were analyzed for presumptive group d streptococci using kf streptococcus agar. counts were compared with coliform, presumptive escherichia coli, and enterobacteriaceae counts but no meaningful relationships were observed. results indicated that group d streptococci and e. coli type i were principally contaminants from the packing plant, rather than at retail level. the predominating group d streptococcus in both beef and pork cuts was streptococcus faecalis, while in pro ...1978106944
[hypothalamic peptides and pituitary hormone secretion]. 1979106992
bacterial and strain specificities in opsonization, phagocytosis and killing of streptococcus mutans.opsonization of streptococcus mutans, followed by phagocytosis and killing by polymorphonuclear leucocytes has been postulated as an effector mechanism in protection against dental caries. opsonization was studied by using sera from monkeys immunized with killed strep. mutans (sero-type c) and compared with sera from sham-immunized monkeys. antibodies to strep. mutans (sero-type c) induced maximal phagocytosis and killing of serotypes c and e, and this was significantly greater than with serotyp ...1979106996
primary meningococcal conjunctivitis in an infant.a case of primary meningococcal conjunctivitis in an infant was presented and its treatment is discussed. because of the potential for systemic spread of the infection in the patient, local and systemic therapy was instituted. the current literature on meningococcal conjunctivitis with its potential complications is briefly reviewed.1979106998
the developmental pattern of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in the plasma of rats.the developmental pattern of trh-degrading activity in rat plasma was determined by measuring the ability of plasma from rats of various ages to degrade trh into degradation products. from a rate of 0.519 pmol trh degraded/microliter-1.h-1 on day 8, plasma trh-degrading activity increased to 18.1 pmol trh by day 90 in female rats. the increase in rate of formation of proline, a major plasma degradation product, was in very good agreement with the increase in rate of trh degradation. the major in ...1978107022
contralateral projection of primary afferent fibers to mammalian spinal cord. 1979107041
[endogenous morphine-like peptide]. 1978107051
implantable artificial capillary unit for pancreatic islet allograft and xenograft.implantable artificial capillary units containing approximately 1,200 allogeneic rat islets, or approximately 3,000 xenogeneic rabbit or human islets as an implantable artificial endocrine pancreas (iaep) were implanted in streptozotocin-induced (55 mg/kg) diabetic rats. a total of 26 rats received iaep containing allogeneic islets. twenty were short term experiments which lasted for 12-24 h. four recipients survived between 1-3 days and the remaining two for 4 and 11 days respectively. five dia ...1979107055
carbonic anhydrase of human endometrium: biochemical & clinical aspects. 1978107115
antibodies against measles antigen in the laboratory housed rhesus and bonnet monkeys. 1979107117
effect of human serum thymic factor on immature t lymphocytes in acute leukemia and other hematologic 37 patients with acute leukemia and in 13 patients with other hematologic malignancies, e-rosette formation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, before and after incubation with human serum thymic factor, was studied. this assay showed that incubation with thymic factor caused a clear-cut increase of e-rosette-forming cells in 8 of the 37 acute leukemia patients. among the 13 patients with other hematologic malignancies, a similar effect was observed in two with pediatric hodgkin's disease ...1978107146
primary structure of a human iga1 immunoglobulin. iv. streptococcal iga1 protease, digestion, fab and fc fragments, and the complete amino acid sequence of the alpha 1 heavy order to establish the complete amino acid sequence of the human iga alpha1 chain bur, iga1 protease from streptococcus sanguis was employed to generate fabalpha and fcalpha fragments in the final stage of this investigation. cyanogen bromide cleavage of the fabalpha fragment followed by reduction and aminoethylation produced the fd' fragment (residues 84 to 227); this contains part of the variable region (vr), the whole first constant domain (calpha1), and part of the hinge region of this he ...1979107164
electron capture gas-liquid chromatographic-mass spectral identification of acids produced by neisseria meningitidis in a defined medium.the acid metabolites and the cellular fatty acids of three strains of neisseria meningitidis grown in a chemically defined liquid medium were determined with computerized frequency-pulsed electron capture gas-liquid chromatography. five acids not previously reported were subsequently identified: isobutyric, octanoic, decenoic (c10:1), dodecenoic (c12:1), and tetradecenoic (c14:1). these acids were produced during active metabolism and were not detected as cellular constituents. the frequency-pul ...1979107187
occult thyroid disease in an elderly hospitalized population.measurements of thyroxine (t4), triiodothyronine (t3), thyrotropin (tsh), and t3 talc uptake (t3tu) were performed on 425 hospitalized patients over 60 years of age. unsuspected thyroid disease was found in 10 patients (2.4%); 9 were hypothyroid and 1 hyperthyroid. another 11% of the population had abnormal t4 or tsh levels but were not proved to have thyroid disease. repeat measurements in 10 of 40 patients with low serum t4 concentrations showed a return of the tests to normal. the low t4 leve ...1978107216
sero-epidemiological survey of scrub typhus.a total of 1017 human sera from ecologically different areas in the states of rajasthan and jammu & kashmir were subjected to the cf test using the gilliam strain antigen of r. tsutsugamushi. results revealed that 2.4% and 3.5% of the populations examined in the two states respectively, were found to possess antibodies to the test antigen. the titres of positive sera varied from 1:8 to 1:32. findings of this survey could be correlated with the local topography, presence or absence of vector and ...1978107239
central effect of taurine and its analogues on fever caused by intravenous leukocytic pyrogen in the rabbit.1. taurine infused i.c.v. after i.v. injection of leukocytic pyrogen (lp) inhibited the initial rise in body temperature and prolonged fever when infusion was stopped. 2. similar infusion of taurine also inhibited the hypertermic effect of i.c.v. pge2 (0.5 microgram) but did not cause prolonged hyperthermia. 3. i.c.v. administration of the taurine analogues hypotaurine and beta-alanine, compounds which have been shown previously to compete with taurine for facilitated transport in c.n.s. tissue, ...1979107309
percutaneous nitroglycerin absorption in rats.percutaneous nitroglycerin absorption was studied in shaved rats by monitoring unchanged plasma drug concentrations for up to 4 hr. drug absorption from the neat liquid state or from an alcoholic solution was considerably poorer than that from a commercial ointment. this observation was unanticipated since the driving force for percutaneous drug absorption was assumed to be drug thermodynamics. potential artifacts such as drug volatilization from the skin, reduction of surface area through dropl ...1979107313
partial purification of heat-labile hemolysin from pseudomonas aeruginosa. 1978107353
[the isolation of chlamydia in the male urogenital tract]. 1979107412
a trial of minocycline given after exposure to prevent a prospective evaluation of antibiotic prophylaxis against gonorrhea, 1080 men were given 200 mg of oral minocycline or placebo after sexual intercourse with prostitutes in a far eastern port. later, at sea, gonococcal infection was detected in 57 of 565 men given placebo and 24 of 515 men given minocycline (p less than 0.001). minocycline prophylaxis completely prevented infection by gonococci susceptible to 0.75 microgram or less of tetracycline per milliliter, reduced the risk of infection ...1979107450
ultrastructural alterations in experimental lingual leukoplakia and carcinoma.epidermoid carcinomas, preceded by dysplastic leukoplakic lesions, were produced on the right lateral borders of the tongues of syrian hamsters by the application, three times per week, of dmba in acetone after the area had been scratched with a root canal broach. animals were killed at 12 to 13 weeks and 15 to 16 weeks. electron microscopic studies of both the dysplastic leukoplakic lesions and the well-differentiated epidermoid carcinomas revealed clumping of tonofilaments and widening of inte ...1979107501
some uncertainties in scalp recordings of brainstem auditory potentials in monkey and man. 1978107552
multiple representations of the body within the primary somatosensory cortex of primates.microelectrode mapping experiments indicate that the classical primary somatosensory cortex of monkeys consists of as many as four separate body representations rather than just one. two complete body surface representations occupy cortical fields 3b and 1. in addition, area 2 contains an orderly representation of predominantly "deep" body tissues. area 3a may constitute a fourth representation.1979107591
a three month inhalation toxicity study in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus) with terbutaline sulfate (bricanyl).a study of the subacute toxicity of inhaled terbutaline sulfate was performed in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus). 3 groups of monkeys were exposed 1 h daily 7 days/week for 3 months to terbutaline sulfate aerosols at concentrations of 0.039, 0.185 and 0.799 mg terbutaline/litre of air respectively. a fourth group was a chamber control receiving air only. the following clinical parameters were evaluated: physical appearance and behavior, weight gain, ophthalmoscopic appearance, electrocard ...1978107616
ischemic brain edema: comparative effects of barbiturates and hypothermia.the effect of pentobarbital and hypothermia on the development of ischemic brain edema was studied in 23 rhesus monkeys undergoing transorbital middle cerebral artery occlusion. fifteen additional animals served as unclipped controls. regional cortical cerebral blood flow (rcbf), arteriovenous oxygen content difference (avdo2), and regional cortical metabolic rate of o2 (rcmro2) were measured hourly until sacrifie 11 hours postocclusion, at which time ischemic cerebral edema was measured. in 8 a ...1979107624
[stability of streptomyces griseus carboxypeptidase].carboxypeptidase of str. griseus strain 32-13 is stable during storage at a temperature of 10-15 degrees c. carbohydrates and glycerol in a concentration of 40-80% as well as 0.01 m of l-amino acid prevent the enzyme from thermoinactivation. anions, such as phosphate, borate, carbonate and acetate, have their inhibitory effect on carboxypeptidase. after the effect of chelate reagents the enzyme activity restores completely only in the presence of co2+ and partially in the presence of ni2+ greate ...1978107641
[fe59 studies on the question of rabbit erythrocyte life-span].the present paper demonstrates a method to separate red cells of different age. the erythrocytes were separated by ultracentrifugation. the validity of this method was examined with radioactive iron (59fe). during seventy days kinetic studies were performed in liver and spleen. a body scan was used to distinguish liver and spleen by radioactive iron.1979107663
the viability of cryopreserved aegyptianella pullorum carpano, 1928 in the vector argas (persicargas) walkerae kaiser and hoogstraal, 1969. 1979107668
myofibril content of histochemical fibre types in rat skeletal muscle.a modification of the histochemical method for myosin atpase was used to determine the myofibril complement, mean myofibril size and myofibrillar packing of defined muscle fibre types in rat skeletal muscle. fast muscle fibres (types iia and iib) were found to have smaller myofibrils and a lower packing density than slower (type i) fibres. these findings were discussed with respect to their relevance in estimations of muscle strength from histological and histochemical preparations of muscle cro ...1978107701
the fiscal 1980 hew budget. 1979107773
adverse hemodynamic and ultrastructural changes in dog hearts subjected to protein-calorie the absence of thiamine deficiency, the specific effects of protein-calorie malnutrition on left ventricular (l.v.) function are unknown. mature beagle dogs of both sexes were subjected to a hypocaloric, nitrogen-poor diet which resulted in a weight loss of approximately 40% after seven weeks. following preparation of this nutritional model, myocardial contractility was assessed acutely by obtaining isovolumetric l.v. contractions on cardiopulmonary bypass at constant heart rate, mean aortic ...1979107775
studies on allergenic algae of delhi area: botanical study distribution of algae in and around delhi aerobiological surveys were undertaken for two consecutive years (september, 1972, to august, 1974). the surveys were accomplished by (a) slide exposure method and (b) culture plate exposure method. a total of 850 slides were exposed using durham's gravity sampling device. of these, 560 slides were exposed during 1973 (272 slides at two meter and 288 at ten meter height) and the rest (290 slides) were exposed during 1974 at ten meter height. a t ...1979107835
characteristcs of microsomal enzyme controls in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes. 1979107860
acyl-coenzyme-a synthetase i from candida lipolytica. purification, properties and immunochemical studies.acyl-coenzyme-a synthetase i from candida lipolytica has been purified to homogeneity as evidenced by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence and absence of dodecylsulfate as well as by ouchterlony double-diffusion analysis. the purification procedure involves resolution of cellular particles with triton x-100 and chromatography on phosphocellulose, blue-sepharose and sephadex g-100. the purified enzyme exhibits a specific activity of 20--24 u/mg protein at 25 degree c, which is about ...1979108099
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